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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you'll see only on thirteen years now to brian connors tells me her forty three year old daughters of owing a hunter was shot four times by her twenty two year old son shawn hunter that shooting happened a few not far from here just down the street here on the corner on west cliff drive hunter has since been charged with murder and is in the norfolk county the norfolk city jail with no bond. conyers the sean often acted out and was disregarded by most in the family but his mother. so this killing is something that is confusing and extremely upsetting for her mask on yours if he's spoken to sean since killing his mother she told me no when she gets the chance she has questions from turning the corner of her food in the hamper but i want to know why coming up on thirty news now at eleven pm hear more
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to say when asked her about forgiveness live in or fiction to her thirteen years now police are looking for the person or people involved in a drive by shooting after man showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds the victim told chesapeake officers he was walking on corey avenue office sparrow road around ten last night someone inside a moving car fired at him. somebody drove the victim to chesapeake regional medical center police expect him to survive police emergency workers pulled a driver from hampton creek this morning after he wrecked a car ran from officers and then jumped in the water. investigators say he was driving too fast on part of this mercury boulevard when he hit a parked car and a tree he was out of the car when police got there and we are home he ran towards the creek and jump into it. police chief terry so it was there and recorded the rescue efforts with the man the man police say the driver's body
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threatening level when rescuers pulled him from the water expecting to be alright. officers have not say what charges he could face one person had some minor injuries after a fire started at a town home in virginia beach firefighters were on whooping crane circle in chicks beach around one thirty this morning. medics treated the victim they are no word on how that fire started democrats and republicans are working the people of new hampshire this weekend trying to gain support ahead of the presidential primary tuesday members of the gop also are preparing for their final debate before the primary we'll see that tonight here on abc thirteen abc's martha gonzales has a look at what we can expect expected to be a flood fast republican presidential candidates out stumping today we have to do the same time before facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary on that stage tonight to see the difference will make sure
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between those were prepared to leave and those were just continuing to talk the latest polling showing donald trump with a nineteen point lead going into the debate followed by marco rubio a target on his back getting bigger he's willing to break his word to the voters and make deals with democrats to try to force through wednesday. ted cruz supporters out hoping he can push ahead for a repeat of iowa in one bound for the manchester on the democrat side today hillary clinton going door to door to the places the interests of others to come was fighting for momentum as she leads bernie sanders in the latest national poll by just two points and is behind by double digits here in the granite state. if we can bring out the deuce and vote on tuesday. i'm confident we're going to win a lot of confidence from candidates on both sides the republicans of course hopeful that success in tonight's debate will
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tuesday. martha gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire republican debate i feature seven of the presidential candidates will have live coverage from new hampshire beginning at eight p m the all the more the ground they the cellphone video shows the moment a fifty story crane crashed to the ground in lower manhattan yesterday killing one person hurting three other people crews are working to remove the cream cutting into dozens of pieces for investigators to examine investigators already recovered the cranes movement recorder is not the black box it will likely give us the angles of the boom of the two pieces that were in action at the time he gives us more than that of that's that'll be an extra but i don't want to set expectations too high
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wind speeds or actions of the operator investigator see the cranes operators were working to secure it from the wind and snow at the time of the collapse rescue teams are trying to find more than one hundred people who still are missing after a powerful earthquake hit taiwan you can see them searching a building in some live pictures coming from there the six point four magnitude quake killed at least fourteen people most of them were inside the high rise building apartment that collapsed in the southern city of time on rescuers pulled about two hundred fifty survivors from that building. well if he thought it felt cold on lan today imagine how it felt in the atlantic the thousands of people didn't have to imagine that they were in the water raising money for special olympians will hear how much they raised plus creativity friendly competition a look at the event that combined both with a little help from lego and i hope you had a chance to enjoy some sunshine today because i'm tracking
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rain to parts of hampton
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. a thirty five hundred people hit the water the ocean front this morning to raise money for special olympians in virginia the water temperature was a mild forty some degrees for the twenty sixteen polar plunge when a festival but a journalist bought a fossil herrera was there whole week about every year to two wonderful cold and there's nothing like ice cold water to make the field who rely on the twenty fourth year down here the beads we had more than thirty five hundred
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million dollars. i wouldn't mind so i'm not that the button and making the new champion who is a very diverse or even we believe that their unsupported and it cured his brothers and set a wedding guests we sat there until people are just too neat and special effects they do and forty two rights means and three of them are guys with the tacky ones and restores and jump in the ocean. thank you all so much joy and pleasure. really if you have an incredible internship with umass safety police fire rescue all down here people for the event of faith into karen oliver under skin of the water couldn't do without them can do without the phone when the virginia beach the good stuff and forty two bridesmaids not too many re creativity and
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the test today we have a look at the competition brought together a lego enthusiasts of all ages and some calm selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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imagination and a favorite childhood toy me for a fun colorful time in downtown norfolk hampton roads naval
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by brick lego ship building events people of all ages share their creations that have been cruisin celebration center. some of the ship builders competed for prizes combined they use more than one hundred thousand lego bricks to local lego enthusiasts group also put on robotics demonstrations mason loved legos as a kid my nephew still often was building things and if you are inside today may be getting a chance enjoy that sunshine to play with those lego bricks and tomorrow good day to be indoors because we're looking at some changes coming up we're starting off with a mainly clear sweep here showing up on radar but we have seen some of those high thin clouds already start to stream in. we usually see those in advance of a storm system and we're looking at off toward the south you can see some showers across georgia south carolina in the coastal sections of north carolina and some things going on down here across the coast of florida as an area of low pressure that will be
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through the next couple of days. the move of the southeast coastline. now some models are saying that this will not be farther off the coast and we will see lesser impacts your summer keeping a little bit closer in just the difference of only about fifteen miles or so can a big difference as far as the forecast goes to marshall for the future cast keeping in mind a couple models are little bit farther to the east with the rain but can he make plans not looking badges and those high thin clouds streaming in season one chilly temperatures down to the thirties and as we head into the morning hours tomorrow at five am. well looking at mostly cloudy skies and a few breaks in the clouds off towards the north and a couple showers down south of the albemarle sound the morning hours will see the rain slowly creeping northward a notice in the morning mainly south of the state line and what you back towards raleigh rocky mount north carolina along interstate ninety five there could be some snow trying to make sand castles showing by some of these blue colors as we enter the afternoon notice that the rain still mainly across north carolina tries
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tomorrow call for rain mainly in north carolina and across the coasts notice for all of us temperatures in the forties so everything should fall in the form of rain until we get a few pockets of some heavier bursts sometimes when the rain comes down very heavy in the snow can down so i wouldn't be surprised if as we enter the early evening hours across north carolina we see some snowflakes are sleek palettes trying to mix in south of the state line as a low intensifies off the coastline will fill in the more moisture back our way so tomorrow evening look for a few areas of rain and possibly again a few snowflakes are sleek palettes trying to mix in before things really start to wind up and pull off the coast line for early monday morning the backcourt back to school looking a partly sunny skies temperatures up near fifty degrees and then on tuesday will see another chance for a few snow showers trying to move through the area and we went to the day today we had lots of sunshine just spot on forecasts for today forty five degrees at the high forty four and we like to say a three degree guarantees it
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streak of eleven forecasts in a row for tomorrow going for high of forty six degrees with cloudy skies some that rain may only cross north carolina across the coastline to take a live look outside right now this is our cam atop the tower here and often we are looking at mainly clear skies and temps of thirty nine degrees was a continent is at forty nine percent thirty eight in franklin smith field center in newport news thirty four enough affording her cup and forty two degrees many a forty two as the city forty one four to forty one down towards leesburg and thirty nine residents so the forecast for tonight is what you can expect thirty one degrees partly cloudy sky season with chilly temperatures in north easterly wind five to ten mph cloudy breezy for rain mainly in north carolina late into the afternoon and evening starting to work its way inland from the coast north easterly winds fifteen to twenty mph gusting up to thirty and rain ending tomorrow night possibly mixed with some sleet or snow special across north carolina thirty six degrees and forty eight and partly sunny in
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looking about thirty percent chance of isolated snow showers like a month as like springtime showers more leaks or pop up from here to there but this case but not snow forty degrees forty two on wednesday thirty eight thursday forty four friday and forty saturdays so temperatures a little normal as with most of the week some encouraging news out of pennsylvania today to stock my mom she saw a robin which is nothing i said yes so between ponce twenty phil and robert zimmerman looks like we would be preaching to get the more we come back a busy day at college hoops uva with a road test that pits per women marry at home to the fightin' blue hens of delaware. we also got super
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just twenty four hours from now folks will be settling in for the golden anniversary of the super bowl the fiftieth edition getting underway between the panthers and broncos it's no secret the starters storylines are pretty much the same that includes a quarterback peyton manning. this could be a swan song in the nfl as he tries know them a second super bowl title. his counterpart camden figure this is the changing of the guard is newton
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the franchise's first ever title half the size of the professional as possible but human beings. this was to take it all in the sand so soft meat into two key u s without bringing both sides of the can be extremely emotional one of order can be overwhelming but we have seen rookies. obviously they're going to have a great special feeling on sunday owen daniels is a ten year veteran rights in all this was his first super bowl so i don't think you gotta be careful to also by how they're going to feel that they have to make it natural. game time will be roughly about six thirty the start of college hoops now ninth ranked virginia has been on a roll the past two games the one who's hitting the road against pittsburgh the cavs moniker the season obviously defense when holding opponents under forty percent from the floor
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fifty two nd wind got a pretty good start against the panthers case in point malcolm bribed going she belonged to the rack uva in front by one and kept kicking the ball back out and that means london parental is cool nail down to three a they led thirty one twenty nine at halftime parental is adding fourteen second average and start to pull a virginia beach is devon hall three pointer good that made thirty seven thirty one to make that brock enright twenty one to lead them. then its call for three. they were in good shape in hall inside a hoop and the harm he had six points. they have a twelve point advantage they roll from there on the break anthony gill o o bring it home they went sixty four fifty four their sixth straight win twenty seven traveling to marry hosting the world gold rush day at kaplan arena drive off to
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pruitt who can the three top with a cane then pruitt not done corner three good the debit column is going to look inside and find four to make the fade away to a team high twenty one to lead thirty nine twenty two and half second and much to the same terry tar be menial job for good measure forty three twenty four greg mullen our skate or whole t3 he finished with fifteen tribe in control meant rp finish things off with great defense it's going to lane to the flush try when their fourth in a row they roll past the fightin' blue hens nineteen sixty four big atlantic ten showdown will wave his vcu rams drive a twelve game win streak they host george washington on the brake mo allie cox going to flight school with an ice jam they led thirty one twenty nine of breaking and twelve back on the ride rams in the second half with
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lewis doing his part at sixteen to lead bc and then melvin johnson driving for two of his forehead a quiet day but they were up nine forty four thirty five the back of the colonials tree seo marino for the tory game high twenty seven three and tied it sixty four then joe mcdonald coming through big brands twelve game win streak snapped as they lose seventy two to sixty nine other action around the commonwealth virginia wesleyan winners over emory henry eighty nine eighty seven that took our final overtime. corey moore with thirty point twenty one points to lead the way christopher newport still perfect in conference tim daly led with twenty one points captains a win over wesley seventy eight seventy four. they're now twenty one overall fourteen the dough in the conference lady mocs back here in town it was the fourteenth edition of the hoops for the cure the fight against breast cancer. they were hosting charlotte in early on lady mocs get off to good start on a smith cotton over to her
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destiny young's turn myself a and then drive to the pool and tie the game at seven off to miss abby did campbell two for fifteen points to go with ten boards later yong corner jumper she had fourteen to go ten board's agenda had thirteen boards in all jenny simply anyway with a game high thirty five they were out of ninety four to eighty five sorry about the rams. it's okay not the other day that for me after last week when europe was the talk inspected i'm sorry and dave's beat lasalle sling to branson and we look it's more important things such as the weather ha nevermind that right i get your accuser hand you go the better i were looking at clouds to mourn someone
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the high stakes showdown right here in new hampshire about to begin. the republicans prepping for the spotlight. their last chance to plead their case. we have the all-access pass, just moments away. the candidates stepping up their game. and pray. >> and stepping up the attacks. >> he's willing to break his >> just three days until new hampshire, voters weigh in, and the results could send some packing.
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