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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 10, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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like you need air.wi-fi that's why we offer free wi-fi at breakfast, by the pool, even while you're sleeping. you can exhale now. enjoy free wi-fi and free hot breakfast. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at a new bieber beat d caught on camera. the fistfight follows a string of bizarre behavior. >> i don't know what. >> hy some are concerned. ellen
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dory premiere. plus backsage afcarrie underwood's big cmt dishing on her hot husband. then mariah carey gives sharon osborne a tour of her vegas show. >> come on. >> it's never ending. >> plus our thursday back thursday cruising the high seas with new kids on the block. >> as long as one new kid can go shirtless on tour we're in good shape. >> now for june 29th,016 this entertainment tonight. >> oh, boy, justin bieber blow up in cleveland. the new brawl caught on tape. >> forget about the angel faced pop star saying he's sorry for -pbad behavior because there's been a lot of bizarre antics of late and now this. is bieber on the brink? it looked like an all out street brawl. that is justin bieber last night outside a hote
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he appeared to get one punch in before he is knocked to the ground. the cell phone footage is obtained by tmz and you can see bieber after the fight. bieber was in cleveland for the nba finals. he was on edge after being hounded for pictures and usual security team wasn't there. >> just two hours after the video of the fight was released justin instagramed this pictures with the caption not a scratch on this pretty boy but now sources are telling et that some people around justin are getting nervous about him. he has been getting confrontational and some worry he could have a break down. >> he has been snapped up in a tree, walking around boston barefoot and sucking a pacifier during a night out. >> i don't know why. >> three days ago hste poed this bizarre video to instagram. he dropped the single for his new single.
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it shows him shirtless and in tears. >> it's an emotional time in my life for sure. >> justin sat down with us just before releasing his album purpose. >> just all around being emotional. it just shows how much i care. i care about this project so much. i put my heart and soul into it. >> the album is really good and we forget sometimes how young justin bieber is. >> he's been around for so many years but he started so young. >> he's a college age kid. he's doing college age kid dumb things. >> there were no brawls last night at the cmt music awards justtcrazy star power and the hottest of them all ca underwood. three wardrobe changes,
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number. ♪9 >> this is your 15th cmt award. >> carrie underwood. >> and last year you hit the milestone of most wins ever. >> it's so great. my fans are so good to me >> love your instagram. you hashtaged my husband looks hot tonight. >> yes he always looks hot. >> he wore skinnier jeans than normal tonight. he's going to be mad at me. >> how about this for a double date? they were joined by keith urban and nicole kidman but tim mcgraw brought his 17-year-old daughter. >> did she ask you to come or did you ask her? >> i asked her to come. i asked a couple of my daughters and she was the only one that did. >> tim took home best video of cmt's first ever social super star. >> have to have a few drinks to get on twitter every now and then. i didn't know you could get paid for that. >> have you heard blake's album already?
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>> not all the way through. he is killing it man. he did that song on the voice and we were like okay big bro. ♪ >> checking out the fashion fifth harmony was on stage and all red during the performance and white on the red carpet. >> beautiful in white. >> thank you. >> i got the memo. >> and taylor swift's girl squad member rocked a sheer black gown and she insists that taylor i doing just fine after her split from calvin harris. >> have you talked to her? how is she doing? >> she's a strong chick. i'm sure she is fine. >> she always bounces back. well last night was also the big premiere of a movie 13 years in the making. finding dory and cameron was there. you lucky man you. >> 13 years. that's how long it's been since
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finding nemo. it's amazing. we all know how much fun it is talking to ellen. she's always a good sport even getting blinded by the california sun. >> keep your head there. keep your head there. that's perfect. >> i saw you walking the carpet with po >> does she ever request you be dory? >> that would be the end of our relationship. >> also her other big supporter, mom betty. >> did they give you a voice in this movie, maybe? >> no. why didn't we think of that? >> i don't know. >> e.t. live streamed the premiere on our facebook page and i showed the cast our special dorymoji.
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>> i don't have eye balls. >> the whale is smarter. >> what do you think? >> leave me alone. >> i'm clearly drunk. >> you forgot to put eye balls in here. >> we're no pixar. >> no but great entertainment. >> so many hollywood dads brought their little min see the movie and the blue carpet was a sea of 90s flash backs. >> my daughter ava. >> hey. >> are you excited? >> you're going to see dory right? isn't dory your favorite? > >> we'll work on that but from young to young at heart most fans were swept away. >> just keep swwmming. just keep swimming. what was your tag line? >> just keep breathing. >> i love that.
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>> what's your tag line? >> just keep getting paid. >> good advice. >> i'll say just keep singing. just because have to get to the next story. there's a huge event the tony's this sunday and james corden is hosting it and that's where michelle turner is for the final rehearsal. >> i'm getting the sneak peek at sunday's to life is good. james cordee is having the time of his life. he's a newbee on the h stage but he has broadway in his blood. >> you had such a moment. i named it ode to my baby momma by the way. >> she's my baby momma and i can't wait to mary her. >> was that your proposal to her? >> no, i went old fashioned. i got her pregnant and then i proposed. >> there's things wroul never see anywhere else >> there would be a rap battle. you gave us a little something
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♪ >> you can't ignore it. the show is a phenomenon. >> hamilton, a rap musical abou the founding fathers up for 16 awards. it's a fan favorite for the celebrities. >> there's going to be the cream of the crop a list ers. are you going to get them to do karaoke? >> i'm going to try to have a sing along in the commerc break. >> you can't have them sing karaoke and we not see it. >> that's not g toingppo haen. they are not going to zee sing and it might be a disaster. >> let's head over to london where james is from. did we just spot a n kardashian sister there? courtney is taking over with her twin. yeah they're all over so immediate wra claiming that they were separated at birth. even sharing their ward
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the two hit the london club scene with lindsey's fiancee in tow. the mom of 3 is heading back to l.a. and back to reality. >> up next, forget everything you think you know about max and val. >> questions get answered. >> secrets from the real men behind the moves including max's i dos. >> plus vegas, sharon osborne takes us behind the scenes of mariah's show.
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>> tomorrow we're on the red carpet wit adorable kid cans and vegas show d
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val are the party boys of dancing with the stars. >> maks is reportedly about to become a dad and i got an exclusive with them before they launched their own tour. ♪ >> this will be incredibly therapeutic for both of us. >> get ready for the brothers to bust out some new moves and debunk a few myths. >> some questions get answered like why is he speaking to strangely is he really arrogant? this is an incredible celebration of dance, family, and ambition.
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dream. >> but with pita and maks making headlines about a baby on the way it's a tough time for a road trip. >> this might be the last time we spend this much time together. >> he's being handed over. she is going to be there. >> that's nice. >> next year. >> do you guys see eye to eye? is there any -- it's whatever she wants. i just want her to h wedding of her dreams and me to also have the wedding of my dreams. >> i'm just going to say it's nice to hear a guy talk about the wedding of his dreams. >> i want to see the first dance.
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workout and who the 61-year-old oscar winner is >> plus mariah carey raising twins on the road. >> and our throw back thursday with new kids on the block. from teenage heartthrobs to fathers. how they're still bringing the sexy. >> we're seeing a lot of abs. >> closed captioning provided by.
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never ends... but the free bigger size's only till june 21st, so go online & claim yours! is it bloomin' great here... or what!? >> hollywood stars take their fitness seriously. the 61-year--ld oscar winner is going viral after his trainer posted these insane workout picks. he plays commissioner gordon in the justice league movie but right now he's looking more like superman. orlando bloom was also snapped pumping iron looking sexy lifting weights in malibu. later he cleaned up nicely and headed to a museum date night with katy perry that stunned in oscar de la renta. >> and julian hough is sweating it for her upcoming wedding >> mariah carey yesterday the secret to her figure is watching what she eats.
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and taking care of her twins and gave our special correspondent and private tour of mimi's vegas world and there's nothing like it. >> here we are. it's at the show. it's our show. >> mariah enjoys playing the role of diva. >> come on. really. >> it's never ending. >> she invited sharon on stag for her residency continues through the summer. >> what's going eron he? who makes it? >> do you prefer to go to a different city or do you love being in the one place? >> i do like being in other cities and doing all of that. so it's like back and forth. ♪
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>> the twins who they calls th babies has grown up in the spotlight. mariah let her guard down but got very real talkg about raising the 5-year-olds. >> they have strong personalities. they make me laugh. and they're great. >> and they make you cry. >> they make me cry. they frustrate me sometimes. they are tough. they're not easy. but they're great. >> both of them are very musical. monroe is is incredible. she has a great ear. so she can repeat what i sing to her. >> she has perfect pitch? >> i think she does. rocky, he is a super star anyway. he is a comedian. he is hilarious.
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>> this stage is her kingdom and she rules every inch of it. >> you notice we used to have them. >> if you had to give up stelletos or champagne what would bit? >> oh, man. do you have an answer for that? do you like red wine better or champagne? >> cha >> really? >> i do. but i'm on pills so i can't have it now. >> i don't know how to respond to that. >> it's going to be a bumpy ride. >> why when do we get to hear monroe sing? because if mariah says she's good, watch out. >> two talented kids and two talented parents.
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kicked off season 2 on pop tv. this is the series where the boys go bananas on a cruise ship with their most rabid female fans and jennifer was hanging tough with them in new york. >> we're seeing a lot of abs this year. i feel like the first season didn't see too many shirts this season you aguysll have your shirts off. >> sometimes we'll just hand the baton. joey will go shirtless one tour and we'll eat donuts and then one of us will take the baton and get in shape. >> you'll see more of the guys -pmingling with their die hard fans. >> how many people? how many cameras? how many hours of down time? >> 3,000 fans. us five.
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and around 20 or so cameras. we just really went all out to give our side. the first season was the fan's experience. >> what's the craziest fan encounter yet? >> sometimes crowd surfing they're holding us up. sometimes they grab certain pars. >> e.t. goes way back with the band toowhen they were teenagers. ♪ >> do you guys ever get tired of ladies screaming your name? >> i think it's terrible. it's so awful that we just want it all to go away. you know? it's awful. but we love it. >> jennifer moderated a discussion between the band and a group of bloggers. joey's son griffin is a chip off the new kid block. >> this is my son grif >> what's ♪ >> griffin was at the interview but he has other career plans. >> i want to be a soccer player or a football player. >> jenny mccarthy is the fir
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wife to be a part of the cruise and got a firsthand look at how there's thousands of other women that are crazy for her man >> she was often because she knows how much the cruise means to the fans and to us. it's amazing and very special and i'm glad she got to see it and be a part of it. >> jenny has a few fans of her own. >> she does. >> the next cruise sets off october 20th in new orleans and it's already sold out. >> we'll be right back. >> at e.t. matt damon and ben afleck's bromance continues.
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star. >> we're thrilled to have you here. >> so good to be here. >> you need to apply some pressure. >> we will do that. >> can we count you guys in? >> and trust me we did. we lead the nine remaining contessants through a series of interviews and we judge them on not only their cooking but presentation skills. >> you make a mistake it's out there and you can't fix it. >> today you guys will be taking a stabbat live remote tv. >> oh. >> we can do a live remote. we're not actually talking physically to whoever is interviewing us. it's just you and a camera. >> but the food was amazing. >> so much fun. >> bye everybody.
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crashed into an unoccupied car in a parking lot near hobby airport. all three people on board the single engine cirrus aircraft were killed. no one has been identified. the plane had flown from normand, oklahoma, no word yet on the cause. >> coming up next the fda accused of being too slow with food recalls. and, too quick thinking kids save a little girl from drowning. ♪ ♪


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