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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 12, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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down to sperriville. the individual downpours are moving off to the north at a pretty good poke in the next few minutes. and slowly be surely work its way across the metro late tonight between about 11:00 and midnight. so keep that in mind if you're out late. temps won't stop falling until the wee hours of the morning. by 10:00 we're still 62. look what happens by midnight. there comes the front itself. see the red. heavy downpours around midnight and temperatures will really tank after that. we'll come back. we'll talk about how low the wind chills will get and the chance for accumulating snow next week. an update now on the newly naked woman dumped wearing a gown at a bus stop in baltimore on a night where temperatures were near freezing. she's with family tonight
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getting help. >> thank you my friend, i appreciate it. >>imamu obaka is a hero now. his video of the hospital security guards dumping a clearly troubled patient on the streets has been viewed millions of times on facebook. >> they put a human on the curb like they did isposed trash. >> after medics took her back inside. >> what i should have done is gone to the other corner. >> the hospital quickly sent her out again. >> then i would have seen them put her in a taxi and send her to a shelter. >> just on the other side. >> go ahead and sit down. >> baraka says the woman's mother found her in that shelter. >> she
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she needs. she's with family. she's being taken care of. >> the hospital's ceo insists this is not how it usually treats troubled patients. >> so i'm assuming that you all went through the security department. >> but baraka a mental health therapist himself is not convinced. >> so you are all okay with leaving that woman out there. >> he said the guards were not phased. >> baraka is convinced that someone in the hospital ordered those guards to dump that woman outside. the hospital says it is still trying to figure out who decided what and it says they will be held accountable. in baltimore bruce lashan wusa 9. >> baraka says since he posted the video on facebook hundreds of people have
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him to say they too have been unceremoniously dumped out on the curb in hospitals around the country. to prince george's county now where a 19-year-old high school student has been arrested and charged after yesterday's stabbing at central high. edwin martinez is charged with attempted murder. he stabbed two fellow students yesterday after a fight over a female student. those two injured teens are in stable condition but they are expected to survive. the video is clear but these armed robbery suspects are all bundled up. take a good look. they held up a shell gas station in silver springs. this was back on december 10th on university boulevard. if you know anything give police a call. general motors announced an ambitious proposal over night in to take out ot steering
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in their self-driving cars. >> look. nothing to hold on to there. chris van cleave reports from washington. >> something is missing from this car and it's a sneak peak of what the future may look like, a self-driving smart car without a steering wheel or even a brake pedal. general motors said it's ready to start building them now. >> it's pretty buzz trending. it does really make the prospect of autonomous driving all the more real. >> gm announced this morning it's filed a petition with the national highway traffic association. even this self-flying volo cop ter. electric car maker biten sees the car of the future a bit of
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the advocates for highway and auto safety said americans may not be quite ready to get rid of the wheel. >> we frankly were surprised with how concerned the american public is. a full 75% are not comfortable with disconnecting vehicle equipment like that steering wheel. >> what do you think about the concern -- the red the. >> assuming general motors can get the approval from the federal government it believes it can start testing these vehicles in 2019 in at least seven states and hopes to work with other states. well there's no steering wheel that law may not be necessary. chris van cleave cbs news washington. >> ya'll are
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with these people you know taking the steering wheel away might actually be an improvement. >> we need a backup plan. >> just my ride in today. the richest man in the world writes a check to help the dreamers. >> and this
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president trump may have cancelled his trip to great britain but a wax version of the commander and chief is chilling in front of the u.s. embassy in london. placed that figure there. those construction workers stopped by to snap some pictures with the foe potis. >> fopo. >> president trump cancelled that trip because he's not happy with the new embassy. others say it was cancelled over fears of a protest against him. we're not going to speculate. just going to give you the facts. jeff bezos is donating $30 million. >> this is money that helped bring immigrants to the united states legally. him and his wife will give that money to the dream u.s.
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program has already helped 1700 immigrants pay for school. this donation will help fund 1000 more college scholarships. bezos recently became the richest man in the world. his donation is the largest donation that scholarship fund has ever received. a crook swiped a backpack belonging to alabama defensive line coach alex dunbar. also in the bag, a wallet with more than $1300 in cash . despite all that bama did go on to win the game. here's video of the unidentified suspect snatching that bag. no good. all right. a mishap at a cycling race sent crews scrambling to get a finish line back in place. take a look. >> the athletes will rest and
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>> the take down. literally took down the finish line. and just kept going. it was like oh, did i -- is that something attached to me. >> we'll just keep driving. >> she was in the middle of the story when that happened. crews were able to get the inflatable sign back up before the winner of the race crossed the finish line. >> the truck was not the winner. >> apparently they didn't tell the truck it was too tall to get under there. >> or they put it up not thinking trucks might actually use that road. the wizards facing another weekly opponent tonight. that doesn't mean the wizards shouldn't expect a win. and right after the break i'm going to talk with face the nation host john dickerson about the president's comments on face the nation and maybe a curve ball or two because he's als
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>> we're watching this action to the west. we'll give you the hour by hour forecast on that and talk about
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happened to be majority black and latino. turns out the immigrant from africa is a lot more likely to have a college degree than an american. hoping the president's comments don't tarnish it. and why don't we take this opportunity to update you on tonight's poll question. are you offended by president trump's alleged vulgarity spelled out on your screen? we've seen a big swing in the last 30 minutes. 88% of you say you are not. president trump reportedly using vulgar language described nations that's dominated social media. i'm sure you've heard
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by now. face the nation host john dickerson. so john, i wonder about the practical effect of these comments. we know we're talking about it. we know that politicians are talking about it but is it taking time away from talking about and doing the important things that need to happen right now? government shut down? daca? border security? >> i guess the practical effect is not just bad language it's just the mind set of grouping people based on the color of their skin or where they are from is amp thet cal in the way that most americans think of their country and certainly that kind of vulgar language talking about groups of people in that vulgar way is not a way and most people associate that behavior with the president. it puts republicans in a tricky spot because they're running for re-election in 2018 and they worry about being tied to the president. a president that might turn off lots
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create a lot of enthusiasm in democratic voters who see this kind of behavior and who get offended at a deep personal level and then turn out to vote against republicans. that's the worry for republicans. for democrats they worry do they want to do any kind of a deal with this president. because their voters may say why are you agreeing to a deal with the president who has said these kinds of things and this is of course in a context which is not the first time the president has done this. he started his campaign by saying that mexican undocumented immigrants were rapists and murderers and has had a series of incidents between then and now in which he's characterized people often or almost exclusively people who have a different color skin in these kinds of ways and so for democratic voters who find that offensive they don't want to see
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that. >> we're also dealing with you're leaving the dmv for new york city. hosting cbs this morning. i just want to ask you, why does that job appeal to you? >> well, that's right, i was born here and ibeen here for the last 22 years. i'm moving up to new york. it appeals to me because i get to wake up every day and look at all the stories in front of us and for two hours get to talk about those stories, what interests me, what i want to find a little bit more out about and i also get to join gale and nora who are kind of equally curious in what's happening . and if we don't get to some issue or topic we've got two hours the next day. politics will be a big part of that but then there's all the other parts of the american story that we don't get to talk about. >> we're all looking forward to seeing more of you and we're going to see you actually
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for face the nation. see you then. now wusa 9's first alert weather. live look outside. temperatures are still ridiculously warm. still 61 downtown. we're looking at dew points in the 60s which is almost unheard of for january. here's a look at the forecast high temperatures. we're going to go back in the icebox after tonight. this is saturday. the high temperature 39 but it will be a midnight high at about 57. look what happens. by sunday we're at about 32 and it gets colder especially up to the north of us. by monday 7 below in bismark. 46 in atlanta. pretty cold air mass. tuesday in the 30s, upper 30s and we get into wednesday we're still in the 30s. but the good news is by the time we get into thursday and friday a little better. upper 30s on thursday and we're back in the 40s on friday and there's some indication of after next friday pattern change again, a little bit of anoth
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through tonight. we have a severe thunderstorm warning in berkley and fredrick and jefferson and washington counties. winds over 58 miles per hour and again kind of unusual talking about severe weather in january but we've talked about the potential of this giving us thunderstorms. we've had them in the forecast pretty much all week and there they are. this is generated by the front itself and move through late tonight in the immediate and metro area. pretty good rain from charlestown all the way back to the east of strassburg now and rainfall rates pretty intense now. see the red there it's almost 1" per hour. that deeper red is 1" per hour. so for tonight rain, showers, thunderstorms. snow shower or flurry is possible. and then very cold sunday. dry and cold on monday. snow showers are possible tuesday and even a better
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about wednesday. they're pretty much in agreement about tonight, though. here we go. everything rolls through between about 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. and then by 7:00 a.m. we're done with all the rain. look at the temps. 28 in hagerstown. 37 downtown. by 10:00 a.m. we're still falling. 34 in fredricksberg and by 2:00 temperatures are still going down. by 6:00 p.m. we have 20s primarily. 29 in callpepper. 27 in fredrick and by 10:00 tomorrow night 18 already. date night saturday night is going to be cold and dry. really what you have to dress for tomorrow are wind chills. wind chills in the morning in the teens already. then by evening wind chills barely 20 downtown but 18 -- we've got a wind chill of 10
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in hagerstown. 70 in zellus today. temperatures to start go down. 33 to start at 1:00 p.m. it's cold and dry on sunday about 32. and then cold on monday upper 30s and then yes, we have some snow showers possible on tuesday. upper 30s a better chance for some snow showers on wednesday. cold on thursday, and then milder back in the 40s with sunshine next friday. now wusa 9 sports with frank hammerhan brought to you by xfinity. washington wizards face the orlando magic tonight at the capital one arena and there's going to be an old school hip hop after the game. let's hope that's not the highlight of the night for our wizards. the magic flat out terrible. they're 12-30 this season. inat's the second worst record
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on the road and the last time these two teams face off wizards scored 130 and that was an easy win. these are the wizards we're talking about. a team that could look great against boston and houston but lose to bad teams like atlanta and utah the other night. wizards just 11-10 against teams with a losing record and of course we all know this for dc to take that next step and be a contender in the east the wiz needs to eat up in boston tonight. here is what's not cool. knocking a cellphone out of one's hand. who does that? that's what happened to a d.c. fan. hood fined $35,000 by the league today. that's what you get when you knock a cellphone out of a hand. how about getting that dude a new iphone x or maybe he should give him the money. that's what's happening in
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minnesota ahead of the vikings-falcons match up this weekend in the nfl playoffs. >> the jag wires would play the vikings it would be so. >> bridgewater is back. then the vikings would for sure win. >>. >> at the's still not playing. >> did he say $5,000. >> i love how he said jag wires. >> i'm betting all my money based on the combos. >> thanks frank. coming up at 6:00 we'll introduce you to a local african immigrant family who has some strong feelings about president trump's recent comments. >> but first a behind the scenes look at a pod cast that has
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if you're a fan of pod cast like serial or this american life there's a new pod cast you might be interested in. in less than a week it's had chart topping success. >> a quick walk down an east ellis driveway and lindsey graham is at work. en music first got him in front of a sound board. >> honestly i was just playing guitar in high
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but found i'm okay on the production side. imagine it's 1919. >> there were songs recorded and audio books then a pod cast in early 2016 where he himself recorded the pod cast. >> it's early evening. >> american history tellers first episodes focused on the cold war. >> it went live last wednesday. the next morning on the apple charts it was the number one pod cast in the country. >> i was pretty quickly told i'm going to be a texter and that we've hit number one. >> this week it's held steady at 2. >> imagine that it's wednesday october 24th, 1962. >> we don't know apple's algorithm and we're waiting for the company to call us back. the best guess is that some combination of the number
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who have subscribed have left reviews and people who have downloaded it. >> yeah, we definitely have reached millions that's for sure. >> not bad for a guy whose day job is fundraising at smu. >> this is number one favorite hobby in the country. >> in a 12' by 16' room. >> which is becoming the problem for a lot of america. >> he's definitely got the voice. after the cold war episodes listeners of american history tellers can hear about the prohibition, the space race and the history of national parks. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. we have some big thunderstorms and heavy downpours off to the west. heavy rains from hagerstown to just east of winchester. rainfall rates over 1"
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and infact we're looking at severe thunderstorm warnings. essentially straight line winds. but winds will gust over 60 miles per hour with the heavy rainfall. if you look here you can see a little bit -- 49 miles per hour wind shear. produce some brief, gusty winds. this is in association with the front itself which is then going to cause temps to plummet after midnight. 48 in coupleberlin and the main access of the heavy rain. notice the red, that's unusual. that's rainfall rates of 1" to 2" an hour. we'll come back and talk about low wind chills tomorrow afternoon and then the chance for some snow next week. right now at 6:00... >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> president donald trump ignores questions and


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