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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of the end of march. the national park service moved up the date to march 18th, when at least 70% of the trees is predicted to blossom. >> this is actually the earliest i've experienced in 16 years. and probably the earliest in history. >> i was a little disappointed in coming. and i know you can't make them bloom year round. but no one was disappointed with the extra sunshine on their afternoon stroll and picnic. >> beautiful. >> or bike ride around the tidal basin, before it's jam- packed in a week and a half. >> it's beautiful weather today. that's why we came out from sterling. >> it's awesome. weather is great. obviously in shorts, t-shirt. we're happy to get a tan on for a little bit. and enjoy the warm weather. hopefully it lasts long. >> reporter: hope it lasts long. and this is where -- -- [ no audio, please stand by ] >> tell people that i did not pick this branch off. they were pruning. so they were already down on the
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and i asked for permission. because you know the rules. no touching. no anything with the trees. also, they had to switch the welcome stage that will be going on here at the tidal basin. because of the move-up date. they were scrambling behind the scenes to talk to all the performers to make sure that they can make those dates. but right now, people are just enjoying these warm temperatures. hopefully topper will tell us it will last. back to you guys. >> it's going to be a busy place there this weekend. surae, thank you. and march and v.r.e. commuter rail, put in place heat-related restrictions today. >> if you can get a chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors today. >> some of us need tissues and allergy medicines. but that's all right. it could be another record breaker, right, top? >> certainly could be. and what is really lovely is the tree pollen. records. here are the records we were trying to beat today.
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81. 79 in dulles. and 79 in baltimore. already 82 in baltimore. 1 shy in d.c. and tied 81 in martinsburg. i think we'll probably have the same deal tomorrow, with temperatures essentially on either side of 80. look at these temps right now. 82 in leesburg. 80 in fredericksburg. and what is kind of interesting. look how warm it is to the west. it's 81 in cumberland. 82 in petersburg. that is crazy. and 76 officially downtown. your evening planner goes like this. 70s at 6:00. and back in the 60s at 8:00 and 10:00, under clear to partly cloudy skies. we'll come back. there is a cold front on the map. make some changes with the weekend forecast. we'll explain storeone woman gunned down by an enraged cheverly man. today, the heartbroken prosecutor in prince george's county called this
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tragedy her worst nightmare. scott broom is live in cheverly, where the emotional aftershocks are still going. and everybody is feeling them. >> you are correct. the outcome here is all too common. in domestic violence cases. you have a victim who recants her story, said it didn't happen. refuses to testify. and then this case, a woman who even bailed her abuser out of jail. >> tariqa jones, mother of 3, and her stepsister, gelisa harris, gunned down. by the same man jones had bailed out of jail. prince george's county state's attorney, also beside herself, with sadness and frustration. >> this is the absolute worst- case scenario. i think this is every prosecutor's worse nightmare. >> kevin tyrese reynolds. including numerous gun and drug charges. he was the father of one of
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he dragged her on the ground on february 10th, causing bruises and bruises and a -- abrasions. he threatened other people. and then she called 911. but by the time the trial came, she took it all back, saying the charges were not true. the case vaporized before their eyes. the judge reduced the bail to $20,000. and jones paid to get reynolds out of jail. >> he went on to kill her and the kids monday night and killed himself yesterday. it's the story heard too many times. >> i think 50% of these cases, the charges are filed and the witnesses never come back. >> it is my decision, whether to stay in a relationship. i don't have the authority to tell a woman whether or not to stay in her relationship. it is my job, however, to keep her safe. and we can do that. >> i want to underline that figure she said in about 50% of cases, you run into dynamics like this one.
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said she knew she was in a bad situation with reynolds. despite the charges against him. she feared he was eventually going to get out of jail at some point in the future. she was intimidated. she decided to recand her -- recand her story and back off. that's what she decided to do. before she did, brosecutors were asking the judge to keep reynolds behind bars without bail. they were prepared to throw the book at him. they didn't get the chance. reporting live in cheverly, scott broom, wusa 9. >> this violence and it impacts all of us. maryland has a resource number for families in need of help in situations just like this. it's a simple number. 211. and today, the maryland state delegate from prince george's county, introduced a bill, targeting domestic violence. delegate angela angel said it expands the abuse to include written and
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and malicious destruction of property. also encourages county boards to incorporate age-appropriate lessons on domestic and dating violence. new information tonight in the case of a virginia boy who was found dead in a septic tank. this afternoon, in a pulaski county courtroom. the father of noah thomas enterand alfred -- entered an alfred plea. that is a not guilty plea. but does acknowledge there is enough evidence for him to be convicted. a judge sentenced thomas to a year in jail for child abuse and neglect. the mother was convicted on the same charges. she'll be sentenced in may. seven people injured after a van rat ran right into a d.c. fire truck, with lights and sirens blazing. wusa 9's deborah alfred, with more on how this head-on crash could have been avoided. >> and adam, what is going on here, around 9:45 this morning, is police say the fire truck office merlin avenue, heading west, this way. t
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were talking about, was actually heading east on maryland avenue. heading in the other direction. now, the fire truck ends up making a left right here onto 11th street. two other cars over there, they stopped. but that transport van didn't. and it slammed into that fire truck head-on. >> and this was an accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: neighbor larry brown says cars and trucks speed through this intersection, using 11th street as a cut-through. d.c. police won't comment on that. d.c. fire and rescue say engine 10 was headed to a gas leak with lights and sirens on, before 10:00 this morning, when this transport van smashed into it head-on. police say the four firefighters in the truck and three people in the van were hurt, but none have life- threatening injuries. the totaled access van is owned and operated by a company called solaria, llc, operating their medical transport business. >> yo. what the truck says.
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>> got you. >> and do they have a good driving record? >> yes. he's a good driver. i mean, very good driving record. >> reporter: ceo says the drive to the hospital and a company uses the van to take people to dialysis and other medical appointments. we saw two other vans with big dents there. and so did this neighbor who didn't want us to show her face. >> and they are always torn up. banged up be, like they have been in a bus or train hit them or something. >> reporter: now, d.c. police say they did write the driver of that transport van a ticket for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. we are live in northeast d.c. tonight. debra alfarone. wusa 9. >> we called the washington transit commission. that's the agency that licensed the solaria. they tell us since they started in 2011, they haven't received any complaints. to prince george's county tonight, where a toddler, a teen and
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happened in largo. fire officials tweeting some video, showing the car on its roof. here it is. and firefighters using heavy machinery to get the driver out. the 2-year-old has serious injuries. all the victims are expected to survive. the crash happened on landover road, right by the beltway entrance ramp. no word on what caused the crash. baltimore city school police officer who slapped around a high school student is now facing charges. officer anthony spence. and another officer were charged with assault. investigators say officer severna bias encouraged spence as he attacked that teen outside of a high school last week. city leaders say they are determined to rebuild the trust between students and officers, entrusted to keep them safe. >> there's nothing more important or sacred than certainly taking care of our young people. and as a result of this, this certainly pierced the trust that actually existed in that particular school. >> spence is
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leave, without pay. bias is still being paid. but he is still off the job while the investigation continues. new information tonight on the man who allegedly sent torres fleeing from the front of the white house on monday. the secret service says 29-year- old jose fuertes of the bronx pushed through one of those barricades that now push people away from that fence. after arresting him on misdemeanor charge of unlawful entry, the secret service said fuertes made what they call homicidal and suicidal statements. but they do not say in the charging documents, whether he charged anyone specifically. a d.c. court judge released fuertes on his own recognizance. another former republican presidential candidate is coming out to offer support. carly fiorina said she is endorsing texas senator ted cruz at a rally in miami. fiorina said it's time for a president who isn't part of the system. fron
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create miami heat tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, squaring off for a debate tonight at miami-dade college. sanders, coming fresh off a prior victory in michigan. but clinton is still the front runner. florida holds its primary next tuesday. we're just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. wanted for attempted murder in idaho. but arrested outside the white house. but troubling questions raised on this front country case. coming up at 5:30. lining up to say goodbye. mourners paying their respects to the former first lady, nancy reagan. why police say he grabbed a gun to kill his
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murder charges after police say he shot and killed mom's boyfriend, when he was attacking her. >> this happened on tolls mill road in spotsylvania. northern bureau chief peggy fox joins you from the courthouse, where the boys faced two charges this morning. peg? >> lesli, unlike so many of these cases we cover, there were no outward signs of domestic violence. no protective orders against the boyfriend. and no calls for law enforcement to the house. but whatever happened yesterday afternoon, concerned the mother's teenage son enough, that he picked up a gun and pulled a trigger. >> from the outside, everything looked and seemed normal. >> cars going by. >> until more than a dozen deputies showed up with lights and sirens. >> i heard the siren. went outside. and looked. a bunch of them in the road. >> inside, deputies found 37- year-old john cony,
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of several gunshot wounds. they say his girlfriend's 15- year-old son killed him. >> i know it's terrible. i tell you that. >> the incident began hours earlier, when conroy and his 36- year-old girlfriend, began arguing. it escalated. >> preliminary investigation is showing that mr. conroy physically attacked her. >> it was all in front of her 15-year-old son who found his mother's semi automatic firearm. >> he fired several rounds, striking mr. conroy. and of course, he was killed. >> reporter: the 15-year-old is in custody at the ra pahannic juvenile center, charged with second-degree murder. >> does it look like he saved his mother's life. >> that's not something that we're going to be able to make a snap judgment on. >> why was this 15-year-old boy charged? >> well, in the commonwealth of virginia, all homicides, by statute, are presumed to be second-degree murder. >> reporter: the 15-year-old is not related to conroy. but the three had lived together for several years, says pierce. >> no matter what the outcome
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a family has been severely damaged or destroyed. >> reporter: after the investigation is complete, the comorn wealth's attorney will decide whether that second- degree murder charge will stay. be lowered, raised, or dismissed altogether. in the meantime, that boy, that teenager, remains in custody. reporting live in spotsylvania county, peggy fox. wusa 9. >> that threat of domestic violence, going through yet another community and family. thank you. >> that 15-year-old boy is charged with second-degree murder and possession of a firearm, during the commission of a felony. new tonight, the cleveland clinic says the nation's first uterus transplant has failed. the operation took place two weeks ago. and the recipient, we told you about her, was a 26-year-old woman named lindsey, who was born without a uterus. and she appeared to be recovering well. and she even appeared briefly at a news conference monday. but the hospital
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experienced a sudden complication. and doctors removed the uterus yesterday. the hospital, we should say, is exploring what went wrong. fairfax county police, catching the few suspects, now horsing around late one night recently. we had to do it. no handcuffs needed here. officers wrangling up a few equines who escaped from their home in mcclane. the department posting these photos on facebook. with the caption, midnight horses, sneaking out for fun on a friday night. busted by the cops. >> it's happy hour. just a little later. with more people. >> they were just -- >> they were just anxious to get out there and enjoy the nice weather. and they said, hey. >> you can understand that, right? >> i gotta tell you, i drove home, several years okay. and there was a mule right in front of the road. >> right. >> what did you do? >> well, i knew where wherehe lived. >> did you escorted him home? >> it was during ncaa basketball. like 2:00 in the morning. so i had to bang on the door. and i woke the poor neighbor up out of a dead sleep. and i said, your me
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and went back to bed. >> oh, beautiful. >> did the mule make it home? >> he made it. well, nothing happened to him. i assume he made it. >> boy, that's a story. >> it's a story, isn't it? you don't see too many mules on your way. this is a fantastic day. changes are going to be kind of subtle, actually. 3-degree guarantee. i am sweating this out. i thought 79 was warm enough. but hmm, we shall see. i'll let you know tonight at 11:00. you can also download our app and let you know that way. nice outside. 76. that's good. 43 is the dew point. pretty dry air mass. humidity, 30% south of the south at about 9. record highs are likely again tomorrow. in fact, they're lower. bus stop temperatures, nice walk to school. probably don't need anything, in terms of the sweatshirt. 53 to 66. and the cold front comes in, late tomorrow night. does not have a lot of moisture with it. maybe
5:19 pm
or late shower thursday night. much better chance in the mountains. then friday is going to be nice. so just get ready. it's going to be a little cooler, but still warmer than average. 9:30, 10:00 tonights, we are still in the 60s, for crying out loud. 55 downtown. 64 in gaithersburg. and 65 in silver spring. by morning, only 50s. 54 in sterling. 55 in stafford. 56 in dumfries and daly city. and generally, partly cloudy. by 9:00, now we're in the upper 60s. and like i said yesterday, i think these temps are a little low. 76, at 1:00 on future cast downtown. 76 in gaithersburg. even warm out to the west. 72 in cumberland. and 74 in romney. you folks are 80 today. or near 80 today. tomorrow evening, still in the 70s with clear skies. and tomorrow night. notice the clouds beginning to move into loudoun county and montgomery counties. there comes the frontal boundary. and good chance of showers. oad,
5:20 pm
late tomorrow night and overnight. but really, not much of a chance. just a slight chance of a sprinkle in the immediate metro area. so day planner, 50s to start. 51 by 11:00. 77 again by 1:00 p.m. so friday, maybe a morning shower. but then a very nice day. okay. here's our subtle change. we're going to go from 80 to 69. i think we can handle that. pleasant on saturday. the front stays south. so we stay dry near 70. next seven days. sunday, maybe a shower. not a huge deal. better chance for showers and storms monday. we're still in the 60s. 70 next tuesday. 74 and warm next wednesday. a remindy, 47-hour weekend. move your clocks forward, one hour before you go to bed saturday night. >> someone give my man a gold star. that's a heck of a forecast. a lot of people in the music industry of sharing memories of george martin. the 90-year-old music producer had a total of 30 number 1 songs, including some of the beatles' iconic
5:21 pm
like sergeant peppers peppers and abbey road. the two surviving tweeted their condolences. paul mccartney saying, the world has lost a truly great man. while ringo starr thanked him for all the love and kindness. amazon debuts a daily interactive style show. and a tire manufacturer rolls into the future of self- driving cars. speaking of rolling. giving new life to disabledab mals. how one man's hobby has turned into a booming business.
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our business. get fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. let's talk about consumer news now. labor leaders at volkswagen warn that job cuts in the u.s. could be tied to the fines that have been levied at the company fors it emissions rigging scandal. the german automaker could face more than $20 billion with a b in penalties for clean air violations. the justice department is suing volkswagen. and german prosecutors say they are now investigating 17 people that may be involved with this scandal. amazon streams its first- ever live tv show. it's 30 minutes. and it's called style code lives. viewers get
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the hosts and the guests. they share fashion tips. they can buy items in real time. and the digital offering is an alternative to qvc and the home shopping network. good year is planning to speed ahead of the pack. by reinvent being the tire for self-driving cars. its contact, is shaped like a sphere that would use magnetic levitation, instead of axles to connect to the car. how fascinating. the tire moves the car in any direction. even sideways into a parking lot, instead of parking parallel. >> sign me up. >> interesting. what started out as a hobby now helps thousands of animals every year. >> a mechanical engineer who decided to design wheels for his doberman. well, the idea took off. so he started his own business with life lesli. they
5:26 pm
workshop. >> how shaworking out for you? >> i consider it a hobby. >> want the business is expanding. they just made carts for a pig and an alpaca. prices range from $400 to $1200, depending on the size of the animal. and if you need two wheels or four. somethings expanding mobility for all. i'm with that. >> you want a bigger paycheck? coming up a little later, we will list this year's top- paying jobs and tell you what a lot of them have in common. plus, remembering a former thrst lady. ousands lining up to say goodbye to nancy reagan. and next, a man wanted for nearly killing a pastor in idaho. ends up getting arrested outside the white house. we'll tell you what he's accused of doing that has beefed up security.
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5:30 pm
some nonhazardous materials over the white house fence. and today, in court,he made it clear, he will fight extradition to idaho. >> reporter: kyle odem was wanted for the attempted murder on sunday, of a prominent idaho pastor. somehow, he was able to board a flight in boise the next day. and travel more than 2,000 miles to washington. >> we put a warrant in the system. how someone with a felony warrant could board an airplane, i'm not the person to answer that question. i'm sorry. >> reporter: odem allegedly gunned down 55-year-old senior pa, stortim remington, as he walked to his car, after sunday services. he was shot at least six times in the back and the skull. >> the boy basic -- bullet basically ricocheted in and in his skull. right above his temple. >> reporter: the shooting came just one day after pastor remington prayed with republican presidential candidate ted cruz. after giving the invocation at his weekend campaign rally. >> police beefed upec
5:31 pm
capitol hill. after odem mailed a rambling manifesto to his family and some news organizations. it mentions members of congress by name. >> there's probably maybe a dozen or 15 or so u.s. senators, along with probably twice that amount from the u.s. house. >> on his facebook page, odem's profile picture appears to be an alien. in an ominous post, he wrote, things are not what they appear to be. the world is ruled by an ancient civilization from mars. i have no time. i have to go. >> reporter: in court, odem appeared mild-mannered. he was wearing a lime green t- shirt, blue athletic shorts and running shoes. the judge ordered him held without bond, calling him an extreme flight risk. he'll be back in court for his extradition hearing on april 6th. reporting live from d.c. superior court, i'm andrea mccarren. wusa 9. >> still a lot of questions as to how he was able t
5:32 pm
journey from los angeles to here. >> pastor remington is speaking with family. and remarkably is expected to make a full recovery. right now, a dozen people are recovering after a greyhound bus crash. sky9 here over the scene this morning on route 123 at ox road. fairfax county police had to shut down three nearby lanes, which at one time, caused traffic to back up, well into prince william county. investigators trying to figure out what caused the crash. all right. victims of a germantown home invasion were tracked, after the suspects put a gps on their car. listen to this. kevin carol and his accomplice, allegedly put a tracking device on a car outside the horse shoe casino in baltimore. days later, police say carol tied up a man and stole at least $1,000. but the alleged robbers, get this. they weren't the only ones using a gps to track the car. sources close to the investigation say the victim's
5:33 pm
investigator to keep tabs on her husband. >> all right. another rocky day for chipoatdly. the restaurant had -- chipotle. they had to close one restaurant in boston because at least one worker tested positive for the norovirus. cleaning crews arrived to do the latest cleanup there. this saturday latest for chipotley, who -- chipotle, which has been plagued by problems. investigators say all signs point to a natural gas leak as the caution of a huge explosion overnight. that blast leveled two buildings, damaged several others and sent nine firefighters to the hospital. they were all on the scene when that explosion took place, responding to reports of a gas leak. all nine firefighters have since been released from the hospital. search dogs have found no other victims in the debris. well, right now, people are saying their goodbyes to former first lady
5:34 pm
died of congestive heart failure on sunday. she was 94 years old. a live look now at how people are paying their respects. this is the first of two days of public mourning at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. reporter danielle nottingham talked with several people about why they felt the need to stop by. >> reporter: nancy reagan's casket was carried into the presidential library wednesday morning. her children followed close behind. inside, the former first lady's family held a private service before opening the doors to the public. tracy king reyes and her 73- year-old mother elaine, were among the first visitors in line. >> i just wanted to pay respects to a great lady that did a lot for our community and for the united states. >> reporter: earlier, a procession escorted the late mrs. reagan as she made her last journey across los angeles to her final resting place. >> reporter: crowds are being shuttled here to the reagan library to view nancy reagan's casket. they lined up for hours before
5:35 pm
the public viewing to make sure they didn't miss a moment in history. >> so you want to be there when you can to see it for yourself. and this is it. >> reporter: many say nancy reagan's greatest legacy is her devotion to former president ronald reagan. >> they just have a wonderful love affair. >> even on the screen, they just have this love that they exuded. >> to me, that was a real woman that took care of a man. >> reporter: as in life, nancy reagan will forever be by her husband's side. she will be buried just inches from him on friday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, simi valley, california. and the public will be able to visit nancy reagan's casket through tomorrow afternoon. first lady michelle obama. former president george w. bush, and first ladies, rosalyn bush, carter and clinton will attend mrs. reagan's funeral. strong words and questions for donald trump. his letter success shared all over the web today. we will bring it to you after the break.
5:36 pm
interesting anymore. dos equis is saying adios. their super swatch pitchman for nearly a decade. i loved him. he was great. here's a look at the pollen. here's why. high for tree pollen. the culprits now are maple and elm and cypress and juniper. grass is actually in the low range. and low also in mold. you can find this by downloading our app for free. we'll come back and talk about when a cold front rolls through. what that means
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trending today, after his big wins. is donald trump, and the hashtag, if trump wins. >> okay. people are taking to twitter today, hypothesizing what would happen if the donald gets the republican nomination. or maybe the presidency. one person tweeting, if trump wins, i will hopefully wake up from the virtual reality, modeling how democracy becomes idiocuracy. okay. this person tweeted the donald's famous campaign slogan. you knew this was coming. if trump wins, america will be great again. >> this person doesn't seem happy with either of the
5:40 pm
leaders. they tweeted if hillary wins, it will be just sad as if trump wins. okay. and finally, if trump wins, his hair piece would need to apply for u.s. residency. because it was made in china. >> once you start hitting the hair. >> that's kind of low. >> just goes downhill. >> something kids are taking stock of. a third grader in north carolina has choice road words for trump as well. >> it has gone viral for being a lesson in leadership and love. jackson said he's read a lot of articles about trump and has seen him on tv and wrote, quote. i think you've been very rude to many people. do you ever feel sorry about the things that you say that are hurtful to others? i have never heard you apologize. well, jackson pleaded with trump to start thinking about the children in this country. we may not be able to vote yet. but we other future. i will be -- eye will choose to be a better person than what you have been teaching to be. if you'd like to read jackson's full letter, it's posted
5:41 pm
wusa 9news app. what are the top stories on wusa 9 app? a new report showing it pays to get a higher education. >> you may have known this already. but glass is out with this list of the highest-paying jobs. taking home the biggest paycheck, are physicians with a median salary of $180,000. and rounding out the top five are lawyers, research and development managers. software development managers. and pharmacy managers. however, glass door points out that higher pay doesn't always equal happy workers. so someone who is going to be looking for a new job pretty soon, this guy. the most interesting man in the world. apparently beer brand dos equis doesn't think he's so interesting anymore. the company is moving in a new direction to attract a new generation of customers. but the guy is just so cool. for the past nine years, the most interesting man has made
5:42 pm
millions jealous of his interesting lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful women. he's also helped dos equis triple its business since he's been around. i can't believe he's been around almost a decade. just days away from selection sunday. we check in on the terps. as they prepare for the big 10 tourney. and that, what's coming up. >> they're going to be fine as well. plus apartment residents, exposed to mold and toxins. they're turning to us for help. we get officials on the phone to address their conc
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a dwrug war here in frederick county? i'm stephanie ramirez, talk with farmers and their fight for and going against medical marijuana. i'll have details coming up in the next hour. >> check out these amazing pictures of a total solar eclipse. 43 people in three time zones got to take in these sites. nasa scientists were there on the ground and used the opportunity to study the sun's atmosphere and solar storms, which
5:46 pm
>> but they can also impact our technology. satellite. gps. and even be harmful to astronauts in space. so it's really critical that we understand the corona, which is where all this action is happening. >> i'd like to understand a few coronas. during the eclipse, the temperature can drop as much as 5 degrees. birds go silent. and many animals return to their nests or hide for the first time in thirst years. on august 21st 2017, millions in the u.s. will get to experience a total eclipse. >> by the way, he wasn't referring to the beer corona. >> oh, he wasn't? >> no. you were. but he was not. all eyes are on the skies here. and just spectacular. >> the good news is. we can have the cold front go through. we're not going to go back in the 30s and 40s. it will be a gentle readjustment if will you. let's start with the
5:47 pm
temperatures have made it as high as 82 at dulles and baltimore. went to 79. seemed like that would be high enough. still 76. that's good. within 3 degrees. winds out of the south at 9. humidity pretty low. actually, a pretty comfortable air mass. record highs, likely once again tomorrow. in part because it's going to be the same air mass. and 78 at national and dulles. nice day to walk to school and take the kids to the bus stop. cold front comes in late tomorrow night. loses most of its moisture in the mountains as it rolls through late tomorrow night, early on friday. i'll keep a chance of an early shower friday morning. friday looks great. cooler yes, but warmer than average. highs around 70. still in the 60s. crazy. 61 in frederick.
5:48 pm
and fredericksburg. and 64 in fairfax. now, bye 6:00 in the morning. that's it. low 53. out toward olney. and bowie, still pretty comfortable start. and a rapid warmup again. by midmorning, we're in the mid- 60s. 66 in fredericksburg. even cumberland and romney will be in the low 60s by 9:00 in the morning. and by 1:00, i think these numbers are a wee bit low. i think 79 or 80 in fredericksburg. then more like 76, 77 downtown. 77, 78. in dale city and woodbridge. by 6:00 p.m., we are still in the low 70s across the board. and by tomorrow night, late, this is 11:30. okay? cold front will sag south of us. most of the showers will be hagerstown westward. looks pretty impressive, i know. but as it sinks southward, it loses all of its punch. we'll have a chance of a shower overnight thursday night. but really not a great chance in the immediate metro area.
5:49 pm
mild. low temperatures in the 50s. by morning, partly cloudy, breezy, beautiful, low 50s to mid70s by lunchtime. and by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, very warm. record highs are likely. hightemperatures around 80. winds out of the southwest at about 10 to 15. day planner. some 50s to start. and then we're mid-60s by 9:00. low 70s by 7:00. and upper 70s with sunshine by 1:00 p.m. now, friday, again. just a slight chance. slight chance of a shower early in the morning. the rest of the day is great. we go from 80 to 69. that's okay, i think. then saturday, the front stays south of us. so we stay dry, pleasant. highs again near 70. next seven days. sunday, a few showers possible. but not a washout. better chance of showers and storms monday. we're in the mid-60s. but then we go back to 70 tuesday. back to 74 with sunshine wednesday. and a reminder, we lose an hour this weekend. move your clocks forward when you go to bed saturday night. ov
5:50 pm
we're going to lose. protesting unsafe food conditions. >> gnu they say the management has turned their backs on them. so they turned to wusa 9 for help. delia gon solves has their story. >> we talked to a number of tenants who say the same thing. management has relocated them to other units in this building that are unsafe. >> this is my last chance. please help me -- help all of us to get out of here. >> annie davis is desperate. having been to the hospital for what she says is exposure to mold and other toxins. lurking in her apartment. >> they had 465 up on my kitchen door. >> of carbon monoxide? >> yes. >> where somebody lit a match. that stuff builds up. and boom. we should have a choice. not be moved from building to building that's not en
5:51 pm
renovated. not been cleaned. not, you know, exterminated for rodents and mice and all that. >> reporter: so we took the concerns to management on site. no one answered the door, even though we saw them inside. >> this is the answering service, correct? >> i'd like to talk to management about it. >> the door opened but nobody was talking. he tells us, they have no recent record of these complaints. >> they may have concerns. but they have not expressed them to us so that we could fix them. >> it is to clean up the section home. to have a long history of past mold. these residents are not convinced. i wouldn't give any credit at all. >> they don't care about the people. all he cares about is
5:52 pm
mighty dollar. >> delia gon salves, -- delia goncalves. >> renovations are expected to be completed by 2017. they file formal complaints and say they will try to address them. now, wusa 9 game on sports, with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. the maryland terrapins have another chance this week to make a statement before the big dance. last few weeks of the regular season may not have gone according to plan, with more losses than they would have liked. frank hanrahan was with the team today. he has more on how they're preparing for the big 10 tournament. >> hi, kristen. maryland basketball getting ready for the big 10 tournament. they're the number 3 seed. they got a double bye friday. they do not know who they will pl
5:53 pm
wisconsin. but you can't get ahead of yourselves. and maryland knows that as well. as they're trying to cut down on the net in indianapolis. >> i think the regular season grind was behind us. i don't know if it was pressure. but just the grind of it. i think our guys have moved on. >> still feels great. we just had a message. it's a win. >> terps will travel to indianapolis tomorrow. opponents still to be determined. they'll play friday night at about 9:00. with the s terpat college park, frank hanahan. back to you. >> and we'll have live coverage from indy starting tomorrow. from the terps' acc foes. they are extra glad the season is over. and were winless in conference play. which means 0-18 against acc opponents. and they got routed. bcc dennis clifford shows us all, there wasn't much
5:54 pm
take away as your best memory from playing basketball, boston college? >> probably just like -- [ inaudible ] [ going on to eat. >> that's a tough season. >> that's when you know it's tough. and actually, b.c.'s football team also went winless. first school to ever do that in the same academic year. we hope for the eagles, a little better next season. >> thanks, kb. still ahead on wusa 9news. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off again tonight. we'lve
5:55 pm
campaign trail. plus, how ♪ as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. get fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon.
5:56 pm
day. small business is better on a better network.
5:57 pm
could the key to controlling your metabolism lie in what changes your life? >> attempting to provide some answers. >> everything is brand new to little charls: he's already
5:58 pm
contributing to science. >> for the first time, we're going to be able to measure metabolism in babies. >> hey. >> he's spending three hours inside this metabolic chamber. it measures the exact amount of oxygen he's breathing in. and how much carbon dioxide he's exhaling. also measures how many calories he's burning. >> it is the metabolic fingerprint for how you'll be for the rest of your life. >> reporter: researchers hope these calculations will better explain how to change that fingerprint. for example, what mothers should be eating. and how much and how often to feed their babies. >> i always wondered why they are all so different. >> my daughter and my 2-year- old seem to be the same. and then my 3-year-old and the baby seem to have the same body. >> mom, amy, was eager to get her baby in the chamber. researchers say it's the only one in the world being
5:59 pm
right now. >> really, it's a brand new discovery. so much not known about a baby's metabolism. >> there are no risks from spending time in here. in fact, charles seems to like it. an experience he may not remember but one that science certainly will. >> the medical center is looking for 40 healthy babies, between 1 and 3 months old. >> only two visits are required. and parents of those babies can research $125 for participating in the study. right now at 6:00, bernie sanders is looking to build on his surprise win in michigan. what does the loss mean for hillary clinton? we're looking at the candidates tonight. and a former marine, accused of shooting a prominent pastor in idaho. how was he able to make it to washington? >> plus, the teenager accused of killing his mother's attacker is now facing murder charges. hello. i'm bruce johnn.
6:00 pm
bernie sanders moves into tonight's debate, with newfound strength from his surprising primary victory in michigan. >> marlie hall has more on both party races. >> reporter: donald trump is showing broad appeal with republican voters as he piles up election victories and delegates. >> the single biggest story in politics today. it's what's happening at the booth. >> trump picked up 58 more delegates, after winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in idaho, picking up 45 delegates. >> there are only two cads that have a credible path to the nomination, a credible path. and that is donald trump, who is 137 delegates ahead of me and myself. >> cruz once again called for marco rubio to drop out of the race. >> thank


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