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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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said to me, she's 9 years old and she said what if i approached. i said you'll be fine. >> i'm a hispanic woman and i don't like the way he speaks to women. it's not right. >> they made their way to wheaten plaza and rallied the other high schools. they were on the move to downtown silver spring. >> we >> even though we are not adults and can vote for presidents we should have a right to have our choice heard. >> we walked out of school for a really good uz ka. -- good cause. >> we are the feature and the people taking control of this country. >> reporter: we should tell you the peaceful protests happened around the area and it lasted just a cup ole hours. there were no problems. police were escorting the young people the
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movement. they hope to rally outside of the white house. a school spokesperson said the students who walked off campus will not face action if they have a parent write an excuse note. >> thank you, delia. social media was to catalyst -- the catalyst for that's protest. >> we are outside the silver springs building. stephanie. >> reporter: that pro test buzz leslie and adam and we streamed the protest live on our wusa 9 facebook page. my photographer and i met up with the protesters walked alongside of them for about 3 miles and interviewed them. during that time comments flooded our facebook page. in all 46,000 comments. >> [chanting] >> word of this protest started to spread on social media.
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come out here and we just kind of heard blair was doing a thing. as soon as north -- as you saw north going we saw on snap chat that blair was starting to walk and we were like let's go. >> with every passing hour there were more and more shares and retweets. >> my social media was just blowing up. everybody joined in. that's how we knew we were strong. >> yeah, this was amazing walking down georgia avenue and turning drivers to see. people stopped. i just saw flashing down. it was amazing. i thank everybody who came out. our voices are being heard . >> people were pulling out their phones and videotaping it. >> videos were posted to sm. >> i was actually ed to social media. >> i was watching your facebook stream and disgusting about the comments there and people were
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because they didn't vote. that's outrageous. >> people were telling me to come down here so i came down to support them to allow them to have is a voice essentially. >> i'm glad that i can be here and social media is platform that young people under the age of voting can share their views. >> reporter: and hours after the protests the online conversation continues tonight with people still weighing in live in silver springs, i'm stephanie wusa 9. >> this touched a nerve, stephanie. nearly 59,000 people have left a comment on our wusa 9 facebook page. james writes, what's you protesting? maryland was the first state called for hillary. if you're protesting trump drive to another state and protest march there where they voted for trump. sandy writes, i'm glad they are protesting. since the end of the election
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incidents of racism and vandalism in trump's name happening around the country, which is not okay. we all should be standing up against the hate. >> log onto our wusa 9 facebook page and tell us what you think about those protests. adam. turning now to the transfer of power in washington and the trump transition. president obama just wrapped up a press conference from the white house briefing room a short time ago. he addressed what may happen to obama care during a trump adst the president-elect may find it harder to get rid of his signature accomplishment than he pledged. >> now, it's one thing to characterize this thing as not working when it's just an abstraction. now you're going to repeal it? okay. what happens to those 20 million people with health insurance? are you going to just kick them off and suddenly they don't have health insurance? >> the president dodged a question about trump's
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political divide should give the president-elect some sometime to set up his team and americans can judge him in a couple of years. security remains sight outside the trump tower where the president elect is busy putting together his cabinet. he elected ryan prievas as a part of it. he has been criticized for the alt right movement that's been linked to white nationalism. >> i'm offended that you think that you would manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies. it was not. >> the antideformation league said it's a sad day when a man who preceded over a group of white nationalists and racist is slated to be a senior staff member in the people's house.
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during inauguration is being debated. they have the right to use that space for bleaches. there's a group that wants to use it to protest donald trump's election. so a federal panel of three judges is considering the matter. we have a yellow weather alert tonight with showers impacting the drive home for a lot of people. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. what are you doppler radar? >> reporter: we have dry air so the rain is having a hard time moving north ward. south of town in fredericksburg it's been raining for quite some time and now it's in charles county and up i 81. this is the live doppler over the last hour. we'll zoom in a little bit. if you go down 95 far enough you are going to find showers and rain. around town it's still dry. i think the next hour if you are around the beltway i think you will make it home before the rain showers roll in. out to the west a different
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enough past warrenton will you find some more showers around 81 southbound. that's where the heaviest activity can be found. by 8:00 tonight i think that everybody is going to have some showers, at least gaithersburg south and kind of chilly too. temperatures in the 40s. we talked about this last week. november mirrors march. 8:00 some showers and by 10:00 some showers with 48 in gaithersburg and downtown. we will talk about if the showers leave in time fhe way. a restaurant worker in ash burn has been accused of following two girls into the restaurant's women's bathroom, holding them against their will and sexual assaulted them. this incident happened last night at the elevation burger at the new louden one shopping mall. scoot broom is standing by -- scott broom is standing by now to tell us more about what happened. scott. >> reporter: what a shocking alleged crime and as you're
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20 years old in the case, and already on probation for holding a victim against her will and sexually battery. it does appear this has happened again. >> 20-year-old lewis orey is charged with following two girls inside a women's restroom, holding them against their will and sexual assaulted them. the incident happened about 8:00 last night at the elevation burger here at louden one. he was an employee of the restaurant. >> investigators are not releasing the ages of the identities. the incident happened during prime time for restaurant traffic, a sunday evening. >> a check of the virginia sex crimes registry shows he had registered this restaurant as his workplace and discloses his address in sterling. he was working in the restaurant while on probation for a 2012 incident. he was found guilty then in juvenile court of two counts of abduction for an immoral cause and two counts of
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the time. >> reporter: now, orey charged again with apparently holding two girls against their will inside the women's bathroom inside the restaurant where he worked. he is currently behind bars and because he was on probation he may be denied bail. reporting live in ash burn, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thank you. an elevation burger de clined to answer any questions about the suspects employment there. a district heights man accused of stabbing young children appeared in court today. 25-year-old christian dillard is charged with attempted first degree murder. his 2 and 3-year-old children are hospitalized and are expected to recover. police say dillard also sexual assaulted an ex-girlfriend who lived in the house where the kids were stabbed. some answers but still a lot of questions about a missing university of maryland student. police say they have surveillance video of 21-year-old caitlyn george getting into a taxi last thursday headed for baltimore.
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but she never showed up. additional surveillance video captured george getting into an suv in baltimore. she was last seen on a local bus there but the trail goes cold after that. condolences are pouring in for pbs an your gwynn eiffel. >> eiffel one of the most prominent african-american journalists died. she was an anchor with prior to pbs eiffel worked at nbc, the new york times and the washington post. she had been battling cancer. she was 61 and on a personal note she inspired so many of us. she was a trail blazer, she was kind, wise and gracious and many of us -- a lot of us are missing her today. >> yes, someone to be missed for sure.
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trump won the presidential election but did not win the popular vote. we will exam the electoral college. >> some workers on edge because of donald trump. >> a veteran said a restaurant manager took away his free meal on a day meant to honor his service.
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new information tonight in a homicide made famous by the netflix show making a murderer. a wisconsin judge has ordered to release of the man. the judge ruled that investigators tricked the young man two confessing
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theresa hallback. that uncle is charged with his murder. trump nation, whites only. look at that. that's what vandals wrote on a church and it's signed in silver spring. it happened at the episcopal church of our savior. congregates discovered it yesterday. montgomery police are investigating this as a hate crime. so far no arrests have been made. president elect donald trump seemed to be softening on a few of his immigration promises during last night's 60 minutes interview. some of those promises brought cheers on the campaign trail. but as stephanie ramirez joins us now, that doesn't mean that immigrants are any less afraid. >> reporter: or concerned. last night president-elect trump spoke about securing the border first before addressing the undocumented population. he called many of those people terrific people but a daca recipient, someone under the deferred child -- i'm sorry. hold on for a second here. the deferred action for childhood arrivals, i wanted to make sure
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president obama that allowed people to stay in the country, get a work permit and their deporation is deferred. i spoke to someone who said that's infur rating. >> they are afraid to drive their kids to school and the cops might stop them. >> this is how lewis aguilar plans to fight. he and his turn out number with a new focus on the virginia day's breaking news's race. aguilar is a daca recipient concerned about his status here but said the president-elect's interview last night just added fuel to his fire. >> it continues going on, what he has said before which is criminalizing immigrants. >> here's what donald trump said on immigration in the 60 minutes interview. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have
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million. >> especially the 3 million number is probably an over estimate. >> randy caps works with migration policy institute, a nonpartisan institute that collects immigration institution. he said it could be a million if caught at the border. >> trump so not alone in these accusations. it's widely reported that president obama has deported 2 million illegal immigrants uch other president and half of them have criminal convictions. >> president elect trump is talking about expanding the scope of this deportation that could mean any crime. >> reporter: now if you take donald trump at his word last night there could be a path to legalization for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants here. he thinks there will be something longer than later. >> thank you, stephanie.
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admission, broadening the criteria for who ice picks up and why. they believe that daca will be ended because it didn't have republican backing between president obama created the program. did you get a chance to check out the super moon last night? sky 9 captured the epic moon over the skies of the dc metro area during the morning hours. it's the closest that the moon would be since 1918 and it won't be this close until 2034 again. you got a pink one? >> on friday we said look at it on sunday night and not monday night because we got clouds and stuff here. and not good viewing tonight. it was pretty spectacular. it did cast shadows. >> how late did you stay up to check it out? >> my usual, 4:00 a.m.
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1:30. it was great to see it rise. that's when it was most spectacular. >> david sent this to us last night. that was quite a sight. >> there's enough co lor in that. >> thank you, david for sending that in. we appreciate that. we still have the story on our website and also on my blog about the moon. we are looking at the 3 degree guarantee today. i think that we are okay. we had to kind of go below 60 because of the clouds. we went for 57. we a we will see how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam, the sun is getting eaten up. winds out of the south at 6. here's the radar. we see some showers moving north of i 66. still you have to go pretty far south on
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out towards wind chester it's raining quite a bit. more mois -- moisture in the area. in fredericksburg and leesburg the humidity is too low. yellow weather alert tonight for some showers. wish we had more rain on the way. we are 4 or 5 inches in deficit. we need a good soaking. not going to happen tonight. bus stop temperatures 38 to 52. just clouds in the morning, no shower the week. is this the nicest november that i can remember? we are looking at warmer conditions too by the time we get into thursday and friday. it could be 70 by friday. at 10:00 tonight on future cast we have some showers still. 48 downtown, 42 in gaithersburg, 44 in bowie. and then by the morning generally everything is gone. in fact, already seeing some sun kind of reappearing, some clearing skies towards cull pepper. because of that the upper 30s.
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frederick. maybe a left over shower in frederick but by and large everything is out of here by 6:00 a.m. 45 as far south as fredericksburg and by 1:00 we are back to 56 in downtown, 58 in cullpepper, only 52 in hagerstown. clouds will linger longer north and west of town. by 6:00 p.m., about 24 hours from now, looking at temperatures in the low 50s maybe 48, 49 in manassas. nothing crazy cold though tomorrow night. so day planner goes like this, 46 to start, maybe a sprinkle ending by 7:00 and then we are in pretty good shape. decreasing clouds, 56 by 1:00. by 1:00 we should in pretty good shape. by wednesday pleasant. i just tucked a shower in here. don't plan around that. 63. a pretty good day. awesome on thursday, sunshine 64. friday just beautiful.
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another shot of cold air so get ready. sunday night against the vikings at fed, 30s and 40s. chili's is apologizing after a manager questioned a veteran's service and took away his meal. >> now you're taking it away from me? >> earnest walker recorded it media. this happened on friday in cedar hill, texas. walker said the whole thing started after a confrontation with an elderly customer. >> this over zealous manager comes out and instead of talking to me man to man he treated me as if i was a black man stealing a meal honestly. that's what it
5:22 pm
manager his military papers. he had them on him. that wasn't enough to keep the manager from literally taking away his food. walker said although chili's apologized online he's yet tohe ar directly from the restaurant executives. straight ahead, how online retailers are changing how we shop and buy. >> tourists and animals stranded after a deadly
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all seems beautiful to me. officials are assessing the damage after a major earthquake hit new zealand. at least two people died in this 7.8 magnitude quake that happened over night. in i mean, roads are cracked, homes and businesses demolished. three cows stuck with other livestock on an island of grass. there's a ship on its way to help about 1,000 tourists stranded in a small town. in tonight's consumer alert buy ago new mattress, picking out some produce, even the right pair of glasses always typically require us to go in and try
5:26 pm
kind of experience is shifting to the internet. a hand full of trail blazers a transferring the way we shop and buy. >> i hate ed d the feeling of walking around and testing out these beds on the showroom floor. it wasn't for me. >> if you like casper mattresses, why glasses and amazon are just a few of the e tailers who believe that americans will continue to broaden their online s habits. they say that it is just a better experience for people. shoe people may find some big bargains at kenneth cole shoe out lets. 63 stores will close. this social media most said the closing of stores is sad for shoe lovers but the
5:27 pm
on international and online sales. straight ahead, a uber driver refusing to transport a
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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bernie sanders hates it, donald trump called it a disaster, hillary clinton said it should be demolished so why
5:30 pm
>> why is the winner declared state by state instead of a popular vote. bruce is here. >> reporter: that's right , adam and leslie. now with the republicans winning and now in charge of both chambers of congress and most of the legislatures this is the second time in the last five election that is a presidential candidate has won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. that has a lot of people asking questions. >> in blue country, protesters blasting the electoral college system. but it is not always just democrats. republican gerald ford's campaign lobbied electorals to switch sides and aides to george w bush of the gop drew up plans anticipating a popular vote win and an electoral college vote lost until it turned out the other way around.
5:31 pm
of compromise between the southern slave holders and the northern states. >> between those who wanted to empower the people and those who thought that the people might elect a tyrant, the 538 electors are portioned by a population. 55 for california, 3 for the district of columbia. >> the winners in their state. >> you tweeted once that te electoral college is a disaster for democracy. >> i do. >> do you still think it's rigged >> -- rigged? >> look i won with the electoral college. >> the president-elect told 60 minutes he still thinks the electoral college is antekuwaited. ante-- is wrong. >> i'm not going to change my mind because i won.
5:32 pm
something else. we have seen them nine times, electorals who voted for someone other than the candidate who won in their state. there's never been enough to change the outcome. adam. >> it's an interesting debate for sure. bruce, thank you. maryland, dc and nine other states have signed onto something called national popular vote interstate compact. that would award theta wins nationwide but won't go into effect until when enough states have adopted it to decide the outcome. keep in mind that 50% of the country's population lives in just 10 states we are not quite there yet. well, don't be afraid, those were the words of donald trump, the president elect after leslie stall told him most of the country fears his upcoming presidency. he appeared on 60
5:33 pm
this morning. stall said she feels the president-elect has changed his tone since the election. >> you could see it in his body language, you could hear it in temper of his voice. he's taken it seriously. i think sitting there it was sinking in. i think it's been sinking in just for the few days since the election. >> and president-elect trump also surprised a lot of people when he said he would seek the council of president obama. a prince george's county man accused of shooting a 3-year-old to death. tonight the trial of devon wallace is underway in upper marlboro. he fired shots into a home after an argument back in 2014 and one of those bullets hit a 3-year-old. wallace is charged with first and second degree murder. a virginia man was indicted today in connection with a crash that killed a baby in louden county. 5-month-old tristan
5:34 pm
mother was seriously injured. john miller iv is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he was holding his phone at the time of the accident and tried to appear to beat the mother and child through that intersection. caught on camera, shocking behavior by an uber driver in dc as he refuses to transport a blind passenger. >> the driver wouldn't take her dog. andrea mccarren is live with more on this no barriers project. >> reporter: no barriers is all about highlighting people with disabilities living in our communities and and thin -- and things they face every day and getting them fixed. you are about to see someone breaking the civil rights law. >> get off my dog. >> no, you can't
5:35 pm
>> i'm not regard -- retarded. >> the ub er driver called kristen offensive names. >> i'm not a freak. >> all because he didn't want to transport the blind lawyer's glide dog, zooey. >> i'm allergic to dogs. >> you're pull ing ing on my foot. s kristen and zooey have been denied uber rides in the dc area 10 times. >> you are the craziest lady that i've seen in my life. >> remarkable feeling of hurt that goes deep into your gut and up to your heart. >> a denied uber ride is just one of many barriers that kristen and zooey must over come every day. >> now uber has suspend that driver's privileges while it investigates kristen's complaints. >> reporter: there's a lot more to this story that we are going to bring you tonight at 11:00
5:36 pm
as for that driver's claim that he's allergic to dogs, that does not exempt him from transporting a service dog. reporting live, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> i'm looking forward to those stories. thank you, andrea. all week at 11:00 and rea is going to show us the barriers and our efforts to fix them. if you know of an obsta e-mail to that's what our project is all about. tributes are pouring in for leon russell. russell who performed, sang and produced some of rock and roll's top records died yesterday. in 2010 he released a critically received duo album with elton john. he talked about teaming up with the piano man. >> well, before we did this i had not spoken to him in 35
5:37 pm
he played a couple of shows for me back in the early days when he was first starting out. i had never really worked with him before. it was really quite -- it was a lot of fun. >> leon russell was 74. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> trend ing now, why facebook said it's getting rid of fake news. it's touch. >> it's tough to read it every day too. >> the picture of president obama and vic that's inspiring hundreds of memes. we'll share a couple of our favorites on the way. >> topper. >> most of the showers creepinging north ward of 95. you have some rain up north. when all of the metro areas will receive some
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you know that facebook post that your dad sends you and you're like there's no way that true. that's what is trending tonight. facebook is taking steps to clean up fake news and hoaxes. >> ceo mark zuckerberg updated the hoax over the weekend. it's allegation that funny stories influenced the election. he said facebook members can flag
5:41 pm
identifying the exact truth can be complicated. >> it really can be. >> you can't believe everything you read. we have a whole team dedicated to figuring out what is real and what is not. have you seen those memes featuring president obama and the vice president biden. >> these are for real. they have been blow ing ing up on social media this weekend. they started with this picture of the duo and then people started to put their own captions with that pie trump. biden side, i'm not giving them the wifi password. old -- obama said jo. biden said i said what i said. this one is pretty good. biden said obama, come on, man, you got to print a fake birth certificate, label it secret and leave it in the oval office desk. there's a bunch more out there, search for obama and biden meme and you will
5:42 pm
a local hoops rival ry will be renewed tomorrow night, not between the president and vice president but at the verizon center. you know who we are talking about. hashtag terps. that's coming up in support sports. >> a u.s. navy destroyer is named after the first
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
new rules on hybrid cars would prevent thousands of pedestrian injuries every year. the feds have unveiled is new law that would require hybrid and electric cars to make more noise levels at low speeds. it can be heard to hear them. the goal to help people coming. they will have to make a louder noise traveling at 19 miles per hour and under. a huge honor. the first african-american marine pilot and the first general officer has a name bearing his name. >> frank e, pedersen broke barriers.
5:46 pm
>> frank pederse junior enlisted. >> he choose to the ma keene -- marine core. >> he was the first african-american pilot. >> dad said, listen, if you don't want the salute me fine. >> he over come bed the challenges by competing cat bomb tours -- combat tours and 30 years of service. >> he always told me, son, no matter how difficult the challenge there's always somebody that's out there that's going to do the right thing. >> his leadership extended to his home life as well as a
5:47 pm
pedersen for anyone who knows him, i believe that he was a humble giant of a man. >> the mark of a true leaderer, never behind you, never in front of you, always beside you. when they contacted the family about placing the name of him on a ship it just made sense. >> that ship is going b -- going to be awesome because it's going to have the spirit of a person who fighting. >> in the end he was chosen. >> he would lead the best and the brightest and dad was that so they had little choice who was the man. >> nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> now, construction began on
5:48 pm
27th and it's expected to enter the fleet. meghan kelly is talking about her tenure at the network. she's talking about a rape charge that donald trump's ex-wife made against him during divorce proceedings. she recanted that charged. >> he called me up and threatened me. control the editorial on the kelly file. that was it. he started to scream at me and hung up the phone. >> you will hear much more from kelly including her interactions with ousted fox news ceo rodger ailes on dr. phil tomorrow at 4:00. you can see it right here on wusa 9. more than 2700 military families will be enjoying thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings thanks to your
5:49 pm
$135,000. that's a record breaker for us. we want to thank everyone who contributed making it a more festive thanksgiving. turn your mic on top. >> it is on. that's the problem, it is on. we have no shower s downtown because it's just so dry. the humidity only 57%. eventually we will see some showers so if you're heading south of town commute home. if you're heading north up 270 you will be fine actually. we have heavier rain to the west of us towards warrenton. i tweeted this out yesterday. it was 23 yesterday morning at dulles and high of 64. that's a big range. that's unyou should. dry air heats up quickly and cooling off quickly. that's as big of a range that i can remember at dulles. we will zoom in towards warrenton some showers, cullpepper some showers.
5:50 pm
air so it's not just a straight matt d equals t kind of thing. it will get across i 66 in the next couple of hours. yellow weather alert tonight for showers. the bus stop temperatures 38 to 52. after the morning clouds a pretty good day on tuesday. the sunshine comes back out. nice the rest of the week. a really nice november week and warmer into friday. at 10:00 tonight i agree with this, future cast has the 42. 48 downtown and showers still lingering down in fredericksburg. over night everything kind of moves out. the clouds linger for a while. 46 downtown where it's clearing out though look at this, 37 in cullpepper tomorrow morning and 40 in fredericksburg and about 41 in deal city. so on the day planner goes like this, we will keep clouds and maybe a sprinkle until 7:00 and then clouds slowly give way to sunshine. 56 by 1:00 p.m.
5:51 pm
a pleasant day and 63. safrd we are -- saturday we are in the low 70s. bison in town. showers saturday night and the coldest shot that we've seen. get ready for a blustery night sunday night at fed-ex. now wusa 9 game on sports with kristen verset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's victory monday here in the dmv. the first one in weeks, the burgundy and gold took care of their homecoming game after the bye week. a closer look at the big victory if -- in tonight's inside the red zone. >> credit the redskins defense big time in their 26-20 win over minnesota that snapped a two-game winless streak and goat the redskins right back in the playoff conversation. preston smith, two sacks and a
5:52 pm
again, the defense made plays when it had too as the redskins improve to 5-3-1 on the season. now they get a visit from the packers next sunday night. inside the resident zone, i'm frank hammerland. >> all right. in the rival night tomorrow, the maryland terps take the short trip to the verizon center to face the georgetown hoyas for the second straight year. this is a rivalry that was renewed last year much to the dismay or de last year's contest lived up to the anticipation. it was a delight with the terps winning by 4. this usis jhet t second game of the season but they realized all that's at stake. >> this quite honestly is not just another game and dour our guys know and understand that. we don't want our emotions to get too carried away. if you can't get worked up for this one you should be doing something else.
5:53 pm
the fans around here. all the media today, it's obviously a big game. so u owe new -- so, you know, our guys get it. they are big, every game counts. this one just being local means a lot. >> down syndrome going -- it's going to be fun tomorrow. it was a thriller last year. both teams coming off opening victories. maryland barely meet american. >> we will the nail biterit au and i won't say anything because they can come down here because they are just up the street. >> that's the sign of a good team. coming up at 6:00, president obama is put on the spot about president-elect donald trump's picks to be on his white house staff. >> but up next the new nail polish that promises to detect the date rape drug in drinks. >> could president-elect trump's children soon receive top security clearances? that story is coming up on the cbs
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a shocking statistic here, one in five people will be raped. what if an attack could be prevented by painting her
5:57 pm
defect if your drink has been drugged. >> shaken with a twist of nail polish? it's the ingredients that could tell you if your drink has been drugged. use your finger to stir your cocktail and see if it was pop beside a popular date rape drug line ghb. >> i wish that i could dip my nail safe or not. that would be rad. we told you about -- >> we told you about the story from four college guys. over the last 2 years investers have chipped in 5.5 million. they hope new developments are coming in 2017. >> i usually have nail polish on. usually it's chipped but i think it's a good thing. >> if it just helps one person. >> i usually feel pretty safe
5:58 pm
aware of my surrounds. >> some feel it could paint a false stance of security, only testing for a few of the date rape drugs. they fear the protects covers up what is really important, stopping rape. >> what if the nail polish doesn't work? why are we even having to do these things? >> that crisis center counselor said people can better a potential victim before stipstepping in -- by stepping in. president obama giving his first assessment of donald trump. >> students set off a social media buzz by marching out of class to protest president elect trump. >> a jury reaches the verdict in a trial accused of murdering his toddler by leaving him in a hot car.
5:59 pm
>> i'm leslie foster. tonight the president e lect selected two top advisers. president obama has talked about it. garrett haake is now live with mitt romney. -- with more. >> reporter: president obama promised everybody for a smooth transition to the trump administration. today he se elect donald trump or his staff pictures. >> people are frustrated by donald trump's staff choices. >> those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. that's how this system operates. >> president elect trump's sunday collection of former bright boss new boss stephen
6:00 pm
some wondered why he has the president's ear. president obama declined to criticize the pick. >> the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president. the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> on sunday the president elect also named rnc chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff, comforting the establishment republicans. >> i think great team. >> interviews over the weekend including on 60 minutes mr. trump seemed to show flexibility on some of his core issues. he suggested he would keep popular parts of obama and waivered on the border wall. >> would you accept a fence? >> some areas you would but some areas a wall is more property. -- appreciate. >> president obama said he thought that mr. trump would


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