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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us at noon.
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over president trump's reported vulgar language describing some chris. the president denies using an expletive but people in the room say the reports are true. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reaction to alleged comments made by president trump were swift and strong from democrats and republicans. >> the statements of the president are reprehensible, racist, they are totally incorrect. >> this remark by the president of the united states is blatant racism. >> during a meeting in the oval office on thursday senator dick durbin proposed restoring the immigration package. the president interrupted him and said why do we want all these people from expletive hole countries here? we should bring in for people from places like norway. >> i can't defend it. i don't think anybody can. i dw where he wanted to go with it. >> the president denied
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reports on twitter. he wrote the language used by me at the daca meeting was tough but this was not the language used. what was really tough was the out landish proposal made, a big set back for daca. >> to no surprise the president started to tweet denying he used those words. it's not true. he said these hate filled thingt repeatedly. >> the haitian government calld summoned the top diplomat for a meeting with the haitian president. weijia jiang, cbs news. >> today marking the 8th anniversary of the earthquake in haiti. they describe that as a time when americans gave their heart, soul and money to try to help the people of haiti. do you think the president's comments crossed the line? we invite you to participate in our live interactive poll and we'll visit the results a little later. ironically this happened on the day of the white
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ceremony where president trump honored the legacy of marlin luther king, junior. president trump is canceling a trip to london where he was expected to open the new $1 billion u.s. embassy. he said he did it to protest the obama administration's decision to move the compound from the may fair district to a less fashionable area of london. the likeness of president trump outside the new american embassy in london but the president misspoke. the move was actually announced in 2008 by the george w. bush administration before president obama was elected. prime minister theresa may has extended an invitation to the president for an official state visit to england. the white house said it's still ironing out the details. the white house discussion centered around immigration from haiti, el salvador and some african countries. the latest census numbers show the dc metro area ishe
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coming from african nations. the second most is el salvador and then haiti. president trump gets his first physical exam today since taking office. it's scheduled to take place at walter reed military facility in bethesda. the president predicted he will receive a clean bill of health. how much we learn about the out come is unclear. >> clearly there is no legal requirement for any disclosure and from a medical ethical standpoint there is no requirement for any disclosure unless there's the very remote case of the physician thinking there was a danger to himself or others. >> after his last exam in 2016 president trump's long time physician wrote a one page letter declaring trump in excellent physical health and then candidate trump shared the results on the dr. oz show to let everyone else know. we have new information on the attack at a prince george's high school thursday.
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edwin aguilar martinez is 19 and is now charged with attempted murder. police say he stabbed two other students at central high school in capitol heights. it happened during some kind of arguments in the hallway. the two students who were stabbed are recovering in the hospital. charles county investigators are trying to figure out what happened to a woman whose body was found on the side of the road in waldorf. sky 9 was over the scene near old washington road and smallwood drive. the sheriff's office is working to find out who the woman is and exactly how she died. a cruise ship that was supposed to dock in baltimore on thursday is still out at sea. that's because nearly 50 people are sick with an illness on the cruise ship. it left baltimore january 2nd for a 9-day trip with stops in south carolina, florida and the bahamas. the same ship experienced an out break of the ro
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it's scheduled to dock on saturday, a couple of days late. now to the devastating mud slides in california. 17 people were killed in the disaster and the victims range in age from 3 to 89. four were children. carter evans is in heavily damas all i have. everything is gone. >> all het to remember his life partner, peter, are these mementos he found a half mile from their home. he said they lived in a voluntary evacuation zone so they decided to ride out tuesday's storm. >> the floor felt like it had no support at all. it was just rolling under beneath me. the walls -- underneath me. the balls burst in. >> they sd ed to give people warning the weekend before the storm via e-mails, text messages and phone calls. >> when the storm finally hit the national weather service put
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an amber alert saying that flash flooding was imminent. >> it went to the thomas fire area at 2:46 a.m. but santa barbara officials were concerned it didn't reach certain verizon customers. they issued a county wide alert at 3:51 when the debris flow was already starting. officials answered criticism on thursday that the alerts came too late. >> we knew we couldn't put the alert out doing the evacuation orders and warnings because it would have gone out to the entire county and caused great confusion. >> i don't think they could have ever saw this coming but if they said everybody should leave we couldn't have sustained so many people in this situation right now. >> the office of emergency management is looking at ways to improve that cell phone emergency alert system and the sheriff's office said that it issued both mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders based on the best information it had at the time. the rain simply fell much harder and faster than expected.
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carter evans, cbs news, montecito. you may start seeing more money in your paychecks next month. the irs published new income tax with holding tables to confirm to the just passed tax overhaul measure. businesses must adopt the changes by february 15th. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said that should mean for take home pay for about 90% of american workers. it's warmer but it's still a yellow weather alert day. look at that fog, howard. what is that about? >> it's warm moist air coming in over the cold river. we don't see that a lot. right now this time of the year we've got temperatures well into the 60s. humidity way high. the fog is out there. that's the potomac. it's anywhere we've got cold wat me show you first alert doppler. we've had some rain and heavier showers. we are in a lull for a few hours but there's a lot more moisture to the southwest and west and snow in indiana and ohio in the colder
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the heaviest showers have left dc. still some light showers in prince george's and ann arundel county. in southern maryland even you guys are starting to see drier weather. the eastern shore will get the . with the warmth and the moisture -- it's 70 in manassas right now but the breeze coming in off the water in national at 61 and annapolis at 54. even western maryland in the 50s. i know it's heeding some snow at the ski areas but they will get back to making it by over night. cold air is coming. heavy showers will return at 3:00 or 4:00 it looks like. then we'll be looking at some more breaks. the front doesn't come through until tonight. here we are at 1:00 a.m. there's the front. by the morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s. coming up on wusa 9 news, risky business. a new internet trend has teenagers eating laundry detergent pods. why?
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did president trump cross the line in his expletive deleted comment? this is what you are saying on the mega phone. at least 88% of you think he did cross the line. 12% said no. we will keep you updated throughout the show. the maryland senate could act as soon as today after the house voted to over turn a veto from governor larry hogan. the bill in question the new sick leave policy. the state's new sick leave policy was overturned by the white house. i'm sorry. i don't want that right in front of me. it
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than 15 full time workers to provide at least five days of earned paid leave. the governor had vetoed that thinking it put too much of a hardship on small business owners. as we've been telling you in our health alerts these past couple of months the flu is now wreaking havoc nationwide. an hour ago the cdc released the latest numbers on the deadly out break and show the h3n2 strain is flourishing. in maryland flu cases are high and widespread. in virginia as well. dc is not immune to the flu but doing better than its neighbors. taryn overman is the e.r. senior director. thank you so much for being here with us. all 50 states seeing the flu. have you seen a spike in cases at virginia hospital center? >> we have. we are definitely seeing increag ing in with the flu. >> arese
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who have not had the flu vaccine or a combination of both? >> it's a combination of both. some had it, some not. >> some are delaying going to the doctor or emergency room because they think they have a cold. how do you tell the difference? >> high fevers, body aches, shortness of breath. it's really important in the first two days to get treatment. see your primary care doctor or if the symptoms are severe, the shortness of breath or the fever is not going down come to the e.r. >> how do you treat someone in the mist of the flu? >> supportive care is important, fluids and running their lab work. we can test them for the flu. we can provide medications that can help. they are really critical in the first 48 hours. >> the flu started in october and it really hit its peak in late december and n
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seeing the results of that. is it too late to get the vaccine that's only 30% effective? >> it's not too late. if you have the vaccine and youe flu it may be milder. i have a 5-month-old and he doesn't qualify. if you have young children consider getting your family vaccinated to protect younger children not eligibility. >> any other ways to prevent the spread of the flu? some hospitals are restricting access to children under 12. is that happening at virginia hospital center? >> we are not. we evaluate that on a day by day basis. the nick nic -- the nicu has restrictions in place. do some really good hand washing. if i see you cough and you forget to wash your hands i should tell you.
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that flu shot is because the flu season ends when? >> may. >> so we have a lot of time to deal with the flu. >> yes. >> get that flu vaccine right n overman the e.r. senior director at va hospital center. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >d as advise there. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> those are the sons of julia dreyfus who made a music video to celebrate her last treatment for breast cancer. she shared the video on instagram. she revealed she had breast cancer if september. it was just days after she won her 6th consecutive emmy for her performance on veep. get this, one of the latest social media fads has teenagers eating landry detergent pods. anna warner has more on the very risky behavior. >> all right. all right. all right. >> manf
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videos are recorded and posted by minors. >> they are putting poisonous laundry pods in their mouse for clicks and internet fame. >> three, two, one. >> they call it the tide pod challenge. >> oh, my god. >> 19-year-old mark did it on a dare. he told us he knew better but did it anyway. >> a lot of people were just saying how stupid i was or how -- why would i be willing to do that. no one should put anything like that in their mouths. >> this is what started out as a joke on the internet and now it's just gone too far. >> anne marie said ingesting any of the liquid care -- carries a deadly risk. to children it can look like candy. at least 10 deaths have
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ingesting the pods. two toddlers and eight seniors with dementia. >> proctor and gamble, the maker of tide, said that it's no laughing matter. they have worked with manufacturers to make the packets less attractive to children. >> making it less attractive, less colorful, reducing the toxicity and the strength of detergent. >> the cpsc found that elder ly ly adults with dementia were confused and ingested it. the danger to little kids are high that it is recommended for parents of young children not buy them at all and use regular detergent only. anna warner, cbs news. >> we got tide pods when my son was this college. it's very convenient for college kids. >> it's convenient for everyone but we've been doing stories for over a year talking abo
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now we have to worry teenagers following a crazy fad. >> they have been doing that for decades. let's talk about this picture. >> this is fog. all this warm moist air coming h the cold river is why we are getting the fog. imagine that you have a cold drink and it's wet on the outside, a similar case here. we got a picture from christy down at saint mary's river doing the same thing there. this afternoon on and off showers. look at the temperatures into the mid 60s. a little breezy at times. south, southeastern winds at 10, 15, maybe 20 miles per hour. this is a big storm system. while it's throwing the moisture and the warmth our way heavy snow in indiana, detroit towards hamilton. around here we have a nice break. i know some folks are walking to get
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january. to our east still mainly east of i-95, well east of i-95 for most of us there's nothing in dc. could we get a little spritz? yes. the heavy stuff all on the eastern shore. even in saint mary the precipitation has shut down. where is the front? there it is. 20s in toledo. we are near 70 locally. a lot of arctic air now pouring back into the northern plains. kansas city only 11. we will see the showers on and off through the first half of tonight. at 6:00 p.m. more breaks and then later tonight the front comes through. that may not happen until 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. when it does temperatures will crash. by the morning we'll be down in the 30s. wind chills on saturday will be in the teens and 20s. i know it's in the 60s now. it's going to feel 40 if not 50d er in spots with the wind chill come tomorrow. so, yes, you've been warned.
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even today. we've seen some areas pushing 70 south and west of us. on and off showers, maybe a storm. 30s by morning and we really don't get out of the 30s tomorrow. we'll see 39. 18 on saturday night. sunday 32. cold and dry. next week monday looks okay for the holiday, just cold. tuesday some snow showers. some light accumulations there. wednesday we will watch a possible system on the european and then by thursday it's just sunny and cold with a high around freezing. we'll be bac remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea...
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we've got some lulls right now. i'm still loving the fog with that warm moist air over the cold rivers. on and off showers for the afternoon and the evening until a cold front comes through. then by morning temperatures will beow
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the 30s. we are going to have wind chills tomorrow in the teens and 20s. if we had a flurry tomorrow morning don't be surprised. enjoy the warmth today because the cold stuff is going to roar back late tonight. >> it is winter after all. that's it. we will see youn monday.
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