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he's been sending his kids to the camp for years. one day last week, he forgot to pack their lunch, and asked if his kids could eat at camp? >> they told me yeah, but no one wants to eat it, it's just disgusting. a hamburger bun with five or six individually sliced slices of cheese, and that's it. the only thing it comes with is a really small thing of of mayonnaise. i was appalled that this is what they offer to kids. >> reporter: turns out the meals aren't included in the camp's tuition. they're part of the free and reduced lunch program. according to a parks and rec spokesman, the menu comes from the federal level, and is determined by a federal nutritionist. >> i like the camp, i just was very, very disappointed at this lunch option
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if there's other parents out here that are struggling, they can't necessarily provide lunch for their kids every single day, and maybe some parents sign up for this camp, because it's one of the only camps that does provide any type of food, and to find out this is what they provide, i just, that's deplorable to me. >> reporter: in montgomery county, marcella robertson, wusa9. >> a spokesperson for park and rec says they're happy to provide these meals, and they hope people understand the food is coming from the federal level. all of those cheese sandwiches are served with milk and some type of fruit or vegetable. dane smothers jr. was hurt last week after he was hit by a fire truck. it was his second month on the job. that breakfast is being held at the tune in restaurant on capitol hill. a $20 donation will get you food and drinks, and all of
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money will go toward paying smothers' medical bills. to find out more, jump on the wusa9 app, or head to our website. a new poll shows demerol of northam with a slight lead. among the voters surveyed, 42% say they preserved northam. 6% favored the libertarian, liz hiram. election day is in november. in china, a powerful earthquake has killed 7 people according to state tv. the epicenter was near a popular national park in the southwestern corner of the country. it hit just a few hours ago. it was a 7.0 magnitude quake. 1100 firefighters have been brought in from around the country for rescue and clean up. across america tonight, 16 years later, a man killed
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the 9/11 terrorist attacks has finally been identified. his name is being withheld at his family's request, but this is the first new identification of a 9/11 victim since march of 2015. and there are still many more to find. as of today, 1100 people still have not been identified. that's about 40% of everyone who died. most of those bodies were so destroyed, only bone fragments were left behind. and only technology developed in the past few years has been able to find out who those remains belonged to. an employee is being blamed for letting waste leak into water near nie ago -- niagra falls. the source of the waste was from a nearby water treatment plant. the employee was called away. people who live near the plant say this isn't the first time it's happened. >> you can smell it. it's the
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it's what you flush down your toilet, and anytime it's warm out, we can't open our windows. we can't sit on the porch and enjoy the backyard. it's terrible. it's probably the best thing that's happened to us residents, because know that plant's getting the attention it needs. >> the employee was still training. there will be a vote later this week on whether a criminal investigation should be started. the lawyer for a british model who was kidnapped and held for ransom to be a sex slave. she says she was afraid of what would happen if she didn't cooperate. she was dropped off at the british consulate after her abductors found out she was a mom. walt disney world has a new lighthouse sculpture
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honors lane graves. an alligator grabbed him near the edge of the lagoon last year. disney says it was to spread awareness of the lane graves foundation. you have probably seen this horrific video before. that ride at the ohio state fair that comes apart mid-air. one person died, and a few others were hurt last month. state inspectors say the ride had passed all of their tests. then the manufacturer said, excessive corrosion caused it to break apart. why wasn't this spotted during the inspection? danielle sereneo sent out to find the answer. >> i was real surprised at how severe the corrosion was inside the structure of the ride. >> reporter: that's how walter described
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reese is a safety consultant who has been inspecting rides around the world for the past three decades. as for the fireball? >> i've not seen that on many rides that are less than 20 years old, unless they've been left outside for a long period of time, or were in a wet, or salty environment. >> reporter: the fireball only received one sole inspection, it was just done over several days. but recent analysis would have been hard to detect unless inspectors looked at the ride before it was assembled. reese says the damage likely happened while the ride was lying idle, and disassembled like these attractions during the winter months. >> so even when the ride is not in use, it's okay for the manufacturer to keep it outside? you can't tell me that? >> reporter: we spoke with amusements of america, which owns the 18-year-old ride. they ll
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silly, saying this ride is designed to be outside most of the year. >> so you're saying there were no safety alerts or bulletins that talked about corrosion and the need to do any kind of extensive testing. not that you're aware of. >> reporter: reese says, even if the manufacturer didn't call for certain inspections, amusements of america, dropped the ball. >> you need to look for this sort of condition on every ride, all the time, every year, when you've got it torn apart. that's what a tear down inspection is for. >> the family of the man who died has hired a lawyer for a possible lawsuit. he has hired a crash reconstruction company to investigate. and trending online right now, kids going off to school have caused one mom to go viral. and a rare sighting in louisiana. a pink dolphin. >> the day is certainly finishina
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it started. we've got a lot of sunshine right now. dry air moving in. you can see it on the dew point. the dew points in the 40s in cleveland, and pittsburgh. a nice stretch of weather headed our way before more storms return. we'll break down the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes.
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let's go trending now. there's a pink dolphin spotted in louisiana. don't believe us? see that circle right there? that's a pink dolphin. a woman saw it while on a cruise, and started taking video. she says there were actually two of them. locals have named it pinky. it was first spotted in 2007. they are pink, because they're missing a pigment that usually gives them some color. i wonder how that impacts them in the water. you can't hide, that's for sure. there's pinky. she's sort of smiling too. let's hope it's
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>> although, you know, you could see. all right, angels outfielder mike trout is known as one of the best baseball players in the world. >> he turned 26 years old. >> he bakes stuff. >> they took all the ingredients of a cake, and just dumped it on him instead. the 26-year-old just sat in the middle, and took it like a shower. we're told they used cake ingredients. that might not be true. there's an icy, coffee creamer, and baby powder. like you say, i've never used any of those. certainly not used baby powder. an alabama school had its first day of classes this week, and one mom was so happy. she posted this picture with
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the caption. happy first day of school everybody. when you become a parent, we'll have the same conversation. she celebrated the first time being home alone in 11 years. now you get it. >> you know, i enjoy the first day, because my daughter enjoys the first day. that's what's so exciting. if i had multiples but i certainly understand the moms were like, a break! speaking of breaks, we're going to take one. we're just 48 hours away from the first redskins preseason game. they had one of their biggest, and most famous fans stop by today. >> and an airport worker loves his job so much, he can't stop dancing. we'll break it down for you after the break.
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imagine going to work every day, and just being so happy, you just have to dance. that's the gas for one baggage handler at the denver airport. >> reporter: let's face it. baggage claim can be a rather unpleasant place, but perhaps it would be more bearable
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the tarmac to the turnstyle. if you've thrown into denver on a southwest flight the last four months, chances are, deonte helped get your bag. he's the southwest ramp agent, seen dancing in the viewer video. >> i was having a dance contest with an 8-year-old girl. she was in there killing it, and i thought, maybe i'd dance off with her. >> reporter: he openly admits, that wasn't just a one time thing. >> i'm always out here dancing, or inside dancing. you will not catch me a day without dancing. >> reporter: it's the benefit of enjoying what you do for work every day. >> i'm a big believer in making your job fun. >> reporter: making this job fun is key. once you get inside the belly of the airplane, you can see why. this is hard work. i asked him if there's anything he wished
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around that conveyor belt knew. >> we want to make sure customers get their bags, and are happy. >> reporter: he's just trying to make people happy, in any way he can. >> while we're waiting for our plane, we have some kind of entertainment on the side. they're fun. >> you love your job, i don't see you dancing. you need some music? >> we've got work to do. >> we're just so happy that you got the rain out of here, it makes all of us want to dance. >> it was nice. real nice out there right now, and it's going to be real nice for the next couple of days. dancing weather here through thursday, then we'll be dodging raindrops and storms, friday through the weekend. tomorrow looks spectacular. here we are in august. we could be 100 degrees this time of year. no
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the low to mid-80s. i think many of us stay in the low 80s tomorrow, and low humidity. really nice temps for august, shaping up. a couple of 85s today. friday, 84. fewer storms on saturday, and a few more storms on saturday. we could be 100 this time of year. currently, looking at the drier air moving in, especially out west. dew points in the 40s and 50s. down south, still in the mid- 60s, by the air is moving in. we're going to see that lower humidity regime take over. with temps this evening from the mid-70s to the low 80s. what a great night to open a window. that looks pretty good on the mic. shining brightly in the sunshine. 79. with the winds gusting to 18 out of the north, and the humidity at 50%. future cast, the drier air moving in. we'll dance on this side of the map here, making you guys
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and the dry air stays in place. it's going to be here all day tomorrow. maybe it starts to leave a little bit late thursday. notice the showers down by thursday evening. by friday morning, showers in the mountains are slowly going to work their way toward us by afternoon so we've got to watch out for that. that's the concern that friday, we're going to actually watch friday, a possible weather alert day. the problem is in mexico. this is tropical storm franklin. again, between tampico and veracruz, this guy is going to get back out in the open waters, currently with winds 40 miles per hour. but the tropical system, and warm water, they strengthen. this is forecast to become a very strong tropical storm. might even be near hurricane strength. going to make landfall by thursday. another system over the atlantic that may develop over the next week. tonight, comfortably cool. en
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sunset at 8:11. wednesday morning, sunny, and pleasant. 60ee and 70s. then in the afternoon, notice the northeast winds at 5. low humidity, sunshine, light winds, august. the highs only in the low to mid-80s. could be one of the nicest days of the summer coming up tomorrow. thursday looks nice again. we'll start in the 50s and 60s. 85 in the afternoon. a few clouds late. friday, some scattered, mainly afternoon showers and storms, monitoring for yellow weather alert. 84. get the nats on 9 friday night. we'll watch that carefully. a few storms saturday, showers and storms sunday. back to pleasant weather by next tuesday. it was a special day for the burgundy and gold, and one of their most famous fans, nascar star dale earnhardt jr. spent some time with the team on his turf at the track in
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training camp facility. the day started with the team visiting richmond international raceway. kirk cousins, and josh norman got to take a ride around the 3/4-mile oval, where the arnasc pros are poised to race next month. it was an eye opening experience. >> it was awesome. i mean, it's cooler, because you notice dale earnhardt jr., but that car rolls. he says it doesn't go much faster, it feels the same, but you're just lower, more uncomfortable, and stuff like that. >> i do want to go fast, just like ricky bobby. one more franchise tag, i my have to buy an american made sports car and go fast. >> earnhardt stopped by to watch the practice. the highlight of the day was dale jr. catching passes
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against josh norman, and after it all, earnhardt, and norman handed out snow cones to fans. wow, this was the day to be at training camp. >> we got to take him out. he one upped everybody today. he let me catch a couple of passes on the field, maybe let me feel like i was a star out there. >> horses man. getting that thing, and seeing dale. >> you let it go. coming up next at 6:00, leaders in college park are hit with threats and insults over a proposal to allow noncitizens to vote in town elections. but up next, a cross country team goes the distance to give some rescuers some exercise. >> and have a story idea? we want to hear about it. send an email to that's
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some cross country runners in tampa, florida, respectfully refer to their coach's car as the dog wagon. he shows up with a few wet noses. but the dogs aren't there to watch. >> o
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or the dogs? >> neither. >> reporter: two legger or -- two legs, or four. this has been a common sight every day. >> we figure, hey, we might as well go take some of dogs that are cooped up in their kennels, take them out and go for a run. >> reporter: for miles, when the steinbrenner high school cross country team takes jogs with dogs. >> i like to come out when they're not in a cage, out in the park. >> from just around the corner. >> all three adoptable. >> they're from the humane society. >> reporter: unleashed from a cage, and given a chance to run as far as they can. >> mr. buck over here, he can do maybe two miles, and then he's pooped. >> ginger snap ran a big loop, about two miles, then just collapsed over there, and said no more. i'm not running anymore. so -- >> kids try to pull that stunt too? >> they don't get away with it. ginger sn
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>> reporter: ginger snap didn't run all summer. she was adopted, along with red, who found a new home with the team coach. >> that's kind of like our team dog now. >> we've gotten to where we go to the web over the weekend to see which dogs got adopted. seeingdogs find a good home. >> who you get to run with on monday. >> that's right. it's hard, not seeing our favorite dog that we run with. we hope they get adopted. >> reporter: for kids, school begins, and summer ends this week. they'll certainly miss the dog days. >> it's kind of sad to see them go. >> i'd rather put up with the dogs. i've seen the kids for years. >> the humane society named it red, but coach wants to rename it to winston. the steinbrenner kids are hoping to change his mind, and keep the name they all fell in love with. right now at 6:00,
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korea on notice. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> president trump today issued that dire warning after reports north korea has developed the capability to build a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on top of a missile. reports say north korea has enough nuclear material to build dozens of nuclear weapons. trump administration, now counting on new u.n. economic sanctions. >> the north korean regime is going to have to make a choice. they're not going to be able to keep their elites happy, and keep the military happy. they're going to have to start making choices they haven't had to choose before. >> observers say north korea is now clearly one of the administration's most serious ig
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the debate over whether to allow non-u.s. citizens to vote in college park has gotten ugly. they are investigating at least one graphic threat made against the councilmember who sponsored the bill. scott broom is following the story in college park, where the council is scheduled to meet in about an hour and a half. >> reporter: well, they don't usually have police at city council meetings here in college park, but tonight they will. city council member, christine nagle, the target of a graphic threat. she reported it to prince george's county police. meanwhile, the mayor says town leaders have been deluged by insults in the wake of the news coverage of the proposal. the town is considering whether to allow nonu.s. citizens to vote in local municipal elections, about 20 of the city's 32,000 residents were born outside of the united states. residents say wherever you


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