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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the south and later today different story. showers and thunderstorms are going to become likely. and to those storms could be a little bit stronger judges on the forties in one as we take a look at the radar the satellite images you'll see it's still very peaceful across hampton roads but out to the west the rain is filling in and look in his line of intense rain and potentially some stronger isolated severe storms along that line the scene a few warnings a little farther to the southwest there's a tornado warning right there that's outlined box but what i would pay for our area today will see the clouds increasing temperatures coming up to the fifties and sixties in you see that rain approaching as we get into the afternoon and really it's gonna be the evening i think we have the best chances for the heavier storms but to see some of those intense storms out to the last one to be watching this is a line comes through overnight tonight and more rain likely tomorrow so stay tune out the back forecast when to talk about the cool weather on the way we look ahead to the weekend
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little farther down the road plenty to talk about with the weather. let's hope there's not as much to talk about with the traffic getting an early check on chess people missing the morning to actually say good morning craig and good morning to you as well not much certainly talk about in terms ofraffic is still very early yet to this point and just watching overnight road work and some of that already is clearing up what we had the chesapeake sixty four westbound just passed george washington as we headed to the high rise the right lane was blocked but as we take a look at our live camera you can see that's where the road work was just a few seconds ago i feel i tell ya crews going to drive away the looks of things are going to be moving pretty well out there so i'll check to make sure it's completely clear but i think at this point you're in very nice shape but coming up in a few minutes i am watching overnight road work in newport news. we'll check on that together for forty usd time now for thirty two later today a move that will affect hundreds of people in and throws it right newport news shipbuilding is expected to lay off more than seven hundred employees this morning. our lisa brown joins
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with the reason behind the cuts and how will impact the community lives. good morning andrea lucy some workers are already walking into work this morning. what will be their last day as you can imagine to be a tough day for some of these people. now this comes after a reduction in workload so for more than seven hundred workers here at the shipyard again it will be their last day. this isn't the first round of cuts shipbuilding has made back in september more than four hundred jobs were cut. now we spoke with a command economy they said this really will impact the economy a senior professor says a short term effect is that people won't be spending money long term lease as people might leave this area and look for other works as you can imagine this has a large impact here in the community in coming up at five thirty i'll tell you how the community is rallying around these workers who will be laid off live in newport
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using orly sec is so much later today after months of assisting it cus as leroy grumman returns to naval station norfolk at nine o'clock this morning the ship and crew provided millions of gallons of fuel in critical supplies to navy ships in the mediterranean sea in here thirteen years now we welcome those men and women home and thank them for their service now onto a major construction alert to drive slowly and with caution if you're heading up the peninsula of the dot crews will uncover new speed limit signs today in the area of i sixty four widening project the limit will drop to fifty five mph during construction. the goal of the widening project is to lower traffic on the congested section of i sixty four and new this morning a person is in custody after a seven eleven was robbed overnight dispatcher stella's it happened around one thirty this morning at the store on holland road. it's not far from south rosemont road we're told no weapons were involved. no one got hurt. no
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is accused of taking morgan to update you as we learn more on the docket today the case of a portsmouth city councilman and the criminal charges against him. trial is scheduled today for councilman danny makes charged with improperly displaying license plates and impeding traffic was pulled over in the prentice park neighborhood in december the city's police chief launched an investigation after meeks approached him saying he didn't appreciate the officer's demeanor during a traffic stop. we should update you after the trial also on the docket today the case of a domestic incident turned deadly in virginia beach made into his suit is set for a motions hearing this morning she is charged with voluntary manslaughter in terence coming to his death police arrested at his shoes after officers found covington stabbed to death on sedgwick court in september a judge released her on bond in october but ordered her to comply with pre trial services and do weekly phone in jack's know a crime alert newport news where gunshot victim is fighting for his
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for a suspect and officer on patrol heard gunshots fired around seven last night seconds later a call came in about a shooting near thirty first street and oak avenue where officers found twenty five year old man shot medics rushed him to the hospital. please don't have any suspect information if you know anything call the crime line father was only one way to determine if someone contract the disease the virus until now i had the new task to use to detect a dangerous virus and a breakthrough for women who
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. windsor not an issue right now across syria but this map is gonna change
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build from the south and eventually we're going to see many areas reporting wind gust between twenty and thirty maybe up to thirty five mph said the winds will increase later today and we're going to be seamed map shaded in blue as those winds pick up in the search in those numbers popping up later today as well the south windsor drive temperatures up to while we start off in the forties and low to mid fifties this morning things were changing big time when sea temperatures climbing into the low seventies we have this line of intense rainfall in some heavier storms even a tornado warning down there the central alabama. all of this is working each word and when is he good chances for showers and storms here later today especially during the afternoon. neither the airport captures going to stay close to seventy two seventy three for downtown norfolk. we could hit seventy four around oceanic chesapeake seventy five out or something so plenty of warmth very spring like day with warm temperatures and breezy south winds were going
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showers and storms later this afternoon this evening a few the storms could be a little heavier. the warm weather will not last the night slow down around fifty three stay in the low fifties and the good chances for rain tomorrow near the coast in north carolina ashtray that in the future cast coming up we will look for drier conditions on friday. it is going to be alot cooler as well have your upcoming weekend details in just a few minutes did everyone to stay tuned for that right now as you can fill soon on newport news good morning good morning craig actually newport news traffic is moving just fine i was watching some roadwork on sixty four newport news but as you can see behind me all of that has cleared up all the lanes are now open on both sides of sixty four here's a live look right about jefferson avenue we can see the traffic volume is very light very steady this morning on the traffic network maps my other product i was watching in chesapeake we took a minute ago together one to check to make sure it was totally clear and it is that was sixty four
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washington highway as we headed toward the high rise bridge not seeing any delays out there of course no more flashing lights were clear of overnight road work coming up at four fifty will check traffic onto sixty four at the downtown tunnel are nasty they selected four forty one it's day three of pizza week here on daybreak so ahead we're going to show you two of the best spots to grab a slice on the peninsula plaza how you can enter to win free
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this morning major developments we now know how a blacksburg teenager nicole of elle was killed allegedly by two virginia college student said prosecutor says that someone stabbed a thirteen year old girl to back the same day she disappeared from her room to virginia tech students are charged in connection with wells murder police say that the still haven't released details about a motive in that killing or connection between the suspects and victim authorities found levels body saturday just across the state line in north carolina i don't want them to remember her from all the headlines in all the bad negative things i would like for them to just see her as
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sweet loving child investigators say that david eisenhower murdered level natalie keepers is charged with helping eisenhower get rid of her body keepers is due back in court tomorrow police are looking into how eisenhower met level detectives think that they met online through the key i now look for much more on this story ahead on good morning america new this morning the fbi is joining the investigation into the camps and skew the contamination of flint michigan's drinking water that has sickened several people including children the u s house oversight committee will hold the first congressional hearing on the crisis today. michigan's governor has proposed thirty million dollars in funding to help pay the water bills for the people of flint lead contaminated tap water after the source switch from detroit to the flint river in two thousand fourteen and the city failed to properly treat that water rose sacks that's how health officials say one patient came down with his ego virus expert in
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confirmation from the cdc it's rare but very possible the person had sexual contact with someone who became infected while in south america. meanwhile the cdc also announced that the six new travel related cases of z to have been reported in the state of florida the virus has been linked to birth defects in newborns new this morning the german based company says it has developed a quick dna test to detect the virus researchers say that s can return results within two to three hours there's currently no vaccine the company ceo says the world health organization expressed interest in the test in germany alone there are five cases of disease a virus with a theory of pizza week on daybreak so we're highlighting some of the best places that you are called the best places in hampton roads via social media and were giving you a chance to win free pizza for years just watched a break during the six o'clock hour to learn the special keyword than go over thirteen years
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the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win. it's really important folks know you peeps is a very personal and national daycare in all kinds of feedback and these are all great places yet a great place to grab a slice or quarter the folks online and we won here by your favorite place you can comment on our facebook page or tweet us just be sure to use the hashtag thirteen pizza which we can find and share those comments with everyone else on our social media pages and will share here later today and all these places have unique or special things about him some come highly recommended there some other places that are in men sleep on your urges him unable to get everybody which because of its antenna that's been a lot of fun and i think are really going to enjoy the places featured today for the next few days at clubs with comics i've got a great one tonight not that it's friday today though my focus is squarely on the wedding showers and thunderstorms and have your store's potential in this afternoon's would talk about that yesterday we
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the high that was it. we average forty nine so we were back close to normal reaction to dip below that average highs begin friday it looks like the weekend will be very close to average as well. no rain yesterday really was a pretty good day for the year we are one inch above normal on rainfall will see those totals going up and we expect the rain to really fill in this afternoon and into the evening and some of the showers and storms could be had here. there's even a slight chance we could see a few severe storms will be watching for that i did something that we have the potential certainly we expect rain is a pretty good chance received the stronger storms whether or not we see anything that produces those super gusty winds or hail or anything like that what awaits watch that here to watch you right now there is this line of very intense storms and tornado warning down across alabama this one is going to work to the east and it's going to come through here most likely a big rain maker certainly add
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winds of winter increase in ritzy gusts at times up to about thirty five mph so this is what we're looking at again the really intense test on the other side of the mountains this will change up a little bit as it crosses over and gets into the piedmont and worked and our area but the rain is coming tonight and you can see that as we had in the afternoon still many years near the coast may remain dry at least to the early middle part of the afternoon but by late afternoon evening the showers roll in and they are good chances for those thunderstorms along the way as well as we enter the overnight and into early tomorrow lot of the heavier rain pushes up the coast but still you'll notice chances for showers for hampton road south to north carolina so the best chances of being near the coast and south may walk out if you're watching is now healing up from the middle peninsula the northern neck the eastern shore or farther inland maybe you dry it out for tomorrow but i still think you will be pretty good chances for rain for coastal
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includes the metro area as we look at the friday we're going to see drier and cooler conditions with clearing skies temperatures will fall in friday's highs expected to stay in the mid forties so the cooler air will settle in temperatures right now forty zealand fifties near the coast is fifty two at the airport winds are southeast and nine mph as we take a look at the high today right around seventy two so it's going to warm up increasing clouds and those afternoon showers or storms develop. we need tonight and pretty wet. those winds still gusting thirty to thirty five mph things should settle down over night though and tomorrow morning. a lot less when still rain likely near the coast in north carolina and then we're going to see the conditions turning cooler tomorrow night here's russ a seven day forecast our temperatures. well we are going to see those temperatures dipping forty four on friday back in the upper forties which is normal saturday and sunday and then jeff pointed this out last night able to g fs in the euro still have a
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short pass by later sunday into monday. it may be farther offshore there still lot of questions so that's why i've got the question mark their state to let you know how things develop one way or another in the coming days. here's ash. all right craig thank you and take a look now at traffic around the downtown tunnel though little bit that there is at this point but give you a live look now at our camera you can see your traffic around the berkeley bridge if we have a camera up and running there to do sixty four westbound traffic crossing the brooklyn bridge headed out of the downtown tunnel can almost count the cars out there because aren't that many of the same story here is built where city hall and tidewater we are in fine shape around the downtown tunnel this morning with a trusted network maps will take a look at one more spot if your head between the eastern shore in the south side of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel you are like you're right they are coming from the eastern shore had all the way down to virginia beach only taken twenty minutes and that's pretty usual for its nineteen twenty minutes to cross the bridge and go through both titles coming up at five o'clock
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around fifty or on tv i should say at the midtown tunnel feet and right started as a typical high school sporting events and in a near tragedy a teenager collapses on the court next (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting
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children may soon have help getting pregnant two years after the world's first successful uterus transplant in sweden a team of doctors at baylor medical university center announced plans to transplant healthy horses into ten women who cannot carry a pregnancy after the women have one or two successful births the transplant would then be removed. doctors call the operation quote highly experimental and a new american heart association study reveals women who have high blood pressure late in pregnancy are significantly more likely to give birth to underweight or stillborn babies researchers say that women who experienced the biggest rise in their blood pressure were more than twice as likely to deliver a small child. new this morning at four fifty five are getting a look at how school benefited from having an automated external defibrillator or aed on hand the video you're about to see is jarring but medical
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children's healthcare of atlanta release a video showing a high school student collapsed during a recent volleyball game. school officials administer cpr and use an aed to revive the team doctors believe the same that girl's life. new this morning in the dells to get stressed easily may have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure later in life a new study out of sweden followed over one million eighteen year old man in the military found men who were least resilient to stress were forty percent more likely to have high blood pressure by middle age than those with better coping skills men who are both vulnerable to stress and weight gain had triple the risk of high blood pressure. all we are in another case of weather whiplash over the next couple of their egos turn her head meteorologist greg will break down the temperature change in their chances for rain and
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i know it. it is i take in way too soon this little boy
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remembered today after a car accident that killed him and left his best friend fighting for his life citizens fighting back after norfolk city treasurer refused to resign people are taking it upon themselves to force him out. this is thirteen years now at day break right now ashleigh watching the road for in the trouble spots and craig is here with a check of your beautiful forecast before you head out the door today crack beautiful in terms of temperatures. if you like the warmer weather it's not going to be so pretty when showers and storms develop later today right now though out the doors you get your day started and is really nice in the queue will suffice at this feels great temperatures in the fifties and the skies right now partly cloudy to mainly clear so it's a beautiful start to the day but is it in the afternoon the warm weather comes at a price in that price will be showers and storms later this afternoon to evening church is our little cooler in linda giudice mid fifties around virginia beach and chesapeake fifteen hampton was also fifth in newport news were looking at temperatures close
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