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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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washington. it turns out it was ahmad's first night in the d c apartment. the couple thrilled to be here and this happened. >> reporter: watch closely at this crime. the suspect rolls up on a bike and places his hands on the car and peers into the window. moments later, he smashes the glass and snatches ahmad's belongings in roughly 25 seconds. >> i lost my laptop bag that contained my math book and my entire law school career is on that. >> the thief stole his backpack and textbook and many sentimental items. >> i was so excited. >> ahmad was in dc here to chase the american dream. it was abruptly shattered along with his friend. he had driven ahmad and his wife to their new apartment. unloading their luggage they wento
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of time for the crook to steal a maude's work and his dream. >> i feel so bad. he has worked so hard and to come here was like a drama to him. >> reporter: making matters worst police response. officers would not even attempt to recover fingerprints from the car because it was not a violent crime. >> he is being enabled by a system that is choosing not to punish his actions. >> this is not the city that i posted it in. washington is a city for the entire country ahmad understands that there is willing chance he will get his belongings back but wants to alert others to be careful. >> there is a go fund
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you can find it on our app. another story for donald trump. today he battled on line with the new york times that accused him of lewd and inappropriate behavior with women going back decades. hillary clinton is dealing with struggles of his own. garret haake has more. >> reporter: this spat between donald trump and the reporters that cover him will work its way through the news cycle in a day or so but donald trump remains deeply unpopular with women voters, 70% view him unfavorably and he knows it but today he fought back. >> reporter: from the front page of the sunday new york times to the news cycle, accusations that over decades trump treated women around him crudely including a former girlfriend. the other stories about women and those things, this is going to be a regular feature for the next five or sick months.
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i think we better get buckled up and ready. >> his ex told times news that they twisted her comments. >> they put a negative connotation to where it appeared negative. >> reporter: donald trump pummeled the times and called cnn's control room to make sure they had seen the fox interview. >> what is your name. >> john mueller. >> ironically it pushed last week's bizarre tale of donald trump posing as his own spokesman to the back burner. >> donald trump has rewritten the traditional play book in politics. >> you get a hold of donald trump's plan for the taxes of this country ... >> hillary clinton is unable to maintain her full attention on trump as she continues to battle bernie sanders. >> i am not turning my backs on manufacturing in kentucky or anywhere else in america. >> and while kentucky is tuesday's big
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bernie sanders appeared in puerto rico today. >> pueblo puerto rico [ speaking spanish ] >> demonstrating a scramble for vox for the two democrats until d c's primary on june 14th. the other big story on the republican side is this idea of a 3rd party candidate challenging trump in the general election. another big name tab can their name out is john kasich told c nn he is sticking as a republican and not running 3rd party. garret haake, wusa9. until bernie sanders is on a roll having defeated hillary clinton in the last two primaries and expected to do well in tuesday's votes in oregon and kentucky. up to the minute results from tomorrow's presidential primaries election alert you can download the free wusa9 app. the supreme court has ordered a lower court to take control of birth control coverage under obama care.
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sued under the administration's rule for the free birth control while the lower court considers the case. women will have access to the free contraceptives and faith based groups will not be fined for following government procedures for objecting. the supreme court has ruled if you sue a web site for posting inaccurate information about you you must cause it caused a concrete harm. the justices have ordered a lower court to look at the case of thomas robbins from virginia. he sued after it posted a profile about him that was not accurate but his age and employment and marital status. checking metro. it will slow down the orange, silver and blue line trains in mcpherson square area where crews start work on a ralina tight curve. metro will limit speeds to 45 miles per hour on certain sections of the orange and plus
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precaution. the washington monument will reopen at nine. visitors in town and you know it has been close on saturday because of a broken elevator. technicians found to fix that problem. a faulty computer chip. the national park service said a firm hired to do a full inspection and make the upgrades we are told. following a murder mystery in temple hills maryland. police found a man in a wooded area. he had been shot to death. this is all the information we have. our allison barber reported police cars blocking off one side of the park and no word on this man's identity or why he was shot to death. a midday murder brought a busy intersection in southeast difficult c. to a stop today. it started as argument behind the va lairro gas station on bending road. neighbors say a 27-year- was shot dead. shoppers watched as the body laid out in the parking lot. >> i feel sorry fo
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right in broad daylight. it is kind of upsetting to me to see things like that. police are watching the video from nearby cameras and don't have any suspects. a stunning discovery where a body of a woman was found in the water floating face down under a bridge. a massachusetts cancer patient received a penis transplant. doctors at massachusetts general hospital used the transplant of a deceased donor. and they are hopeful that urination will be possible in weeks to come and months ahead. there are different tissues involved, different lymphatic tissues. the recipient
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old man name thomas manning and diagnosed with cancer in 2012. doctors had to remove his genitals to save his life. manning says he is sharing his story to remove any shame or stigma associated with genital cancer and injuries. casino owners go back to school to compete for jobs coming to prince george's county. the trial of the man accused in the death of freddie gray. look at the temperatures tomorrow, 59 downtown and 57 in frederick and leesburg and
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the rain comes in. >> prosecutors rested their case in the trial of the death of freddie gray. they say officer nero did not follow procedures. the extradition of juan chopper guzman. if extradition is allowed his attorney can appeal. you are now
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largest drug bust of columbia's history. police found drugs with a street value of 250 million- dollars worth of cocaine. it belongs to the most notorious drug crime ring. >> that is a lot of cocaine. 13 police officers honored at the white house with the medal of valor. president obama be stowed the honor. he says it is because of the officer's courageous actions that the rest of society can go about living their lives freely. >> amen to that. coming up, inspiring casino dealers head to class at a new school in prince george's county. we are giving away a new mercedes benz tomorrow morning. find
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did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding] wusa9 mobile app. tonight at prince george's college. students are flocking to college. >> a casino dealers school set up by the
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ranks at the mgm complex. scott broom is going to tell us about those waiting to graduate. >> reporter: the first class of students what is called the dealer's school include a retired actor from new york and a student trying to work her way through college. >> for the next couple of weeks, her hands are going to hurt. >> reporter: day one, the first incoming class of perspective blackjack dealers hoping to be certified during a 6 week program and ready to work when the mgm harbor complex comes online in the last quarter of this year. >> i was an actor in new york some time ago. >> i am now trying to start a new career. >> i work for a nonprofit and i have been there for 9 or 10 years. >> i work at a casino actually maryland's first casino, hollywood. >> i am retired so i need to make money. >> we will have 700 to one thousand dealers. >> logan is responsible for hiring at mgm national harbor. the commitment is that we would open with
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coming from prince george's county. >> the community college administers the program and issues credits and certain -- certifications. and it will staff the casino. cynthia runs the hospitality and culinary program. >> i want to change and make a different career so i am just excited about it. >> full time dealers can make up to $50,000 a year. scott broom. wusa9. dealers are part of the equation. national harber is going to hire 3600 workers. you can learn more on our app and website. shanaye o'conor is tweeting on twitter. she is saying she is safe after they put out a well-being check. it is said that she left on her bike sunday morning and didn't
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was found. breaking news on the investigation into a deadly amtrak derailment. a u.s. official that did not want his name to be used was briefed and says he had radio transmissions before the train crashed. the accident killed 8 people. the ntsb is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss the results of the investigation. we will have that for you tomorrow. a pilot that spoke with a captain of the el farro testified before coast guard investigators about the voyage. eric bryson says the ship's captain knew there was a storm brewing and planned to sail under the storm. >> led the ship out of the port and it sank after it lost power and got caught in the storm. all 33 people onboard died. >> the coast guard
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that fell. investigators searched 4300 square miles of the gulf of mexico looking for the woman with no luck. she fell off of the deck after she sat there on friday. the international space station has orbited the earth traveling 1.6 million miles. it comes after the space station was built. >> more rain for parts of south texas. that's under water. there is major flooding right now in corpus christitie that has up to a foot of rain. first responders have made many rescue. two weeks from memorial day and it snowed in northern new england.
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some residence in new hampshire and vermont saw two inches or more it was in the 30s indoles. we are feeling pretty confident. we were in the 60s which is below average. we went 68 68. humidity, 28%, a dry airmass and one reason we got cold overnight. winds gusting to 18 and nothing like the 41 miles per hour wind like we had yesterday. clouds increase but not as cold. and then the yellow weather alert on tuesday. we got both commutes that we think will be wet. the heaviest rainfall either side of lunchtime.
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and heavy access to rain appears to be dc south. light rain and showers on wednesday. they will end in the early or mid-afternoon. we might issue a weather alert for wednesday. concentrating on tuesday. tonight no worries. taking a walk after dinner. 57 in buoy and by morning, 6:00 a.m. most of us have light showers or rain coming in with heavier activity towards winchester and along i-81 and temperatures low 50s and by 9 a.m. look at this, temperatures only 54 in gaithersburg and 52 in frederick and the heavier rains shift south. this is lunchtime, heavier rainfall. no thunderstorms, just heavier downpours. 54 in d. c. by lunch and more showers return with temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere. rain across the board. only 54 by one p.m. again we will monitor wednesday for a
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alert and more showers early in the morning anyway. 66. nice on thursday. 73. sunshine and nice on friday. 74. another cool to cold rain on saturday lingering to sunday, back in the 70s, monday with showers and the nats are back in town monday. tiger woods was looking good but can't swing like he used to. kristen berset has more. >> reporter: we have seen a few shots. i did talk to tiger and we will hear more about when he expects to return
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. >> welcome back. we are live here at congressional country club on the beautiful day. a perfect day for some golf and to welcome back the quicken loan national tournament to montgomery county. tiger woods here today at congressional. they are celebrating the 10th anniversary of this tournament. again, coming up at the end of june. tiger though, most of the questions about his health. when will he return? when will see him again? we are on the 10th tee, the million dollar hole tiger trying to tell everybody what to do. he hit the first one in the water and three more in the water. rough for him. i asked him what he misses most about not being out here on
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golf course. well, i look forward to just competing. i haven't competed since august of last year and that's a long time and even then, it wasn't -- i have played around for three days and not all right on sunday. it was a tough year. wasn't feeling physically well and i just want to get to where i can be consistent physically again. and when i am consistent physically, and even a few years ago. i won five times. if i can feel like that on a kick basis, i will be all right. >> we saw that you haven't lost the competitive edge yet. >> i had to try. it didn't work out. i splashed three. back to work. >> back to work it is for him. he wouldn't give us a timetable and said he wished he knew when he would be ready and we will wait and see at least as the tournament hos for quicken loans national. the notice are off before they agart a three-game series
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here is something you may have missed yesterday. a wild brawl in texas. the rangers player here gets rough play at second and punches jose batissa. a bench clearing and not the first time that it has happened for odoure. a crazy day in texas. we are waiting to see if there is any suspensions or fines but you know something will be coming down the pike. crazy day on the baseball diamond, for the nats and a victory in new york. that will do it for us in bethesda at congressional country club. a beautiful day. let's
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>> pelley: america hooked on painkillers. >> drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents. >> come o >> pelley: we follow an addict as he hunts for heroin, shoots up, then seeks a way out of the shadow of death. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. >> we're so glad you're here. >> pelley: also tonight, will trump face an independent party challenge? and schoolkids launch the ultimate science project. >> reporter: what's your confidence on a one-to-ten-point scale that this is going to work? >> ten. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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