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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the seat going to somebody who actually lives in the second those parochial kind of hometown concerns seem to not be as important as his place on this armed services committee in the voice that he can bring for the region to that now now before any general election in november as it stands now forbes would have to earn his own party's nomination in the second get past a general primary which according to the virginia department of elections would take place on june fourteen reporting like my cat and thirteen is now there are two other candidates already fine for rachel's old seat republican state delegate scott taylor and virginia beach attorney pat cardwell announced their bids right after rachel's retirement announcement. cardwell is a richmond native who moved to virginia beach and twenty twelve. right now of course scott taylor serves as delegate for virginia's eighty fifth district. taylor says the statement after ford's announcement today quote i am very disappointed in his decision not to run in his own district where he lives there is nothing in my
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acceptable to leave your people behind to save yourself and quote under virginia law you do not need to live in the district you represent the skies are clear over downtown norfolk right now but that is about to change the weather authorities tracking a storm system headed our way and jeffrey could even bring a chance for some snow a little bit just like yesterday we were saying and starting on thursday i know and friday for sure that we would have a good chance to live in a sleet or snow mixed in spots around superbowl time and that's what we ended up with didn't turn out to be a big deal for most areas of fact for any areas i don't think that certainly was a big talking point around town that's what's going to happen tonight as well about the same kind of scenario is setting up in this case it'll be a few other locations yesterday it was more like right near the beaches. this is the northern neck and back up through areas of the peninsula on over to the eastern shore definitely some of this now reaching
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acrobat county earlier was so light not much it was reaching the surface of the earth and some the stuff out west starting to actually die out a little bit as it swings around and moves north easterly so not a whole lot of precipitation in general tonight but temperatures will be dropping justin off that anything that falls because even though it's in the lower forties at the surface will be just cold enough aloft that there's a slight chance a few of these light rain showers are very isolated showers could have a few sleek palettes or maybe a little bit of snow mixed in nothing to worry about the morning rush hour. so again we'll be watching for that but in general it a cold forecast in a couple of potential storms to discuss my comeback by parts of nc twelve are still covered in sand and water from this weekend storms christy take the top with a look at the damage and details on what it will take to fix that highway again. well guys it's not even high tide time yet
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that we've even seen a couple of them crashing past this house and into nc twelve pc already is full of standing water now crews have been trying to keep up with the damage from last night's storm but a few stretches like this one here are not fully recovered. c and water there's lots of it covering parts of nc twelve in kitty hawk and damaging homes alongside the road we probably had forty mile an hour winds constant and then up to about sixty four of all i knew would go outside because i probably would get blown off my debt. barbara wigs out with her friend on monday afternoon checking out the damage done by mother nature over night we had a lot over wash and dry hears about six cottages that line hitting eleven because of the game in the streets and paths are once again visible after the storm the only line
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the road that's so prone to collapsing could once again be compromised with that before this date but me and frankly that road would be there today if it hadn't been for this and kitty hawk mayor gary perry tells me he dun think ill take much for the road to give in again another day or two of high winds and high tide could do the job hopefully won't have any storm would be ready to go in the summer season. if this happens during the summer season and the rope lapses that sector season. that's a big problem it certainly is a big concern always is but as we say this price we pay to live here and there are plans in place for what many are calling a more permanent solution to the erosion problem here in kitty hawk now would include a costly beach re nourishment project much more on that coming up at six o'clock reporting live in kitty hawk received her j co thirteen years now but a startling discovery of
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found two bodies inside a home on southampton parkway just west of cortland this afternoon we're told investigators are not looking for any suspects in this case they are releasing details about the victims either. we have a crew headed to that scene as soon as we learn more we'll be sure to pass that information on the u a man was just sitting in his car when a group of guys rob didn't happen in hampton on power plant parkway not far from mercury boulevard last night. please tell us the suspects beat up the victim and stole his car keys cell phone and shoes the suspects drove off in the victim's nineteen ninety six red honda civic police want to hear from you if you have information that can help solve this case all clear now after a barricade situation in chesapeake police rusty hues avenue after hearing about a dangerous fight between two brothers one brother walked out of the house leaving the other inside with their elderly mother police updated us within the last hour saying the final brother
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undergoing a mental evaluation and chesapeake regional hospital and were told the mother was never changed to the york county sheriff's department patrol cars is getting a lot of attention online share posted this picture on facebook this morning i chose the new decals that read in god we trust hundreds of people commented on the post erik ainge talk to the sheriff about why he made the change these four words will be seen on patrol in york county york the coast and sheriff danny diggs deciding to add in god we trust decals to his fleet of fifty squad cars we thought the front burner with an appropriate spot to put it right next our flag dig says he's been planning this for a couple of years the share points out the money we handle every day shows how the words are ingrained in american culture as our national motto and for digs the decision was also personal. it honors god. god certainly blessed me i think bless the sheriff's office and it's my way of honoring god and be unpatriotic all
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will have two decals bring in the cost of fourteen hundred and eighty dollars money coming from the sheriff's own pockets. people who want to be critical about this and all your spending taxpayers' dollars. well it was certainly been appropriate had i spent taxpayers' dollars is nothing wrong with doing that but i chose to take that little bit of ammunition away from them the sheriff expected some may find a new look controversial but the majority of the two hundred plus comments left on the sheriff's facebook page have been supportive. it's been very positive with the sheriff's office and in the community so forth been very positive shared digs as he spoke with his deputies about in god we trust in the said if any of them have an issue with those words on their car he would handle it on a case by case basis i would certainly have a discussion with that deputy and if he felt strongly enough about it i would certainly consider taking off for that deputy. this is not something on time is shoved down anybody's throat
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came thirteen years now as are the one in portsmouth more all the stores coming to hampton roads onto her show you where and when and possibly thousands of new jobs could come to downtown norfolk a look at the proposals city council is expected to vote on tomorrow class is a dirty job but someone has to do and find out how long it's going to take the cleanup from the super bowl and we'll be talking about a couple systems headed our way that have a chance to bring a little bit of mixed precipitation and really cold temperatures as well talk about and take a look at our camera in hampden was very brief stop and sixty four eastbound at the hr bt traffic is now moving at the bridge in the towel. i'm still seeing a slight delay starting around the hampton river bridge as you head for
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. grocery store chain aldi is making more moves to get into hampton roads in a store could come as early as this fall to her has been in touch with their corporate offices and has more from newport news on the plants always eyeing two different locations in newport news ball off of jefferson avenue one of those has already been approved. the other location this one right here is still in the application process one thing's for sure grocery store all d is coming to the jefferson commons shopping center taking over an empty lot next to cole's all these says it's expected to open this fall actually
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diversity in the grocery stores are in a lot of newport news city officials say all the has also applied for a second location just about two miles down jefferson on and rightly this location still no definite timeline on when or if it'll be approved. the store for hampton is also possible this all part of the company's one hundred and thirty stores open on average every year was but a growing area. mu min lor my caches in that dept and let's turn to grow and become larger. it's not going to be a little town anymore people in newport me see the lower prices all he provides is what they're looking forward to most who saw the stores are expensive who wants to go to wat's no organic stores buy all organic food that's outrageously priced and the cheaper store to get just the water in newport news she knew her thirteen years now and you'll see even more all the stores popping up
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open six hundred and fifteen stores across the country in the next five years one has opened a few months ago in portsmouth and all he tells us the plan is to open additional stores in virginia beach williamsburg and chesapeake and so far there's no timeline on when those stores will open will update you as soon as we learn more to a bill that would allow some virginia inmates a chance of parole is moving forward. it focuses on a group of inmates who may have been unfairly punished because their juries did know virginia abolished parole back in nineteen ninety five to a panel of lawmakers endorsed the measure. even so say the new version of the bill is so narrow it will only impact the few people city of newport news is looking to hire at risk kids gang violence prevention summer training and enrichment program or step there's room for six hundred teams to participate the teams would work for ten weeks starting in june. you have until march eleven to
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for you on thirteen is now dot com. the city also needs businesses and organizations to participate at no cost to them. thirteen is now is investigating secret maps used to hide nude photos they're called ghosts apps or hidden vault apps some of them are disguised as a calculator. it even works like a calculator but as soon as you type in a secret code that unlocks those hidden photos not only do these apps hide photos and videos they can even hide browser history sneaking behind their parents' backs but they can illegal to let in only his legal duty to see that it's fun to lead to complications of this crazy kids are doing they're storing new photos of other students in excess tragic really but that's how i just have to really take it south to mile thirteen is now at six jimmy lee will show parents how to stay on top of
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professor who sparked online outrage by posting a picture of herself wearing a job she often said she wanted to show human solidarity with muslim neighbors week in the small evangelical christian school in illinois said the post went against the school statement of faith. hawkins is no longer with the college she said she reached a confidential agreement for her determination over the weekend charter bus flipped on a snowy interstate in connecticut today state police say fifty five people were onboard the bus at the time emergency responders had to remove the windshield to get everyone out at that bus about forty people had to go to the hospital six of them are in critical condition. there's no word yet on what caused that crash earlier i was shown to look to the west from hampden our chamberlain camera now on to show your own skyview right here atop the station as you can see sun making a return
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last few hours and a little bit of rain on radar not much of which apparently reached the ground but there's still more out to the west some of that is weakening. here's the first batch that came through and again not many spots awesome my light rain but a few areas dead and now the stuff out into central parts of the state come support of both states reeling virginia and north carolina comes tortoise intends the weekend although now here's a little bit more down in the raleigh area that is actually strengthening so if your watches from the eastern shore or areas here across the northern neck definitely a little bit of that light rain activity for you especially across northern parts of the eastern shore but that is set to rotate through temperatures right now quite chilly forty two currently with the wind out of the southeast and gradually swung around tonight be a little bit variable in direction is that system sits right on the spot on forecasts for tomorrow says the temperature of forty five degrees for our high meanwhile tempers out there
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sort of arrange little cooler ocean view and cape ann marie little warmer places like radical know crestwood looks like it's a forty four to get back here in you see a forty nine around spring grove and and ran and then closer to the water more like lower forties forty one c for forty one also in grandview not much different downtown newport news and hampton forty until mar neck but a cold or thirty nine of last week thirty nine salute was about the cold spot although this time we have a thirty seven there as well. in alpha so obviously to the north to get some slightly cooler readings and then you can see the difference in the colors lower to mid forties here near the shoreline of north carolina back in when you get readings that are back in the upper forties and closer to fifty. compare that to yesterday if you're watching evan at this hour you saw it not well about an hour from now he was in on it five years under six but you get my point. temperatures very very similar to what he was tracking yesterday to the evening then just some
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once in awhile because it's so cold aloft there's a little bit of a chance we could have a few sleet pellets or maybe a few snowflakes mixed in but just like yesterday would not be enough to cause any kind of problems at all. tomorrow most of the storm's going to be off to the north in with a westerly wind coming and we're going to see some drying weather but it's so cold aloft that that creates instability in the atmosphere and as a result a few very isolated showers are possible again tomorrow or even tomorrow night and it's not a question one or two of those especially to the north could have a little bit of mixed precipitation with temperatures remaining chilly and getting chilly or cold or is we get through time there's this big pinwheel the system another pinwheel a system out the atlantic everything sorta bottled up so isolated showers tonight thirty seven degrees a little bit of a light mix is possible when worry about it and then the forecast for tomorrow. forty five for the hialeah thirty percent
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sort of this mixed variety in any one location forty two for a high temperature on wednesday thirty seven thirty eight thirty seven sustain very similar. thursday friday and saturday but by later saturday especially sunday monday a new system approaches in that one really going to bring some of the coldest air we've seen so far this winter by now all the high only near thirty as of now it looks like winter finally it won't be long hill from the course in memory of confessing to taste a leopard on the prowl inside a school will show you what it took to capture the animal class. this man obviously
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day watching right there a crew trying to
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inside a school in india over the weekend since it was sunday there were no students at that school but the leopard part six of the workers who tried to capture it. it took ten hours to corner and tranquil lives the animal was later released into the wild right now cleanup is underway after super bowl fifty crews brought in heavy equipment to remove all of the tents at levi's stadium in santa clara california and super bowl city in san francisco. they say could take a week before everything is back to normal and some of the locals say they're going to miss all of the super bowl excite is composed of you in the middle of the country you know this does a good experience and we're honored by got a good time. you know it was good to come out and just saw you know taken for its estimated the super bowl costs and francisco around five million dollars the nfl will not reimburse the city. santa
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any public safety costs is not the nfl but if you've ever played in a fantasy football league you know losing among family and friends going to be especially brutal. such was the case for john's rc be in the last that is fantasy league this year and the first place finisher got to pick the punishment is ours we had to stand near a busy intersection in fort wayne indiana where the football onesie and holding a sign that stated i am the worst at what fantasy football knows just tough year for me. i drafted with my heart into my brain picked up andrew luck had a tough year for the best out of it. i don't feel too bad for is our easy as last year he won his fantasy football league are i mean there is a statewide push to bring more jobs to virginia but not just any kind of jobs. the warning from experts about what could happen if the commonwealth
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diversify their economies and colonial williamsburg super bowl commercial is getting
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it. virginia is in trouble at least that's what
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the works to try and help fix that problem fighting the spread of those eager buyers is an expensive effort the president now calling for nearly two billion dollars in emergency funding the presidential candidates going all out to win voters in new hampshire the primary only hours away and mother nature could cause some problems at the polls and we start with a live look at the radar you can see it right there a bunch of green moving from the west to the east is one of two systems expected to hit us over the next couple of days and tonight will see rain and maybe even snow flurries jeff is tracking it all and are certainly a chance just like yesterday we said there was a decent shot at seeing a little bit of flurry activity or some sleet we ended up with exactly that same thing to happen tonight. anything that does fall just like
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rain makes tanner be so warm
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