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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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happy new year berlin. fireworks are lighting up the sky as much of western europe welcomes 2017. hello and happy new year. the forecast is on the top of most people's minds. maybe you're concerned about your kids getting home tonight. we are looking like a pretty decent day and considerable cloudiness. and for the new year's plans, weather should not be an issue for being outside. you'll notice there's a weak disturbance moving into the west and our air is so dry
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reach the ground. you'll probably notice that the hair is very static. lots of dry air. there are clouds and they'll continue to stick around for 8:00, 10:00 we run around 42 degrees. and midnight. a partly to mostly cloudy sky and the temperature at 41 degrees. don't expect rain to interrupt the new year's eve plans. we'll take you to the first full week of 2017. we have warmth, rain, and a lot of cold to come. we'll take you through the forecast coming up in just a bit. a gruesome discovery. the body of a woman was found outside an apartment complex over silver park drive. >> i don't know who she
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this is the last day of the year and nobody should have to deal with this. not a homicide. >> reporter: this police activity woke her up on new year's eve morning. the county police were called for a welfare check shortly after 5 a.m. officers discovered a woman dead outside in the grass, not far from nicole harris' apartment. >> this is pretty sad. i'm sorry to hear that. i'm speechless. >> reporter: the county police are investigating, gathering evidence and interviewing neighbors. we are still active seeking suspects and a motive in this case. still very early in the investigation. she says she's become numb of all the violence. >> there's also something happening. and we've
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police presence. they ride through and keep going. they pick the guys up. and next day they're out on the street. >> reporter: neighbors say they hope this case ends differently with a conviction. if you have any information about this murder call prince george's county crimestoppers. you can always remain anonymous and there is a cash reward. police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a capital heights man. he later died at the hospital. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction. police identified the man who was stabbed to death. the 25-year-old was
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the bent shopping center. throngs of new year's eve revelers have started to gather in times square. as many as 2 million people are expected to usher in 2016 but watching the ball drop. more than 7000 uniformed and plainclothes police officers will patrol this area in the center of manhattan. >> i am very, very excited about the security. >> we keep going on. that's how we make sure that the terrorists don't win. >> reporter: new york's police department says there were no known known credible threats. nevertheless, they have placed 65 garbage trucks filled with sand around times square to thwart an attack like we saw in
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friendly first night alexandria. >> a lot of fun is what's going on. i'm in the durant arts center. and families are picking up tickets. the main event begins at 7 p.m. fun for the kids with places like coffee shops and hotels transforming into venues to host the activities like dancing, face painting, games, and more. >> i'm having a lot of fun because i'm going to be walking around seeing the clowns and the fireworks and i'm always going to be busy eating. it's going to be a busy night. >> the fireworks starts at midnight off the pier on king street. it's not too late to grab the fun. at the door,
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bucks. if you're active military you're in for free. >> what a cute kid. he has a lot of plans for tonight. a vermont electric company confirms one of its computers -- burlington electric says the laptop was not connected to the bridge system. it didn't disrupt operations but the discovery raises fears that hackers are trying to attack the grid system. the united nations security council -- the goal is to jump start peace negotiations and to quickly deliver humanitarian aid. president-elect donald trump left her estate to play golf. a member of the club posted these photos on
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secret service agents but no journalists. this morning, president- elect donald trump took to twitter to wish everyone a happy new year including a back handed wish to his enemies. >> happy new year to all including my enemies and those who fought and lost so badly they don't know what to do. here are the calls to 911
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for the first time we are hearing the calls to 911 after a crash involving mel franklin. >> there was a car in the intersection and the car just ran into it. >> they were coming south on pennsylvania avenue. the one car was stopped and the other rammed into the back of him. >> franklin is charged with dui following the crash in a county owned suv. two people in the other car were injured. if you choose to drink tonight there are ways to get home safely. metro rail and bus will
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from midnight to 3 a.m. tonight is the first time that metro is staying open late. if you choose to use uber, the company is making sure there are no surprises. last year many people complained after experiencing surge pricing. look for the upfront fare so you know what you're paying before you request your ride. how cold will your new year's eve be? we have the answer coming 
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just in time for 2017, the eagle cam is back. freedom and liberty were born last year. a new nesting season is here and hopefully, we'll see new eaglets soon. new year's eve is a time
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and what's to come. >> reporter: in a lot of ways, it perfectly embodies everything. a lot of ups and down. >> to me it was a terrible year. >> this barrage of bad news over and over again. in a word 2016 -- down fall. >> i hope that 2017 is a lot better. >> reporter: maybe it's something in the water but folks are feeling pretty pessimistic in 2016. >> i was in the hospital for a month. >> reporter: 2016 literally beat you up? >> yes, it did. i'm chance for 2017. >> reporter: the year of the dying celebrities. >>
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right? her daughter, okay? that's enough. >> not everyone was quite so negative. she had a pretty good year. >> wonderful, joyful, i had a new baby and pretty much happy. >> what do you think about this year? [ indiscernible ] different things like -- >> are you ready for office? >> i'm not exactly sure. i might. it depends. >> speaking of sports, cameron reed says it's been a big year. >> cubs had an amazing run of breaking the curse. so it was a great year for sports. >> and then comes the elephant in the room. you can't talk 2016 without bringing up the election. >> all the different opinions that different
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we all seemed to -- even if we disagreed, we could all come together. >> reporter: just a couple hours before 2017. and we're wishing you a -- >> happy new year! >> reporter: wusa 9. >> he made so many friends out there. >> it's been a rocky-year for a lot of people. up and down, up and down, some positives and it's been all over the place. >> you always have positives and negatives. you have to take the positives and hope that 2017 is a good one. >> let's make 2017 a little bit better, a little bit better. i went out for a run and the wind was knocking the headphones out of my ears. >> it was pretty breezy today. yesterday was brutal. when you had the clouds around it wasn't the most comfortable. but this evening with the
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temperatures up. it's not going to be frigid cold but we're looking at crisp, cool conditions out there. and the it's expected at the end of december. 48degrees and very dry air in place. and down to the mid-40s for frederick and hagerstown. and 48 in fredericks burg. we're expecting dry conditions for midnight tonight. nice tomorrow, especially for the redskins game. a rainy start to the workweek. and a mild start to the workweek. and the week ends very cold. with the dry air in place. the rain is going to have a hard time reaching the ground. we were talking about how it may look on radar how there could be a couple of hints of rain. because we have dry air in place, it's not going to make it -- low 40s are expected.
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morning. clouds clear out and 8 a.m. we get sunshine in here. starting chilly. tailgating at fed-ex field. and rain returns by monday. and monday and tuesday will be unsettled with periods of rain, showers, and at least those temperatures will be well above freezing so that we're not talking about the s word, the snow word for monday and tuesday. later on in the week we may see hints of winter showing up. with all the rain coming, now is a great time to download the wusa 9 app. always our 7-day forecast. forecast highs for tomorrow. upper 40s north of town. and mid-50s. tailgating weather in the 40s
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increasing clouds as we go throughout the game at fed-ex field. the kickoff we'll be around 51. the rest of the game temperatures falling to the 40s as more clouds. 58 on tuesday and look at the temperature dropoff. thursday we're at 38 degrees. and there's more 30s to come later in the workweek and next weekend too. saver the mild temperatures. periods of light rain and showers. i think the rain is going to be a little heavier on tuesday. 30 for thursday, friday, saturday, and there might be some afternoons with spots that stay below freezing. pay attention to the 30s coming. >> yeah, they're coming. >> not bad weather for the game tomorrow. no advantage to eier
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>> now game on sports brought to you by xfinity. capitals getting a chance to exact a little revenge on the devils. faceoff matinee this afternoon trying to snap a two game losing skid with the capitals. always a tough spot to play in jersey but the capitals get off to a fast start. puts the caps up 3-1. and then on the rebound offensively. ovechkin with the goal. and later in the second period, the old redirect from the point. and justin williams redirects . in 5-1 caps on
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and they go on to role: georgetown 0-2. this one -- hits a three from the corner. and just lazy defense and they go up by four. georgetown-- a two handed dunk and two point game but the musketeers hit the free throws down the stretch. virginia tech had not beaten the blue devils since 2011. never trailed in one as they pull off the upset. va rain chance tech taking out number five, duke, 89, 75 and a happy. cavaliers hosted fl
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state. the guy with the man bun, big three ball for the woo hoos. and the power of the man bun, duane -- says everything is better with me. hits a three, a stepout three. and fsu beats uva in a tough loss. maryland will get nebraska tomorrow high noon, making sure nobody is celebrating too much. key players hurt including -- they are both doubtful. tip-off, high noon college park tomorrow. alabama versus washington is going on right now. and the huskies were big time underdogs. they strike first and that was it. that's the only points on the board right now. we're in the 4th quarter. and alabama showing you why they are the defending champs.
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this. he could go all the way and right now late in the 4th quarter, looks like alabama is going to advance to the national title game up 24-7. the equation is pretty simple. redskins win and they are almost certain to make the playoffs for the second straight year. all that stands in the way is the new york giants. literally, a new year and a new chance for the redskins. >> biggest game of the season obviously. and we have to play our best football. it's week 17 and we should be mentally sound and physically in good shape and ready to role. >> and it feels good to be playing for something as opposed to three or four years ago, we weren't playing for anything at this point. >> reed is questionable for the game but expect him to play. and robert kelly
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up knee. but among the they'll miss this game for the world because everything is on the line. >> they can be hurt after this game. >> plenty of time to rest up. what's it like for people going out? >> clouds out there and we'll be in the low 40s. and the rest of the week -- it turns really cold. >> you can get updates throughout the night any time on your wusa app. we'll be back at 11:00. until then have a safe and happy new year's eve. you get used to sweaty odors in your car, you think it smells fine but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip
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