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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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police officer and resisting an arrest at an off campus fraternity party was in a courtroom this morning. only on 9, his lawyers offer a different version of events. >> reporter: employers argued that students are on spring break so key witnesses to the incident would not be available to testify. jamison timon holding a coffee cup arrived at district court accompanied by a friend. the american university student and fraternity president is facing charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. >> he was arrested and ended up with stitches as a result of his arrest. >> reporter: the charges against timon follow a massive party in january at this off campus frat house in bethesda. charging documents reveal he became agitated after a police officer repeatedly asked him to leave. he allegedly slugged the officer
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eye. >> the body cam video is significant. >> reporter: timon's lawyers argue there is another version of events. they will rely on 7 1/2 hours of police body cam video they have obtained this week. >> we haven't had an opportunity to view all the tape. there is more than one point of view what happened that night. our client is a fine young gentleman. never in trouble before. his version is different than what the police alleged. >> reporter: at the january party, police found more than 200 people just on the first floor. another 75 huddled in the garage. the frat house is leased to american university student tyler steinheart. he will be in court on charges that he provided alcohol to 110 minors. timon will be back in court april 12th, his 22nd birthday. >> steinheart will be in court
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the council on american islamic relations wants donald trump to apologize for what it deems an antimuslim mark. in an interview with anderson cooper, trump said i think islam hates us. muslim civil rights group is calling on trump to issue the apology at the g.o.p. presidential debate in miami. it is the last presidential debate before next tuesday's make or break contest in ohio and florida. as marley hall reports this evening, there is a lot at stake for the remaining candidates. >> reporter: mike lee of utah is the first u.s. senator to he had doors ted cruz. >> unity within the republican party is more important than ever before. we need to unite behind ted cruz. >> reporter: lee's endorsement comes hours ahead of a critical debate in florida. >> so, you will be watching the debate tonight. >> i will be watching the debate tonight. >> reporter: a political science professor at the university of miami says cruz has a lot of work to do to win
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over more republicans. >> for him to now unite the party against donald trump is -- would require everyone to overlook what he has done as a senator. >> reporter: cruz, marco rubio and john kasich say donald trump would be a disaster as the nominee guaranteeing a democratic win in november. the democrats say it doesn't matter who wins. >> people ask me all the time, well, who do i want to run against. that is not for me to decide. given what they have all said, i will take any one of them. >> reporter: before hillary clinton runs against a republican, she has to defeat bernie sanders that pulled off an upset win in michigan this week. >> we have five states coming up including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we will pull off an upset here as well. >> sanders is trying clinton in florida in the latest poll. marley hall, cbs news, miami. clinton has a big lead in the race to cl
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nomination. she is not there yet but ready to take the vision and views. the complete coverage of the debates in florida and election alerts, download our free wusa 9 app. president obama welcomed justin trudeau to the white house for a state visit. they will hold talks on issues from trade to the environment to the fight on terror. >> we faced many challenges over the course of our shared history. while we have agreed on many things and disagreed on a few horse, we remain you need in a common purpose. allies, partners, and friends. >> tonight the president and first lady will host trudeau and his wife for a state dinner. this will be the first time in 19 years that the white house will host a state dinner for the leashed of canada. a treasure trove of alleged isis documents is in the hands of european intelligence officials. a former isis member released
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22,000 pages of secrets to the british media including application forms with the personal information of aspiring terrorists from 51 countries including the u.s. sky news says the disgruntled fighter sold the memory stick from an isis security chief. vice president joe biden was in jordan for talks with king abdullah the second. biden spoke to u.s. troops training the jordanian military. biden sadie feeing isis from an ally front will take a long time. a chance to say good-bye to former first lady nancy reagan. today is the second and last day of a public visitation at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california. much 3,000 people filed by yesterday. a private funeral is tomorrow. virginia lawmakers have approved elevating court of appeals judge stephen mccullough to the state supreme court. be
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appeals he worked in when the state attorney general's office from 1999 to 2011 serving in several senior level positions. he fills a vacancy created when leroy militch retired. a maryland senate committee is scheduled to take up noah's law, a name for a montgomery county officer which would require all convicted drunk drivers to have ignition enter location installed in their cars. the officers father and relatives of other drunk driving victims say amendments have watered down the bill. >> we are hear now at the senate hearing that they can take steps to restore the law to wear it needs to be. and they should. they need to. they have to. if they don't, they have done a disservice to the
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and he is basically -- >> noah's law requires drivers with drug alcohol contents of .0 or greater to have the devices installed in their cars. maryland law requires those with level of bac of .15. breaking news in northeast washington. that's where police are on the scene of an accident at the iconic shrimp restaurant on capitol street. a driver lost control and barreled over bikes at a ride sharing station. two people we are told were injured. one is in serious condition. coming up, a mother shot in the back by her 4-year-old son could face charges. >> up next family members of victims in a mat shooting outside of pittsburgh speak out as police continue to search for the gunman. >> record highs toppled again. 80 at dulles. good for a record. 79 d.c. and baltimore and
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all brand-new records. we are tracking a cold front later tonight. we will tell you what it means in terms of the morning commute
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a developing story out of the pittsburgh area. police are searching for two gunmen that opened fire on a group of friends and relatives holding a backyard barbecue in the town of wilkinsburg. five people
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months pregnant. her unborn child also died. the mother of three of the victims had a message for the gunmen. >> and for the shooters out here taking these innocent lives, you just take innocent lives. you make children lose their parents. you got to stop it now. >> the district attorney described the shootings as planned, calculated and brutal. at this point investigators are not sure of the motive. investigators may never know what triggered a murder- suicide at an engine plant near indianapolis this morning. >> a manager and plant worker were killed. the gunman killed himself. the plant shut down production for the day. the suspected killer that escaped from a mississippi jail has been shot dead by a homeowner. investigators say rafael mccloud used a homemade chain to get a jump on a jail of
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into a man's garage this morning. authorities say he struggled with a homeowner before being shot in the head gllts a mother was shot in the back by her 4- year-old son. she was driving with her son in the back seat when he got a hold of a gun and shot her. she is in stable condition. her son was not hurt. coming up, the death toll climbs from severe weather in the gulf states. >> up next, three montgomery county bank robberies in 15 minutes. and it'sof
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fams ilieface. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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prince george police arrested a man that could have gone on a brazen and brisk bank robbery spree. the first bank hit was the suntrust in chevy chase around 11:21. a few minutes later another bank down the road on connecticut avenue was hit. six minutes after that, a bank in wheaton. late this afternoon, prince george county police made an arrest. >> that's all i need. i am flabbergasted. worried about my security and i come to a bank that is robbed. >> i know some of the ladies.
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2008 bad for them. >> a bank in new carrollton was robbed around the same time but at this point it's not clear if that suspect robbed all four of the banks. a d.c. great grandmother and a firefighter that saved her life are recovering in a burn unit at med star washington hospital center. >> the firefighter gave up his breathing apparatus so phyllis durel had enough air to get out. >> reporter: the only thing between danny lovato and that toxic super heated smoke out of the third floor apartment was the mask and his breathing apparatus. so, he took it off and handed it to the woman inside who needed it even more. >> danny did above and beyond what the call is at times. not to say he wouldn't do it again or anybody would do it. >> reporter: 65-year-old phyllis durel was trapped on
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hanging out of her sliding glass door while the smoke billowed out. >> do you think she would be alive today if not for him? >> no. >> reporter: it it was too risky to take her down the ladder. rescuers used lovato's mask and air tank to take her through the blaze and down the stairs. he shuffled down the ladder, windpipe choked by the soot and burned. his comrades say a day later, he is in good spirits. >> he is talking, the tube is out. they woke him up. >> reporter: the great grandma he rescued is in serious condition from inhaling all that smoke but she, too, is getting better. at med star washington hospital, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> can't thank that firefighter enough. doctors say he is in fair condition and they hope to move
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great grandma durel who had lung problems is likely to need intensive care a bit longer. well, it was moving day. forced for a dozen adults in a tent city by union station downtown. advocates banged up their belongings and threw out the trash. the growing community of 14 tents was illegal and unsanitary. the homeless were given notice before the eviction. advocates are working to pair people up with services and shelters. >> i hope when the social workers try to help us, put us in a group home or give some type of shelter, you know? i am tired of being homeless. >> whatever it takes to get people connected to the right kind of services and support and sometimes it takes time but we are willing to work with people for the long haul. >> a city representative there. forsonal items will be stored
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homeless will spend their nights. it's part of the mayor's long term plan to house the 7,000 chronically homeless people in d.c. california is poised to become the second state to raise the smoking bill from 18 to 21. hawaii was the first state to raise the smoking age and you must be 21 to buy tobacco products in new york city. hamas destroyed 16 tons of snicker bars. they set them ablaze. they were recalled after a small piece of red plastic was found on one of them. israel maintained tight tree strikes on i am ports since hamas took over but chocolate was exempt. a glacier in argentina got to see something that they will probably remember the rest of their lives. look at this. a major portion of argentina's glare sure collapsed into the lake. periodically
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advances over the argentine lake and causes it to separate in half. it last ruptured in march of 2012. officials in louisiana say three people died in connection with torrential rains and flooding. louisiana is under a state of emergency tonight. thousands of families in the state have been forced to leave their homes because of high water. the weather system pounding louisiana stretches from texas to tennessee. and turning to weather, boy, what a gorgeous day for us here. >> unbelievable. early june and no complaints. >> we did find a patch of snow on the ground. >> on upton street. i think it's gone now. i saw it when i came in. >> how many days was that. >> seven weeks. >> seven weeks. >> that's good for us, actually. a live look outside. 72 degrees. winds out of the south at 9. they calmed down a bit. they will pick up again as the cold front drops so
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overnight. it likes impressive right now. showers in pittsburgh and over to ohio and about to cross into west virginia. i got to tell you, most of this loses its punch or goes north of us overnight. mostly cloudy and mild. if you have plans, you are dry through midnight. bus stop temperatures, 55 to 65. also mild. a couple of showers possible early, 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. then returning partly cloudy on friday. a perfectly nice day. i mentioned this earlier, if we didn't have the 70s and 80s, we would be jumping for joy. a couple of showers possible on sunday, not a wash out. 10:00 tonight clouds roll in. temperatures are in the 60s. we got 67 in laplata. 67 gaithersburg and silver spring. by early morning, a few showers will cross over. light green, light activity not organized at all. it's essentially south of i-95 and east of town. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50
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by mid-morning beginning to clear leesburg northward. still 62 downtown and 61 in fairfax. now, by lunchtime, gorgeous. a northwest wind. it may make it cooler. 66 downtown. average high about 55 degrees. about 24 hours from now, clear skies. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. day planner, clouds to start, yes. a couple of showers south of town. then shine by 11:00. 64 and sunshine by 1:00, 66. saturday clouds return. we will keep it for now. a sprinkle at night, 63 of the better chance for a few showers sunday, back to 71. next seven days, there is the wet day. showers and storms on monday. leftover shower tuesday. more showers wednesday into thursday. temperatures wednesday and thursday back into the low 70s. >> let's hope mellow and the terps are ready. >> the journey begins tomorrow. maryland men on the way to the big ten tournament trying to regain the mojo before the big
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well, you are looking at the indianapolis skyline, home of the big ten men's tournament. the terps of maryland opening up quarter final play tomorrow night. still opponent to be determined. after a great start, maryland basketball has been sluggish the last month or so. urgency has to settle in. not much time left in the season. terps heading to indianapolis
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park. the big ten tourney gives them a taste of what to expect in the big dance next week. kristen is following the terrapins and joins us from indy with more. >> reporter: frank, the weather here in indianapolis is not as nice but you know what, the excitement for the big ten tournament is high. we have seen fans from all the schools walking around. as these folks are trying to get home from work, we are in downtown indianapolis waiting for the maryland tera continues to arrive. they put the finishing touches on everything this afternoon in college park. they are en route to the hotel. we will talk to some of the players but also the hotel is throwing the team a little pep rally. so, getting in the spirit of the big ten tournament. we will have much more coming up later on wusa 9. frank, back to you. >> thank you. game on sunday morning 11:30 on wusa 9. big ten final. then at 3:00 selection show at
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5:30 on wusa 9. by the way, georgetown lost today. gw did advance and good question, terps will play either wisconsin or nebraska. they play tonight. we will find out this evening. >> wisconsin is tough. we got trounced. >> they beat the terps once. >> love nebraska. >> all right. last check of the weather. >> a few showers overnight tonight, early tomorrow then we salvage a good friday. back upper 60s. we lose an hour. move folks forward an hour. 71 sunday with a couple of showers. best chance of showers is monday. >> wusa 9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening nice us next. >> we will be back for your only local news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: dishonorably discharged it's two top men at wounded warrior project are fired after a cbs news expoas a on lavish spending by the veterans' charity. also tonight, deadly floodwaters in the south force thousands from their homes. more rain is on the way. violence at a trump rally. a protester is sucker punched. and a koala is killed at the l.a. zoo. "60 minutes" introduced you to the prime suspect. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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