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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 12, 2018 7:00am-8:54am EST

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nth financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. ♪ good morning. it's friday, january 12th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. criticism for using a vulgar expletive to describe haiti, el salvador and some african nations. critics around the world calling his comments racist and unacceptable. plus, the president canceled a trip to london. a powerful new storm brings ice and snow to the midwest and northeast. in california, searchers keep looking for dozens of missing people. facebo
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overhaul. changes that will impact you. plus, a new online video craze. teenagers putting laundry detechnologient pods in their mouth. why a government watchdog says they're taking a deadly risk. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 on seconds. >> i don't like it. >> both sides blast the president's immigration comments. >> the president asks why are having all these people from [ bleep ] countries come here. >> is it a little offensive? of course it is. >> a potentially dangerous storm is moving across the midwest now and headed east. >> we want everyone to be be prepared for the worst. >> it's a race against time to find survivors of a deadly california mudslide. >> i lost completely everything.
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there's nothing left. >> the prosecutor says she'll be launching a criminal investigation into the missouri governor. >> accusations he tried to blackmail his mistress. >> james franco was a no-show at the critics choice awards hours after sexual misconduct surfaced. all that -- >> a sandstorm swept through their area. >> and all that matters. >> an incredible home coming from a 6-year-old survivor of november's mass shooting at a texas church. >> he's our hero. he is the reason that we stayed positive through all this. >> on "cbs this morning." during a game against the celtics in london, the 76ers played blindfolded actor jack whitehall. they really thought he made that shot.
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presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." there's a global condemnation of president trump this morning for using crude words about countries caught up in the immigration debate. in an oval office meeting, the president said why do we want all these people from -- expletive -- countries here? >> lawmakers blasted the comments on twitter. republican marco rubio said we should evaluate im.grants based on who they are, not on the problems that exist in the nation of their birth. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. well, the president's remark caused a political backlash here
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incident overseas. the lead u.s. diplomate in haiti was formally summoned to try to explain the offensive comment. >> this is a pattern of racist statements. >> those comments reporting as wildly inappropriate -- >> i can't defend it. i don't think anybody can. >> this remark by the president of the united states, max, of blatant racism. >> in the oval office thursday, illinois democrat dick durbin proposed restoring protection from immigrants, from haiti and el salvador as part of an immigration package. one person told cbs news the president grew frustrated and said why do we want all of these countries from expletive hole countries. we should bring in more people from places like norway. the trump administration recently ended protections for 200,000
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u.s. after a devastating earthquake in 2001. protections for those from haiti, nicaragua and sudan are also set to expire. a white house spokesman said, quote, certain washington politicians chose to fight for foreign countries, but president trump will always fight for the american people. adding mr. trump wants to welcome those who can contribute to our society, a reference to mr. trump's proposed immigration policy that favors the highly educated or skilled over those in need. as a candidate, mr. trump thwarted the haitian american vote in florida. >> the haitian people deserve better and that's what i intend to give them. >> utah republican mia love whose parents are haitian says the president must apologize, adding this behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation. >> now the firestorm that has erupted as dimmed the process
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president says he so badly wanted when he spoke to us earlier this week. we will hear from the president later this morning when he signs a proclamation honoring civil rights icon martin luther king jr. >> a little irony there. and it's eight years to the day of the deadly earthquake in haiti. a lot going on. thank you very much, margaret. a oournl human rights spokesman says this morning, quote, you cannot dismiss entire countries and continents. it legitimizes people based on who they are. many south africans say they feel like targets of the president of the united states. deborah, good morning. >> good morning from south africa, which has been renamed south expletive hole by this country's most famous export daily show host, trevor nealer. south africans aren't taking too kindly from president trump's comments. the spokesperson said given the
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africans arrived in the u.s. during the atlantic slave trade, this flies in the face of all accepted behavior and practice. and the leader of south africa's official opposition tweeted that president trump is promoting a racist agenda. u.s.-africa relations will take strain from this with a leader who has failed to reconcile humanity. africans are often quick to criticize their leaders. for the most part, africans responded with humor. morning breakfast shows began with comments like welcome to my expletive hole and some people posted gorgeous pictures of africa with comments like a beautiful sunset from my expletive hole country. norah. >> oh, my. deborah, thank you so much. president trump says he scrapped an upcoming trip to london because the new u.s. embassy is a bad deal. the president was up late
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the president tweeted, quote, reason i canceled my trip to london is that i am not a big fan of the obama administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in london for peanuts, only to build a new one in an off location for $1.2 billion. bad deal. wanted me to cut ribbon. no, exclamation point. the new embassy is located about two miles from the old site. it sits on the banks of the river thames. jonathan is outside of the new embassy. good morning. >> good morning. the over $1 billion u.s. embassy still under construction sits on a manmade hill. it has its own load and it's considered one of the most secure places in the world on paper and certainly in person. this fortress certainly lives up to the extreme security president trump has called for in the states. but this morning, the president said he was not a
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blamed president trump for the move. but president trump's facts are off here. that bad deal was actually made by president george w. bush in 2008. president trump's cancellation combs over backlash amid theresa may's invitation. the london mayor city khan weighed in on in this morning saying londoners have made it clear that donald trump is not welcome. however, the president's cancellation has no impact on that state visit. the offer still stands. there is no set date. john. >> jonathan, thanks. a bill to continue a warrantless internet surveillance program is headed to the senate after some confusion caused by a presidential tweet. the house voted 256-164 to renew a portion of the foreign intelligence surveillance act, or fisa. the program created after 9/11 allows u.s. intelligence to monitor the digital communication of foreigners living in other countries.
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president trump seemed to attack fisa on twitter. he suggested the program was used to, quote, surveil and abuse the trump campaign. the president corrected himself minutes later tweeting, today's vote is about if foreign surveillance. we need it. >> many americans face a potentially dangerous commute this morning as a powerful storm system barrels towards the east coast. the storm already dumped up to 9 inches of snow in the plains. snow, ice and freezing rain could lead to slick roads, flight cancellations and power the outages. oh, boy. let's see exactly where it's heading. lonnie, good morning. what do you see? >> good morning. take a look. this is our storm. the green shows you the rain. the pink and the purple sort of in this area shows you where you see the frozen ice and sleet, some snow behind it as it
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its 3456r7 from the west to the east. it starts off as rain for everybody. look at this, even atlanta, some of the northern suburbs of atlanta could tap into that cold air. you look at the picture here, and this is going to be late tonight and into tomorrow, all the big rain start to go push offshore, could be ice jams because of the big melting out there. anything wet is going to treez. high temperatures today for new york, boston, charles, with up around 60 degrees, 24 hours later, you're closer to 20 degrees. big drop in temperatures. a lot of ice out there. anywhere from the ohio valley up into northern new england, could see from a trace to a quarter inch of ice and that's that commuting problem, nightmare, really, that you were just talking about. >> lonnie, thank you so much. and we're learning more about the 17 people killed in the california mudslide. the victims who died during the storm and mud flows early tuesday range in age from 3 to 89. four of them were children. authorities say the death toll
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43 people are considered missing. cart carter evans lost his parter of 17 years. carter is the in heavily damaged montecito. good morning. >> good morning. when you look at all this destruction, it's hard to imagine that anyone could have survived being swept away in a debris flow like this. in fact, a body was found right over there the other day. and now people are questioning what happened, how long did it take, and we're getting firsthand accounts from survivors who lost loved ones. >> this is all i have. everything is gone. >> all ala boha has left to remember his life partner, peter floret, are mementos he found about a had a mile from their home. he says they lived in a voluntary evacuation zone so they decided to ride out tuesday's storm. >> the floor felt like it had no support whatsoever. it was rolling underneath me. the mud came in andt
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>> they were soon pulled in different directions. >> the last thing peter yelled out to me was, lavo, grab on to some wood and don't let go. and that was the last i heard of him. >> officials say they tried to give people living in the area ample warning, via e-mail, text messages and phone calls. >> when the storm finally hit the national weather service put out a weaa alert, similar to an amber alert, saying flash flooding was imminent. >> the alert went to the thomas fire area but santa barbara was concerned it didn't reach certain verizon customers. they issued another warning at 3:51. officials answered critics that those alerts came too late. >> we knew we couldn't have put out a weaa because it would have gone out to the entire county an
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>> i think if they had said everybody should leave, we wouldn't have seen as many people in this situation right now. >> well, the office of emergency management says it's looking into ways to approve -- improve the alert system. the sheriff's office says it issued voluntary and manned the other evacuation orders. it was working off the best information that they have, but the rain felt much harder and much faster than expected. john. >> carter, thanks. missouri governor eric greiden denies new accusations of assault as well as attempted blackmail of a former lover. the former governor admits cheating on his wife with another woman before he was elected. the woman's now ex-husband exposed the affair to our st. louis afillant knov. dean reynolds is outside the state capital in jefferson city, missouri, with the new allegations. dean, good morning. >> good morning. governor
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of slapping the woman with whom he had the extra marital affair and he is very much in damage control and as some fellow republicans are asking him for more clarity. >> these allegations hanging out there, we need to get to the bottom of it. >> republican lawmakers in missouri want answers, which is if why there is now an active criminal investigation into governor greitens's alleged conduct including recommendations of an affair with his hair stylest and allegations of assault. >> i am a very proud father. >> the unidentified woman appears to be detailing the affair to her now ex-husband. >>. >> i knew he was being sexual and i still let him. and he used some sort of tape, i don't know what it was, and taped m
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and then put a blindfold on me. he stepped back, i saw a flash flew the blindfold and he said, you're never going to mention my name, otherwise there will be pictures of me. he tried kissing my stomach and tried to kiss me down there but didn't quite get there. >> if my goal was to have inflicted political harm on the governor, i would have brought this information public before the election. >> attorney albert watkins would represents the ex-husband of the woman involved in the affair allegations governor greitens assaulted her. >> when she admitted that she had had sexual relations with her husband during a period of attempted reconciliation, that the governor slapped her. >> and that attorney further claims that greitens began the affair in his home while his wife was in the
7:17 am
children. the governor's lawyer denies there was any violence or blackmail involved in the affair and he says greitens is confident that the investigation will clear him. norah. >> thanks. t allegations get more and more tawdry. >> mrs. greitens said this is between me and my husband and we have worked things out. two men at the table. why do men do dumb things? >> well, let me start the story, gayle. first the earth cooled. >> i can you put it well the other day. you said we don't have enough time. >> all right. facebook is making big changes to what its more that 2 billion users see when they log on. ceo mark zuckerberg said facebook is overhauling its news food
7:18 am
feed from family and friends. the changes will encourage more meaningful social interactions nick, good morning.berg.- what other man -- hello, man. >> good morning. >> what is facebook's incentive for changing this algorithm? >> well, they have a massive attack and they have come under a lot of criticism over the last two years over what facebook is doing to society. there was the fake news criticism, the criticism from russia. but the criticism moving this is that facebook makes us unhappy. now they're saying, you know what? we're going to change the algorithm so what you see is the content you feel better about. >> isn't this whole model based on this, selling targeted ads. >> facebook thinks they will make more money
7:19 am
better about the time they spend on facebook. so they change the algorithm to prioritize the time we share and as opposed to the stuff we look at and click on. but the thing about having your friends be prioritized, a lot of the reason people feel sad is they said their friends posting and they think, wow, they have a better life than i do. that's where it gets into your gut. >> that is one of the many complicated things. we'll see. >> nick thompson, always good to have you here. thank you very much. ahead, general motors
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equality in hollywood took over the blue carpet at the critics choice award. >> ahead, the new push for equal pay after reports that had actress michelle williamss earned 1500 times less than her costar.
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ahead, three things you
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♪ a beautiful sunrise on this friday. day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. you may start seeing more money in your paycheck next month. the internal revenue service published new income tax withholding tables to conform to the just passed tax overhaul law. businesses must adopt the changes by february 15th. treasury secretary steve mnuchin says that should mean more take-home pay for 90% of workers. >> the fbi warns giving children
7:31 am
codeine or hydroco down. the agency is encouraging drugmakers to change labels to make it clear sirn under 18 should not use these products. the fda is encouraging manufacturers to add additional safety warnings for adults. all three major records broke highs on wall street yesterday. the dow jones industrial average his 25,574. the s&p 500 closed at 2,767. and the nasdaq rose to 7,211. rising oil prices and optimism about the upcoming corporate earnings season contributed to the search. a rising number of celebrities are joining the course against gender inequality in hollywood. this follows reports that michelle williams was paid $80 a day to re-shoot scenes for the movie "all the money in the world." her costar, mark wahlberg
7:32 am
million. we look at the movie industry's history of underpaying actresses. good morning. when people heard the numbers, it was jaw dropping. >> you can call this hollywood's other worst kept secret. those scenes had to be reshot because kevin spacey, accused of being a sexual abuser, was dropped from the movie. at the time, that decision seemed like a victory for the "me too" movement. whether that's still the case is unclear now. >> in "all the money in the world," michelle williams character has to beg her former father-in-law to pay off her son's kidnappers. christopher plumber was recast as getty. mark wahlberg had a supporting role. >> i have no money to spare. >> with what would it take.? what would it take for you to feel secure? >> more. >> williams quickly agreed to re-shoot her scenes and even waived her standard fee. >> i was p
7:33 am
to be a part of it. >> unlike williams, wagberg's contract does not cover re-shoots. according to "usa today," he refused to shoot scenes with plumber unless he got paid for the additional work. hollywood's pay gap was a huge topic at the critics choice awards last night. actors walked the blue carpet in support of equal pay. >> i dearly hope there's a follow on story that addresses the imbalance. >> no one is better than or less than someone else. especially if they're in the same movie. >> last year, forbes said wahlberg was hollywood's highest paid actor, making $68 million. the highest paid actress was emma stone with $26 million. a-listers jennifer lawrence, amy adams and tarajip. henson said they have received less money that are their costars. >> people in
7:34 am
very privileged compared to the rest of us, but they can spot the pay inequalities that almost all women experience, then it's important. >> represents for williams and wahlberg declined our requests for comments. both actors are signed with the same agency wme. you know, this goes back to just being hollywood's worst kept secret. you can see the numbers will there. he made $68 million last year. emma stone, i think 13414 men made more money than emma stone as the highest paid female actress. >> i don't necessarily blame mark wahlberg here, but i am looking at michelle williams' agent if i am here. especially since they're at the same agencies. >> it would be even worse if the agents did have a conversation. >> and mark wahlberg apparently took a lower fee for this movie going into it. who knows. they're not speaking out.
7:35 am
their mouth. >> that raidses a lot of questions. general motors announced an ambitious proposal overnight to remove steering wheels in self- driving cars. they want to build vehicles with open dashboards like this cruise autonomy vehicle. why gm has to overcome both legal obstacles and driver expectations with this concept. chris, good morning. >> good morning. gm hopes to start testing those vehicles with no internal controls here soon. the department of transportation just this week announced it would start the process for creating the rules for vehicles without a steering wheel. but the idea of getting rid of the steering wheel has some drivers wanting to pump the brakes. >> something is missing from this car and it's a sneak peek of what the future may look like. a self-driving smart car without a steering wheel or even a brake pedal. general motors says it's ready to start building them now. >> it's pretty buzz wo.
7:36 am
when you start taking away fundamental controls like the gas pedal, the brake and the steering wheel, it does make the prospect of autonomous driving all the more real. >> to get this self-driving car on the road by 2019, gm announced this morning it's filed a petition with the national highway traffic safety administration asking the government to waive some standards pertaining to human-driven cars. self-driving cars were big players at this year's electronics show. but a new survey out this morning by the advocate for highway and auto safety found americans may not be quite ready to let go of the wheel. advocate president cathy chase. >> we frankly were surprised with how concerned the american public is. >> 64% expressed concern about sharing the roads with driverless cars and a full 75% are not comfortable with disconnecting vehicle equipment like that steering wheel. >> what do you think it is about the concern,
7:37 am
people seem to have about the steering wheel going away? >> they've had it the entire history of the car. so taking away such an essential component of a car is a seismic shift. >> and assuming gm can get the approval from the federal government, the company believes at least seven states will allow it to test the cars with no steering wheel. gm intends to work with other states. >> good point, chris. >> i love his question, what is the reticence of taking away the steering wheel. uh, it steers the car. i'm trying to get used to a self-driving car. at least let me have a steering wheel. it's interesting. >> it's a new world. >> it is. >> i am excited about it. a dangerous challenge involving laundry detechnologient detergent. a warning to teens who pop the pods in their mouth and post videos
7:38 am
what kind of stupid with this? >> stupid with two os. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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a government watchdog is expressing concern over the dangerous misuse of laundry detergent. in this latest social media fad, teenagers are putting detergent pods in their mouth and posting the videos online. anna warner is here with why this is so risky. good morning. >> and it might seem obvious. what's in these things? ingredients like polymers, a poisonous mix of detergent meant to wipe out dirt and grime. consumers groups have been alarmed by toddlers mistakenly popping them in their mouths. many of the social media videos are recorded and posted by minors.
7:43 am
they're putting poisonous laundry pods in their mouth for internet fame. they call it the tide pod challenge. >> oh, my gosh. >> 19-year-older mark pagan did it on a dare. he told us he knew better, but did it anyway. >> a lot of people are just saying how stupid i was or why would i be willing to do that. >> now authorities say this is what started out. >> anne-marie is chairman of the consumer products safety commission. she says ingesting any of the liquid carries a risk. the pods can look like candies. at least ten deaths have been linked to ingesting the pods. procter & gamble, themaker of tide product, told
7:44 am
if meant as a joke. safety is no laughing matter. >> cleaning powder with a child resistant top. >> more than 62,000 children under the age of 6 were exposed to laundry and diswashing detergents between 2013 and 2014. the next year, they could no longer recommend detergent packets, citing unique risks while urging the adoption of tougher safety measures. her groups was worked with manufacturers to make the packets less attractive to children. >> making that laundry packet opaque, less attractive, less colorful, reducing the toxicity and the strength of the laundry detergent. >> elderly adults with dementia were confused by the product and some of them obviously ingested it. the danger to little kids with these things is so high that researchers in a study recommended that parents not buy them at all the if they have kids under the age
7:45 am
years old, that the risk is too high and they're too dangerous. they said buy regular laundry detergent. >> i see why they're attractive to little guys. i get that. but teenagers for a joke on the internet makes no sense. >> and these are the people playing in traffic. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a look at this morning's other headlines, including how millions of children may have had faulty tests for lead poisoning. plus, walmart announced it's closing dozens of stores on the same day that it
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morning." here is a look at some of the other morning's stories. president trump signals openness to talks with north korea. the journal says mr. trump believes he has developed a positive relationship with leader kim jong un, despite their public insults. it suggests mr. trump is open to diplomacy. when asked if he had spoken with mr. kim, the president said he did not want to comment. the cincinnati inquirer reports there is a chance that lead tests for 7 million children may have been wrong. the tests were issued a really back in 2014. the cdc is now recommending that some children thought to be healthy should be rescreened. the detroit free press says 2900 ranger pickup truck owners should stop driving them immediately and replace the takata air bags. this affects certain
7:51 am
two people were killed in separate incidents. ford determined the inflaters were built on the same day at the same plant. and "people" reports the sons of actress julia louis-dreyfus filmed an adorable music video in honor of her last chemo treatment yesterday. ♪ beat it just beat it ♪ >> they lip synced the words to michael jackson's "beat it." louis-dreyfus shared the video on instagram. i love what she said about her sons. she said look what these guys did for me. so nice. >> and they appear to have the same comedic timing. >> they absolutely do. very nice. very nice, indeed. president trump is accused again of account
7:52 am
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good morning, it's friday, january 12th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." president trump tweets about his language on immigration after critics blast him for a profane description of some countries. ahead, the one and only bob scheiffer looked at what he calls the president's unforced errors. plus, oprah winfrey talks with leading women from hollywood's time's up campaign. there is a globe condemnation on president trump this morning. >> the president's remarks caused a political backlash here in washington and a diplomatic incident overseas. >> the
8:01 am
until the face of all accepted behavior and practice. >> this is the so-called bad deal behind president trump's latest controversial tweet. the over $1 billion embassy. >> the backside shows it turnings to sleet and rain and snow, as well. >> looking at all this destruction here, it's hard to imagine that anyone could have survived this. >> governor greitens is now accused of slapping the woman with whom he had the extra marital affairs and he is now in damage control as an investigation gets under way. >> with the hotel company in finland to create a "game of thrones" themed hotel that's made entirely out of ice. take a look. look at that. that's one of the bedrooms. yeah, that should make for a good night's sleep. curled up on a slab of ice with a white walker staring down at you.
8:02 am
good morning. penal president trump tweeted again this morning. he wrote on twitter, quote, the language using by me at the daca meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. what was really tough was the outlanding proposal made, a big set back for daca. >> the president is referring to a proposal from democrat dick durbin. one person briefed on the meeting tells cbs news, the president responded why do we want all these people from this expletive hole cups here. we should bring in people from more places like norway. >> lawmakers quickly condemned that language. republican tim scott says our strength lies in our diversity, including those who came here from africa, the caribbean and over other corner of the world. to deny these facts would be to
8:03 am
ignore the brightest part of our history. republican mia love says this, her parents are from haiti. the comments were unkind, devisive, elitist and fly in the fashion of our nation's values. >> the new year is 12 days out and the white house is in damage control. there is also the charges in michael wolff's tell-all book, "fire and fury." the cbs news political contributor bob scheiffer has covered nine presidents over here career. bob, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> it's great to see you. >> get along with just one face. >> no, we can't. >> there is just one face the nation host and i'm glad to ask him a question. bob, let's start with these comments about immigration. take it away. >> well, they did not remind me of george washingtonr
8:04 am
his other predecessors. i can't imagine -- i mean, look, anybody that's been a control room at a television studio when something goes wrong, you learn a lot of new words. but to say this in the white house during a discussion, this is a new low. and i think he ought to be ashamed of himself. do i understand he's now saying he didn't say it as a renewed tweet this morning? >> that's what he is saying. and the white house didn't deny it. they tried to turn it into some kind of a view about his toughness on immigration. they didn't deny he said it. >> but what about the fact that he called them expletive hole countries when he was referring to countries that have a predominantly black population. >> and he said why couldn't we get people here from norway, which 99% while. >> and all who report they're happy in
8:05 am
there was a report the other day on how happy they are in norway. this is -- >> is it racist? >> yeah. yeah. how can you take it any other way? and when i say that, i don't say that lightly. but i mean, how else could one read this? >> and you know what, bob? this should not be a bipartisan issue. the fact that it was so unhurtful and so unkind and so demeaning to so many people, are you surprised that more republicans aren't really speaking up and condemning those words? >> i am in some ways. but, i mean, you know, that's their business. i have my opinions and they have theirs, but i don't see how this helps them or anyone else. and i don't know where this goes. i mean, this was the most unusual campaign we've ever experienced. certainly in my lifetime. this year with the coming of the wolff book, the chaos rolls on. >> did you learn anything in that book that you dn'
8:06 am
that book? >> you know, i think he really nailed the chaos in the white house. and i think he was right on. now, you know, you can question some of his sources and methods and all of that. but people always have asked me over the years, what's your favorite beat? the white house, i guess? and i say yeah, that was fun. but, you know, everybody in the white house, they all worker for the same guy. it's on capitol hill where you really find news because there are all these factions and all these different independent contractors and that's what's fun for a reporter. but that's really not amped any more. as the wolff book underlined, there is many factions in the white house now as there are up on capitol hill and we've never had anything like that before. and i thought he really gave you a guide. i mean, you had the spicer and the priebus wing over here. kind of speaking for establishment republicans. you had bannon who is this
8:07 am
new force into himself over here. you have the kushner family, they have their own spokesman. they have their own agenda. and then you have the boys, the trump boys over here. and all of these people. there's no question about it. they're all leaking, they're all having their own agendas. we've never had anything like that. >> i wonder if i can get your historical perspective on the mental fitness of the president. >> you know, i don't know. i'm going to -- i'm going to say i'm not a doctor and i don't know what it is, but i do say i keep wondering why does he say these things? why does he step on his own story when you're in the middle of the tax reform and all of that? and he has the little good news and he manages to get something else, some stuff involved in it. i don't know why he does what he does. >> and his most recent comments come into context. he started his campaign saying mexicans are rapists. what do you think the effect will be for republicans
8:08 am
in 2018? >> you know, i think the most underreported story right now and the reason we haven't reported on it is simply because you have all of these disasters that we're going through with the climate at the same time this continuing ongoing chaos in the white house. i am beginning to think, for the first time, that there is a -- i think that the democrats may actually take the house this time. you've had 29 republics now that have decided they're not going to run. they only need 24 seats, the democrats, to take the house. i'm not saying it's going to happen, but i think it's now possible. i wouldn't say it's probable, but i think it's possible and i think that's the big story. we haven't had talk to talk about it. >> and we're out of time to talk now, bob. we'll have you back to talk about it. sunday on "face the nation," we'll talk to senator corey gardner and senator joe
8:09 am
>> when it was announced you were coming on yesterday, i said what is he sdesing? somebody said, does it matter? it's good to have him at the table. absolutely right. >> i remember my last appearance. right after scaramucci. key follow-ups. >> we do remember. we are moving right along. a baltimore hospital is apologizing after video surfaced showing a patient being dumped outside in dangerously cold weather. >> go ahead and sit down. >> cell phone video taken by a concerned witness shows this 22-year-old woman at a bus stop wearing only a thgown and socksn freezing cold weather. the hospital failed to show basic huen manty and compassion but he calls this an isolated incident. >> we feel comfortable in the statement that what you saw in that video is not a process that would occur with any frequency at all.
8:10 am
cbs news that this young woman suffers from various mental health problems. walmart says the new tax plan will trickle down to nearly a million employees. ahead, why the retail giant is boosting pay and benefits but
8:11 am
8:12 am
queen bifelizabeth is talki about one of her most important moments. we're outside buckingham palace with an inside look at the queen's coronation from somebody who couldn't be any closer to the action. we'll have the story, coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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this morning, many walmart employees are looking forward to pay raises, but others are being laid off. the retail giant announced yesterday it will increase starting wages to $11 an hour. it's expanding maternity leave and adding parental lead. many employees are eligible for bonuses up to $1,000. walmart says more than a million hourly workers will benefit. >> that sounds like a good
8:17 am
announcing the pay raises, the company announced the closing of 63 sam's club stores. up to 12 will become fulfillment centers for online orders. walmart did not say how many workers would lose their jobs, but thousands could be affected. lee gallagher join us at the table to discuss. welcome back. >> good morning. >> so two big announcements here. is the timing important here? >> the timing is -- it was confusing to a lot of people. many pr experts might say you do the bad news first and then you do the good news. but they were two big pieces of news, as well from the number one company on the fortune 500. >> so it sounded good at first, but then you hear about the layoffs. >> the first news, the news that walmart is raising minimum wage is part of a bigger transformation walmart has been undergoing. under the news, not so new as of 2014. it's raised it
8:18 am
now 10 to 11. it's rethinking how it treats its employ es. the benefits are significant including benefits for adoption for the first time and increasing the leave. so that's all good. yes, it's pegged for this tax plan as so many other companies have come out and said we are going to, you know, give everyone more money, this is wonderful. but b, you know, it is bigger than that. and then the closings are another story. sam's club, which is the company's warehouse division or membership club retailer division, has been struggling for a while now. it has been losing ground to costco. and, look, retail is really tough right now. this company is in retail warfare. so that is part of what's happening there, which is operate. >> the other promise of that tax bill is this would create job. walmart is a big employer. how does this affect it? >> walmart sort of sets the tone in terms of what it does with its wages. not so long ago, it was not g
8:19 am
this does send a message, also on the benefits side of things. it's not just about wages. the other argument is we're in a tight labor market now. all companies are under pressure to raise wages from a competitive standpoint. but walmart is the number one private company employer, 2.3 million employees. 1.5 million in the u.s. alone. and this, for that reason, is significant. >> walmart says they hope to place some of these employees at the sam's club at other stores. what's the likelihood that that can happen? >> that could happen. it is a big company. it could absorb those employees. it's taking maybe 10, up to 12 of those sam's clubs and repurposing them as did i say distribution fulfill many centers for e-commerce. people are buying online. they're trying desperately to make it possible for you to get your products as fast as you can. fulfillment centers are a big part of the public there. those fulfillment centersl
8:20 am
it's unclear how many people will be impacted by the sam's club news. >> leigh gallagher, good to have you here. thank you very much. >> great to be here. oprah winfrey sat down with organizers of the times up movement after her powerful speech at the golden globe. ahead, in a preview, reese witherspoon reveals what helped her share her story about sexual harassment. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:21 am
8:22 am
sexual harassment in hollywood is gaining momentum. oprah received applause for a powerful speech at sunday's golden globes. >> for too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but
8:23 am
>> the next day, oprah spoke with organizers of the time's up movement for cbs sunday morning. she's a special contributing correspondent for the broadcast. they talked about their mission. panelists include natalie port man, kathleen kennedy, tracie ellis ross, and reese with witherspoon. >> can you speak to how the speaking out of your own truth and telling your story -- because i think i was in the room the very first time you shared your story, reese, and how has the speaking out of it actually led to a greater sense of empowerment and control? >> well, i don't know if i've gotten to that place yet. as you can see, i'm very emotional about it. but i keep going back to somebody sent me this quote that said, silence helps the tormenters. it
8:24 am
and neutrality helps the oppressors, not the oppressed. and there's moments that you have to evaluate whether silence is going to be your only option and certain times that was our only option. but now is not that time. >> wow. >> you can see more of oprah's conversation this weekend on sunday morning right here on cbs. what a timely thing to do. >> and they put it together on thursday, norah, so just think about that. they were trying to make it work for saturday and it didn't and then they had it -- as it turns out, monday was a better time after the golden globes. and to have all those key people who were involved in the movement, you're right, i can't wait to see the conversation. >> yeah. >> nobody does a better conversation than oprah, yeah. >> she does know how to talk to people. president trump will get his first physical today since taking the oath of office. ahead, what the public has a right to know. we hear from a
8:25 am
the white house medical movement. your local news is coming right up.
8:26 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." somebody is having a good day on this friday morning. we're having a good day here at the table. agreed? >> you, too. >> every day is a good day. i feel the same. >> right now, it's time for this show's runner up friday. we'll debate some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" says that in a fast warming world, the recent cold wave was exceptionally cleared. scientists say the recent rushing cold will become increasingly rare, they say given how much the climate has warmed, the cold blast was 15 times less likely than it would have been a hundred years ago. >> the los angeles times reports on former president obama's
8:31 am
appearance as the guest on the debut of david letterman's new show. >> let me just say this. if it were not for the constitution, there would be michelle. no, no, no, no. you guys are misunderstanding me. what i'm saying is i am prevented from running again by the constitution. but even if it were not for that amendment, michelle would leave me. and. >> reporter: oh, well, okay. >> my next guest needs no introduction. the two men discuss a range of topics, including races in america, their kids, their careers and aging. i thought one of the interesting things, too, the president said is that michelle taught him the presidency sometimes is more about shaping attitudes, shaping culture, increasing awareness.
8:32 am
president that matters so much. >> i get that point. and "people" looks at a photo on twitter showing what it calls a sexy kangaroo walking the path to a public bathroom in australia. what does a sexy gang radio look like? just like that. >> that's hilarious. >> it's like the bert reynolds photo. >> that is very funny. the tourist gave up trying to get in and snapped the photo of the kangaroo, strike a pose. >> cute. and britain's reports on saudi arabia's first women only car show. coming just months after saudi arabia granted women the right to drive. the showroom featured fuel efficient cars and a team of sales women. president trump today will get his first physical exam since taking office. cbs news has learned the president will fly to walter reed national militaryic
8:33 am
with the white house position. our chief medical correspondent dr. john lepuft spoke with a former head of the white house medical unit. john, good morning. >> good morning, john. when he stepped into office last year, president trump was the oldest person ever to become commander in chief. now at 71 years of age, he's defending his fitness for office and it's unclear what, if anything, the public might learn from today's checkup. >> i think it's going to go very well. i'd be very surprised if it doesn't. >> the president yesterday predicted a clean bill of health. after his last known exam in 2016, his long time physician, dr. harold bornstein, wrote a one-page letter declaring him in excellent physical health. then candidate trump shared the results on the dr. oz show. >> your doctors and family are giving you a hard time about your weight. >> i think i could lose a little weight. i've always been a little bit this way. >> the president is a noted fast
8:34 am
looking at that or anything else is impacting his health. >> there will be a complete head to toe physical exam. >> dr. william lang is the former director of the white house medical unit. >> is there any rule or precedent about ip forming the public how much the public has a right to know? clearly, there is no legal requirement for any disclosure. from a medical ethical standpoint, there is no requirement for any disclosure until there is the remote case that the physician thought he was a danger to himself or others. >> the release of medical information by the president is something that began in the 1970s. >> it is not mandated. there is no constitutional obligation or no legal law that requires it. >> rose has studied presidential illnesses. >> a lot of presidents have been really sick men. a lot of that information has been hidden from the public. >> woodrow wilson had a stroke
8:35 am
franklin roosevelt, a polio patient, hid the extent of his illness from the public. john f. kennedy took drugs for back problems and an autoimmune disorder. and there are questions about whether ronald reagan had symptoms of alzheimer's while in office. >> the people in the white house are like everybody else in the country. what's going to happen here? we don't know from day-to-day. >> michael wolff's book, "fire and fury" has sparked questions about the president's fitness. when he seemed to slur his speech during an address last month -- >> god bless the united states. >> the white house brushed it off, says the president's throat was dry, nothing more than that. >> president trump has said he has no family history of cancer or heart disease, but that his father developed dementia. the white house said a psychiatric evaluation will not be part of the exam and dr. lang told me it u
8:36 am
include things like cholesterol, glucose and kidney function. an evaluation usually takes 2 to 4 hours and specialists standing by. >> i was wondering if there is cognitive testing, but you seemed to indicate no, there will be none of that. >> not here. >> so what if there's the need for additional testing, the doctors see something. is he required to administer that or reveal that? >> dr. lang explained to me that this is not a test for fitness. it's more an executive physical that gives the president an idea of how he can be healthy. so while normally he would discuss his recommendation and a accepts of what might be, you know, a recommendation to do, he's not mandated to do it. these days, we talk more about share decision making. >> right. >> so he would say, look, you might set of urgent to do this because i have a sense that something is up, but at the en
8:37 am
makes the final decision. >> what about if some procedure is needed where you have anesthesia. >> well, you know, there is a -- >> like a colonoscopy. >> and i think during a previous colonoscopy of a president, there is a provision of the 25th amendment that a then the vice president would then temporarily take control. and i think president bush elected not to do that with president reagan because he didn't want to have a sense of -- >> it will be interesting to see what's rereeled. >> thank you very much. . kwooiz queen elizabeth. >> it's just not, ever. >> it moves around a lot. >> that's a coach, not a couch.
8:38 am
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in a rare tv appear.ance, kwooez queen elizabeth is remembering the day she was crowned nearly 65 years ago. one thing that stands out the, quote, horrible carriage ride that took her through
8:42 am
aired sunday on the smithsonian channel. charlie, good morning. >> good morning to you. picture the scene 27-year-old queen elizabeth arriving back here at bumming ham palace, tens of thousands of people lining the streets to have a look. one person doesn't have to imagine because she remembers because she was right there on that day. when elizabeth became queen elizabeth, lady ann glenn connor was literally an arm a's length away as a maid of honor. >> i said, well, actually, it wasn't. it was the coronation. >> she was only 19 at the time and still proudly keeps her dress at home. while she and elizabeth were childhood friends, that wasn't the only reason she was picked. >> we had good figures, we were the right height
8:43 am
do you really think that's true? >> of course it was. it was like a production. it was like making a film. >> in the coronation, the queen shares for the first time her memories of that day, including the bumpy carriage ride. >> horrible. it was just not -- it's only sprung on a lever. >> so it rocks around a lot. >> not very comfortable. >> were you in it for a long time? >> halfway around london. >> really? >> we must have gone about four or five miles. horses couldn't possibly go any faster, it's so heavy. >> documentarymaker alistair bruce said he was nervous, her majesty made him feel welcome. >> i think people are always surprised by her utter humility. she is not sitting there waiting
8:44 am
she is keen to people people at their ease. and she does so with great gentleness. >> even sew, lady glenn connor admits to being star struck when it paid time to be her role. >> there was the queen. we hadn't ever seen her in her coronation dress. she turned around and she said, ready, girls? and off we went. >> and she said nothing will ever compare to the moment she joined the new monarch on the balcony. >> you could feel, physically feel with the noise coming at you. and they were mad about her. they were so happy. >> now, in the documentary to be shown this weekends, the queen joked about how heavy that crown
8:45 am
about leaning too far forward. you might break your neck and lose the crown. >> charlie, thank you. and the coronation airs sunday night on the smithsonian channel, a division of cbs. watching that, of course, i hold her in such great respect. >> me, too. >> and i kept thinking about maybe in our lifetime, too, we'll get to witness another coronation. well, we probably will. >> in our lifetime? >> what do you mean? >> in your lifetime. >> how soon is it coming? >> i don't know. >> i would like to see that. i would like to see that. >> we'll certainly get to witness a royal wedding. >> i do think that in may. i'd like to go to that. >> we wish her well. >> we certainly do. we have pod casts here, fun extended interviews and pod cast originals on itunes at apple's pod cast app. next, we'll take a look at all that matte
8:46 am
you married. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be with right back.
8:47 am
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tomorrow on "cbs this morning," saturday, an air bnb rental with a catch. we'll visit a scottish bookstore where you can stay as a guest, but you have to help run it is so popular you can't get a reservation until 2020. now you want to go because you can't get in. >> and a lot of people want to sit at this table and watch john dickerson is here. >> i'm not leaving. they can't get this spot. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune into the cbs evening news. let's take a look back at all that matters. >> oh, my god. mom! >> the devastation, staggering. >> the only words i can think of to describe it, it looked like a world war i battlefield. >> bam.
8:50 am
boulders. >> the kitchen gets ripped away. then the living room starts to go. >> did you think you were going to die? >> yeah. >> the president on a book about him. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> the president has felt the need to describe himself as a stable genius. are there people inside the white house trying to remove him from office? >> people in the white house are like everybody else in the country. what is going to happen here, we don't know from day-to-day. >> no one can tell us what the teacher did wrong. >> i'm appalled at this. >> i'm the superintendent. i'm to blame. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> there was a lot of reaction that she may run for president in 2020. >> everyone was mesmerized. >> yes, she can. >> and oprah. in fact, gayle has said she would bet her first born child that oprah would never
8:51 am
so gayle? >> stop talking, jan. stop it, jan. >> wow, look at the fog out there. where are the wear wolves? >> exactly. happy birthday to our managing editor. >> so good to have you back. i was wondering where the marching band was. i walked in and no one said anything. >> gayle is back. >> you're wearing your special guest this morning. >> i only wear it on january 9th. it was january 9th six years ago that we launched this program. i had 24 dress specially made. >> changing hair dos every year. >> posing on the steps of kensington palace, there's charlotte. >> look at how she's posing with her hands. i wish i had a birth dfirst day school picture like that, but i'm in sweatpants. buddy is like a home companion, but also can run around the >>use.
8:52 am
>> sorry. >> sorry. >> thanks for that, norah. >> the prime minister of thailand just found a new way to avoid the press. >> brought out a life size cut out of himself. he told reporters to, quote, ask this guy, and then he walked away. that is gangsta! >> what we're doing is kind of gangsta. that means it's a bold move. >> john dickerson is our new co-host. >> people see me, they think gangster. it leaps through their tv. >> we've had a picture of your mom here since the show began. your mom, of course, is nancy dickerson who is a legend in this business. what do you think she would be thinking? >> first, she would want me to sit up straight. she started in 1952. they told her she couldn't go on air for eight years because only men went on the air and people wouldn't take it seriously. as happy a
8:53 am
happier that you are here. that's the big
8:54 am
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8:58 am
we show you the hottest trends and table settings for spring weddings this year. it's friday, january 12. this is great day washington. will
8:59 am
happy friday. thank you to our audience. we have the gospel choir from howard university. they will be performing later in the show. we heard them during their sound check and they are truly amazing. >> they are so good. i posted a video on twitter and instagram. >> you know who is feeling good the queen of hip-hop soul, mary j obliged. she just received a star on hollywood walk of fame. in sean did he combs -- sean help celebrate her. >> when i was a little girl growing up in the projects i just loved to sing. i wanted to sing because it set me free from all of the negativity
9:00 am
confusion that was happening outside of our home. we lived in the projects but we have love in our home. only stepped out that door it was help. >> survive she did. the nighttime grammy winner, she is 47 years old. more and more she is becoming known as an actress. her acting career is on fire right now. click -- critically acclaimed work on my down. she was nominated for a golden globe award and a sag board.>> we have chef brian on the show. all he has to say is wonderful positive things about mary j obliged. he used to be her personal chef. >> all he says is good things about her. >> congratulations for that. california folks are dealing with the mudslide.


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