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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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show you both on the peninsula obviously as we take a look you can see that solid line of heavy heavy showers and in some cases thunderstorms the individual segments are moving to the northeast think of it like a highway if this is the highway the cars are traveling along it in that direction but the entire highway is moving obviously that hasn't happened in real life but if it were to happen that's what we get so overall it sort of tends to be a bit of a north easterly movement as you can see the individual cells moving almost due north east and then the line at the same time sagging to the isa when you break all the different vectors down an average it out you get an eastward movement almost exactly twenty seven mph what time does that mean for your location while attending right now in waverly the front edge williamsburg for thirty to gloucester for forty one franklin five thirty newport news five thirty one hampton five thirty six cape charles just
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norfolk at around six eighteen and then obviously would continue to work its way eastward from their cell for many areas at five o'clock still no rain but seven o'clock nine o'clock ten o'clock eleven we have the moisture coming in the winds continuing briskly out of the south we will expect some possible wind gusts that could do a little bit of minor damage this evening we'll be tracking all that for you and i'll have a lot more on a very up and down temps are forecast coming up. i think stuff and charges are dropped for a virginia beach woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend and was an emotional day in court and the case of twenty rather than making the houses christina's for j co was there for today's hearing and kristina what factors came into play with today's decision when the commonwealth attorney's office spent months now on their investigation they have interviewed people and comb through lots of evidence today a prosecutor stated that they are confident in saying that day his son was stabbed and killed her
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defending herself day hey susan was extremely emotional but stay silent as she walked out of the courtroom as a free woman this comes just about five months after her boyfriend terrence covington was found stabbed to death in their home office and with court in virginia beach to his sis went to a mental evaluation but was found competent to stand trial. she spent the past month on bond you can imagine today's decision to withdraw the voluntary manslaughter charges did not sit well with those who were close to a covington take a listen to what their message was today i don't believe the justice system did anything right today she got away with murder. completely away with murder. she has no remorse for it the covington family is also questioning the investigation in this case some are going as far as saying that it was flawed more on this case coming up at five guys back to you i will have a major update to
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you about for months tonight we are talking to virginia's attorney general about the testing of thousands of rape kits which were never examined for dna thirteen is now started investigating this issue last july we went after officials for numbers and the reasons why they had not said rape kits for dna testing the lack of action often leads rape victim searching for answers for years and in some cases we found decades. tonight the new piece of information we uncovered could change all that thirteen years now investigative reporter laura geller will have the explosive story you won't wanna miss starting at five right now hundreds of workers are without a job at newport news shipbuilding this is the second round of cuts at the shipyard as the industry takes a hard hit from a work load slow down. reporter mike giddings in newport news right now where many employees just finished their sets for the last time
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day out here understandably as you know newport news shipbuilding our region's largest private employer a very proud company that date back more than a century nobody but nobody wanted this to happen here today least of all the affected workers they showed up today to work their final shifts they have known since december that this day was coming thanks to that diminishing workload from the baby but that knowledge did make things any easier today even those who didn't get laid off were sad to say what he's talking about his you know been around quite disappointed new year just came up was losing their jobs so i mean it's it's sisters in the company is hopeful that the situation will begin to improve in the months ahead they hope that the funding becomes more stable from the congress and that the situation will improve enough that by twenty
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hopeful they'll be able to begin re hiring but for many of these workers said that's a long long time in the future they need to find new work and get on with their lives. the coming of the five will tell you what some members of the community are doing as well as enrichment to try to help for now reporting live in newport news by cutting thirteen years now. home depot announced it's bringing hundreds of jobs the hampton roads home depot will hire five hundred and forty associates is part of a national hiring effort for when business picks up in the spring the jobs range from cashiers on line order fulfillment and include part time and seasonal positions home depot stores are accepting applications now and now to breaking traffic news in the city of chesapeake if you are planning to head to the high rise bridge stop what you're doing and listen to what we have to say now has thirteen years now traffic camera this is sixty four westbound
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rise bridge right here the great bridge boulevard exit a three vehicle accident blocking all travel lanes what happened was the band hit two tractor trailers one of those tractor trailers lost its load and that's why traffic is stopped to clear debris in the roadway. you can see here the left lane is also blocked sixty four eastbound head to the high rise bridge with a three and a half mile back up almost to greenbrier parkway and our second camera sixty four westbound traffic is being diverted off the interstate are two miles before you get to the high rise bridge at george washington highway there's also a three a half mile back up here through bowers hill big trap the trouble in chesapeake i'll have the latest in this area coming up next. i think ashley was an orphan is one of the nation's most vulnerable cities when it the army corps of engineers and the city of norfolk and teamed on city and federal officials signed a deal for a three million dollar flood management study both groups will split the cost. the goal
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the city can improve in response to rising sea levels with the study will do this permit authorization is that our legislators can then appropriate. it's the road to monies in being able to do something. officials expect to complete the study in february and twenty ninety after several months of the mediterranean the crew of the us and as leroy grumman is how they pulled a naval station norfolk this morning elise brown shares the importance of the fleet oilers mission the u s and as leroy grumman is finally back in its home port civilian mariners something they're excited to see family friends and have a good home cooked meal like pasta. the crew aboard the u s and as leroy grumman had nothing but smiles waves in peace signs as they waited to walk on
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blanco says the ship has been at sea for five months providing critical support ships are able to basically deliver the fuel primarily the ocean destroying parts of the party was dropped off days before unfortunate that the students they would have to come was stationed at all hours of the night. we always have people on walks. if there's any kind of special operations not only did the crew replenish items for the navy but for other countries as well. france with that would really like that their nato allies robbery in the mediterranean in total the meade forty three and the replenishment that includes transferring to six point eight million gallons of fuel with the mission completed the civilian mariners can't wait to see loved ones and catch up on all the messed very happy to see them go on for the missing as well not all of the civilian mariners
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has a special message for family in minnesota. love you and a couple weeks in norfolk police brown thirteen years now i write my menu is set out south carolina style seafood chowder for the big game super bowl sunday. ok and i have been over a look at some of the ads will see during the super bowl. a woman pleads guilty to stealing thousands from a
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. friends and family of thirteen year old local level are preparing for her funeral tomorrow visitation will take place tonight in blacksburg know cole stephens connected into virginia tech students david eisenhower is accused of kidnapping and killing her and his classmate and natalie
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accessory before the fact she allegedly helped dispose nicole's body. alright now eisenhower and keepers are in jail without bond. keepers is set to appear in court tomorrow. now his case rose to fame through the popular podcasts cereal cereal was cold thirty five year old anonymous i and went to court in baltimore to bed for a re trial. cyan is currently serving a life sentence for the death of his high school girlfriend both sides presented opening statements this morning right now court proceedings are still underway. former oakland raider stark unstable or had the brain disease cte last a progressive degenerative disease found in people have suffered repetitive brain trauma. saylor died from colon cancer last july but doctors say he also had severe damage to regions in his brain that help with learning memory and emotions stable or played as a
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in the nfl. boston university researchers say they found cases of cte in players at every position except pitcher only nfl biggest game of the year is on sunday. don't talk about the super bowl looks like it'll be a great game but let's face it we know a lot of you also like to watch because of those super bowl commercials right we don't have to wait till sunday because alicia has a sneak peek for you right now without a doubt the ad were all talking about online right now is this one right here the great ease the tensions like this add depth by cmp would be so bad if it looks anything like this ad is heinz ketchup commercial showcases some of the cutest toxins dressed in these ridiculous hot dog outfits running full speed to the stop to these people in kind of a costume so right
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the most talked about in shared commercial online but there's more so to see a full a sweep at the top ones on thirteen years now dot com and you'll find them underneath our special super bowl section. load seen a couple of warnings down cos there is a north carolina severe thunderstorm warnings even though i haven't picked up much in the way of fact by him pick up any lightning certainly not any here in virginia but this probably a little bit aloft and these are such heavy showers that they're basically like thunderstorms in terms of the wins and everything else they just don't have much the thunder and lightning to go along with them but again wouldn't rule out a little bit of that as well the bottom line is as everything comes sweeping and we're going to continue to watch for some very gusty winds i wouldn't doubt the winds aloft are so strong that with this kind of heavy downpour we can get some wins up to fifty or more mph as these things come through and
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problems some of the brighter areas here to two almost three inches per hour to get down a little bit west and south of there through sussex county right near the radar site in wakefield which is west of there waverly down the stony creek down danbury very incredibly heavy downpours and again very gusty winds as well. couple of other things to watch for this is the same system that yesterday produced the tornadoes it doesn't have anywhere near the strength that it did yesterday but we're still seeing a little bit of rotation as a result will certainly keep an eye on this for you and make sure that we don't have to issue any kind of warnings later on your pumpkin y just be aware and stay tuned. make sure you watch or whether apps or keep it in the background here on the station's you're cooking dinner. just make sure no kind of warnings come out because that is a small possibility but it certainly is a possibility right now seventy three degrees going back to this morning a nice
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clouds gradually began to thicken as we saw some intervals of sunshine and really really warm temperatures we had set into the seventies and we were way up in the seventies in most spots so tempting right now is seventy three in norfolk seventy two surry same thing smithfield seventy three down in ch sp again it was even warmer than this earlier sixty nine in mo ya right now i think this is a tiny bit slow but will give you a general idea of the moisture coming through again during the evening hours some of these heavier pockets possibly causing a little bit of wind damage readings falling through the sixties but starting tomorrow in the sixties as you head off to work or school is going to be very warm but behind this system is going to cool off in a big way. as for a spot on forecast let's what we're highlighting at least thirty degrees colder tomorrow afternoon and temperatures were high this afternoon and spot on for today was twenty degrees warmer versus
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forecasts in a row the actual was twenty four degrees difference a tight sixty degrees windy and warm scattered showers and storms and then the rest of the forecast some rain at times tomorrow and heavier i think along the coast in north carolina and then is that all lands there's a decent shot that we're going see a little bit of snow side of things countries falling from the sixties tomorrow morning to forty four by afternoon chilly friday and things improve saturday but another mixed bag potential on sunday that's latest from the weather authority i thank god they make sure the kids get across school crossing safely were talking about crossing guards and if those shop today. coming up
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i can't forget about that it's spring today but
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jones job of focusing on coal the jobs that many of our viewers do each day one today in school crossing guards did joe was training at the williams school and norfolk and julia fountain special guards really did these guys are fantastic and original we really thought it's going to be freezing in the area but was seventy degrees the day i might not have been freezing but we have mother nature to thank for that there was a cold rain when we shot this in these guards were ready willing and able to deal with any kind whether those jobs there who choose to move you say she didn't have you been through rain snow sleet or hail school crossing guards like dickens dickens are there. louis in medicine and romano training with the dea can if i heard it once i heard five times a year old
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the medicine ahold of him cos this the duo big and works with carlton riddick has been a school crossing guard for over thirty years and his response is the same as deacon and other key is it's this big oso love they found a battery operated heated jacket for e mail is read with his code review i noted it is cold here known to get in position for the next wave of students there really is pretty steady about every half hour in the can and can't wander too far into the queue for a helium school owns a building across the street so these kids are crossing all day long. sure do value carlton an especially deep it is very valuable and scientists cross instance he's actually a life mentor to many of my students lot of our long to come back with a renewed look to find
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they had great conversations with him when he was here this guy is phenomenal. he his here every morning and it's so wonderful for deacon and for us because when we get to see him and have a smiling face in his meds i love my children her hands and he keeps us safe the day the never thought a school crossing job could be so constant. you're welcome you're welcome you on the how what i do love this job or do you do reply well the good and i do the thank you very much sir. i'm not as good as the game but i'm trying the really is a deacon at his church as needy years old just recovering from pneumonia but he was out there and great guy everybody loves him. carlton you a good job as well. hats off to you for doing a great job so much for cold weather the next kid while the enemy here next
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day for now just pay no attention to the groundhog but just one day after the groundhog didn't see his shadow predicting an early spring weather map today seventy five degree weather out there are way above normal but there's a potential for storms that could bring serious ones showing up on radar let's check in now with jeff. yeah we've already seen some pretty significant wind gusts right now things look pretty tranquil their beautiful shot from hampton looking out over the harbor over toward the hampton university. but look at this line of showers and probably a little bit of thunder in their ex's me when i can any reports yet down at the ground of any lightning strikes by without him between the clouds if we have
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before that with showers this strong the wind so strong the loft. it doesn't take a thunderstorm they can pull those really strong winds down toward the ground from a few thousand feet up and we could get some wind gusts easily over fifty mph as this moves through during the afternoon that certainly could cause some problems you can see it making very steady progress is through the williamsburg area right about now continuing to move to the east. it'll be over into sections aware neck around four forty four gloucester point four fifty four posts center around five twenty five if it keeps up and that's not good again the first raindrops that's or the leading edge of the really strong storm activity wakefield has just passed through their common at four fifty four smithfield five o nine. looking at newport news at five thirty four temperatures right now versus ust up some twenty three twenty five degrees in the metro area. yes they were down almost exactly twenty
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the chili or our bank to appear in a northern western virginia that is coming sliding through a relatively shortly and that will cause some big changes in the weather and i have another snowflake on my seven day forecast find out when that one is coming up i just said pay no attention to the ground on the way that the problem the high rise bridge yes some of the uncertainty with traffic i'll tell you that so i have a little bit of good news with it but probably more bad news were headed back to sixty four chesapeake hear the high rise bridge as we have an accident blocking all westbound travel lanes near great bridge boulevard that you're now on your screens the left hand side so we do know this is a three vehicle accident two of those vehicles tractor trailers one of those tractor trailers lost its load. that's why all of the lanes are blocked at this point trying to clear up at this point still a mess out there. eastbound traffic one lane was blocked to respond to the crash in the westbound side that's good news all lanes are now open eastbound we still have a three mile back up almost a
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no traffic you're headed westbound either so quickly her second camera just to see the major backup to bowers hill that extending up to george washington highway and that's where traffic is being detoured off the interstate me a big traffic trouble in her head between chesapeake and portsmouth to gilmer to break with the jordan bridge instead i'll keep you posted right here on thirteen years now. i think you will have new information in a murder suicide in chesapeake. court documents reveal new details in the investigation into the death of the dooley family. place a camera dooley shot his brother sister mother father and grandmother to death then killed himself we learned on january twenty seven police were asked to check on the person at wildwood drive who had not been seen for two days officers arrived and saw landon to his body through window. they then went to check on family members at a home of george washington highway police a camera dooley was inside with the god refusing to come out according to court documents
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grandmother in the home there's no mention of the other family members in the paperwork. investigators removed several items including guns bullets and casings a bat and clothing from the home a mother daughter duo was accused of stealing from a program designed to feed low income children. investigators say they built the program out of more than a half a million dollars city hall and her mother stephanie all men are accused of lying about the number of children they fed through their suffering a non profit and today. hall pleaded guilty to fraud marcella robertson has the story thingy all pled guilty to those charges in federal court this morning her attorney tells me that she's ready to move on and put this whole thing behind her. city hall walks out of federal court wednesday. just moments after she admitted her role in stealing more than half a million dollars from the government. miss how when it does prayer make amends in an apartment her
4:29 pm
along with her mother stephanie on it when the suffolk based nonprofit said the community outreach together they are accused of stealing five hundred seventy four thousand dollars from the summer food service program a program that gives low income students the chance to have three healthy meals even when school isn't in session with all of a decorated military veteran she's served her country she served the community spread many underprivileged kids to this program the women received five hundred thousand dollars worth of reimbursements in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen. investigators say they claim they serve more than two hundred thousand meals during that time the pair was indicted in october. now four months later they're admitting their guilt. she was here today to accept responsibility make amends. we hope that the judge will take that into consideration when passing of a great sentence. paul's mother stephanie aman pled guilty last week. both are set to be sentenced on
4:30 pm
marcella robertson thirteen years now and are still a teenager is facing felony charges after hacking into a school's computer system police arrested the student following a months long investigation at panther creek high school as in cary north carolina an investigation confirm someone access the school's computer system and alter students' grades. the teen is charged with accessing government computers and breaking and entering. police say the charges could land the team in jail for more than four years and school officials sent a letter to parents saying the police department is investigating the school district will restore class rankings are making a bear and sprout is national signing day. com high school senior football players are making their college decisions across the country right here in hampton roads local players are making their choices lisa abraham g has more on whether going yeah there's a bunch of them national
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high school senior can sign binding national letter of intent to play football or other sports on social media students are posting where they signed and they're very proud to take a look here some local local players going to play college ball quarterback move on to a tailor is going to florida state we got quarterback divine cui lin who's also going to virginia tag very exciting news there is staying close to us some somewhat quarterback wayne dean is he's going to ohio state so a lot of the student obviously they're very proud they're posting all the pictures today lots of fans are posting them as well these are just a few of the comments we've got a full list though on thirteen years now dot com and of course a big congratulations goes out all the players now thirteen years now sports reporter brian smith captured a lot of these moments today he was there so you have the latest on those coming up at six no hitters without the headlines are lisa thank you very much investigating a deadly marine helicopter crash. here are the headlines from usa today dot com trace elements of dna
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marines killed in helicopter crash off hawaii last month their families have been notified the traces were found during search and rescue operations that ended on january nineteen the marines were all based in hawaii to see a ch fifty three e helicopters went down during night time training the military still trying to figure out if those two helicopters hit each other today president obama made his first visit to a mosque here in the us was in baltimore meeting privately with american muslim community leaders. he also spoke of the islamic society of baltimore and his goal was to take a stand for the constitutional right of religious freedom. he also wanted to confront the debate over syrian refugees and so we go to target or tar jay and janet likes to say you'll also get to shop at cvs cvs stores are coming to target the day the deal official in december and celebrated the first one opening today in charlotte panthers play
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pharmacy business for one point nine billion dollars and that my friend is a healthy chunk of change. i do spend my money at tar jay tarzan is that when i say that's what you say ok that's why i said hey let's go to the heart with sultry more candidates are out of the race for the white house for ron paul announced he is throwing in the towel and just a couple of hours ago cnn reports rick santorum said he's suspending his campaign for president. abc's martha gonzalez has the latest details from new hampshire today donald trump once again on the attack tweaking it in cruise didn't win iowa he stole it. calling for a new election in iowa after the cruz campaign sent out this email to supporters falsely suggesting doctor ben carson was leaving the race from telling boston herald radio. he plans to file an official complaint with the total voter fraud when you think of it and he picked
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that's why the polls were so wrong. crews responding today it seems his reaction to every game consoles and i understand that donald finds it very hard to loose also pleading burley is contesting iowa results maybe donald to go back to iowa and join the democrats a reference to bernie sanders not conceding in iowa after coming in just two tenths of a point behind hillary clinton. the vermont senator with a double digit lead in the polls in new hampshire secretary clinton won in two thousand and eight so you know we are taking nothing for granted as clinton says she's pushing forward despite the challenge she faces here your in your opponent's backyard. i just could not ever skip new hampshire i cannot even imagine not being here now both the democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton
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will answer questions tonight from new hampshire voters at a town hall light more reports of the zeta virus popping up in the us this time it's in south florida and also a boy lending a
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one man is missing after an explosion blew a hole in the somali jet liners soon after takeoff from somalia's capital. this video shows passengers wearing oxygen masks and the seat toward the back of the plane somalia's deputy ambassador to the united nations was onboard that flight the pilot says he thought the blast was caused by a bomb so far there is no evidence of a criminal act in this explosion a convicted killer already serving life behind bars will pay restitution and get
4:37 pm
escaping a maximum security prison in northern new york authorities shot and captured david swat last summer after a three week search. this was an inmate richard match cut their way out of the clinton correctional facility a judge ordered white to pay more than seventy nine thousand dollars in restitution and serve three and a half to seven years in prison for the asking us what is also serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy back in two thousand to the governor of florida is declaring a health emergency in four counties due to the z virus at least nine cases of the mosquito borne illness have popped up in florida there is concern that south florida could become a breeding ground for the virus because of so much standing water the winter has been unusually wet and mosquito control workers fear the mosquito population will
4:38 pm
reduce this is happening now it's raining just about every the situation we are ready to respond to any emergency out so it would be in our case are we. we are in the same conclusions as in the middle of the summer right now according to the cdc's the virus generally shows up in the form of a rash fever and joint pain so far there is one confirmed case in virginia a new recommendation from the centers for disease control and prevention tells women of childbearing age are not using contraceptives they should not drink alcohol the cdc reports more than three million women in the us are dress of exposing their developing endurance to alcohol according to the cdc and a woman can get pregnant or is trying to get pregnant she should not drink at all to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome the spectrum disorders those disorders included physical behavioral
4:39 pm
the last time i've taught such a big heart for small boy a ten year old uses his artistic talent to lend a friend a helping hand after a devastating fire and in the process he becomes quite the entrepreneur sarah johnson has a story from new york review office came in just at somebody that was robbing the bank is shown the day's work a little boy's big imagination and a crime fighting panic or helping a classmate in me. honestly i wasn't sure what was going to sell. jana marie vaca with fishy was hesitant about her ten year old son kyle's big fund raising idea after fire damaged his friend's home last week the alan dale elementary student decided he needed to lend a helping hand yest oso wan to go through second i thought i could help. thankfully no one was hurt in the fire but the little girl and her family suffered a big loss the home suffered a lot of damage and cows classmate
4:40 pm
the avid sketch artist decided to sell his comic about a crime fighting super hero half pig half mean to people in his neighborhood he would literally fly people down here no con any point if the sign and armed people would stop when the first person stop u sianz just seen the look on his face he was jewish. pure pride. it didn't take long before the fifth graders comments are going for more than just a dollar that i sold my first time with people on p one dollar but then make for the rest of the time it was everybody seemed to have lost three dollars for a strip by strip page by page a little boy with a big heart is helping the family rebuild and according to kyle his classmate is thankful he said oh my god thank you or someone or something along those lines here for the end
4:41 pm
hey guys hope you like the comic very sweet so far the good samaritan that young boy there. he's raised eighty dollars the line continues to bear down on hampton roads with a really heavy rain very gusty winds it's actually sort of bowling now which means the winds are a little stronger with the section that goes out and right now is lagging a little behind on here in north carolina but this part is you can see that sort of a little bit of a sweep almost like a bow an arrow. that's where you tend to have some of the stronger winds with a system like this so are you moving rapidly down to the lee holly and continuing down across portions of the peninsula as you can see from gloucester write down just north of gloucester point back across here to the peninsula just to the north of old orchard moving very very rapidly as we said about twenty seven or more mph and then we have
4:42 pm
that has actually started to go a little more slowly. this is looking to the east that would turn around and look to the west it look even more ominous but with the people out there enjoying a walk along the boardwalk on a very very warm day for this evening temperatures will only be dropping to sixty seven and that's from the highs today which were in most cases way up in the seventies the wins we've seen gusts already the thirty eight were going to look for some wind gusts over forty in any shower heavy storm i wouldn't doubt we can get over fifty mph wind gusts are enough to watch a little bit of potential wind damage scattered showers again continuing to move and as we talked about that progression this is a little bit slow and i mentioned that earlier i definitely would move this ahead an hour or to continue it off shore and the general theme for tomorrows going to be sent in virginia stays dry in northeast north carolina very very wet and around here i think we're going to have some at least scattered
4:43 pm
occasional showers especially right near the coast so i would move everything back here a little better but notice those temperatures from sixties in the morning down to forties during the afternoon a big difference make sure you take that warm coat in the morning even though it's not going to feel like you're going to need it you want at that point but you will later in the day and then thursday night i was talking about it yesterday and i still think there's a very solid chance that the back end of this precipitation is going to be farther west than was shown here on future cast in that that could change over to a little bit of snow i would even rule out some minor accumulations the staff take a closer look at that later tonight at eleven i'll have some updated information cradle have obviously more tomorrow morning and then will still be plenty of warning tomorrow afternoon that's when really nail it down for you as you can see this line continuing to make very steady progress same one that caused all the severe weather in the attic that could be down across the deep south. luckily not expecting
4:44 pm
wouldn't rule out a couple of stronger storms the sixty by morning. scattered showers and storms otherwise windy and warm and then the rest of the forecast looks like this after sixty in the am we got a forty four during the p m the heaviest rain near the coast or north carolina mind then the chances of snow tomorrow night briefly before chilly high of forty four on friday forty eight is typical on saturday and sunday another weak system will bring north carolina some rain around here might just be cold enough we get the precipitation to sore to move northwest oregon have to watch that one carefully as well and then a little bit mater monday and tuesday back to you all right thanks jeff let's talk about what's hot like the stories are trending now lisa what's going on are a thing as everlasting told about barbie shoes kind of getting a new make over on social media are asking what about can the about question
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the love of the piano part i know they didn't laugh at the media bar bee designs and ten the body as artie had some minor changes over the years including about the growing shaving fine can faze the double chin. yes anderson you can do as is it our whole mentality is considering we're at the base to social media asking about ken's transformations are seeing some of those pictures right here on your screen people are saying wait for the ken doll that's like twelve pounds overweight and play video games in the that i'm not getting the people are saying so is just great transformation definitely warrants a laugh or two was a nice hairy deal. yeah like that right. living on now brandon king and bad turn or two former nfl teammates are traveling the world of technology. i know nfl football players and technology don't really think they go together but they have this new app called gi je gig. what is the deal ask well the app is a one stop
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job seekers can apply to jobs with just one click on the sap soi have to use in a quick video page you can even interview with employers through this act was pretty cool this is a built in and i have a built in messaging system and really helps job seekers in the interview we connect right now many of the jobs are available only in atlanta however the duo says their focus this year will be outgrowing the and making more employers and job seekers around the country aware that it even exists really saying is there for job seekers and people who are looking to employ a very moving on if you're not really into the whole football thing sunday i know is there still some people who aren't take a look at this here's an alternative for you this sunday at three p m animal planet is hosting their annual puppy bowl forty nine copies from forty four different animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide are going to be all together in one place to host this puppy bowl. so like sunday's face off between
4:47 pm
the puppy bowl of a less intimidating match up between team raf and teen fluff adorable cute names for a lot of these puppies is the first time having real interactions with other dogs since being in a shelter so this is a really great cause and a really great show i mean i covered it last year near the end it. it's great so we got all their pictures on thirteen is not a whole lot of cute the way to raise awareness to get right up next what caused the car to go off the road and flipped into the stream and how did the fire firefighters say the driver thirteen is now at five explosive update to the thousands of untested rape kits in hampton roads
4:48 pm
the video i guess i had to be a frightening experience take a look at this video a woman was driving down the road in
4:49 pm
of the car hit a guardrail police say a vehicle flipped into a stream. she got out of her car as it floated downstream. firefighters helped carry the woman out of the water in so far there is no word on her condition and that's all we have for you today for thirteen years now in five starts with more on tonight's potential storms finally a chance for justice after years of gathering dust on a shelf thousands of untested rape kits are starting to be tested. we are absolutely committed to seeing it through and getting it done right there's a push to make the norfolk city treasurer step down why anthony burr for its attorneys say the recall effort goes too far. walking away a free woman all charges dropped against the woman who
4:50 pm
deserve to be free. it is windy out there check out this video we captured of the flags blowing at the virginia beach courthouse this afternoon. it is also warm out there we topped out in the seventies today and that's creating a recipe for storm atlas go to jeff who is tracking the system that is a solid line of very heavy rain very very gusty winds luckily the storm has weakened since jessica's this is the exact same line same cold front that caused all the tornadoes across the deep south. earlier was averaging twenty seven mph. this northern part of sort of bowing out and going a little faster more like thirty one of the pines who are giving you just a couple of minutes off the southern and a sword holding back it more like twenty five twenty six mph so as you can see watch everything sort of aligned straight and then all the sudden this northern and just creeps a little bit more quickly. so right now really bearing down hard on the peninsula again not a severe line of storms severe
4:51 pm
mph. these aren't there right now but they are definitely up there in terms of some of the heavier precipitation amounts and wins probably a guy would guess gusting over fifty in a couple localized spot right now as you can see ro sham bo village back over here to the east of lackey some very heavy precipitation the historical tour road you're just starting to get some heavier stuff right now serves the timing smithfield well for fifty four tardy by you. norfolk five forty seven south north by fifty three on cornet six fourteen the ocean from around six twenty am or earlier it was downtown norfolk at like six sixteen or six eighteen so it's the start to speed up just a tiny bat back here bailey's beach start to see things calm down a tiny bat ball up there around lucas creek road you're definitely getting some very gusty winds and heavy rain moving in and up hope swamp i think that says heaviest of the storm over
4:52 pm
still in the seventies out in
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