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right now at 7:00, strong storms are pushing through the metro area, dropping heavy rain and whipping up powerful winds. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. a good chunk of the viewing area still under a severe thunderstorm watch. some heavy storms have already hit several spots across the area. meteorologist howard bernstein tracking who is in the path right now. >> the good news for the metro is that the activity now south and east of us but a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. most everybody north and west of this line, even if you're in the wash, i'm not too concerned. i'm concerned you're seeing a loot of -- lot of lightning and big thunderstorms, tall ones, some over 50,000 feet in the atmosphere. one lone shower popped up in germantown, but the heavy stuff and no longer severe but this is a heavy, strong thunderstorm with a lot of lightning now pushing into southern
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arundel and calvert county, dunkirk right there. this one that hit earlier, that topped close to 60,000 feet. this one is 40,000 feet here. looking at 45, almost 50 in a couple of spots there. a lot of torrential downpours there along with the lightning. and then did down -- and then down 301, heavy shower near you. faulkner heavy lightning. much more lightning, though, now east of fredericksburg, east of spotsylvania, down toward lady smith where we've got severe thunderstorm warnings going on down there and all of this moving toward the northern neck here. this is leaving but we got more problems before the weekend is out. looks like the 4th of july could be an issue. so please get the wusa9 app, you can follow the weather, the news and sports, the traffic, all of it right in the palm of your hands. ar> d.c.'s top brass say they
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tourists holiday weekend. the fences are up and the security plan is in place just days after a major terror attack killed some 44 people in istanbul. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says there is no known threat here. she confirmed local and federal law enforcement agencies will be fully deployed to keep the crowds safe. union station this afternoon, police got security help thanks to some powerful sniffers. police dogs patrolled with officers inside and around the station in an effort to heighten security. >> atmosphere right now is pretty intense but i'm glad to see there's security here and a dog sniffing everything so really good thing. >> i mean, i think that it's always a heightened security time around july 4th, especially in d.c. and there have been like stations targeted, public transit and so i'm taking a bus so i'm not as concerned maybe but i definitely thought about it. >> d.c. police say like the dogs, some security ur
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not be seen. a record number of people expected to travel this holiday weekend, here's a live look at drivers making their getaway across the bay bridge. they are dealing with storms and heavy traffic right now. some 43 million americans are driving, flying or boating to a vacation destination to celebrate the 4th. that's 5 million more travelers than on memorial day holiday. danielle nottingham explains what's behind the surge. >> reporter: aaa says low gas prices are a driving force behind the 36 million people hitting the road this 4th of july weekend, according to, drivers are paying 50 cents less at the pump compared to last year. >> it was a nice surprise that we filled up right here to see it was only $40 as opposed to what would have been 65 or 70. >> reporter: air travelers are also winning, travel experts say ticket prices dropped 15% this year leading to an increase in travel.
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million people will travel by air and here at l.a.x. one of the nation's busiest airports, they are expecting 1.2 million of those passengers. k-9 patrols are wearing gopro cameras to show how suspicious activity is monitored as crowds pass through the airport. >> our strategy here in l.a.x. has been one to make sure that we are out and about and we are at that curb level and we are meeting people as they come into the airport. >> reporter: security will also be ramped up at events around the nation, including the 40th annual macy's 4th of july fireworks show in new york city. >> you will see a very impressive presence of members of our crc, many of whom will be very well armed and sends a powerful message to anyone who might try and disrupt that we are ready to prevent that. >> reporter: the fbi says there are no credible threats against the united states this holiday weekend but it's urging police and the public to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity. danielle nottingham, cbs news,
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los angeles. >> you see something, say something. if you're getting out of town, make sure you have the free wusa9 app on your phone. you can track live traffic conditions on the road and track status of your flight. sigh of relief for folks around here, there will be no safety surge closures on metro this 4th of july. but getting to work after the holiday weekend could be rough for thousands who live and work in virginia. this next phase of the safetrack plan will close metro train service between braddock road and reagan national airport. ileana diaz is at braddock station with what you can expect. >> reporter: starting tuesday metro riders will have to take a shuttle from here, just 3 miles but it does mean more time and more effort. >> i have a concern about the tourists because they never know where they are going and that's going to cause some problems. >> reporter: the problem could happen here as part of the safetrack surge blue and yellow lines will shut down between the braddock road and
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airport stations forcing riders to go down and wait in line for shuttles to bus them back and forth. the shuttles will only carry 75 passengers. metro officials say prepare for long delays. >> i think it's better to avoid it because it's going to get pretty bad in terms of traffic, you know, for traffic and stuff like that and with certain places being closed, i think it's going to be pretty chaotic. >> the chaos has already started for some. >> at this point i'm thinking about getting a city bike and trying to see if i can bike the six to 8 miles in without dying. >> you've been using uber the past two weeks because of metro. >> reporter: so bad some say they already wake up two hours early and are dreading to see how much more time they will have to sit and wait. >> it already takes me an hour and a half to two hours to get home anyway with the current safetrack work so that doesn't surprise me but it doesn't change my commute. >> reporter: metro officials are asking patients to be -- people to be patient and asking people to avoid using the lines when possible. reporting from the braddock station, i'm ileana diaz,
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news. tonight metro says it's reached a milestone in its safety maintenance plan, all porcelain third rail insulators at underground station platforms have been removed. general manager paul wiedefeld ordered them replaced with safer more heat resistant fiberglass insulators after an arcing incident last may at the federal station. the search for a missing teenager is getting a renewed effort by family and police, 19- year-old kaitlyn aiken disappeared in december. she was supposed to catch a flight to arizona but never boarded the plane, though her mother received a text saying she had arrived. two days later her luggage including cash and a credit card were found in a ditch in spotsylvania. police have ruled the disappearance suspicious. >> if you are out there, let me know how you're doing. you don't need to come home. i want to know if you're okay. that's all. i just want to know you're okay. >> the family and members of the sheriff's department will be
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at the hobby lobby off route 3 in fredericksburg. an 8-year-old maryland boy is in critical condition after nearly drowning in a cruise ship swimming pool. the child was found in the pool last night on royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. the ship had left bayonne, new jersey and about 10 miles off the coast of queens. a police helicopter landed on the ship and flew the child to a hospital. authorities have not released the boy's identity. we do know that he was part of a large group traveling together who are dutch nationals. new tonight, the family of the murder victim in the adon syed -- adnan syed case was -- was convicted. the judge has ordered a new trial for the man whose case received worldwide attention from the popular pot cast serial. syed was a teenager in baltimore when a judge sentenced him for killing his ex-girlfriend. he has served 16
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chance at freedom after a judge threw out his conviction and ruled his defense attorney was, quote, ineffective. new developments in the fallout over a private conversation between u.s. attorney general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. today lynch says she will accept whatever recommendations the career prosecutors and the fbi director make about whether to bring charges in the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e- mail server while she was secretary of state. >> the final determination as to how to proceed will be contained within the recommendations in the report in whatever format the team puts it together. >> attorney general lynch conceded her conversation with the former president clinton had, quote, cast a shadow over the hillary clinton investigation. she said she and clinton shared nothing but small talk at an airport in phoenix. another animal scare at a florida theme park, this time an aangle tang --
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breaks free from a cage. this is wusa9, it's your only local news at 7:00.
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a developing story out of florida. an orangutan safely captured after escaping an enclosure at the busch gardens theme park in tampa. nobody was hurt but the escape led to a partial evacuation of the park. this is the second time an orangutan escaped from the park from the past two weeks. young male that got out of his enclosure back on june 16th was also safely captured. this is not the roller coaster ride they were hoping for. today crews had to rescue about 20 people off of the new revolution virtual reality coaster at six flags over texas. the ride stopped in its tracks while clinking its way upward. everyone was able to take the stairs down. no injuries, maybe
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elevated stress, though. well, do you have your ticket? the mega millions jackpot is now one of the largest in u.s. history. no one has matched all of the numbers in nearly four months so the pot has steadily grown to an estimated $415 million. the drawing is tonight, 11:00. and of course we will be sure to get you those lucky numbers as soon as we have them here on wusa9 news at 11:00. possibility of becoming an overnight millionaire has people wishing and hoping on the wusa9 facebook page. a lot of people said they would quit their jobs and disappear, including jennifer who said she would buy a private island and kim who said she would spend her time rescuing animals. jane said she would stay away
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weatherwise we are tracking big storms off to our south and east like this one here south of upper marlboro toward calvert county and dunkirk. we will look at doppler 9000 and your weekend forecast enwh we return. also coming up, a few ways for you and your four legged friends to say save this 4th of july weekend. this is wusa9, your only local news at 7:00.
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you know those big booms may be beautiful to us and pleasant to our ears but the noises leave many pets trembling with anxiety. now for the first time there's a medicine to help calm their fears. the fda recently approved the first and only drug called slowo to -- sa leo to help dogs with noise aversion. the drug has a calming effect without sedating your pet. >> it actually works on the nervous system to inhibit the release of adrenaline or nor epinephrine. >> the drug can help with thunderstorms too. before you light that first fire -- firework, here's your yearly reminder of how dangerous they can be. the consumer prt
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with fireworks can go terribly wrong. all of these demonstrations are mannequins are recreations of actual incidents. even something as simple as a sparkler can burn at 2000 degrees. last year fireworks killed 11 people and sent another 12,000 to the emergency room. experts say you should leave firework displays to the pros. around here we are lucky to have one of the best fireworks shows in all of the nation and today on facebook we got a behind the scenes look at how it happens. the national park service showed off hundreds of massive fireworks lined up on the mall that was a blast into the sky, weather permitting, of course. the park ranger said he couldn't remember the last time the 4th of july fireworks had to be handled or postponed. all they need is a 17 1/2 minute window to dazzle the crowds. are they going to get it? >> maybe. that may be a tough order. it's looking pretty wet here during the afternoon into the early evening at least
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monday. >> 17 1/2 minutes? might not get that? >> that's going to not be an issue but they are going to have to be watching radar all day long. >> all right. >> with the way it's looking now. that's unfortunately the bad news about the 4th of july. weekend, though, doesn't look bad. we got to get through the next few hours, especially to our south. those counties in yellow including manhattan and the district and loudoun, those are severe thunderstorm watch but pretty much i'm thinking anybody now north and west of this line to our southeast, if you are here i am not concerned. down in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck, the eastern shore, we are still rocking and rolling there. shower in montgomery county rained itself out. we are doing better across charles and much of prince george's. look at this activity from southern prince george's across the bay, just about toward east and at saint michaels and approaching tilghman. this is headed down toward huntingtown, prince frederick, already to lower
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3 inches per hour and the heights are these still over 40,000 feet when we do the vertical slice of the storm here. earlier we had some hail makers that moved across parts of prince george's and anne arundel during the eastern shore. al plata your showers have fizzled. crossing the river in toward virginia, look at all the lightning around port royal, more to the south, a few stragglers coming through spotsylvania but this activity is going to track toward neuland, 7:24. good thunderstorms, strong thunderstorm, the severe stuff off to the south where some of the gusts can be 50, 60 miles an hour. we are looking at hazy skies now, we have had the showers, still can't rule out a stray shower as the front approaches at 10:00 and then winds will turn more to the west and then northwest bringing nice drier air and you can see it on the dew points. much drier to the west. dew points around the 50s, ve
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the 70s here and that's why it's still kind of sticky, icky, gross, if you will, outside with the current temperature of 80, got to 88. tell you tonight at 11:00 how we did with the 3-degree guarantee. in town 80 degrees but feels like 85 with that heat index very, very muggy. all going to get better at least for a couple of days. tonight the evening showers and storms are winding down late clearing, we will drop into the 60s, a beautiful saturday, refreshing in the morning, the afternoon dry, 80 to 85 with sunshine, a few more clouds sunday, maybe a late shower, 83, and then a yellow weather alert monday, scattered showers and storms could start by midday. tuesday still looks unsettled before we dry out and really heat up big time by thursday and friday. give the man his money. wizards signed bradley beal to the team's biggest contract in
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. think about the last time you got a big raise, good times, right? how about wizards guard bradle
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beal who is only making $4 million last season. now gets a free agent max deal to stay in d.c. five years, $128 million. that's about $25 million a season. now, beal has been very good in his first three years but not great. mostly because he's been slowed by injuries but when he is healthy, he is a real offensive threat and he is now a very rich man. nats game against the reds delayed about 35 minutes due to the rain. tarp crew got things done when they finally started playing bottom of the first. fly ball to center. score right now 1-1 in the 3rd inning. a reminder nats-reds series finale sunday coverage at 1:00 right here on wusa9, #natson9. serena williams trying to make history at wimbledon, looking to match grand slam wins of 22. serena in second round action at the
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serena going up against christina mccayle and this was a battle and a tie breaker in the first set. serena with the unforced error drops the set. williams is none too pleased so see takes it out on the racket, slamming it down onto the turf and then gets flagged for a violation but she would rebound to dominate the second set and then gets the ace on match point in the third. serena williams survives and advances at wimbledon. afterwards serena on smashing her racket. >> cracked a number of rackets throughout my career and got fined a number of times. i didn't crack one at the french open or rome so i was doing really good. i don't want to go too long without cracking a racket. i'm on track. i try to crack a certain amount a year. i'm behind this year so it was good. >> that's great. >> i would love to do that. i can't
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her cracked rackets. what do you think they are worth. auction them off for charity. things looking good? >> once we get rid of the storms. problems, though, on monday. >> bye.
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kelly ripa's race for new co-host heats up. >> they would be lucky to have >> who has got a shot at strahan's seat? we break down the finalists. then celebrity homes for sale, sparkling pools, giant great views. we tour the a-list listings. and the most adorable star summer babies. with celebs can't stop posting pictures of their cute kids? plus two friday flashbacks. >> a walk down memory lane. >> as 98 degrees preps their ne tour, we look back at their '90s onashi missteps. and on the 25th anniversary of "terminator 2" we open the "e.t." vault. >> in the middle of the action -- "e.t." is always there. now for july 1st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, hope yo h


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