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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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and infact we're looking at severe thunderstorm warnings. essentially straight line winds. but winds will gust over 60 miles per hour with the heavy rainfall. if you look here you can see a little bit -- 49 miles per hour wind shear. produce some brief, gusty winds. this is in association with the front itself which is then going to cause temps to plummet after midnight. 48 in coupleberlin and the main access of the heavy rain. notice the red, that's unusual. that's rainfall rates of 1" to 2" an hour. we'll come back and talk about low wind chills tomorrow afternoon and then the chance for some snow next week. right now at 6:00... >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> president donald trump ignores questions and
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comment about reports that he used derogatory language when asking immigrants from africa, el salvador and haiti should be allowed in the country. >> the president denied using that word in an oval office meeting with senators. dick durbin was the only democrat in the room he says the president is lying. >> as senator graham made his presentation, the president interrupted him several times with questions and in the course of his comments, said things which were hate-filled, vile, and racist. and use those words advisedly. i cannot believe in the history of the white house, and that oval office any president has ever spoken the words that i heard our president speak yesterday. you've seen the comments in the press.
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inaccurate. to no surprise the president started tweeting this morning denying he used those words. it is not true. he said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly. >> no official response today from the white house senator durbin spoke this morning at the martin luther king jr. breakfast in chicago. civil rights leader jesse jackson was there and he too was asked about the president's words. >> every sign is that he speaks like a racist, he conjures up those fears. but categoryize him by a name. calling africa a (beep). our ally in the revolutionary war hated. rice, production of it every
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country liberia and haiti, africa, and so an misinformed man with power is a weapon of mass destruction. democratic senator diane finestein released a statement saying the president showed a desire. two democratic congress members say they'll introduce a resolution next week to sensor president trump over his comments. >> senator lindsey graham says he challenged the president after he made those comments directly. they do not recall president trump using the s-word. here's some reaction from republican senators susan collins of maine. >> the president's comments obviouslyer
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inappropriate. he should not be demo grading the citizens of other countries and it also does not help us come up with a bipartisan approach to immigration. >> arizona republican senator john mccain issued a statement today saying people from this country have come from everywhere and people from everywhere have made america great. our immigration policy should reflect the truth and our president should respect it. >> with all of that as the backdrop there was the president today signing a proclamation to honor dr. martin luther king jr.. he took no questions from reporters. carl ray scene d. c.'s first elected attorney general is haitian-american. >> when i first heard of them, i was hoping somehow, some way
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misinterpretation, but obviously i applied my common sense and said my god this is who president trump is. he says this kind of stuff, he acts it out and he actually passes policies and this is what i'm concerned with the most. his immigration policy appears to be racist based. >> the average african immigrant is a lot more likely to have a college degree than the average american. >> and there are a lot of immigrant families in our region. scott bruin is here to introduce. >> a guy who believes statistics don't lie whatever your political persuasion and here's the tweet. 43% of immigrants from s-hole countries. once went on to point out that nigerian americans have
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house hold median income compared to average americans. >> there's so many opportunities available in the united states and they wanted to be part of that experience, they wanted also to contribute to the greatness of what is the united states. >> bonnie's parents came to the u.s. in the 1980s. >> we're in new york now. let us dress as new yorkers. >> they laughed with the rest of america at eddie murphy in coming to america, but the truth is a better story. >> her dad, a small business owner, her mom a registered nurse is a family of achievers. a brother's in college and stacy age 30 is a georgetown university trained lawyer. >> when people come here, they want to contribute to this society. they want to, you know, be
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of america. you know, my parents had raised us to feel as if the add part of america. it really does hurt to not be viewed as american as someone else. >> and that's the story of immigrants from our s-hole country. scott bruin wusa 9. >> some perspective there. maryland has the second highest number of nigerian immigrants of any u.s. state behind texas. more than 31,000 marylanders were born in nigeria. i think he's an idiot he's a complete idiot. i've been to both and they are fine people and they are fine countries and we have many haitians in washington d.c. and i'm sure they must be deeply offended. >> i'm really upset that f
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again that he was racist, and a white supremacist. >> you know as a president we don't expect him to say certain things, but this is different. this president is different. >> i don't understand what's going on with him and it's very disappointing and disheartening actually. >> i think we're tired of it. it certainly doesn't show leadership. it's not presidential but we've run out of time that his words are presidential. >> cbs political contributor bob sheather has covered nine presidents over his career. >> and he said he's never heard anything like this coming out of the commander in chief. >> we all know these words. anybody that's been in a controlled room at a television studio when something goes on you learn a lot of new words. but this is nothing. but to say this in the white house during a discussion. >> in the offal office, yeah. >> this is a newow
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>> and i think he ought to be ashamed of himself. >> we want to be clear that not everyone is upset by president trump's comments. there are members of the president's base and others are great with what he said. others are commenting on our wusa 9 facebook page. releasee writes if you want to make things right make immigration fair from all countries. cindy says what's wrong with bringing in people that can contribute instead of taking. and wanda posted the news just loves making things more than they are. follow the latest reaction to the president's comments on immigration. you can download our free wusa 9 app. we're going to have more at 6:30 and then at 7:00 a special off script broadcast. coming up next an update on that nearly naked woman
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by hospital security guards by the man who rescued her. >> and coming up next
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a father is charged in the death of his 3-year-old daughter. he left her outside f
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drinking her milk. officers found the toddler dead near their dallas suburban home. matthews now faces life in prison or even the death penalty. he's currently locked up with a $1 million bond. his wife also behind bars on child abandonment charges. something good may have come out of this shocking video. the man who captured the security guards dumping a woman says she is now with her family and getting treatment. imamu baraka called police. the medics took her back to that very same university of maryland hospital. . >> she has a family, she's being taken care of. >> so i'm assuming ya'll are with the security department. >> so the hospital has apologized for dumping the woman and promised the people
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held accountable. but baraka is convinced from what he saw from those guards that this is has happened before. he said thousands of people called to say it happened to them at the university of maryland and other hospitals. coming up tonight an ultrasound of a baby you're going to have to see to believe. >> and up next the cdc says the flu i like this organic mac and cheese. and i like this organic mac and cheese. is that my mac and cheese?
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the flu is everywhere right now literally. >> disease control and prevention says this is shaping up to be a severe flu season. >> plenty of people are getting sick with the flu right now. the cdc says the flu is now widespread in every state in the u.s. except hawaii. >> the season started back in many november and has had a really rapid rise and is probably peaking right about now. >> the u.s. could be in for a severe season. the h3n2 virus is dominating this season which tends to cause more severe illness, hospitalizations and death especially in children and older adults. so far
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>> we -- >> these parents in ohio are mourning the loss of their 4-year-old son who died last need. jonah rivan had underlying medical conditions. >> the absolute joy that jonah brought into our lives any sorrow that comes along with it. >> the cdc is urging anyone who has not been vaccinated for the flu to get the shot now even though the season could be peaking. >> it could be 13 more weeks of affluenza still to come. the predominant strain right now is h3. however. h1n1 seems to be making an entrance right now. and affluenza b notoriously shows up late and can effect older and younger individuals. >> if there's one thing we know about the
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unpredictable. danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. >> that's lower than typical seasons but higher than the 10% australia is reporting from their flu season. a magical moment for some soon to be parents is trending from our wusa 9 facebook page. see the baby is turning to the camera and waiving in the womb. people are simply amazed by what they saw. he turned and waved like he knew they were watching. and abby says a once-in-a-lifetime chance of that happening during that moment which will make you feel like something was happening that's pretty awesome. >> that's a topper kind of thing. >> that would have been really cool to see. >> wow. >> they didn't have that stuff when we were --
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we had a story last week and they had twins and they didn't know it until they were delivered. >> that would have freaked me out. >> that would have freaked anybody out. >> if it were my child i would have quit my job. this is big stuff here. we are in the 60s right now but don't get used to it. we're going to snap right back. live look outside. we have some pretty big showers and even some thunderstorms. i hate to call them thunderstorms but they're producing winds that make them severe thunderstorm criteria. that's crazy warm. winds out of the south at about 9. here's our radar over the past hour. this is one lighter batch of rain and showers to the east of i-95. this is the heaviest batch by far. you see the red and the yellow and we talked about this yesterday which is why we kept thunderstorms in the forecast. you can have storms in january. severe thunderstorm warning still in effect
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county until 6:45. everybody could see gusty winds. just to the west of meyersville heavy rain in hagerstown down towards downsville. we sliced and diced this and for january that's a pretty good thunderstorm. some of the tops up to about 28,000'. pretty impressive for january. for tonight we've got showers, rain, thunderstorms, somewhat gusty winds. falling temps tomorrow. snow showers maybe a flurry possible. and then just very cold on sunday. we're lucky to make freezing on sunday and then dry and cold for martin luther king day. we still have snow showers possible on tuesday and wednesday. models are not in agreement. if i had to pick a better day with a higher chance that would be wednesday. so, 9:00 tonight here's some showers and a few thunderstorms leesburg to fredrick. by 11:00 here comes another batch between the red.
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as we go through the next 4 or 5 hours with the front. 31 in oakland. under winter weather advisory. by midnight another batch. a line of showers and storms. gathisberg to monassis. by morning we're going to be in the 30s and by the afternoon the wind chills will be in the teens. dress for the teens and 20s tomorrow. look at the 40s to start and by 11:00 doesn't move. 33 by 1:00. only about freezing but nice and cold on monday. upper 30s. next seven days yes. snow showers tuesday, snow showers possible. wednesday best chance and then some pattern change could be signalling once again for january thaw. back in the 40s and milder next friday.
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they've come up with everything in the world of sports igot something to blow your mind. >> we're going to introduce you to the new sport taking the nation by storm. >> you've got our attention now. >>
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now wusa 9 sports with frank hammerhan brought you to by xfinity. so do you think
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wizards know who any of these guys are. >> now playing like an expansion team once again. second worst record in the nba. they are bad. it's very difficult to name one of their players. and the last time these two teams faced off boys and the magic wiz scored 130 and an easy victory. they are playing too cool for school. we all know the wizards are on the cusp of being a very good team. games like this tonight should be beat downs we shall see. but we've said that before. how about rodney. and cellphone owners after hood got kicked out he swatted out a dude's
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$35,000 for that salacious act. never mess with a person's cellphone. >> giving indoor football a new name. look at these creative guys inside a wal-mart playing some football. this is called the walmart bowl. i mean, just when you think everybody's come up with everything, you see this playing football inside the walmart. i'm not sure if this was sanctioned or not. >> probably not. >> if you play in walmart then you go buy some stuff at the store. that's why they like it because he's buying some stuff in their store. >> they've got everything there. >> all right. >> that's news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> bruce is back at 7:00. we'll be back at 11:00.
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