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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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people throughout her short life a heartbreak for a mother who will lay her daughter to rest today as the girls accused killers the sits behind bars this is thirteen years now at day break right now ashley is watching the road for any trouble spot as could be what out there greg is here with a check of your forecast and greg it was drizzling just outside the station as i walked in this morning and very mild right now still some light showers out there but the heavier stuff down farther to the south we do have periods of more rain in the forecast today so get ready for that we're catching a little break right now so will take advantage of its sixty four degrees when south and fifteen mph but this sixty four it will be a little bit of a full or if you step outside of the k will get a new jacket whatever. now when you come home from work later today you can take these two digits and flip. we should fall into the mid forties actually over
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then decide on the vote yes i think a lot of folks going to be feeling it so that your little heads up that sure whether i input from ashley smith. i train coming up the coaches see that there and the re will be honored to have your a times as well so we're still looking in that i do think the heaviest concentrations of rain will be near the eastern part of north carolina the outer banks in the coastal sections of virginia we can still see some moderate to heavy rain at times while the test reading now they see through the low fifties by midday and then into the mid forties by late afternoon. obviously cooler and keep those umbrellas handy some good news for your weekend all teh about some more sunshine in the forecast and temperatures rebounding after a cooler day tomorrow we'll check jr be right now here's ashley let's juz say about that but right now that there be again really not nearly as interesting as all that's going on with the weather of course at this point traffic conditions are very light instead of the jr be but as we head there i do want to remind you the roads are still wet so we ask you to be careful. i know i was out
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those old spawning areas on the roadway so just be extra cautious this morning right now again no strategy or b not an issue you can see has isle of wight county much clear at this point and headed to newport news are in very nice shape as well. now back on the traffic network maps you will give you a heads up the berkeley bridge and the coleman bridge both open at nine o'clock this morning. they don't have that actual cross either bridge when i remind you still watching a crash involving a tractor trailer that out in cortland which is out and county plank road near river road at this point all northbound lanes are blocked so avoid that intersection it back to all possible election over that clears up and coming up here five ten one head over to the south side check traffic onto sixty four in virginia beach us leave new this morning it's a story a lot of people are talking about online and many of you posted it on our thirteen years now facebook page. it sounds outrageous but last night the founder of a group that seeks to promote rate
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scheduled across the country including one in virginia beach de rocher bows a daddy who's nickname is rooster wants to legalize rape on private property he says women then wooden quote put themselves in a position to be rates you can imagine victims' advocates say the almost hesitate to even give this guy attention for fear that it would legitimize his viewpoints here is talking about american women on you to number one the fact that girls are simply unattractive so why should you waste time beating that chick right. this man was going to have a made up here locally. roche was asking like minded people to meet up this saturday in cities across the us but canceled because he feared for his safety. tonight loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy killed in the crash we told you yesterday that a candlelight vigil for lucas ballard was planned for last night but rain forced the family to
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gather tonight. now at six o'clock and we'll call him entering ballard died monday when police say a truck hit his mother's van in norfolk seven year old kiana clinton are plenty rather also suffered serious injuries in that crash. he is still in the hospital so far no charges have been filed loved ones will gather and mourn today s thirteen year old local level is laid to rest his right the blacks for teenager beat cancer as a child only to have her life taken from her cause mother stood in front of reporters yesterday unable to complete her statement about her daughter as she truly deeply mourns her child's death. her favorite color she says was blue she loved dancing. she loves panda bears. she wanted to perform on american idol someday. police have two virginia tech students in custody accused of murdering her. you can hear about that in our next half hour of news good morning america's going to have a lot more on the investigation into little miracles that that is at seven o'clock right after
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community group is meeting about a petition to recall norfolk city treasurer anthony burke put the citizens recall committee reid filed a petition to recall buffet yesterday they still need to raise more than four thousand signatures last month the feds charge per foot with eight counts of public corruption is accused of accepting gifts and money in exchange for the use of his power that community meeting is at five o'clock tonight at the mary d print low acre ranch on ocean view avenue portsmouth is holding a community meeting today to talk about the city budgets they're asking people to come join the conversation as the plan next year's finances that meeting is from six thirty to eight thirty tonight. i see more from high school. portsmouth city manager dr lydia perez patton will lead this meeting only hampshire is gearing up for the country's first primary vote said there is no backing down for the democratic
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. for er good morning it's five o nine i hope your days off to a great start we do have a mild start today i can tell you that right now but the warm temperatures are not going to last very long we have temperatures right now in the sixties across the area skies are mostly cloudy we will see chances for showers with the buses pulling up will be closer to sixty and into the fifties for some area. rain is going to be like the especially south and i expect more showers later this morning of the full recess weather forecast coming up to talk about midday and afternoon in just a little while. what i want to focus on right now though these mild temperatures trending down over the next couple of hours will drop to about sixty in the fifties and mention the rain down to the south of this is spreading north so it's really just a matter of time before rain moves back
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right now it's like we'll see rain within the next hour or two as you can see we do have pretty quiet conditions out farther to the west so once this rain moves out later tonight and early early tomorrow morning we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow and the weekend looks pretty good as well across the region chances for a good chance is over coastal sections of north carolina all the way up towards while i still think showers for our area where we're starting off in the sixties temperatures will be falling just know that the cooler air is on the way will hit the temperature of about forty six degrees by mid to late afternoon temperatures tomorrow starting off mid thirties a slight chance for a couple of showers near the coast of north carolina early tomorrow morning gotta move out then mostly sunny staying in the low to mid forties will be back in the upper forties on saturday let's check in now on virginia beach with a credit to take a look right now in traffic onto sixty four the little bit of traffic were dealing with right now
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eleven minutes after five to sixty four westbound traffic in rosemont and eastbound moving well with no big issues reports out he will be good to help the door and make your way to sixty four also however five sixty four now and take a look at traffic making its way to naval station norfolk for the most part we are fine we are clear but i do see that slowed traffic just hard to build up to twenty three and that is if in terms of your delays as you can see your head to head the boulevard the rest of the gates are in fine shape so the couple spots on the southside traffic in newport news coming up next. i actually think he'll be the weak is on daybreak. ashley ashley at
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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have a great day. the two democratic presidential candidates will go head to head tonight for the first time since their near tie and i watch msnbc is hosting a debate the debate is just a day after they sat down for a cnn town hall. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took questions from the audience they also disputed each
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progressive gma and live in new hampshire this morning as they follow the candidates on the campaign trail reporters at seven o'clock right after daybreak former pharmaceutical ceo martin scott really is going to be in the hot seat in front of a congressional committee today curly is reviled for hiking the price of a life saving drug. house lawmakers subpoenaed him as part of an investigation into prescription drug prices he said he's going to plead the fifth he appeared in court yesterday on fraud and conspiracy charges connected to a pharmaceutical company he won so you wanna know how to trust you with their money the right presented as an exclusive we're halfway through abc's look into the mind of the man who pulled off one of the greatest cons in history a court sentenced bernie made off to one hundred and fifty years behind bars for swindle investors out of billions of dollars in an infamous ponzi
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affected people in our area and are calling in cu professor lost millions of dollars of the working form a dos investment firm here are some the people look up to and for the most part it is very well like very well respected pc regret more people than anyone in history the world's biggest crush a lot of people were talking about the show in social media last night here's what they had to say jeanine says quote this ponzi scheme is unbelievable and he carried on for forty years. how's that possible and all unravels with one number and andre says quote i still find it astonishing that bernie madoff was at one time the chairman of nasdaq. it's just baffling. so many people were hoodwinked and quotes after daybreak good morning america can have a lot more on me often how he managed to swindle so many and catch the last half of the mini series tonight on abc people still try to figure out exactly what he's doing
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ensure that watching was not our bedtime idea of ever going to watch the impacts made our head on the new york mets is well you know a lot and they are on financial structure can it did take a look at me the whole ownership up they are really kind that makes a big adjustment so anyway interesting story there. what i will tell you about our weather is going to get really interesting is while not asking you to invest more than maybe a couple minutes years i explain what the governor is no scheme i did i just want to be dressed appropriately as temperatures are going to fall later on right now things quite an around town center in virginia beach for more rain is likely to fill in as we go through the day scattered showers and periods of heavy rain near the coast and down to the south temperatures trending down so this is what we're going to see through the afternoon in the mid forties that's when you'll see in the seven day forecast. it's much milder right now but the temperatures are going to fall trust me on that we've got a cold front coming through and behind that front
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ayer said come in this rain down on the carolina coast this will continue and we are going to see more opportunities for the rain as it fills in a little brake parts of the area are right now but we will see more of this kind of filling in as the next few hours unfold and then more showers later today as well here you go through the morning i see scattered showers rain likely by mid day and through the afternoon some of the heavier stuff down along the carolina coast you can see that colder air northeast he's blue in streams indicating that flow of air overnight tonight more rain keep the umbrellas handy to be out and seeing the ymca annual meeting. love to get out there spent on but the weather so he says could be a little wet out there still were expecting over five hundred folks from all around the region coming up that annual meeting as we go through the overnight still showers but tomorrow morning the last of the showers move
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the afternoon. yes they were talking about a potential coastal low it looks like that's going to stay farther to the south which is good news for most the area maybe a couple shower still down around north carolina on monday at the outer banks right now temperatures are in the sixties but forget about that they'll be trending down sat for mild start to cool layers coming will see temperatures falling into the mid forties this afternoon periods of rain showers likely two nights she answer could be a couple wet snowflakes on the heels of that i'm not looking for any major problems here. i do expect windy conditions to mark the thirty five to forty mph from the north keeping temperatures much cooler so the morning showers and then more sunshine temps to rebound for the week. let's get a check on newport news ashley saw that extended outlook there. wednesday's highs back in the low forties so we're not done with winter back in the low forties what i'm so stuck on the fact that we have to like flip the temperature that some
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four and forty think like that still breaks my heart fortunately now traffic in newport news will not break your heart as we get a live look at sixty four letter on victory boulevard westbound and eastbound basically looks the same at this point in the morning all of our lanes are open very light volume out there to track it looks nice really. throughout the peninsula him that looks good williamsburg as well looking back to the traffic network nasa doing a focus on an area where there are couple of issues that's further out west we've been talking about one of them were a little bit this morning out in court when a tractor trailer crash on plank road near river road right now all northbound lanes are blocked and in windsor this just popped up an incident have to find out what exactly is going on in terms of an incident. anyway it's north them unto your path right near shiloh an old southbound lanes are currently blocked apparently the incident is northbound on i cannot be known that a little bit but right now just know that area is one to be a big issue this morning and we ask you to avoid if you can come up in the next few minutes we'll head over to sixty four when to travel from battlefield in
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. in the super bowl countdown is i will just three days away. yes not only are the fans ready with pizza chains are getting in on the fun papa john's fires wars the country's fourth largest pizza chain launched a new ad campaign ahead of the super bowl nfl picks when j d watt and joe montana and peyton manning's dad archie c that are to pledge says any customer dissatisfied with the pizza will get their next one for free. all this may make you think twice about taking a piece of that pie the average american consumes about twenty four hundred calories during a superbowl party that's according to the calorie control council the council's number is based off of someone eating two slices of pizza all by as many hot dogs a variety of chips dip wings and other
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beers and regular sodas plus several desserts slutty ness of look at seriously on this way please let us contribute to that here on daybreak. so we're highlighting some of the best spots in hampton roads were giving you a chance to win some free pizza for a year you can watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak for the keyword to enter on thirteen years now my com really good this goodness lot of food you all did a great job of sending us your pizza suggested using the hashtag thirteen pizza week. let's look at some of the latest suggestions here's barbara she says. pizza plus and franks and deep creek are superb. i love them both and lisa says grammys repeated downtown norfolk or phillies also in norfolk wagon you like the one crime are and will send this one from a gst says brick house tavern in newport news. i think someone recommended this one yesterday as well. it s
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again right. the sea and saw i heard frank say again over their deep creek was outstanding to suppress her own. well let us know what you think on our facebook page or our twitter feed be sure to use the hashtag no thirteen pizza week when you do it that we can find you or show some more of your comments are in the six o'clock hour of daybreak in iowa we just had a lot of wet weather in the afternoon yesterday that exudes cop years reid goes to the cooler weather on the way guys you'd ever want to say to talk about the weekend yes we'll talk we'll talk about the temperature drop that we have come and was twenty degrees and even cold at five thirty all of the interviews the man accused of throwing a
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know the hitch here he is accused of fleeing troopers on high speed chase and tossing a toddler over a fence or live in virginia beach with what is next for the suspects and what one of two virginia college student accused of viciously can learn from a
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morning. it's five thirty and this is certain is now at daybreak among very senior members of the savant a definite need an umbrella and a jacket and we are all just regular tracking rain a drop drop drop in temperatures a critic's common guys you know we have the stamps are starting up right now in the sixties but as the mourning continues a cold front slides through wind shift to the north and the temperatures to fall off couple scott is there to we're looking pretty good over camp point park looking out across elizabeth rivers while still sixty four degrees winter south southwest at fifteen once the winds come around though the temperatures will drop pretty quickly and we are going to see the tension in the fifties and eventually the forties this afternoon rain near the coast and it will be heavier down along the outer banks is while little bit later today we do have a break right now but more showers set to move in and again the heaviest concentrations of rain today will be at the coast and from north carolina store to be watching that their
5:28 am
that trend going down by nine o'clock fifty nine temperatures close to fifty one around noon in the forties this afternoon i think forty six around four o'clock or so that's what we're looking to keep the umbrellas handy and you want that coat later today time for a look at chesapeake in the writing will check it out that she would have at this point is keep an eye on especially the interstates where you get up there you're writing you're rolling but the roads are snow white see macy but upon the out there what everyone to get where they're going safely this morning and as crappy pics of the concert would be an issue so i do head over now to sixty four and greenbrier you can see volume pick up a little bit it's not really a severe pickup in volume but so is more folks on the road sixty four west river parkway we can even see probably right that will shine there on the road maybe a little bit of time and just be careful there and had to battle field with the traffic is five and again just take your time this morning quickly in a second camera i was watching based rapid and there's
5:29 am
in the median five sixty four westbound past a really tall headed to gate three a traffic really starting to slow as it heads toward hampton boulevard and those delays now making its way toward gate three a small check on this all see what's going on here and we'll do another check on base traffic coming up in just a few minutes articulate ashley on the docket today the case against a virginia beach man accused of disturbing crime while fleeing from troopers he allegedly threw a toddler over a fence as they miss yvonne tay johnson he is due for preliminary hearing this afternoon charlie brown joins us now live in virginia beach courthouse with more on the case elise would he tell us good morning andrea lucy johnson will face a judge here today at the courthouse for hearing to determine if there's enough evidence to go to trial and others all started back in october when state police say johnson sped off after trooper tried to speak with him on the indian river road exit were told that feature pur chased em while johnson turned on
5:30 am
say he was going so fast he hit a curb and then a townhome that you prevent old johnson to show his hands but police allege johnson granted three year old child out of his car ran in through that child over a fence a trooper grabbed johnson before he jumped over that same fence now the child had minor injuries and johnson faces several charges including reckless driving and child endangerment will keep you updated as the story valves and let you know what happens at this court hearing later today live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen years now. police also on the docket today five thirty three a judge will decide whether there's enough evidence against a man who shot himself during a standoff in suffolk and whether to proceed to trial the swat team was called out to the super eight motel last month were s kevin hawkins offices say during the standoff hopkins tournaments so for some reason police wanted him for several armed robberies and home break in. now he faces
5:31 am
will update you after today's hearing new details about the pentagon's budget plan for the next five years defense secretary ash carter announced yesterday that the plan will invest in high and naval ships annually modified defense missile and it will also request six hundred million to be invested in unmanned undersea vehicles in addition to calls for nine new virginia class subs ten new warships thirteen more f thirty five fighter jets among other things the plan will be unveiled next week expect delays today while the navy holds an active shooter drill at naval support activity northwest annex in chesapeake it's called the solid curtain citadel shield exercise till the goal of this exercise is to help retailers to respond to a threat. officials say there may be traffic backups near the base gates nearby residents may also see or hear security activities related to the drill. it is homecoming day the portsmouth based coast guard cutter bear is set to return home this afternoon crew members were on a monthlong patrol
5:32 am
in a joint seizure of nearly fifty pounds of cocaine during their patrol bears crew also coordinated with multiple countries in the caribbean they work to stem the flow of drugs slow the flow of illegal migration as well. and of course here on daybreak we want to welcome that entire crew when tom goes for thirty five or five thirty five rather one of two virginia college student accused of a teen today. that's right ahead what today's hearing could mean for natalie keepers i think all of us can very quickly worst case scenario after months of suffering of virginia woman's worst fear
5:33 am
i just take a look right now at town point park things are looking really good there i can tell you from the west and things were pretty good across most of the town center with the overcast conditions and some showers you know it's gonna be raining at the beach so while it's quiet right now look for more waves of rain to move in and it's kind of become increasingly windy as well right now southwest
5:34 am
from the north and the temperatures are going to fall for the bus stop his voice still very mild temperatures are currently in the low to mid sixties they will fall to about sixty degrees as the buses pull up and the wind still from the west southwest but the winds are going to shift around to the north and once those kids go off to school they're not going to want a jacket the bus stop in allegany one early on but they will coming home temperatures this afternoon into the mid forties lot colder air on the way that off my chair. furyk my kids in the one to take a cab right lisa jacket because coming home that will be alot cooler showers over the south the rain is set to move back in across the area. just some sprinkles right now for most of southeast virginia but the rain more widespread for north carolina it is going to come in across the region one talking about the next few days because while we do have the cool down coming this afternoon the temperatures in the mid forties more rain
5:35 am
thirty six. theres going to be out. i think the reason lingering showers early tomorrow for the carolina coast and there's a very slight chance it could be a couple of wet snow flakes were not looking for anything significant based on what we see right now but will let you know forty three the mosque has become mostly sunny and beautiful saturday back in the upper forties getting closer to normal saturday and sunday for a look at the western freeway in ashley's keep in mind. all right chris we have over now to one sixty four in portsmouth just doing a very quick check on traffic out there because there's not much to check at this point i think the pick up a little bit later right now you can see traffic headed toward ah tunnel moving well as well as the limit wrapping up their the second camera because i do have an update around look at this if you're headed to the base is youth activity between all the split just pass when we totally had either toward gate three a here are making way toward hampton blvd do have
5:36 am
accident here in the shoulder the good news is in the lanes are blocked as you can see here but at this point actually abstain practical that this plane is now blocked. actually as are headed toward him to boulevards we do have a lane blocked at this point. expect traffic to build up a little bit as you head for that accident scenes will stick with us to have the latest here. coming up next. all right ashleigh thank you. it is day four in each week on favorite spots and we listened ahead we'll show you one of the best spots to grab a slice does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things.
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at four forty four later today there will be a bond hearing for natalie keeper she is one of the virginia tech students charged in connection with the murder of this blacksburg teenager you see right here keepers and fellow student david eisenhower accused of abducting the co level last week. eisenhower's being held without bond charged with the girl's murder in keepers is charged with helping to rid her body or next half hour an update on the teenager's funeral arrangements. good morning america will have a look into the relationship between the college students and level that's coming your way starting at seven o'clock annie this morning this verse confirms that a patient here in the commonwealth is now speaking out about it heather baker of harrisonburg says that she received a letter from the cdc on monday confirming
5:40 am
baker believes that she contracted in november when she went on a mission trip to guatemala. now she's trying to manage her symptoms and learn a lot more about this virus there a lot of unknowns right now and we are just doing the best we can with what we have been my hope is that there's someone out there somewhere who has studied this you may remember a student at the college of william and mary also tested positive for the virus there is no vaccine for the z virus yet and it has been linked to birth defects in newborns normally spread through mosquito bites. good morning america has a lot more on the latest developments in this week a virus and how the outbreak could impact the summer olympics in brazil by forty six is your time a new this morning virginia's house of delegates has approved a bill that would allow people covered in a protective order to carry concealed handgun without a permit. the bill now heads to
5:41 am
twenty one would be able to carry a weapon for up to forty five days after the protective order is issued and now to a consumer alert about new ways to protect your identity from criminals looking to seal your tax return. security experts say that a very good idea to file your taxes as soon as you can get up in number from the irs before you file the size to your neighbor your account that nobody can file a tax return as us they have that number so it's really the only line of defense that you have someone there to reduce fraud victims qualify for a special number for those of you have never been victimized. you can also log on and request an electronic filing or ira talk will be read across our area today might hurt some but last night. yeah that was very noisy and all my kids ran into bed with the wind and thundering and it's always fun when the weather
5:42 am
you get the job the pile and the race survives the evenings anyway what with the pond across syria today little more range and a projections with the big news when i really want to drive in is going to be the fact it can be so much colder this afternoon and was yesterday we talked about this you better say twenty degrees new access to about thirty degrees colder. i think this afternoon that we were into our spot on forecast how about we set for wednesday was a wednesday's athlete at least twenty degrees warmer. remember all those we're talking about the roller coaster up down up down up down well guess what we verified we were twenty four degrees warmer at three o'clock we were the previous day eight spot on forecasts in a row we're going to take that streak and we should make it nine after today because we're going for sam's thirty degrees colder by late afternoon in what we saw
5:43 am
high seventy seven we should be in the mid forties later this afternoon rain showers are pushing back into the area and you can see while the rain is light across the south side to get into north carolina pick up some more moderate rain and the rain extends down to the south heavy rain approaching nags head right now will continue to see all this moving off to the north northeast of good chances for rain across syria as chances from the south side in eastern north carolina to go farther north and west and it's less likely than have significant rain but i still think you will find rain even up around the peninsula packed with rich it's not out of the question is he the showers kind of reaching back that way heavier stuff though near the coast winds coming in from the north much cooler air set to move in as we take you through the afternoon and overnight tonight look for the rain will continue. i think temperatures stay warm enough that we are talking about rain for most of this on the very tail and some was in
5:44 am
maybe a white snowflake or two early tomorrow morning we're not looking for anything significant. and no significant accumulation or anything but some who watch for just a season of cold air comes in for a couple wet flakes that all moves out though and we will see improvements coming through the day tomorrow but very windy and very cold tomorrow temperatures staying in the lower to mid forties for highs and despite that sunshine those north winds are going to blow and i think we're going to see the winds maybe gusting thirty five to even forty mph are possible near the water we can see some of those cuts are very windy as far as rainfall totals go i expect attention maybe another inch and a half or so on top of what we've already seen since midnight and some of the heavier amounts three maybe two inches. additionally down across north carolina so a lot of rain potentially later today and tonight temperatures right now starting off in the sixties but they're going to trend down wi of south southwest winds but the winds will shift to the north so variable to northeast winds
5:45 am
periods of rain temps fall into the mid forties through the afternoon. lows tonight are thirty six hours like vegan maybe a little bit of very light next couple wet snowflakes on the tail end of that showers and early tomorrow then mostly sunny and mainly clear tomorrow night here in chile still pretty breezy you can see the temperatures to rebound a bit for the weekend and another co push of air still very much winter with highs in the low forties on wednesday have an accident update for you here's ashley and headed back to the area around naval station norfolk rate on five sixty four west one started there was an update on the crash have been falling for a little while now. white or camera to show you what's going on. ok so at this point few minutes ago we saw a whole lot of activity out here five fifty four westbound just past the runway tunnels with this plan it still looks this way that one lay might be kind of partially blocked here as well as one lane blocked they're headed toward a three a it does appear to be clearing up but at this point the backups are major will
5:46 am
six o'clock or for now. when i head to our second camera because i want to show you another accident this one is in hampton sixty four eastbound at the hampton roads center parkway overpass you can see the left lane is currently blocked fortunately i do not see the major delays here. ah but certainly something to watch out for as you head in the direction of the hr bt so now we have a few things that were watching and going to have the latest for you again at the beginning of the morning rush hour and that is coming up at six o'clock in the morning make sure that what this right now it is day four of pizza week on daybreak and today i visit a local favorite spot where taste is one thing but family and authenticity are everything. i'm talking about the side pizza in portsmouth they know what their customers want and they've been serving it up for many years you've been serving up high with nearly two decades have to be doing something right. it's the family
5:47 am
been for so many years and things authentic east side pizza in portsmouth was located in the same spot for eighteen years then just three doors down yet not too long ago we had seven months right the nine months to five months. ok so it's a fun place to work. what makes the pizza so good with the spice on the sauce the secret but they know when we got a great cheese oregano will put it with the sauce that's the secluded with pace than the pizza is topped with fresh quality ingredients but that's not the only thing that keeps customers coming back for more the delicious affirming our our generous very generous and the wait
5:48 am
really nice and we thoroughly enjoy coming to me. so when you're important and you want pizza meat intake italian white you know where to go to fish after fish aka kobe area with grady ball twenty five pieces also be sure to check them out on portsmouth boulevard also like to recognize pizza box by which we treat her a lot of briefings on pizza boxes well and we received a ton of comments from you about that restaurant so a couple of pre pre op place in portsmouth make sure to keep between us at thirteen pizza week of course one of facebook as well sinister comments we'd love to have on the list is ashley and i also had believe it or not we had an entire crew of people you don't see who help us put me over work
5:49 am
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learn more at appointments available now. . i or the superbowl is almost here and james cordon is getting in on the fine cold play's chris martin joined corner and up for car pool karaoke on his late night show the thing as is the matter was another this will fill plays one of the anti reformers james drove the drill to help chris get up to seven cisco for
5:51 am
less an academy award nomination. how powerful our god the just announced that grammy winner will be singing the national anthem. this weekend at super bowl fifty in addition to lady ga ga coldplay beyonce a burrito bars already confirmed to the halftime show with the latest rumors now that i did our needs we are not haters and taylor swift will somehow be involved everyone's a little bling texas had no idea what life is like without his head and together to make an entertaining pair the cold mr t and b for sure parents chris and jennifer say they had no idea that too would bond so closely when they brought home chuckling about a year ago and now their popularity is soaring on line after showing up on that toddlers moms face but never
5:52 am
thousand people in life and my son has died. who knew their bedtime video was the first to go by rowan mom says every man is just as hysterical as the one sheet for the curry mayonnaise the day it's like the control room here. holy cow that this is scary how will the woman responsible for bringing up the right shots during the grease live musical earlier this week. she is on fire. culling outshot numbers camera moves all carefully coordinated with the music carry set up a camera to record her doing the show that posted the video on facebook saying so many people of esther. what exactly does a director to the directory directory of the technical director kept up with all that the only thing they can to the know the rhythm you know yeah the engine college to get right to write the runway and
5:53 am
director iac let's go back into the oakland brandon are going c'mon guys really i actually did the nicely as the engine with a sober news weather traffic right now at six. this morning a shocking campaign and the public outrage what the leader of a group that wants to legalize rape is now saying about a planned trip to bring his idea to people of hampton roads and there's only one word to describe it. crazy what we discovered about the technology in your home could be putting your family at risk is that it is now at day break right now ashley is watching the roads for any troubles with slick out there parts this morning greg is here to check your forecast with balls rainbow school whether regular two straight year as i roll with the knees pretty boy he has talked about that creepy technology thing else on my car right now you guys got me up to them. we're going to get you
5:54 am
him to put our technology
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