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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from countries like norway. it did release a statement saying in part certain washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries but president trump will always fight for the american people. cbs evening news will of course have reaction to this breaks story coming up at 6:30 and we'll have more on off script. a closed door meeting tonight for the fairfax county school board that is wrestling with a sexual harassment scandal at lake braddock. a wusa 9 investigation revealed that school officials may have ignored allegations. our peggy fox has been on the story for months. peg you're at this board meeting tonight and you've got some new information for us. >> reporter: well leslie the school board has been in a closed door session since 5:00 p.m.
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will be coming up. we interviewed two former students who accused their former basketball coach of sexual harassment and bullying. suffer allegations were not taken seriously. the coach stayed on the job for the rest of the season while that student who complained was kicked off the team. the activities director claims he told lake braddock principal. thomas told parents he was not informed. that football coach was also forced out of lake braddock. now this past summer after superintendent scott bravan took office. said the basketball coach did engage in improper conduct but it found no wrong doing on
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part of school leadership. >> we're going to fully investigation all the information that's been shared by you and make sure we take the appropriate actions. we'll continue to make sure we've fully investigating mig. >> does it concern you that these two young women, former students felt like their allegations were not taken seriously. >> their allegations were taken seriously and i'm sorry they feel they were not. they were. we did a full investigation. and um -- >> what happened, what went wrong? >> i don't think anything went wrong. >> reporter: the department of education civil rights office is investigating whether ftps officials broke the title 9 law. it's a federal law that prohibits schools to
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discriminating on the basis of sex. that includes sexual harassment. schools must take immediate action to investigate, eliminate harassment and prevent its occurrence. there is a public school board meeting at 7:00 p.m. and the parent who filed a federal complaint will be speaking and i'll have that live on my facebook page. peggy fox wusa 9. >> peg, thank you. it's going to be a wet ending to the workweek. topper's out on the weather terrace with a couple more yellow weather alerts. >> the good news is you're in pretty good shape if you're not home yet or in the next 20 minutes. some showers moving almost across the i-66. not too far. these are all light and a couple of isolated showers. so yes, yellow weather alert. we have a high risk for showers. we'll see winds 25 maybe 30 milesn
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frozen. it won't percolate into the soil. look at these temperatures. thursday, this is tonight. temperatures in the 50s. 56 with some showers by 10:00 still 55 and by morning everybody has to contend with showers. we'll come back and talk about when the heaviest rain and some thunderstorms roll through and back in the freezer over the weekend. the failure of basic humanity and compassion. admitting the baltimore midtown hospital. dumping a clearly troubled half naked woman at a bus stop at night with temperatures near freezing. a health therapist which happened to be walking by captured it on video and then posted the video on facebook. >> we
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providing appropriate medical care to a patient that came to us in need. where we absolutely failed and where we own that failure is in the demonstration of basic human ity and compassion. >> the hospital is owning it. the ceo declined to pinpoint the individuals who ordered that woman dumped on the side of the street. he also declined to say whether they would be fired. but he is insisting tonight people will be held accountable. maryland is opened an investigation into the hospital's actions. anger tonight is also being directed at police. scott bruin spoke with a grandmother who turned to facebook to pour out her soul. >> after more than 9 months of uncertainty, the family of marty mcmillen has finally now got
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>> i want to see and hug those remains. i don't know if my daughter will let me but i want to hug his bones. i don't care. >> a facebook post from a grieving grandmother. >> i want to hug his bones! >> after months of investigation maryland's medical examiner determined that skeletal remains found off soupland parkway back in october belonged to 23-year-old marty mcmillen who'd been missing since april. he had been shot to death. >> why am i still waiting '. >> cook is angry because she says metropolitan police did not treat the disappearance of mcmillen back in april with urgency. >> she joined other families for the missing in a protest in october. >> i'm devastated that what we got back was remains. i believe that if they
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a better job we'd found him long before he ended up being bones. >> my grandson laid out there. >> no family, nobody should have to go through this. >> mcmillen had been shot to death and his body was dumped off soupland parkway. when he disappeared from northeast d.c. back in april. scott broom wusa 9. this afternoon d.c. gave us this statement. there are certain details we cannot release. we took this missing person's case as we do all missing person's cases extremely seriously. tonight search and rescue you crews say they're making some progress. >> in the hardest hit communities searchers are moving mountains of mud
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>> i have a few friends that they're missing their parents, brothers, stuff like that and they don't know where they are. >> this week's mud slides have destroyed or seriously damaged some exclusive homes and properties. her montecito estate. she's been hunkered down all week there unable to leave with friends and staff. >> so there used to be a fence right here, this is my neighbor's house. devastating. how deep the mud is. . >> in los angeles county new video shows its intensity of thosmu
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remains buried tonight under several feet of dirt. the candle at the missouri state house. the investigation is under way as to whether the state's governor committed crimes linked to an affair. governor eric grayton acknowledged having an affair with a hairdresser in 2014. he says he did not blackmail that woman to keep the affair a secret. threatened to publicize those photos. the ex-husband recorded between he and his then wife after the affair began. >> this is my fault. never going to mention my name. >> i think it's as bad as it ge
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the woman says griegten's apologized and told her he deleted the picture. the ex-husband's attorney says his client told him that griegten also slapped his ex-wife during the affair. governor griegtens denies that too. he vows to stay on the job. the former navy seal has been married to his current wife since 2011 and they have two sons together. still to come tonight the outcry over a movie airing on netflix, survivors of sex trafficking claims the movie glorifies the business. >> can you deduct the i-66 toll or
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with those new i66 tolls reaching up to $46.01 way our verified viewers are looking. can anyone business owner or employee deduct those tolls on their taxes? first up how about the business owners. our researchers checked with h&r block and they tell us they can deduct their own tolls and reimbursements for employees. >> in the past they have gotten a tax benefit or a tax
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providing that. and so going forward, that ability for that reimbursement is going away from a tax benefit perspective. >> so, yeah, that's going away but what about the rest of us? we got the bad news from turbo tax. >> it's reimbursed by your employer. you would not be able to deduct it and also if you're paying a toll to go to your regular place of business every day you would not be able to deduct that. >> so we can verify employees won't be catching a tax break on tolls this year and for business owners, yeah, not them either. but 2017 is the last year to cash in on that deduction. >> got it. you know how netflix fired kevin spacey from house of cards for making sexual advances to a 14-year-old. a lot of people are now taking the movie channel to task airing a
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teenage prostitution. more than 50 survivors of sex trafficking have signed a letter to drop the italian drama "baby". >> we thought it was the perfect day to send a letter to netflix signed by many trafficking experts as well as many survivors to tell them to stop this drama. whether it's here or in the united states or abroad. we need to hold them accountable. >> january, is national human trafficking awareness month. >> a local woman is on a mission to spark a meaningful conversation. the story behind her but we're going to move on. we're doing this story. january, it must be off. >> look who this is. this is former president barack obama balm and he's going to describe his bad dance moves.
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we've got breaking news to tell you about right now. you're looking at a live scene of a motorcycle crash. one person is dead.
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you can see there's a whole lot of emergency vehicles out there. so if you're waiting for somebody to come home who's along that route it's going to be awhile. we're working on the details right now. let's talk about what's trending today on youtube. former president barack obama balm sharing his secrets to successful bad dance move. >> this was probably three or four months before he died and prince asked sasha to come up and dance and sasha pulls me up which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing, but i have bad moves. >> yeah. >> and i think the key is with a we call staying in the pocket. >> sure. >> right. >> you've got to stay in the pocket. [ laughter ] >> because i think everybo
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the pocket and they're trying stuff that they can't really pull off. >> yeah. >> we never did talk about the new netflix series called my next guest needs no introduce with david letterman. this facebook video of a dog reuniting with his owner is tugging at a lot of heart strings tonight. animal protection police found a stray dog last week and using a microchip inside the dog police covered that zeus had been missing for seven months. >> good stuff. >> au. >> love that. staying in the pocket. >> old man all over the place. >> we've been trying to, would on you topper. >> i know, i need a lot of work. >> we can do some stuff after the show is over. let's take a live look outside. i need wor
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i don't think we're going to even be in the ball park. we're at 54 for a high. temperatures have been in the 60s so far. not a record but certainly a pretty toasty day. live look outside. temperatures are still 58. we're going to have lows in the 50s tonight. we shouldn't get used to this because, okay, tomorrow will be 68. not bad. look at bismark tomorrow. 7 below. that's a high. it begins to kind of spread south and east. by saturday we're going to hold in the upper 30s to maybe 40 if we're lucky and then we get into sunday. temperatures only about 35 on sunday and look at this, only 20 in bismark and 40 as far south as atlanta. this arctic air covers much of the eastern sea board. we'll be dry and then tuesday even colder, 32 and then we get into wednesday, it might even be colder. temperature at about 30 on wednesday. don't get used to the warm air and by thursday of next week we might not even make it to 30.
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big picture. there's the rain and showers out to the west. a couple of showers close to it. it is light. it will pick up after midnight. a couple showers but that is about it. for tonight, late showers and some rain. bus stop temps 50s and 60s it will be wet and yellow weather alert torment right on through tomorrow night. also wet for date night and colder saturday with flurries possible on saturday. 60s across the board. look at that. 65 by 1:00. time we get into saturday, maybe a flurry, only 39. cold and dry on sunday. only 35. next seven days. monday we're looking at temperatures in the mid 30s for martin luther king day. some snow showers possible tuesday and wednesday. 29 next thursday. you know, the capitals are like these clippers that topper tells us about. >> negativity.
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really well again like leslie just said but i'm going to explain why they have a chance of playing better in the post season. also check out the little man and what does this little guy have
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now wusa 9 sports with daren heinz brought to you by xfinity. so the capitals are the most consistent regular season team in dc over the last decade and let me highlight people, regular
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tied for the longest active streak in the league. but wait, it gets better. the caps have won 10 straight at home. that's the best streak in the league this season. and for those who think alex ovechkin is all washed up, think again. tied for the league with 27 goals this season. he scored 33 of last season. on pace to score 51 goals. lamont peterson is in this the ring. he's now 33 years old and he's more than ready. the former world champ plans to take the welter weight title and if you don't believe me he'll tell you. >> i don't look at that. just because ya'll say that. i would never look at myself as an underdog. >> lamont
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fight if... can you fill in the rest of that. >> there's no if. i will win the fight. >> no lamont's playing for this little guy. the little man's already ready to follow daddy's footsteps and i was just talking about he's just ripped. >> did you see there's an app that let's you add muscles to your body. >> i downloaded because i haven't used it yet because i don't need it yet. it has muscles and you can add tattoos to your body. >> facebook profiles are going to change forever. >> you see these guys their pictures look a little different. cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back at 10:00. and then we'll be back at 11:00.
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