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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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sizzling couples. >> she said yes. >> sexy bikini bodies. and big blockbusters getting ready to burn up the box office. >> action. >> yep, it must be summer time. >> whole lives built up to this moment. >> this memorial day, we're bringing the heat. the sweat. >> you are getting pumped in between takes. >> and the romance. >> it's the most important event that's ever happened. >> dust off the bikini. >> makes me feel better. >> or grab a comfy outfit. >> i'll take a gym suit. >> "e.t.'s" memorial day special starts right now. >> how are you doing? >> now for may30 th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everyone, on this memorial day. nichelle turner in for fancy o'dell. the unofficial start of summer and here's what we're going to do, get you ready for the month. >> h.o.t. today. we have the hottest movies, stars,
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summertime. let's get started with the latest dish on hollywood's sizzling celebrity couples. we're loving ciara and russell wilson. they announced their engagement like this. >> she said yes! yeah! >> no date's been set even though for the last year he's been gushing on her. >> in every buy. >> and she's been gushing back. >> he is awesome. so beautiful. >> julianne hough said yes to brooks laich last summer but don't have a date. maybe that's a good thing because she told me she still has to get the gown. >> i don't even know what my style is because like, i love so many different things. so i have no idea. >> one report had miley and liam tying the knot this summer. >> usually say the wrong things. >> miley has been flashing the cushion cut sparkler and she and her future sister-in-law got matching tattoos. that's commit
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>> i am. everyone's happy. i'm happy, yeah. rumor has it lady gaga and taylor may get hitched in california or italy. we're hoping this summer. >> summer, i have like two months off in the summer. i said i don't mind doing the little white chapel thing. she's italian. we're going to take our time do it right. >> the last engagement was confirmed last year. this couple is going slow. >> we don't have plans. we're really not obsessed with the wedding and all the fan fare. >> going to the chapel for sure this summer, kevin hart and anikko. they've set a date august 8th and a budget. >> looking at numbers. everything she says, i go, that's great, how much. itll's a worth it. you know why? this is the woman that i love. >> nice recovery, kevin. one couple for whom money will be no object is mariah and james. >> it's the most important event that's ever happened. >> after all reportedly he's worth $3.5 billion, she's worth over half a billion but they
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between. >> it's like it's we're both just like normal about it. >> then those we wish would walk down taisles. >> we obviously have this bond. >> and taylor and calvin could always trade this one-year cake for a wedding cake. >> okay. summertime isn't just about romance. it's about the blockbuster movies which are battling out to be the number one hit of the season. but here's the question, which performances are going to stand out from the pack? we are here to pick them for you right now. here are the five hottest stars of summer. >> olivia qualifies as hot. she got ripped to play "x men apocalypse" and put in long hours to pull it off. >> started training never done sword work before and all of the sword work and wire and stunt training. >> and she has
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>> what was aaron's reaction? >> he saw it and was proud of me for the dedication. made me feel cool. >> what else makes her cool? she actually turned down a big role in another hit "dead pool" playing the mutant instead. >> maybe we'll see sighlog in it. every movie is crossing over. we will be like in "frozen" i'm sure. "frozen" the sequel. >> speaking of ripped that would also have to be alexander in the "legend of tarzan." spent four months in training before shooting began. looks like it paid off. another reason we picked alexander as one of our hot stars, he reportedly won the role over the likes of tom hardy, henry and charlie. by the way, tarzan's jane is played by margo, but we also like her for a totally different role as a member of suicide squad. ♪ >> started tr
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>> yes. started training. it's going to be intense. >> we're bad guys. it's what we do. >> margo is in a squad of super villains recruited to save the world. >> do it. >> in the same bandof bads will smith is dead shot. >> save the world. >> will saved the world 20 years ago in "independence day" and his movie "stepson" jesse usher has to do an independence day resurgence. >> earth is not for the taking. >> jesse first met will at the recent white house correspondents dinner. >> our whole lives built to this moment. >> only imagine, you know, what being the son of the world's savior is like. >> jesse's only 24, but trust me, he will he' be around for a while. a guy that's been around the block a few times matt damon back as jason bourne. >> it is a big jason bourne vie, bigger than we've ever done. >> here's matt now, dodging explosions in athens, greece. >> action. >> we saw in
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fighting bad guys in switzerland. after two decades matt's career is strong as ever and why he's one of our summer favorites. >> i don't mind being followed around by jason bourne. >> i have for more candidates for hottest stars of the summer. these lady, melissa, kristen, leslie and kate, the "ghostbusters." you're not going to see them in bikinis but how can you beat the jump suits. i was like a kid in a candy store when i dropped by the set. >> action. ♪ something strange in the neighborhood ♪ >> you're like kicking people's butts. what's the physicality like? >> pretty intense. >> nice and sweaty. >> yeah. >> right in here. >> nice. >> i was actually a size 16 when i got here. i'm a size 9 now ♪ who are you going to call >> any fashions on the outfits? >> i will take a jump suit any way ca
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>> cinched at the waist and comfortable enough do this, yes. >> the only thing different about this from my daily wardrobe there's no cat hair on it. >> action. >> this is the vehicle that the ladies will use to chase ghosts. the original started life as an ambulance. this began as a hearse. >> if there's a paranormal leprobm we're the ones to answer the call. >> how cool is the car and then how heavy are those backpacks? >> super cool. cadillac. >> i can carry kate easier than i can care the packs. >> kate like this. >> go ahead. >> i could do this all day. tall. >> pack. take it out of me. >> remember, annie potts, the nerdy assistant in the original? this time around, it's chris hemsworth. >> i heard you
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hemsworth. >> he's great. that's a funny guy that's been swinging a hammer and he's really funny. like a freakishly good improviser. >> really? >> it's too much. it's too much in one package. >> i was born to be a ghost buster all right. >> the rest of ghost busters ready for a new batch of goo? director paul let me in on a secret. >> everyone who wants to get slimed the minute you get slimed it's hard to de-slime. >> the ladies got de-slimed enough to visit a local hospital in boston which made for a bunch of happy patients. >> we were in our base camp and we looked up and we saw these huge signs and each letter was like this big said "who are you going to call." immediately we're like we're going. >> with the packs and ran in and was like, we heard there was ghosts here. scared them. >> and during our day on the set we met a group of local high school
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hilarious send up of the original "ghostbusters." >> i was signing stuff and wait, this looks like a permission slip and they were like we skipped the first day of high school. >> they're all -- >> i'm waiting to get the call from the principal. ♪ who are you going to call >> going to be another magical theme. >> kate plays the flute. >> does she. >> the pick ka lo. >> i spin around in the video. spin in circles. >> got the right shoes on, you're going to crunch me. >> percussion. >> fun. ♪ >> please. >> slowly -- ♪ ♪ who are you going to call >> i have to tell you the ectoplasm when you stick your hand in it it actually is warm. >> what? >> i know. it's a little crazy. >> that is very crazy. >> i'm sorry. toch
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set. >> had a great time. there's a lot more of our memorial day salute to summer with sexy star bikini bodies heating up the beach. >> mine is ready. >> and more hot bodies on the set of "baywatch," see how the remake stacks up to the original. how is it doing that slow motion run? >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> that's so stupid. >> then new "star trek" secrets from chris pine and the cast how ♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer.
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busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. james corden hosted the rebels with a cause gala raising money for life-saving cancer research. >> i hate cancer so
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>> really want to head back out there? >> that is one of the blockbr
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sure you will be obsessed with this summer. "star trek" beyond the cast is back and taking their loyal fans where they have never gone before. the stars took time to look back and honor an icon from "star trek's" past. >> what the hell is this? >> we have a passionate fan base and we love one another so much to have that kind of mirrored back to us by the fan community is fantastic. >> that passionate fan base was out in full force at paramount studios as chris, zachary and carl, helped dedicate a street named for the original mr. spock, the late leonard nimoy. >> yeah! >> great opportunity to share with the people what they love about the franchise. >> big night. >> the big night also featured the uniforms and set pieces something that i had a chance to experience firsthand during my set visit last summer. >> who is the captain now. >> pardon me.
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look. >> the screen. >> just ordered a sandwich. >> all the secrets will be revealed as the crew of the enterprise encounters a new mysterious enemy in ""star trek" beyond". >> oh, god. >> all this as the ""star trek" franchise turns 50 years old. >> a spirit of kind of retro celebration of the origins of the franchise in this film. we all thought that while we were shooting it. >> i think you're underestimating humanity. >> it's about family and it's about an eclectic family who don't often see eye to eye but have to work together. >> fire at will. do it, do it. >> "star trek" beyond will make its premier at comic-con on july 20th, the cast and crew will be there and a live concert performance by the san diego symphony orchestra. should be cool. up next i'm on the set of the new "baywatch" movie.
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dirtier. >> raunchier. >> the cast gave me the scoop about the cameos in the movie. >> i want to know if they gave you the scoop on zac efron's at-bats. >> look at him over erthe. ridiculous. >> the sexy bikini bodies, beyon beyonce, taylor, brittney. staying sexy in your suit all summer long. >> closed captioning provided by --
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welcome back to "e.t.'s" memorial day salute to summer. when the sun heats up the stars strip down. the best bodies hitting the beach. kate hudson sizzles in not one, not two, but eight sexy at 40 looks for "shape" magazine. the 37-year-old mom of two says she knows what to eat to stay healthy but admit she's not perfect. >> when i start to see myself slip a little bit and you can see it i go back to my protein shakes and my salads and i -- makes me feel better. >> reporter: 35-year-old olivia mum rocked seven looks for women's health lost 12 pounds while prepping for x men and has a new di
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math equation. >> 20/80, 80% of your diet is fruits and vegetables and 20% is whatever. so that's -- you can be any kind of meats or breads or anything else but mostly fruits and vegetables. >> social media it seems like it's always summer somewhere with celebs like brittney spears, kyler jenner and beyonce sharing their best. 49-year-old halle berry takes it one step further. looking flawless in a string bikini effortlessly doing plank high fives with her trainer on the beach. >> let's keep with the hot body theme and move to the set of "baywatch" the movie. i had a chance to visit them in miami and the ladies were all rocking that classic red bathing suit. the pamela anderson made famous with an update. the revolution was the dewane johnson and zac efron. they were ripped. i wasn't intimidated. no, i wasn't intimidated.
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with the stars of "baywatch." the ladies are over there. these guys. i'm talking about the ladies. >> the ladies are. >> hey. >> hey. >> you were getting pumped between takes. >> got to do it, man. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. right here. >> i get up at 3:45 in the morning, yeah, and go in the shower, make myself wet, take selfies like i worked out and go back to bed. >> joking. dewane plays mitch the head life guard originally played by david hasselhoff in the series. >> are you ready. >> run in the hoff. i was born ready. >> the hoff is actually shot a cameo and so has pamela anderson. >> i started rewatching the original "baywatch." it took an amazing show and that's something we are going to capture 100%. >> zac is matt, originally david, young new hot. >> the grittier, dirtier, more hard core funnier. >> i heard the language. >> raunchier. >> what are you talking about? what language?
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>> of course there will be a beach full of baywatch babes. kelly recordback is cj. >> can you swim? >> no. >> it's perfect. welcome to "baywatch." >> i want to know about the bathing suits. >> we're trying to sort of modernize it a bit. the zipper is all about and the different material. wet suit material. all the girls have suits based on their personalities and c.j. is the more flirtatious and free spirited of them all. hers is a little smaller. >> snitefa by alexander is the more conservative of the bunch. everybody that's afraid there aren't going to be enough, they are coming, they are just not mine. >> here's the tough part of alexandria's gig. zac's love interest in the movie. >> that is just terble. >> hell. >> just awful. look at him over there. it's ridiculous. it makes me cooler. i am so much cooler now than i was in high school. >> you like it? >> andth
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should i say bad lady. priyanka chopra is the villain as victoria. >> only one woman in the world that can handle this pressure this kind of action. >> evil never looked so good. >> and the trash talking was never so immediate. >> watch out. because i got you. you going down and you was like oh, yeah. >> did you have to do anything special to get ready for "baywatch"? >> they had us working out with a trainer five days a week and actually all the other up there working out with the trainer. >> you have workouts during the shoot? >> yes. >> toughest thing about getting into this shape? >> cutting the wine. it's like the fastest place to cut the calories is the alcohol so it's gone. >> one guy not taking workouts too seriously is john. >> look at me. no. they have the most insane workout routine. mine is like having an extra cheese burger. >> love you.
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>> love you. >> one of the constants on the beach, hundreds of fans just off camera. ee>> s you guys later. >> greatest fans in the world. >> another constant, the prime paparazzi. >> i just noticed all those paparazzi everywhere you move on set. >> the first day i was like give me my robe between every take and now i'm like whatever. >> the guy taking the pictures of your butt over there. >> that's right. yeah. >> you're like -- >> even more motivation not to eat ice cream. ♪ i'll be there >> how is it doing the slow motion run? have you done one yet? >> yeah. >> i've been practicing for snoonz did you? ♪ >> you ran a lot faster than me. >> that's so stupid. >> i just want to show you a picture real quick. rock and zach, they were in great shape. look at this picture me lifting the same fridges. that's not movie magic. >> photo shop. >> we didn't see you with your shirt off.
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>> i had a great time on the set. the movie will kick off may 19th, 2017. >> and our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which country star's real name is? is it shania twain or wynonna judd or trisha yearwood is next.
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. entertainment news. >> travel considerations provided by -- welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays which star's real name is christina claire. wynonna judd who turns 52 today. >> i love wynonna judd. thanks for watching. we will leave you with a look at tomorrow's "e.t." >> take care.
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for the revealing "game of thrones" scenes. >> putting on beyonce, getting super fierce with it. >> and vin diesel reveals fast 8 secrets about charlize theron. >> i'm pretty sure that i will, you know -- >> that's tomorrow.
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