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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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immigration agents raid 7- elevens coast to coast having other business owners asking could theirs be neck? >> the tiny spy -- next? >> the tiny spy in your home, those virtual assistants like alexa, are they listening to everything you say? we'll verify. >> the chief has a yellow weather alert posted for tomorrow, what you need to know to plan your day. >> commuters, start your engines. we're goto
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some changes coming to highways in our area. the news starts now. up next it's back to work for lawmakers in virginia and maryland. both assemblies returned today. first, though, to richmond and the year of the woman. voters sent a dozen new women to represent them in the house of delegates. they were front and center for today's swearing in ceremony. on the list, the first latinas, the first transgender woman, the first lesbian, a historic day in the colonies. >> on behalf of all the people in the 13th district including the 12,077 people that gave me the blessing to be here, it's the honor of a lifetime. >> i can't even articulate the history of the moment and how amazing it was. >> reporter: can you speak? >> these women part of a democratic wave hitting richmond. republicans still have control of the legislature, but just barely. democrats say that slight edge means the issues they've been pushing for years
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chance. >> that balance of power in the virginia house of delegates is 51-49, but it could split down the middle. republican bob thomas from the fredericksburg area took his seat, but there are a lot of questions. thomas won by 73 votes, but at least 147 voters in his district were given ballots for a different district. for now thomas will represent the area as challenges work their way through the court system. maryland governor larry hogan has a race to worry about, his own. hogan is running for reelection this year, a republican in a state dominated by democrats and right now eight democrats are lined up to run against him. one topic hogan has chosen to keep his distance from, president trump. >> i try not to be focused on washington. i try to be focused on maryland. i was not a supporter of the president. i want any president to be successful, but i didn't endorse the president and, you know, i am concerned about some
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tone and some of the issues that are going on there, but my job is to stay focused here. >> focused here means meat and potato issues like taxes. hogan told us he'll work with democrats in the statehouse to keep changes in the federal tax code from triggering a jump in state taxes. the governor must be doing something right, by the way. his job approval rating is a healthy 67%. time for our first check on d.c.'s most accurate forecast. topper has a yellow weather alert posted for tomorrow. he's out on the terrace to let us know what that's all about. top? >> the good news, adam, i think in the morning we're fine. the yellow weather alert will go into effect in the afternoon. here's the deal. we actually posted one for tomorrow afternoon and also friday. in terms of the risk of showers, we have a high risk of that, gusty winds a little higher than low and a moderate risk of a few heavy downpours. in terms of impacts we're looking at some slow commutes. in fact, all the commutes could be slow friday. so we have a high risk of
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power outage is low, moderate risk of flooding is because the ground is frozen. any rain that falls will run off. so get your storm drains cleaned out. let's talk about futurecast. tomorrow morning at 6:00 we're okay. in fact, we're above freezing, 36 and cloudy downtown. by 11:30 we're in the mid-40s and dry. we'll come back and talk about a few flakes on the seven-day. federal agents stormed into almost 100 7-eleven stores nationwide as part of a hunt for undocumented workers. now this story has two parts, the raid themselves and broader concerns about this from other business owners. here's john henry. >> reporter: we know of 10 i.c.e. raids that happened at 7- elevens in our area, seven in cities in maryland and three in d.c. immigration and customs enforcement which also goes by i.c.e. said the operation consisted of what they call employment audits, basically agents checking to see whether individual
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have any illegal immigrants. 21 arrests were made nationwide. i.c.e.'s deputy director said the raids send a strong message to american businesses. they'll be held accountable for breaking the law. he added businesses that hire illegal workers are a full factor for illegal immigration -- pull factor for illegal immigration. i.c.e.'s operation has a lot of people talking including one d.c. business that said it was disturbed by the move. >> it gives me great pause about what this country stands for. >> reporter: collin pitts owns sports wine bar and market. that owner called on d.c. city leaders to develop practices and procedures to protect hospitality workers. >> it gives me fear for not only those targeted, but friends and family of those targeted. i think there are much better ways that the government and i.c.e. can spend their resources. >> he said i.c.e. could focus on people that actually have deportation orders are have committed violent crime. however, for now it has no plans to change its
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immigration. another i.c.e. official said operations like these are a harbinger of what's to come. john henry, wusa9. heads up, virginia drivers. the state struck a deal to extend toll lanes along i-95. right now they run from the beltway and route 10 in stafford county. they will extend another 10 miles down to route 17 in fredericksburg. this will be toll based on demand and h.o.v. three cars ride free. this extension won't be ready for your wheels until fall of 2022. you may judge a person and an institution by how they treat the most vulnerable among us. tonight because of video that's gone viral social media is judging a baltimore hospital over how it treated someone vulnerable, a woman left out in the cold in a state of confusion dressed only in a hospital gown. here's debra alfarone.
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clothes on. >> reporter: overnight this man was walking past university of maryland hospital when he noticed something he said he'll never forget. >> i'm assuming you all are with the security department. >> reporter: the hospital security guards had just wheeled a patient to a bus stop and in subfreezing temperatures they left her there. >> is there a supervisor available? >> reporter: the only thing she had on was a hospital gown. >> it's about 30 degrees out here right now. are you okay? are you unable to speak? are you okay, ma'am? do you need me to call the police? >> reporter: it's called patient dumping and it doesn't just happen in baltimore. in 2007 60 minutes investigated the practice of removing homeless patients from los angeles hospitals and leaving they downtown. often the patients are not insured or have other financial issues. it's unclear if that was the case in baltimore. >> go ahead and sit down. [
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>> okay, ma'am. go ahead and sit down. thank you. i'm going to call to get you some help. >> reporter: in a statement the university of maryland medical center said that they share the shock and disappointment of many who have viewed the video. in the end we clearly failed to fulfill our mission with this patient. the man who reported that heart breaking video did call 911 and medics ended up taking the patient back to the exact same hospital. tonight a review is underway there. that could lead to personnel action against the hospital employees involved. guys. now time for the one thing getting in the way of another edition of politics in 60 seconds. let's get started. no deal on daca yet. lawmakers are trying to find common ground on four things here, the president's border wall, new restrictions on so- called chain immigration, changes to the visa lottery program and daca itself. that's the program that allows someone to stay in
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illegally as a child. while lawmakers are talking in circles about that, the clock is incompetent iting toward another government shutdown -- clock is ticking toward another government shutdown. the current plan expires midnight january 19th. will daca get in the way of passing a spending plan? anything is possible on the hill. we'll keep an eye on it for you. and california republican congressman darrell issa said this is his last term in congress. he's been there since 2001 and even though he was a republican he's a good friend to the district supporting a voting rights bill in 2007 and pushing through two bills needed to start the wharf development along the southwest waterfront. one more note on politics. we just heard from medstar hospital. congressman steve scalise is there tonight listed in fair condition after a planned follow-up surgery. he'll be there several more days and then will recover at home. this is all related to the injuries he sustained back when he was shot during a congressional baseball game practice la
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events of the year, the consumer electronic show in las vegas where all the tech companies in the world unveil their latest gadgets. there's only one thing that could ruin that experience and it happened. no power. a massive outage hit the show. it lasted for hours. a new charging station held people's phones hostage the whole time. that led cnet, a tech publication to tweet the thought on everybody's mind. the hottest gadget this year? a flashlight. is it there to help you out or a tiny spy you've invited into your home? i'm talking about those virtual assistants like amazon's echo or google home. are they eavesdropping on everything? my verify team has the answer and i'll even offer up a little rage against the little machines. >> that massive recall of takata air bag recall just got bigger, what you need to know before you get behind the wheel
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to talk about that yellow weather alert lasting tomorrow into friday in d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> the news at 11:00 team honors anna may hayes, tonight a front line nurse who later became the military's first female general after serving in three wars. general hayes passed away yesterday at the age of 97.
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the news at 11:00 continues now with a story you've got to hear before your morning commute. more trouble with those air bags made by takata, the air bags are in a long list of vehicles. so far automakers have recalled 69 million vehicles to replace the air bags that could seriously injure or kill someone when they inflate. tonight we can add another 1 million. that recall now includes cars made by toyota and honda. both companies say they'll be in touch with you if you own a car covered by this recall, but keep in mind takata has been struggling to keep up with the demand for the fixed air bag. letting complete strangers into your home and letting them listen to all of your
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check it. everyone is hot on these smart home devices right now. there's the amazon echo dot about the size of a hockey puck. there are smart tvs, vacuums, phones, stuff that follows your voice commands and answers your questions whenever. all the cool gifts are made for spying on you, electronics all over your home are spying on you. recordings from an echo dot were actually used as evidence in a murder case and then there's this article from forbes, how the cia allegedly hacked samsung smart tvs. so is your alexa echo, dot or google home device listening and recording everything you say? let's verify. our expert at the maryland cyber security center says whamo, it's true. the devices listen for a key phrase like hey, google or alexa to activate. so they're always snooping on your conversations for those key words and when they hear them, bam, they start recording sending data to their home
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but they shouldn't always be reporting everything back. it should just be throwing away everything else that wasn't obviously addressing it. >> we also checked with the digital evidence unit at the department of forensic sciences in d.c. that's been testing hackable smart toys. the fbi issued a warning about privacy concerns last summer about smart toys. they say check the device's privacy policy. it may be the only way to track any data being stored and yeah, those are easy to read written by teams of lawyers and they're like 2,000 pages long. so the short answer is yes. you put this hockey puck on your kitchen counter, it's just like having a government agent sitting on your counter listening to your dinner time conversation and then you got to worry about the hackers. you know they're trying to get all up in your biz. here's a bunch of stuff to do to protect yourself, but my advice, chuck that listening device out the window before the feds come and kick down your door because of that chat you thought was private. i'm not a fan. there are ways to limit what those devices are sharing, bam. that's on our ww
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now we don't eavesdrop on you at home, but alexa, remind me to watch wusa9 news at 11:00 every night and we love hearing from you when you have something for us to verify. find me on facebook or twitter @adamlongotv or >>darrenisupinthesports. >> darren is up in the sports room saying you called me down for this? you ready for the 60s? ready for 30s again? it's half of that. you know what? 3-degree guarantee, i was sweating this out the better part of the day. went 45 for a high. we crawled up to 43, so we made it. we're 31 of the last 32 days. we're going 504 tomorrow. a live look outside -- 54 tomorrow. a live look outside. it's 32 right now. most of
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tonight, calm winds and clouds in place, pretty nice for january. here's the big picture, satellite and radar picture combined. the massive storm that was in southern california is in the rockies and plains states. that eventually will roll all the way eastward bringing us rain and showers. it will go west of us because of the track. it could bring up enough warm air to kick off a shower or thunderstorm here friday into friday night. right now we just have clouds across most of the metro area, but radar is quiet and radar will be quiet for the morning commute. driving home tomorrow some of us may have to go through a couple showers. so bus stop temperatures, 32 to 43, just chilly but pretty reasonable for january. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon and evening and tomorrow night and right on through friday. friday is really the meat of the yellow weather alert and then afternoon showers possible tomorrow, primarily west of town. that will slow the evening commute down and just go ahead and prepare for warmer conditions on friday, yes, good
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even a thunderstorm and both commutes could be affected and also your date night plans could be affected friday night. if 4 tomorrow, 68 -- 54 tomorrow, 68 friday and the high in the books may be 57 at midnight, but temps fall all day and we're in the 30s sunday and monday. dress for the 30s on saturday. here's futurecast. tomorrow morning we're just cloudy and 30s, not so bad, 36 downtown, 36 in romney. that's pretty uniform for this time of year. by lunchtime we're in the upper 40s, still dry. by 6:00 we will see some showers back toward culpeper, up toward frederick but primarily west of i-95. if you're driving home south into southern maryland tomorrow, you should be dry all the way home. we'll advance this again. by 6 a.m. friday everybody has showers to deal with, but look at the temps, 61 downtown and we're looking at upper 50s as far north as hagerstown. that's pretty crazy. by lunchtime friday the heavy activity rolls
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heavier downpours late morning friday into early average. look at the temps, 65 at lunchtime on friday. that's crazy. then by 6 p.m. we get a little break with temperatures still in the 60s and another wave of showers rolls through overnight friday and perhaps even with a rumble of thunder. then the cold front rolls through and clears us off and cools us off saturday. thursday temps in the upper 30s to start, 44 by 11:00, 48, mostly cloudy by 1:00. friday yellow weather alert, rain, showers, maybe a storm, falling temps on saturday, clouds to start, back in the 30s by evening. next seven days a flurry sunday and then dry for martin luther king day and maybe some snow showers tuesday and wednesday. we'll watch that. maybe a skiff here or there. the federal agent has come back down to talk to us. >> the federal agent and sportscaster. >> what are you telling me? >> telling you to turn around. >> look at what's going on here. looks like three guys versus a whole school. we'll talk more about it on the r
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weekday at 6 a.m. reese waters hosts a different kind of morning show. it offers you all the traffic, weather and news you need in the morning along with more than a few laughs. check it out. >> since it's the first day of the actual show, today's most d.c. thing comes from my dad. now one of the coolest things about coming home to do the show was the pride my parents give the show every time they see an ad with get up d.c. with my face on it. imagine my father's joy while waiting at the morgan boulevard metro station when he saw this. as you can see, somebody decided to turn my face into street art by coloring in my favorite tooth. what a warm welcome back to the city. to quote the great ron burgundy, i'm not even mad. i'm impressed. i'll take a colored tooth. it could have been way worse. i've seen innocent faces turned into fcc violations on the metro.
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>> how did they know it was your favorite tooth? join us for get up d.c. tomorrow from 6 to 7 a.m. right here on wusa9. now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> how about get up for this? george mason taking on st. jo and oh, otis livingston at the buzzer. that's your game winner, baby. george mason wins 81-79. that was good stuff, but here's why i'm mad tonight, people. the wizards have now lost five straight games to the utah jazz. these dudes were giving away m&ms at the game with john wall and bradley beal's face on it. you can't put a man's face on an m&m and not show up. here's a live look at wall and beal now. the wizards aren't the only ones getting pushed around by
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the jazz. look what happened to this fan after getting ejected. look at my man holding the cell phone that said get that mess out of here. speaking of cell phones, georgetown has a ban on those devices at least for section 118 in the game against st. johns on january 20th as part of a promotion to encourage conversation with your neighbor face to face, not doing this. since you can't use your cell phone, you need a paper ticket. it will give you a print-out of the box score and if you want to take a picture, they'll give you a polaroid camera. try taking a selfie with that. i just heard first black woman or first black man do something like obama and that's like holy cow. >> wow, now who can forget the young lady from reston, virginia, who became the first black woman to qualify for the u.s. olympic speed skating team? however, a 17.5-inch blade cut
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she needed multiple stitches. what's so amazing is she was back on the ice training the very next day. i spoke with her family today. she sent me this message. "i'm doing fine and sharp blades got nothing on me." now for more on her amazing story from ghana to reston, virginia, to become the first black woman to qualify for the olympic speed skating team, just like our wusa9 sports facebook page. what a special moment at the bowie ice arena, a team of african american kids based out of tucker road ice rink in ft. washington, maryland, had their rink destroyed in a fire january last year. capitals defenseman bruce orpik surprised those kids and donated equipment to the team. listen to how emotional one mom gets. >> my son has been playing since the team started, so this is huge to me. i'm getting emotional, sorry, because to think that someone
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and talk to the players association and have them come all the way from canada to donate this equipment to our program to make sure our program continues long after my son is aged out, this is huge. >> what a great moment. here's what's trending in sports. three professional soccer players from the japanese national team taking on 100 school children! this is part of a japanese game show. they qualified for this year's world couple. the three players clearly made sure they didn't blast a shot toward the goal and knock some poor kid's head off is the best part. >> it looks like a video game. >> it is a game. >> look at how they celebrate. >> yeah. they did score. this video already has over 1 million views. >> do they just do that for this game where you score the goal and then the blast comes up or is that for every game? >> i don't know. >> what they did to show was all the kids running off the field crying because they
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shorts tomorrow. >> yeah, especially on friday. we're talking near 70 on friday. it's going to be a roller coaster, 54 tomorrow, showers west of town and friday boom, showers, maybe a thunderstorm, 68. colder over the weekend. a couple of flakes could fly tuesday and wednesday. >> packing three seasons into three days. >> we're on to the late show with stephen colbert on the way next. >> g
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