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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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shore low sixties around mania and fifty two right now is in the city it is dry right now cross immediate abc thirteen viewing area at your head out to the west. this is where the action is and this is rolling eastward so just a matter of time it'll move in later this afternoon and into the evening. i think our future cast here is a real good way to give you a look at what's going on today you see the showers increasing out to the west initially and early to mid afternoon we might see a passing sprinkle or two but the bulk of the moisture roles in later this afternoon into the evening that's when we'll see our best chances for some stronger storms i suspect jeff and emily have into helping out a little bit this evening. they'll have their hands full watching those storms as they roll through of course i'll keep you updated on that. so in general today were to see temperatures increasing up to about seventy two degrees will look for showers and storms i have a lot more detail for you to talk about more rain tomorrow much
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i catch a weekend in just a bit. his ashes will be made to walk rate not nearly as eventful here on the traffic network but we like to see at five o'clock in the morning that things are rolling stay smooth into the rush hour right now we'll take a life jacket wrapped around the midtown tunnel we are far from the rush hour at this point south traffic or the lanes i should say here eastbound and westbound around the midtown tunnel that was working this point in the morning so if you're about to head out the door to an early bird commuter you'll be in fine shape on the traffic network mass will take a look at one more spot for you in williamsburg. if you're headed eastbound or westbound taking away other toward newport news the direction of richmond you'll also like to write out their very calm and quiet in the right westbound headed toward richmond was like passing kroger six mount zion in old stage or at seventy five miles an hour so flowing very nicely out there and i would assume is probably going to be the same speed all of the other side of course we have to take your time with emily the speed
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but i think it's a showing of the traffic is flowing freely the very little bit of traffic that's out there coming up at five ten will head over to him to check traffic and into norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt all right ashleigh thank you for that later today loved ones will gather to remember a nine year old boy killed in an awful crash a norfolk. lucas ballard a cancer survivor died after police say a truck at his mother's van on monday the twenty seventh street and llewellyn avenue the crash ejected ballard and his seven year old friend that seven yo boy k on the clan he is still in the hospital with serious injuries so far no charges have been filed in this crash police say lucas did have his seatbelt on. that vigil is tonight at moore elementary school at six o'clock the five o three a suspected drunk driver accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist is on the docket to appear in court today for hearing ever davidson is charged with dui and manslaughter. back in november state police found thirty two year old jonathan
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the side of i sixty four mercury boulevard. he later died. hampton police later found and arrested davidson after someone witnessed the crash overnight norfolk firefighters put out a fire at home on laurel avenue that's often that eric's dispatchers tell us the fire started around two o'clock this morning. fortunately there are no injuries investigators are still working to figure out what started the flames. new this morning a group of people in or fig just filed paperwork to recall city treasurer anthony bar fight. following his public corruption charges this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot's the newly formed group called citizens recall committee is behind this push corporate lawyer raised questions about the accuracy of this petition last month barefoot pled not guilty to the corruption charges he's accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from a developer the jury trial is set to start in may students are set to return to class this morning on the eastern shore
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classes early yesterday in northampton county after the superintendent's office said it received a bomb threat but that threat did not mention a specific school bomb sniffing dogs from chesapeake checked the building yesterday afternoon and did not find anything new this morning the superintendent of virginia beach public schools is optimistic about next year's budget he says the division will replace nearly two dozen outdated busses expand full day kindergarten and give teachers a raise. this comes from our partners at the virginian pilot dr erin spence as all of this is possible because of new state funding and tax revenue those numbers though are not official yet the actual school budget pitch is in april the u s army corps of engineers and the city of norfolk now partnering for new flooding study today it will include new recommendations for dealing with the city's flooding problems this after the corps released a report addressing flood rest for the entire north atlantic region that study area included the entire coastline of
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shore and identified norfolk as a focus area for further study. parents across virginia are relieved that they can use medical marijuana to help their kids but now they're fighting a new problem how they're still breaking the law after winning the cannabis oil fight and then sandra parker is following breaking news overnight. new details about
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all right jeff just today will top that close to seventy two will talk more about that moment we're starting off and forties and low to mid fifties across here in the milder conditions that because little cooler island but really it's a mild start all across the area we're going to be watching this line here there's a front that extends from an area of low pressure that low pressure is way up over canada saw good selectmen drawing tool here and while that area of low pressure with this app from the great lakes for the sake your demonstration that we do have this front that is out to
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tonight ahead of this front we have south wins coming up in those south winds are going to blow at times gets thirty to thirty five mph so it's going to get we need this afternoon it's going to be quite warm and then once this front comes through the wins and will shift back around to the northwest and this is much cooler air behind the front said come and that's what's going to drop temperatures tomorrow and certainly for friday very chilly with highs staying in the low to mid forties right now we have temperatures in the mid fifties closer because the mansion so it is very mild skies can be partly cloudy with the buses pulling up the cooler air back across said for us this arrives after a couple of days one to focus on the regional temperatures today i mention the warm up. highs near sixty nine at richmond seventy two right you'll notice the showers and storms here with the symbols were going to look for that activity later this afternoon i expect lower seventies maybe low to mid seventies across the south side at the airport seventy two seventy three for downtown norfolk little cooler and maddie's over to
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air low to mid sixties farther north along the shore and as we take a look at a north carolina lower to mid seventies upper sixties at the outer banks aren't the cooler weather will return though fifty three tomorrow forty four on friday i'll talk about you we can in just few minutes i checked major bt here's ashley albright created to keep a very close eye on our bridges and tunnels this morning just making sure nothing major pops up around there everything is still in very nice shape at least for this traffic report so we take a look at the age of eighteen hour traffic near it. this traffic here is passing settlers landing road has a mile to go before it gets to the hr bt very nice and steady out there. also my sister had a westbound ford six sixty four traffic network maps we head down to route seventeen in chesapeake if you have between sixty four in north carolina again another great ride this morning headed southbound toward north carolina you're fifty five as you pass cortland. if you're headed up to sixty four passing douglas are also at fifty five again
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on route seventeen in chesapeake. so stay tuned coming up in the next few minutes we just checked traffic headed to norfolk at the tar bt which it derives sixty four westbound coming up next ty nash thank you so much what we're following more breaking news this morning here on daybreak
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. breaking overnight investigators now say they found trace elements of dna from last month helicopter crash on the coast of hawaii that killed twelve marines has two helicopters crashed during night time training of crews found those traces of dna during search and rescue operations the families of the identified marines have been notified authorities never found any wreckage or remains. initially the coast guard reported that the choppers collided but now they're not sure because of that crash remains under investigation. also breaking overnight georgia executed its oldest inmate last night after the supreme court denied a last minute appeal a court convicted seventy two year old brandon pastor jones of killing a convenience store manager during a robbery back in the nineteen seventies the monitoring and updated all the breaking news story this morning right here on daybreak center parker
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thank you. the race for the white house is now focused on new hampshire that state's primary is next week and all the candidates hit the ground running yesterday ted cruz riding high after his big win in iowa. marco rubio positioning himself as the best candidate. after narrowly finishing just behind donald trump and then hillary clinton faces an uphill battle on the democratic side bernie sanders is leading by nine points. those two candidates will face off in a cnn town hall tonight. gma is breaking down both sides of that race at seven o'clock at five sixteen pairs in virginia what lawmakers in richmond to allow cannabis oil to be made right here in the commonwealth. they can leave legally give it to their children in the state but they are breaking federal law by bringing the oil across state lines. that's incredibly stressful on all of us sometimes we are certainly going to be able to get her way of pass this bill so that we can no longer be
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lawmakers approved a law that allows people with epilepsy to use marijuana derivatives used to spend his days chasing criminals now a member of the hampton police force can spend his time chasing squirrels were talking about canine dog troy police division posted this picture of troy with the handler on twitter yesterday after ten years of service the city announced the dog is finally retire very cool. yep gotta love those stories and those were the odds finally get a chance to just let there be dogs and absolutely aren't turning to weather now actually a following around as he said the first part of the day i love walking out at three thirty this morning and feel trapped. yes it's beautiful or really his guys are gonna love that i was just about blind with is that communities want to know some rains come in and some thunderstorms as well so we talk about beautiful it's nice out the door this morning i yesterday we said is going to be twenty degrees cooler at least and then it
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what we were much much cooler sore spot on streak extends were in great shape and for today here's a look and another twenty degree warm up it's gonna be close this one okay. yes they were very confident today depending on the clouds rolling in exactly where we top out the official high yesterday was fifty one the animated seventy one. i'm going seventy two today so i feel pretty good about it but it's going to be close state to jeff let you know if we hit that spot on st. get up a spot on forecasts in a row you get the temperatures are going to be close. we will look for the showers and storms later this afternoon into the evening pretty good chances for storms right now just a few scattered showers off to the northwest the rain more widespread out to the west we're tracking some strong to severe storms a tornado warning. the central alabama right now though this line is still working to eat for cece out when surging up ahead of it and while the winds really haven't
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read their comment later this afternoon i expect winds gusting thirty maybe even thirty five mph in some spots to run to talk about this for the future can't you see the rain on the approach the wins coming up in the south as these orange when streams are representing the south wins coming up behind this front will be a shift with the winds to the west northwest eventually but we're going to deal with this chance for showers in some heavier downpours and thunderstorms potentially in the mix is what this comes through during the evening and then i got a notice with the north quincy those blue when streams coming is how north win here. southwest wind ahead of the front the front right here the area by thursday morning seven o'clock just passing through with that from just out of the south were still going to see more show variety chances for rain near the coast and for parts of hampton roads during the day thursday maybe even a slight chance early friday for a few showers here near north carolina's coast friday to saturday to catch a little
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extended look here because the models is the gs model our future cast built out that try to produce a few more showers sunday with an area of low pressure most of the effects and stay op sure the euro also tries to produce something so when to keep an eye to that hopefully the worst that will stay away but it is something we're watching some ulu seven day forecast here you see we did the cool down coming friday into saturday looks pretty good i mention about a thirty five to maybe forty percent chance for some wet weather sunday into monday as we do that potential for coastal low. hopefully that storm stays a little farther to the check in on norfolk right now here's asher with a look at the ride with so much to watch with the weather i mean i kind of feel like i need to i don't like it compared to that i don't have much going on right now behind me but i guess you know if you're watching you're wondering on traffic conditions are shaping up. you probably like to hear that so hopefully i can keep the good news going for a little while to
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bt here. all right around the fourth you should just pass for these really think the shot is sixty four westbound and take a look at this or that there's nothing right now headed to the hr be doing there's one car so i stand corrected you can see here he's bound traffic they're headed toward bay avenue moving very well. it's a great ride this morning and again we cross our fingers hoping it stays that way throughout the morning for now we head back to the traffic network maps with the way over to suffocate your head around fifty eight for sixty also looking good right now. so headed eastbound that's headed toward six sixty four coming from coal point making the wooden aspen park wait just a nine min to ride very normal for us again very light and steady traffic out there the coming of the next few minutes we'll have the six sixty four traffic around dock landing and portsmouth blvd in chesapeake we are giving away free pizza four year on daybreak this week but if you're worried about the calories you'll want to hear this next story
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the article one five twenty five new this morning
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taking his pizza love to a whole new level retirements to the laws nearly one hundred pounds eating peeps at every single day so here's the catch. it wasn't that cheesy greasy pizza voucher thinking how great he says he ate that neapolitan style people so that yellow doesn't have any butter on it the toppings are lights you use fresh tomatoes a thin layer of cheese and bays all he says the daily updates i helped encourage the reading scores is the last few pounds to his winning piece of last few days in the ri doubly reading them and i we love you greg muller so much. we're halfway to being so weak. thank god right. anyway the heart of collecting some of the best spots in hampton roads that you have recommended to us and we're giving you a chance to win free pizza for a year just watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak for the keyword to enter on
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guys would do a great job sitting in those pieces suggestions we want to hear them we will able to highlight a few this week on video but we can show you some of them said some things that you recommend using the hashtag thirty pizza week this is richard says best teams and service in the area is bring cal seven five seven in newport news hands down we'll have another one from neil says belmont peas off of diamond springs road and get this dollar slice mondays a good reason to go have another one from jennifer tony's pizza virginia beach beach best crunchy crust ever they go. we've learned so much about pete and i well we are in for a very warm and wet day across hampton roads and crackers watching temperatures that could reach the seventies today and we can also see some storms so grab your umbrella his full forecast is coming up plus a very hard day for workers at newport news shipbuilding
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i know was coming and today is that day layoff had a major hand rose employer will live with what
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then watch your speed if you are driving on the peninsula today the major change that you're going to see on i sixty four and how it can impact your commutes good morning it is wednesday. this is thirteen years now at daybreak and this is just a month at monterey senior is five thirty talk about weather whiplash to see a big swing in the temperatures over the next few days there are just regular is here to breakdown the change for you crack the drama couple days ago we were way up in the mid seventies and yesterday back down low fifties today were back in the seventies so this roller coaster continues is a mild start the day visibility really good right now around or fake in all of hampton roads. it's gonna become breezy today age are going to notice the winds from the south pushing our temperatures up right now fifty two at the airport unify mid fifties for some areas right now temperatures typically this time of year top out in the upper forties
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afternoon highs near the coast in one there is little cooler we do forties along i ninety at five you can see emporia and forty one degrees forty three richmond most serious upper forties to low and mid fifty s now as the day wears on with the system is approaching wins coming up from the south ahead of it is going to become very breezy and with the potential for some stronger downpours and maybe a few strong storms later this afternoon and tonight as we take a look at the day your temperatures getting up close to seventy two degrees upper sixties this evening you'll definitely want to keep an eye to the radar will keep you updated now have more new weekend a just couple minutes right now let's check western branch we've not yet visited traffic on six sixty four between just begin to soften just wanted to give you a live look as you can see as effective at camera. not much working on six sixty four right now especially to bowers hill were volumes really haven't picked up that much at all sixty four south just past portsmouth boulevard and you can see northbound traffic in
5:25 am
both sides of the road nothing major traffic flowing freely so back on the traffic network mask when over to the expressway in chesapeake the same story of one sixty eight north and south. if your head up to sixty four passing del euro fifty five or so down to forty nine at hillcrest of me now that that's really slowed down substantially or anything like that maybe just a little bit of a flight delays occur around the corner there other than that traffic moving very nice unbearable five of one sixty eight now a little teeny tiny bit of brake lights right account here at naval station norfolk i don't think things are going to pick up much more than that but check things together on five sixty four west coming up next. she has a much later today a move that will affect hundreds of people here in hampton roads that's right newport news shipbuilding is expected to lay off more than seven hundred employees this morning elise brown joins us live from the shipyard with the reason behind the cuts and how it will impact the community elise good morning andrea miss the people are are already
5:26 am
building for some it'll be their last day we're told is because of a reduction in than seven hundred workers here at the shipbuilding this isn't the first round of cuts they've that's been made here back in september more than four hundred people lost their jobs. the new finance and economics professor tom the economy. hall says the long term effectively on the people might leave the area looking for other work that means they won't be spending money here now to help people while they are out of job a series of food drives are planned there should be coming up you're on your screen on february twenty fourth one is scheduled from ten a m three p m at you as w ate ate ate ate on huntington avenue in newport news now in hampton there's one march nineteen from ten to three at the virginia peninsula food bank on aluminum have over on the south side on the eighteenth from one
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is one of iron workers union hall on east virginia beach boulevard in norfolk there's also want that same time and location on march seventeen of you may send information or want to know more about the story look for it on thirty news now dot com live in newport news elise brown thirteen years now really sick you later today after months assisting see the u s s leroy grumman returns to naval station norfolk at nine o'clock this morning. we now know that kyle said pull in to naval station up again at nine the ship and crew provided millions of gallons of fuel in critical supplies to the navy ships in the mediterranean sea in here thirteen years now. we welcome those men and women home and thank them for their service and now onto a major construction alerts watch your speed if you're driving on the peninsula today the dot crews will uncover new speed limit signs today in the area i sixty four widening project that limit will drop to fifty five mph during construction. the goal of the widening project is to
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section of i sixty four and then you this morning a person is in custody after a seven eleven was robbed overnight dispatchers tell us that happen around one thirty this morning at the store on holland road not far from south rose marks were told no weapons were involved and nobody got hurt. no word on what the person try to take morgan to update you as soon as we get more on that crime on the docket today the case against a portsmouth city council is set to go to trial is scheduled for today meeks is charged with improperly impeding traffic. meeks was pulled over in the pen trace park neighborhood in december the city's police to launch an investigation after meeks approached the chief saying he didn't appreciate the traffic stop will be sure to update you after the trial also on the docket today incident turned deadly in virginia beach may convey his tooth is set for her motions hearing today this morning
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manslaughter in terence coming to is that police arrested at his shoes after officers found covington stabbed to death on sedgwick court in september a judge released her on bond in october but ordered her to comply with pre trial services into weekly phone jacks. well there was only one way to determine if someone contract a disease virus until now had the new test used to detect the dangerous virus and a
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. there's today's weather a quick snapshot increasing clouds this morning afternoon will see showers and storms developing temperatures topping out around seventy two will take a look at the conditions out there right now is forty six in petersburg fifty two in williamsburg and right now the winds are southeast at about eight mph down the south was in the city of fifty two and the winds are east southeast at seven we are going to find these winds picking up the wins he wins i think at times later today gusting twenty five to thirty maybe even thirty five mph so it's not too windy. it is pretty mild right now but those winds will increase later on and that we need to talk about the chances for showers and storms this activity here is going to work eastward out ahead of
5:33 am
have an area of low pressure that is up over canada and there's a trailing front that front extends down from around the great lakes region just out to the last and well doesn't curve up the depth and trust me it's out there it's going to push through the area later as we head to the evening and there were to see the chance for showers and storms out ahead of it behind that front different situation much cooler weather tomorrow still rain tomorrow near the coast down into north carolina for the bus stop this morning partly cloudy quite mild temperatures in the fifties in the sea temperatures today again warming in the low seventies the showers or storms. maybe by the end of the school day but the better chances come even later than that our temperatures they are going to cool down tomorrow fifty three the high much cooler friday night should be drier. saturday was pretty good. i am eyeing a potential coastal low sunday into monday and how she that my full forecast in just a few minutes if you can stay
5:34 am
close eye on traffic headed to the basin as you can see behind me and this camera is the furthest one doubtful the bases we have are coming from the dod you can see here that traffic is a little bit slow as it passes the exchange there's exchange are left inside other than that traffic is moving well on five sixty four west so a bit of good news here where you do have some brake lights but not nearly as major as we've seen some mornings of that change is a legit now for now will head back to them after just a quick look at traffic unstoppable and seventy nothing major to report right now. if your head around lee hall making their way northward forty five headed south at forty four so again to watch the base traffic coming up next we'll head to one sixty four and two traffic on the western freeway by forty one day three of pizza week on daybreak. ahead we're going to show you one of the best spots to grab a slice. according to you in newport news. plus how you
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. this morning a big development we now know how blacks were teenager nicole of elle was killed allegedly by two virginia tech students prosecutors say that someone stabbed a thirteen year old
5:38 am
she disappeared from her room police still haven't released details about a motive in her killing or a connection between the suspects and the victim authorities found levels body saturdays just across the state line in north carolina investigators say that david eisenhower murdered the teenager natalie keepers is charged with helping eisenhower get rid of her body keepers is due back in court tomorrow. police are looking into how eisenhower met level. detectives think that they met on line to the messenger app called cake look for much more on the story ahead on good morning america through sexual contact. that's how health officials say one patient came down with his eco virus expert in dallas say they received confirmation from the cdc it's rare but possible the person had sexual contact with someone who became infected while in south america. meanwhile the cdc also announced that six new travel related cases of
5:39 am
the virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns new this morning a german based company says it has developed a quick dna test to detect the z virus researchers say the test can return results within two to three hours. there's currently no vaccine the company ceo says the world health organization expressed interest in the test in germany alone there are five cases of the seek of arts with a theory of pizza worker picks pizza week aboard the writing i sat down. as for my life consumable the pepperoni flew right out of the yes a living guilty that i enhancing roads utilities on your favorite places and we have chosen to highlight the ones that you recommended the most to us so if you want to win free pizza for years. this is coming right up in the next hour for you to catch that keyword and go over thirteen years now. com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to
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great places to grab a slice he want to hear much more from you is like that so many awesome sponsor oh yes the roads because of use of put on our facebook page which read as just use the hashtag thirteen people were talking earlier i think another lesson that we've all gained an appreciation for just how passion and everybody is involved they are failing to the doctor yet you know and again this is not a definitive list is my gay actually the mess but each one of these different locations that we've selected there's something unique or special about it. the aso and we hope we're doing it i think both really enjoyed the warmer weather this morning that they stepped on the cake not bad and all but very important you guys know there will be chances for some heavier rain and maybe a few stronger storms this afternoon. today's going to be very spring like yesterday we were actually very close to the couple degrees above the average high official yesterday we were dry
5:41 am
going to see chances for those spring like thunderstorms so with the spring like temperatures comes the more typical spring like weather pattern with a front pushing through triggering some stronger storms in some heavier we take it to the day the temperatures to climb up low seventies i expect an official high of about seventy in the seventy two something like that seventy one seventy two at the airport a little bit warmer inland as you can see the wet weather still a lot to the last scene a few sprinkles around farmville up toward charlottesville little bit of that out to the less you know brown standing back at throughout lexington and run it in the north are into a west virginia they're finding more widespread rain will expand the view here and i want to let you know there's a very intense rainfall setting up from eastern portions of kentucky down through tennessee and alabama. in fact there's a tornado warning a little earlier this morning across central alabama and that line
5:42 am
bit as it works. eastern hour to see our chances for a really going up later this afternoon into the early evening winds will pick up ahead of the fraud from the south you see that here how those winds increase as we get into the four thirty five o'clock hour. start seeds in the rain pressing in to the western part of the area. i still think near the coast it's gonna be a little try or at least for awhile this afternoon but as we head into the late afternoon evening the chances for rain will go up this includes eastern north carolina areas to the north and certainly add to the west that would be the best chances for the heavier showers and storms late afternoon early evening as the evening progresses this moves closer to the coast over taking the metro and early tomorrow morning. a lot of the heavier stuff will pull offshore will be led to some showers and the chances for more rain even though going to have a cooler north wind and that front will be down to the south were still intense emotion kind of riding along that front. chances for rain in eastern north carolina and
5:43 am
i was sure that future cassis is built up a g f es mala just let you know the models are kind of hinting that there could be a coastal low down on the south carolina coast. maybe seven parts of north carolina it should pull off to the east but there's a chance we could see whether later sunday or monday depending on how that low tracks. we will keep you updated right now forty zealand cities near the coast visibility is good winds picking up in the south southeast. highs today around seventy to use and mention the c fifty three friday tomorrow mid forties so below normal friday and some close nor for the weekend keep an eye on that coastal system for early next week but check the western freeway here's ashley. all right greg we head out to portsmouth and traffic on one sixty four i think traffic will stay calm and nice at least into the morning rush hour maybe about fifteen or twenty minutes into the rush hour should remain like this how it is the west norfolk bridge when the time to pick up all i can now right now westbound traffic you're headed to six sixty four and are eastbound
5:44 am
maybe eventually headed to fifty eight in the midtown tunnel moving very well to battle the traffic network mask am still watching traffic around the base is not major in terms of our delays but the closer you get to the three am approaching him to boulevard. you will drop down to twenty eight other than that the rest of the traffic on five sixty four west is moving very well so again i'll let you know how that progresses throughout the morning and coming up at the beginning of the rush hour traffic on sixty four run battlefield in greenbrier in chesapeake. all right ashleigh thank you it is day three of pizza week here on daybreak an all week long we've been highlighting some of the best pizza spot in hampton roads according to you. yes and this morning we're heading up to the peninsula are sandra parker got a chance to check out two locations are saying i certainly didn't know are both locations have been cooking a pizza pies for decades our first stop is d knows restaurant that some warrant boulevard in newport news where making pizza well let's just say it's a family tradition to walk into dean
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will quickly realize why this restaurant and its pizza have been so popular for forty four years the great cheese mixture on dough every day but a lot is going to make sure the quality and consistency is always there always comes up the same state mayor dean of the current owner gave me a firsthand look at how to make their famous pizza. it's a recipe passed down to him by his father who grew up in italy first step flour the dough then flour the table and make a little lip around the edge of the dough turning it while you do it next stretch out the dough with both hands and use fingers to get out those air bubbles and pick it up there with your hands straight course my attempt was not as graceful but hey i gotta i gotta get the day once we put on a flowered board we were ready to add the ingredients first the most important the sauce or sauce a little colder at home or the heat below image across little more crispy next up fresh grated cheese
5:46 am
all the ingredients here they're fresh and everything is made from scratch to locate in no time at all perfect pizza pie is ready so what is it that makes dean o's pizza so special steve says it's that new york style pizza taste. there are a hundred percent new york pizza. having your water but we're about as close to you again and you know i can tell you firsthand it was delicious pizza and talk about loyalty most of the staff there thinking this for years. coming up at six thirty am i taking a hampton inn show you another established restaurant with some very popular pizza guys move along to places you've got to get lucky. well details of course is the only restaurant you told us about in newport news many of you also told us he liked brick house tavern on herman melville avenue and also videos pizza and pasta veggies has two locations in newport news and one in york to their ego and toy aisle
5:47 am
kick out of this year's bad lip reading from twenty sixteen nfl season will see
5:48 am
i know this morning a story that's gone viral on social media sure to bring a tear to your i think about the amazing moment. ok she's crying because heather lucas
5:49 am
just seven months old she didn't hesitate to take the selfless decision to donate his organs during a time of tragedy. meanwhile eighteen month old jordan have faulty heart valve and was experiencing seizures even had a stroke but she got that baby's heart in havre and jordan's mother met for the very first time who years after the heart transplant the reason the mom was crying in that it was because she heard her own baby's heart inside of that little girl eating again for the first time since her child passed away that is a stud. it's amazing and all mothers know that first ultrasound with the beating heart you'll never forget that moment so that's that's just beautiful. the israelis and the story. well it is back to the infamous bad lip reading page on youtube has a new video this one aimed at this year's nfl season this should be good. the group puts together a full clips
5:50 am
match what the player or coach is saying even if it makes no sense at all. or maybe especially if it makes no sense at all girlfriend for girlfriend to the one going to put the ball to learn in whatever i don't want to make you pisces moon rains didn't come out of that the cause of this video is of bladed little less than twenty four hours ago it has already gained more than two million views easy to see why that is fantastic btw here's a story that interesting early because of the guy's name involved say hello to be about doo doo bop he bop bop yes carol predict a people or police arrested him in olympia washington for salting college police officer look like a motion so to soften the bop bop legally changes that he can get back in twenty eleven to get the laugh out of the not first run in with line for smith he says his name means
5:51 am
interconnectedness of the infinite love in the universe of one of the cup still do that the critical zone the american people do and that's the fact that the call ends up bebop up every day and started to get really really buff at the isabel message whether a lot of trouble to the fact that i write loses to restrain me right now with a weapon for more news the weather and traffic and six ago this little boy was taken way too soon he survived cancer but he will be remembered today after a car accident that killed him and left his best friend are fighting for his own life and citizens fighting back after norfolk city treasurer refused to resign people are taking it upon themselves to force him
5:52 am
now daybreak sis caught a ride on the dot and ashley's watching the road for any trouble spots out there. greg is here to check your forecast as well before you walk out the door crack. good morning guys it's a nice mild start to the day if you love the warmer weather you're happy about this if you said hey let's get back to winter time temps are going to be happy with the more extended outlook okay today a warm one it is going to be breezy as well visibility is fine right now around norfolk with south southeast winds seven mph the pressure is falling in those wins that they're going to be increasing along with the temperatures so while we're starting off mile it's gonna be warm today with temperatures back up into the seventies we have cooler readings and one as we check out the raid on the satellite images you see some clouds starting to push in there still quite a bit of clearing house able to make out the moon coming in this morning very clearly it was beautiful as we look out to the last the rain really filling and this whole line is marching eastward the showers and storms are
5:53 am
at the severe weather outlook
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