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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 15, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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♪ ♪ show me that smile again tonight we remember beloved >> to my dying day, if that's that he was the dad on "growing pains," thank the lord. >> i have new details about his collapse including his last words to his son.
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of him as they were taking him out of there. >> "e.t.'s" exxlusive with the man who called 911 and his family and friends who knew him best. >> i just saw him. and now he's gone. >> with alan at home, at a wedding on set. >> my dad's helping me out right now. >> mostly by staying out of his way. ben affleck reveals christmas plans with his family and matt damon. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> blake shelton and the voice winner as derek hough breaks news that he's ditching dancing. >> now for december 14, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" >> shock and sadness over the death of one of tv's all-time favorite dads, alan thicke. we have unforgettable moments with the "growing pains" star that you cannot get anywhere else. >> we begin with all new information about alan's final poments and what happened. michelle is at the medical center where the tv icon's life ended far too soon. >> it's my main goal in life, i
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to be loved, remembered and appreciated. >> the 69-year-old actor died of a heart attack. he'd been doing what he loved, playing hockey with his son carter at a rink just over a mile from here. e.t. online's lauren zima spoke with darren matthewson who callld 911 about 11:30 after thicke collapsed at the rink. >> was he speaking and coherent? what was happening? >> he was coherent. he was moving and talking and as time went on they did his vitals and he kind of looked better. in fact, he had carter take a picture and he said hey, kid, take a picture and make sure you get the rink in the background. as they were taking him out of here. >> he was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. >> e.t. had learned that thicke had pre-existing heart pros blem and that doctors tried to save him in surgery. this was alan's last public appearance just 12 days ago. he was honored at the whistler film festival in his native canada where he was promoting a new film. >> it is
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demand. >> break a leg, kid. >> he appeared on the premiere of "this is us" and is on "fuller house" season 2 streaming now where he worked with long time friends david coullier and candace cameron bure. >> i just saw him. he wasn't sick. >> yeah. >> he wasn't -- you know, he was so healthy and so young and he's gone. >> what do you think his legacy would be? >> he will be so missed, but he's so loved, and that's the one thing. i just feel like he went out that guy's very loved and that makes me happy. >> you know, it was just a shock. just a shock to everyone's because he was so young. >> i will always remember alan as a funny guy who always had a joke or a funny story, who loved
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you know, i said to someone yesterday, if i could die playing hockey, that would probably be one of the happiest days of my life. >> of course, more than anything, alan will be remembered as america's dad. >> oh, come on, maggie! >> yeah, come on, maggie. >> he's dropping out of school. >> no! >> thank god -- no, your mother. we should ask her what to do. >> "e.t." was on the set of "growing pains" in 1985 before the show premiered. alan was the biggest name. he had been on game shows and had his own talk show "thicke of the night" and he had no problem with co-stars. >> we had a very attractive 15-year-old cast member, kirk cameron, who would become a heartthrob within months and he was carrying the series for years. ♪ ♪ >> the successful sitcom and royalties from it helped alan
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reach an estimated worth of $40 million and he credits "growing pains" for helping him get through a very dark time. >> last year i got cancellee and divorced on the same day. i kind of disappeared into a black hole. the "growing pains" role feels very close to what i do in real life as a parent. >> you're grounded for the rest of your life. and a month after that. think worked about "growing pains" is the ccemistry of the cast, and it's a genuine chemistry, and the families are all very close. that's with success, of course. in a few years when the ratings start to fade, everybody will be at each other's throats. >> kirk cameron said this after hearing of alan's death. quote, i spent monday through friday with seven important years, and alan was a kind and loving dad. we will remember the laughter and love. ♪ show me that smile again ♪ don't waste another minute on your crying ♪ ♪ we're nowhere near the end ♪
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♪ the best is ready to begin >> until my dying day, if that's the last thing on my epitaph is he was the dad on "growing pains," thank the lord. now to the loved ones alan leaves behind. >> i learned lot from being married to him. >> today i spoke exclusively by phone with thicke's first wife for 14 years, singer and "days of our lives" actress gloria loring. >> what was he like as a father? >> alan loved his kids. he was a good dad. he was always there when they needed him. >> how's your dad as a coach? >> pretty good. >> we definitely saw that devoted dad. we were with alan back in 1985 coaching he anord gl tia'swo older sons brennan and robin. >> on saturdays i have four games, two soccer games and two football games. >> of course, he grew up and
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grandpa. robin got into actwiing th the help of his dad and we were with him as he shot a cameo into "growing pains." >> so you want to go into music? >> yeah. my dad is helping me out a lot. >> after his father' passing, robin instagramed a message saying in part, he was the best man i ever knew. the best friend i ever had. it echoes with alan's youngest son carter posted. >> is this him? is this the famous carter? >> this is him. >> in this interview of 2013 carter spoke of their bond. he was, of course, with his dad at the ice rink yesterday. >> you guys like ppaying sports together? what's your bonding thing? >> i would say sports, usually. >> his second wife gina tolles, and in 2005, alannmarried his now-widow tania callau, another mom. >> she'd gone from
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south beach to diaper duty and just rolled up her sleeves and went to work. i needed somebody who would relate to my son that way, and bond that way. so that kind of sealed the deal. >> in this interview, tanya told us she had one big fear. >> i'm afraid of him ever getting sick or being ill after his terrible hockey injury. he lost five of his teeth and he was showed up, and i thought he was going to faint. i want him to be healthy and happy forever. >> it just tugs at the heart strings just hearing it. when alan and tanya said "i do" we were the only show they invited to attend and we have amazing, emotional video and that is coming up later. >> one thing that a lot of people don't know about alan is how many famous themeesongs he some of the best ever. like this one. ♪ ♪ >> and he also wrote the original theme to "wheel of portune" and the "joker's wild" but i got to say the all-time favorite has to be "the facts of life" which he co-wrote with then-wife gloria and she sang, too. such a talented
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that is a fact. let's talk about the singing on "the voice" last night and a new champ was crowned as team blake ruled again and he was so humble in victory. yeah, right. ♪ >> the winner of "the voice" is -- >> i'm really happy that i was able to be the coach that coached the winner and adam was not. >> i feel really good. i'm not sure what's going on. >> you're not sure what's going on. >> other than that, everything is great. i didn't plan on winning so i didn't pack anything. >> that's five wins for blake, making him the winningest coach in the show's history, but after 11 seasons, the voice which gives the winner a record deal has yet to give it to blake. >> i want to personally issue a challenge to universal records and we need toa
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put the work behind it that he deserves. >> it means a lot to me that he really believes and cares that much. >> we reached out to universal music group which didn'' respond for comment in time for our deadline, but sundance wants a lot more than just a shot at stardom. he got to rock out with kiss. ♪ ♪ >> bruno mars, kelly clarkson, ariana grande and john legend also performed on last night's star-studded finale. ♪ >> after next season, miley's sittouing d u angwen's coming back and that just sounds like another win for blake. >> we are both excited and high fiving and partying about it when we got the news, but gwen is special, you know? she deserves this. up next, major tv news from dancing stars derek and julianne hough. >> is derek leaving dancing for -pgood? >> plus mark wahlberg is back in boston with his family and only "e.t." is invited to his exccusive hometown tour? how different are you from the dude who grew up down the street? >> and our flashbackal
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thicke's i dos. getting help from his three sons. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> closed captioning providedd by --
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james corden promised that it would be the best carpool karaoke ever, and it did not disappoint last night, let me tell you. he broke out the funk with bruno mars and for more than 15 minutes. we cannot get enough of that. meanwhiafter 17 seasons and wins, derek is back with "dancing with the stars" next year. he admitt he and
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hitting the tour next year. so after 17 seasons and six mirror ball wins derek is leaving to join world of dance premiering next yyar. derek had another announcement for us he and sis julianne are hitting the road for their move beyond live show. >> we had two celebs before. >> we're kind of ready to go back out there and connect with the fans and -- >> show. >> and we'll be dancing with all-new choreography. >> everything. >> the show is inspired by the elements, earth, wind, water, air and fire. >> you'll get a spritz and we want people to walk out and say, that was the best dance show we've ever seen. so -- >> and speaking of the best. derek says he's not immune to a little stage fright. >> i was so nervous. i was best man at mark ballas' wedding and i was shaking and -- >> it was hands down the most beautiful thing i've ever heard. >> it sounds like he'll be a pro by the time julianne ties the knot. >> i have, like, lots of family members and they'll all be incorporated somehow. >> best man is, like, that's a tough field to get, you know what i mean? but best brother, hey, i'm your bro. >> yeah. that is. so i've got that one covered. >> that is the cheesiist thing i've ever heard.
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well off camera as well. that's not a show. >> he takes us to his hometown. >> why is he doing push-ups in the middle of a restaurant. >> leonardo dicaprio on the death of his co-star alan thicke. >> he was really nice to me. >> and only "e.t." was invited to alan's wedding from the private moment with his three sons to hear his vows. >> if the last breath i take could be telling you how much i love you, then i know my time on earth will be complete. ♪ ♪
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-p that is robin thicke singg at his father alan's wedding and it is footage only we have and we'll share that with you in a few minutes. ben affleck told us abbut his family plans for the holidays. >> i can tell you that we'll do -pskiing in montana with our family and matt damon's family and my brother's family, and it should be a lot of fun. >> it will be a very merry christmas for the affleck family. casey is getting oscar buzz for his role in "manchester by the sea." >> i'm absolutely thrilled and i think he deserves it. >> he's back in the director's chair and starring in the new movie "live by night." the last time that combo happened, he won an oscar, but this time he actually wrote the film and produced it alongside another oscar winner. >> we have leo dicaprio to rely on with a producer. it can't be that bad. >> he's a friend of mine and a really smart guy. >> i signed up to fight in t
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war. i went home a soaway a soldier. i came home an outlaw. >> it's the throwback gangster movie and hard to track to the classic era and meant to be a love letter to the great movies of old where you had great sweep. >> you don't think itr'm song enough? >> i don't know if you're cruel enough. >>on i d't have to be cruel. >> zoe saldana stars alongside ben as one of his love interests. the second, sienna miller. >> we do what we want to do. go where we want to go. >> it's a pretty hard gig, but someone has to do it. i love ben. i think he's the most fantastic filmmaker and fantastic human being and amazing actor and the role was one of those really fun, amazing roles. from one famous bostonian to another and mark wahlberg is back home and being honored for a special screening of his new film "patriot's day." he took us to his family's hamburger joint with kevin frazier. >> i want to eat, man. we've got food. we ordered foods. >> of course, wahlbergers is the
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restaurant chain mark founded with his brothers donny and paul. >> it's about the restaurant and it's about the business and the food. >> we have grub down here. >> growing up in boston mark didn't have it too easy and he was the youngest in a household of nine kids. >> how different are you from the dude who grew up just down the street? >> i like to thinn that i've kept the good qualities that were instilled in me from a very early age, but there was the lure of being in the streets and all of that stuff, and i paid for those things and i try to just now keep moving forward. >> tonight mark is creating "patriot's day" about 2013. >> what does it mean to be back here in boston. >> tonight mark is screening his new movie "patriot's day" which is about the boston marathon pombing. >> what does it mean to be back here in boston. >> honestly, this movie is a tribute to the people of boston and it will be an emotional event and ultimately it will be very uplifting.
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roars and chants of boston strong and there will be a lot of tears. >> you never stop, do you? is there a moment where you just lay low and chill? >> i just took a 45-minute nap. it was nice. called my wife, checked in, and the kids were working on their school show. >> in fact, 10-year-old son michael just issued the 22 push-up challenge for veterans awareness for his dad. >> you want to throw down with 22 push ups? >> one, two, three. >> that was 22. i'm mark wahlberg, and i just did the 22 push-up challenge and i nominate this guy. >> i'm not worried about wahlberg finishing the 22 push-ups. kevin? we'll see. patriot's day is tonight and it's sure to be emotional and we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> this is a day that was full of emotion, may 7, 2005, when alan said "i do" to tanya. hii three sons were all pa o
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the wedding including carter who, of course, was the one by his father's side during his last moments. >> with this ring i thee ed. >> carter was just 7 years old and served as the ringbearer. >> i hope you have a good wedding when you guys are together. i'm really excited for you to be my stepmom. >> tanya's bridesmaid, daughter-in-law to be paula patton and kris jenner who came with her then-husband bruce. >> they were meant to be together, kind of like us, huh, honey? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> her ring featured a 6.5-carat diamond. >> for richer or poorer. i had to think about that one. >> before the ceremony, alan helped carter remembbr his ring duty. >> where is the ring right now? >> i don't know. >> you're the ring boy. i've got you covered. >> alan actually used a prop ring for the ceremony because the real one was being
2:02 am
around $8. it waa the ring i wore on "growing pains." he was nervous and kept his sense of humor. i would like to bring to your attention that my fly isn't done up yet, so if you will bear with me for a second. >> at the reception, son robin serenaded the newlyweds. ♪ ♪77 >> alan made all my dreams come true. so i'm a very happy bride. >> she makes me feel adored and i need that, and i love that. >> will you marry me? >> the moment that will live on forever is alan's romantic wedding vow. >> the last breath i take would be to say how much i love you, then i know my time on earth would be complete. >> i was so honored to be friends with them both, and i have to say such a great couple and tanya actually posted an instagram picture with alan just three days ago, and take a look at what she wrote. i've got the cutest designated driver ever. how very sweet. >> when we come back, leonardo dicaprio remembers his time with
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it's all on i come in as a new character this year, and you know, it would be hard adjusting, but they were really nice to me, you know? >> that was leonardo dicaprio "growing pains," and he was just 16 years old when he joined the show. >> tonight he posted a tribute that says in part, quote, i will be forever grateful for the opportunity i had to work with alan early in my career. he had tremendous class, a huge heart and he taught me and so many others the valuable lessons about humility and gratitude. >> he touched a lot of lives and will not be forgotten. good night, everybody.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jobs a month this year. but wall street was not celebrating. the dow, which had been within striking distance of 20,000, fell 118 points, snapping a post election rally that lasted seven straight sessions. but the dow is still up 8% since the trump victory. scott? >> anthony, what will this mean to most folks? >> until the trump economic policy is in place, it's not clear. janet yellen said there's a cloud of uncertainty over that. but the fed wants to continue to raise rates next year. >> anthony mason for us tonight. thank you. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.


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