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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 11, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. i can't keep living like this. >> sharon osborne sounds off after ozzy's rumored affair. >> nothing to cry about. >> her defiant message in the wake of the cheating scandal and where we caught ozzy now. >> are you still s michelle.
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about what would happen if she ever caught him cheating. & >> what is going on between selena gomez and katy perry's man? the new photos that could land orlando bloom in hot water. >> then. ♪ >> blake on his new duet with gwen. >> the hardest part was not smiling. >> and the kiss you didn't see on tv. >> we still can't believe it's happening. >> and then katie's date night with her new man. >> he's special. >> declaring her love on national tv days after her divorce was fina >> i have actually never been happier. >> and she has reason to smile. what we uncovered in her divorce docs. >> the megan trainor photo shop controversy. what she admitted to us today. >> now for may 10th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> two things that will get you in trouble. photo shopping megan trainor and cheating on sharon osborne. >> sharon spoke for the first time about ozzy's alleged
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>> one thing that was being reported was that you kicked ozzy out of the house. is he still out of the house? >> no he's back and i'm out of the house. >> it's right for me because i honestly at this point today have no idea what i'm going to be doing with the rest of my li& i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like t >> sharon walked out to a standing ovation and they were watching backstage. everyone was so supportive. crew members were whispering
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getting read do go on the set and she was also carrying a glass of lemonade that was a nod to beyonce and this struck me. sharon wore her wedding band on the set today and left open the possibility that she and ozzy could reconcile. >> is there a chance the two of& you will stay married? >> i honessly don't know. at this point i cannot answer that because i don't know what i want. >> she also had her wedding band on yesstrday in l.a. at lunch with jack and her wife. this morning kelly gave a supportive shout out to her mom. meanwhile ozzy tweeted about his concert in l.a. he ignored questions about his alleged affair with the 45-year-old hair stylist. >> are you still seeing mmchelle. >> he carried the family's dog and is wearing his wedding band. >> are you seen sharon? how are you coping with the split?
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>> a lot of people are wondering how ozzy will get by after sharon. she has been more than his wife but also his manager for decades. >> my wife is constantly working. she works harder than i do. that's ozzy with e.t. more than three decades ago. we saw firsthand how strong she feels about cheating. in 2011 we asked her about the recent news that arnold schwarzenegger had an affair with the family housekeeper. >> what would you have said? if you ever found out anything like that with ozzy. >> spinning round. that's where it would be and i pould make her clean it up. >> ozzy do not go to sleep if sharon comes back in the house. how about this for a cheating rumor? was katy perry's man orlando bloom caught making out on camera with selena gomez? it tops tonight's know and tell. >> so these picks look v
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suspect. a private booth in vegas. her face against his. arms around each other and wee'r snotwhure at is going on in ne s one buemt ses like someo n't keep hisds han to himself. ♪ >> selena hit up the night club after kicking off her rev tour bloom was there celebrating a friend's bachelor party. he kale up to say hi and there was leg touching going on but one saw any kissing and they definitely did not leave together. so where was katy perry? not in vegas. she hit up a renaissance in vegas with friends. so have kabloom gone kabloom? probably not. we're told they're just close friends.
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>> now ryan gosling's baby surprise. she was born april 29th in santa monica. >> have to admit something i didn't try this suit on before i came out. it's so tigh >> how did they keep it secret? april 14th, ava covered up that bump on mother's day. same purse. same position but now we know one reason for that smirk. a baby girl had already arrived. so what's the story behind name? it was ava's character in we own the night and also her grandmother's name and the middle name of ryan and ava's esmerelda. >> do you mind if i show the pictures? >> oh my god. for the record that's not the real picture. >> that's not the child. >> i want you to hear what ryan said about his partner. the only quality he looked for
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in a woman is that she is ava mendez. >> he just got even better looking. >> 10 million people tuned into the voice to see blake shelton and gwen perform their long awaited country duet. >> the hardest part was not smiling. >> gwen and blake nailed it in two takes last night. it was shot in front of a live audience an hour before the show so here's what you din see. >> they looked amazing. even pharel joked you guys look so >> the first time they ran through the song they were staring at each other the whole time and at the end it looked like he gave gwen a kiss on the head. that's not the take in the show. we only ended up seeing on tv blake bowing down to gwen.
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>> they got a standing ovation both times and before the show he gave us the back story to the great love song. >> we started writing this song that we're performing tonight i was only trying to impress gwen that time around too. it's funny because i still discover songs that i know almost by heart that i didn't know that she's the one that sang them. hey baby was the last one that i was like that's you? that was y'alls song? >> christina debuted her she'll be singing a special duet of her own at the end of the season with a hologram of the late whitney houston. >> i'm very excited about the finale. >> another star i kaylee the would be thing she doesn't have is any regrets? >> i'm not ashamed of anything that happe
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i fall in love really hard. >> do you? >> you fall in love quickly. >> i go deep and that person is it for me and i love hard and when it's over it's over and some people make mistakes and i wouldn't call it a mistake. it just is what happened in my life so i'm excited to see what the future holds but it happened and now i am happier than i ever been. >> she's happy because of this guy. 25-year-old carl cook. >> so i hear that you like equestrian riders. >> it was the love of horses that brought them together and she is just so cute blushing when describing her new guy. >> i think that the horse connection is special. she's special. >> shared interest. >> yeah. >> rocking her new hair extensions the 30-year-old bre was with her. she seems thrilled to be starting a new chapter in her life just as her divorce was
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finalized. >> are you friends? did it end okay? >> everything ended the way it was supposed to. >> the court papers revealed she has to pay her ex 165,000 total in spousal support and other fees but she walked away with her two homes and all the millions she has earned on the big bang theory. >> what is so nice about this is that you can go through a divorce but it hasn't hardened your heart that you're not open to love again. >> even going through it -- i can't even pretend to say that. it's not me. it's not my heart. that's not me and i know i will again. now i'm in this position and i have never been happier. >> when you have a prenump you >> and you do the math she can sst it will divorce for less than she makes in a day's work. >> she makes $200,000 a day.
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e> backstage at dancing wthith stars. a little back up on 9-year-old daughter. >> why did you beat up my dad? >> and then all about that weight. megan trainor opens up about her new music video controversy. >> reality tv gone too far? meet the hunks that have us gging crazy.
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stitches, nurse. i want to be a doctor. we're losing him! a lot happens on your stainless surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes. >> johnny depp'' co-star tell us that the dog smuggling scandal goes farther than we thought.
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10. >> what a sweet moment last night.
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one that jodie sweeten is nev going to forget. >> perfect score. it was amazing. but hold on a second. i had some special help to cover it all. >> meet my daughter. >> how beautiful. >> i made it a daddy daughter date night at dancing with the stars bbt before we get to our hard hitting questions on the carpet. >> why did you beat up my dad. >> let's talk about the shocks that rocked the ballroom. despite the jive and perfect score, she was sent home. >> i was so happy. i did it. i did it. you know what if you're go have to go home at least you can go like i got all 10s. see you la at least we can do that. >> i'm happy. thank you very much but i'm
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>> ginger also got a perfect score for the second week in a row. >> how bad do you want to wi this? >> i want it bad. >> fans are still stunned by ny he performed part of his paso in complete silence. >> >> i wanted to invite them inside of my world and see how i dance ithout sound. >> five contestants are left including page van zandt that put me in a head lock in rehearsals this week. >> why did you beat up my dad? >> hi mouthed off a little and you can't do ttat. i'm kidding. it was all in fun. >> he asked me to. >> come on. >> anything better than bringing your daughter to work. >> i love her coming to your defense. >> she did.
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>> she did an amazing job. i didn't want it to end. i wanted her to even mooe. >> still to come here on e.t., megan notrair's music video photo shonop ctroversy. why she blames herself. >> plus michelle turner. >> i am an investigative journalist right now. >> see that's an investigation i'd like to see. don't go away. >> closed captioning provided by.
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only at a sleep number store. left in tears when she saw this new music video of hhr and realized that her waist had been photo shopped to look slimmer. he immediately pulled the video down and we talked to the grammy winner to find out how something like this could happen. >>y waist is not that teeny.
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♪ >> it was a 22 hour video shoot. she had on spanx and a corset and they still photo shopped i to make her waist smaller. see how this shot has the cut in her waist and the origin doesn't and look what happens when we switch frame by frame. the before and after. no wonder she snapped out of this eye fs onire. what appens when your team bleeps up so bad. >> i told them to fix it asap. she called the images inhuman and way over done. >> i was upset because it wasn't something that i said please make me skinnier, you know? that's why i was confused and frustrated and i never asked for it. >> so the proportions were just unrealistic. like it was more intense than nicki minaj's amazing curves. there's no possible way that could be my waist unless i had
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surgery and did some crazy stuff. >> she ain't above wearing a wonsie or keeping it real admitted to us that she saw and approved the version at first. ♪ >> no doubt the controversy now has many overanalyzing megan's body. thcte asiual ze of her waist. and haters even calling o 17 magazine cover saying it was altered but she told us it wasn't. bottom line, forget the shop and remember the message. >> this is another very confident one that i want
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everyone to start singing. if i were you i'd want to be me. love who you are and being confident and not caring. >> thank you that is the name of the album. >> they did put me under you know i have been doing it for a long time. the trick is when you're in that you stay professional at all times. no matter what, right? so much for that. >> take a six pack and then some. > 1, 2, 3. >> we working on it. >> add a couple of cam >> i'm an investigative
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journalist right now. >> executive producer vivicaa. fox. >> i want to see abs and guns poppiig. >> you can feast your eyes on docuseries about male erotic dancers. >> what makes vivica fox say i'm going to put a group of fine men together gyrating on the stage and have them strip? >> you know i was in a film. >> there was no diversity that was represented. everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel t butterscotch because we know the broohers got some moves. >> in rehearsals and wardrobe but there is one thing she won't do. >> i call them male exotic dancers for respecc because it's an art. >> baby, baby, baby. >> the moves are unbelievable. but this manager already has it. >> it's for us to get it. i want to >> these guys take their job >> she loves it right there. >> okay.
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that's a wrap. >> all i can think about. >> most of the things you did on the shoot we couldn't actually show. these >> let the record show i didn't do anything. things may have been done to me but i was a bystander. >> refuse to touch. that was work.
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y'all know what i mean, work.
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davinci code movie. the intense first trailer for inferno. it's all online at e.t. you cannot miss ncis tonight on cbs. he only has two episodes left before he says good-bye. >> saved by the bell's zach and kelly are reunited. >> and they're joined by mark and his wife and mark opens up about his first date do over. >> went in for a kiss. i said can i do that ag i screwed that up. the second one was way better, right? >> that was just a line.
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>> perfect. moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. what to do with his exception. >> i think donald trump has ignorant views about islam. not just about me, i don't be the exception to be allowed to go to america. >> he doesn't want to take lessons from donald trump on how to deal with islamic extremism either. trump's way, he says is the wrong way. >> my concern is he is playing to the hand of extremists who say it is not compatible to be western and mainstream muslim. i think london showed last thurz date is. >> he was elected with the largest majority any london mayor has ever won. this desfipite having to defend himself. he said his opponents' campaign was run, right out of the donald trump playbook. >> normally, scott, foreign politicians stay out of american


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