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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sports all week. last night's city council made a decision to delay the vote on the project putting dreams of revitalization for the western range area on hold. councilman roland davis as it could be a standstill indefinitely. that will effectively i believe killed the project because it will balloon to a point that it will not be proper war have a return of investment supporters were hoping the field house would rile people from other cities and even other states. so what the retail community of westeh wod have had is a reason for retailers come back just like the virginia beach complex does now but if not a fieldhouse. davis is something the community. otherwise you'll see a continuance of what's going on of retail businesses leaving allie reach out to city councilors
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tonight she tells us quote my motion last night was the appropriate first step in making the fieldhouse a reality. how can we estimated seven million dollars if we don't know the lay and where the building identified kelly goes on to say we on council agree that this would be a significant economic development opportunity for western branch marcella robertson thirteen years now now one of the co levels friends is speaking out she was a thirteen year old allegedly killed by two virginia tech students natasha brian says she warned her friend about david eisenhower months before her kidnapping and murder. ryan also said she had a feeling that level could be heading for trouble when she started talking to older boys online i told her that stuff safe and mash into talking older guys because she she might get hurt really really really bad can't believe he's not breathing now and now she's
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free spirit and just before christmas levels father david found out she was chatting online with older man and grounded her. virginia tech students david eisenhower and natalie keepers are facing a number of charges changes in the twenty sixteen race for the white house new jersey governor chris christie suspended his presidential campaign today and carly fiorina dropped out of the race as well. meanwhile bernie sanders and donald trump or basking in the glow of their big new hampshire when it's the last we want to thank the people of new hand share the euro after we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington while governor john casey came in second senator ted cruz jeb bush and senator marco rubio basically tied for third and now it is on to south carolina caught on camera at newport news police released new video of two suspects wanted in an
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video today which shows the robbery of a pizza hut on warwick boulevard from last month one of the men pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. thankfully no one was hurt police are hoping that you might recognize the suspects in this video if you do call police right away dangerous rescue made today in norfolk from the water near the campus tele bridge a sixteen year old was pulled to safety after police say he told shipyard worker saw the situation and wants to tug boat to get the team the team is with his family and sent aaron off a general undergoing an evaluation tomorrow thirteen is now we'll talk with those shipyard workers and first responders who saved this young man's life. you can say so long to least fifty sears stores in the next few months the company says the past holiday season was a challenge. sears has been having a hard time keeping up with stores like home depot and wal mart reports sears auto center businesses might also be so cold the company reduced its debt by about a
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over twenty fourteen. there is a serious problem with six hundred and eighty thousand volkswagen vehicles the automaker says the infamous de cada made air bags in them could be defective cars recalled are from model years two thousand sixty thousand fourteen the company said the driver side airbag inflated years and some cars have malfunctioned. call your dealership to have those repairs me. u s custom agents say they nabbed nearly twenty five hundred counterfeit hover boards at the port of charleston. the devices actually work to wheeled motorized scooters made in china that violate u s federal trademark laws if those phony hover boards were passed off as real. the total value of them would be about a million and a half dollars shot in the face in a panera bathroom and the victim lived to tell about it turns out the victim says it wasn't a shot from a stranger and an arrest fifty years in the making will tell you why this former priest is in
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about a few flurries or even a snow shower in just a few areas tonight the big news though is how cold it will get the next few days and as we take a look at our thirteen years now traffic camera still topping your list of afternoon rush hour delays traffic in norfolk on sixty four west headed to
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
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. a former priest is in prison today for allegedly murdering a second grade teacher in texas more than fifty years ago officials arrested former priest john fight outside of his apartment in scottsdale arizona police say irene garza was going to confession at sacred heart church the night before easter sunday in nineteen sixty after fight heard her confession she never came back home. he is awaiting extradition to texas man is recovering after someone shot him in the face with a flare gun at a panera bathroom police in durham north carolina say there was no apparent reason for this attack there were no signs of a fight. kennett bartlett says the man who shot it with
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man he actually offered to help one time before and this is god's will to the journey of learning and watching their words bolger worst electoral been shot turnaround didn't expect to turn around and there has got pretty be scum and nasty the victim says he has no idea why that man attacked attacks were tampons in utah lawmakers there are deciding whether or not feminine hygiene products in the attacks the state of virginia taxes these products pennsylvania and minnesota did not. proposals like this have popped up in california and a handful of other places in wisconsin a democrat lawmaker proposed handing out free tampons in all public buildings committee is set to hear the bill that committee by the way is made up of only the turn out the lights the party's over in orleans police and cleaning crews
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ceremonial fashion to put an official and to the festivities midnight mark the end of mardi gras and for many catholics today is known as ash wednesday which of course is the start of gunfire inside a virginia hospital police say it was a patient who pulled the trigger. details on the scary moments in our hospital staff stop the gunman upgrades for the elizabeth city police department here how officers hope body cameras will change their investigations for the better and coming up and six construction delays on
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the chaos and northern virginia hospital when a patient started shooting inside the building. the man opened fire in reston just west of washington d c police say around one thirty this morning a man from loudon county came to the hospital with a self inflicted gunshot wound he shot a locked door and broke it and then walked into the hospital started shooting again. security staff convince them and put down the weapon ban doctor started trading. that's us you only are his numbers a gunshot wound to the ones you have the chance to earn her the story then move on to other patients told the man is recovering tonight no one else was hurt police have not
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fire at that hospice veterans in virginia i can begin to sign up to receive some legal services for free in december attorney general mark herring announced the launch of several clinics across the state to provide estate planning services to low income that's attorneys from the a g's office and the state bar will volunteer to draft wills powers of attorney and advance medical directives at no cost but they can cost between five hundred thousand dollars which is a cost that for many veterans especially seniors or students who are going to school a gi bill. maybe out rose clinic will be march first at tcc in chesapeake on cedar road in order to be eligible veterans and their spouses must fill out an intake questionnaire and we have a link on thirteen years now dot com police body cameras have provided
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will be getting city funds into state grants will help the department purchased the cameras for all patrol officers. the total cost of the camera software and equipment is said to be around fifty three thousand dollars the police chief hopes the cameras will make citizens feel like they can trust officers we have forty four on patrol all forty of those from our offices will be equipped with a body can increase public trust and transparency and off the boss of the two way street to protect the officers well as the general public. chief wants his officers to have a body cameras within the next ninety days and training has already begun the department of justice has filed a civil suit against ferguson missouri last night for sin city council called for changes to in order to revamp the police department and courts justice department investigation found the ferguson police department unfairly targeted blacks that investigation sparked by the shooting of michael brown a black teen killed by a white officer
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bird all are on hold because of classified documents a military appeals court is trying to decide how much access the defense should have to classified information. the trial was set for the summer but is not clear how long the trial be delayed now bird doll is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine the taliban captured him and release them in exchange for prisoners in us custody. the director of the cdc testified in front of congress today about physique a virus the virus is spread rapidly through south and central america and dozens of cases have been confirmed in the us pregnant women are urged to stay out of the countries experiencing an outbreak cdc director tom friedman talked about what his agency is doing to stop the virus but he says the disease is a challenge to contain. first we are quite
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about the kit every single day eighties egypt diet mosquito is a very challenging what we call disease vector control. it's an indoor biter. it bites all through the day including at dawn and dusk. it hides in closets and under tables and places that are hard to get to train went on to say this is the first time in decades a virus has been linked to birth defects. the virus is believed to cause babies to be born with abnormally small head. it's bitter winter blast is hitting the southeast right now freezing temperatures and icy roads for some north georgia schools to close today trucks of work to clear the streets but the snow keeps melting and re freezing on those roads the region is also under a winter weather advisory and a windchill advisory on the outer banks unsettled weather kept parts of nc twelve closed all morning and cdot tweeted this picture of water and sand covering the road near kitty hawk. crews work to clear
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open until after one o'clock this afternoon. i always heard some flurries had be that concerned this morning crews salted the roads in williamsburg james city county to prevent slick spots but we have a chance for some more wintry weather a little bit this week suggests is tracking some really cold air moving here we have a lot going on in terms a winter weather lot of cold air she said a couple of different chances for at least a few snowflakes and one more significance are really two more significant storms let's take a look right now for example we have a little bit of very light flurry activity popping up here out in central of virginia extreme southern parts of the best a bright bordering on north carolina sort of north central north carolina another tiny tiny little flurry not reaching the ground down here across areas just west of elizabeth city. but the most significant flurry activity is located between richmond and fredericksburg and that is very gradually swinging to the east so we have two
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tonight are two main chances to the north where there's a little bit of energy and then down across areas of the carolinas even south carolina later tonight but definitely parts of north carolina and in between we're going see this kind of thing just some patches of very light precipitation much of which will not reach the ground so for most areas were going to say just a stray flurry and a few spots breezy and cold this evening temperatures dropping down to about thirty eight by mid evening winds gusting those high as twenty five mph that will make it feel even colder look at the high temperatures today so far because member yesterday we did this and it showed forty eight. that's what we said we continue our spawn street turned out in between ours that had gone to fifty we didn't find that out till about seven so anyway so far we know we at least got to forty two. maybe a tiny bit higher than that. here's that northern batch of precipitation sliding it was a few flurries maybe even a
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areas this evening. slight chance of a couple of flurries locally but maybe a slightly better chance across northeast north carolina into tomorrow temperatures well down in the twenties wind chills in the teens we see the sun coming up tomorrow but not helping temperatures much it's going to be generally in the mid thirty s for highs and wind chills will be in the mid twenties to near thirty degrees more chill tomorrow night. in fact is we get into thursday night friday morning some far inland areas are going to get colder than is being shown here is going to be down into the teens i think in a few spots that's not far from it but i think just a few degrees colder most of us will be down in the mid twenties and then things get interesting on friday a little more significant system rides to the east and gives us a chance especially in north carolina a little more sustained winter weather one to show you this. watch this area this is an upper level disturbance is swinging down and that's going to slide as you heard across
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round the base of the straw and affect parts of the carolinas a little bit later tonight into tomorrow morning that's why that sort tonight an evening flurries possible otherwise just blustery and cold twenty six by morning colder in one my thirty six mostly sunny unseasonably cold white twenty three though some upper teens for inland areas clear skies cold readings and then look what happens is we get into the weekend. fri the thirty three for the high and we're going to be talking about a chance of some snow and or sweeter a little mixed precipitation by evening best chances in north carolina but we can't rule it out here for saturday's thirty three degrees and then on sunday twenty nine for the high looks like a little bit of flurry activity mainly again to the south twenty in the morning twenty seven made a twenty five during the evening sets limits from the thirteen is now whether authority i there's help for
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were damaged by rain last fall the usda has designated suffered in greenville county as disaster areas. the fed say best because of excessive rain from september through december last year farmers can apply for federal loans farmers and isle of wight southampton sussex counties and chesapeake emporia hint of newport news portsmouth can also apply vehicle recall to tell you about subaru is recalling more than eighty thousand tribeca suv is the hoods can open unexpectedly were told well people are driving subaru says raw story grease buildup can cause the springs in the hood to stop working the suv's are from the two thousand and six to two thousand and fourteen model years. if your vehicle is affected by the steelers will clean the springs and then replace them when they get parts. google is a step closer to getting driver less cars on the road. the federal government has agreed that a computer can be considered a driver change helps google
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there are still some problems with the current government safety experts say the cars would need foot or hand brakes to meet regulations that had the federal reserve is talking about possible changes in the intest rate the tales of the economic trouble that could affect how much you pay for your next mon those swings and the one are slowing down progress in important virginia beach project colt and strong winds taking a toll on the construction of less never age just by how much is mother nature delaying the project and what is expected to be completed coming up in a couple minutes the man accused of burning and abusing a child in newport news on last after spending ons the run coming up see the threatening
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the federal considering slowing the pace of future interest rate hikes in a congressional hearing today. helen said global economic troubles and the recent stock market issues could rattle the us economy and because of that she may hold off on raising interest rates in march if the economy were to disappoint the lower half of the federal funds rate would be appropriate. we're committed to our dual objectives and we will adjust policy as appropriate to foster financial conditions consistent with their attainment over time raising federal interest rates can impacthe re that you pay for things like mortgages auto loans and raise the rate in december for the first time in years. kings dominion opens next month for the spring season but the park made seventeen
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hiring everything from food and beverage servers to ride operators to security workers positions are available at both entry and supervisory levels and this year all positions will earn a higher wage than in the past applicants need to be at least fifteen years old. you can apply on kingdom minions website the jeopardy teachers tournament is coming soon and you may see a familiar face the cold front morton is in eleventh grade english teacher at morehead high school in williamsburg. she's also one of the fifteen teachers from around the nation to make it into the competition. filming for the tournament starts this month and the episodes will air in may. of course right here on abc thirteen. that's all we have for you at five thirty thirteen is now in six starts with a look at a big drop in temperatures. if you are not a day you definitely needed a coat. the highs topped out in the forties today and the rest of
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so just how cold is it right now. well depends what you're talking how cold it feels for the actual air temperature in other words the wind shell it's a big deal and it's going to be even more significant over the next couple of days still it's nice to see a little bit more sunlight every single day another minute or more each day. ahhs at least in terms of the afternoon sun set meanwhile in the snow to the north want to briefly address that a couple of isolated flurries not reaching the ground here across areas of north carolina extreme southside virginia to the best chance of seeing a few flurries this evening is going to be the northern neck middle peninsula part of the eastern shore. maybe down the pants a little bit we have a slight risk here locally so that's the first thing we need to talk about the second thing though are the temperatures right now are generally fairly close to forty upper thirties penning a new location about forty were going to drop down through the twenties tonight and this
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forecast urbanized locations
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