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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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discharged and dumped at a baltimore shelter. >> emergency this was your street, rescue crews searching for the missing after those california mudslides. >> children sold into sexual slavery and it's happening in local neighborhoods you know. >> a missing man found murdered. >> i want to hug his bones.
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police failed them. >> and why d.c. police raced to shut down one of the city's busiest bridges tonight. the news a 11:00 starts now. up first tonight a yellow weather alert. rain moved in the chief is keeping an eye on it here with our d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> i do not need this, but do not leave home without this tomorrow. a yellow weather alert, a couple light showers running through frederick and west of warrenton, but the real activity rolls in tomorrow. what are the risks? a high risk of showers, gusty winds, maybe 20, 25 mile-per- hour winds, heavy downpours are to a moderate risk and the problem is the ground is still front. so we could see brief flash flood -- frozen. so we could see brief flash flooding. that's going to be a high impact and also your date night plans tomorrow looking at high impact there as well. early in the morning here comes the rain and showers, temperatures crazy, 61
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it's 62 and by 9:00 it's still in the low 60s just about everywhere with rain and showers. we'll come back and tell you just how high we go tomorrow and you might be surprised what we've added to the forecast on saturday. >> don't forget you can take the power of d.c.'s most accurate forecast with you in the morning. download the wusa9 app from your app store. you all just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on? are you okay? are you unable to speak? >> we first shared this heart breaking story with you last night on the news at 11:00. a viral video appears to show baltimore hospital employees leaving a discharged patient at a bus shelter on a freezing night wearing nothing but a hospital gown. it's called patient dumping and yeah, that's actually a thing. it's happened before at this hospital system, too. here's john henry. >> reporter: november
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2016, jamelle hodges is driving down an anne arundel road when his life is suddenly turned upside down. what happened? >> i was involved in an auto collision. i was taken to university of maryland shock trauma. >> reporter: he was left with hip swelling and six stitches above his right knee and said his first day was fine. >> they fed me, made sure i had my medicine. >> reporter: but the second day he said things changed. that was when he told the hospital he did not have health insurance. >> it was almost like they were rushing me out of the hospital. i couldn't walk. >> reporter: hodges said a nurse escorted him to the front door at the main level. that person took away his wheelchair as he waited for a loved one to pick him up. >> it was night. it was cold. i was in the hospital nightgown, very little clothing. i was in pain. >> reporter: did you feel humiliated at that time? >> i did. i felt less than a human being. >> reporter: did you just think it was only you? >> i thought it was only me. i mean this is america. you know what i mean?
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i just didn't think that this kind of stuff went on. >> reporter: but when he saw this video, he said he knew he had to talk. his message to the university of maryland medical system? >> we're all human beings and we should be treated like human beings. treat people the way you would want to be treated. >> reporter: hodges said he received no c.a.t. scan, so he's still not sure if there was any long term damage. as for the university of maryland medical system, it said it was sorry toker that about his reflection -- to hear about his reflection of his care. due to privacy guidelines, they cannot talk about specifics of the case but plan to pass on his concern to the patient advocacy team. >> we also heard from the man who shot the video of that woman who was taken out of that baltimore hospital. he said he learned that woman's mother recently sent her to a mental health facility for a checkup. you knew we were going to talk about it, so let's get to it. president trump used the word the fcc will not let us say on tv. here's the quote. "why are we having all of these
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people from expletive countries come here? look at your screen. you can figure out the word that i had to leave out. the president said that during an oval office meeting to discuss immigration policies, but enough with the profanity. let's put this into context. the discussion centered around immigration from haiti, el salvador and some african countries and they were talking about a lot of our neighbors. the latest census numbers though the d.c. metro area is the second most popular destination for immigrants coming from african nations, the second most popular spot for salvadorans and the ninth most popular for immigrants coming from haiti. the president's critics had a lot to say. congressman richmond said the president's comments, "are further proof that his make america great again agenda is really a make america white again agenda." virginia democrat tim
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haved as and live in -- have aids and live in huts. this is who president trump is. there is a moral vacuum in the white house." in the past the white house has denied the statements that they say the president said, but so far he has not denied using the eight-letter word. a murder mystery, the victim 22-year-old marty mcmillan jr. he disappeared nine months ago. investigators say now he was shot to death and his grieving family has tough questions for police. >> a new autopsy report changed this into a murder investigation being handled by d.c. police. mcmillan was last seen on m street southeast last april, but his body was not found until october in maryland. the new report says he was shot more than once. all of those things have left his family with countless
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questions tonight. marty mcmillan, jr. would stay with his grandmother in hyattsville. i just spoke to her. she thinks the police could have taken this more seriously. the family is suspicious about what happened right before he vanished. mcmillan met a woman on the dating website plenty of fish. his grandmother says she has seen the text. she thinks police should have acted faster. >> my grandson laid out there six, seven months and think if they had listened to me in the beginning, if they had put more resources on it that we might have found him before now. >> i also spoke with d.c. police tonight. they are giving us only a statement, but they insist they take missing person cases like this seriously. police have put up a $25,000 reward for an arrest. tonight would have been marty mcmillan, jr.'s 23rd birthday. pete muntean, wusa9. now to a story new tonight from fairfax county, parents are furious about what we
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investigation at lake braddock secondary school and whether the school covered up allegations that a coach sexually harassed students. peggy fox was at tonight's school board meeting to continue the investigation. >> reporter: the parent who filed the federal complaint has been trying to speak at a fairfax county school board meeting for months of tonight he got his chance. >> three wusa9 investigative reports and three washington post articles have detailed the appalling claims of sexual harassment against students. >> reporter: bill park's daughter was on the lake braddock girls varsity basketball team coached by john giannelli in 2015. lizzy fitzpatrick and ferrell accused him of harassment and bullying and say administrators ignored their complaints. >> i could not be more proud of
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i just can't imagine being in that position. >> reporter: when we first aired our story, we wanted to ask the superintendent about the sexual harassment allegations and the school system's investigation. tonight he finally agreed to answer some questions. does it concern you that these two young women, former students, feel like their allegations were not taken seriously? >> their allegations were taken seriously and i'm sorry that they feel they were not, but they were. we did a full investigation. there has never been an investigation that talked to the girls. they talked to the perpetrator, the fact witness. >> reporter: what can you do to make sure they're listened to and taken seriously? >> we've got to create a cultured in fairfax county and -- culture in fairfax county and frankly, throughout our entire community and in this country where people feel comfortable to come forward. >> reporter: the federal investigation is continuing and what the families say they want most
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in falls church, peggy fox, wusa9. to annapolis and the maryland house voting to overturn a veto from governor hogan. the bill in question? the state's new sick leave policy. it requires companies with more than 15 full-time workers to let them earn up to five paid sick days a year. now it's up to the state senate to act and that could happen as soon as friday. sam's club is shutting 63 stores nationwide including the one on reisterstown road in western maryland. the announcement came when it's parent company wal-mart moved to raise its hourly wage to $11 an hour and offer some employees bonuses up to $1,000. traffic came to a halt on d.c. 295 north on the ramp that goes
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southwest friday on 695. medics rushed to the scene, but the motorcycle rider died a short time after the crash from his injuries. it was almost a year ago that a d.c. firefighter was accused of deliberately running over 21-year-old nate mckennan in a parking lot in upper marlborough apparently after a fight over the firefighter's daughter. tonight that firefighter, gregory boyer, jr., has been indicted on second degree murder and manslaughter charges. his attorney says he's making arrangements for his client to turn himself in. two local rappers charged with selling teenage girls for sex and it happened practically in the shadow of the capitol. stephanie ramirez has the story just ahead. >> plus my verify team getting you a straight answer about what the trump administration did to the medicaid program earlier today. >> and the chief keeping a close eye on rain in the region. he'll let us know how long it will stick around and when are the warm temperatures going away? d.c.'s most accurate forecast is right around th
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you about tonight. 11:00 on wusa9.
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the news at 11:00 continues with stories about selling human beings right in our own backyards. two local rappers were charged with trafficking two young girls. now their victims are standing up to share their stories. >> reporter: he even raps about it. that's 28-year-old ivan williams, he and dennis davis, jr. both from hyattsville trafficked three underage girls through atlanta, georgia, maryland, northern virginia and d.c. to pay for their music careers. >> he wanted to become a rapper. >> reporter: that's the same thing elizabeth kimball said her second pimp did. at first kimball thought he was her boyfriend and now 28-year- old kimball told prosecutors at the anacostia library she was a vulnerable teen. thursday is human trafficking awareness day and it's not just about human sex trafficking. >> i was in 2n
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multiple states around the country and i was forced into labor trafficking. >> reporter: two years ago the state department called worldwide human trafficking a $150 billion industry. today this d.c. prosecutor says numbers are going up. >> i would say yes and i would say the victims are getting younger. the kids have cell phones earlier. they're more independent. >> reporter: and she's hearing -- >> d.c. is a hub because there's a lot of money here. >> we need to know the questions to ask. >> are these your parents? that's a good question because no, they weren't my parents. they weren't even my relatives. >> reporter: the survivors are talking to us about what we can do to help, but the prosecutors inside are talking to the victims still out there. >> it's not their fault. >> reporter: in southeast, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> now attorney general jeff sessions is calling the conviction of those two rappers a win in the fight against human trafficking. both of them face up to life in prison when they are sentenced in april.
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medicaid trending hard on twitter today. why? it's complicated, but here are the basics. today the trump administration sent out this letter. it says states will soon have the option bam, to kick able- bodied adults off medicaid unless they get a job. no job, no bennys. check it. for an adult to qualify for medicaid he or she has to make less than 12 grand a year. the trump administration says right now these 10 states are considering the idea. you'll see that maryland, virginia are not on there. let's just say maryland or virginia did change course and consider the idea of making able-bodied adults on medicaid get a job to keep their benefits. how many people would we really be talking about? well, here's how many people were on medicaid in maryland and virginia in 2017. now take out kids. they wouldn't be affected. take out the elderly and the disabled, another couple big groups and here's about the number you're left with, about 25% of medicaid recipients in virg a
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but not all those people would be considered able-bodied adults. you've also got to take out pregnant women and states can decide to leave out people who leave in areas with high unemployment. they can leave out students, volunteers, caretakers with kids or an elderly family member or people in substance abuse treatment programs. so we can verify with a washington whamo president trump's new policy won't impact the majority of medicaid recipients. we contacted the d.c. mayor's office. mayor muriel bowser came out against this medicaid change today and said it won't be considered in the district. my verify team is all about cutting through the noise getting you the information you need. find me on facebook or twitter or send the squad an e-mail at
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cadaver dogs to find people unaccounted for in the horrific mudslides, the number missing rising to as many as 43. the focus is in montecito where rivers of mud took out dozens of homes. the death toll? 17 souls. the youngest victim was just 3. >> this could continue if they get more rain, correct? >> they're in bad shape. the good news is we don't see anything the next couple days, a couple days to dry out and the same system is heading our way but not as dramatic as what happened out there. we'll start with the 3- degree guarantee. what's the saying? go big or go home? >> or go down. >> went 54 for a high. it was 62. >> you should definitely just go home. >> okay. >> not yet. let's finish this. >> okay, fine. we'll go 68 tomorrow. a live look outside, it is 57 now. dew points in the mid-50s, crazy for january. we'll hold in the 50s tonight, winds south at
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occasionally to 20 overnight. so bus stop temperatures 50s and 60s. it will be warm and wet tomorrow at the bus stop. then we're looking at a yellow weather alert friday, wet commute, may impact date night as well. friday night warm through midnight with showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. after midnight temps will tank big time and colder saturday with flurries. in fact, flurries look more likely saturday, perhaps not out of the question a couple snow showers possible in southern maryland. temperatures, 68 tomorrow, 39 saturday, only 32 sunday, 36 monday and only 32 on tuesday. so once we have the temperatures plummet tomorrow night we'll stay in the icebox a while, another fresh batch of arctic air. 6:00 tomorrow morning, nothing super heavy at 6 a.m. per se but a lot of showers and storms. everybody will have wet roads no matter what direction you're headed to. 62 downtown at 6 a.m., 60
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leesburg. by lunchtime more showers to the east,55 in cumberland. by tomorrow evening maybe a respite, maybe a few showers. this system pulls away. then we have to deal with the cold front itself which rolls through tomorrow night between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. and look at this, even a little bit of flecks of red down to the south and lots of orange, pretty heavy showers and storms, but it's still 60 degrees 24 hours from now and then that rolls through overnight and by 2 a.m. everything is pretty much across the bay. we're still 60 at 2 a.m. this will be weird. the high temperature on saturday will be probably 60 or 57. by the time we get to 8:30 in the morning saturday temperatures are back in the 30s and some snow showers and snow flurries beginning to show up. we clear out and really plummet on saturday in the afternoon and evening. temperatures fall back to the 20s. wind chills will be in the single digits. so get ready. our thaw is over. day planner goes like this. 60s to start. don't say
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january. 64 by 1:00 and really can't time out the showers except for the morning and again late tomorrow night, but i would keep your umbrella handy all day tomorrow, not necessarily a coat. it will be warm. 39 saturday with flurries and 32, cold sunday, barely making it to the freezing mark. next seven days, we have cold for martin luther king day, snow showers tuesday and wednesday, only 29 for a high on thursday. so after 60s tomorrow boom, we're back in the 30s. >> get out tomorrow and enjoy the rain and storms, cool. let's talk about some high school hoops. we can enjoy that. >> yeah, that's inside. it was a big time game between the no. 1 and the no. 2 team in our area, must see tv. we'll show you who won on the other side.
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> here's the best thing i saw today prior to tonight's game, caps coach barry trotz checking
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there. the caps lose to carolina ending their 10-game winning streak. both the maryland men and women took an l. the women ranked 11th in the nation lost to michigan state, their first big 10 loss to a team not named ohio state and the men played the buckeyes and their defense sort of looked like this. they lost by 22 points. luckily the high school game of the night was much more competitive. no. 1 dematha, no. 2 gonzaga, packed house, barely got in. georgetown head coach patrick ewing, you know the dude got in. late in the 3rd tied game. dematha in transition and carson has a sweet crossover and finishes, zags down by only two. still miles dread gets the and one. he had 18 points and then gonzaga, they never trailed in the 2nd half.
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as gonzaga takes down no. 1 1 dematha 71-62. chris williamson was at the park. >> reporter: you had a huge game. what made you so effective? what was working? >> i wasn't really being aggressive in the 1st half. i thought i believed in myself the 2nd half. my coach said be confident. stick to what you know. >> people are down on us. definitely that's a big win, a big statement. lamont peterson is due to knock somebody out. it's been almost a year since the d.c. boxer fought in a ring. he's now 33 years old but ready to fight undefeated earl spence, jr. next week. the former world champion plans to take his welterweight title. if you don't believe me, he'll tell you. >> i don't look at that just because you all say that. a lot of people say it. i would never look at myself as an underdog. i would never get in the ring if i thought i was going to lose. >> reporter: lamont
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you fill in the rest of it? >> there's no if. i will win the fight. the wizards have lost five straight games to the utah jazz and these dudes were giving away m&ms at the game with john wall and bradley beal's face on it. you can't put a man's face on an m&m and not show up. so that was last night and what i found on my desk today, the beal and wall m&ms, i had them, but adam ate them all. it was part of their all-star campaign and i have one word for that, buzz. there's zero excitement about the team and when there's zero excitement, players don't stand out. that's why the latest nba all- star fan vote has john wall ranked sixth among guards and bradley beal ninth. beal won't make the all-star game with those kind of numbers, people. honestly i don't think there's enough buzz around the league for people to even care to vote for the wizards. want more votes? don't lose against teams you're supposed to beat. winning alwaysat
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that's why my one word is buzz. >> allegations of m&m thievery, they're the going to work. >> we saw you eat them on the air. so we know you were involved in the thievery of
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you need your umbrella tomorrow,68, going from thunderstorms to showers. >> have a good on
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