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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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messenger app is it safe for your kids to use the precautions you should be taking right now. plus will salute the thousands of you will take the polar plunge tomorrow we'll see how your generosity makes its mark with the special olympics the news that four starts right now. but while the wintry weather from earlier today gave way to some sunshine were looking at a cool blustery evening as we head into the way to some beautiful shots of downtown norfolk their tv i haf are we having a great forecast well it's going to be seasonal and maybe a little bit below the first day for this evening certainly we've seen the sunshine returned we had that wintery mess around this morning likely to cause a whole lot of problems that i could see on the roads but again some small accumulations across the region as you can see the couple a fair weather cumulus out there but in general lots of sunshine
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course earlier showed that mess coming through. compared to yesterday. not a whole lot of change few spots here mainly north are unchanged up an agreed on a degree and then just slightly different down a couple agrees to eventually cross north carolina down several degrees and of course many of them yes they were the abnormally warm spot still because the front had gone through as we go through tonight these are fairly typical readings for this time of year again just a little bit below normal. five o'clock we'll still have the sunshine course it's getting later and later that sunset and it won't be too long before we another month i think it is month maybe five weeks before we get daylight saving time returning will be even better but for the meantime fifty five pm i should say forty degrees down to thirty seven by seven o'clock slowly back into the thirties and then toward morning we'll get down anywhere from the upper twenties for some of the slightly rural areas to probably around thirty thirty
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that's again just a little bit below normal and then a rather chilly day tomorrow not terribly cold and then i'll talk about an interesting situation developing potentially for some of the north carolina coastal areas especially on sunday when i return i don't thirteen is now video of a traffic stop involving portsmouth councilman danny meets police release body cam video to thirteen is now in response to our freedom of information act request back in december makes told the police chief he felt he was treated unfairly by the officer in the video you can see me stop near the intersection of duke and maple speaking to a man the officer pulls up tells the man to step away and tells me to stay in this car makes was handed a summons for impeding traffic and expired tags and five will show you the other public official who showed up at the traffic stop a navy sailor accused of murdering his own friend was in
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greening appeared for an article thirty two hearing that similar to a preliminary hearing in civilian court greening already served six months behind bars for the dapper fellow sailor petty officer third class christopher include large viking twenty thirteen. that was on state charges. what's released the military charge greening with murder for the same shooting on federal charges. a ruling may be issued and the coming weeks reporter mike cutting was there for today's hearing his report at five o'clock a masseuse of shooting his own mother is still on the loose a shooting happened yesterday morning in a virginia beach home run to the mall drive near ocean lakes high school police are searching for twenty year old yvonne tay williams is wanted for attempted murder and stealing his mother's car. his mother is back home now recovering from the shooting williams was last seen driving a red four door two thousand and fourteen toyota camry the car
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that say prosper if you think you've seen williams call the crime line to men i suspected of using several stolen credit cards to buy cigarettes. ok we're going to show you some side by side photos of the two suspects there they are they allegedly made the purchase last month of the seven eleven on crocker road near i sixty four in james city county if you know them. contact the crime line and now let's turn our attention to the traffic network that's in the afternoon rush hour commute want to start with a look at our bridges and tunnels experiencing some friday afternoon delays will give you quick live look now at the hr bt as i step out of the way here this is him to norfolk traffic sixty four eastbound at the hampton river bridge this traffic headed to settlers landing mallory street and eventually out to the hr bt so we do have a one and a half two mile backup at this point i did check the ultimate end the monitor merrimack is moving better and the g or b is okay now speaking of j r b as we had over the traffic network maps if you're headed
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carrollton we do have a traffic alert accident involving a tractor trailer onto fifty eight westbound that brewer is next at ben's church boulevard right now all westbound lanes are blocked so we ask you to avoid that area if you can and as we zoom out you will see delays around the monitor merrimack some in newport news and a little bit to sixty four eastbound as you head into virginia beach also watching accident in the secondary. i'll post that information online and i'll be back in just a few minutes after cnn thanks happy hogan was just within the hour the money monte resurfaced you hit the road thus the nickname for the submarine the uss montpelier our jimmy lee is live with some very happy families on this friday a gem in the mail without so many family so many happy family that has been six long months the mighty monte went out to the we had over a hundred and forty sailors coming home to naval station norfolk today so many friends and family members out here to greet
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with signs balloons and big smiles on their bases a check up this little guy got little time on your own here with me asinine the guide tell me what this sign that you have out here on this sign is blooming like that even these days because really want them to come back home you missed it in a long time on the phone now if he is very very windy out here we lost that sign out here but this sign is very cute and said get out of my way i get my daddy back today chief price so we're really excited to meet e price is going to come off about any second now we're going to have more stories and more of these reunions coming up in a five o'clock hour so stay tuned for now reporting live in norfolk on jimmy be thirteen years now we've got the sign back all right hang in there you know what they're all coming back just in time to enjoy one of the biggest american events with the families and friends talking about this in
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football fans in your house as if to say last year we have some here in thirteen years now to try to go over data would tease me about them by the way it is about bills and live in north carolina bring a super bowl championship polo top heel state has five or juvenile elise is what the law to panther pride online and a lot of other super bowl buzz to a least a dozen white so many things to talk about her talking super bowl right now there's a ton of chatter so let's jump right in. if you're not headed to the game the first thing you're probably thinking about is your stomach right we're all thinking about our son make any money while you're watching the game will take a look at these food products that i found on twitter that his sandwich stadium right there incredible. we need to find his house that isn't go over there in the second picture i found looking all that people eat the chips key so so lah people showing pictures of their food prep now another thing that we're talking about is the halftime show we have to talk about that though i haven't seen much speculation about who the surprise performers will
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that very secretive this year they have seen this on twitter hashtag better half time shows people are leading what they think would make a better alternative to the halftime show michael play supposed to put on so here's what the lead singer of the band actually had the same self the cool illustrations. i think we are told celebrates those who it's deadly to be interesting to see who else takes the stage with coldplay so far we know that we'll see coldplay beyonce a and now bruno mars is rumored to be joining as well. now earlier we mentioned something about panther pride someone to go back to that well here's the proof we ask twitter today who they're rooting for sunday and here are the result fell fifty one percent budding carolina panthers and thirty one percent but a denver broncos not have to make guys i'm rooting for the puppy bowl or contested so you know eighty percent are still voting for that too so of course we'll
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along and you know who knows maybe we'll check with the return that hides all about the food i basically did what they think of viruses in the headline should be concerned about this morse mosquito borne illness as well as dr richard dresser abc's chief health and medical editor about new guidelines. his analysis on the outbreak and a massive crane collapses in new york city leaving one person dead but officials believe cause this fatal accident and the cake messenger app draws concern among parents after
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the news that the mosquito borne disease or virus can be sexually transmitted has the cbc issuing new guidelines so far the virus which could cause birth defects has been transmitted and twenty eight countries in central and south america. i spoke today
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medical editor dr richard dresser it with the recommending that pregnant women and their partners need to use protection need to use condoms for that to ration of the pregnancy if the male partner has been to a country where zeke a virus is transmitting and the reason for that is is it's becoming clear that the virus leaves your bloodstream after about a week but it's not clear how long the virus can supply it can survive in semen. people are obviously starting to get concerned about other states like here in virginia. do you think this is something that is that eventually is going to spread all over the mosquito that transmits this it's found in the united states mainly in the south there's another mosquitoes found about sixty percent of the country they think could do this so you want to be thinking about ok with the weather warms up. what can i do to make my house as mosquito proof as possible getting rid of free standing water. repairing those screens making sure that that you're doing things that we've always talked about for
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another reason to take take his cue to seriously what symptoms said people look for if they suspect they may have been exposed to me. what are the symptoms. well if you been to an area where transmitting when you come home and you develop fever rash headache red eyes and see your doctor and they can do a test for zeke a virus for other people. it's really a mild infection may you don't really need to worry about. hi well for these senators are pushing for funding to fight the z virus senators mark warner tim kaine both what president obama to boost funding to the emerging pandemic threats program the program would help efforts to control outbreaks counter the spread of the virus and prevent transmission of the us there is at least one reported case of the virus in virginia when a william and mary student contracted it in another country. senators warner and kaine say is critical to take
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the disease developing in richmond a man accused of plotting a race war pleads guilty and remain at thirty three year old robert doyle faces robbery conspiracy and firearms charges. fbi officials said in a court affidavit to that doyle buy guns and explosives from undercover agents doyle allegedly planned to rob a silver and coin dealer in the richmond area and then use the money to finance a race war. two men are suspected of being in on the plot a crane collapsed in new york city crushing a man to death while he was inside this car. three other people were injured and two of them seriously they are all are expected to survive. mayor bill de brazos as crews were lowering the crane as a precaution because of strong winds and workers directing people away from the area while the crane was moving the brazos as this prevented the accident from being much
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very very sad incident would last a life but if you go out the industry's i didn't see what happened here. thank god it was not worse the accident also cause gas leaks in the area and the crane was last inspected yesterday morning i had tucked in bed bath and beyond and customers there is a fan heater recall because they can go up in flames the recall covers cool fan heaters. there are four reports of the heaters overheating and catching fire millen reported they were hurt. the fan heaters were sold at bed bath and beyond stores nationwide and online checkout thirteen years now the com to see how you can get a refund. as we mentioned medication missed a lot of areas this morning had sleet snow or some combination there of and then actually sort of transition back to live in a light rain briefly for a while i woke up this
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early as it was quite blustery out there right now everything is long gone we saw those areas of showering of snow activity moving off very quickly and then at last a couple of hours with just some clouds but no precipitation and then boom the sun came out temperatures below normal though forty four is a little chilly and especially when you combine it with that northerly wind this was seven twenty this morning when there was light snow falling across most of the area has to put everything in motion you'll see then we saw that clearing around ten o'clock at least in terms of the precipitation in them by about one o'clock in the afternoon we were seeing the sunshine that's what we're currently seeing out there right now so temperatures mention forty four norfolk same thing in surrey forty five is also showing up a number of places from newport news back down through franklin also forty five and kurt at forty six in chesapeake forty six virginia beach so there's really not much of a range in
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will continue to fall back to the forties and into the upper thirties see only the code if you're heading out later by eight o'clock still clear skies and then more the same into saturday morning with rural spots getting down in the twenties the rest of us probably anywhere from thirty to thirty two and then right near the beaches i think we might have more like mid thirties because the water still more like mid thirties or more in the wind coming off the water will keep us there and then chile at nine o'clock in the morning those of you who are sleeping and wake up to temperatures around forty and by afternoon again below normal forty nine is our typical high this time of year we're going to talk about tomorrow around forty four or forty five that means chili or conditions compared to normal tomorrow evening and then look at sunday we see some sunshine giving way to increase and clouding s and we were talking about it for the past couple of days how we have to deal with a little moisture potentially
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out late in the day that there's even enough cold air to maybe get a little bit of a mix of potentially with that system although right now the odds are looking a little bit against that there's the storm pulling out with the snow early today next system starting to organize out west but the forecast for today for tomorrow. forty five degrees and sunny for today it said we'd have snow or sleet at least that one of our area airport reporting locations we had hours of snow reported at norfolk international newport news williamsburg international so spot on that makes ten in a row and here's the rest year forecasts than cold night tonight and tomorrow up to forty five forty seven on sunday the chances increase a plate especially north carolina monday forty seven we really stay in the forties the rest of this week. hijab properly be two other one ended up in the ocean. that's
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. would you know i run into the ocean the beginning of february tomorrow is the polar plunge into such a fun event thousands run into the ocean with some crazy costumes and all pays off in such a big way for the virginia special olympics. get ready for cold wet way to make your mark. it seems like the craziest thing you can do during winter when you truly see why four thousand people take the polar plunge on i realize there's something heartwarming here let me read button on pull the plug is special woods athletes the pass a better shot at being included a review a
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itself or the day saying this and loved by maroon five the very cool for one cool chilly. also wednesday they feel the frigid because they know this is all for them during the reporting that a good run of last days far he runs just that special olympics is not about generosity of the plunger is read james can keep these kids smiling. they don't know to worry about the word quit without a medical problem to paint with disabilities don't let them affect them enough and maybe a plunger a seventeen thousand dollars for just a big special effects last year part of the money help them travel to stafford virginia and compete in the special olympics state basketball game that the world and is also another event there that makes them feel like stars. we have the light on the promenade and it's all because of your
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without god we cannot decide if this is will the bond my heart is fantastic a lot of goalies like all is now on the wanted the ice bucket chance to ice me on her bright luster more than four thousand people took the plunge raised more than a million dollars for special with this program throughout virginia and if you want to check it out. regina janet i'm on there already this year. tomorrow i already knew the king neptune statue of a first rate tomorrow at two you can show up at ten a m to register as a whole party tomorrow night on the beach in a heated tent yes it is fun in there before the party the party the other the more info for you. it is now the comedy making a mark after we're done with the shell and good luck to all of you supporting the athletes around yet congratulations well done jeff is going to have the official polar plunge
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minutes okay without either moving story you don't want to miss a huge breakthrough
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after some morning smell the skies started to clear its pretty cold out there right now here's a live look from the knot this guide you in norfolk and jeff has more on how long this cold weather is going to stick around most of the weekend certainly not going to be warm like we had a couple of weekends ago as you can see this is looking into different direction that not a kiss was heading sort of south east. this is more north are almost due north actually out over the hagen you can see clear skies nothing on radar. obviously that was not the case this morning temperatures than one book about the wind chills they won't be as much of a problem late tonight into early tomorrow as the wind will be easing but for this evening it's gusty enough that the forties are going to
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huge when shelby only to bundle up if you're heading out especially if you could be out for any length of time and then as we get into the late evening heading toward the beginning of the overnight it'll feel like i'm closer to thirty and even some upper twenties but then in the morning these are similar to the actual air temperatures i expect actual air temperatures in the mid to upper twenties for these in one area as i expected to be near freezing along the coastline and most of us probably upper twenties to near thirty so again the wind chill will not be a problem in the morning it'll just be sort of typical to slightly below normal cold for this time of year. let's take a look then at the rest of the forecast in terms of those temperatures. actual temperatures this time those with a windchill these are the actual air temperatures dropping down and officially at the airport probably a little low on that let's say thirty two before we see some chilly air again tomorrow on a lot more on a couple of approaching storms when
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another man's backyard times until something like upon every time it rains and the homeowners as this is a result of a safety improvement project his home is located in the wards corner section of norfolk is left what a mess now and he wants someone to take responsibility. thirteen years now reporter marsala robertson spoke with the homeowner he has his story was the american experience to buy a house part of more cables american dream washed away in our face receive a total loss and possible loss of the house that means everything to him spend every last dime i had mine this home would estimate at least ten thousand homes thousands of gallons of water in his backyard as a result of a project meant to improve the city the city installed a new sewer line in cable front yard about a month ago. o line in the backyard had to be sealed with concrete. now
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with the mess might think it is the answer is all this loss its absorption with the rainwater now know this is going nowhere standing in my arms jiggle rented a house pushing thousands of gallons out of his yard. the water line was already up to the house everytime it rains is i can expect to come home to this the first time homeowner says the city told him this was his responsibility but he still hopeful a solution is coming soon very important part of the law and this is kate walk away from this this this is a plan to die in this house in norfolk. marcella roberts in the thirteen years now. now thirteen is now reached out to the city for answers a spokesperson tells us the city is aware of the problem is working on a solution. i ashley is here now problems at the midtown tunnel yet radical stopped at the midtown for a few minutes and we know at what four thirty am on a friday
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news abt her so i do want to check the delays out there now around the midtown was also a couple other issues discussed as well but we will start with the midtown tunnel and as you can take a live look at your community or not has the midtown had some rails there was a live look at the traffic network mask but again just wanted to head to the midtown now because as you can see list at this point what lay moving at the midtown tunnel this is fifty eight eastbound into norfolk so we can see here again a little bit of movement there i'm not seeing any movement that was found in the port traffic might still be stopped on that side with the delays over the downtown tunnel jordan bridges another route the georgian britain with a high rise bridge to get between norfolk and portsmouth l a traffic network maps and head back to carrollton still watching west of us boomers neck and acts involving a tractor trailer had been church is blocking all travel lanes south officials are asking you to avoid that area until that clears up and he says warning symbol here we do have standing water reports
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wight county is one to be that heads up heavy traffic six sixty four south out of the modern mac had to suffer as will six sixty four north headed toward sixty four west as an ongoing roadwork and as usual as we probably expect heavy traffic on both sides of the hr bt this afternoon to the dairy does a good lesson headed to carrollton and you're dealing with that accident on two fifty eight other than that the rest of the area moving pretty well few accidents in the secondary still working couples information to facebook and twitter. i'll keep you posted right here on thirteen years now. thanks ashley. the social media apps are a growing concern with parents and are challenged and children's online safety the cake messenger app is under scrutiny following the murder of blacks martina cole level who may have mattered killer using the app police arrested two virginia tech students after telling authorities declined to discuss how the college students met the teen levels mother said her daughter likely connected with the suspects online and elise abraham g has been looking
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joins us now with her special interview. that's right so here to talk more about the cake at his nap together from intellect x so thank you for so much for joining us today so a little bit about the kick so they kick up as a messaging system much like text messaging but the difference of these is why fine. so originally it made some people internationally to communicate cheaply by those attacks don't shop on your phone bill. so if you're a parent where usually monitoring your text of billy received the mail checks to come through what sap or kick which is a very similar to each other but to me that since i had to monitor the content there another difference with cake is these as user names instead of phone numbers so it gives you a sense of safety for the race and when the predators are using it because if i actually connected to an identity and so you can go and when a user name and you may think that you're relatively safe which is completely false and that's why you're fighting the predators are using it to go after the children i see
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can keep tabs on that so our teenagers finding these apps you might see an answer and post where someone will say oh take me or add me on kick and that's the way for people who might not know about kick to see it because instagram is obviously used much more than a kick out my view so resilience of them didn't capability and recently has been added with the last couple years and cake is actually several years old is now kind of becoming more because we're during a tragedy such as this so it comes from other social media posts some people may be a facebook status or twitter tweet anything like that were solid seo add on kit or who's down to kick that's going to be really which will look for that because that kind of implies the more nefarious connotation to it when they use that specific phrase used on the cake tonight who wants a cake tonight. leslie what you want to watch out for on the other social media. yeah kind of like word of mouth if you see one friend during a secret safe so i'm sure other people get on the bandwagon as a child so far there are
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parent should be concerned about right so that's that's a huge problem is because apps like this are kind of popping up there really a dime a dozen and they all function and the same ways they use wife i communique and they use user names so that's really where the problems are going to calm as it's hard to track and they pop up so often as possible to dose them where they can download something else like on was called proof which is sent in a move for maps or. but these are popping up in much the same way the masses wraps are coming up this is a coming down so it might appeal in just a calculator on the phone but when you click on email actually open up another app. so it's come the device and see what's going on at that level you can remotely monitor or just leaving so catherine thank you so much for being your talents ever to lead south dakota deadlines are lisa out that's one of the headline for falling for you right now in usa today dot com. the unemployment rate dropped to four point nine percent that's the lowest during president
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went down from five percent employers added one hundred fifty one thousand jobs last month the president use the jobs report to boast about the economy he said the us as the quote strongest most durable economy in the world another fumble off the field for big football star the agent for johnny manziel hell has officially dropped an eric burkhart cutting ties with the player nicknamed johnny football is the latest in a series of bad news for john mann's out he was investigated for allegedly hitting his ex girlfriend in texas last weekend and has been heavily scrutinized for off the field partying with burkhart landed johnny manziel is a quiet it was a huge deal because man's lf college as the heisman trophy winner back in twenty twelve when they talk about location location location they're not just talking about real estate too close for comfort in japan as a volcano erupts dangerously close to a nuclear plant that happened today fifty km from the sunday i planted there
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injuries no reports of any damage. abc news dot com they have spectacular pictures of huge lightning bolts to as this thing is erupting time now thanks to all pastors pride is alive and well in north carolina and here on this at all for the carolina panthers play the denver broncos this weekend and the center of all this on brown has the story on this brought a sign that is going viral on a well traveled this stance has done to address predicted the future right there were about to win the super bowl the denver twelve twenty five so i decide to get a picture that all my friends know caroline is about when and diego keep pounding go panthers charlotte dead jason smith side to that but something felt a little odd so we kept driving and my route runs right up to denver
4:33 pm
seven newton twenty and put him on facebook i just thought it was kind of a coincidence and corky day just twenty four hours that facebook posts swelled from fifty shares to more than thirty thousand other fans of north carolina highway sixteen stopped to snap a two for smith it's his own snapshot of fame and the no light would go this far and while it's not quite what he nor his sons could have ever predicted. no never. is this addiction he hopes to pull that has a deshawn brown channel nine eyewitness news the teen ok in case you didn't know this the super bowl sunday. we have a viewer's guide to the super bowl on the thirteen news now website check that out under the super bowl fifty that are coming up the incredible story of the rain learning how to walk again his mother
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step of the way and today is
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we have an incredible story involving a victim and family this evening and a blast a marine stationed in guam was paralyzed from the waist down walking seemed impossible but tonight amy lacey shows us a medical breakthrough helping the marines take his first step forward. he enlisted in the marine corps to keep up the fight for our country's independence the appearance of it but here he is now fighting for his own lawyer josh burch just twenty years old broke his neck this past september while serving in guam and
4:36 pm
a phone call no parent ever wants to leave his mom family and home in chester twenty four hours later on a plane to hawaii where josh who she calls her baby was in surgery from there he came here to mcguire va medical center. he had some of the collar. we have limited mobility. he was unable to move his arms but now thanks to this robotic skeleton just two hours after learning this would be today josh takes his first tentative step and then another and then another family watches with tears in her eyes as her son her marine hero finds his footing again tank on the injury came on rounds pressing this meaning mcavoy he's learning to move in a new way. adding to his list of firsts these
4:37 pm
and is a major milestone for his emotional mental and physical well being. imagine yourself sitting chair for five months on the workings of this is a recap right here doctor ashraf gordy says walking like this a few times a week will help josh prevent many of the issue spinal cord patients have blood clots breathing and more. josh is a man can read a few words during his walk as a status by his mom looking on says it all. this is a day they'd only dreamt about but now two hundred forty two steps later this was amazing. it's very real. amy lacey just pray things happen. eight news very nice. well right now government agencies are working to identify the source of an oily substance in the virginia
4:38 pm
the u s coast guard says that machine extends about eight miles long. a department of energy and environment spokeswoman says it appears to be mineral oil ten soiled canada and canadian geese have been taken in by a bird rescue organization for cleaning i today is national weather person stay and we want to honor our exceptional exceptional team of meteorologists with the pain to wake up for the day we recognize our team for what they're reporting excellence eaten every day. well this morning on daybreak lucy andre ashley and sander surprise dark red mylar by giving him his very own custom whether to check it out to only trade can pull that off the love that he quickly changed into the soul continue delivering the forecasts intro great
4:39 pm
have weather soo envy know the ocean floor as i think you'll like what i heard the notion of what he says he was one of his earlier and one of the fbi's of the other bed yet are they look pretty don't get all sorts of stuff today mcdonald's brought over said the co pay and white swirls news people we talk about the past you guys have really hard you have to talk about the future and you did such a good job so there's the other ones are almost all gone the rounds or even see that we got that for the night for ri let's talk about the weather right now as you can see there's nothing on radar that certainly was not the case a little bit earlier but obviously right now skies have cleared this is a shot from our sky view camera this is in town center looking off in the direction of the chesapeake bay's the sort of north and north easterly and not a cloud in the sky out there support this evening remaining clear and
4:40 pm
falling to about thirty eight and there's enough of a win that battle put wind chills later this evening down around thirty so cold but not bitterly cold that we want to bundle up if you're heading out these are the actual air temperatures then as you can see i've sorta averaged a town called thirty eight seven seven thirty eight o'clock continuing to drop back down here into the lower thirties already biked and still some mid upper thirties closer the coastline them by morning a lot of areas in the twenties the good news is notice there's still a decent breeze offshore but back here on landers to everything just moving very slowly with our exclusive when streams that shows you that will be fairly light in terms of the wind in the morning so if you're going out for an early morning run or bike rider some then again it'll be cold but not brutal. i saw some people last saturday running in shorts when it was kept around twenty nine to thirty two degrees so the very similar in the morning by afternoon will see readings
4:41 pm
forties actually a lot like what we're looking at today but with even less when it should be a little bit nicer and then turn the day on sunday some moisture takes a run at us on the light disappeared but when she takes a run at us there during sunday i think most of the pen just a little bit more down to the south you can see the emotion that came through earlier today swinging through an exciting offshore so tonight thirty two clear and cold mid to upper twenties for the inland areas tomorrow mostly sunny captures a little bit below normal and then the seven day is going to look like this forty five tomorrow as we said forty five sunday but specifically tomorrow for the polar plunge at two o'clock with a forty six there along the beach water temperature forty six i had just guessed a while ago so i thought was in the thirties because last time i did the polar plunge it was in the thirties so this is a quote miler year for the water temperature forty six i hope everybody out there makes sure to bundle up
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lot of people wearing red today for very good reason that it's trending now guess so as you can see we're all wearing red to the robert is fading and there's a really good reason for that. it's national wear red day and so many people are supporting is not just here in newsrooms but on social media to take a look today the american heart association is encouraging all americans to wear red in support of the fight against heart disease is the number one killer of women nationally people are taking to social media with their red wear red healthy so here we are the tv crew made it this morning had a really great time shot them for that picture in here. thanks guys for leaving me out of this pic of the awful get em next time you know dogs are taking effect with this as well we've got lots of ways the touring together. i mean really everyone's pulling a really great effort here for this day. all right moving moving on. pender safety roman harper is offering up
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san francisco. the listing posted on here beyond the author's a fan and a friend a chance to read harper's apartment in charlotte north carolina for a night and watch sunday's super bowl that's the part that is a party this time how those pictures it's gorgeous here so here's the feet five thousand dollars yes i know but the proceeds go to harper's home forty one foundations are going to charity the canal. yes unfortunately. and if a fan rents the apartment here bb will match the donations are really great cause here however said he will also throw in a signed football i feel like that's the least he could do right in the minority and then maybe get our tickets for next year is that route in the fridge the other really interested in me really interested with all the details of thirteen years now dot com so before we go to print out the scientists who am i an
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recount surrounding the others what you have to go i think lisa was next with cars airplane passengers get upset after an emergency landing. then on thirteen is now at five exclusive video of the controversial traffic stop. portsmouth city councilman danny meets as the officer was out of line will show you exactly what happened and super bowl excitement it's growing we
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the thing. a scare for airline passengers flying from orlando to charlotte the pilot had to make an emergency landing at the jacksonville international airport due to an odor coming from the cockpit fire crew came on errors by truck weight on it is believed there was some sort of electrical problem in american airlines spokesperson says technicians were trying to evaluate
4:46 pm
fixed and the passengers could board again. traces of potentially harmful chemicals are showing up in three colorado water systems prompting officials to shut down three wells and start looking for the source tests required by the epa the tech that compounds in water that serve about sixty nine thousand people. the water utilities say they use multiple sources of water and chemicals would be highly diluted by the time they arrive to anyone's faucet and state officials are helping to track down the source north carolina's governor pat mccrory his first television commercial of his reelection campaign. welcome at the carolina panthers super bowl run with the republicans time in office but curry's campaign workers say the ad would run tonight through super bowl sunday and the campaign declined to provide how much was spent on the at and
4:47 pm
at four thirteen is now in five starts and he already served its time for murder but now a sailor could face trial again for the same crime will explain how this is possible an officer confronts a portsmouth city councilman in the middle of the street only thirteen news now has video of the incident are happy heart the sky isn't good enough. a world war two band from virginia beach is getting ready to cross the ocean to meet his long lost love. are you looking at police body cams video obtained only by thirteen years now it chills portsmouth city councilman danny makes being stopped by a portsmouth city police officer. this traffic stop was the center of an internal investigation after makes complained about the officers' conduct during the stop. erik ainge got his hands on the exclusive video and joins us now to walk us
4:48 pm
released this video after they completed their internal investigation now they won't give us the results of that investigation. but this twenty minute video gives us a look at how it all played out till notice police though blurred much of the video to obscure identifying information at the beginning of that video you see portsmouth councilman danny meek stopped in the street his window rolled down talking to an unidentified man officer nelson seen here in ct is wearing the body camera. the traffic stop happened back in december near the corner of duke street in april after police say audio was not recording as nelson motions for the man to back away before meeks steps out of his car. meeks walks up to the officer stopped the pain the car the councilman returns to his suv and nelson tries to
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