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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the rose for slick spots while craig is updating its forecast right now said reporter standing by with props in north carolina to know we already have school closures and early dismissals swelling at the bottom of your screen if you haven't gotten that phone call from your school system yet we want to go right over to craig for the certified most accurate forecast in hampton roads cracked our guys going to take a look first of all i use all right piers we were starting off the show there's a graphic up we always cry while i'm updating this stuff constantly in order to shake em latest thinking on the potential snowfall it really kind of tricky because the models e g fs in the euro and they both come back down a little bit on the total amounts but the bottom line the impacts are not changing in that the roads are going to become messy later this afternoon in this evening whether you get half an inch or inch and half that the roads become snow covered and slushy and then with the cold temperatures coming in tonight is going to be icy
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we are concerned about the roads especially late afternoon for the evening commute and into the evening through will see clearing later tonight but anyway here's what we're looking at basically flurries to a heavy dusting for the northern areas you might pick up some minor accumulations maybe half an inch or so for some areas up here but i think the general rules can be lighter amounts to the north has become south side here we're looking at heavy dusting or half an inch say to an inch or even two inches down right along the north carolina state line into north carolina more like one or two or even one to three inches with some spots around the albemarle possibly to form anyone mention this sleet is likely to mix and down to the south and that may have an impact on what you actually see in the run actually tamp it down a little bit but the bottom line is we're going to have some messy conditions as a nation right now we're still quiet is dry and partly cloudy temperatures are in the twenties were going to reach highs today right
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three degrees that's it that's quick with a seven day i'll break it all down for you coming up let's check naval station norfolk with ash tree this is a really early check of naval station norfolk usually going to pick up here for me the next few minutes are closer to five thirty but i do want to take a look for folks that have to report to the base early this morning. here's a live look at five sixty four west from terminal maybe just past irma boulevard headed toward chambers field you can see traffic moving well the big that check the cameras all the way down to hampton blvd we do not have any delays just gets a bit of good news there now to quick live look at a fast five traffic switching how things are shaping up in a few other areas seventeen at the coleman bridge between yorktown in gloucester to be well as between soap isle of wight county newport news of the jr be with the traffic eighth round granny stream has the midtown tunnel away from their healing very nicely picks catalog one fifty eight in suffolk also moving well and harborview access to route seventeen in
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moving very nicely so we are moving well in several spots of seventeen and fifty eight which are trafficked in norfolk. coming up next are a pink sash will right now crews across the south side around the streets is pre treating on the road. yeah here's a live look from our sky view over downtown norfolk city officials tell us cruise will be pre treating bridges and primary roads with brine throughout the morning we'll be monitoring roads all day and into the weekend pricey spots in our next half hour of news lisa brown will show us how virginia beach is prepping for the impending west and bitter cold temperatures are also concerning portsmouth is opening several warming centers for people who need to get out of the cold to the portsmouth city hall lobby and the social services building will open at eight o'clock this morning. port norfolk rec center will be opening at nine. the main library and church lane library will open at it and working to get this information on thirteen years now to come for you and our team coverage continues of
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the northeastern counties they are under a winter storm warning right now is greg mentioned this is one of our thirteen is no traffic cameras on the outer banks and there's nothing on the ground yet but parts of that area could see up to three inches and cdot sent out this picture saying crews are already brining nc twelve from corolla all the way to hatteras avoid going out this afternoon. if you can now if you do need to get out a new car here's what aaa says that you don't need to have inside that car you need a cell phone water snacks first aid kit and maybe some blankets and even jumper cables this is all just in case there is an emergency of course we'll keep you updated on the storm on air and online throughout the day in the newsroom center park or thirteen years now they consider it's vital for help when the snow starts falling don't forget share those pictures with us you can upload the pictures on thirteen years now dot com under the share tab. no information this morning about the deadly dog attack and requirements county apartment at the virginian pilot got in touch with the dog's original owners
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picture saying they are shocked their loving lap dog kill someone please tell us a dog attack suzanne story wednesday as she cleaned out its cage at home. medics rushed the mother of two helicopters isn't aaron or for general but she died so his family tells us she got the dog about a week ago after seeing an ad in the newspaper some shocking allegations this morning involving a government employee yet what this irs agent is accused of offering in exchange for a big payday and a break is in store mode as the winter storm moves into our area so craig is updating his forecast as we
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. good morning i have days off to a good start weather wise it is chilly but the roads are dry and we just talked with ashes in the weather is really no impact at all for the morning ride in it's chilly out there
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give the winter storm warning for northeast north carolina especially down the albemarle sound as we're anticipating one to three maybe a couple spots a little bit more snow down that way and maybe some sleet creating a little more of an issue with the slushy mix to the late afternoon and then re freeze later this evening for the area under the advisory snowfall amounts are going to be lighter i think generally anywhere from a dusting to an inch and a half maybe two inches down for southern parts of the south hampton roads here south side but as we go through the afternoon with even that amount of snow that can really create some issues so we'll be watching the traffic carefully for you through the afternoon we were good with the windchill forecasts yesterday calling twenty five thirty five degree wind chills actual twenty seven twenty eight through the afternoon saw that was good. it's the street was reset not too long ago as we get to a row and this afternoon jeff was thrown out a snow will develop by three and say all that's kind of a safe call
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that the low levels are very very dry i do suspect probably by about one thirty two o'clock we start to see snow here by at the afternoon three to four pretty good chances that we're going to be dealing with snow showers and maybe if you have your snow burst down to the south and will just have to watch because that start the call time for the start of the snow that's always a tricky one with the atmosphere is as dry as it is very dry but the snow is coming more confident in that room to see it this afternoon. patterson you were more rain than snow going to see the snow showers around here with the colder air in place temperatures today low to mid thirties and thirty to the airport and cold and windy or through the weekend i checked the downtown tunnel with ash are great when taking a quick live look now at traffic onto sixty four near the downtown tunnel really on both sides here is the berkeley bridge don't have a live report scheduled jesse added that changes i'll let you now right now you can see is the chemical it is ours but you can totally make
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is moving well on both sides are headed to airports that are making our way further into norfolk out of the traffic network maps and take a look at a few things here watching over the map you can see your traffic moving well in pretty much everywhere at this point i'm not seeing any big issues or delays in spots of yellow around the bridges and tunnels in a little bit around the base but again nothing major so that a good news there. stay with us will check traffic on sixty four in chesapeake coming up next all right thank you ashley we had a special chance really special to celebrate
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this afternoon. hi guys have team coverage as this winter storm heads for us this is a live look at him to the snow isn't expected until this afternoon but it is a very good idea to start preparing now how crews are planning for the storm there in the new port news in about fifteen minute forecasts can change dramatically before this afternoon to say up to date on the snow chances download the thirty news now app for your phone on it you can track the system using the live radar and get any weather alerts as soon as they happen with the thirteen
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morning the army corps of engineers included some big local projects in its recent budget proposal the department's plan to spend sixty four million dollars in our area twenty two million of that would help replace the deep creek bridge in chesapeake almost ten million would pay for dredging in the james river and another four million would help with the crazy island expansion in portsmouth. now the army corps of engineers needs congress to approve that plan a jury is deliberating the fate of an irs agent who is accused of soliciting bribes the fbi says that they caught it on camera. paul hurley apparently told a marijuana shop owner in seattle that he was lenient during an audit in return the owner needed to pay him twenty thousand dollars but that shop owner when right to the fbi and the set of posting this is hidden camera footage of that operation shirley's attorney c was not a bribe payments for accounting services after
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camera footage of that staying catch their report on it at seven o'clock and some really cool video to show you this morning from virginia beach will morally posted this video to our facebook page it shows virginia beach police taking time to shoot some hoops with a group of kids. boylan says he took this at sci tech rec center moves like those officers the little practice to keep up with those borders have to see things like that was what the options with the right to see them but absolutely i will tags got a boatload of information and or as an even eighty been kind of tweaking your forecast as the numbers is a boatload the way the load i heard that there is a lot to share with you coming up we're going to see colder weather for the weekend after that but you know the snow we've been talking about certainly a big issue for today a bigger issue potentially impacting the region think about a boat or stuck outside of the homeless was saturday night into sunday morning
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the wind chills. sunday morning zero while the other it's going to be wind while so there are many different things we need to talk about with the forecast will get through the snow today and they were really gonna focus on cold temperatures for the weekend. first of all let's start with a look at the year's end or winter weather advisory this includes northampton county and eastern shore parts of the peninsula york are at hampton to coast and in newport news all under this winter weather advisory southside hampton roads out to isle of wight and southampton. this does include the city of franklin and into north carolina those areas shaded in pink including current talking camden down to pass with sanctuaries to the south of that winter storm warning out to the west gates and husky back out through north hampton north carolina under the winter weather advisory here is shaded in pink more likely see a little more snow may be one to three or even
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and maybe some sleet seoul later this afternoon evening the roads could become slushy and of the dots out working very hard for and cdot out there as well. i pre treating the roads but with the snow coming even if it gets less contempt are going to be very cold and there's a potential for re freezing icy spots later tonight so we'll be watching that for your temperatures today warming up low thirties that's about it note the snow they're developing through the early afternoon we could see a couple flurries before that would seem a little bit shown up out to the west but really the low low levels of the atmosphere so very very dry. it's been a hard time reaching the ground initially i think as the afternoon wears on it overcomes and dryness we start to see those snow showers so that's what we're looking at pick up the future cast you see the snow showers working in through the afternoon by four thirty snow showers should be widespread. the deeper purple colors that you see here with our forecast model our future guests showing some potential for a more intense snow down to the south and in that
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farther to the south. so again you could have some heavier accumulations down and that's what's expected and then maybe more of a slushy mix as the roads will be very cold later tonight some re freezing it's going to be an issue for northeast north carolina this summer that during the early to middle part of the evening eastern shore mailing her a little bit later but we're gonna see improvements overnight and then bitterly cold conditions setting up for the weekend in general lighter amounts may be flurries or a dusting up areas farther to the north you won't see as much at this way as you come down the peninsula he start to see a heavy dusting to maybe a half an inch to an age not out of the question for some spots up that way. southside here looking at more like that. half an inch to an inch or two and then in a north carolina one to three potentially soldiers have to wait and see. i expect messy conditions this afternoon evening that's a bomb one of very cold to the weekend latimes year we split hairs
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inch person and that it doesn't really matter that much we're looking at potential for snow in messy road so please be very careful i'd increasing clouds in the snow likely this afternoon and into the evening it moves out there's a seven day windy and cold tomorrow bitterly cold dangerously cold cold sunday so they affect the snow flurries possible not a good chance the site and sunday and then our next system snow mixing the rain as we get the day monday in the rain into tuesday. i'd actually looking that down a chess piece. well craig you know the big issue this this morning kind of focusing on later on today the afternoon in the evening is you've been mentioning but right now the roads are pretty calm so it's a good ride and at least let's give you a live look in chesapeake now you can see sixty four westbound around greenbrier parkway the outside and inside that elaine's a few cars out there when indian river and if you're headed eastbound toward battlefield. also in fine shape which is to report
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the traffic network maps that was on sixty four in chesapeake. now we're headed to one sixty eight in the expressway in chesapeake the same story might be even less traffic on the expressway at this point there is on sixty four were headed toward north carolina passing hillcrest you the very basis with fifty two mph northbound toward sixty four passing mt pleasant at fifty five so we have good traffic flow right now to chesapeake no major issues to report and coming up in the next few minutes we'll have the sixty four traffic from the peninsula to the south side at the hr bt all right ashleigh thank you it is the last day of our love weekend this is one for those who have been the same
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now crew. adrian is right now it's the ht getting treatment for leukemia. if you have not seen the qb of age in visiting the station does go over to our place to watch them so sitting at three am yesterday choir in the news was tired so he came in with copics where we left her right to free her of the holy see reentry is here to lease you been here all week long shared photos that couples have been sending to us valentine's day yet you know it's one waking up with the rise every morning that this is a manic even better let's take a look at so many great years. it's our last chance to show off who you love using the hashtag thirteen love week so here's one from calvin says i love and i hang out with super heroes in new york city okla a ton of fun. i always love seeing these pictures we see a few bum this means these picture collages their first date this is gina with the nineteen eighty nine they got married in ninety four and today two thousand sixteen at the bottom right you can see where they are
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. it is thus no preparations to talk about coming up all over the seven cities we're seeing the brine in the salt being laid down. elise brown has a live report actually from one of those salt location
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beach were going to go to her shortly. yeah the report to do today because we'll have those commuters are to be heading out or heading home later on today with a still going to be moving through craig is watching the match right now you can see with the issues are going to be this morning ashley is here tracking the roads for any trouble spots this morning to start off with cracker you're still thinking around the afternoon as we're going see the first snowfall corral the best chances for the snow showers will certainly be to the afternoon there could be a couple flurries a little bit earlier but in general i think the bulk of the stuff that comes will come during the afternoon by early evening most of it will be moving out so this is not going to be a pro long major winter event but it will be long enough that it's going to create some potentially significant issues through the afternoon we are concerned about that. let's take a look at the updated snowfall forecasts for this afternoon flurries to maybe half an inch or inch even up on the peninsula middle peninsula certainly not a question you can see a heavy dusting to an inch in spots
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will be south side in a north carolina generally south side would say a heavy dusting a half an inch to two inches widespread and then as you go farther south in a north carolina to three ages maybe i see four inches in spots that are on the albemarle sound is certainly a consideration so you take a look these are the wives for general amounts give or take an inch i think this is a very good forecast and has some potential for some sleep to make it down into north carolina which could create some more issues with slushy conditions freezing solid this evening is really cold air settles an overnight to the rose potentially treacherous at times they are a trio as we are reporting and that's good but as we head to the evening in these temperatures are so cold we will be watching for that re freezing issue again the snow comes in the seventies he by two o'clock there and three the afternoon snow likely will take you to be very busy this afternoon ashley what he had this morning but you know what not much this morning
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conversation with craig beattie probably hear my voice and data hundred percent today so the focus really is going to be taking care of this boy so i can let you know what's happening this afternoon because this morning traffic conditions are actually in really nice shape but i do want to get you out the door will give you a live look at how things are shaping up for your writings were taking a look at rap in hampton right now sixty four eastbound at mallory street you can see a half mile away from the hr bt things are moving steadily with the big issues to report also my sister headed further into hampton now is to collect the first five trafficking of a fast i should say it in fear things are moving pretty well in several spots thirteen of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel nice north and south also if you're traveling to williamsburg busch gardens you can see sixty four moving well seventeen chesapeake around al haq also a very nice shape fifty eight in portsmouth or on high street and of course seventeen at the coleman bridge. no big issues to report so again a lot of free traffic flow right now but stay tuned to something changes i'll let you know coming up in eight minutes. all right ashleigh
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coverage continues with a look at the preparations that have already started ahead of this. oh yeah the doctor spent much of yesterday prepping said chemicals across syria this morning from patrols are hitting the streets to start reading them. our lease brown is in virginia beach with much more on the preparations elise good morning lucy and received a giant igloo behind me now. a mythical creature doesn't live in there actually houses tines of a sand salt mixture that will be used to treat the road now foss patrol the crew responsible for spreading that mr goh here at two thirty this morning ready to go to hit the road to treat them to make sure that everyone is safe when they're out there later today. a virginia beach is in a small city so there's a lot of area to cover the public works does is divide this city into three dollars and so he chose crews are assigned a specific zone and out three bridges overpasses and ramps and once
5:30 am
then treat primary roads though their princess and prince to the printers and shore drive and virginia beach boulevard n in case the city runs low on that sand salt mixture will start breaking in to these mounds that you see right here and makes what is out right here now will keep you updated throughout the morning had been in constant contact with virginia beach on you know what happens when there's no plan live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen years now. all right thank you elisa v dot crews will also be pre treating the roads on the peninsula have the forecasted snow we're told that crews will hit the road again starting at seven o'clock this morning in hampton city officials tell us that they have staff and resources ready to go and that they will adjust that staffing according to need for toll police will be prepared for snow related staffing as well. then in newport news the crews will work twelve hour shifts to make sure that they are always trucks on the roads
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the weather outside is upping the forecast right now to stay up to date on when you'll see snow in your area just download thirteen is now whether caster app for your phone will track that system and send you out an alert as soon as they happen. well good news for farmers in suffolk and surrounding areas federal agriculture officials say that they are eligible for emergency loan assistance to cover losses from rains that happened last fall. something has been deemed a primary disaster area. several area surrounding some people are also eligible for some assistance from the farm service agency. that's including chesapeake hampton newport news and portsmouth also isle of wight in southampton counties are included in that's diving deeper into the issues bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off at last night's democratic debate what clinton said that put senators on the defense and as daybreak continues in
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos alright that's a look at the updated s snowfall for cash and my kids can play with those numbers trying to really pin this down as we get more information and looking we do have the winter weather alerts that are out when touched about that a winter weather advisory southside and now we have the winter storm warning to north carolina. i'm thinking in general that heaviest amount this hasn't changed all still down around
5:35 am
the bottom line is whether you get an inch or a heavy dusting in some spots to a couple of inches the roads are going to be messy this afternoon and that is the concern so travel is going to be heavily impacted all around it does appear that the heavier amounts of snow will likely concentrate to north carolina and i will continue to refine the forecast as we get closer to the actual event which will occur later this afternoon. you can see right now this guy's mainly clear to partly cloudy really want you to prepare to beat the cold this morning with temperatures in the upper teens a wallflower twenties down the eastern shore. yes and teens run west point the petersburg nineteen wakefield twenty two in southern chile start today at around the virginia diner put in a nice practice from the diner sounded this morning temps in the mid twenties enron chesapeake elizabeth city twenty seven here in norfolk. as you can see we've got some snow showers rolling across the midwest there's also developing weak area of low pressure to draw some
5:36 am
this afternoon rain down on hatteras in new bern but for our area it's going to be cold enough for this now and again we talked about the snow totals just a moment ago. look for this development through the afternoon and into the early evening it will exit so we do have improvements coming later tonight but the slushy conditions even on untreated roads we get the slushy messy conditions you're going to have the potential for re freezing and icy areas later tonight lo center on twenty four thirty one item are more sunshine when diaz while customer thirty to forty mph sunday site its bay effect snow showers but bitterly cold with the high rise right now his ash i right now craig not much to talk about here the traffic network you can see here the high rise bridge traffic picking up just a little bit meyer pops of volume and then thinks that out as you see here so eastbound and westbound around the high rise bridge in nice shape to head over now to a couple more travel times for you to see traffic sixty four westbound if you're coming from grammy street headed to the hr bt we
5:37 am
drive there and it's coming from newport news had to stop and six sixty four southbound between twenty eight in newport news and college drive and someone giving you the normal seven that ride as well so did look nice a few mins before the morning rush hour to check things again to give you an update in just eight minutes take us the demos by forty one there is no denying it relationships and marriages take work. we really do as love week wraps up on daybreak dark red mohler spoke to one expert about how you can ignore the bad we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back.
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thirteen is no daybreak in store mode this is a live look in virginia beach or lease brown is there keeping an eye to this guy looking for live updates on how city crews are prepping for the snow throughout the book and when the snow starts to fall don't forget to share photos with us you can upload them to hunting is not a calm under the shower tap this morning the parents of all one year old who died in his home daycare in chesterfield county last year speaking at a jc and matt allen joined a number of families yesterday in richmond to fight for tighter regulations the allen say that their daycare provider had more than twenty years experience and was highly recommended the sale wasn't until after their son died that they learned about provider had way too many
5:41 am
license and had to have one under virginia law is important for many families especially for working parents to have a safe and reliable place to send their children while there were now the daycare provider was charged with a misdemeanor so they are pushing a measure that would make that crime of felony especially for provider operates illegally and leads to the death of a serious injury or death or death of a child in the race to the white house the democrats went head to head last night in their latest debate in wisconsin bernie sanders fresh off his primary win in new hampshire and former secretary of state hillary clinton went back and forth on a number of issues could accuse sanders of diminishing the president's record setters call clinton's assertion quote a low blow insisting that president obama was a friend and then a senator does not have to agree with the president on everything. next up for the democrats in nevada caucuses and the south carolina primaries for more ahead on good morning america and while the democrats took to the stage wisconsin
5:42 am
after voters in south carolina poll showed donald trump is in the lead ahead of the state primary next weekend and this weekend to play a big role in the outcome. the gop candidates will face off in debate in south carolina tomorrow night after daybreak coverage of the upcoming debate continues on good morning america abc's george stephanopoulos will sit down with gop hopeful jeb bush this morning. hoover has agreed to pay out more than twenty eight million dollars class action lawsuit challenged the company's claims that its background checks our industry leading the settlement is approved by the court twenty five million customers who used to be between january of twenty thirteen in january of twenty sixteen will be notified by e mail refunds would then be issued via credit or back to a credit card and tags on his way now with another update on such as the snowfall but how cold it can be of the week it's one you guys
5:43 am
the screen see what we're doing it on the teleprompter when i wear smaller okay it's one of those mornings were doing a long running affair and i don't mind sharia were very transparent here watching what's going on this is one of those things from looking at stuff cummins who came and tweak this level up a little bit bring down the snow totals there is an ongoing process and that's why we encourage you to stay tuned. not only through daybreak this morning but throughout the day and when you're away from your tv follow us online thirteen years now that calm you can also follow me on twitter thirteen craig miller will be updating there and also on facebook great way to stay informed as to these constant little changes what we have for you right now. winter weather advisory does include the southern part of the eastern shore to northampton parts that insulate your pick coasted down to hampton and newport news. you're all under the winter weather advisory southside hampton roads out to franklin in southampton and then in the north carolina gates county back into a hartford north hampton out to roanoke rapids which
5:44 am
the series in pink including current to an end at camden past the tank down along the albemarle sound to him to these counties and cities all under winter storm warning potential there for a little more snow to talk about those totals in harbin refining that forecast in just a moment. clad in increases morning afternoon temperatures close to thirty two the snow moves in this afternoon. right now it's quiet but let's get into the future cassis is what you want to see what time doesn't start and what is the date it how much are we going to see one answer those questions for you right now. he did attempt is warming up in the low thirties as we head into the eleven o'clock hour clouds coming in and sickening as we get into the afternoon initially they'll be some snow showers showing up on the radar you be looking at your smartphone to go can check the thirteen years now weather app and see some snow but it may not be making it down to the ground just yet loves the atmosphere very very dry as we take you into the early to middle part of the afternoon around two
5:45 am
to start picking up in that lower levels of the atmosphere starting to moisten up snow makes the dow once we get the moisture down to the ground the snow showers com and that's why we expect some accumulating snow certainly southside to north carolina potentially farther to the north is well the snow really fills and in areas of heavier snow potential to north carolina this afternoon and into the evening snow obviously reaching farther north up to the eastern shore parts of the peninsula to the west but this will all wind down is beginning to say seven eight o'clock to see the stuff pulling offshore may linger a little bit longer on the eastern shore but it will move away. skies will gradually clear overnight so what are we looking at in terms of potential well here in the light blue certainly flurries a possibility but i think it's from time to time some light snow showers you can see maybe an inch in some areas or at least a heavy dusting to an inch potentially up this way. half an inch to say two inches across most of the match or even some parts the peninsula can see a little bit more
5:46 am
tip eastern shore so we'll say half an inch or inch to two inches in this area down into north carolina we've been saying heavier amounts maybe two to three with four inches in spots that's been our consistent message it'll be a little heavier and there could be some sleet mix down to the south with the slushy conditions even on the treated roads travel could become treacherous this afternoon evening and then we have to worry about re freezing later tonight as the temperatures drop. right now very quiet out there weather wise twenty seven that's a current temperature north wind today so today's high around thirty two increasing clouds snow likely this afternoon evening snow and is becoming partly cloudy windy overnight. we need tomorrow mostly sunny and cold look at your low saturday night dangerous cold sixteen and still windy so wind chills near zero sunday morning twenty eight high on sunday and then another system with maybe some mix changing to rain monday to tuesday ashley r i crave while on an issue to report for folks headed from suffolk
5:47 am
thirteen years now traffic camera just caught a few seconds or so ago. ignore the glitch of the camera here do i show you this and this is what we're focusing on traffic just stopped. six fifty four northbound at the monitor merrimack i do not know just yet and why it is stopped. there's an accident or breakdown or maybe just reading the roads not totally sure but notice traffic already starting to back up high as it approaches that stoppage so stay with us if you can't that's where you're headed you know how things shape up coming up at six o'clock. if you have to head out to create rb t j r b to the peninsula quickly on the traffic network maps will take a look at one more spot for you in this life is moving well be trapped for sixty four north and south of south norfolk in fine shape to compete without military had all the way to self made before you get to sixty four just a four minute rides again sympathetic and for that update the monitor merrimack and also checking traffic once again five sixty four into naval station norfolk. all right ashleigh
5:48 am
dress she has only all rock a little bit of red because it's lovely to hear it a break you were thinking about valentine's day today we're talking about the other term relationships these are the cornerstones of our emotional even physical health society often tries to get quick answers when problems pop up but maintaining strong marriages and relationships. it's a big challenge that requires hard work coupled under the delusion that even worse if you have to work at it is not love no denying it relationships can be tough and coming up the six thirty half hour of daybreak. dr laura demi will tell us what we need to do to keep that spark alive. it's great information for anybody in a relationship that you can really apply since the current rate thank you looking forward to that like legs that is the final day of love week and a break and that means this is your last chance to enter to win a romantic getaway to the williamsburg winery just
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click on the features tab from there to spell out the form and submit a picture viewing sweetheart by the lucky couples will be chosen later today and we have another contest to tell you about starting monday we're giving you a chance to win an all expense paid trip to new york city includes airfare hotel and tickets to see good morning america live in times square. be sure to tune in to daybreak everyday next week to learn that special keyword or chance time now is five fifty three if you ever wondered what it's like to be on board the titanic. well now you can find out ahead how the city is making a return to the seas and our store mode coverage continues and craig
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here's a stranger for you if you ever wondered what kind of dog he would be a microsoft might have the answer for him. they love the website that was the best dog you can submit your photo to see what greeted me and of course the producers tried out most of the dead. thank you guys of their lives apparently i'm a golden retriever gets along with just about the act. i've decided there were so i am a shower and see if i were
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see the while loving with its family greg poehler our new node three assists and has her way up the hill with outgoing and athletic. yes ok with the eyes and your dog for a while if you have a season is officially the best time of the year girl scout cookie season and you know what you feel it says about your personality shots cookies for the souls of all sorts of strange things i really have a taste for the finer things in life like summer was over mike just said to be a very adventurous person and if you like tag alongs are said to be a natural for her. we have to you but let's just say it's a really bad all right fans are about to learn a whole lot more but every springsteen the boss has written an
5:53 am
run. of course we're told for the first time we'll find out about the personal struggles and inspired some of his best work including new insight into songs including birch run for the book in september of the beatles are getting animated on netflix the fab four songs will be heavily mixed into the new animated serie by artists like jean and ceo will cover hits from the beatles for use in the snow show off those stubborn mind obviously also brought aaron's any better does a magical mystery tours that comes out on netflix swung us any better to darth vader building for the new star wars movie is now underway is the ceo confirmed yesterday the sequel to the force awakens has become primarily shooting touch was going to call the store was episode eight will continue the adventures of ray ok the real rafe in and luke skywalker ryan johnson will direct. he's worked on looper and breaking bad mice episode eight will be in theaters
5:54 am
the adventures of gray that yes the military called successful. yes the two billion take a look at this guy's that is a replica of the titanic titanic two is supposed to set sail and twenty eighteen to help you to all the ship's designers worked hard to imagine those details that i tended to be an exact copy. there has to meet modern safety standards thank goodness the app will also hold nearly two hundred more passengers will like the original it will sell tickets in three classes and most importantly it will have enough lifeboats for every single action that gets to sit on the use of oak or even really have the earth would you take it home and the sad thing to be asked of you that as a fan of the history of the cool blue stone in
5:55 am
right now. good ole be right back after his lap this mean uh hasn't seemed right and not over that is five o'clock in the morning guys six o'clock in the mornings yes that's not what we have team coverage of the winter storm headed our way to ashley's hear your starting roster right now so she can be keeping a close eye of the trouble spots out there greg. he's been updating weather forecast all morning long very busy in centre park is standing by with props in north carolina. now we already have school closings and early dismissal swirling at the bottom of your screen first we want to get right over to craig for the certified most accurate forecaster in hampton roads cracked our bench guys right now are looking as a winter weather advisory that is in place for hampton roads and you can see other parts of the peninsula we go up towards your curator this up the coast in hampton and newport news all under this advisory for the eastern shore north hampton county under the advisory on the southside out to isle of wight franklin and south hampton inn in north carolina
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