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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're live here in northeast where there was a police involved shooting. we want to show you exactly where this happened. i'm going to step out of the camera so we can show it right here by walnut street northeast and clinton street northeast and it is on this intersection we're being told and we'll move across the street here now by neighbors who say it was this general intersection where they saw a lot of police presence as they were trying to learn more of what happened. some even say they even saw a body. let's talk about what we know so far. police say this
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11:30 when they responded to a home for a domestic disturbance and there they say they saw a man with a knife. they told him to drop it. when he did not, they say they had to fire their weapon. now we're learning that the deceased is 29-year-old gerald paul from northeast right now. as for the police officer now placed on administrative leave, we are also being told that they were wearing a body camera and that will be a part of the investigation. for now at the very latest near northeast kevin kozlov, wusa9. >> thank you. you can always follow the latest breaking news stories by downloading our wusa9 app. switching gears, a nice day today, but it should be calm in the weather department till later this week, howard bernstein with when we should get out the heavy winter coats. >> really it's the end of the week, fridayish, late thursday when the real cold air returns. notice the 20s and 30s ac
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and even our neck of the woods, but to our south 40s and 50s and a big storm system on the plains that will push in the milder air starting later monday into tuesday. notice all the showers here up through chicago and out in the midwest, had a couple showers in southwestern virginia, but the clouds are coming back. we had a beautiful sunny day here, but places like culpeper never saw the sunshine. they stayed with the clouds and that's coming back towards us tonight. with the area of warmer air kind of coming over the colder air could be a little light freezing rain across parts of mainly pennsylvania. north of the mason dixon line we've got a lot of freezing rain advisories up for the overnight period. three things to know for monday, one, a lot more clouds, not nearly as pretty as christmas day was. it will be a dry day, 40s to around 50. we may shoot into the 60s tuesday, but that will be short lived. see you in a few with that seven-day forecast. >> thank you, howard. british pop
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his england home. he was 53. ♪ i got to think twice and i know all the games you play because i play them too ♪ . >> the cause of death was not released, but the publicists said the singer had not been ill. he played with the duo wham before moving on to a stunning solo career selling more than 100,000 albums globally over four decades, among the hits faith, careless whisper. he'd been arrested several times and struggling with drug addiction and had been working on a documentary that was set to air on show time. friends expressing condolences tonight on twitter. ellen degeneres, he was such a brilliant talent. i'm so sad and elton john tweeting i am in deep shock. i've lost a beloved friend, the kindest most generous
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brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. james corden said, "i've loved george michael as long as i can remember. he was an absolute inspiration always ahead of his time." a popular maryland high school football coach has died of cancer. al thomas was 76. thomas won a record eight state championships and became seneca valley's first high school football coach and won five state titles. as coach of the damascus high school football team, he won two more. thomas was inducted into the maryland high school football coaches association hall of fame in 1997. al thomas dead at 76. a prince george's county fire and ems made sure two little boys who have been through so very much had a very special christmas. those boys were allegedly stabbed by their father last month. hillary lane shows us the boys have come a long way and today they had a day they'll r
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>> reporter: a christmas tree, lots of presents. >> see? >> i see. >> reporter: and wrapping paper littering the floor. for a typical family this would be where the christmas day story ends, but this family is not typical. christian difficult yard dilliard, the dad -- dilliard, the dad, is who allegedly stabbed the two young boys. if there were two boys in need of a merry christmas, these two boys would be it. enter medic pam. >> i just thought being a single mom myself kind of put myself in the shoes of their mom. >> reporter: so pam raised more than $4,000 for christmas gifts for the boys and money for lashawn. >> was just instinct. >> reporter: this christmas morning pam invited mom and kids over for christmas morning
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>> santa claus? >> merry christmas. >> say merry christmas. >> ho ho ho! merry christmas! >> reporter: presents for the kids were delivered by the big man in the red uniform. >> push the button. >> reporter: and these men and women in uniform who responded to the scene that day were there, too, all to make sure these boys had a very special day. >> going to be a good boy for mom this year? >> yeah. >> were you a good boy last year? >> yeah. >> reporter: mom said while the presents are nice, the true gifts are the love from the community and the health of her boys. >> it means everything. they're my boys. they're happy and smiling. 3 you found the train. >> yes. >> reporter: hillary lane, wusa9. >> merry christmas. with presents unwrapped and holiday dinners over, it was a great night to head outside
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that to the meadowlark botanical gardens winter walk of lights in vienna, virginia. we're told there are about 3/4000000 lights spread throughout the park -- 3/4 of a million lights spread throughout the park. >> green. >> i see yellow, red, blue, white and purple. and like tan and red. >> happy holidays! >> so adorable. if you haven't checked out the lights yet, you still have time. it will remain open until january 8th. not everyone was spending time with their families. some had to work and that includes firefighters ready to respond in an emergency. wusa9's evan kozlov joins some great firefighters tonight. >> reporter: it's not the
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nine men away from their family are spending christmas night at the fire hall waiting for a call they hope will never come. that's because fire takes no holiday. captain daniel borden says it's all part of the job. >> we did christmas before i left for work at about quarter till 5:00. >> reporter: were they excited about getting up at quarter till 5:00? >> no. >> reporter: away from their blood families they find solace in the fire family, that and a gourmet meal, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet poe take toes and prime -- potatoes and prime rib. james was able to face time with his daughter as she opened presents. >> it's nice to be in the moment. the older guys didn't have that luxury 20, 30 years ago. >> reporter: as they sat down to see the at least one of them had their family by their side. thomas williams was lucky enough to have his son tj there spending the night at
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>> he's here. so that -- station. >> he's here. so that means a lot. >> reporter: the average firefighter can spend over 100 days away from the family, so he says he will treasure the time that he has. >> don't get to see him that often. it's nice to spend time with him when our work schedules line up. >> reporter: in fairfax county evan kozlov, wusa9. >> those firefighters got in today at 7 a.m. and worked 24 hour shifts. so they still have quite a while to go. the good news is it's been quiet this christmas. more than 1,000 volunteers took part in the 30th annual jccd of community service. the annual event is so others can celebrate the christmas holiday with their family. >> we send out almost 1,000 volunteers across d.c., maryland and virginia to volunteer at between 45 to 50 social service agencies doing a variety
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and preparing meals to singing carols and visiting people who are room bound or homebound. >> it helps the jcc promote what they do so that more people get out and do the good work to heal our community and do the right thing which to me is our duty as human beings. >> volunteers also participated in a blood drive to benefit inova hospital, assemble packages for the homeless and made activity kits for children getting treatment at the national institutes of health. ♪[ music ] the sights and sounds of hanukkah -- the white house, a look at a popular festival of lights tradition in the district. hundreds of volunteers show christmas is about much more than gifts. it's about giving back to those who need it in our community.
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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they came by the busload from local shelters, hundreds of homeless men, women and
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pancake houses today for a hot holiday breakfast. volunteers cooked, bussed tables and served meals today at the original pancake house restaurants in bethesda and falls church. this is the 18th year the restaurants have been helping the homeless. >> we have about between 10 or 12 shelters that are here this year and we actually get buses now that bus everybody in an suv. we do it in this location. it's the original pancake houses. so of ha of the family there is and the -- half of the family is there and the other half is here and we're serving pancakes and eggs and bacon and juice and coffee to those less fortunate. >> it's such a small thing for us to do to help the community, you know. we do with it a lot of volunteers like that's what keeps us running. we need keep to run the coat rack for us and run the shelters and people serving food and people dishwashingr
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>> volunteers also provided free hair-cuts, coats, scarves and toys for the homeless after breakfast. volunteers in the district also helped feed the less fortunate. our photojournalist spent the morning at the basilica the national shrine for those participating in this 40 year tradition. ♪ oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪ >> right now we're just putting all the food into bags. so we put them into groups of three and then we'll give them to the people so it's easier to send them out. you'll go down here and get four bags and you'll also get bags for gifts and soda and pies. >> we hard throughout the entire christmas season various places advertising that christmas is about giving. on christmas day we are going out of ourselves to assist those in need. >> my mother really instilled in all six of her children that christmas was more about giving than receiving and i can't think of
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her than to do this. >> the people in the home don't have anybody coming to see them, you know, that day. we were the only people that would be coming in to say anything to them. >> i don't really -- i'm trying not to have any expectations, just glad to be doing this. [ knocking on door ] >> merry christmas, mr. benjamin. >> thank you so much. you look so pretty. >> you never know whose life you touch just by smiling and saying hello. >> it's a special day to share the good spirits. >> god has blessed me that i'm able to do this, that i'm able to give back. >> it's a really important day for a lot of people, so i thought it would be great to give back and make it a special day for all of us. >> christmas spirit is very welcome here, very welcome. it's like home, very welcome.
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♪ little town of bethlehem how still we see thee lie ♪ >> more than 2,000 meals were served between the basilica's cafeteria and those delivered to homes. thousands of people gathered on the ellipse this afternoon for the national hanukkah menorah lighting. the free event was sponsored by the national menorah council, its location just across from the white house strewed as a celebration of religious free -- viewed as a celebration of religious freedom by those who attend it. >> this year especially it seems very important to be able to celebrate our religious liberties and religious freedom as jews in a country celebrating both hanukkah and christmas at the same time. so we decided to join everybody. >> today's event also included traditional hanukkah foods such as donuts and
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slick and messy roads tonight, not quite the white christmas you'd want. most of the dakotas was hit with freezing rain this morning. a blizzard warning is in effect there. we did not have a white christmas today. i'm really okay with that, make not other people. >> that was a pretty shot with the snowflakes, but there were some areas in western south dakota. so rapid city had gusts to 70 miles an hour. >> what do you do with that as it's driving in front of you? >> you don't. that's the sort of weather you have to stay off the roads and stay inside. a white christmas here only happens about 10, 15% of the time anyway. >> why do we talk about it so much? >> it's in the song. people want a white christmas to get you in the mood. let's talk 3-degree guarantee, forecast high temperature of 49 degrees today. we made it up to 51. that's two off. i'm forecasting 51 tomorrow for my 3-degree guarantee, but we may not hit
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night late as some warmer air surges in. right now it's still kind of chilly out there, 39, no words to report at national, dew point 35. so that gives us that relative humidity to the temperature at 86% of the barometer. it's up there and it is falling of temps are falling to the 20s in frederick and westminster, clear skies, but with the clouds coming in temperatures holding in the low 40s. i don't think temperatures fall off that much more. as the clouds advance northeast, we may see temperatures come up a little bit from where they are right now. our weather headlines, bright again monday, chilly. even though temperatures are in the staple neighborhood, clouds, not sunshine -- same neighborhood, clouds, not sunshine, will make it feel colder. clouds ahead of a stronger cold front bringing in much colder air later thursday, friday and saturday, but this next cold shot is
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one and by sunday it should be retreating. see the cold air tonight, bismarck forecast for monday, 12. forecast in casper 24, great falls, 20. so we've got some cold out west, cold in northern new england, but lots of 60s and 70s in the deep south. look at this thing, classic comma shape, a really well defined storm. so we've got the blizzard conditions across the dakotas, back into even montana, a sliver of eastern wyoming, but it is raging in the western dakotas. meanwhile strong but locally severe storms marching into kansas, missouri and parts of arkansas, but we sit just on the edge of the cold air with a warm front pushing through. this may be a little light precip in terms of rain or
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central, eastern and northern pennsylvania under freezing rain advisories overnight and early morning monday. look at all the clouds. monday afternoon may be a break or two, but generally cloudy. a sorry flow i think will cause temperatures to rise slightly tomorrow night into tuesday morning. tuesday morning a couple of showers, but with some sun developing, mild air in place, tuesday is the warmest day of the week easily. highs get into the 60s. tuesday and wednesday colder air returns and back to the 50- degree mark for highs by midweek. the forecast tonight, clouds returning, on the cold side, mid- to upper 30s for much of the metro, upper 20s north and northeast. even those should start to come up overnight. tomorrow morning 40s, mostly cloudy, cold. in the afternoon around 50. again. i'm going 51 degrees with
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degree guarantee. tuesday a few morning showers, quite mild, not a bad first day of kwanzaa for those who celebrate tomorrow. on wednesday chilly and 50. thursday we're looking at low 50s but getting colder in the afternoon and there's the cold stuff friday and saturday, should be milder for the burgundy and gold in their big game with the giants sunday. >> that's quite a range there during the week. >> it's going to be a big week. >> as we go to break, we are remembering right now george michael. he was one of the singers to join late late show host james corden and his popular karaoke before it came to american television. >> let's watch a clip now. ♪ baby i'm your man ♪ you know that baby i'm your man ♪
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from the expedition 50 crew we wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays. today christmas celebrations took place around the world and even in space. the crew of the international space station posted a
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earth. being on the space station reinforces the idea that people should live together and thrive for peace. french astronaut thomas pisquet showed off canned space food specially prepared for tonight's holiday dinner. christmas dinner also includes turkey, fruit salad, green beans and potatoes prepared from those special pouches for dining in space. across the pond the duke and duchess of cambridge known as william and kate attended church with the middleton family. the royals made their way inside st. mark's berkshire church in england. it was the first time the 3- year-old prince and 19-month- old princess attended christmas day church services. meanwhile queen elizabeth was too ill to attend church services near her estate today. the 90-year-old queen and prince philip both are suffering from colds, but her anal
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great britain today. baltimore fans were hoping for a merry christmas against their afc north rivals, the
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now wusa9 game on sports with diane roberts brought to you by xfinity. >> nothing like playing rivals in a meaningful game at the end of the season on christmas day, no less. that was the case for the ravens against the steelers. the black and gold hoped to ruin christmas for the purple people. ravens looking to grab their first division title since 2012. quarterback joe flacco doing his part here hitting steve smith giving baltimore the lead in the 3rd quarter of that was good joe. fast forward to the final seconds of the game and this, oh, flacco trying to make a play is intercepted, ballgame steelers who clinch the afc north with the win, more just ahead in
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>> anywhere from 5 to 10 points left out there and could have made a difference, but you can say that about every game. so it's tough to say that. it comes down to what it comes down to at the end of the day. you're given your opportunities. you know, we were just a little bit short. as the holiday season comes to a close, we have to check in with our sports teams on social media which provides a direct pipeline to fans. redskins defensive end chris baker and his family with the digital christmas card wishing fans and friends a merry christmas. look at thatone, kirk cousins, wishing everyone a happy holiday. desean jackson's baby boy, is he adorable? the caption rock the red and happy holidays. there's brenda frese, our favorite terrapin coach and women's basketball team and her family wishing everyone a merry christmas. i always like this part of the social media. i think it's really neat. >> i like that stuff. we need to end it on
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note, diane. i can't wait for game on overtime. we have a lot going on. >> we always do. we have a lot going on weatherwise. >> start off slow, clouds tomorrow, 51 a late high, 63 tuesday, a few early showers, not a bad day. chilly wednesday, showers thursday and cold friday and saturday and the burgundy and gold and the giants big game sunday. we should be back above 50 degrees. >> awesome. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. game on overtime with this lady next. >> now.
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this is game on overtime. >> merry christmas, redskins fans! >> christmas is in its final hours like the skins celebration over the bears of soon it's back to work -- bears. soon it's back to work. do or die day for the ravens trying to make postseason play. >> 14 years after retirement hall of fame early darrell green is still bringing smiles to some of the youngest burgundy and gold fans. >> redskins, let's go to the playoffs. >> let's get to it, game on overtime, holiday edition, starts now. good evening. diane roberts in for frank hanrahan tonight. this end two teams spanning i- 95 both looking to play beyond regular season, the skins yesterday, the ravens tonight against their intense rival, the steelers, who would get


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