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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 10, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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hello and thank you for watching the news at noon. the search for victims in the california mudslide tops the news with downpours starting mud and debris
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wildfires. 15 people are confirmed dead and chris martinez has more from los angeles. >> reporter: the search teams in southern california are working to clear the areas buried in mud and debris after the tuesday rains. >> we still don't know how many people are trap.>> reporter: the torrential rain overwhelmed the town of montecito and surrounding communities triggering devastating mudslides. helicopters rescued dozens and crews on the ground searched for the victims. >> it looks like the world war i battlefield. it was a carpet of mud and debris everywhere. >> reporter: in burbank another massive mudslide with dirt and debris flowing to the neighborhood damaging homes.>> the rushing of the mud and water, the power is amazing.>> reporter:
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feet deep rushing past her house. >> there were huge trees coming down. >> reporter: oprah winfrey posted video of the deep mud in her santa barbara backyard. today's forecast calls for clear skies allowing the massive cleanup to begin in that could take weeks or even months. chris martinez, cbs news, burbank, california. the threat is over and the people in puerto rico, caribbean islands and in central america they are breathing a sigh of relief after the 7.6 earthquake triggered the tsunami warming for several hours. thankfully the deadly waves did not follow. two dc police officers are recovering after someone stole the police cruiser leading them on a chase in the capitol hill neighborhood just after 1 am.
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marcella robertson has the latest. >> reporter: the chase ended here and officers were chasing the stolen police cruiser and the suspect crashed into the car that the two officers were in. they were hurt but are expected to be okay, and the suspect is in custody. most neighbors said they were fast asleep and did not hear anything when it happened. >> this is a pretty safe neighborhood and i've lived your four years, so that is shocking. >> reporter: the suspect jumped into the police cruiser on pennsylvania avenue and took off. the suspect did not make it are -- make it far and crashed a half mile away. what is unclear is why they would want to steal the cruiser and how they got access to the car in the first place. marcella robertson, wusa 9 news . the historic tavern building
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has suffered damage connected to the frigid temperatures, and the city of alexandria is temporarily closing the gatsby's tavern museum in the old town section after the sprinkler pipe burst sunday evening which led to flooding in the building. the building was built in 1785 in the privately owned restaurant was not affected. the museum will be closed for the next two weeks. the outgoing governor of virginia will give the state of the state speech later this evening and it happens as virginia opens the legislative session for 2018 and they will hold the swearing-in for the new delegates that won the race in november and governor ralph northam will be sworn in on saturday. the judge is temporarily blocking the president trump order ending the daca program, the children brought to the u.s. as children and keeping them from being deported. 880,pe
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subject to deportation as they hammer it out in court.>> reporter: the federal judge temporarily halted the president trump's decision to end the daca program which expires on march 5. the judge ruled that docker recipients should not be deported -- daca recipients should not be deported until the legal decision makes its way through the court. these children were brought to the country illegally as children.>> reporter: president trump saying it shows everyone how broken and unfair our court system is. in a case of daca, it always runs through the night circuit, almost always wins before being reversed by the higher court. >> reporter: sarah huckabee sanders caused the situation outrageous and says that the president is committed to find a solution for daca saying it is a job for congress
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urgency revolving and resolving the docket issue. >> reporter: president trump read the bipartisan discussion on immigration reform tuesday and said that finding the deal for the so called dreamers is a priority but not the top priority. >> reporter: is there any agreement without the law? >> no, no way. >> we need it. >> reporter: the president wants congress to provide $18 billion to build the wall among the mexican border. cbs news, the white house. >> democrats want to tie the legislation to protect the daca and congress has until january 19 two past the new spending bill before a government shutdown. angry parents gathered in baltimore to vent their anger over the city schools, many closed due to the broken pipes and bowl
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we have more from charm city. >> freezing, cold and chilly. >> reporter: walking to school on these icy and untreated sidewalks on tuesday, last week it was the freezing temperatures inside that had her mother angry. >> what schools have to close because the pipes of burst or the heat is out, is very frustrating. >> reporter: schools across the city had water bubbling out of pipes and warped floors during freezing conditions, the children huddled up in's. -- up in coats. >> the cold water is frozen with ice, and it is inhumane for these children. >> this is the product of long- term issues that were not dealt with. >> reporter: we asked the governor hogan if he shouldered any blame. >> we shoulder a lot. i don't have anything to do with the day-to-day operations of the
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obligation to provide the oversight and funding. >> reporter: hogan is offering $2.5 million to fix the heating problem and proposing they look into why the city schools, the fourth highest funded in the nation have failed to protect the students. the parents filled up the overflow rooms at the schools demanding answers. >> all of these issues have been present for years. >> the meeting is nice, but the action is better. >> we are not waiting on the people elected to office or those on the school board, the parents and community members are stepping up to make the demands. >> 60 baltimore schools were closed at the height of the arctic blast, and only one is closed today. a daughter posted video of her dad slipsliding down the driveway which was covered in black ice. the slippery adventure ended up with him falling into the grass
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and luckily not the street. the video was posted 12 hours ago and has seen over 10 million views on facebook alone. it is wusa nine , your first alert weather forecast. >> we had a little bit of sun early but the clouds have moved in and hanging out for much of the day. we may see a little bit of sunlight, and we have low level clouds. any showers are well away from us, not a concern for precipitation today. yesterday we were at 51, and we will be back there tomorrow. right now 40 in town, 35 on the bay. we still have ice on parts of the bay, 40s in germantown, fairfax in the upper 30s. the high today 40 to 45. we have
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afternoon, around 40 by 5:00 tonight. partly cloudy with lows into the low to mid 30s. mild and upper 40s by lunchtime, low to mid 50s, and by 5:00 we have these specks of grain north and west of town. we have a few showers late with more showers on friday. look at these morning tempers on friday, upper 50s and 60 in fredericksburg. friday is breezy, warm with showers or possible thunderstorm. don't get used to that because the colder air will return heading into the weekend. get your full forecast anytime you like on our wusa 9 news app. just ahead on your 9 news at noon, the deterrent of floodwaters in sin city. the teacher takedown after questioning the pay raise and ds
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actor james franco said that the allegations accusing him of sexual misconduct are not accurate. at least two accusers came forward after he won the golden globe. allie sheedy writes that james franco just won, and don't ask me why i left the film and television business. actress haley wrote, remember the time he pushed my head down toward your exposed [null] . he was asked about these allegations last night by stephen colbert. >> the things i have read on twitter are not accurate. i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice.>> franco and
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participate in the new york times chat tonight about the recent film but after the allegations became public the invitation was withdrawn. teachers are scheduled to rally in louisiana tomorrow in support of the colleague that was arrested after questioning the rays of the school superintendent and the former teacher of the year was handcuffed and forcibly removed in what was supposed to be an open exchange of questions and answers in the board meeting.>> what are you doing?>> reporter: minutes after telling the vermillion school board that the teachers are scared of speaking out, hargrave was arrested. >> reporter: at the board meeting monday night hargrave expressed frustration with the plan to get the superintendent a race upward of $35,000. >> the superintendent or any person in a position of leadership, giving any type of race, it's a slap in the face of the teachers. >> reporte
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escorted hargrave out but moments later you could hear screaming from the hall, and the superintendent is not commenting on the arrest but is defending his raise. >> it is time we brought to the board a salary commensurate with what superintendents are making. >> reporter: he is making about $110,000 a year and with the new contract approved on monday we could earned $38,000 more. in 2016 the average louisiana teacher salary was around $49,000. the board member said that teachers in the district have not had a raise in a decade and called the treatment of hargrave disgusting. >> the way that females are treated in the vermillion township, i have never seen a man treated like that. >> reporter: the school board is defending the actions. >>
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ready to speak when she cut into him, and that is when the officer acted, and i think he acted properly. >> reporter: they said it was a school resource officer employed by the school board and not associated with the city of abbeville. cbs news, new york. >> the vermillion paris school board of prosecutors say they are not moving forward with charges against hargrave. the helicopter rescues will resume today in the matterhorn mountain amid the efforts to open the roads and rail lines that are being closed due to the heavy snowfall in the elevated avalanche risk. chopper teams have been airlifting hundreds of tourists to safety and as many as 13,000 tourists were trapped at one time. >> it was unnerving, we woke up with no power or internet in the hotel. we could not have breakfast and did not know what was going on but by 10:00 we realized there had been a
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overnight. >> the helicopter teams are also deployed to trigger the controlled avalanches to reduce the snow buildup with over three feet of snow falling in 24 hours in some parts of the region. heavy rains causing significant floods in las vegas, the first rain in 100 days with the low-lying areas and drains clogged by the garbage. there was water pouring out of the las vegas hotel garage and several people had to be rescued. >> out west they have a lot of mountains and valleys, and the water can collect quickly. i was in bakersfield, california in 1992 and we had a few inches of rain which caused flooding, and it is very impressive. that is no surprise they had flooding and we saw what happened in california with the fatal mudslides, and that stain source system will be here by friday. it will come in a different form.
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45 degrees. the satellite shows a lot of clouds. we still have a low sun angle for this time of the year. still have some snow on the ground in the northeast and lots of sunshine into western virginia down toward kentucky. locally a lot of clouds with a few breaks here and there this afternoon. we will call for cloudy to mostly cloudy's -- cloudy skies with light east wind at five miles an hour. you will certainly need your coat this evening with temperatures in the 30s. the good news is we don't have a lot of wind in the short term. that will change. 40 degrees, cloudy skies, dew point at 27. i had a teacher that made the impression what to think about th
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all have that. the southwesterly wind at five miles an hour with the barometer rising, and the low pressure heading our way. if you are one of those sensitive to the pressure changes, you may notice what is going on friday and saturday. we are sitting in 40 and cambridge at 42, larae and harrisonburg at 44 with lots of upper 30s to low 40s. i know we had a few weeks of arctic air and the thawing has begun but there is plenty of cold in canada and alaska. alaska is in the -20s, but watson lake at -50, rabbits lake at -49. the arctic air is bottled up in the north central and northwestern canada, where it should be. we are seeing a break right now but that will change. you have noticed temperatures across the country are comfortable. that storm system th
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system is spinning out here in the gulf of mexico. that mild pacific air movie and , and as it moves to the east it will grohl -- dry warm our way, and it will bring in some cold next week. in the short-term, partly cloudy and mostly 30s on thursday. moisture by mid afternoon with a few showers late day into thursday evening. thursday night into friday morning, look at this rain, lining up across the and sylvania and garrett county but 6 am. we will be in the low to mid 60s and could see a thunderstorm. this will pass by friday night and saturday morning the cold air will have moved in. i don't think we will see the snow and western pennsylvania are ohio, but saturday we should
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day saturday we will fall back into the 30s. we will stay there for the rest of the week into the first half of next week. 45 today and chile. tomorrow 54 and late day showers. both brush hours will be affected by the showers, the biggest rain in months and we could see over an inch. 46 friday night, the same heil saturday with temperatures falling. sunday flurries and 36. cold on mlk day on monday. we's -- we could
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welcome back to the news at noon. where does your job fall on the list, the best ranking jobs with a lot of the healthcare but the developers on the internet follow. the happiest workers live in hawaii, the top spot for the second year in a row. alaska leapfrogged and now number two, and four of the five unhappiest states are on the east coast with washington dc coming in dead last in the report. we will take one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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