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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 9, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for watching wusa 9 news at noon. a major breakthrough in diplomacy between north korea and south korea tops our news.
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two sides are talking again. it took the olympics to bring them together but there's hopes that the talks will lead to deeper discussions on other topics like north korea's controversial nuclear missile program. ben tracey has more. >> this scene seemed unthinkable just weeks ago. five men from the south, five from the north shaking hands. dire warnings of war replaced with warmth. >> the north koreans said they are serious and sincere offering invaluable results. they could afford the optimism because the conversation was not about kim jong un's nuclear program, instead focusing mainly on north korea's attendance at next month's winter olympics. >> the north offered to send a high level delegation including athletes, a cheering squad and sports groups. the south asked
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that the two countries marched together and resume reunions of families separated. >> it's a big win for south korean president moon jae-in who called it the peace olympics. >> the olympics is not going to solve anything. >> john derore is an expert on north korean affairs. he said that kim jong un may seem confident in his program he is willing to engage in diplomacy. >> i'm seeing a lot of will that the two sides want to make this a very different year, they are serious about dialogue. >> the south koreans are asking for further talks that would include the north's nuclear weapons. we are told that the north koreans did not respond to that but they were listening carefully. ben tracey, cbs news seoul. could we have a major breakthrough in washington? about a half hour ago a bipartisan group of senators went into a closedoo
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with president trump to talk about immigration reform and the fate of some 800,000 dreamers. a stumbling block for democrats is that it be tied to a border wall with mexico and a tightening of immigration restrictions. >> we want the wall. the wall is going to happen or t going to have daca. >> oh, no, mr. president, you campaigned on a wall that mexico would pay for. we are waiting. >> democrats could tie the prom ers to a government funding bill. congress has until january 19th to pass a new spending bill. without it the government will shut down. oh, are you happy you voted for me? you are so lucky that i gave you that privilege. >> that was president trump talking to a supportive group of farm ers in tennessee on monday where he also promised to build the wall. after the speech he signed two executive orders expanding internet access to rural
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traveled to atlanta for the college football championship. fires to the end zone. touchdown. alabama wins. >> roll tide. alabama wins again. the tide wh championship in nine years. it was an exciting game. after the alabama kicker missed a 36 yard field goal it was forced into over time. it was alabama who came out on top in the end. the excitement didn't stop there. alabama's bradley bosman proposed to his girlfriend after the game. there's the couple. she did say yes though. >> a bigger moment. down on his knee to propose to . >> she's checking it out. yes, the ring is real. >> that . wow. >> it was his last game of his college career. quite a finish it was. he said it was a win only proposal and he wouldn'te
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question if the tide lost the game. as you can see they are both happy because she said yes. the university of central florida said not so fast, it is the real national champions. the orlando school finished 13-0. the golden knights defeated auburn in the beach powell and alabama and georgia this regular season. central florida even had a parade through disney world. they only finished fifth in the final ncaa football pole. ucf finished sixth rather in the football pole. they declared themselves national champions and florida's governor agreed. it is the symbol of economic rebirth in silver spring. now the company that runs the discovery channel and several other networks is leaving its headquarters there. employees were notified in an e-mail they were
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reports say discovery communications employs about 1300 people full time in maryland. the ceo said plans call for the ultimate closure and sale of one discovery place headquarters in silver spring in 2019. in addition to the discovery channel they run other tv networks including animal planet, tlc, investigation discovery and own. we are hearing from the parents of a local football player who is paralyzed following a new year's eve shooting. larry and melissa have spend the last nine days at their son's bedside. they have been there non-step since receiving the phone call that he was shot at the back at a party in anne arundel county. doctors say it is too dangerous to try to remove the bullet. >> as a man personally i'm scared to death of what the future holds. >> i just want him to be able to walk again.
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i'm not worried about football. i want him to be happy and enjoy his life. >> before he was wounded aaron played football for marshall university in west virginia. the howard county community where he played football at oakland mills high has rallied around him and so have people around the country who have contributed more than $25,000 to a gofundme page. new information from montgomery county police who say no charges will be filed in connection with the death of a teenager. he was found face down in a shallow stream after a house party last month. investigators say there's no indication the homeowners where the party was held supplied any alcohol to the underage partiers. they also said he had two fake id's on him when he was found. developing over night, officials seized hundreds of counterfeit air jordans at dulles airport. u.s. customs
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were 400 pairs of them ship in from china to an address in alexandria, virginia. even though the sneakers were fake the price tag on them was real making the shipments worth a total of nearly $55,000. virginia's supreme court will hear arguments in a case about nooses this week. it's the case of jack turner, apparently the only man ever convicted of breaking a virginia law that says that it's illegal to display nooses in public places to intimidate people. a black face dummy was hanging from his noose. justices will be able to ask whether the law stands or whether it's a violation of free speech because he displayed it on his property. crews are working to repair the road water where there was a water main break in fairfax county this morning. anadale road was shut down in both directions. crews fixed the water main
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finishing up the road repairs. it appears this morning's icy conditions were a factor in a school bus vehicle. the vehicle slipped off the roadway in the 10000 block of tulip lane. the three people on board, the driver and two children, were not hurt. now wusa 9's first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. >> it wasn't just the ice, it was also the fog this morning. right now we've got mostly cloudy skies. time lapse, it was 7:00, obviously dark but the national park service has a camera over across the river and just look how the fog was for a while there. it came back, went, came back and now we are left with mostly cloudy skies at the noon hour. it will be a dry day and certainly a warmer day. we got into the upper 30s yesterday. actually had a high of 39 just before midnight. right now at noon, 37 at national, i
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owings, 43 in saint michael. in northern louden county it's 47. it's still 36 in fairfax. we have some snow patches around but really the key for today just the fact that the arctic air is no longer around. we'll see temperatures mid afternoon in the mid to upper 40s. up towards culpeper we may sneak in a 50 in one or two spots. tonight back in the 20s and 30s so slick spots tomorrow morning on anything that refreezes. tomorrow we'll have more clouds around. could see a late day shower maybe but there's going to be a better chance as we head into thursday with more clouds, more moisture and temperatures by thursday into the 50s. so a quick look at the three-day forecast. 46 today, 44 tomorrow. by thursday into the 50s. i'll be back and we'll talk about friday's 60s, the price we have to pay for that when the cold air returns. you can get the forecast on the wusa 9 app. they have seen fire and now they are seeing rain and that's a real problem in southern
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for doctors and nurses in our hospitals. there is a severe shortage of iv's across the nation. more on that story
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a secret spy satellite launched from cape canaveral may be a total loss. it failed to reach orbit. the space x robert carrying zuma blasted off on sunday. two u.s. officials who were briefed on the mission said the multibillionaire satellite failed to separate from the falcon rocket. in health news, there's a large iv bag shortage across the country. it's the result of hurricane maria which has a huge impact on the production of the hospital stable.
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doctors and nurses are finding alternative ways to get medications and nutrients to patients. in boston nurses are administers gatorade. it takes four times longer than administering drugs but it works. >> we look at our patients and see if there's way to give a fluid, electrolyte or medication. >> when human maria slammed into puerto rico it forced the shut down of baxter manufacturing plant. they make up 43% of the market. production is back on line now and the fda expects things will get better in the coming weeks but baxter is working on a backlog. first it was wild fires and now southern california is getting pounded by heavy rain and that's trigging floods, mud slides
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two people already died in mud slides. danielle nottingham has more from santa barbara county. >> rescues are underway in california. santa barbara fire crews pulled two men and a woman to safety before dawn. >> we were woken up to boulders and trees coming down. so it's a big mess this morning. >> susan's home is trapped between two flooded creeks. a mud slide also woke her up. >> it sounded like a freight train this morning. it was about 3:30 it woke me up and i decided i was going to get ready to evacuate. >> the danger zone extends for about 100 miles from wild fires burned most of the vegetation. people whose homes survived the thomas fire now face the threat of debris left over from the fire mixing in with the mud. it brought more rain than the area has seen in a year
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rain and debris has nowhere do go but downhill. >> all those houses that burned down is toxic too. so their stuff is washing into my house. >> officials blaming a transformer explosion in montecito on the weather. it left cars and trucks stranded on the 101 expressway for hours. >> up to 7 inches of rain is possible before this storm is over. danielle nottingham, cbs news santa barbara county, california. >> flash flood watch are also ines are also in e -- watches are also in effect for other areas in california. the brutally cold temperatures in last week's storm could have an impact on maryland's oyster supply. there was record low tides causing
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>> this kind of weather is any oyster farmer's worst nightmare but we are hoping for the best. >> they are out trying to save them this week as temperatures warm up. right now it's not clear how many farm raised oysters have been lost. some interesting pictures out of north carolina where rangers say alligators have found a unique way to survive the recent arctic blast. in a frozen pond the gators stick their nose out of the water just before it freezes. they reportedly stay frozen in place until the ice melts. the gators managed to lower they body temperature. they look dead but they will be just fine. >> they had some lizards in south florida that were just falling down. so they were suck in a frozen position. when they warmed up they got going. they
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>> we couldn't be in that weather for more than 30 minutes. >> with exposed flesh. how many people are outside ande elements? maybe too many but not that many. now we have the warm up. >> it was nice but this morning you can see -- i showed you the fog earlier. this is from our new satellite that went up just in the last months. this is go 16. this is really cool. that right there is all snow con neck, southern married, del marva up through new jersey and pennsylvania. this is an area of cloudiness that's come in as the winds hit the ridge tops and produce some clouds. that's what we are dealing with now. maybe another hour or two but more sunshine. looking out live you can see the over cast conditions. look at the ice on the potomac. low to mid 40s today. the 30s this evening. with light winds if we clear ouo mid 20s in the cold spots so definitely a chance for some refreeze on anything that
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the dew point 37. still a very high humidity. a t 7 making it feel like 32. when we look at the temperatures some spots away from the cold water or ice like in martinsburg and hagerstown in the 40s already. 44 on the bay in reedville. it's only 29 in the mountains. probably a good day to be out skiing. i'm a ski buff. remember the cold we had? of course you did. it's back where it belongs. 45 below in dawson and western canada. watson lake 30 below. the rest of the country a lot more comfortable than we've seen and that pattern has changed. you just saw the story about all of the rain for parts of california. in this storm system -- look at this thing spinning away west of l.a. this is bringer the milder air from the pacific across the country. so the cold gets pushed back up into canada. that storm system is
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readings. by friday showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. not bad. high pressure builds in. the winds get light tonight. tf clouds and sunshine once again. we may see a stray shower late in the day. really i don't think there's too much to worry about. it's really thursday afternoon also that late day shower in one or two spots. remember the moisture out west with that storm, watch what happens thursday night and friday morning. showers, maybe a storm ahead of the front. by saturday when that front pushes through it's going to get cold once again as we head towards the weekend. three-day forecast, 46 today, 44 tomorrow with a late day shower, some afternoon and evening showers on thursday but back in the 50s. then as we head towards friday showers and a thunderstorm, 64. over the weekend it's going to get cold. saturday that's an early high of 52 and then back in the 30s for highs sunday and monday.
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the cdc said the number of few cases is up sharply. the high activity is reported in 26 states including maryland. hospitals across the country are preparing flu tents. emergency visits at one ohio hospital surged 10 to 15% in a single week. it's unclear how effective this year's vaccine will be but the cdc advised the use of antiviral treatment as soon as possible like drugs with tamiflu. one of the most vulnerable victims of the flu, babies. 13 kids acrosshe
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this flu season. kingston is in a texas hospital fighting the flu. >> about four days ago he started breathing hard, vomiting, having fevers. >> doctors say babies lungs and their immune systems are still developing so they have a lot more complications. the cdc said the best prevention is the vaccine regardless of what you may have heard. the shot is recommended for everyone 6 months and older and it's still not too late to get protected. flu season continues until may. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we return. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk!
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in the 40s today. we will stay there tomorrow. friday 60s with showers, maybe a thunderstorm. that 52 operate saturday is an early high. -- on saturday is an early high. >> wow. that's it for us at noon. e
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