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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 2, 2018 4:00am-4:29am EST

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it's tuesday, january 2nd, 2018. this is the cbs morning news. anti government protesters in iran take to the streets for a sixth day leaving more dead in clashes with security forces. olympic bridge, south korea and north korea could soon come together for high level talks on participation in the winter games. and a brutal cold snap grips the u.s. closing schools, freezing lakes and sealing cars in a layer of ice. it's an arctic blast that will have people shivering most of the week.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. it will likely be another morning of record low temperatures in the much of the country. it sketches frtretches from the the south and a national weather service says it's going to stay this way at least through the middle of the week. we're in washington where it is also below zero. good morning. below freezing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, you said it. the windchill here in washington currently is a bone chilling 2 degrees and we certainly feel it. a similar story playing throughout the country as people from montana to florida, texas to new england are under windchill warnings or advisories this morning. >> 90% of the nation started
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freezing causing all sorts of dangerous conditions. these are firefighters in massachusetts fighting flames while icicles form on their helmets. >> in houston temperatures in the low 20s are far from normal. residents are still putting their homes back together after massive flooding from hurricane harvey. many without full walls, let alone insulation are having trouble keeping the warmth inside. >> no sofa, no chair, no heat. >> public schools in indianapolis are closed because of extreme temperatures. it's a mad rush trying to get the homeless off the streets. >> this weather is not just cold. it's deadly. >> chunks of ice are being seen in waters from lake michigan to this stretch of the mississippi in missouri. even those
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bear plunges were cancelled. >> i think we as humans we like a challenge. we like to see if we can do it. >> and a weather system is moving in that could bring snow from all of this cold all the way up through canada. >> reporter: the national weather service warns that more many the worst is yet coto come as parts of the u.s. will experience prolonged periods of below normal temperatures this week. >> thanks for being the bearer of not so good news. lauren casey of our philadelphia station has more on the dangerous cold snap. >> another downright frigid forecast for a large portion of the country as we head back to work after the long holiday weekend. temperatures struggling across the northeast once again, a high temperature of only 125 in the big apple. 20 in boston. dealing with lake e
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buffalo with wind gusts to 45 miles an hour. temperatures down south below average. 41 in new orleans where a hard freeze warning is in effect and then bitter cold across portions of the upper midwest. a high temperature of only 11 degrees in chicago. a high of only 13 in detroit and the only place to find some winter warmth and 75 in phoenix, but more trouble is in store for the eastern seaboard. it will impact the east coast as we head into midweek and wednesday night and thursday night, significant snow possible. windy conditions as well so during this timeframe do expect some travel dez lays. >> overseas now the president of iran is responding to president trump's support for anti government protests sweeping the country. he said mr. trump has forgotten that he had called iranian
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ago. president trump also fired off a tweet about iran which he says is failing at every level. iranian state television reports nine people were killed overnight including six killed during attack on a police station. that would put the death toll since the unrest began thursday at at least 20 people. the protests have quickly gathered steam. >> reporter: it just spread like wildfire to the capital teheran where crowds vandalized the shopping avenues and to dozens of smaller cities across the country. the protesters are young people and the working poor and they're angry about everything from corruption to unemployment to lack of freedom and religious rule. the police have broken up protests with water cannons and they have arrested hundreds of people, but we have not yet any way seen the kind of violent crackdown we saw in 2009 when the security forces shot and
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protests in the election result. hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested. iran is just one of the issues both foreign and domestic on the president's plate as he begins his second year in office. the president returned to washington last night from a holiday break in florida. >> happy new year. >> the president, first lady and son, baron and other family members welcomed the new year at the club in palm beach. >> we're going to have a great year. a fantastic 2018. >> his first tweet was aimed at pakistan which he accused of lies and deceit and giving save haich to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan. pakistan fired back. and accusing the u.s. of giving them nothing but invective and mistrust. over the past ten days the president visited the trump
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nine times, returning to washington, he'll face a litany of challenges including the fact that the federal government will run out of money january 19th raising the tletd of a partial government shutdown. next week he'll meet with leaders to hash out the 2018 legislative agenda. and legislation to allow nearly 800,000 immigrants known as dreamers who came to the u.s. illegally as children to stay here permanently. looming over everything will be the special counsel investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election and the possible involvement of the trump campaign. the new york times reported this weekend that former trump campaign aide told an australian diplomat in 2016 that russia had political dirt on hillary clinton. information that was the p
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cbs news that the information that was provided by australia was kwoequote, key to u.s. investigators that russia might be attempting to interfere significantly in the u.s. election. this morning a small step towards possibly thawing relations between north and south korea. the day after north korea leader said he was open to talks with the south, south korea proposed high level talks at a border village. south korea's funification's center will focus on the olympics. computers at several major airports are up and running this morning. the immigration processing glitch lasted about two hours. it caused long delays for travelers entering the country in airports
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atlanta, miami and denver. the service disruption does not appear to be malicious in nature. and we're learning more about those ten americans killed in a plane crash in costa rica. their plane crashed just after ta takeoff from a resort area. another plane took off 20 minutes earlier and arrived safely in san jose. >> reporter: costa rica's media posted pictures of the plane's burning wreckage. it krachcrashed. among the victims were a family of five. bruce, his wife irene and their three sons. >> it's so devastating because they're -- they're great people and the kids are great and i feel like they're the family
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>> the trip leader was also culled in the wreck along with two doctors of florida and their two children. their neighbor said dr. leslie weiss helped deliver their son. >> they were a good, good family. >> reporter: the director of the civil aviation agency said the plane was authorized to fly. he says strong winds had delayed the plane's landing when it arrived from san jose that morning. coming up on the morning news now, taking back hollywood and beyond. the famous names that have signed up to fight sexual harassment and crowds line up for legal pot sales in california. this is the cbs morning news.
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dramatic video of the coast guard in florida res kuging an elderly man from a sinking car. the 89-year-old man had suffered a medical issue that caused him to drive off the side of a marina on saturday. they launched a rescue boat. they pulled the man to safety. booming business on the first day of recreational pot sales in california and some big names in hollywood fieght harassment. the los angeles times reports shonda rhymes and hundreds of hollywood women have launched an anti harassment initiative. the move muz called time's up was unveiled yesterday. and it will advocate for legislation to battle work place harassment. the new york times says the long time leader of the new york city ballet announced his retirement of sexual misconduct
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allegations. in a letter othe board of directors he denied sexually harassing members of the ballet company. investigations into the allegations will continue. new reports fox news anchor will take the helm of the struggling miss america pageant. carlson was named chairwoman over the board of directors yesterday. three other former pageant winners will join her on the board. several pageant officials resigned last month after e-mails about former miss americas were leaked. the san diego union tribune, it's now legal in the state to sell adult use recreational marijuana in licensed shops. people can also possess pot and grow a small amount. san diego and other cities hope to raise millions of dollars in
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are you feeling lucky in the new year? if you are there's a big lottery jackpot tonight. the jackpot is worth $343 million. the odds of winning are one in 259 million and tomorrow night ice powerball jackpot is even bigger. it's at $440 million. some workers will get a raise in the new year and air travel marks its safest year. we're at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> stocks begin hoping for more of what happened last year. the dow rose 5,000 points in a year for the first time ever. in the last week of 2017 trading the dow jones gained 94 points. the s&p 500 ended up where it started but it finished 19 and a half percept higher for the year and the nasdaq
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2017. this year there is a higher minimum wage in 18 states. workers will see an increase. eight states in the district of columbia passed a new minimum wage law. the federal min mum wage hasn't changed since 2009. an aviation consulting firm says there were no accident deaths on jets reports the aviation safety nedwork. there were ten fatal accidents on cargo planes and turbo prop aircraft. and "star wars," the last jedi topped $1 billion in ticket sales worldwide in less than three weeks. the latest adventure pulled in over 6
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. january is being called a super bowl month for astronomers. the first of two january supermoons took place last night. it's a full moon that appears bigger a
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at its closest point to the earth. we now know the two teams that will be playing in the national championship game. >> the way the game ended last year. and it's matt williams! pick six, tide rolling! >> that interception return for a touchdown in the sugar bowl by alabama linebacker sealed the win over clemson. it was the second of yesterday's two college playoff games. alabama will face off next week against the winner of the rose bowl, the university of georgia and what a game it was in the first overtime game in rose bowl history. georgia beat oklahoma 54-48 in double overtime. the 27 yard touchdown run in the second overtime, propelled the bulldogs to next monday night's chon
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a local man accused of sympathizing with isis is expected to be in court. what we know about the charges. details on this icy water rescue. how three people
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inside. many people are back to work after the holidays. you will be greeted by chilly temperatures. good morning everyone. if you had back to work and school this is what it feels like stepping outside. it feels like to degrees even though the air temperature is 14. we have northwest wind at 9 miles per hour and that is making it feel colder. put on the gloves and scarves. especially for the kids standing at the bus stop. in frederick it feels like five and winchester it feels like 3 degrees below zero. we had windchill advisories outside in the oakland area where wind chills now make you feel like it is 17 below zero. highs today 20 to 26 degrees. the sun is on full blast today. the windchill feels between 1 degree and 16 degrees.
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strange things going on out there. we have three water main breaks across the city. one by the thompson development in new hampshire and -- avenue and the second is on the south side of the beltway. saint barnabas road between the beltway and wheeler road. the other one is in the heart of dc on 18th street northwest. you see the crews working between p street and q street. took a good look at these pictures. their people were rescued after their car plunge into icy waters on old baltimore road at 10 mile creek in montgomery county. rescue crews got to the people inside using a boat. they were cold but should be fine. after spending the holidays in palm beach florida, president trump is waking up in the white house.
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the white house lays out their agenda for this year and next weekend the president will huddle for -- with gop leaders at camp david and will map out a plan. computer glitch created headaches. customs and border protection staff for processing systems without nationwide results. all passports had to be checked manuals -- manually. dulles international experienced did not have international flights. alabama and georgia will face off for the national championship title next week. they be clemson in the sugar bowl. a thrilling semi final last night in the rose bowl. the only second time the national title will come down to2
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is a quick look at what's going on. lsu, we don't ever say that. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. good to be back home. good morning. >> the whole family is back together reunited. good to see you. >> was check in with mary marshall and see how things are shaping up outside. the cold weather is bothering me. the gang is back. we hope you are having a great morning as you head off to work and send your kids to school.
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it feels like for degrees below zero in baltimore. cold wind chills this morning and throughout the afternoon they will feel like 16 degrees vs. 20 to 26 degrees of the air temperature. that is what you have to dress for. scarves, gloves, you name it. the next big story we are watching is no. this is wednesday and thursday. you see the first signs of what is happening. this is over southern maryland. by that night it is spreading along the eastern shore and by 7:00 am thursday areas east. dc may barely get sprinkles of snow showers out of this. eastern edge of dc, you get it in prince george coun


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