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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and down the river. >> never happens here. it's calm and peaceful. i can't believe this. >> reporter: de l eede worked for the world bank, and he and his wife have helped to push through the bike path. people here said it makes no sense. >> it doesn't make sense. these homes are on the river. if something were going on, this would be one of the last places to pick. you have fives to the pe five -- five minutes to the peninsula. >> reporter: they have five grown children and grandchildren. >> thank you, peg. police don't have a suspect or a motive for the killing and are looking for any information. a d.c. firefighter who helped
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grandmother's life said he would do it again, reaching into the cal bonnie, took off his own oxygen mask and put it on the woman who was trapped in the area of 72nd. low --lovato said it was just part of his job. >> i knew i couldn't pull her over the railing because it was so high and it was going to risk both of our lives. i just gave her my air. that's it. >> see, folks, that's a hero right there. lovato can return to work in a week when his breathing improves, and the great grandmother is hospitalize inside fair condition. >>
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lovato was there. and another rescue and this 1 caught on a police dashcam. >> the medal of valor award was handed out. >> reporter: last september, rashad israel was driving along the beltway after a grueling double shift at work and fell asleep and hit the median. his car burst into flame. watch as police officer cody fields races to the burning car without hesitation. >> it was like go time. >> reporter: he quickly discovered someone was still inside. >> how do we get him out? the doors were locked and the door was pinned up to the jersey call. the only access is where the flames were. >> rt
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up to assist. >> whatever the situation, we overcome it and make sure we go home safe and help out who we can. >> reporter: together, the officers pulled israel to safety. well aware that the car could explode at any moment. >> at that point, it didn't and he was alive. we had to do something. >> i could only imagine. it was hot. >> reporter: we showed rashad the video of his dramatic rescue for the first "ttime. >> wow. i weren't there, i never valid made it. i ain't remember none of it. >> reporter: the officers insist they were not heros. rashad strongly disagrees. >> they are the heros. without them, you know, i don't know what i would do. they are. they are the heros, and i thank them, and i
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>> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: rashad said thanks to the montgomery county police officers. he only suffered minor burns. andrea mccarron, wusa 9. >> wow. if you would like to see the video, we have it posted on our app. lawmakers in annapolis restored a key provision of noah's law, named for a montgomery county police officer who was killed by a suspected drunk driver last december. the bill would require suspected drunk drivers to use a device that prevents them from starting the car if they consume alcohol. noah's law received preliminary approval in the house. a final vote is expected next week. prince george's county police is talking about the big break that led them to a serial bank
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it's expected that levi morris daily robbed three banks in rapid fire time but it was an amazing coincidence that led to his captainur . >> came to noodles and company for lunch and came out to my cruiser and parked right next to my cruiser is the suspect vehicle, and i thought no way will it be this easy to close this bank robbery, but it was. >> it was. and daily was arrest -- arrested in glen arden without a problem. a howard county police has two young suspects in a long string of burglaries. we are live in maryland with more. >> reporter: they don't even know that there is a great app here called "find my iphone." but it's showing you here on hickory ridge road in columbia,
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testify that the app works great. the iphone finder allows you to track where your phone or ipad is. but in howard county neighborhoods from laurel to columbia, a teenage burglar broke into homes here and has broken up up what may be a large burglary ring. after a call from one victim, they were able to use the iphone finder to pinpoint the location of the stolen device and get a warrant for the search. they uncovered the ipad and evidence for five other burglarys and led to the arrest of a second teen. residents are happy to hear that it works as advertised. >> kind of funny. >> reporter: a dumb criminal story? >> definitely, at least. >> anyone that has an iphone generally knows about this app and use s
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it's a useful tool to solve many crimes in the past and the two 16-year-olds are locked up in a juvenile detention faci >> one of the best things about technology. >> reporter: you can find your phone or the guy who stole it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. so the iphone finder or find my iphone, the actual name, works on ipads and other devices and it can be used to send messages to whoever might have it and shut it down and android devices and others have similar apps. they are worth loading on your phone to find it if it's lost or stolen or shut it down to protect your identity. reporting live in columbia, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, that's a great information. similar finder apps are available for android and devices. police say they are wort
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them. police are looking for clues for the latest homicide the district. a man was found shot in the 1000 block of 44th street in northeast. a resident called police finding the body in the backyard of their home. police have no suspects and no motive but did recover a weapon from the scene. a fairfax county teen was charged with making a bomb threat to a high school. our partners at the washington post report that police have charged a 17-year-old male in connection with the march 2 incident. the teen is not being identified, and police do not believe that last week's incident is related to the other widespread bomb threat that is closed schools in noarnlg virginia and new jersey last week. another rejection of the proposed merger. the people's council for the district of columbia
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can'ten and -- can't accept the proposal that salvages the merger. several city officials would have to sign off on the deal. after a warm work week, our weather will cool off and get wetter for the weekend. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking showers. topper some. bruce, the good news. nothing heavy will fall, depend appear that is saturday is better than sunday. the temperatures, nice. 72 in leeburg and manassas. we would be jumping up and down with these temps if we didn't have the 80s earlier. 52 in gaithersburg and 52 in olney and fairfax, and by morning, most folks in the 40s and a lot of sun to start the day. 47 downto
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and 46 in woodbury. 10:00, clouds move in and a couple of sprinkles in winchester and i-81 and lunchtime, a couple of sprinkles, temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll come back and track sunday, more activity on sunday, and we'll look ahead to next week. only on 9, we have an exclusive look at the proposed design of a new redskins stadium and what a design the. it's got what appears to be a moat with kayakers. it's designed for tailgating which is described as a picnic in the park. hasn't been tailgating around here. this will make it a more lively destination without ruining the turf, he said, and we don't know if it will be built and so, we don't know where it will go. you can see the full story on 60 minutes on sunday at 7:30 on wusa 9. we can still be excited about it. we are just
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wusa 9. coming up, ben carson endorses donald trump for president and marco rubio encourages ohio republicans to vote for somebody other than him. also, our favorite person, a surprise party for the 106- year-old d.c. woman who got to dance with president obama at the white house. >> but up next, former first lady nancy reagan is laid
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hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities honored nancy reagan at a private funeral today. the former first lady planned much of it herself and is remembered for her fierce devotion to her husband and the
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simi valley. >> reporter: a prayer read for nancy reagan and then her husband's favorite song was performed as a reminder of his influence. the former first lady's life seemed inseparable for ronald reagan. the president's letter to mrs. reagan was read. >> i love the whole gang of you, mommy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you. >> reporter: nancy reagan was very involved in planning her service choosing everything from the pallbearers to the flowers. gerst lady michelle obama,
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former first ladies attended. her children remembered her mother's devotion. >> when my fawrgt father was shot, my mother rushed to the hospital and they wouldn't let them see him. i have to, she said. you don't understand how the with us. >> reporter: she was laid to rest inches from the former president. chris martinez, simi valley, california. >> together again. the reagan's hillside tomb faces west to the pacific ocean. relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy attended, and so did hundreds of dignitaries, journalists, and celebrities including tom selleck and bo derek. ben carson came out in support of donald trump during a morning news conference.
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trump's attack against him because he has gotten to know the other donald trump. >> there are two donald trumps, the one you see on the stage and the one who is very cerebral. >> it's such an honor to have ben as a friend. he's become a friend and i really appreciate the endorsement, ben. thank you. >> meanwhile, marco rubio is urging people in ohio to vote for governor kasich saying that the only way to stop donald trump from sweeping next week's winner take all is to defeat donald trump. and a big happy birthday to virginia mclorem who turns 107 years old tomorrow. the d.c. senior lit up the white house last month as she was able to meet the president and mrs.
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affectionately known as america's dancing granny. >> ask the lord to fill every day with love. that's what i am trying to do. >> yes, ma'am. >> i love everybody. i appreciate everything. >> we love you. she also received a $5,000 home makeover gift from bob's furniture. >> she is just amazing, just amazing. all right. a fugitive described as armed and dangerous was shot and killed this morning in norfolk when officers on routine patrol found the man in the road. it's not clear if the felon was armed and police have not said what he was wanted for. the officer was placed on routine administrative
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severe weather prompting more evacuations in the water- logged south. ood warnings are posted from texas to tennessee and the national guard is out delivering sandbags and helping to get people to saved in some of the hard-hit areas. >> mandatory evacuation right now, so get everything we can on the truck. >> just helping the neighborhood. hard to see the people struggling. >> more than 20" of rain fell in northern louisiana just this week. and experts say that is rare for that part of the state. you can only hope, top, that they get a break. >> i mean, it's rare in march. if they get tropical systems accident they get, 10, 20", and march, it's unleft side un -- unheard wof. but the front will move through here but won't
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through? >> oh, yeah. >> tell play cat and mouse with us with drizzle and rain. 3-degree guarantee. sweating this out. 69 and we'll let you know w we did. i am a little worried, actually. a live look from the michael and son weathercam, 71, that's okay. the dew points in the 40s and the winds north northwest at 10 and a drier air mass and it will be colder tonight but nothing out of the ordinary for march. more showers sunday for saturday. saturday morning is pretty much dry and nothing heavy will fall all weekend much if you want to take a swrog in the light rain, you can. some folks like that. cooler over the weekend. so 10:00 tonight, we are clear. it's just cool, pretty mild. 56 downtown and 52 in gaithersburg and 55 in silver spring and bowie.
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and clouds moving in across i- 81 with temps in the 40s. 43 in gaithersburg and 42 in hagerstown. by 10:00, the clouds rolling over 95 and a couple of sprinkles here and there, winchester, nothing heavy or organized. by 1:00, clouds everywhere. you have a soccer game? they will be played. a couple of showers possible, 56 downtown and 57 in sterling and 58 in dale city and sunday, i'll advance it to 2:00 in the afternoon. a better chance of showers and just a wee bit milder on sunday. the dan planner looks like this, fading sunshine and needing a shower by 11:00 and a better chance at 1:00 and temperatures, upper 50s at 1:00. we'll have le
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, not wash out but unsettled, upper 60s, tuesday and wednesday, and a reminder again it's daylight saving time, so move your clock forward one hour and replace your batteries in the smoke and c 0 detectors. >> thank you, top. coming up, caitlin jener is named the face of a popular clothing store's new campaign. metro transit police officers get a new look.
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we want to let you know about road closures in d.c. tomorrow because of the rock and roll marathon at 7:30 in the morning aft smithsonian museum -- near the smithsonian museum of american history. to accommodate the runners, metro will provide service two hours early in the morning. you can learn more, the when and where on our wusa 9 mobile app. metro transit police officers will soon be more visible with new yellow uniforms to become more visible and to help
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more easily on the platforms and trains. the dark navy blue uniformses have been hard to see in the crowds and at low light. passengers will notice signs at metro centers to learn where the 6-car line ends, also. and let's talk about consumer news. the honest company is refuting a report claiming that it uses a toxic ingreedz yent that is listed as forbidden on the label of the laundry detergents. the report cites two independent lab tests but it is honest company disputes that and calls the allegations and general reporting wreckless. jessica alba is a co-founder of the company. caitlin jenner will be the new face of h & m sports campaign and is teaming up with mac cosmetics with the
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groups and charities. facebook snatched up the selfie altering app that lets you jazz up pictures and look totally different. you may never have to leave your home again to see the next blockbuster movie. according to variety, a new movie service, "the screening room," will allow to you watch movies in your humble abode the same day they hit theaters. it will set you back $150 and an additional $50 for each movie. coming up, russia claims that its request for information about the d.c. murder of a former aide to putin has gone unanswered. and he has survived two world wa
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concentration camp. now, an honor for that man. >> her parents say she was murdered, and now, turning
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an alexandria family are teaming up to find out what happened to
5:30 pm
daughter. >> but an investigate said that the 16-year-old died from lidocain. >> reporter: andi mccain said she was running away to be free. days later, her body was found next to the dumpsters in baltimore. police say she poisoned herself to death by drinking a 5-ounce bofertle bactine, a topical ants septic. but the evidence said it might not be the case. >> ever since we received andi into our care, we have always believed she was beaten and raped. >> we did see the wounds on her forehead and cigarette burns and scrapes on the back of her hands. >> reporter: parents hired their own experts including a forensic psychiatrist who said there is no way that the amount of lidocaine in th
5:31 pm
actine would have killed her. >> one of the detectives was talking about lidocaine and used to be a nurse. who knows better? >> reporter: and they say police failed to interview key witnesses and the medical examiner's office -- >> carelessly moving her brain and her heart. >> reporter: this has them asking questions. why can't the family see the rap, kit? how did you reach your conclusion? police are stand buying their findings. >> we thoroughly investigated the case. >> you think after seven years, it would get better and better. it doesn't look that way. >> the chief medical examiner reported it as undetermined. the senator wants questions by march 18. a tragic story from colorado where a local te
5:32 pm
killed in a skiing accident. the 19-year-old died after crashing into a tree at copper mountain resort and was pronounced dead following the accident on wednesday. the summit county coroner's office said that he was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. west virginia police believe they solved the 18-year disappearance of robert covak. the driver license was located next to some remains near the new river gorge bridge in fayetteville. the 24-year-old disappeared in 1998 on his way to a west virginia versus maryland football game in morgantown. his vehicle had run out of gas. russian officials are complaining about the lack of information they say they are receiving about the deaths of a former aide to vladimir putin, found dead in a dupont circle hotel. an occupancy said he died as a result of plunt force trauma
5:33 pm
to investigate his death of. canadian prime minister justin trudeau paid a visit to american university in northwest today and spoke with students. these photos were posted on au's twitter site. trudeau is the first canadian official to make a visit to washington in 20 years. this is the final day of his 3- day visit. former d.c. mayor gray has a financial advantage over his incumbent. he is trying to win back his old seat and the gray campaign has raised $70,000. they have that much plus on hand. the currently councilmember's war chest is just short of $51,000. turning to campaign 2016, and republicans the district will vote in tomorrow's gop presidential pry
5:34 pm
10:00 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. ahead madison ho hotel. and viewers witnessed a kinder, gentler side at the debate in florida, more on policy and less on attack. john dickerson from cbs's face the nation joins us, and what do you make of the change? >> reporter: donald trump, he set the tone in the republican race this year and was doing it again last night and decided to close the deals, talking about unity and showing that he could be more gentle than he has been and other candidates went along with it. >> it's interesting. even if marco rubio takes florida and kasich takes ohio, this is
5:35 pm
them. can anyone catch up with trump at the time? >> reporter: if they are going to catch up with trump, to say deny him the number of delegates he needs, they would have to do the bank shot where kasich takes ohio and rubio takes florida and hope to deny trump the delegates and work it out in cleveland. we'll see if the voters behave that way. it's a bit of a complicated play, and donald trump, by the way, has his own voters who would be energized by the orchestrate from the outside of the process. one of the reasons they are so energize side they think republican establishment members would run them out of washington, and this might be another ploy. and we'll have to see how it works out, and then we'll know whether donald trump can be stopped. >> as someone who covers politics as closely as you do, you have to to be fascinated
5:36 pm
the chain of events. you can download our free wusa 9 app for updates and alerts delivered right to your phone. and the discovery was made on a beach in mozambique, a possible piece of missing flight 370. south african aviation officials are sending the plane part to australia to be exampled. guinness is recognizing the world's oldest man, 112-year- old israel crystal. he lived through worth world wars and survived a nazi concentration camp. coming up
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bryant ad that some television networks don't want you to see. up next, customers at a minnesota restaurant complained their table contained a photo depicting the century old hanging of a black man. >> and a reminder. a shorter weekend. we return to daylight saving time. so before you go to bed on saturday night. move your clock ahead one hour as we return. and please replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that.
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trending now you would think it's 2016 and we wouldn't have to have this conversation but apparently joe's crab shack behind. they are apologizing for using a photo as a lynching for a table decoration. stew on that for a second. >> a group were at joe's crab shack and saw a picture embedded in the table and appears to show a public execution of at least one black person in texas
5:41 pm
the ceapgz said all i said was i didn't like the gumbo. >> it was clear to me it was a lynching. >> sick and confused. it was sickening. it was disgusting. >> obviously, they complained to the manager and in a statement, joe's crab shack apologized and removed the picture and did not say why it was there in the 50 place or if there were similar pictures across the country. facebook is a buzz over it is apparent lane bryant ad. they said this ad was rejected by multiple tv networks including nba and abc and features ashley graham and other models dressed from lingerie or nothing at all, and there was a clip of one model breast feeding. nbc asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast decency laws. and if you think people ar
5:42 pm
marvel hero movie, the new trailer for the captain america movie got 18 million views in 24 hours and featured the first appearance of my favorite, spider-man in the series. coming up, a young girl goes to the dentist and winds up with severe brain damage. >> but up next, meet the rev ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover
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it's the number one jurisdiction for domestic violence in the state and prince george's county is getting extra money to help fight it. >> but that's not enough. so a crime-fighting reverend has made it her life's fiction to stop it. >> reporter: i can tell that you reverend linda thomas is a powerhouse pastor behind the effort to build the one-stop justice center in prince george's county. it's being built but they'll need money to run it. the reverend has lived through the horror herself but that's not why she's doing it. her heart-felt reason comes at the
5:46 pm
>> it's no longer an epidemic but a crisis. >> reporter: it started with a man stabbing his girlfriend to death and then two sisters shot to death while children watch. >> domestic violence does not discriminate. it doesn't care that i was educated and from a christian family. >> reporter: reverend linda thomas said she was abused while she was pregnant. the batter was her daughter's father. >>i recall the horrific experience of being choked as a grasped for air to save my life and that of my unborn child. >> reporter: she founded the domestic violence ministry. >> today, we have come to educate you. >> reporter: this is her at the helm of the red flag conference. >> making you feel like you can't do anything
5:47 pm
name calling. that's not love. that's power and control. i wish i could tell that you the cycle of violence ended with me. but my pivotal point and the most painful part of my experience was when i took my daughter to the family justice center in montgomery county. we weren't visiting. she was a victim. that, for me, was the most difficult part, the passion to do this work. >> reporter: thomas said if you suspect someone is going through this -- and one out of 3 wep and one out of four men will be in an abusive relationship -- she said it's important not to judge but listen. it takes the average woman 7 times to leave a domestic violence situation. >> and during that time is the most dangerous point for them, deborah. thank you for pointing that out and for a full lif
5:48 pm
resources, you can go to our wusa 9 app. a heart-breaking story out of houston. a young girl left severely brain damaged after a trip to the dentist. naviah's mother said she was getting her teeth capped and while her parents were told to wait in the waiting room, she was restrained and given multiple medications. >> this child was physically suffocated. this child suffered massive brain damage during that time period. and that didn't have to happen. >> the dentists' license has been suspended and records show he was reprimanded and fined by the texas state board of dental examiners before. breaking
5:49 pm
astronaut scott schedule whoa just returned from the 1-year stipt on the space -- stint on the space station is retiring. his retirement is effective on april 1 and he will continue to participate in testing. >> i know the two of you were most excited about how he grew. >> i was. 2". [laughter] >> 2". we're looking at a nice day. we lost 10 degrees but when you start at 80, that's not so bad. a live look outside from the michael and sons weathercam, 71 and winds north northwest at 10. i don't know if you heard the winds earlier but at 5:00 in the morning, it got me up and winds were howling at 30 miles per hour as the front went through. it will be chilly tonight. i'm going to take you down to new orleans, louisiana, texas and show you the amount of rain that has fallen. we mentioned this earlier st
5:50 pm
of a tropical storm. this is 16.9" here and this is in the last 48 hours. many areas in the eastern sections of louisiana and -- that's eastern texas and western louisiana had 20" of rain and more rain tonight. our headlines, just showers on sunday, and probably more showers sunday than saturday and looks like nothing heavy all weekend, and then cooler over the weekend, 50s and 60s, and then we need our umbrellas on monday. it will probably be the wettest day of the week as it were. we are looking at temperatures right now generally in the 50s. okay. across the board in the futurecast, temperatures in the 50s. are 56 by tonight and 52 in gaithersburg, and some 40s, chilly overnight, and morning, 43 in gaithersburg, and 45 in silver spring and 45 in fairfax. clouds will roll in during the morning and start with sunshine and then clouds come in. not a lot of showers. 10:00, a couple of
5:51 pm
winchester. 1:00, mid-50s, and the soccer games will be played. 6:00, showers and a better chance still. sunday, there is your showers, light rain, drizzle, 62. warm or monday and showers and perhaps a thunderstorm, 70, and left over showers tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday and upper 60s on tuesday and falling to 60 thursday and friday. maryland terps finally take to the court in the big 10 tournament tonight. >> will a week off play in their favor? we go live to indy. >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah. the fans going in for the second session, maryland, the
5:52 pm
second game. they had to wait all week long for this. but they are hoping that the lighter week of practice will benefit the team, not just physically but mentally as well. the terps are taking on nebraska and they are coming off a loss to wisconsin. they got off the town, getting off the bus, focused and excited to be here knowing the opportunity at stake. yes. a big 10 tournament title would be nice but this team lost 4 of their last 6, and their focus is momentum. >> we're just focused. it's march, the postseason and you can't take any game for granted. if we lose now, our chance of winning the big 10 is over, and we are preparing for the ncaa tournament. we are just focused and have our goals in tact and will try and utexece this as best as we can and
5:53 pm
tournament. >> reporter: now, the terps were treated to a nice surprise last night, the hotel staff welcomed them. the fan base travels really well and that's what the team is expecting this weekend. a big special game on at 11:30:00 :30 this sunday morning and then the brackets will be revealed on channel 9 at 5:30. and it's not just the terps in action. it's the cavaliers back home at verizon center. they are taking on miami. frank hanrahan has a preview. >> reporter: back in d.c., getting set for the semifinals of the acc tournament. virginia really making a push to win the tournament, and they are taking on miami. remember that miami took george mason to the final 410
5:54 pm
that's at 9:00. an early game, maker and notre dame. back to you in indianapolis. >> reporter: all right, frank. thank you so much. the terps, the second game takionng nebraska. much more at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, looking forward to it. coming up at 6:00 w i'm joined by jan jeffcoat, what donald trump's opponents are doing to try and stop him from winning the nomination. >> and new details of a honeymoony couple accused of trying to join isis. >> forget the chocolate on th
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whether traveling for business or vacation, getting a good night's sleep is not easy and now, the hospitality industry is taking note. we have more on the interesting strategy that hotels are trying to help you snooze soundly. >> reporter: for many hotel guests traveling for work or pleasure, falling asleep can be difficult. but thanks to a new sleep program in new york city, bedtime is like a dream come true. >> i travel a lot, all over the country. this is the best i have ever
5:58 pm
>> reporter: dr. rebecca robbins helped to develop the program. >> you want guests to have the best night's sleep of their life. >> reporter: options include bedtime snacks, an extensive menu featuring a selection of pillows filled with water and and that play a lullaby. >> for so long, the industries have given chocolates on the pillows and leaving things that could be the worst thing to do before bed. so there is a shift. >> reporter: hotels across the country have similar programs which sleep amenities ranging from aromatherapy and bedtime books for kids and back out blinds. the general manager, steve sasser, said customizing sleep options isn't just good for guests but businesses. >> i like the buckwheat pillows and firmness of their mattresses.
5:59 pm
deprived. experts say apart from finding the right pillow, introduce neutral tones and consider eating small bedtime snacks to help you to sleep better. right now on wusa 9news at 6:00. we'll hear from the firefighter who saved the life of a grandmother. >> and first, donald trump's efforts to try and remain the frontrunner. posts show marco rubio might be losing more ground from his home state of florida, and ben carson endorses trump making it look more like a two- man race. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: the rally continues
6:00 pm
>> these are the people that are destroying our country. >> reporter: at 1 point, trump had to wait 15 minutes until police cleared them out. the strong reaction is just one reason why some republicans say he would burst the party. >> hillary clinton will wallop donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz and marky on marco rubio wrote and john kasich say they can beat trump one on one. but the rubio campaign had a staffer passing out this flyer outside of ted cruz's event in florida urging cruz's supporters to switch sides. >> clearly, john kasich has a better chance of winning ohio than i do, and if a voter in ohio feels that voting for


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