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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  July 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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right now there is a threat of flooding, so let's get right out to howard bernstein with where this could hit. >> yeah. the weather service issued a flood warning for parts of montgomery and prince george's county until 9:00. we've had some heavy rainmakers coming through. the benefit of that, we haven't had the heat today like we've had. there's another cluster of storms in ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia headed our way for later this evening. first things first, this is the flood warning here, this box in montgomery and northern prince george's county. heavier showers are coming in toward d.c., but under the warning till 9:00 and you got to worry about some streams or creeks that might be getting high after heavy rains yesterday and heavy downpours today, also around laurel and
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county going until 9:00. we've got rainfall rates upwards of 2 inches an hour, a little lightning on the other side into virginia toward arlington route i-66. i want to show you howard university, downtown, the pentagon. we have a live shot down by the verizon center right now where it is raining at a pretty good clip. it's going to slow you down. we'll come back to the weather computer to show you where this is headed here. this storm is moving southeast at about 30 miles an hour. so it ill be with over toward national harbor -- it will be over toward national harbor before 7:00, clinton 7:15 and upper marlborough at 7:27. as i said, temperatures much cooler, low to mid-70s across montgomery county, 83 at national, manasseh 86 and you have to head down
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down -- head down to the south to be a little cooler. a legend, an icon and part of the fabric of d.c. jim vance yesterday, his anchor chair draped in black after his 45 years of delivering the news. todayed mourning and celebration of his life continued -- -- today mourning and celebration of his life continued. >> in many ways if jackie robinson had failed, many other athletes would not have had a chance to play. if vance had not succeeded, many other journalists would not have had a chance to succeed. >> this is news 4 at 11:00 with jim vance. >> police are looking into whether the two crimes are related. >> vance was a pioneer. he really was an international journalist from a local station. he was known the world over.
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before him it was almost all white. it lowered expectations of black people. after vance we do not take for granted lester holt on nbc nightly news. his ability and his penetrating concern and his concern about anacostia was as much his concern on the northwest side of washington. >> here's the deal. for us it's been almost 30. for the three of us it's been almost 20. we have had some fun. have we had some fun? >> it's been the best. >> a model fell down twice. that's her going down once, the young woman wearing that pink skirt and the orange platform shoes, never quite recovered there. she goes again. >> well, you all are just really tickled by that, aren't you? you try walking in those shoes. >> we miss him already. he'll live as long as we remember him. he's of the community. many people relate to the community as
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he was a first person and never negotiated with his sense of dignity, his sense of quality. he had high expectations for himself and those that he worked around and functioned around. we knew vance in the highest order. >> late breaking stories. we'll get to these fast. >> 4 sports at 5:30, 6:00 to 7:00 and 11:00 on news center 4. >> d.c. mayor anthony williams told us about the first time he met vance at a restaurant in dupont circle. >> he just walked up to us and introduced himself and said man, you must have a tough job and just his graciousness, his personality i'll always remember. >> respect and admiration for jim vance has come from so many different walks of life. former nbc news anchor tom brokaw said rest in peace, my friend. you define professional cool frd accomplishment.
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chuck brown's facebook page, jim was one of the early fans of chuck brown and they performed together for him at an event in the city, true music lover, true newsman, true d.c. icon. well said. switchinggoers, a sad story, nine immigrants -- switching gears, a sad story, nine immigrants had smothered in a truck. they were surrounded by at least 20 other people, some of those who were rushed to the hospital. many suffered from extreme dehydration and heatstroke. officials believe it was a human smuggling operation gone horribly wrong. >> reporter: a search helicopter buzzed over a field near a san antonio wal-mart sunday where eight people were found dead inside this tractor trailer. several others were found in extremely critical or very serious condition. police believe they uncovered a human trafficking ring. >> our
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firefighters found each one of them had heart rates over about 130 beats per minute which again they were very hot to the touch. so these people were in that trailer without nip signs of any type of water -- any signs of any type of water. so you're looking at a lot of heatstroke, dehydration. >> reporter: police say 38 people, many in 3020s and 30s, were packed inside -- in their 20s and 30s were packed inside the trailer with no air conditioning as temperatures soared into 100 degrees during the day and 90s overnight. authorities received a tip about the trailer from a wal- mart employee. >> he was approached by someone from that truck who was asking for water. >> reporter: authorities are still searching for more people believed to be undocumented immigrants who escaped the trailer on foot and in cars. >> checking the video from the store. every, we found there were a number of vehicle -- store, we found there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer
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survived the trip. >> reporter: the victims are believed to have died from heat exposure and affixation. authorities say the driver of the van is in custody and will be charged. danielle nottingham, cbs news. back here in this district a dramatic rescue overnight in northwest washington, a man became trapped in a trash chute, yes, a trash chute in the 700 block of seventh street northwest at 3 a.m. today. our stephanie ramirez is live at the building where this all happened. so, stephanie, just what happened? >> reporter: there is bringing the jersey accent out of me, nasty, nasty, nasty. it happened at the residences of burglary place in chinatown early this morning. the best part was my photographer dry heaving after he stuck his camera inside that trash chute. there he goes there. take a look. here it is. this is the trash chute d.c. fire and ems tweeted a few photos of today. you see a red portion on the
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that bottom. the d.c. fire spokesperson says a man was sitting on top of that inside at the time. they used a harness haul method to pull him out. how did this happen? i'm told the man apparently thought he dropped his girl friend's cell phone inside when he threw out the trash. so he decided to take a look, placed his hand on the back wall of the chute and then his hand slipped and he fell from the third floor. thankfully not hurt, but a couple of neighbors definitely surprised after hearing this. >> i always wonder what happens like when i have my phone in my hand, i'm like no, put it in the other hand so it's not in the same hand as when i'm throwing down the trash because i always wonder what happens when it goes down there? like it's gone. i never thought of a person, but never. i'll never have any of my belongings in my hand when i flow the trash down. >> reporter: i think this is going -- thrown the trash down. >> reporter: i think this is all going to make us have second thoughts what we put in
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we don't know if the man found his girl friend's cell phone but was able to call from his own. live in chinatown stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> i'm so glad we got to the bottom of that. how did he get in there, why? anyone that has ever thrown trash out and had something in their hand and i know it's happened to me, for a second you're like did i throw out that phone? we learned a lesson here tonight. thank you so much, nasty. we got more on wusa9, oh, yeah, including a guy who bought a van, sounds pretty normal, but wait till you find out what he found
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fast moving storms across our area caused some damage overnight. in fairfax county a tree fell into a home in the 2300 block of kimbrough street. fortunately the two people in the home managed to get out safely. several downed trees were reported throughout the washington area after last night's storm. fire investigators say a cooking accident sparked a fire this morning in a northwest washington apartment building. this fire started in a second floor apartment. that's in the 1300 block of fifth street. d.c. firefighters quickly brought that fire under control. one resident in the apartment and a firefighter both had to be treated for minor injuries. alexandria firefighters, they had
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today inspired by some fires
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a north carolina man went looking to buy a work van. instead he stumbled upon this 1980s fbi surveillance van. could that be any cooler? he purchased that brown dodge ram 350 from a government auction. now guess what? it could be yours. he's selling it on ebay and the van comes complete with all the surveillance essentials, your binoculars, handcuffs, even your hidden microphone. >> we found out there was hidden cameras unexpectedly. i pressed the button and they just started filming everything around us which we were right in my driveway when we did that and we found out there's microphones as we took the side markers out of the van and there's microphones hidden in each taillights and headlights. that's why there's little holes everywhere. >> buthe
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it can record, but then you got to get a vhs player or something because it's a 1980s van. i don't know that to be true, just saying. if an fbi surveillance van is just what you want, you have one day left to bid. the bidding is up to $15,900. the extreme heat of the summer has everyone taking precautions. this is especially true for firefighters. today alexandria firefighters had a special training in an abandoned building and usually they practice in a training facility, but today was different because of recent fires that have happened all around the world. >> the last month we've seen some pretty horrific fires over in the uk and in hawaii in high rise type buildings. those buildings offer firefighters a lot of challenges, long hallways where hose has to be stretched and multiple apartments that individually firemen have to go in and search. this building ofrs
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>> those fires there that we were talking about, three people died in hawaii from that blaze earlier this month. in london 80 people are dead or still missing from that fire in june and hearing about that many people dying in a fire is why alexandria is preparing so it doesn't happen here at home. >> as the old saying goes, perfect practice makes perfect and the citizens that we're sworn to protect deserve nothing less than perfect. >> all right. good thing that they're doing that. of course, alexandria, they take care of people. these firefighters put their lives on the line every day. >> whether the weather is really hot or cold, they have to battle those as well. >> all those fires across the world, so heart breaking. let's switch gears. i know you're a little heartbroken today. >> if we miss it, we miss it. the fact we had a break from the heat is a od
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the clouds and showers, some of them starting this morning and some heavier ones i'm tracking right now first on alert doppler. there's a flood watch in effect for d.c., prince george's county, montgomery, frederick, howard, anne arundel up into northeastern maryland till 3 a.m. and portions of montgomery and prince george's county is a flood warning, word about some high water from some heavy downpours and also they had some heavy rains yesterday and last night. right now we're tracking one really heavy shower pushing through d.c. i'm also watching for later this evening in ohio, west virginia and parts of pennsylvania, that could be here in three hours give or take, but immediate concern is what's coming right through d.c. now into prince george's county. this is a really heavy downpour. to the north is a flood warning and that continues until 9 p.m. coming through d.c., we're drying out in northest with, but southeast d.c. toward alexandria and silver hill you can see the heart of this storm just about toward route 4 on the beltway over toward pennsylvania
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it's headed right toward nellwood and joint base andrews southeast at about 30 mile-per- hour. upper marlborough just after 7:00, dunkirk over there in calvert county we're expecting to reach you about 7:18 and clinton at 6:57. we should gain some visibility back as the rain lets up some in the northest with. temperatures tomorrow are hotter than today, 94, maybe even 95 at national but less humidity and only isolated afternoon storms. stephanie ramirez said nsa, well, it's nasty -- nasty, well, it's nasty outside with these dew points in the mid- to upper 70s in spots. there's a lot of low level moisture, the heavy downpours and rain has cooled us to the 70s, but 90 culpeper, fredericksburg and orange and a very sticky evening, 73, dew point over 70 and currently north winds with that. hey, we've got some drier air moving in. we'll start to feel it tomorrow. for tonight, though, muggy
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scattered showers and storms diminishing overnight, 68 to 76, yellow weather alert continuing tonight. tomorrow morning some sunshine. it warms quickly to the 70s and 80s and low to mid-90s tomorrow with just an isolated thunderstorm. it's all i'm expecting. no yellow weather alert tomorrow. tuesday, 80s to near 90, a few more clouds, comfortable wednesday, 86. we start to return the threat of a shower or storm by thursday. friday a few afternoon storms. we've got nats on 9 friday night. saturday looks to be the most unsettled day right now with storms staying south of us sunday for
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> it was a roller coaster of a final round for 23-year-old jordan spieth. could he hold on and win his first open championship in the grea
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final round, 146th open at royal burkedale and this was the jordan spieth snow. watch out, awful tee shot on the 13 as you can tell by his reaction. look at the scrum for the ball. yeah, it's a ball, people. he would bogey that ball and be one shot off the lead with five to play. after that shot he was unbelievable at the 14, looking, walking, liked the shot and nearly goes in for the hole in one almost. jordan gets the birdie and moves into a tie for first place. have no chance of making this, but hey, i'm not jordan spieth. he is. he sinks the putt to retake the lead over matt kuchar. a short put for path and he becomes the youngest american ever to win the open champion th putt for par and he becomes
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>> zach johnson won it two years ago and a lot of people told me that was bad luck. started to believe them a bit through about nine holes today, but it feels good to have this in my hands. from one champ to another in the people, d.c.'s own katie ladecky was unstoppable last summer in the summer games and this year as a freshman at stanford and now in summer at the world championships. katie has the introphy walk down pat and -- intro walk down pat and that swimming thing down as well, quadruple 16th olympic champ won her third straight title. she's got four more races this week and is favored to win in all of them. to baseball now in arizona, it's never good when stephen strasburg leaves the game
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two innings. nats are leading 6-2. a little history today in baltimore, zach britton who missed a good chunk of the season with an injury converts his 55th save opportunity setting an american league record. orioles win 9-7. congrats to him. real quickly, storms tonight? >> heavier showers and storms at times, much better to start out the week and more unsettled weather to finish fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit
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