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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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active investigation. the sheriff's department will remain here until they can figure out exactly what happened inside this home. there's no signs of forced entry. we are live in stafford county, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> just an incredible tragedy. thank you, delia. an imal control has been called in to take care of the family's horse in modern maryland history. tonight a 63-year-old frederick county grandmother who was mauled last night remains in the hospital. now we are learning that nearly 200 pound bear and her cubs were well known to the residents of the subdivision and the wildlife officials. mama bear was wearing a tracking collar. scott broom is more.
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night and they were on the run. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you what, there's a lot of pictures of the bear. all the neighbors have been taking pictures of the bear through out 2016. this mama bear and her three cubs known for tipping over trash cans and getting into bird feeders. they have been such a nuisance that wildlife official us got involved september 1st and put a tracking collar on the bear. >> these are photos of the 200 pound mama bear taken by neighbor dick this summer. >> this is also the mother i believe. i noticed she did not use her right front shoulder or paw. she went on her left. >> biologists think she survived being hit by a car. >> i got a little close trying to take pictures and she did a mock charge towards me. >> the crippled bear and the cubs were known for dipping
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monitored starting in september. >> i have one patient mauled from punture wounds. >> last night it all went bad. >> we got luck y. this could have been worse. >> the cub was up here. >> the son n -in-law describing how his 63-year-old mother-in-law, karen osborne was mauled after following her barking dog into the darkness to investigate. she got in between the mother bear and a cub that was chased up the tree by a dog. >> she has a bunch of stitches and busted wrist and they will keep her there for another day and we'll see after that. >> the 68-year-old cub was tranquilized, captured and released. this morning they used the tracking collar on the mother bear to find her and kill her with a rifle. the department of natural resources. >> bears are opportunities.
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with a human being there's a high probability that's going to occur again. >> it's pretty spooky how it all happened. >> reporter: now, again, everybody is concerned tonight about mrs. osborne. she's still hospitalized and badly hurt in this incident. there's no evidence that she was not doing anything wrong, she was not trying to harass the bear, feed it. she was goingn darkness after the barking dot. there's three cubs that survived and ran off in the woods here. they are young bear but wildlife officials said they're old enough to get along on their own. they should survive but a bear attack here in maryland. reporting live, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thank you. maryland's bear population is up to about 2,000 animals and growing. biolog sistsay any attempt to feed or track them is
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we've got some breaking metro news. new safety fears that has the agency pulling cars from the tracks right now. they are pulling all rail cars that keeps the trains spaced apart. the metro manager said the trains were at risk of crashing into each other. they make up 7% of metro's fleet. still metro said the impact on riders is goi there will be fewer eight car trains over the next few days. all right. so now we know what caused a fire here that september a food truck up in flames yesterday in dc. fires officials say it was the result of improper fuelling of a generator. this was on the gw campus. that fire sent three people to the hospital. one of them has critical but non-life threatening injuries. in prince george's county an 18-year-old woman shot and killed, possibly while in a car.
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for the gunman who took her life. >> paul has more on the murder of alysia banks. >> reporter: yeah, it's been nearly a month since lilia bank's daughter was gunned down and no arrests and still few leads. >> it's easy to miss alysia banks. her mother, lydia said there's too much to miss. >> her smile, her willing to learn, her willing to help people. she made people smile. she brought out the best in everyone. the 18-year-old banks vuz shot -- was shot and killed near the intersection of swiss gap road and prince place in largo around 2:00 a.m. she was with a man who was also shot that survived. >> she brought joy of her life every day to me. this is a senseless crime that should not have happened. >> one month later no arrests have happened as there's few leads. >> whoever did this, i hope
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conscious because they took away a beautiful person and she did not deserve to die like this. >> reporter: prince george's county police say bains and -- banks and a man shoot knew each other. >> thank you. investigators are asking anyoneh information regarding this information to call 866-411-tips. callers can remain a secret service agent seriously injured in an incident near the white house today. he was riding a bike when he got hit by a car on 17th street. this happened around 9:00 a.m. with the intersection of new york avenue and northwest. the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and expected to reckless endangerment cover. dozens of jewish people came out to appoint donald trump's
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has ties to white supremacist groups. they marched this morning. that's where trump's transition team is believed to be meeting today. the group said they will not toll late bigotry and racism in the white house. >> jews have seen what it's like to be targeted because of our ethnicity and religion. we will reject it. >> trump's camp continuing to defend bannon saying he's not so scary and brilliant. component don't expect any announce. s from donald trump's cabinet inform after thanksgiving. they are holding meetings at trump tower in manhattan. rudy giuliani was there. >> we were talking tax policy, we were talking don frank, we were talking trade. it was a wonderful conversation .
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pence visited capitol hill and took a selfie with house republicans. president elect trump is scheduled to meet with japan's prime minister at this hour. vladimir putin and donald trump are living large over president obama's trip to germany. his out reach to russia as german chancellor merkel and other concerned. her foreign ministry called trump a preacher of hate. they hope t the military intervention in ukraine. they expire around the time that trump takes office. more than 5,000 military members will be participated in the 58th presidential inauguration ceremonies and other events. the joint task force which is made up of members of all branches of the military is in charge of providing support. the task force is responsible for organizing the inaugural parade.
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becker who tells us how preparations are going. >> planning is going great. you know, it's really about a 4-year process. as soon as this inauguration is over we will review and start preparing for the inauguration in '21. >> the u.s. army band and old guard are just a few of the bands you can expect to hear from on inauguration day. both performed during a ceremony today for 33 soldiers who had retired from the army. now, charge of organizing it's the presidential committee that selects the participants. applications are now available. good news for federal employees in the area. the office of management said inauguration day is going to be a paid day off and it's going to amount to a 3-day weekend since january 20th is a friday. a student at a charles county school is being treated
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administering tests to other students at la platta high school. it's caused by a bacteria that can lead to coughing and chest pains and weakness but is curable. the kick starter to raise money for the smithsonian's scare crow costume fell short. the goal was $85,000 they only reached $49,000. it comes after a successful campaign to preserveor s in the film. the museum said it will still preserve the scare crow costume just using some other funds. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 news at 5:00. topper. >> a little bit colder tonight, adam. nothing out of the ordinary mind you but 46 downtown and plenty of 30s. 35 in college park, 35 in rockville, 38 in fairfax and 35 in sterling. so a little bit colder tonight. we will come back though and we will talk about how far the temperatures
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they fall saturday night. >> plus, hundreds of students on two maryland campuses protest today and it's not just against president elect donald trump. >> plus, what the surgeon general is now calling one of the most pressing issues facing people in our country. >> and a baby from prince george's county in desperate need of a liver. well, find out what happens and how a family came forward to help heal that
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nick gordan is ordered to pay $36 million in damages to the family of bobbi kristina
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responsible for her death after he failed to appear in court. brown died in august of 2015 after several months -- or rather several months after being found unresponsive in a tub. gordan was her long time partner. the federal appeals court is blocking the release of an inmate featured in making a murderer. he has been behind bars since 2006. he was convicted of killing a 25-year-old female photogr unconstitutional because it was based on an involuntary confession. crews are assessing the damage after a deadly gas explosion in central illinois. at least one person died, 11 others got hurt last night in downtown canton. multiple buildings were damaged including a historic opera house. the cause of the explosion has not been determined. a new report is calling substance abuse one of this country's most pressing problems. >> the surgeon general said
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who have cancer, suffer from a substance use disorder, yet only one in ten of them are receiving some kind of treatment. dr. murphy said addiction needs to be treated as a disease, not a character flaw. >> what the science tells us very clearly is that addiction is a chronic disease of the brain and we have to treat it with the same urgency, compassion and skill like any other chronic illness. >> 78 americans die every day the surgeon general hopes the report has the same effect as the 1960s study on tobacco that scared people away from smoking. baby blake just got his liver. >> less than two weeks after we told you about the 5-month-old clinton, maryland boy struggling with liver cancer a family came forward about their worst moment to help. bruce leshan got to
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how did he look? >> reporter: he looked great. his prognosis is excellent. >> he's still in the pediatric intensive care unit, still hooked up to a mass of line and monitors at georgetown university hospital but his doctors say blake thomas is going to be fine. >> they've done an amazing job. i'm thankful for thanksgiving this year and many more years to come. >> yeah. >> when we see him twoee ago blake was smiling but struggling. doctors had run him through five rounds of chemo to stall the tumor that was growing in his liver. it wasn't clear he could take much more. he desperately needed a transplant. >> we were pressed up against the wall and running out of time but we got a good organ just in time that was wonderful for him. >> the little boy has been
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could take. born 20 weeks premature he spent his first months in the hospital only to be diagnosed with cancer. >> this is one thing after another. it just felt like what next. >> [baby noises] >> this weekend the family of a young man killed suddenly agreed to donate his liver to save blake. >> they are going through so through so much joy. >> yeah. and i would love the opportunity to at least meet the parents of the young man who saved my son. >> there was just a huge out pouring from our community after we first told you about blake's desperate search for a liver. three live donors who did not know the family lined up to help
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saved by a deceased trauma victim those volunteers may still be able to save the lives of other babies. adam. >> that's great news , bruce, thank you. the director of the georgetown transplant center said there's two other babies he's treating who really need help. we have the links up at >> warms my heart. >> just a real touching story. it's so great to see him doing so good. >> absolutely. now we're going to move to this, a story that's quite different. mcdonald's is going to offer table service including at restaurants in the dc area. >> sure i'll bring those french fries to your table. >> they have been experimenting with the concept of customers who don't want to wait for a cashier can order at a kiosk, wait for it -- >> did you see that sign that said endless fries? i never heard of that. >> they had you at endless fries. >> we botched the headline on this. >> you can sit back at the
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fries while somebody brings you your food and you say thank you, i would like some more fries. >> wait, it's going to come up again. >> wait, wait, wait. >> wait for it uch -- wait for it. >> i believe it's gone. >> there could have been a good excuse for that. i derailed the whole story. >> those french fries are so good and now we are dreaming of them. >> eating an endless amount is not going any good. >> maybe we can run over during the cme >> i can take some extra time. we'll have any winter storm winter weather out look again. >> topper shock. 3 degree guarantee today , i think that we are okay. our mild weather continues. our mild november is just fantastic. 64 is our forecasted high. our average is now down to 58. that's a bit of a treat. we keep stealing days from november. it's going to come to an end as we get into the weekend. a live look outside. it is our live mie chael and son weather cam. it's 59 right now. the dew point is in the 30s. a little drier air mass
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bit colder tonight. just a little bit. but it's under clear skies. bus stop temperatures, 34 to 54. it warms up rapidly but it will be in the 30s. friday best in show, talked about that all week. 70 or higher. colder saturday afternoon. fall ing temperatures on saturday, a couple of showers are possible by the evening. but the bulk of the day is going to be warm. just don't let it fool you as you walk outside on saturday morning. by the evening it be in the 40s. a 25 degree temperature drop over the weekend. if you factor in the windchills a 40 degree temperature drop. the temperatures fall in the late afternoon. 47 on sunday, 45 on monday, back to 52 on tuesday. three days below average. at 9:00, 10:00 everybody in the 40s. maybe 39 in frederick and demascus kind of teetering on 39
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a lot of folk ins thest in thees in dominican republic -- folks in the 30s. temperatures mid-morning rebounding nicely. the upper 40s to low 50s. that's a good trend. 49 in gaithersburg, 50 in buoy and 50 in silver spring. by lunchtime, 65 downtown,68 in cullpepper. i think the numbers are low. remember it's november and in. i think a lot of areas will be 70 in leesburg, fredericksburg maybe 72 before it's all said an -- and done. tomorrow night we have the high school football playoffs. the temperatures at 6:00, still flirting with 60 degrees even out to the west in leesburg. a mild night tomorrow night . temperatures in the 50s downtown. tonight clear skies a little bit colder.
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degree range but i had to open it up tonight. winds will be light. so on the day planner, it goes like this, 44 at 7:00, but 51 at 9:00. already 60 by 11:00 and already 65 by 1:00 p.m. that's a way to end the week isn't it. saturday fall. evening showers. windy and cold on sunday. only 47. i got to tell you , the game at fed-ex on sunday night will be in the 30s, the wind chills in the 20s. the 20s sunday night. some much needed rain possible on wednesday at 54. turkey day looks average, sunshine and the mid 50s. >> topper, thank you. it's getting safer for young kids to ride in vehicles and where you could find the best deals on black friday all coming
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money, manage your health and more. need to be thorough. in tonight's consumer alert a new report shows that car booster seats for children are getting safer. the insurance institute for highway safety put 53 booster seats through some rigorous testing and 48 of them
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compared to 8 years ago. that's when only about a quarter of those booster seats got high marks. where will you find the best black friday shopping deals? well, the personal finance wallet hub said macy's tops the list with 63% on the discount. sage comes in second. jpenney is third. the average b 39% or lower. there's a new irs tax bill scam making the rounds again. the federal trade commission said this scheme comes under the guides of the affordable care act. so scammers are e-mailing these fake notices to you saying you owe money for the previous tax year and sku
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on a link. they will never is you to pay with a gift card or prepaid card or wire transfer. a brother and sister will have a new home. a 6-year-old and 4-year-old will be legally adopted by karen scott. grandma as they call her has been the foster mom for 3 years. she has two adult children of her own but wants to give children a better life. >> my jamari stacks. >> both kids are very, very intelligent. i just can't wait to start my journey, progressing them through higher heights. >> they are excited. she served as a football weathes -- as a foster mom for more than 20 years. they will be part of dc adoption day this weekend. >> i love how they're able to stay together. >> yeah. all right. straight ahead,
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with hearing impairments. >> what a surrogate for donald trump wants to do with muslims living in america. >> no hate no fear. immigrants are welcome here. >> right after the break students at the university of maryland stage a walk out with a
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students on two college campuses in maryland rallied today more than a week after the presidential election. >> one denounced donald trump while the other stopped short of that. debra is live from the university of maryland's campus where one of those rallies took place. hi, deb. >> reporter: hey there , adam. this one kicked off here around 1:30 today and these students say they have a list of demands they want to give to the university. demands that basically say that all students here should be >> [chanting] >> this is not an anti-trump rally. this is to voice our opinions and make sure students feel safe on campus. >> [chanting] >> they say that tens of millions of people stand for lives. there's so many people coming out with so much hate and this is our protest to show that we love everybody and that
5:32 pm
>> on the university of maryland campus these students say they are standing up for blacks, gays, females, immigrants, muslims, students, any group that doesn't feel safe from hate speech or hate crimes. >> [chanting] >> at montgomery college some students denounced president-elect trump and want to tell him to leave immigrants alone. >> we know you g we are not supporting anything like the hatred and the racism. >> two separate rallies, two examples of students coming together. >> it's important for us as a campus community to come together and show that we are a campus of love and we are not going to let people full of hate take over and run our campus. >> reporter: and the students here haven't said exactly what those specific demands are. they say they're going to
5:33 pm
live on the umd campus, wusa 9. >> thank you, debra. the university of maryland issue d a statement that read in part, they stand with the studented on -- students on the goal of protecting all members of the community. a prominent donald trump supporters said there's justification for a data bank of muslim immigrants. this comes from carl higby. he said the japanese americans he called that precedent for the president-elect's plan to create a registry of immigrants from muslim countries. hillary clinton makes her first public appearance since conceding the presidential election. she spoke last night at a charity gala at the museum in northwest dc. the former secretary of state walked out to a cheering crowd and urged americans not to lose hope. >> i know this isn't easy.
5:34 pm
people have asked themselves whether america was the country we thought it was. america is worth it. our children are worth it. >> clinton was honored for a lifetime of service to children and families by the non-profit where she started her career, the children's defense fund. tim kaine said he will not be running for president in 2020. the virginia senator and former vp candidate said his decision is final. he will however seek re-election to the you might be planning to go off to the movies but if you're deaf or hard of hearing in our area that simple pleasure may be blocked by an obstacle. >> andrea mccarren is live outside of the one many regal cinemas to tell us more. >> reporter: leslie and adam, most movie theaters advertise accessible devices for customers that are deaf and hard of hearing. we found some major national chains failing again
5:35 pm
>> instead of finding dory at the amc low's rio the cunninghams found another movie night ending in darkness. the captioning devices at the gaithersburg theater were not working. >> i get really upset. two of her daughters are deaf, two hearing. >> it's so frustrating that this day in age in 2016 they are still deal being this. >> at the regal the captioning devices were not fully charged. >> reporter: now, it took weeks of calls, e-mails and tweets to regal entertainment to get a response which was basically we don't have a problem. we checked with our managers. amc was slightly more responsive. we'll have much more on this story tonight at 11:00 and we'll also be speaking about our entire hashtag no barriers
5:36 pm
until then, reporting live from bethesda, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> andrea, thank you. if you know of an obstacle or barrier faced by someone with a disability take a photograph or shoot a short video and e-mail it to us at lebron james is donating $2.5 million to support >> he joins michael jordan that contributed. the ali expansion is two portions of the building. one focusing on his sports accomplishment, the other on his social activism and community work. straight ahead, caps fans come to the rescue. >> also ahead, leaving the horrors of war behind. veterans receiving life lessons and
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>> check out these numbers for tomorrow. 70 downtown, 70 in fredericksburg, 70 in martinsburg and 68 in hagerstown. we will come back and talk about how high it's going to go tomorrow and how cold it's going to get over the weekend. coming up after the break, my winter out look by
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two iraq veterans walked 2700 miles to reflect on their haunting experiences from war. >> that's a long way. one of those vets is now a teacher with project welcome home troops that helps veterans heal themselves from the trauma of war. peggy fox has tonight's salute to service report. >> after surviving the war we see them drink themselves to death, we see them overdose, we see them commit suicide. we've got to stop that. >> the film almost sunrise
5:41 pm
anthony anderson, two veterans that walked hoping to clear their heads of their anger and depression and to bring awareness to difficulties that veterans face. >> we wound up steps on an ied and was killed. >> travis hall served 12 years with two deployments to afghanistan. >> for a long time i felt like there was something more that i could have done to prevent it. >> travis has breathing practice he learned from project welcome home troops. >> it's so difficult to take our way of anxiety, depression or anger. you go into your nervous system, calm down your heart rate and blood pressure and feel different. >> researchers underway by dr. ana sepala finds scientific evidence that the yoga-based breathing practice works. >> after a week we found that
5:42 pm
iraq or afghanistan had normal ed normalized anxiety. >> tom voss now teaches their five-day power breath meditation workshop. >> veterans are very apprehensive to a lot of people to seek help because you have to first admit that you have a problem. >> travis hall is in training to also be an instructor. breathing techniques, medication or yoga can be difficult but when the teacher is a veteran like travis they are more accepting. >> some people have to hit rock bottom before they get help. it doesn't have to be that way. >> the power breath meditation workshops offered around the country are free to any veteran and his or her family who needs help. >> in fredericksburg, peggy
5:43 pm
almost sunrise tonight at 7:00 playing at georgetown university at the edward ben intercull char center. a grandmother's text message goes viral and now a random teenager is coming over for thanksgiving dinner. >> how soon will we see snow
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let's go trending shall we? a grandmother from arizona is setting an extra plate at the thanksgiving dinner table because she sent a text message to the wrong person. >> that person was 17-year-old he received a text from grandma inviting him to dinner. when she sent a selfie jamal said you're not my grandma and send a picture by himself and said can i still have a plate though. her response, of course you can, that's what grandmas do. the story went viral on twitter. hundreds of twitter users have reached out to grandma asking for a plate . >> you knew that was going to
5:47 pm
verizon center that didn't have anything to do with the athletes. >> when the mic cut out during the national anthem at last night's caps game the fans did not miss a beat. >> [singing] >> ? the land of the free and the home of the brave ? ? >> home of the brave. those fans sang just about the entire anthem and singer caleb green was slated to it doesn't matter. james corden teams up with the material girl for his next segment of carpool karaoke. madonna confirmed posting a selfie of herself. she said riding around manhattan with this hunk of burning love. no word on when their segment will air. >> that will be entertaining. you ready for some snow? >> no. >> we are just a month away
5:48 pm
winter and we have flakes in the forecast for mountains this weekend. >> our man over there can't keep his feet on the ground. >> he's so ready. >> topper, how much snow this winter? go. >> let's get to it. let's build up to it . you know, we have our winter out look that we are reairing for folks. we looked at el nino and la nina. >> if you're a snow lever you wasn't -- lover to moderate el nino. who can forget 2010? we had 56 inches of national airport. if you hate the white stuff, then you're pulling for a strong el nino or a weak la nina. >> very slippery outside. >> in the wint er of 97/97 we recorded less than one tenth of an inch of snow downtown. more often than not weak la ninas offer less than 10 minutes of
5:49 pm
a weak la nina. that usually means colder than average temperatures but no big storms or blizzards because there's so few coastal storps. -- storms. >> i think that we are going to get a lot more snow. >> can there be exceptions? of course. it just takes one good system to throw the winter off. the winter of 95/96, also a weak la nina year when national airport recorded 46 inches of sn >> on average national gets over 15 inches of snow. when it comes to snow totals we are forecasting clipper-like systems that means 1 to 4 inches oh -- of snow at a time. this season we will get 10 inches or less. 10 inches in the metro area, 15 to 20 inches
5:50 pm
>> so we are predicting our first real arctic out break in mid to late december and the first inch or more at national will be january 6th. we shall see. also with this type of scenario, more of a chance of an ice storm. i'm worried about that. 59 right now. a live look outside auto at our michael and son weather cam, dry temperatures around 70 tomorrow. temperatures fall on saturday afternoon and with those falling temperatures we could see a shower by saturday evening. so the 25 degree drop is heading our way. 70 tomorrow, 67 on saturday and then, boom, 47 on sunday. 45 monday. back to 52 on tuesday . we haven't had three days below average that's now 57 in quite some time. going to go to the game at fed-ex, dress for the 20s.
5:51 pm
tonight after dinner, 39 in manassas but 49 downtown. 37 in la platta and 39 in bowie. in the morning the upper 40s, low 50s. at lunchtime 71 in romney and 67 in cumberland. a fantastic day tomorrow for any month let alone november. day planner goes like this, 11:00 and 65 by 1:00 p.m. all right saturday we got falling temperatures, some showers possible by the evening. look at that, 39 for our low saturday night. only 47 on sunday for a high. that's a straight temperature, not a wind chill. monday only 45. the low 50s on tuesday. afternoon showers or rain on wednesday which we actually need. right now turkey day looks dry and seasonalable
5:52 pm
now game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> you know, the redskins have last seven straight in prime time games and that's where they are sunday night, under the bright lights facing the team that knocked them out of of the playoffs last season, the green bay packers. they were out in ash burn. they're a slight favorite in the game and for good reason, a row. kick off at 8:30 on sunday night at fed-ex. the only show in town, the country for that matter. >> we don't -- you know, we are the only team that's -- i mean, the only two teams that will be playing that night. your mom is watching, the city is watching, the dmv will be in the building. we have to put on a show that equals up to a w. >> now, the fans will be bundled up. you heard topper, in the 20s.
5:53 pm
if you are at fed-ex or watching the game in doors we want to see you pictures. send your photos. maryland men's sock cer number one in the country and the terps are the number one seed in the ncaa tournament. they got a bye the first round. great season so far butnd sous like champs or bust >> you know, by returned eight starters from last year. that's the most returning group that i've ever had. i had a feeling we would have a good year. as i said, we are happy with the regular season and the big 10 titles. really this is what we are playing for, the national championship. >> last won it in 2008. trying to get back there this season. have a great chance. >> go get them, terps.
5:54 pm
maryland if the state goes through with a plan to make drivers undergo fbi background checks. >> but up next a little girl explaining why she gave up her birthday to help local police k-9s. >> at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, an inside look at president-elect
5:55 pm
?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy
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virginia beach police department. a 10-year-old girl sacrificed her birthday to buy protective vests for their k-9s. the report. >> amazing. >> it's always re warding seeing the fruits of your labor. >> very good. >> and the face s you're able to impact positively. especially when you're 10 years old sacrificing what most kids would want, birthday presents. and facebook. >> that's what alexis maddenly did instead of asking for birthday presents. she asked for donations. >> you have to have it in you to do it. >> only to give the money away, all $3,200 to virginia beach police to buy protective vests for a k-9. >> now thanks to her donation
5:58 pm
these are our partners and our buddies. getting them protecting is like protecting us. >> alexis's gesture goes a long way for people who are close with the dogs like sergeant chris toll, encouraged that a kid just 10 years old -- >> to think that far of helping other people. >> -- can gasp kindness in such a great way. >> i'm proud of her and my two nieces. >> shyness. >> thank you. >> that smile says it all. >> let's hope they hook her up on show and tell day at school, right? alexis said she was inspired by anderson cooper's donations to buy k-9 protective vests after the death of a norfolk police k-9. right now at 6:00 vice president elect mike pence comes to capitol hill to assure congress the trump transition is
5:59 pm
get an uber in maryland if the state requires drivers to undergo an fbi background check. >> and more problems for metro riders. dozens of rail cars are being taken out of service because of safety concerns. good evening. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. president elect donald trump met with former second sarretary of he will sit down with japan's prime minister as they continue too meet with potential cabinet members. >> the transition team at trump tower is meeting with lawmakers and politicians in the works to fill the ranks of president-elect donald trump's new administration. >> former mayor rudy giuliani was there as was congressman jeb
6:00 pm
trade. it was a wonderful conversation. >> publicishedish -- published reports say that mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top role. >> he's a bring lliant young -- brilliant young man who donald trump trusts. >> appointments will be amown announced before or after thanksgiving that falls in line. >> vice president elect mike today and took a seelfi with republicans. >> i'm happy to be back among my colleagues. >> he assured the lawmakers that the transition is going smoothly. >> he encouraged anyone interested in serving to submit their names. >> democrats searching for their own way to work with the president elect. >> infrastructure, innovation and inclusion, all three of


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