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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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virginia governor. the state legislature are not in session, not in richmond. they don't wambach until april 20th. the governor said i spoke to the mayor and superintendent of virginia state police. i offered whatever state resources are necessary to respond. our public safety team and i will continue to monitor the situation. we will support state police and local authorities in the response to this investigation and this incident. obviously we are following the situation. we got crews on the way. we have a helicopter on the way to richmond. we will bring you the latest in the 5:00 newscast. back to you. >> a lot going on. a fluid situation. thank you. coming up next, a yellow weather alert that could impact both of your commutes tomorrow. >> plus, we got thunderstorms heading our way a bit later tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center with more. >> it will feel like may and june over the next 36 hours. here is the deal. not a complete washout but the threat was great enough for a shower or thunderstorm in the morning commute d
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home to warrant a yellow well they are alert. this -- weather alert. if you were with us yesterday, this is a more intense map. we are showers around. temps 66 downtown. 64 manassas. 65 leesburg and sterling. 9:00 showers to the north and west. this is about the time of year i say this. don't get hung up on the exact location just have your umbrellas handy. you will need a jacket, upper 60s. we advance it again by noon, breaks in the clouds. you need an umbrella and sunglasses at the same time. more showers and storms in through prince george county to laplata. temperature about 73. this is noon. temps near 80 tomorrow. by 3:00 upper 70s. heaviest showers and storms north of us and leesburg 78. 75 to the west in martinsburg. another round of showers and storms are possible for the evening commute. we will talk about that and a crazy weekend heading our way. first weekend in april, not
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going to feel like it. we are hearing from the mother of a 6-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted by a day laborer. >> the mom hired jose compose ghani to move furniture. >> surae chinn is in gayers thisburg. surae? >> reporter: instead of help, it became a nightmare. she agreed to go on camera to tell her daughter's story because she feared there are more victims out there. the mom was a few feet away but distractions of moving and furniture blocked the view of her child. >> what hurts the most, i was literally on the lower level. as a parent, you feel guilty
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>> the single mother of 5 and 6- year-old children had a lot on her plate moving herself. >> a lot of the moving companies have a minimum of three hours, four hours. everyone said we do this all the time, go to 7-eleven. >> reporter: she hired two-day laborers including 44-year-old jose compose ghani. there were red flags from the beginning. >> they kept trying to findways to touch me. i was moving furniture and they would move me aside like grabbing my waist. as i dropped them off, one of them grabbed my hand and kissed it. i was like gross. >> reporter: that's when mom started talking to her daughter and found out what happened. >> the guy in the red shirt sexually molested her. it had to be two, three minutes, maybe less. >> police couldn't find him at the 7-eleven but a tip came in on his address. the mother then identified him at h
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>> as soon as he came out, i knew that it was him and the most alarming thing in front of his home was littered with toys. >> that is devastating. i wouldn't want my kids to be coming up assaulted or missing. >> i was glad to report it to the police and he got caught and keep other children from experiencing the same trauma. >> reporter: it's unclear if he is a documented citizen here. montgomery county police say you want to supervise any stranger that comes to the house to do work on your home. now, that is the latest in gaithersburg, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> thank you. montgomery county police say if you encountered compass gonzalez, give them a call. in prince george county, another lawsuit in the deonte carraway sex abuse scandal rocking glenarden. a 5th grader is
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against several city entities and people including the mayor. stephanie gayle heart has more. >> reporter: the new lawsuit allegation that deonte carraway used this city building to prey on kids and an 11-year-old allegation that he threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it. this lawsuit allegation deonte carraway told an 11-year-old girl he would kill her if she told anyone that he forced her to engage in a sex act with another child at sylvania woods elementary school. the 5th grade victim was a member of the city of glenarden youth choir. carraway was the choir director. at the municipal center, a government building, where they practiced. she said carraway would play hide and seek with the kids in the halls after practice in order to get them alone. some were as young as 9. playing the games, the kids say a city employee or members of the po
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tell them to stop running in the halls. the lawsuit says carraway used his status as the city's choir director to prey on the kids. the lawsuit states he pressured, coerced and enticed chair members to perform sex acts and filmed it on his cell phone. the choir performed at national night out in 2015. they sang for members of the city council two years in a row. there are at least 17 child victims but there could be as many as 30. the lawsuit allegation he was able to -- allegations he was -- alleges he was able to entice them because of the absence of supervision involving the children. >> it's sad that parents cannot take their kids somewhere and believe that they are safe knowing that there was police in that building with their children and that still happened. >> there needs to be something said from
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forth because when people are hurting, they need that type of response from the people that headquarter supposed to tampa bay in charge. somebody has to say we messed up, i'm sorry. >> reporter: we have been asking for a response from glenarden leaders for weeks. they continue to turn us down. meantime, the police chief telling me today the mayor is going door to door talking with residents and delivering a letter. reporting live in glenarden, wusa 9. >> it continues. thank you. a lawsuit on behalf of the 5th grader is suing for emotional harm and distress. >> he beat his son to death over a piece of missing birthday cake. now a man will spend 30 years in prison. robert wilson cried regretting his actions and taking a guilty plea. he did place some of the blame on 9-year-old jack garcia's
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brother. the boy was handcuffed to the chair and the mom is accused of allowing the abuse and delaying treatment. they both go on trial in may. a 24-year-old man is in critical condition this evening after he was stabbed outside of the addison road station on the blue line. according to a metro spokesperson, the victim got in a verbal argument with a vendor outside the stating handing out free copies of the express newspaper. the vendor tackled the victim then allegedly stabbed him three times. police are working to identify and arrest that vendor. could metro shut down one or more of its lines for as long as six months affecting hundreds of thousands of people? >> that's the question. it's a top pick trending after metro board member jack evans said yesterday that these kind of drastic measures could happen. deborah al far ron has more -- alfarone
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likelihood. that was a big statement yesterday. >> the latest is that metro says they have not made any decisions and they won't for about four to six weeks. they won't say that it's off the table but thy won't say that it's on the table. here is the sound bite that started it all. >> it may come to a point where we have to close the entire blue line for six months. people will go crazy. >> reporter: that is jack evans yesterday. today, you are trending all over the place. >> i was hoping it wouldn't. the more focus of the whole conference yesterday was finance. >> reporter: in short, evans says the system needs cash to keep it safe. but after people lived through a 29 hour shut down two weeks ago, this became a headline and a talker. >> that will be inconvenience. >> a lot of people would be in bad shape. >> that will be a
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out of the farragut north metro stop. >> a lot to do with it. 80% customers go by metro. >> i would have to drive in. that would make it expensive. >> reporter: during the one day shut down, she had to add an extra hour and a half on to her commute. she might be the last person you would think would be understanding but she is. >> i understand them having to shut down for safety reasons and i would rather be, i would say, have an inconvenience than a tragedy. >> reporter: so, we asked you on twitter, what would you do if your line was shut down. a lot of people said they would carpool and most people picked other and some of those other statements people said they [ indiscernible ] deborah alfarone, wusa 9. >> i hope it doesn't come to that. they said there will be ample notice to riders and businesses if there
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a 72-year-old man that disappeared from his home in wheaton is alive and well. he was found in his car submerged in water all the way up to harford county. he was reported missing before 9:00 last night. officers were able to ping his phone and find him and when they did, he was still in his car with that water coming in the vehicle. he was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. >> we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. a victim in a terrifying domestic abuse case. she explains why she is teaming up with a maryland congressional candidate. >> donald trump gets hammered over his comments on abortion. >> topper is back with more on the storms rolling through town tonight and tomorrow. >> plus, a small dose of mayhem on the streets of d.c. as the nuclear summit brings some traffic trouble.
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a high-speed car chase put the brakes on the commute for drivers in fairfax. the chase came to an end on lee highway. police say they tried to pull the driver over. he took off. they chased him for 15 minutes. an officer forced the suspect to lose control of his car. no one was injured. the driver was taken into custody. if your travels take you near the washington convention center, plan for delays or go a different way. >> take a deep breath took. several world leaders are in town. cameron johnson joins us how their moves impact how the rest of us move. >> i got to say this does not feel like the normal thursd
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this is the normal commute, you know it should look busier. it's quiet. the nuclear summit going on and all the security protocols but the day to day life, it depends on who you talk to. >> not too bad. any other day it's d.c. four ways in and four ways out. it's going to tampa bay traffic everyday. >> reporter: that's the way things are like in d.c. while the nuclear summit takes place. one block normal traffic. a block closer to the convention center where the summit is happening, the cars creep along. >> crazy. stay at home if you can. avoid this area. >> get closer still and the only cars you see traffic in packs. the summit is on, streets around the convention center and a few near the white house and national mall are shut down as is the mount vernon metro stop. most of the closures end after friday. most of those in cars have an ti
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the came can't be said for those who live nearby. >> in the evenings, police lights are on. if you are closer to ground level, it's disruptive, hard to sleep. >> we are living in the nation's capitol. always feel like a danger zone. white house here, capitol here. always something going on. i think that's how new yorkers feel as well. >> reporter: from the traffic side of things, one of the reasons it's maybe not as bad as people are expecting because the office of personnel management were encouraging feds to tele washing. we will talk -- telework. we will talk to some people who decided to stay open for business. cameron thompson, wusa 9. >> all right. for the full list of the street closures in place during the summit, go to our wusa 9 app or let's talk about the summit itself. president obama is hosting world leaders from more than 50
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u.s. goal of limiting nuclear proliferation. noticeably absent is russia. notably on the agenda is keeping nukes out of the hands of terrorists. tomorrow president obama is scheduled to meet with world leaders on taking steps to keep i sis from getting their hands on the nuclear materials. to the race for president, donald trump was here in d.c. today huddling up with his newly formed foreign policy team. he met with the head of the republican national committee and later tweeted that he looked forward to bringing the party together. well, it's far from together right now. republicans and democrats are bashing trump over his comments about punishing women who had abortions if the procedure were outlawed. it didn't seem to matter that trump backed off the statements. >> donald's notion of punishing women is bizarre and something that i strongly
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>> republicans all want limited government except when it comes to women's rights. >> the next big prize in the race for president, wisconsin. it holds its primary next tuesday. so temps in the 70s, breezy. what will you do for tomorrow? >> breezy but maybe 80. that got their attention. let's start with the three- degree guarantee. we thought the southwest winds would keep us in the low 70s. we went 73. how did we do? check us out at 11:00 and download our app and keep track of us that way and watch any broadcast including breaking news on your smartphone. that is a good thing. first a look at the april almanac. april can be cruel, not as cruel as march but the average high on the first is 62. low 42. by th
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51, use about perfect. we averaged a trace of snow in april, believe it or not, even downtown. highest and lowest temperatures, 95 and 15. variable month. live look outside. 73 right now. that would be a bull's-eye, wouldn't it? winds south, southwest at 20 gusting to 30. that's okay. that's a warm wind. we don't mind warm winds. tomorrow it will gust higher with temperatures around 80. warm tonight with showers. i think you will be able to take a walk after dinner. a thunderstorm possible primarily after midnight with the atmosphere becomes more unstable. bus stop temperatures, 60 to 72 with showers. umbrella a good idea. yellow weather alert for thunderstorms. not a wash out. both commutes could be affected. you still need your shades in addition to the umbrella. it won't be completely overcast gloomy day. 10:00 tonight, a couple of er
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laplata and fredricksburg. i wouldn't get hung up on the position. two hours ago these showers were in leesburg and manassas. a couple of showers after dinner, walking the dog. temperature-wise a bargain. 68 downtown. 67 in silver spring and fairfax. by morning, a couple of showers here and there. it's green so it's shade of light tivity. a little different from yesterday's futurecast when it was really kind of stirring things up a bit. enough to wet the roads. by 9:00, look at the temps, 68 in sterling. 68 in dumfries and dale city. this is nice. by 1:00, notice the breaks in the clouds. sunshine from time to time t. more showers develop to the west. a little yellow showing up to the west of frederick. heavier activity. by 6:00, 24 hours from now, futurecast has us partly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower with temperatures in the upper 70s across the board. we are looking at kind of a
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wild day tomorrow but not a wash out. with temps that warm, i don't know, i think most folks would take it. day planner, 68 at 9:00. 71 at 11:00 and 74 at 1:00 with a few showers and
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but when they come from your customers, they mean a lot. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. right now, get super fast 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. a charles county judge was sentenced to one year of probation and kicked off the death. he was accused of ordering 50,000 volts of electricity through a man's body
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he said the shock felt like fire was running through his body. >> to actually commit torture inside of a court of law and for nothing to happen, to say that he is on probation but he don't have to report and he don't have to do anything. >> i cherish all the time i spent on the bench, 34 years. i regret it ended that way. >> that was the judge. he will never serve from the bench again. more on this story at 6:00. let's talk about consumer news as chipotle moves beyond the burrito. the mexican fast food chain wants to open a burger chain and applied to trademark the name better burger. it would compete with chains like shake shack and five guys. tesla will roll out the long awaited model 3 trick car. this is the cheaper model 3. it costs about $35,000, half the price of the model s. >> you never have to buy gas. >> enthusiastic fans line
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in the u.s. the ceo, elon musk tweeted out a picture of people lining up in australia to place an order. gosh, i wish we had that picture. well, you can imagine it. in a later tweet he said tesla will have a live webcast unveiling the model tonight in california. now you can check in for your flight through facebook messenger. klm royal dutch airlines is the first to let people check in, talk directly to customer service reps while in facebook messenger chat app. straight ahead, the state department apologizes for what some say is an insulting tweet. >> a malnourished mama dog is being reunited with her puppies. >> she survived a terrifying attack at the hands of her estranged husband. a domestic violence survivor is teaming up with a maryland ♪ as a small business owner,
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you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. glenn ivey released this commercial today. in it, yvette kay endorsed him for congress. >> her estranged husband set her on fire. she survived. only on 9, nikki burdine tells us why she is teaming up with her. >> i want others to feel
5:30 pm
special as i do. >> reporter: it's strange to hear her how she feels special. after what she has been through that's the last what most would use. >> i felt him on the side of me. next thing i know, he was pouring a liquid substance on my head. >> reporter: it was october 10, 2005. >> next thing i know the police were there. i was in the back of the ambulance. and i saw them pulling a white sheet over me. >> reporter: surveillance video captured yvette's estranged husband entering her place of work, dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire. she survived. 92 days in the hospital and underwent dozens of surgeries. even thrown her fight was far from over. she wouldn't be onale. then prince george county state attorney glenn ivey helped convict her husband of attempted murder. >> he saved my life by putting my ex-husband behind bars. if he didn't put him
5:31 pm
bars he probably would come back again. >> reporter: yvette says she survives for a reason to help other victims of domestic violence. in prince george county it was a problem ivy wanted to tackle. >> there was reluctance to talk about domestic violence, too raw. >> reporter: yvette the sweet and soft spoken voice. ivy the vehicle. >> she has been an enormous figure in my life. we formed a partnership that allowed us to do more in the community than handle one case and move on to the next. >> i made sure yvette's abuser went a way for good. >> reporter: when ivy asked for her endorsement. >> domestic violence can never be tolerated. >> he showed compassion. i do trust him. it was a no brainer for me. >> reporter: if elected to congress, he will expand legislation and increase funding to help protect women like yvette. >> i know we are not here for
5:32 pm
people. >> reporter: yvette hopes her voice can help make that happen. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> yvette and ivy started domestic abuse prevention programs in prince george county churches and the school system. she travels around the country speaking about it and is a grandmother to twin boys. we put the complete interview at powerful and emotional stuff. dozens of fed up airport workers at reagan national are joining in with a nationwide strike happening right now. airport service workers like sky caps are calling on their employers to pay them $15 an hour, far more than they are making with tips. >> i have been asked the question before, find another job. but even if i find another job, then what happens to the person that comes in and takes the job that i have.
5:33 pm
>> workers went on strike at 10 airports across the nation. the protest didn't cause much disruption in air traffic schedules. a way to get emergency help in alexandria. the city announced it is accepting 911 text messages. whether you call or text, the city says it needs to know the basic facts like where you are, the nature of your emergency and if there are any weapons involved. according to the patch, arlington county starts 911 service this week as well. five stars on the u.s. women's national soccer team say their message is simple. equal play should get equal pay. they filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission seeking wage equality with their male colleagues. they are filing the complaint on behalf of the entire team and they are asking the eeoc to investigate the way the u.s. soccer federation pays athletes. their attorney claims the women are paid 40% less than their male counterparts. a dog
5:34 pm
montgomery county is on the mend. how the pubs held lead her to a rescue. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: princess is not just a survivor. she is a there rifer -- thriver. >> she thinks she should be on a thrown and i think she deserves one, too. >> reporter: a life situation that almost left this 5-year- old dead. >> she barely was standing up on her own. >> reporter: it was two weeks ago that montgomery county animal enforcement officer got a call to this neighborhood. >> the officer that arrived on scene found the two puppies running loose in front of the house and in the backyard able to locate princess and immediately observed she was under weight. he impounded her. >> reporter: these puppies, princesses es
5:35 pm
to veterinarians. >> we did blood work, x rays trying to identify a cause of her being emaciated. >> reporter: she gained 14 pounds. the pups are doing fine. they will have a new adopted home next week. princesses owner will lose more than his dog. allen too meeks is charged with an -- allen t. meeks is charged with animal cruelty and faces jail time if convicted. >> to see her how healthy and happy she is, it'sy ward -- it's rewarding. >> reporter: now princess is looking for a castle that she can call her new home. in derwood, maryland, greg guist. >> you can adopt her by calling 240-773-5900. >> got a lot of spunk. the state department apologizing for what some are
5:36 pm
of warning spring breakers about dangers overseas. >> they got too cute. the tweet reads not a 10 in the u.s. then not a ten overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse, being robbed. not done yet, the state department tweeted out this message. somebody offered you a free trib abroad but the free luggage is lined with cocaine. beware of these scams. >> they got people to see it, though. >> they did. trending, william shatner slapped with a massive paternity suit. >> a walmart workers stunning impression of be loved cartoon characters. >> a woman holding a camera is about to have a nature walk she will never forget. >> we have showers, thunderstorms and clouds in the forecast tomorrow along with the weather yellow alert. check out the highs. 81 downtown. 81 gaithersburg. 76 as far north and west as martinsburg.
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let's get to what is trending. actor william shatner has been slapped by a 170 million-dollar fraternity suit. >> it's so hard to believe. >> florida-based radio host peter sloan goes by peter shatner. you know why? the star trek actor had an affair with his mom in 1956. sloan was put up for adoption. he says he met shatner on the set of t.j. hooker in 1984 and shatner admitted that he was his father. the suit claims shatner is refusing a dna test and denies he is sloan's father. what a mess. a woman that looks like singerle ade gother 15 seconds in the spotlight this week. >> so here is the selfie
5:41 pm
adele and emily. she and her fiancee had prime seats. she got adele's attention and the singer brought her up on stage. a woman on a nature walk in naples, florida, had the scare of a lifetime. this short video on facebook. look what is about to happen. mountain lion. yeah, bayh. out of nowhere. runs by her on that bridge. hello. you hear the beep, you know what she said. almost 3 million views since this got posted on the internet a couple of days ago. >> she needs to get out of the way. >> curse then get out of the way. >> more proof that the world is full of people with unknown talents. >> trending on facebook, a walmart worker's spot on impression of scooby doo and shaggy. >> like a long time ago when we got scared by monsters. we said we didn't like this type of thing any more. >>
5:42 pm
>> so we applied for a job at walmart. we were like we can get paid in food. >> that is one of the best impressions i have heard. >> i would love to be entertained like that at the grocery store. not if this is more or less dangerous -- this is the next story. >> are we moving on. >> moving on. it says add lib and move on. not sure if this is more or less dangerous than skiing here. that is a ferrari f-40 tearing up the slopes. the video shows him chugging a red bull then heading off to bed. how do you do that. >> it's supposed to keep you up. >> not a nighttime drink. the teams arrive in houston for the men's final 4. on the way, the story of two brothers who could d
5:43 pm
against each other in the championship game. >> plus, identifying autism early. the importance on diagnosing it early. wall street. the nra. theypo're werful. they usually get their way. but t nowith democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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police scramble to save survivors after an overpass collapsed in india. it was under construction at the time. it happened in a congested area. 17 people are dead and dozens more are injured. a government report showing no change in how common autism is from the last estimates released two years ago. the cdc finds one in 68 kids has autism. heather daniels with more. >> reporter: for this family, it's about routine. their three children were diagnosed with autism around the same time. mom jessica says it was hard to accept. >> i never knew how many different degrees of autism and how different autism shows up in all my kids. >> reporter: a
5:47 pm
number of school-age children with autism is one in 68, unchanged from the last report in 2014. >> the take home from this data is really saying, okay, now we have yet one more estimate suggesting this is a really common neuro development disorder. >> reporter: health officials say it's too soon to conclude if autism is stabilizing. less than half of kids received a developmental evaluation by age 3. >> plenty of kids have a concern indicated on their records before 3 years of age but the average age of diagnosis is higher than that. access to earlier intervention is key in improving the out comes for these children. >> reporter: two of her children were diagnosed at a later day. >> reporter: john has the best eye contact because he was early intervention. the others weren't. >>re
5:48 pm
know the warning signs. >> boys are 4 1/2 films more likely to have autism than girls. cleanup is underway in oklahoma after four tornadoes tore through the eastern part of the state. dozens of homes were damaged. a cbs station helicopter captured incredible video of the funnel clouds. it was an adult and three children in a pickup truck when a tree crashed on top of it. the family was sent to the hospital but amazingly they didn't have any major injuries. >> i see a funnel clouds. >> 5800 homes and businesses lost power. we are starting to get in the time of year where we will see more and more of that. >> the severe weather today pushed eastward into parts of the midwest. tomorrow it's in the southeast, south of us. we could hear the rumble of thunder. with that, temperatures near 80 tomorrow. how sweet does that sound. let's start
5:49 pm
outside. 73 right now. dew points are in the 50s. more moisture in the atmosphere. winds south, southwest at 20 gusting to 30. that is a warm wind. that is one reason we are 73 despite the clouds. tonight warm with showers. probably okay walking the dog after dinner. most of the storms hold off until before dawn. a few showers at the bus stop. yellow weather alert for thunderstorms. not a wash out. there will be some in the morning and some in the afternoon but sunshine in between. that will help us get up to 80 degrees. both commutes could be affected. that's why we issued the yellow alert. 10:00 tonight, a few showers here and there. 67 manassas. 68 dale city and 6 downtown. by morning a few showers. don't get hung up on the exact location. the good news is they are light in terms of shades of green. temperatures are low to mid- 60s. many folks won't ke
5:50 pm
60. that is the average high for this time of year. 9:00 better chance of showers gaithersburg, frederick, down i- 270, wet roads. nothing crazy. look what happens. futurecast has us breaking out into sunshine. this is 1:00 tomorrow, showers and storms north and west near frederick and south and east across southern maryland. in between sun. you saw a line develop between 4:00 and 5:00 move north of town. that could happen. you can see the red there. some could produce heavy downpours and gusty winds. temperatures by 6:00 with sunshine returning, upper 70s. we will take you into the night tomorrow night, temperatures hold in the upper 50s and low 60s but quiet in terms of precipitation on your friday night. tonight, mostly cloudy, windy and warm with showers and storms late. high temperatures around 60. winds southwest 15 to 25 and gusty. on the day planner, 60s to start. 71 at 11:00. maybe a thunderstorm, then 74 by 1:00 again
5:51 pm
thunderstorm as well. weekend not great. cooler saturday. maybe morning rain. blustery on sunday t. only 53 for a high on sunday. it's going to feel more like march on sunday. colder, some clouds. maybe a couple of wet snowflakes in the mountains. high temperatures 50 to 55. the better of the two days will probably be saturday even though we have rain early in the day. next seven days, monday rain develops late, 64. down right cold on tuesday. 60 wednesday. showers or rain on thursday. the ball game might be played. now wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset. >> reporter: the count down is on. in two days the four remaining teams in the ncaa tournament face off. first up a pair of two seeds remaining, villanova versus oklahoma. then top seed north carolina
5:52 pm
versus the cinderella story in syracuse. the big story is the stories around the players. getting to the big dance is a dream but what if you had to face off with your brother for a national championship. chris jenkins and nate bright are brothers, not biologically but they grew up together in the same household in a d.c. area. a mom wanting a better life for her son. britt's parents became jenkins legal guardians. the two played at gonzaga but never faced each other in college. if their respective teams win on saturday, their first meeting ever would be the national title game. we caught up with their former high school coach to find out what he remembers most about these two young men. >> >> hard working guys that did a good job of making others around them
5:53 pm
team together. those two together were a riot. two brothers who were always trying to one much each other in any way. they were always pushing each other to become the best they could be. all the while they had each other's back and wanted to see the other succeed as much as their self. >> reporter: tonight the colonials of george washington play for a title. it is the finals of the nit in new york at madison square garden. that game tips at 7:00. >> all the students were going up on buses today. it might be kind of a home court kind of advantage. >> they are still dancing. coming up, fraud allegations. a group of massachusetts voters say former president bill clinton broke the law leading up to that sta
5:54 pm
opening of the smithsonian african-american museum. there is already controversy surrounding a collection planned for exhibits. >> new reach suggests coastal cities like d.c. are at risk of
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
new warnings about climate change and how quickly sea levels ar
5:57 pm
globe antarctica's ice sheet is melting more quickly than thought. beach communities as well as major coastal cities are at risk. >> we actually added the seawall here. >> reporter: austin is with the city of boston. he says you can tell that sea levels are higher, not just in coastal storms but right downtown. >> there is one portion of the city called morrissey boulevard that used to flood, once, twice a year. now it's more frequent than that. >> reporter: a rutgers university study shows sea levels could rise up to 4 feet by the end of the century. boston is taking steps now to protect against worsening storms backing up streetlights and traffic signals with solar power and supporting new building designs. >> hospitals have to operate 24- 7 even when they are exposed to extreme weather. >> reporter: john showed us spaulding hey ran expectation hoal
5:58 pm
>> we raised the ground floor level up to the 500 year flood level. >> reporter: windows will open in extreme heat if the power fails. generators and electrical equipment are moved from the basement to the roof to protect them from floods. bows stone is the third biggest city in the country for coastal development. sustainable realtors say the designs are crucial. >> first floors will be floodable. how does that change how we use them. >> reporter: sea levels are rising, so is the population. with views like this, everyone wants to be close to the water, not under it. cbs news, boston, massachusetts. right now at 6:00, world leaders from 50 countries are in d.c. working on plan to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on a nuclear weapon. >> donald trump backs off controversial comments about women and abortions. opponents are using his words to fuel the flames. >> get
5:59 pm
ready. we could see showers and lightning by the end of the evening. topper is tracking stormy weather. good evening, i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. we begin with the breaking news out of richmond, virginia. >> stations are reporting that one virginia state trooper is dead. that information has not been confirmed by virginia state police. >> that's right. adam long go is live with the late -- longo has the latest. >> reporter: we just got information in the past two minutes telling us what precipitated the event and what lead up to it. several troopers inside this greyhound bus station. the troopers approached a man inside the bus station for what reason at this point we don't know. but that man, we are told, pulled out a gun and shot the trooper talking to him. two other troopers returned fire and shot that suspect and that suspect was killed. two other people were apparently injured and treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. they are at vcu medical
6:00 pm
in richmond. reports out of richmond say that the troopers were at the greyhound bus station for a training exercise. no word as to any motive for this attack. we can tell you that cbs is reporting terrorism has been ruled out. the incident was limited to the greyhound bus station. that is in the northern part of the city. we can tell you that the virginia legislature was not in session at the state capitol. the capitol building a few miles south of where this happened. virginia governor has put out a statement. we have that on our web site right now. still trying to determine how the shooting will impact bus travel here in the district. that's because richmond is a key layover station for commercial bus travel up and down the i-95 corridor. information about the shooting slowly but steadily coming in to the wusa 9 newsroom. we will update more when it becomes available. >> adam, thanks a lot for that. we have crews heading to richmond. we have a live report at 6:00 or 7:00. we


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