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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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an individual who launched an unprovoked attack on the district three police station and brought several of our officers under fire. all while the community mourns. >> the officers are devastated.
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the fallen officer jacai colson is being taken to baltimore hospital where they take a moment to remember him. you'll see that video so touching right there. now, this is being described as an active cowardness. and with what we know about tonight. leaving the hospital center here. briefed here by officials who are mystified about who they were and what the motives were.
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happened outside the police contact and their busy headquarters. >> it wasn't about anything. and to which they responded. and no warnings. they were not engaging them in any way. they were captured after being wounded. the suspect is in stable condition, expected to survive. the second suspect fled captured outside popeye's restaurant less than a mile away. a woman came to the hospital saying she believes that her two nephews were
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she was mystified. >> that's why we want to know what caused this and what happened. we don't know. >> reporter: her account is unconfirmed by police. he was not in regular uniform on this work day when the attack on the district three station that claimed his life began. the unprovoked attack on the police officers at the police station, absolutely unprecedented and unacceptable. >> reporter: that is the president proceeded here by prince george's county. they did not tell us tonight what kind of weapon that the attacker used or how many officers were involved in the gunfight that he also did not reveal the names of the two suspects. as you heard even the chief and the top investigator here in the county at this hour completely mystified at what this ambush was ab
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and of course that the focus tonight is on the grieving for the loss of this officer. reporting live at the prince george's county hospital center scott broom wusa9. >> thank you, scott. we are learning more at this hour about fallen officer jacai colson. stephanie ramirez is live with that part of our team coverage. stephanie? >> the only thing that matters is when they were coming together to support one another. and in prayer. >> and the medical center that they brought in the leaders of prince george's county delivering the news with the heartbreak written across their faces. >> when they began to turn they stepped into action. i'm very proud
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>> we're still learning about the 28-year-old jacai colson a four-year veteran at the prince george's county police department as he had an infectious smile that could light up the room. >> he was a police officer who was a real cop's cop. he didn't shy away from any calls, he never assured his responsibility, always working. he was always there for his fellow brothers and sisters. >> reporter: personally a very close friend of mine. and even more the man that dedicated himself to protecting every one of them. >> reporter: and the police union president and police chief left quickly after officer colson's family who lived in this philadelphia area. meanwhile several police officers stayed behind here. and the proper salute as they were invited here. stephanie ramirez wusa9.
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people that live in the communities around the district three police station were ordered to stay inside their home as they would search for the suspect. wusa9 stephanie gailhard live near district three with that part of the story. stephanie? >> reporter: there is still a heavy police presence outside district three here tonight about seven hours after that police officer was gunned down that i want you to take a look that you can see the crime scene tape still blocks off this road, which is in front of the police department. and the neighbors who live around here, they were on lockdown for several hours. they told me that it was terrifying and chaotic. >> reporter: you hear several gunshots and the sirens soon followed. >> reporter: he did what police told him and stayed in his home while police searched for the gunman who shot and killed police officers, colson.
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were ready for it. and to keep everyone safe while they would search for the shooters that they would close down the road and directed traffic. they were stuck in traffic for about an hour trying to get home. >> they said to me no, you cannot have access now that it will be a while. >> reporter: in the meantime the news that happened. >> my daughter from iowa called me and asked me if i was okay. and that the policeman had been shot. >> reporter: the people who live here, it's been a long exhausting and emotional day. >> it is really heartbreaking to hear that happen. right in the names of it. >> it is concerning, but i mean what can you do? you know, you can only control what you can control. >> reporter: no telling when this cri s
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down and this neighborhood will return back to normal. reporting live tonight in prince george's county stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> just a sad tragic day for everyone in prince george's county. thank you so much stephanie. the maryland governor ordered flags to fly at half staff. we definitely want to keep you involved in this story. go to our wusa9 app for any developments on this. let's turn to weather now. wet start heading out monday. is the weather going to get better midweek? let's go right out to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> yes, a raw miserable night. wednesday looks fantastic. let's talk about monday morning's commute. watch it across the region with waves of moisture at times. these showers are very light. other times these showers are a moderate day. and now it's some heavier rain pushing off the northeast. also very chilly with the temperatures in the upper 20s to the 50
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every bit of this cool damp weather. what we're looking at, i think most of the rain will be over with by daybreak. we'll have a spotty shower. highs topping out in the mid maybe and maybe the upper 50s. but debra, wednesday is the pick of the week. we'll have the seven-day forecast for you in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, howard. well virginia is a top seed and they are heading out west, talking to frank to -- frank hanrahan. >> yes, maryland got a tough road to the final four no. 5 seed. terps will play colorado state on friday at 4:30. get this from spokane, washington. so they've got to travel all the way across the country to play south dakota state. now maryland has dropped five of their last eight. they just lost to the big ten semifinals. playing some better defense opportunity though. that's the keyword, opportunity that is here for the terps
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the ncaa tournament. >> we were excited and that we still have opportunities to fill that up. that it will also go and join the national championships. >> and now as for virginia, a no. 1 seed in the midwest. cavaliers will face hampton thursday afternoon about 2:00 from raleigh, north carolina. virginia getting word earlier today from charlottesville as they are indeed the top seed in the midwest. cavaliers and the second best team in the acc this year and a few weeks that they could be number one in the country. cavaliers lead by the player. and 26 in some records. they would get very high hopes for the tournament. of course follow along as we've got you covered as kristen berset will be with maryland and myself with virginia. let the madness begin. >> march madness. who gets that one? >> kristin. the connecting flight
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long. they said that they feel bad for their fans because they need to go all the way west. >> yes, it'll be all good. well changing gears right now on the campaign rain. donald trump defending his supporters, rejecting any responsibility for the violence that has overshadowed his rallies in recent days. the latest news poll shows that trump is steam rolling towards that nomination. >> all right get him out of here, please. get him out. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump insists that his rallies are peaceful. >> a lot of them come from bernie sanders, whether he wants to say it or not. >> reporter: trump tweeted bernie sanders is lying when he says his disrupters are told to go to my event. be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to your event. >> our campaign telling our people to go to his campaign is a lie. >> reporter: bernie sanders is trying to slow hillary clinton's momentum ahead of tuesday's primary. in a major sh
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poll shows him ahead by two points in illinois. the former secretary of state leads polls in ohio and florida. and that same poll also shows trump and governor john kasich tied in kasich's home state of ohio. he waiverred on the pledge to support trump as the gop nominee. >> i'd like to support the nominee that he makes it difficult. we'll see how this goes. >> reporter: in florida a must- win state for senator marco rubio leads by 20 points. rubio has dropped third behind senator ted cruz and blamed the billionaire for blow apart civility in politic -- for blowing apart civility in politics. >> he has turned them into a circus. ev reporter: trump canceled an ent outside miami on monday and will hold a rally in ohio. and of course 24/7 election updates you can always go to our wusa9 app. coming up tonight an architect that lays out his plan for the
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no need to be alarmed, it was just a drill as the station was closed for a mock emergency exercise and wusa9 cameron thompson was there. >> reporter: the firefighters and the other agencies from around the region have practiced responding to the mock trail derailments. >> reporter: the emergency responders, they would stream into their metro stop after the train mocked derailed shortly after leaving the station. >> reporter: among those watching, taking notes is the new general manager, who just this week said that they would have trouble facing them that they are worse than what they expected with the drills like this to help improve their responses to the worse case scenario. >> and also so that if something would get to them that it is the first time and that you have that relationship built. >> reporter: but since the accident happened in alexandria, that fire
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response, but also directed the other agencies that would come to help. >> the guys did really well and they would get that accident site. that it is possible to walk out and to take care to be safe. >> reporter: now when everyone is rescued, not only will the first responders get to debrief, but they will share what they got to experience. a part of metro riders advisory council that says that the communication on the train was tough. >> it is a known problem. but difficult because that they were making announcements. >> and that it is a good experience for the first responders. >> and the metro station on wusa9. >> and metro says that they will hold their next emergency training exercise in june. when the burgundy and gold would depart, they will move to the stadium designed
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shining star in architectural world. they had been called a stark attack. i didn't make it up. in tonight's cbs60 minutes that their innovative design for the stadium will feature the mote for the kayakers and the park- like atmosphere for tailgaters. >> the way we work is maybe unlike certain architects that have a very particular style. and where it is the design principal who makes the strokes of genius that i don't have to come up with the best idea, it is my job to make sure that it is always the best idea that will win. >> reporter: and the stadium just one of 60 projects being designed by them. they are also working on the rebuild of the world trad
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there on the big story. every one of them is either wet or with an umbrella up. what's going on? >> measurable cool rain with temps in the 40s and the 50s. not a pretty night. if we're lucky that most of the rain is gone by daybreak and it will be wet enough in the morning that you'll probably need some extra time because the streets will be wet and patchy drizzle and the area or two of fog. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee because today's number forecasted the high of 59 for today, debra. >> okay. >> the thermometer got up to 60. that is a degree off. yeah, i'll take that any day of the week here. 32 the last 36. actually watching a couple of storms. this is what we have tonight. this kind with all sorts of severe weather and a lot of tornado warnings will bring us the rain showers tomorrow night into very early tuesday morning. but first thing is first that waves of moisture have been coming through down 95 seeing some breaks now. so i'm optimistic that the steadier heavier rain that we've had really late afternoon, that it will be out he
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look at this heavy rain with pockets of yellow in fairfax and dc and over towards southern maryland, with the heavier showers. boy tyson's corner and along bethesda, from west of leesburg and albany that everything is moving up for montgomery county and howard county and northern prince george's county. if you're heading out here for the next little while that you'll need extra time as it is chilly with the temps in the 40s. 50 in winchester and gaithersburg and frederick. yeah, you get the idea, raw, raw, raw. northeast winds at 9. the humidity is high at 89%. what we're looking at here in the weather headlines, the start to the week. even if it's not raining steadily that there will be some drizzles tomorrow. temps in the 50s with more showers for tuesday morning. we're going to dry out that it will help us get
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milder on tuesday and 70s on wednesday. that it looks like more showers on thursday with an active weather pattern. west coast more rain and mountain snow. and then we've got this guy bringing that severe weather now towards mississippi and tennessee and arkansas. quite a few tornado warnings for us. that we've got to get this to lift out of here. by tomorrow morning that we were at 8:00. notice the bulk of the rain. to atlantic city approaching new york. around here we stick with the clouds and until that next batch of the showers arrive late tomorrow night and early tuesday morning. overnight temperatures will drop 45 to 50 with periods of rain, patchy fog. just kind of raw out there. tomorrow morning, some early showers, spotty drizzle. even the patchy fog. temperatures aren't going to move much with the clouds and a nice drizzle here and there and temps in the mid-50s with the upper 50s for the warm spot. three-day forecast, isolated showers on tuesday. milder at 65 with the weather alert for tomorrow morning and because of the wetness that it is fantti
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on thursday. and it looks like we will be cooler next weekend and potentially wet on sunday. so we will watch that hopefully that it will change. >> i'm looking forward to wednesday. >> wow, how did this suv end up inside a building? yeah, we'll be back in
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updating our top stories tonight. a prince george's county police officer is dead as police describe, "unwarranted and unprovoked attack." near the third district police station on barlowe road. officer jacai colson was a four- year veteran of the force. he would have turned 29 this week. two suspects are in custody. one of them was wounded. he's hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. the other suspect being questioned by police. at this time police released no motive for that attack. in southeast washington dozens of members of the local church marched a call to end recent violence in their community. one neighborhood bus stop has been the scene of at least two fatal shootings. today's march started at the east washington heights baptist church and went to the intersection of good hope and nailor road. where almost a year ago a young journalist was killed
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being used as a human shield. last weekend two people were victims of gun violence. even the pastor leading the march says he tended to a young man shot midday last weekend. >> it was myself and another young lady who dressed his wounds. i don't know if he had a fault in the shooting. i don't know if there was an argument. what i do know that he's this community's child. >> reporter: crime has to stop. we cannot keep having young people dying. i mean i'm really sorry. and of course the other young woman who died. imagine 1:00 in the afternoon shooting up right here. like right now. that is very scary. >> this march called for a heavier police presence in their southeast community to help stand the violence. well one person hurt when an suv crashed into a building in camp springs overnight. the suv crashed into mitchell's palm reader on allen town just after 1:00 this morning. and
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hospital. that person's condition is unknown at this time. breaking
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well not exactly where maryland wanted to be heading to spokane, washington for their opening game against south dakota state that will be on friday. mark it down at 4:30ish from spokane, washington. maryland has dropped five out of eight. and not so hot heading into the big dance. but hey now is the time to catch the fire or as we all know this season that it is over. fresh off the semifinal loss to igmichan state. now it's simple you can't lose. let's critique where the season is over. all
11:30 pm
the top seed. there is the mascot. who in the midwest and virginia and that is in the acc as they have high expectations to go even further this season. we've got plenty more to discuss with the game on overtime next is the resident. the catholic head coach here in the house to talk all things tournament to get their final four. we're get mine with a lot of chats about gw. they are headed. the colonial bubble bursting. that they will play them on wednesday night and the first round of the nit. they will find out tomorrow night and serves the big ten champ. that it could be a number one or no. 2 seed again and hopefully they will make the third trip to the final four. >> an exciting day, yes, very exciting time. >> game on overtime will be very busy in four minutes. >> and a big congratulations to you and because you are the sea wolfs. the big dance for th
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>> yes, kentucky. they'll be looking to get out of the first half. not just the first round. >> talk to us. weather wise. >> i grew up ten minutes. and i'm excited. an early shower and the drizzle here and there and more showers tomorrow night and wednesday looks great with a few more showers on st. patty's day. >> st. patty's day is coming up. you can always get updates any time. we've got a packed show with game on overtime. i'll be watching that. go
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th is one is ready to go. are you kidding me? >> hoists the three. >> march madness is officially here and should maryland be mad that they are a no. 5 seed opening up in spokane, washington. it's all about surviving and advancing. we've got reaction from college park. >> i thought it was good to get away from home. virginia rewarded for their great season a no. 1 seed. they have a familiar foe in their bracket. they will break it all down for you. who do you have cutting down the nets? the expert analysis is next as game on overtime starts right now.


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