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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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would include dreamer protection and both parties would be under pressure to get this done right now. >> we cannot tolerate delay, tactic by those who wish to not see a deal. >> i believe we will see a solution to the program and beyond that, as a whole, any solution has to include the wall because it all doesn't work without that. >> yesterday, a federal judge temporarily blocked the order to and the daca program, and the president blasted the decision, saying the court system is not fair and broken. he believes the fix for docker should be left up to lawmakers, not the federal court. >> the new expansion enforcement and u.s. immigration agents showed up at dozens of 7-eleven stores across the co
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this morning and opened employment audits to interview workers. agents said there were about 100 of the 7-eleven stores with in the hiring audit leading to criminal charges or large fines if the workers are illegally in the country. one officials said the sweep is a harbinger of what is to come. this republican governor won't touch president donald trump with a 10-foot pole. will the wave of democrats in the election keep larry hogan out of office? >> that's the question. he is campaigning for reelection in a state with an overwhelming democratic democratic majority. he talked about his chances. >> right now, larry hogan has eight democrats lined up to run against him. >> reporter: they smell blood in the water. >> i find it notable that you kept your distance from the president. i try not
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president, i tried to be focused on marilyn. i was not a supporter of the president and i want and the president to be successful, but i didn't endorse the president and i'm concerned about some of the things, the tone and the issue going on. my job is to stay focused here. >> reporter: hogan's strategy works. recent polling found him at 67% approval while tonk -- while trump was 34%. the tax bill was another headache for the republican governor with people being anxious about this in places like montgomery county. can you work it out with the legislature? >> i sure hope so. the good news is most marylanders will see their federal tax go down. estate taxes might go up unless we do something. the senate president and the speaker said they want to work with me to protect marylanders who might
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impacted. it's mostly lower income taxpayers who would have a rise in taxes. some of the folks are pushing back, saying we need to spend that money but we try to keep them to their commitment to protect taxpayers because we don't want to see a windfall of state revenue increasing with federal taxes. >> we talked about this and we talked about scandals in prince george's county and we talked about the metro. go to my facebook page, scott broom at wusa9 and look at the full interview. scott broom, wusa9. >> the general assembly session kicked off today. the oath of office was taken in the house of delegates with 11 women and several are bringing this to the assembly. the first lesbian,
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latina, the first transgender, the first african-american and the first african-american woman from prince william county. >> they will get criminal background checks and they will have domestic violence issues. >> if there's any issue that unites the entire democratic caucus, it is what this stands for. bottom line, we are in this together. >> republicans retained control with a one-vote advantage, 51- 49 and the state senate has a 21-19 gop edge. democrat chris hurst has taken his seat in the house of delegates, representing the cause of gun control after the murder of his girlfriend, alison parker. in 2015, they were gunned down
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during the swearing in ceremony, he wore a tie that parker had given him. >> we have an exclusive. it was five years ago that quan me brown was forced to resign as chairman of the d.c. council because a bank fraud. he served one day in custody and six months house arrest. many thought he would one day become mayor. he hasn't talked about his arrest or the embarrassment he brought to his well-known d.c. family until now. recently, he said he's ready to do the exclusive interview. he will be here live in studio off script at 7:00. be sure to watch. >> in southern california, the worst mudslides ever seen with at least 15 people dead and the number is expected to rise as researchers race against time. severe storms spawned massive mudslides in
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the wildfire last month. 100 golems gone -- 100 homes gone in 300 damage. >> the rushing of the water and the power was amazing. cars were washed down and huge boulders and trees were coming down. >> many homes and vehicles are ruined and bulldozers are working nonstop. the widespread restrictions could take months to clean up. >> california is no stranger to mudslides but they can happen in all 50 states and usually occur with other disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, wildfires and floods. gravity acted as a primary force with mudslides growing in size and momentum. the weather is warming up and comes with a price. a wet into the wo
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>> we are having a yellow weather alert tomorrow evening and for friday with showers and gusty wind and heavy rain. a low to moderate risk. what about the impact? you can plan on a slow commute. afternoon and evening, different story. power outage it, low risk and the futurecast has good news because we will be above freezing just about everywhere. 36 downtown with the dry commute and the best chance of showers will be on thursday with some flakes on the seven- day. a long awaited and exciting day at wusa9 with the debut of get up dc, one of the top trends on twitter. >> every day, reese waters will host a different show. you can still track what you need, but get laughs g
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show and some things come from my dad. one of the cool things about coming home to do the show is the pride that my parents, every time they see an ad with get up dc, it has my face on it. imagine my father's joy while waiting at the metro station when he saw this. [laughter] as you can see, someone turned my face into street art by coloring in my favorite tooth. a warm welcome back to the city. i'm not even mad, i'm impressed? and it could have been way worse. i will take the colored tooth. i've seen innocent faces turn into fcc violations on the metro. >> reese waters, larry marshall, jan jeffcoat, all here for get up dc
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>> did he just challenge the poster? >> he might have. the world a tronic show, the lights went out. >>
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in the past. >> flu cases are skyrocketing. more are getting the flu than ever before. it's especially dangerous and this strain is the deadliest nationwide since 2014. you may think no problem, i have my flu shot but it will likely only be 10% effective. that means a nine in 10 shot will still get the flu, compared to 50% effectiveness over the past few years. is it worth getting the vaccine? doctors say, absolutely. even if it doesn't kill the virus entirely, the symptoms may be less severe and that could be life saving. one in 10 shot of killing the virus is better than nothing.
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that is a myth right now because according to the nation's top protection agency, you cannot get sick from the flu shot. that is what you need to know, hilary lane. some unwelcome visitors drive shoppers baddie in the grocery aisle. >> coming up, how much driving
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when get up dc started, people thought i would replace larry. isn't there enough room for two sexy chocolate men on the wusa morning show? i'm here to say that there is an larry isn't going anywhere. he and jen will host wake up washington and then, it becomes mine. [laughter] i can tell them to do whatever i want. we get all the news you need. i say, larry, tell me what's going on on social media and get me a diet coke. >> [laughter] that is
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different about our new morning show, get up dc. reese waters, jan jeffcoat, larry miller, tomorrow from 6:00 until 7:00 a.m. right here in wusa9. in virginia, there was a deal to expand the express lanes on i-95 another 10 miles. a recent traffic analysis rated this as the nation's worst chokepoint. it will finish and they said it won't require upfront money from the state. >> should i take i-66? >> should i take i-66? and you may be more likely to pay more. we know it's a battle inside the beltway but if your morning the
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begins with i-66 as your battlefield or your evening commute does, there is a new thing in the struggle called a website for, should i take i-66 today? it's simple and shows you the maximum and minimum tolls you will pay during the morning and evening commute. for example, when you are going out of the district, 3:45, it is certainly a time to avoid. you can see a little spike where the toll, on average, is above $9 and we all know that the fluctuations have been going on with sky high prices on average, you don't want to pay that. it's too high. dare i say this could make your commute pleasant? on i-66, mike valerio, wusa9. >> you ca
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it will be even more accurate. >> the largest technology conference had a problem with electricity on opening day today. the consumer electronics show in las vegas, two of the three main convention halls lost power with thousands evacuated. it sounds like fun and was called an isolated event. everything is now back up and running. >> caught on camera, something you don't want to see in the aisles of a local supermarket. video of a dozen bats flying down the aisle of a walmart. the inspectors were called and they said it was in the lawn and garden section and they are federally protected. if you want to go to the law mart again, they will close until the bats leave. >> are you kidding me? the bats areki
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>> there is some benefit to it. phenomenal benefit. >> we don't want them in the aisles. >> you have a higher risk of getting rabies from a cow than a bat. >> i would be out of there. taking a live look outside, temperatures are back into the 30s. the thaw won't last forever. 45 today and bruce evan -- bruce evans was called far worse. everyone will be freezing or above tonight, not that cold in the scheme of things and we need the rain. check this out, the beginning of meteorological winter, december 1, with only .56 inches of rain and it should be about 3.75 inches. in fact,
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inch of rain since november 7. the rain event on friday, the heaviest rain is west of i-95. not as cold tonight, temperature is 32 or above. bus stop temperature, 32-43, chilly tomorrow morning. yellow weather alert, and afternoon showers on thursday and what about the cold temperatures. 68 on friday and we will be in the 30s and on sunday of next week, on the futurecast, we show 30s by morning and notice it will be above freezing. 36 downtown and by 9:00, around 40 degre.
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by 1:00, still 50 degrees with showers south and west and some showers move in with folks going home north and west tomorrow night. dry through 2:00 and not so dry on friday, but 46 on saturday, falling temps and maybe a flurry , snow showers possible tuesday and wednesday. >> pay back time? >> yeah. the utah jazz, 47-point! pay back is the only word you can
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now, wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> the last time the wizards played the jazz, they got their butts whooped. 47 points! here's what they had to say before the match tonight. >> the energy, they were moving the ball and very active. overall, they just beat us. >> one word for the game tonight, the word is pay back! up fourth straight and you lost by 47 points. time for some pay back, people. the wizards are playing some of the best basketball and one
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your mouth. pay back is more than words. for more on this, the wusa9 sports facebook page, find out more. >> the older generations will love this. georgetown said no to cell phones. they banned that on section 118 on january 20. it's part of a promotion to join the game with conversations and your neighbors are not using phones. you need a paper ticket with printouts of box scores and if you want to take a picture, you get a polaroid camera. tried to take a selfie with that, topper. pretty good. a special moment at the buoy ice arena. some kids had the rink destroyed in january by fire.
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surprise them to donate equipment. one mother got emotional. >> my son has been playing on the team and this is huge for me because to think someone of his stature would talk to them, all the way from canada, to donate this equipment to our program to make sure the program continues. this is huge. >> you never know how important something is until you do something nice and see their reaction. this should encourage people to do something positive. for those athletes to say they
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