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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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the driver may face charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. >> i think this fault is not that lady's fault just the road was icy. >> yeah, look that driver was taken to the hospital last night but she is expected to be okay. now as for the people who live in this building none of them were hurt but it's still not clear whether they're going to be allowed back inside. obviously you can see still a whole lot of work to be done. i'm michael kwaunder. >> thank you so much, michael. >> so what rights do renters have when it comes to situations like this or even burst pipes. we're going to dig into that coming up at 5:30. turning to some breaking news, fire and fury and now finished. steve bannon
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bart news. no reason given for the sudden exit just yet but bannon has been taking major heat. >> fire and fury inside the trump white house. killed at least 6 people. and massive mud slide in areas scorched by fires in santa barbara county. firefighters rescued a 5. >> the coast guard and emergency crews pull people to safety an avenue lafrng of debris shut down a 30-mile stretch of the highway. >> mud slide surrounded my car as i was driving 60 miles per hour and it pushed my car all the way to the left-hand side of the road. the winter storm flooded creeks and roadways trapping cars and
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were forced to evacuate again after surviving several recent wild fires. the icy roads this morning led to a school bus accident in maryland. a driver and two children were on board. no one was hurt. investigators say the driver was trying to take the bus up a hill but the bus hit a patch of ice and slid back off the road. most of the ice may be gone from our streets but crews and ems were out on the patomas busting up ice on the river. the only ship in our area that has the ability to break up ice chunks. the goal is to keep the ice from damaging docks and buildings on the water front. this is the same vessel that helped battle the fire yesterday. toppers on the terrace tonight and finally some mild temperatures after our deep freeze. >> yeah, we're not going to know what to do ourselves on thursday
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forecast lows. 31 downtown. most everything has evaporated. 22 manasis and 25 in hagerstown and also in fredricksburg. we're still in the low to mid 30s and we're still low to clear. 34 downtown, 33 in buoy and 33 in bethesda. by 6:00 a.m. a lot of 20s. good news is not much winds. clouds begin to return. by 9:30 we're still in the upper 20s and low 30s. still in the upper 30s in the burbs. kind of a little blip in our january thaw. dress for a winter's day. and 40 in leesburg. by 4:0043 in leesburg and we're 42 downtown. we'll come back and talk about the roller coaster temperatures. arctic air returning and i've got a
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7-day. the family of a bethezna teenager not satisfied with a police investigation into the teen's death. they are now turning to their own attorney and conducting their own investigation to learn more. scott bruin is live following up on this for us. >> happened nearly a month ago, huge amount of emotions surrounding this space. just a few feet away from me here in the woods behind the swim club in bethezda. the headline of this police investigation you just mentioned is that the adult host of a party where 17-year-old navid afiri will not be charged. >> afiri's family is on a mission to find out where a bott
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who may have sold or given it to him. after police were called to break up the party december 9th. officers found safiri intoxicated. the interaction was captured on police body camera video which has not been released. the next day safiri was found drowned face down in a stream by his own father. the 17-year-old had a bottle of vodka in his pocket. police said they do not believe the vodka was purchased in the county but they did not say from where. they also revealed that safiri had two fake pennsylvania ids. police also said there is no indication that the homeowners furnished a
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underaged attendees. police said the adults of the house were in the process of shutting down the party after the appearance of older teens including safiri who brought alcohol with them. this is the radio dispatch party. >> the caller is anonymous said there's an underaged drinking party at this address. it's loud. there's a bonfire. there's people inside and out on the front lawn. says it's a large group and says it's under aged. >> with the police investigation apparently largely wrapped up, safiri's family has now hired a lawyer. we know they've canvassed this neighborhood looking for more information. they are not giving interviews at this time because of the lawyers involved although in a written statement safiri's uncle accuses police of
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to use the bar codes on the vodka mentioned found on safiri's body to definitively trace where the bottle came from. >> police aren't done with this either. they are saying they are continuing to examine the actions. another officer who failed to take a report from safiri's father also being reviewed. new information tonight on a shooting involving montgomery county police. police responded after a man called saying he was in his car and an unknown suv was ramming him. officer todd archer was the first responder to the scene. he fired one time hitting the driver of the suv. that driver was taken to the hospital with serious but non life threatening injury. after looking at archer's body
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that archer was trying to break the window of the suv when the gun was accidentally discharged. they determined archer's actions were not reckless and he will not be charged criminally. archer's on paid administrative leave. investigators are arranging a time to share the body cam video with the driver of that suv and his family. up to 30 years many maryland the discovery channel plans to move its headquarters to new york city. >> discovery communications was founded in landover in 1985. it moved to bethezda and silver springs in 2003. the move to the big apple is expected to happen in the second year of 2019. discovery's distribution facility in sterling virginia will become a global technology center. >> definitely trending big tonight. and here's a look at the other big stories
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tonight. >> president trump tries to hash out a deal with republicans and democrats. and a local couple stuck in india tonight after a fiasco at new york's jfk airport. and the newest tvs are on display at cef "what if" more of the energy we used came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next."
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what happened to the satellite blasted into space by a space x rocket. the satellite code named zuma did not separate from the rocket's second stage and then plunged through the atmosphere and burned up. the president of space x said its rocket did everything right and suggestions otherwise
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false. undisclosed u.s. governmental entity they could solve this, right. no, they say they cannot comment on classified missions. cbs news has named face the nation's john dickerson. >> dickerson replaces charlie rose who was fired after sexual harassment allegations. it's part of the move to weekday mornings. dickerson will no longer host face the nation. no word right now on who's going to replace him on the sunday morning show. our warm up this week comes with some rain. topper's back to lay out all the details for us. >> and could president trump run for oprah winfrey. we'll hear from the president himself. >> and this is a crazy story. a local couple caught up in that mess at jfk. telling us about their travel woes that include a quick trip to russia.
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most of us have probably heard about this. the flight delay for ages at new
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in airports stranded to get where they're going and a huge water main break and that's just the beginning. the jam at jfk left thousands stranded overseas. >> that's real true, deborah. mark and jahani are now back in islam. they say they were turned back by what they say is an air plot racism and threats. they are american citizens but they were eventually forced back on a flight to new delhi. >> all the people visiting in our country after 24 hours will be deported. >> deport me. please deport me. >> the desperate couple posted this video to facebook. ther
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to put them on any flight headed west. >> we even said you don't have to give us a hotel. book us on the next flight to anywhere in the u.s. to london, to paris, any major hub. >> instead, the agent they only know as mckal ordered them onto a flight back to india. >> he was this close to my face yelling at me telling me that he was going to cause so many problems for me. >> we're not. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. >> we're like threatened like you two don't get on this flight. you will face deportation. if you don't get on this flight we'll make life even worse for you. we'll make sure you don't get any flights out of russia at all. if you don't get on this flight basically your life is going to be a living hell. >> islam and fernandez had been vacationing in india with
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younger brother and sister and with 16 friends from the d.c. area. a spokesman for airaflad says the russian airline is investigating. aeroflad was much more compassionate to passengers were lighter skin. >> i'm going to give you a call or someone can reach out to you when the flights are available. >> because we looked indian, everyone was made to go back to india whoever looked indian. >> now the couple talked to us via skype from new delhi. aeroflad told them it could not get them home to until the 15th. so they're flying back in two days instead. they estimate with all the new tickets and the lost wages that this thing is going to cost
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about $10,000. deborah. >> wow, bruce, $10,000. this is amazing. i know you're going to stay on that story for us. a spokesman says the company aims to deliver the highest standards of customer service and regrets the tremendous inconvenience causing passengers in this case. >> it might cost them more than $10,000. former sheriff joe arpaio a long supporter of president trump and one of the earliest to endorse him. the president pardoned the former sheriff after he was found guilty of contempt in court. running for the u.s. senate for one unwaivering reason. president donald trump in his mission to make america great again. the winter olympics are one
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korea. north korea will be sending athletes across the border to participate. thawing up tensions on the peninsula. five men from the south and the north shook hands. the driver of this suv is safe tonight after sliding into a pond into waldorfthis morning. investigators say the man hit some ice. emergency rescuers helped to get him out of that. boy that is scary. >> i got home last night and my driveway was a sheet of ice. >> we're out of the 30s and in the 40s. three degree guarantee. i thought it was going to be okay today. we shall see. i went for a high of 47 and let you know how we did tonight. looks pretty comfortable. dew points 45. winds northeast at
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we are going to see temps below freezing every night. look at the fog across the metro area and you know what this was ice fog. we rarely have ice fog. what is ice fog, that's fog with temps below freezing. we already had last night. >> cold tonight, 32 degrees or below. if there's any moisture still could be a couple slick spots. bus stop temps 24 to 36 and a bit chilly tomorrow. temps in the 40s. we're going to kind of take a step back for our thaw. milder on thursday and then warmer on friday. we're talking probably 50s on thursday and 60s for everybody on friday. 60s. tonight, 10:00, 31 in gathisberg. 34 downtown and 32 in fredricksberg. 26 in buoy even 24 in
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and 27 newspaper cumberlin. a fairly cold morning. and then clouds begin to roll back in. by 9:00 a.m. on wednesday we're still below 30s. by lunchtime you're going to walk to lunch. it will be cold. upper 30s not much wind but upper 30s. temperatures in the low 30s and clouds begin to lift back out and by 8:00 we're still generally in the upper 30s. so for tonight we'll stay partly cloudy. cold 34. winds northwest become southeast at about 5 to 10. we're not talking wind chills by the next couple of days. from sun to start. 20s and 30s. and then by afternoon well mostly cloudy and chilly. 40 to 45. although i've got to tell you it's pretty much an average day for us. winds light out of the south southeast at about 10. on the day planner downtown upper 20s to
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37. increasing clouds by 11:00. 41 by 1:00. thursday not bad. a couple of showers possible. 52 but the lions share rolls in here on friday. our next weather alert will be for rain, showers maybe a thunderstorm on friday. 64. next seven days. maybe an early shower on saturday. flurries possible on sunday; still cold on monday. maybe some flurries and even snow showers on tuesday. highs in the low 30s. >> all right topper. president trump and cbs cohost gail king are weighing in on president trump's hopeful aspirations. >> let's start with the president. could he be oprah if she decided to run. >> oprah would be a lot of fun. i know her very well. i did one of her last shows. she had donald trump before politics. her last trump. she had donald trump and my family. i don't think she's going to run. >> i
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the idea. i don't think she's considering it. >> king and oprah they've been great friends for years. the talk about the run for president all started after oprah's speech sunday night at the golden globe awards. oprah herself said there will be no running for office of any kind. all right. coming up, we heard your complaints about busted pipes, heating issues and a lack of running water and we've got some tips on your rights in those situations. >> and get this, no tipping at restaurants. americans say they'd rather do away with the gratuity. all part of a new survey trending right now on social media. >> that's how i got through college. >> and the most innovative electronics are in
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the future of technology is being crafted in las vegas right now at the consumer electronics show. the robots, voice controller cars and it wouldn't be cef with our new crop of televisions. smarter built in with virtual assistan
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>> televisions at cef are getting bigger, brighter, and more bendable. this year lge put all three qualities in one big tv. >> paper and rollable like a poster, the screen uses ola technology which produces superior picture and can be made incredibly thin. >> that's how it's able to get extremely thin and still produce a picture. >> samsung revealed a television concept they're calling the wall. at its biggest 6' by 10'. >> it's designed for homes but it also uses micro-led technology. similar to what they use in score boards. a bunch of leds. it's really cool. >> if you're after the sharpest picture, samsung has an 8k televisi
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pixels of a more common 4k set. >> that's pretty much the limit of human visual acuity. >> just about all tvs have a built in virtual assistance like amazon alexa or google. >> the cef tvs have beauty and brains. for cbs news las vegas. that's wusa 9 news at 5. the news at 5:30 starts right now. pipe burst, no heat, no hot water. stephanie ramirez talking one on one with the executive director of the montgomery renter's alliance. >> as we followed up on the tons of e-mails and calls coming into our newsroom about pipes bursting, people with no heat, no hot water and we've got
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in this situation. stephanie has some tips to help you get through this brutal winter. >> this cellphone video is dated september 30th. it was freezing out. matt lozack says there was a pipe burst and the heat went out after. the executive director for the montgomery county alliance. >> they're aware that their apartment is supposed to be warm enough for them to live in it. it has to be at least 68 degrees. anything less than that is unacceptable. >> no heat and hot water in your unit... >> first thing contact your land lord. >> call 311 when there's an issue in your unit and they'll usually send an inspector. >> if you're in an apartment building and the entire building is


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