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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the weather lab lets us know when and where will see the rain having a dry brine already starting to see little man showing up on radar across north carolina so if you're one of our viewers down there look for the rain as we go through the early overnight hours especially for the day on sunday notes a few sprinkles showing up on the albemarle sound with temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark or a few degrees above one week only surprise of a snowflake or mostly palette is mixed in with the bulk of the rain is still off towards the south with an area of low pressure developing off the coast of florida and will move up the eastern seaboard as we go to the day on sunday the best chances for rain across north carolina into our coastal areas so it's time that her future pass let you know what to expect for your sunday as clouds increasing overnight and by nine and looking at the rain mainly south of the albemarle sound but as we go through the morning hours knows how the rain starts to make northward progress getting close to the virginia north carolina state line as we go through the afternoon hours i expect only showers even make their way across the south side coastal areas
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one or two might even make their way as far inland to say franklin newport news and with some heavier bursts coming in tomorrow evening will be a few more snowflakes are sleek palettes and extend across north carolina. this will clear out as we enter the overnight hours tomorrow night and as we look ahead towards tuesday another chance for maybe a few snow flakes mixing in with some rain in the forecast will have details on that in the full seventy outlook coming up in a few minutes take a cold hearted mm film to forty s when he was the grandmother of an accused murderer opens up talking about him as well as the person he's accused of killing his own mother. we say shawn hunter shot his mother inside her home in norfolk a week ago and since then his grandmother has been trying to balance sadness and anger with the need to forgive and heal. she knew
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her spoke to her today it's a conversational see only on thirteen years now. that's why brian louise collier says her grandson twenty two year old son hunter shot his mother sonia hunter four times that morning. this is a tragedy that has left a hole in this family. louis says she still wants answers. rees conyers never has held these pictures so close i can look at them or grips them so tightly i think what they're all she has left of the person she cared about the most in life my door to mind is great but i love my chow collier says her grandson twenty two year old shawn hunter shot and killed her daughter's pony a hunter shooting happened last weekend in sets of o'neill's home on west cliff drive in norfolk. she's bathing him a
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little loud and just kill my child. let's hope at the time three children also were in the house no more month brigham for her life and you miss one shot and when she was begun in a chair or wall the polo clothes and set my alarm that the killing even conyers empty yet filled with questions if you ever get the chance to speak to hand these days. would you want to say what'd you do you know you love to sit and snap your intention was to care much in the midst of the pain anger and confusion. conyers find one other thing we have to forgive but we don't happen for the lease as they are working on funeral plans right now for her daughter she says she has not spoken
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to her grandson says the shooting right now he's in the norfolk city jail with no bond set to her thirteen years now police say emergency workers pulled a driver from the han river this morning after he wrecked a car ran from officers and then jumped into the water investigators say was driving on east mercury boulevard near kings point drive when he lost control of the car hit a parked car and then a tree when officers got there he already was out of the car and nearer to home as they try to make contact with them they say he ran towards the river and jumped into it police chief terry so it was their record at the rescue efforts police say the driver's body temperature was at a life threatening level when rescuers pulled him from the water they expect him to be alright officers have not said what charges he could face the owners of a bakery virginia beach are facing federal money laundering and
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drug charges. sharon johnson burning normal own. geez cake shop court documents claim the used personal and business bank accounts to hide more than seven hundred thousand dollars in income prosecutors also say normal ran a large scale drug operation in an affidavit that the agent said normal sold cocaine to confidential sources. five times the decision of three federal judges could mean some big problems for primary elections in north carolina the panel struck down two congressional districts in which the majority of the voting age population is black. the judges ruled that race was the predominant factor state lawmakers used to redraw the lines for the first and twelveth districts and states reason for doing it didn't hold up and that north carolina violated the constitution's equal protection provision the panel ordered the state's general assembly to come up with new boundaries within two weeks the state can appeal the decision but depending on how the process goes it could
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scheduled for next month. in addition he once beat up a lot of times you'll have you'll have and it doesn't work very well as tough as the times property or an elderly woman the top quiet the debate in the granite state republican candidates for president square off for the last time before the new hampshire primary in manchester tonight as you could hear it was game on a high stakes contest. many people wondering if donald trump will remain the frontrunner despite is upset in iowa. its chief rivals ted cruz marco rubio came out swinging. all that to jockey for that coveted position. abc's martha gonzales has more in the final fight in new hampshire tough as the times property room elderly woman the top. why are the seven republican candidates the that's all of his donors
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and special interests of the battling it out for the last time before tuesday's primary. that's what washington d c does that drive by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorize twenty five second speech chris christie coming out swinging going after marco rubio surging in the polls here. he simply does not have the experience to be prez the united states think the experience is not just what you did the whole workout candidates trying to differentiate themselves on the economy terrorism we should use overwhelming force kill the enemy and then get the heck out. immigration and healthcare were to repeal obamacare we're going to replace obamacare with donald trump back at center stage tonight at times brushing off her schooling from the audience the people that are putting headlights twenty one points in the polls here to try to hold onto his lead we will galvanize the people of this country and we will be
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hillary clinton and tomorrow it's back out on the trail for them and the democrats all of them fighting for the more than forty percent of voters in this state were still undecided. marci gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire some heightened tensions internationally after south korea said the north korean government tested a long range rocket that rockets and fear has the capability of reaching the united states the launch comes after north korea claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb last month north korea says the launch this weekend was only a satellite launch rescue crews continue to search for survivors after six point four magnitude earthquake hit southern taiwan in the past few hours the pull the bodies of four people out of some of the rubble at least eighteen people died in the earthquake one hundred thirty two are missing. rescuers are trying to reach at least twenty nine people who are trapped alive in a collapsed apartment building in the city of time on crews in southern california ended their search for survivors of a midair collision saying they now are working to recover the bodies
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of the people who were on board two planes planes crashed into each other near the port of los angeles yesterday then fell into the pacific ocean the wreckage is spread across a wide area with search teams finding some items that were on board the planes we found the log book of one of the pilots that helped us identify and and ascertain that there would be two people two male passengers in one of the aircraft's the men were the only people on the one playing a woman who was piloting the other plane was by urself. investigators say both pilots were experienced the don't know what led to that collision it could take weeks to find out what caused a deadly crane collapse in manhattan the boom crash to the ground yesterday killing one person hurting three other people workers were lowering the cream in the midst of this wall that had twenty mph winds crews are putting the cream into pieces investigators will examine those and look at the crain's movement reporter changes are
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coming in navy uniforms how the average size of a sailor is making an impact and if you're planning to drink while watching the big game tomorrow night we'll tell you how you can get a free ride home. plus we'll take you inside the high tech stadium hosting super bowl fifty people there can do from their seats without missing a moment of the game and i'm tracking rain into parts of
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. i if you plan to drink while watching the superbowl the bar or restaurant and don't have a designated driver local law firm is offering to get you home safely. cal office in akron sci fi home program will cover the cost of your eye if you find you've had too much to drink if you're at a restaurant or bar in norfolk virginia beach chesapeake hampton newport news tomorrow yet to do is call black and white caps before midnight the numbers eight five five forty four forty four mention campus in akron. safe ride home program
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the offer is good only from a business to a home meaning the program isn't meant to be used as a shuttle service for the night covered in a game this year will include unprecedented seventy cameras that will allow people to have a three hundred sixty degree view of the action including isolated shots of individual players the coverage also includes tracking technology that calculates how fast and how far players run menu for super bowl fifty is one of the most high tech eco friendly arenas in the country. levi stadium opened less than two years ago and serves as the home in san francisco forty niners stadium has a robust wifi network in a mobile app lets fans order food from their seats. watch replays and find good stuff the least crowded bathrooms seems environmentally conscious design includes nearly twenty thousand square feet of solar panels i absolutely love watching people experience the building for the first time exploring be excited and
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the stadium has new grass for super bowl fifty crews replace the field after the last forty niners game so it would be in perfect shape for tomorrow and italian air force f thirty five is the first of its kind across the atlantic our partners at meantime say the jet landed at naval air station thompson river in maryland yesterday making the transatlantic journey alongside the f thirty five to see one thirty euro fighter typhoon and two italian tankers. the jets acquired seven aerial refueling during its trip large or sizing is coming to navy uniforms a study shows that the physical dimensions of sailors have gotten bigger during the past rather past two decades. that means uniform sizes need to be adjusted. navy officials say a proper fit is critical to the effectiveness of protective gear including firefighting harnesses and chemical suits. a study by the army and twenty twelve showed similar results in the growth of soldiers
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tomorrow's forecast is really going to vary from one place to another across north carolina looking at a good deal of rain if you live across the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck. not much in the way of rain to most of the day tomorrow and somewhere in between that school have to draw the dividing line with an all out here with future cast let you know what to expect but first a look at live radar and mentioning of the top of the newscasts with temperatures hovering in the mid thirties i would be surprised there's a wet snowflakes are sleek palette mixed in with some of these very very light returns showing up on radar near albemarle sound and the radar showing that the most of the rain is still well off towards or south moving up towards the northeast as an area of low pressure strengthens off the coast of california soul time everything out here the next several days a lot to really talk about first in the overnight hours the clouds will continue to pick up that's pretty much what we expect to go through as we head into tomorrow morning by six am looking at some showers across north carolina and far in locations could see little bit of snow as you head down towards
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the rock in an area just southeast of their receptors really above freezing for everybody so as we go through the morning hours nine am most of the showers across north carolina will continue through the midday hours. now that doesn't mean that there can be a couple showers that pop up even here across the south side just the steady rain will be across north carolina through twelve o'clock in the afternoon we head through three o'clock noticed the rain continued to move north and these when there is really starting to pick up especially if you live across the coastline in the outer banks is going to turn into a windy day tomorrow. winds gusting up to forty to forty five mph so pretty when the day tomorrow and notice how the moisture slowly worked its way to the north shore picking up some heavier rain when the rain comes down pretty heavy the corner of the upper parts the atmosphere can pull some that cold air down so once again tomorrow afternoon or evening i wouldn't be surprised to see a few snowflakes even if you sleep pellets mixed as everything continues to pull off towards the northeast. i think this
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they will see even some rain to parts of south side the eastern shore impossibly part of the peninsula the general ideas everything starts to move off as we head into tomorrow night and monday were looking at those wins coming out the northwest partly sunny skies temperatures near fifty degrees so the bulk of the rain tomorrow down across north carolina into the coastal areas and we dry out on monday. looking ahead towards tuesday that's the next storm system watching and then move right through the area. i don't expect most of this to be in the form of some rain showers but once again some moms are saying really cold enough the upper part of the atmosphere to produce some snow showers as well so i have a mix of rain and snow possible and we headed to the day on tuesday with temperatures around forty to forty two degrees there right now we're looking at mainly clear skies thirty three degrees winds are calm after thirty eight in hartford thirty in newport news twenty nine in gloucester ma lifestyle and thirty nine elizabeth city thirty one portsmouth and twenty nine watching freaks over your neighborhood tonight looking at those clouds to increase with a few showers down across north carolina thirty
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cloudy and breezy tomar re mainly in north carolina into some coastal areas of south side of the eastern shore forty six degrees and mostly cloudy and windy winds gusting up to forty some rain possibly mixed with a little bit of sleet or snow ending after midnight and partly sunny on monday forty eight degrees tuesday will see that chance of a mix of some rain and snow showers a high temperature of forty things clear out for wins a forty two thirty eight years a forty four friday and forty saturdays are really a wide range of conditions tomorrow across north carolina prepare for more rain across the peninsula back closer to richmond and drier conditions which is the shower to possible little messy for some people that write this let evan run sports busy time college hoops includes virginia virginia tech women mary along with older men in there's also a matter of a
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by this time tomorrow night's super bowl fifty will crown a champion it should be a good one between the panthers and broncos it's no secret the storylines are there as far as quarterbacks peyton manning. this could be his swan song nfl as he tries to nail down a second super bowl title. his counterpart cam newton this is the changing of the guard with newton the panthers try to go after the franchise's first ever title half the size of the professional as possible but human beings. this was to take it all and i've seen so
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far for me to do to you about it as sort of rambo size of the can be extremely emotional one of order can be overwhelming but we have seen rookies. obviously they're going to have a great special feeling on sunday owen daniels is a ten year battery life seen all this was his first super bowl so i don't think you gotta be careful to also by how they're going to feel that they have to make it natural. western college's nine frankfort has been on a roll winning five of their last five games today a stiff test on the road at pittsburgh who's off to a good start against the panthers case in point not abroad going strong to that and be out in front by one then kept kicking the ball outside that means london parental is still spot up for the three they led thirty one twenty nine at halftime for renters had added fourteen point second half virginia star to pull away. rog been in the corner with a three d top them with twenty one points. that was rude images devon hall stern
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the three from there the topic a lead that helped to lead thirty seven thirty one hall not done the former cape henry dolphin working inside hoop in the hard part of a three point play that a twelve point advantage they grow from there. anthony gill on the break finishing it off with a slam they went sixty four fifty six in a row legendary virginia tech head football coach frank beamer now retired checking out the vocals bass will be in the clubs and text are deployed the second half jail in hudson oaks with family to start a neko forty one thirty two for the tigers rallied to one point lead. zach would a kerry black sheer into the inside tag of one they pull away from there today with a team high nineteen the edge the tigers sixty to fifty seven the old dominion monarchs on the road in charlotte tonight they were in control the first three women two of his nineteen first half points to ten point lead twenty seven seventeen miners took a late lead the rally to force
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overtime. rand institute was fourteen to go ten boards the force that over time freeman the former cal night with a career high thirty eight they won seventy four sixty nine norfolk state meaning double overtime to beat howard one hundred and ninety two hampton gets tripped up by maryland eastern shore seventy three seventy parts now fall into first place time to be at virginia wesleyan by two over emory henry christopher newport stays perfect in their conference fourteen a nosy beat wesleyan seventy eight to seventy four tony shaver in trouble when mary gold rush day kaplan arena it was all about omar pruitt had bought him his kata going off in a team high twenty one has a lead big at halftime and they were pretty much cruised from there the final ninety to sixty four over the fightin' blue hens a big eight ten showdown that will wait as vcu rams drive a twelve game win streak they hosted george washington bc won the on the ride. alan
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wiley cox on the flight schools they led by twelve to lead by two at halftime. i'd be going to suck at eleven a run in the second half led by one lows. to top them with sixteen points. melvin johnson would add twelve as well but to walk to the colonials comeback to tie it sixty four and go on a post the seventy two sixty nine with the lady monarchs are voting you it was the fourteenth edition of the hoop for the cure. they came out big again charlotte today gianna smith with eleven points the bucket their destiny young she would add fifteen points. jenny smith led the way with a game high thirty five as they roll past the forty nine is your final ninety four to eighty five. congratulations to an issue when they've needed
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in a pack green run high school jam there on being the stallions were taken on norfolk collegiate public versus private lives got a good one that would be bashed townsfolk been the harm they led thirty twenty seven at halftime second half back on
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the stallions that's deshawn way canning the jumper but they would answer gets bashed towns the outlet to adam grant to his nineteen points back on the stallion still sterling counted former athlete of the week with a
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