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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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for hours. search dogs are being used to look for more victims on the ground. from the air, the u.s. coast guard pulled residents to safety. an avalanche of debris shut down 30 miles of highway 101 near carpenteria. >> the mud slide surrounded my car and it pushed my car all the way to the left-hand side of the road. >> with the muddy mess the winter storm flooded creeks and roadways to santa barbara and los angeles counties trapping cars and people. thousands of people were forced to evacuate again after surviving several recent wild fires. >> peoples whose homes survived the thomas fires are now face wednesday this. impassable roads and driveways filled with mud. >> i said i just can't do it again. i didn't know that it was going to be this bad. >> neighbors say the furious storm and mud flow shooked their homes as bolders crashed down
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>> it sounded like a freight train coming right by the house. >> officials are blaming a transformer in montecito and the weather causing several homes to catch fire. cbs news carpenteria, california. >> fire burned areas of southern california is not. topper tracking the west coast storms now in the weather center. >> yeah, once we get through tonight we're going to be in pretty good shape. another batch of heavy rain pushing up into las vegas. the storm itself is about to move on shore. but the good news after we get through midnight that's about it. the bad news another six hours of rain or so. pretty heavy rain in los angeles up towards la canada fruit ridge and even some heavy rain about to approach san diego. here's the deal though, by tomorrow, 8:00 we're fine. even at 8:00 in the morning we
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begin to clear out. a few clouds in san francisco. but notice no big rain at all. this storm begins to pull off and move into the plains and it will end up being a big winter storm for the central and southern plains. finally starting to warm up a bit but not before a wintery mix. that's what caused this school bus to slide off the road this morning in montgomery county. the bus ended up on its side there in the 10,000th block of chula lane. the driver and two children thankfully weren't hurt. icy weather may be to blame for this weather. into an apartment building last night. forcing seven people out of their homes. now the driver hit a main beam that supports the building. none of the people inside were hurt but the driver had to be taken to the hospital. she's expec
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>> the car came like this and he was over there like boom. police came, fire department came. everybody came. >> montgomery county police say they are not ruling anything out at this point. the driver said they could face charges. it's not clear when families will be allowed back into their homes. >> the title wave of democrats whether or not won in the november election that includes dozen new women. >> northern virginia peggy fox caught up with one of those women as she gets ready for richmond. eight delegates. half of them all republicans loss the women democrats. those four women are bringing with them important firsts. the first transgender person
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the first two latino women in virginia's legislature. >> the gravity of history is coming to your feet and you're like oh, yeah, i am latina. oh, yeah, i am the person. >> hela ayala will be the first latina. >> i'm the daughter of an immigrant, you know, and it's just emotional, it's so much. >> established 400 years ago, the virginia general assembly has always been dominated by older white men. it will look very different in 2018. >> what a difference a day makes. >> so it's really prince william bringing the majority of the change. >> and diversity. >> yes, ma'am. >> we are the majority of, you know, that contrast that you're going to see tomorrow when we're sworn in. >> i'm seated in the very front with don add am appears who's the first lesbian that
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elected to office. myself, next to her you'll see jennifer carol floyd which is the first african american to be elected and then you'll see elizabeth guzman. >> also danika rome. >> it's a proud moment to be yes, the first, but proud to represent our community and have a seat at the table. >> since election day, ayala says constituents have been reaching out in droves. their number one request is medicaid expansion and she says that's her top priority. in prince william county peggy fox wusa 9. republicans continue to control both chambers in virginia's legislature. the republican majority in the house of delegates has shrunk from 66 to 51. with a march 5th deadline looming to save daca democrats and republicans found common ground today during
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the white house. house republicans say they have a bill ready to go that addresses the end of daca. that's a program that allows young people to stay and work here. >> president trump says a daca deal will only happen if it includes a green light. the democrats are pressing a daca deal first. >> it's going to address daca in a permanent way not a temporary short term thing. we're going to address the border enforcement and security. >> what about a clean daca bill now with the commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform. >> it was one of those rare meetings where the president allowed the media in for up to an hour. the president suggested the lawmakers speak to daca first which has been an ongoing challenge in congress. the trump administration asking congress for $18 billion for more border security and to
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fire and fury and now finished. talking about steve bannon. he's out at brett bart news stepping down today as the executive chairman of the website he helped bring to prominence. everybody knows bannon has been taking a lot of heat from critical remarks about the president and that new book fire and fury inside the trump white house. it was a big loss for montgomery county. discovery communications is leaving downtown silver springs. the parent company of tlc, animal planet and other popular cable channels is going to move its global headquarters to new york city. and after discovery completes its purchase of scripts network owners of hgtv, food network and the travel channel. >> the government was founded in landover maryland. it moved its global headquarters
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then its current headquarters in 2003. the company currently employees about 1300 people at its silver springs building that's down from 2500 employees a decade ago. the sale and closure of discovery silver springs area is expected to take place one year after the script's purchase is finalized. is facebook cracking down on cursing and cussing. we're going to verify coming
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ber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. now to the investigation into russia's intooerns in the presidential campaign. senator dianne finestein has released the entire transcript. now in doing so she goes against the wishes of her republican counter part. the testimony is from glenn simpson, cofounder of fusion gps. that founded that claims russia has compromising material on president donald trump. simpson testified the fbi believed the dosier might be credible because the bureau had other intelligence that seemed to support it and because t
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inside the trump administration. so the winter olympics in south korea begins one month from today and the first talks between north and south korea in more than two years appears to already be paying off. it didn't take long for the two nations to announce that north korea will send athletes to the up coming winter olympics in south korea. >> it's a big win for south korea president who has called the winter games the peace olympics. >> i'm seeing a lot here that the two sides want to make this a different year, that they're serious about dialog and really they're talking about more than the winter olympics but they have to take this step by step. >> south korea is asking for further talk that is would include north korea's nuclear program. why some hospitals are
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fluids. >> up next the family of a local teen who
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maryland teen who died after under aged drinking last month. the family hired an investigator. >> they're turning now to their own attorney and conducting their own investigation to learn more. >> the family is now on a mission to find out where a bottle of vodka found on his body came from and who may have sold it to him or given it to him. >> safiri went missing. after police were called to break up a party. officers found saf iri intoxicated. the interaction was captured on police body camera video which has not been released. the next day safiri was found drowned, face down in a stream by his own father. the 17-year-old had a bottle of voa
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in a statement released monday. montgomery county police said they do not believe the vodka was purchased in the county but they did not say from where. they also revealed that safiri had two fake pennsylvania ids police also said there is no evidence that the homeowners provided the vodka to the teen. no charges will be filed. >> safiri's uncle is now out spoken. failing to use bar codes and other markings on the vodka bottle that was found with navid to definitively figure out where it came from. wusa 9. the family has hired an attorney and has handed out a letter in the neighborhood. safiri's body was
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now seen widespread flu activity. emergency rooms fill up with flu cases, the u.s. is facing a nationwide shortage of intravenus bags. it's located in puerto rico and its production was cut with puerto rico devastated islands. >> not until this happened we realized how many things are produced there. >> if we had a very severe flu season start to develop in the next weeks and months that could push us over the edge. >> nurses are evaluating patients to see if they can administer fluids, e electrolytes without using iv fluid. a lot of us use social media to express our opinions and not everything we say maybe we're not using a filter
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for using profanity but is it true. we set out to verify this no swearing campaign. as it reads of april 21st, 2015, anybody using profanity will have their account suspended. a website known for debunking myths, the fake ads started floating around back in 2014. the only thing different about it the date has been changed. if you look at the date. it's april 1st. that's april fools day. facebook doesn't have the legal authority to create laws. there are also a few misspellings too. this no swearing campaign is a fake. a word of caution getting your facebook account can still happen. facebook can remove certain kinds of sensitive comment or limit the audience that see it is. but there are n
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specifically against using profanity on facebook. meaning you won't get banned for doing that. as for this no swearing ad on facebook we can verify it's false. so yeah, that's the story there. so topper's going to join me shortly. you can now curse, you can cuss on facebook. you haven't been doing that. >> no i'm clean. >> really. >> i am. >> what's it look like out there. you know our january thaw is going to continue. a little bit of a set back. we're going to get right back on the horse on thursday. live look outside. it is chilly. right now 45. dew points upper 20s. we are going to go into the 20s tonight and there's a little bit of moisture on your driveway. i don't see ice fog gren. you don't see that too often in the metro. 32 or below. 20s, low to mid 20s. bus stop temperatures 24 to 36, so c
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chills to worry about. a bit chilly tomorrow. that's pretty close to average. we're looking at milder air on thursday and much warmer air on friday. maybe 50s on thursday. but 60s by friday. only 45 tomorrow. 52 on thursday. some of you might hold in the 40s on thursday. but everybody pops in the warm sector. temps fall and we're back in the 30s on sunday. so here's future cast. tonight 10:00. we're low 30s. we get into the morning hours, a few clouds begin to creep up from the south and the east. but temps are in the 20s. across the board. 28 downtown. 26 in fredricksberg. by 9:00 clouds begin to spread over the area. and then by lunchtime, just a cool day. good news. not windy. we're walking to lunch tomorrow temperatures will struggle to ge
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start, increasing clouds, 37 by 11 k and 41 by 1:00. now, thursday again 52 is a few showers but then 64 on friday. rain showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. saturday falling temps, early shower possible and then a flurry possible on sunday, back in the arctic air. cold on monday. a better chance of flurries or maybe even a snow shower next thursday. >> red skin season is over. so you're like how are we going to do 9 cribs it's tuesday. >> 9 cribs continues people. because the capitals, the wizards they're all playing. we're going in the capitals locker room this time baby.
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now wusa 9 sports with daren haynes brought to you by xfinity. all rights
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time for 9 cribs and this week we give you an exclusive access inside the capitals locker room. all you have to do is watch people or tom wilson. he skates into this week's edition of 9 cribs. >> back there for the lead, failed to clear. wilson takes it out of the air scores. today wilson downs his hometown team. >> i'm tom wilson come on inside my locker. helmet, visor pretty standard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves. pretty much covered head to toe. it's a pretty physical game. and there are my skates. there's johnny on the spot. >> i've done cuffs on like paper ma shay and i put my foot in there and it feels like a glove. >> the
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everything is like exact same. you don't want to worry about your equipment. you want it to be one with yourself. >> to protect the vital area. >> would you say that's the most important pad? >> i think so. i mean, tell me if i'm wrong but probably. >> i probably go through 20 pairs of gloves a year and probably 15 pairs of skates or ten pairs of skates. i'm tom wilson. thanks for coming inside my locker. look at that right there. make up for it. fire to the end zone. touchdown! alabama wins! >> wow, that's how alabama beat georgia for the
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former st. johns high school star played for alabama and he had to play for an injured teammate and he didn't let anybody down. take a look. >> i love you, dog! i love you, dog! it felt good! step up! ya'll step up! >> that's good stuff. why are you tearing up about it. >> i don't know i get emotional at these things. >> he stepped up for his teammate. there were a lot of emotions in that game and that's a great moment for a local guy. >> and that's how we breed them. as tom once said. >> yeah. >> the reason why. >> cbs
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