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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 18, 2019 7:00am-7:03am EDT

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ne a nfl chose verizon. ormer director, a tntt josbellthere he is, hel josh, in our toyota green room. ahead what he wited during coml hiss sistt. hiss sistt. asatiw a lo causstuffedanis hiss sistt. asatiw a lo tim maki it stronger.
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smarter. because the , iso never erp ki it be er lease the c 300 sedan for just $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. oe thinbest johnson & johnson taki yof carou.ny.
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iahiok andcessishetalontne-ss gn rriccae: inside donald trump'wis w on inoew uerg genal a, eir boss, wheous essentiallyhe using e bi vag
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knowha, they were t spyingn owti tknrin repting on natl iona owhe orleiradink g the deo partment d sti concern. >> do they think the attorney general is impartia >> well, it's not moli yoow, dai don a k aspnd teaehon b then at movateby liti.oot thth andoue ts
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hedin.eerorct i tdeou thein pplhat ce ha se'? tseweated.otpereth esat the p time, a the p fbi wa, at fou associated with the trump campaign who all hadra ckativta dnc,in foation. if you're looking athat at the time it woubeavldenthe . re the question which i think we'll learn from thenal the book that you are a former fbi agent.
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this was a job that you loved, , thio trump administrax uses it to play politics. so when youk lthto adaooet yo atos ttoake usin what the men and women are thinking as they loo at unfold, h h the goecause t heas n doinglyy, aico we whis suchav's a doo o.rityhre
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atrnin te duin t series b, g ak much as they miss that era. >> yeah. a andust let's hang out with t >> tramahat pl wn the show. i loved thee' pbs veseries. why do you think people connect with the era so much? what is it about it that makes want to swoon? >> swoon? ving so fast at the moment actually keep up with it. we cannot actually dea with the enormous amount of choice we have, our enormous ability to talk to everyone at any time of
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the aidansy,he ynd to go back to a placejo peoplead a ro, the v
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