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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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helpful. >> they alzheimer's association has a list on the website of things caregivers can do to prevent wandering. >> take them for a walk or take them out for a fine dining experience when the restaurants aren't busy. >> reporter: follow a routine and figure out which day your loved one will wander and comfort them. >> you ensure the person that you are okay. they may get lost and families, they need to be reassured that they are okay. >> even when families do everything right, things can go terribly wrong. roussell shan, wusa9. >> caring for someone with dementia can be a 24/7 job. the alzheimer's association said it's critical for kerber -- for caregivers to know that it's always possible to help. we have tips and
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daring overnight theft of a cruiser of a d.c. police car. keys were left inside and pennsylvania avenue on capitol hill, a 38-year-old was accused of jumping into the crews are and taking off. the cruiser crashed into a cop car at third and south carolina and two officers suffered minor injuries minor injuries. edwards is charged with unauthorized use of the vehicle and reckless driving, among other things. >> a fairfax county man faces serious charges. police found images of child pornography on a device and traced it to him. he lives in alexandria and so far police don't believe he had contact with any children in the images, but fairfax county police want anyone with information about him to give them a call. >> the de
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mudslides in southern california reached 15 people. >> at least two dozen are missing. search and rescue efforts are under way. neighbors from santa barbara to burbank had witnessed walls of water sweeping away cars and even entire homes. >> there was huge boulders, huge trees coming down. >> why are the ferocious mudslides here? you recall the worst wildfires knocked out lots of trees and vegetation and when the heavy rain hit yesterday, it triggered the avalanche of mud, rocks and boulders. >> at home, we are tracking a yellow weather alert for a rainy ride home. take it easy out there. >> we are in pretty good shape, it's not even that cold. different tomorrow and thursday, with some showers. not everybody will
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through route 7 and 66, a couple of showers are possibles. -- a couple of showers are possible. in the later stages of thursday into friday, a yellow weather alert will be showing gusty wind, moderate and heavy rain with a low to moderate risk with a slow commute. power outages, as well and we will talk about the arctic air. it's not here yet, but it's lurking and we have some days of snowflakes. >> the general assembly is in session after some contests. on twitter, shelly simonds conceded to david yancey after a literal tie in the inn the race for the ninth district seat. yancy one win his name was picked out of a ceramic bowl last week and the wind gives the gop
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however, a court battle continues over the votes in the 28th district, fredericksburg. a federal appeals court said it won't stop the swearing in of republican and democrat, bob thomas. democrats claim the vote is tainted. voters got the wrong ballot. josh call -- cole was selected by 73 votes and a lawsuit is under way. >> the democratic wave in virginia, it was a problem. in the house of delegates, northern virginia was in richmond and what does it mean to all virginians? >> reporter: it was exciting to witness the enormous change at the virginia general assembly with one dozen new women being sworn into office and bringing diversity with it. the front row said it all. more hugs
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as the day became reality. >> it's a reality. so many emotions. >> elizabeth and the other legislator are the first to be seated as women in the legislature. >> reporter: the woman in the purple dress is the first transgender person in the virginia legislature. >> on behalf of all the people in the 13th district, including those that voted for me, it's the honor of a lifetime. >> reporter: don adams is the first lesbian in the legislature. >> i can't even articulate it. >> reporter: she is in the front year -- front row with the first african-american representing prince william county and they are part of the democratic wave of the newcomers. what does
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republicans have the majority in the house and the senate and they now only have a one-vote majority in the house. it means issues that democrats have been pushing for years might finally have a chance. >> every person now needs to be on notice that medicaid expansion is one of the top priorities for people in virginia. >> we want to do a dedication. >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe will deliver the final state of the commonwealth address. the lieutenant governor will be inaugurated this saturday. >> president donald trump took questions from reporters today in a conference with the norway prime minister. it started off with questions about the investigation and the 2016 election. >> there was absolutely no collusion and everybody knows it. it was a democratic hoax as a reit
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an election that, frankly, the democrats should have won. >> trump said it's unlikely he will give an interview to robert mueller. he said he will see what happens and had strong words for a reporter with this question about the border wall. >> would you be willing to sign an immigration deal that ultimately does not include funding for the border wall? >> no. no. we need the wall to secure it and we need the wall for safety and we need the wall for sopping -- stopping the drug from pouring in. >> president donald trump said protecting the so-called dreamers depends on the approval of the border wall with an $18 billion price tag. dreamers were children brought to the u.s. illegally as children and they are protected under the daca program from the obama era that will come to an end on march 5 after president donald trump called for the program to stop. last night, a
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dreamers linked to a spending bill, not a border wall. congress must pass the budget by january 19 or the government shuts down. >> a racy ad in d.c. promotes hiv awareness and it is lighting up social media. >> a teacher who dared to speak out woman: where are we taking him? i have no clue. we're just tv doctors. if this was a real emergency, i'd be freaking out. we are the tv doctors of america.
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reminding you to go, know, and take control of your health. schedule your annual check-up today.
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this is video of a teacher being arrested at a school board meeting that has been shared across the country. the louisiana middle school was speaking out
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superintendent's pay raise and that is when deyshia hargrave was forcibly removed in handcuffs. right now, the average louisiana teacher makes about $49,000 a year and the superintendent makes twice as much. he can now earn $38,000 more. >> it's a position of leadership, getting a raise, i feel like it is a slap in the face for the teachers. >> the louisiana teachers plan unraveling to support hargrave, will not face criminal charges. >> this is one of our favorite pictures. >> police in anne arundel county rescued a barred owl on route 100 with investigators believing it was likely hit by a vehicle. a detective and the police pulled the bird to safety. it is now getting some tlc. >> it took me a minute to get your joke. >> rain is on the way and th
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means a yellow weather alert tomorrow and friday and topper will lay out the timeline after the break. i didn't believe this when i read it at first. the furniture maker ikea wants customers to urinate on its advertisements. >> marinette, don't urinate. >> a dog was injured so badly "what if" more of the energy we used came from renewable resources?
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suffix county police called it animal abuse -- fairfax police called it animal abuse. a black retriever puppy was left for dead in the county helped to rescue it. >> reporter: a county vet name to macedonia and when he was brought in, he was in such bad shape that the officer said he could hardly move. he was lethargic, smell like urine all over and someone found him and they found him in centreville by the 13,000 block of weekly court.
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extremely dehydrated -- to hydrated, and the officer said she didn't think he would survive. now, he is a healthy 45-pound dog and police want his owner. they want to find the person responsible for the dog being left for dead and police are willing to take an anonymous source. at the shelter, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> max is not up for adoption, but so cute and we will have the tip line on as police tried to find them. >> an historic tavern building suffered damage with frigid temperatures. the city of alexandria is temporarily closing gadsby's in the old town section. they said a sprinkler pipe burst and it led to flooding. the museum building was built around 1785 and is privately
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the next two weeks. >> a new era sprinkler? [laughter] >> it was fine. and it was so long before we had this kind of stretch with these problems to talk about. >> you can imagine what the thaw will bring. >> the back and forth, that is what will be with us. >> we had 60s on the map and 30s returning. we might be okay, and we went from 45 for the high to not far off the edge, and everything will be wrapped up at 11:00. temperatures, 43 and dew point in the low 30s, not a very cold night with clouds hanging tough and the winds are light. most folks will be above freezing. rain
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since december 1, that is the beginning of the meteorological winter, only 66 hundredths of a inch were liquid. the average is closer to 4 inches of rain and we are way behind. the last time we had an inch of rain or more, not since the seventh of november, the seventh of november. we do have a chance of one inch or about one inch of rain on friday, and that would be the largest rein in over two months. not as cold tonight, temperatures 32 degrees or above. chilly at the bus stop but dry in the morning with a yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and through friday and afternoon showers will not affect everybody but everyone will be affected on friday with rain showers and storms on friday and, yes,
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freeze, 54 tomorrow, 68 friday with some going 70 and sun is looming, 46 on saturday, a deceiving number with the actual height closer to midnight and then back into the 30s on sunday for martin luther king day. big changes. futurecast, 10:00, mostly cloudy. 37 in hagerstown, 35 in fredericksburg and by 6:00, carroo -- clouds return and 34 in cumberland and 35 in romney. by 9:00, near 40 degrees. 40 in buoy and by 1:00, upper 40s to about 50 and the showers come in tomorrow night, primarily west of 95 and closer to i-81 and 95. leesburg
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showers and by 10:00, more showers in the immediate area and then showers just about everywhere. it looks like summer, doesn't it? batches of moderate rain and rumbles of thunder with the day planner across the board, temperatures in the 30s, 46 by 1:00. the next few days, a yellow weather alert with rain and storms and temps are falling on saturday. the next seven days, flurries possible and we will keep it dry for dry for monday and tuesday, snow showers possible and wednesday, snow showers possible with temps going down, only 29 on wednesday. >> a fiery crash involving multiple tractor-trailers in southern indiana. take a look at
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within one half mile being evacuated as a precaution with hazardous chemicals leaking from a box truck. all kinds of bad going on. the highway needs to reopen and after more than 16 years in congress, california congressman darrell issa will not seek reelection. darrell issa, a fierce critic of president obama, and by the way, the gop businessman is among the wealthiest members of congress. we are pumped, stroke -- stoked, about our new show. it kicked off this morning at 6:00. >> the #at of d.c. was one of the top trending items in washington and one of the top 10 across the country. >> they nailed it. communications in silver springs, they have so much to offer.
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networks are under the umbrella. no other city has mambo sauce, good seafood and the chili bowl as a selling point to anything. you go to new york and all you get is a bunch of museums and monuments. we have real grocery stores, not bodegas. if you aren't seeing 7-eleven, you have a place to go. we accommodate absolutely everybody. i feel bad for downtown silver spring. at one point silver spring was the waldorf of montgomery county. if you go, let me know and i will give you $5 on that giant t-rex in the lobby. i will send it into the middle of the newsroom. we picked his brain and stay tuned for that in the next half-hour. >> his mom was there. >> in
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and you will see it at 6:00 a.m. >> it might be a first in advertising and i don't want to talk about it. swedish furniture maker, ikea, once customers to pee on and add to get a discount on the crib. >> this magazine comes with a special strip, similar to a pregnancy past -- test. if they are indeed with child, they get a special discount. you can see that a test file may work better than urinating. the next and is getting a lot of attention. you will see d.c.'s bold step to fight a disease that has plagued this city for years. >> marketing people are pi
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hear what after james franco has to say about sexual assault allegations made about him, right after his golden globes when. >>
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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you need more than one flavor of diet coke and coca- cola is releasing new flavors. the younger generation, has them and they include ginger lime, feisty cherry, zesty blood orange and twisted mango and the officially debut in stores next month. they hope the change will boost sales for the sugar-free soda. >> can older people drink it? >> you might be happier and maybe you need to. d.c. residents are miserable at work, it seems. that is not coming from us, but a study where happy workers are in the
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, on, of course, estate with beautiful scenery tops the list, hawaii. second is alaska.  four of the 5 unhappiest states are on the east coast. day two at ces in las vegas, where the future of technology is introduced to the world. it's all about taking your commute to the next level was self driving air taxis and a car that lets you look inside your fridge and there is a driving program you can one day steer with your mind. >> this may be the forefront of technology. they had a big power outage today. >> not such a good idea. nissan says that this is brain vehicle technology. the event runs through the rest of the week. >> digital currency creates its own form of bitcoin called tau -- called kodak coin. there is a
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1 paid for in digital currency and they think that there will be the stock price more than doubling. >> trip advisor announced top spots to travel. they said japan is the number one spot. there will be a close second and third and if you are looking to stay closer to home, wilmington, north carolina is getting a lot of attention. that is wusa9 at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> it starts with a controversial ad about hiv prevention pills that has people talking. some say it is effective and others say it goes too far. 10 years ago, nearly four people were diagnosed with hiv nearly every day and now it has dropped. is it a problem? there must be a way
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attention. some may find this offensive and inappropriate for young people. here's a chance to click off. here is the explanation of it all. >> reporter: eating a banana and pumping gas like this? a bold new ad from the d.c. health department uses things we do every day in a different way. >> it's too much. >> you look at it and it is seductive. >> it got my attention. >> reporter: that is the point. the ad is racy and promotes something serious, a pill to help prevent hiv. >> think about this. >> reporter: it's short for preexposure, and it keeps someone who does not have hiv from getting it. it's important because hiv is still a problem in the u.s. where


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