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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  January 9, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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in this situation. stephanie has some tips to help you get through this brutal winter. >> this cellphone video is dated september 30th. it was freezing out. matt lozack says there was a pipe burst and the heat went out after. the executive director for the montgomery county alliance. >> they're aware that their apartment is supposed to be warm enough for them to live in it. it has to be at least 68 degrees. anything less than that is unacceptable. >> no heat and hot water in your unit... >> first thing contact your land lord. >> call 311 when there's an issue in your unit and they'll usually send an inspector. >> if you're in an apartment building and the entire building is
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little more difficult. >> that's a state assistant attorney general on the phone saying that they should also call their hot line. lozack even takes it a step further. >> if you're apartment is getting in the super freezing temperatures and you find that your health is at risk you should call the fire department at 911. >> and that's only for serious life-threatening situations. you can save some serious trouble for abusing 911 services. >> you may also be able to request an escrow account for some of those situations. the office of attorney general will provide someone to go through your kurnlt situation with you. a bill that will give more power to small donors in local political campaigns
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creating a program where qualified candidates would forego contributions from major corporations and big campaign contributors. instead, they get small dollar contributions. the city would in return give them a 5 to 1 match. now this measure is for anyone running for most local seats and if passed it would go into effect the 2020 election cycle. let's go to maryland now where governor larry howl is making local government more accountable. to be live streamed to the public. the other would set term limits for state lawmakers. a total of eight years in each chamber of the state house. >> our founding fathers never envisioned professional politicians who spend their entire careers in office, it has led to
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artisanship, meaningless political spin, honest abate and fresh ideas. the inability to get things done. >> funny for state lawmakers to think about as they open up their new legislative session tomorrow. >> national news democrats and republicans looking for a way to avoid a government shut down and fix the daca program found some common ground with one another. weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> the cameras were rolling as president trump worked with republicans and democrats to hash out a daca deal. >> this should be a bipartisan bill, a bill of love. >> lawmakers faced a fifth dead buying that ends the allowance of so-called dreamers. >> lives are hanging in the balance. >> house republicans have a bill ready to go. >> it's going to
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short term thing. we're going to address the border enforcement and security. >> president trump says the daca deal will only happen in if the deal involves a green light to build a border wall. >> the trump administration is asking congress for 1 (800) 000-0000 for more border security and to build a wall. >> if you don't have the wall, you cannot have security. you just can't have it. it doesn't work. >> democrats pressed hard to get the daca deal done first. >> what about a clean daca bill now with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform. >> we're going to do daca and then we can start immediately on the phase two. >> president trump suggested that lawmakers focus on d aca before an immigration reform
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challenge in congress. and changing gears now there's still a lot of confusion in the jfk airport. busted water pipe and mechanical and staffing issues. some customers there had been in the airport since the weekend. there were already thousands of cancelled flights due to the weather before the weekend started. but on sunday, the broken water pipe flooded all of terminal four. just another headache for customers at the port authority. >> i'm upset , and mad and tired and the only thing i want, i want to go home. >> port authority executive director says this was a colossal failure and will be conducting an investigation to make sure it doesn't happen again. there was a major break down between the terminal operators and the airlines to make sure the gates were open. now back in
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pretty bizarre story. meet a person who was found just eating at the chipotle. but it was before it even opened and it happened on new year's day. police say this man forced his way into the restaurant in the middle of the night. got out a tray of barbacoa and apple juice. when a person came to the store he ran. he had about $63 in food. police -- and he also destroyed an alarm box that was worth $300. >> $60 worth of pork. americans are dishing out big bucks at restaurants but are ready to do away with giving tips apparently. it's all part of a new survey showing how we really feel. >> and you guys remember the rome christmas tree. it was known worldwide a
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all right. you remember yesterday when this hoody was dumb, and it still is? it was trending for all the wrong reasons. he was wearing a "coolest
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now the backlash has gotten worse and one of its celebrity sponsors is backing out. >> yeah, singer the weekend is backing out. he says he was shocked, embarrassed, and deeply offended by the photo. the canadian singer had partnered for the 2017 line. >> apple is making some changes after they found an issue. the crucial fix has been fixed. for its macand ios operating systems. this update repairs the bug known as spectre. hopefully this update doesn't slow down. rome's official christmas tree, you know the one. >> dried out and droopy. >> it's set to be carved up and made into souvenirs
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residents. that's one way to go. the tree was nicknamed the mangey one. not only this is mind blowing right here. not only is it going to become souvenirs for people but also a lackation hut for mothers and babies. because that's what you want. you want to be surrounded by the greatness of a formerly and mangily pathetic tree. >> makes me sad to be italian. so we look out for calories on food labels and think that's got to be healthy. but what if we're reading them wrong. with information on how reading those labels correctly could cut down on those calories. >> you know it's always our fault. >> calories to fat ratio is very important. we'll talk about temperatures in
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going to be dry. 45 tomorrow. 52 on thursday. 64 friday and then we're getting colder on saturday and get ready for more arctic air on sunday.
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so many foods may be labeled as kals or low in calories. that can be the most important part in deciding what is nutritious for you. we talked with a dietitian on how whether you can decide whether your food is actually healthy. >> taking the time to flip an item around to review what's inside, you should take the time to do it. >> if it's something new that i haven't bottomen before i look to see how many calories there are and i do look at some of the ingredients. >> checking the ingredient label. >> i look
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the ingredients. >> the fda is now requiring new nutrition facts highlighting specific areas. >> save both of the calories so you can see what the calories are and the other part is they have the serving size. a lot of people tend to miss the serving size on a product. >> companies have until 2020 to comply with the new design. >> they've added the added sugars to product. not only does it say 6 grams of sugar it's going to tell you how many grams of added sugar. >> which is great. >> the ingredient list should also receive attention before it goes into your cart. >> when reviewing the ingredient list on the back of your product. >> look at it and see how much whole gran it might have where the sugar lays in and the ingredient if it's the first ingredient then it's probabl
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>> be aware of your portions. >> grab a package of wheat thins it says 16 crackers is a serving size. go ahead put out 16 crackers then put the rest away. >> you can put the box away. give me a call and let me know how you can do that. >> if you're a look at the menu rather than read labels type of person. more people who eat out would rather pay more for their meals than leave tips. all part of the dieting trends survey. 43% of people nationally say they support higher menu prices if they could only do away with tips. 33% say they hate that idea. d.c. residents show extra appreciation to servers tipping 19.5%. the survey says 77% of diners in d.c. just avoid calling the restaurant at
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now wusa 9's first alert weather. >> listen, the whole thing,n. i was going to make a point of the tipping thing but we've got to move on. we're still thawing out from the arctic blast. let's take a look at this water tower right outside lowell, maryland. pretty much frozen. more importantly we'll thaw out everything in the neighborhood, our bodies, our yards, our pets. >> and you know what we're going to have to suffer through some rain but we needed rain. >> ata says no. >> sorry. >> no tip either for you. >> never tips. >> servers actually get the money at the end of the night. >> then it's okay. my point about the serving size i did
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so my favorite cookie, the serving size was one cookie. are you kidding me. who could eat one cookie? 45 right now. winds light. there's still some up to the north. thir still below zero. but notice it's confined right now to canada. we'll have another surge of arctic air as we get into saturday and sunday. right now we're 45. even boston 39. 63 in atlanta that's heading our way. warmer friday, 60s, again wet. rain and showers which we actually need. falling temps and then we're looking at really a cold sunday, maybe even a flurry on sunday. we get into next week. monday and tuesday both cold. low 30s for highs and maybe some snow showers on tuesday. okay. here's future cast. 10:00 tonight. 34 downtown
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gathisberg. generally clear skies. now by morning it will be a cold start. 26 in gathisberg. 28 downtown and 27 in buoy. a little bit of a bump in the road to our january thaw. and then by lunchtime we're just trying to get to 40 downtown. 47 in gathisberg. it is 40 in call pepper and 40 in fredricksberg. clouds recede by the evening. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. pretty close to average and then we get back into our thaw. 8:30 tomorrow night still above freezing gathisberg and 37 downtown. our day planner starts like this. starts in the upper 20s. increased. 37 by 11:00 and then 41 mostly sunny by 1:00. we get into thursday. a few showers, but 52 and then your eyes do not
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that's a lightning bolt. rain, showers maybe even a thunderstorm. 64 on friday. showers on saturday, they actually will eventually give way to sunshine. temperatures fall. colder on sunday and we're looking at cold on monday and a couple of flurries on tuesday. temperatures only in the low 30s. now wusa 9 sports with daren heinz brought to you by xfinity. . want to let that breathe just a little bit. i like that song. i'm about to take you out of school. it's now time for midterm grades. listen to the grades the players give their team. >> i think we're right around a b. i think we're doing a lot of good things but we could do better. >> a b minus, full b. >> b-minus. that was a
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of the year. you know, yeah, we're not exactly where we want to be. >> all right. so most of the players believe they deserve around a b, but what does their leader say? the face of the franchise john wall. >> maybe a c-plus or b-minus. >> all right. so if wall says b-minus, c-plus my one word for that is work. the wizards have to work to boost up that grade. if the season ended today the wizards would finish fourth. i don't care if the wizards have to extend practice. i believe hard work pays off. that's why work is my one word. unbelievable is one word to describe last
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football game. >> make up for it. fire to the end zone. touchdown! alabama wins! >> somebody lost a lot of money. that's how alabama beat georgia for the title. former st. johns high star plays for alabama. he stepped up in a big way and after the game louis made it clear he was playing for him. >> i told you i got you boy. i told you. i love you dog. i love you! felt good. . >> clearly emotional but football when a guy gets injured it's always next man up and he did that and now he's bling another ring. >> i was like
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doing. >> at that point. >> thanks d. coming up at 6:00 hear from some of the women who will make history when a new look gets to work tomorrow. >> but first, meet the local woman and fencer who's hoping to go to the summer games in 2020.
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let's talk about fencing. not something you pick up overnight. just ask amanda sirico. evan coslov decided to give it a try and face off with her one on one. >> my new friend amanda is about to show me how it's done and embarrass me in the process. maybe i look like i know what i'm doing but i assure you i do not. a complete and total lack of strategy. >> i have no idea what you're going to do. >> eventually, and watch closely here, i got her. just once and pretty much by accident but still it's a point and i'll take it. >> you got your work out for the day. >> it gets tiring. >> what's most clear is that this young woman is really talented. she's ranked fourth
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country and eyeing the olympics. >> when it's actually close and it could be a tangible thing just like a warm feeling. >> and her journey has been a family affair her sister on the left is also a fencer. her dad was a fencer back in the day. >> and her mom she fenced too. >> you can't help but like get sentimental and tear up when she succeeds. >> and now amanda just needs to hold on to her spot. she says that's just the beginning. >> there's so much more i can do to be better and i'm not comfortable at all right now. >> she's climbing there one swung at a time. >> evan coswell wusa 9. >> deb, maybe you can take a stab at it sometime. amanda is currently a student
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athlete. she does her training at the d.c. fencer's club. we begin tonight with breaking news in southern california. powerful storms and massive mud slides. at least six people have been killed. 20,000 are under mandatory evacuation orders this evening. they include santa barbara's rich and famous and we've learned oprah winfrey's estate is among those effected. people there we're told were lifted out by helicopter. the main highway is closed off by mud slides in some places is reportedly 5' deep. >> photos posted on social media showed upside down cars in mud-covered roads. danielle nottingham is in santa barbara county. >> firefighters rescued a 14-year-old girl who was trapped in a montecito home. officials say she was
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for hours. search dogs are being used to look for more victims on the ground. from the air, the u.s. coast guard pulled residents to safety. an avalanche of debris shut down 30 miles of highway 101 near carpenteria. >> the mud slide surrounded my car and it pushed my car all the way to the left-hand side of the road. >> with the muddy mess the winter storm flooded creeks and roadways to santa barbara and los angeles counties trapping cars and people. thousands of people were forced to evacuate again after surviving several recent wild fires. >> peoples whose homes survived the thomas fires are now face wednesday this. impassable roads and driveways filled with mud. >> i said i just can't do it again. i didn't know that it was going to be this bad. >> neighbors say the furious storm and mud flow shooked their homes as bolders crashed down


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