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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> reporter: neighbors, similarly concerned other than in shock. >> i was shocked the right now, i've got to get off camera, because i'm about to tear up. because she was a wonderful person. >> i was thinking, maybe someone was going to come back and start shooting again. i was really scared. >> reporter: witnesses described hearing two sits of gunshots and seeing a man with long dreadlocks, fleeing down the stairwell. police say this was no random shooting. but they have not announced any suspect arrests or motive. but family members say it was an ex-boyfriend of takira's in a rage who killed people to eliminate witnesses. the three children spared. >> again, that breaking information. ex-boyfriend has been found dead in virginia, apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound. again, this is so shocking because it happened in the same apartment where the
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they survived. they're in good health with relatives. they were ages 2 to 6 years old. jones had worked in a baltimore casino for a while. she was studying to be a dental hygienist or half sister. studied at prince george's community college and was working in a restaurant. reporting live in cheverly, scott broom, wusa 9. >> so many lives shattered in just a quick moment there. scott, thank you. meanwhile, the suspect in another apparently domestically- related murder in landover. in that case, a 21-year-old woman was stabbed to death, and another injured. tonight, join me at 9:00. we'll talk more about domestic violence in a live facebook chat. we'll chat with an author and expert who reviews these kinds of cases in prince george's county. learn more about the signs of abuse. how to get help, share your questions. just follow me on facebook at lesli foster. or go to r
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page. new developments in the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. maryland's highest court has ruled that william porter has to testify against the five other officers accused in the case. porter is awaiting a second trial, after the first one ended in a hung jury in december. the death of gray, who died after a ride in a police van, triggered widespread rioting in baltimore last april. prince william county police say one of its officers who was wounded during a domestic dispute in woodbridge is home from the hospital. officer jesse hevmenton is reportedly in good spirits and thankful for all the support. another officer who was wounded during that same call is also recovering. all three officers recovered including ashley lenden, were all wearing bullet-resistant vests. the question is, why didn't those vests protect them? wusa 9 peggy fox is getting the answers. she's live in
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more. peg? >> i can tell you, bullet- resistant vests have saved thousands of officers' lives over the years. but they are no match for high- powered rifles. and that's what the suspect had in this case, when he surprised the officers, opened the door, and started firing. >> have you tried on here? you just go through here. >> reporter: they're often called bullet-proof vests. but they're actually bullet- resistant. >> spent over the last decade to save over three dozen lives. >> they let me try on a spare one, which is similar to what patrol officers do across the region. >> those rounds go right through patrol officers' vests. they're not meant to stop that level of a round. and they're devastating. >> reporter: the three prince williams county officers were wearing similar vests when they were gunned down, answering a domestic violence call recently. officer ashley guinn
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>> in this case, the suspect had apparently prepared the firearm for the officer's arrival. >> the suspect opened the door and came out firing. he had both a handgun and a rifle. chief steven hudson said it's not yet clear which bullets went where. >> is there anything that can prevent an officer from getting hit? >> with things like rifle rounds? the only thing that would perfectly protect them is if they were inside an armored vehicle. and it's hard to handle a call from inside an armor vehicle. as you may know, officer mike pennington was killed on a s.w.a.t. operation back in 1990, dressed in all the appropriate s.w.a.t. gear. and he was struck in an area that wawct protected. >> the chief said they are looking to see if any chainls changes need to be made to make things safer in the field. >> reporter: one thing officer hudson said is the dispatcher does need to get as much information as possible so officers have some idea on what to expect behind that door. but in this case, there
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information that there were guns back there. he said he will keep having his officers going and knock on the door, and answer domestic violence calls because someone inside could be injured or in danger. that's their job. reporting live in prince williams county, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> peggy, thank you. and we do know that the other officer involved in this incident faces a much longer road to recovery. now, in virginia, the marine corps annual 11-mile race next month is going to be dedicated to officer guindon. she served in the reserves until 2015. a spokesperson for the event says the decision to dedicate the race to her was easy. they say children are sometimes quick to mimic the very worst habiteds of adults. tonight, the internet is abuzz with stories of kids, imitating some of the anger they're seeing in the presidential campaign. thousands of people have shared the post of a fairfax county mom, who says classmates told her third grader that when donald trump is president, her
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bruce leshan has the story. >> we have been unable so far to get hold of the mom. evelynevelyn's mom has deleted the facebook account. but fairfax schools confirmed her story. >> i just got a call from my son's teacher, she wrote, that two of his classmates pointed out the immigrants in the class who would be sent home, when trump becomes president. they singled him out because the color of his skin. in fairfax county, in 2016. petula deborga wrote about it in her column in the washington post. >> kids have always been awful to each other growing up. it's something kids do. but in this case, kids use very specific rhetoric that came directly from the presidential campaign. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald
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tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. >> critics show their fury. >> some, i assume are good people. >> and his response to african and latino protestors. >> out, get out, get out. >> i don't know if we want to name people out. but some certain candidates are completely insane. >> jonathan lopez is anine 18- year-old fairfax student who wonders what he will do if trump wins the race. >> i might have to go back to my own country. >> i don't think he meant that. i don't think he'll deport everyone. >> they say the teacher has spoken to the students, who allegedly engaged in these trump taunts. and he says, the schools are trying to create an environment here, where everyone is treated with respect. in reston, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> sounds like they've got work
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evelyn mom pegeris a fairfax middle school student herself. form of medical marijuana in the commonwealth. the measure allows for cannabis oils to be manufactured and distributed in virginia. those oils will be used to treat people suffering from a form of epilepsy. the bill now heads to governor mcauliffe's desk. crews were call in to extinguish a brushfire today at germantown. about three acres burned. a fire spokesman said it was sparked by a downed p.o.w. line. traffic is now getting through that area, with no issues. a 12-year-old girl is being called a hero for helping her family escape a fire in prince george's countiful. >> flames ripped through an apartment this morning at the intersection of good luck and green belt roads in atlanta. 11-year-old diego hernandez warned his sister that flames
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their mom had just left the apartment to take big brother to school. they found younger siblings in heavy smoke and then led them to safety. >> i was yelling, guadalupe, let's go. she's like, i'm over here. i was like, i'm so dead. my mom and dad get home. it's my fault for not checking on them. >> in fact, diana was not in any trouble. her mom cried and embraced her daughter. grateful that she acted so bravely and saved her little brother and sister's lives. 9 people are recovering tonight after a train derailed in northern california. more than 200 people were on board as the train twisted through niles canyon, during a heavy rainstorm last night. officials say a mudslide likely caused a tree to fall onto the tracks. it was jolting. i mean, it was a fairly wild ride. >> we felt a couple of sharp jerks. then we suddenly slowed down. >> people were crying for help. he had flown out the
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that only nine people were sent is to the hospital. well, it's a rite of spring in washington. and it looks like it's coming ahead of time. >> national park service is moving up the peak bloom date for the cherry blossoms because of this week's unseasonably warm temperatures. the trees around the tidal basin, expected to be in full bloom between march 18th, to the 23rd. that's coming up. it's about two weeks earlier than the previous predictions. top, any surprise there? >> no. not with temperatures around 80. and forecast next couple of days. we're looking at temperatures both 80 tomorrow. and also as we get into thursday. we'll come back, a little cooler. we'll talk about if showers will move in. we'll show you the record highs and let you know if any will fall. may have to rewrite the record books by the week's end. also ahead, we talked to residents as shots are fired at homes across one area county. and we're out on the campaign trail, where vote
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to the polls tonight. and right after the break, justice for the family of a kidney transplant survivor, killed during a robbery in silver spring.
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tonight, a silver spring family gets justice after their son's killer ask accomplice are found guilty. deon sabitter robed and killed justin harris in the basement of his family's apartment home. they already pleaded guilty after the fact. jonathan's ex-girlfriend was also charged with first-degree murder but died in jail, last summer, awaiting trial. wusa 9 anchor jan jeffcoat live with the story. >> lesli, what makes this story even
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jonathan's family is he was a two-time kidney transplant kidney survivor. when the first failed, his mom participated in a kidney exchange, donating to a complete stranger so her son could have a second chance at life. >> i just said, thank god. >> it has been an agonizing 15 months for patricia and her family. >> i feel a sigh of relief. i feel that i got justice for my son. >> job than was just 26 years old, when he was robbed and killed in his family's basement apartment. >> he was strangled and suffocated in this case. [ no audio, please stand by ] >> reporter: ex-girlfriend who died while in jail was the mastermind. surveillance video showed his killers using his credit card at a fast food drive-through after the murder. >> i don't think closure is something that you can get from these rt
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it is more of a realistic way to look at it. jazz jonathan and his brother lloyd were just kids when jonathan's only kidney started failing. when nay got older, lloyd didn't think twice to give his brother his own kidney so he could survive. >> you couldn't tell him no. you couldn't tell him you couldn't or he wasn't -- when he was a fighter. >> reporter: when his kidney started failing, patricia joined 31 others in a transplaint exchange. she gave hers to a complete stranger so her son could receive one from someone else, and it worked. >> i saw him fly, against all odds. >> they will be sentenced in may on three counts of first- degree murder and robbery. >> now. the other two died while awaiting trial. latanya jackson pl
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to being acompolice after the fact -- accomplice after the fact. and she will be sentenced friday. donald trump and hillary clinton are looking to tighten their grips on states holding primaries today. voters to both sides of the aisle head to the polls in michigan and mississippi. republicans will also be casting votes in idaho and hawaii. ohio governor john kasich hoping to lead to a strong showing. >> have the state of michigan send a message and launch me into the state of ohio, where we will have a whole new day in american politics. thank you all very much. among the democrats, polls have hillary clinton with a big lead over bernie sanders in mississippi and michigan. ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. they both vote next tuesday, along with illinois, north carolina, and missouri. maryland governor larry hogan says he won't be endorsing donald trump or anyone else for
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hogan said he is completely disgusted with the national politics of both parties. meanwhile, it turns out, hogan is a pretty more guy, according to a new survey. the gonzalez poll released this morning, shows that 45% of marylanders strongly approve of hogan. another 24% somewhat approve. well, i think 100% of us approve of this. a fantastic day to be outside. to enjoy this spring-like weather. no jackets. no long socks. no long sleeves. we caught up with people walking, jogging just laying out in the grass, hanging out in the national mall. it's perfect. hopefully you sometime to get outside and enjoy the day. so the rest of the newscast is canceled. that's what we're going to do now. >> we will show the rest out on the terrace. >> i had a battle with my legs. they didn't want to come out. but i made them. >> you did shorts? >> had to. they're a little pale. but okay. i gotta start sometime. >> i didn't say an
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that. you volunteered that informat ion. 3-degree guarantee. >> how did it go? >> well, it seemed like a good yesterday, 73 seemed warm enough. >> your poker face is horrible. >> we haven't given up yet. but it's looking good. let's put it that way. we'll have the final numbers in tonight at 11:00. right now, live look outside. 73. that's good. it's on the button. winds out of the south at 7. and dew points in the 30s. so kind of ray dry air mass. but just a spectacular one. record highs are possible tomorrow and thursday. we're going to go 80, around 80 both days. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 64. back-door cold front rolls in on friday that will drop temps into the 60s, which, by the way, is still would have average. and mainly morning showers on friday. the only problem with this front, it's going to play cat and mouse with over the weekend. north of the warm front. back and forth, back and forth. showers and storms will be around all weekend. but not a washout. we showed you this
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break. forecast high of 89 on thursday. record high tomorrow is 80. we're very close to that. i think we'll break the record high of 78 on thursday. obviously, record high of 78 on friday is safe, over that back door front. tonight, 10:00. still 61 downtown. 58 in manassas. 60 in bowie and silver spring. and 59 in fairfax. wow. by morning, not that cold. still 53 downtown. a few 40s. maybe 47 in frederick. 49 in sterling. 46 in manassas. and then by 9:00, temps really start moving up. 60 in gaicters burg and rockville and leesburg. and by midmorning, we're in the mid- to upper 70s. even cumberland, 73. romney, 73 tomorrow. another spectacular day. and i think even nicer than today. we had a few clouds to start this morning. tomorrow looks about picture perfect. by 6:00 tomorrow night, we're in the 70s. 24 hours from now. 70.
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downtown 71. even 72 in fredericksburg. and overnight tomorrow night, very mild. by 11:00, temperatures still in the low 60s and upper 50s. almost like june. really. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. just mild. 48 to 56. winds out of the southwest at about 10. winds will settle down. on the day planner, 50s to start. there will be a few 40s in the burbs am. then look what happens. 68. and 75 by 1:00 p.m. remember, our average high is only 54. thursday, record warmth. 80. and mainly morning showers on friday as the back-door front slides south. it will drop temps into the 60s. we're in a pretty good spot if we drop temps into the 60s. next seven days, we're going to hold in the 60s saturday, sunday and monday. and again, not a washout. but showers and storms possible saturday, sunday, monday, with a front wavering back and forth. highs still in the mid-60s. coming up in our consumer alert. what the tsa says we all need
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break travel. and we'll tell you which hip ster neighborhoods have the right zip code to turn a tidy profit. also on the way next, pedestrian fatalities are way up. and a new report is giving us some of the possible reasons why.
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a new report from our partners at the washington post, finds pedestrian fatalities are on the rise. the governor's highway safety administration says for the first time in a quarter century, pedestrian deaths are going to could for 15% of all traffic fatalities. it cites a number of factors for the rise, including more foot traffic. >> they are the 30 hippest zip codes across the country, when it comes to flipping homes. according to realty track, five of those hip ster neighborhoods are right in our area. alexandria, virginia, hyattsville, maryland. and the district of columbia are some of the hot spots for some of these zip codes. the study said flipped homes yielded a return of at least 50% on the investment. yo
5:25 pm
areas on our slide show on the wusa 9 app. tsa is warning us to expect long lines at the airport. number of travelers taking to the friendly skies is up more than 7%, compared to the same time last year. so they are telling you, arrive at the airport a little earlier to check in. home depot will pay nearly $20 million to settle a class- action lawsuit, involving a 2014 data breach. for months, hackers stole the personal e-mail, credit and debit card information of 56 million customers from the home improvement retailers in store payment systems. the settlement still has to be approved by the court. tonight, herndon's town council will honor two local teens who assisted the town's fire and police departments and may have saved lives. >> amanda asti and her mom were driving on herns dale road. when amanda noticed a
5:26 pm
needs classmate, walking alone near a dead-end turnoff. she thought it was strange to see the classmate walking aimlessly on a cold day, especially at a time when classes were in session. amanda called police and they said the student was reported missing. police quickly responded. >> a lot of people just like don't trust people nowa nowadays. because it's just a dangerous world. i think that we need -- like our community has to be a place where we can trust people and talk to people and -- yeah. just make sure that everything is good. also, honored in resolutions by the town. roberto morales castillo. during the height of the blizzard, roberto noticed several family members getting sick. he had the presence of mind to call 911. firemen responding to find a poorly vented hot water heater in th
5:27 pm
was putting those carbon monoxide fumes into the floor of the apartment. the building evacuated and repairs were made to that heater. >> i remember that story. he was very, very remarkable. straight ahead, we're going to meet a local 8-year-old who pulled off -- wait for it. this -- there it is. incredible full court shot. gotta see that. >> and the crowd goes wild. and with why hulk hogan is suing a news website for $100 million. and right after the break, shots fired at a handful of homes, all in the same county.
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we head out to prince william county now, where residents are outraged after a series of shootings. >> serl homes there have been hit by stray gunfire. wusa 9 stephanie gailhard with details on this. hi, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, guys, imagine if you were sound asleep and a bullet came right through your home a few feet away from where you were sleeping. that's what happened to two people. and now they're afraid and angry. >> we found a bullet lodged in one of his toys. >> you can see right here, where a 9-millimeter bullet came into this house, into his child's bedroom. just a few feet away frowh
5:31 pm
he was sleeping. this isn't the only home that was hit by a bullet recently. about a week ago, here on manassas drive, another home was also hit. that bulleted also went into a bedroom. >> i've been here 12 years. it's never happened before. so it's a little uneasy. a little frightening. >> reporter: and six homes were hit on one night. >> yes. there's a lot of kid negligence the school. and -- kid negligence the school. and -- kids in the school. i'm scared for me and for the kids, too. >> i haven't really felt threatened at all. it makes me feel uneasy that it's happening. >> the couple who lives here can't help but think the worst. their child could have been hit if the bullet went in at a different angle. >> seems like the nicer neighborhoods are starting to get a little more crime into them. and i'm hoping we can fix that between the county supervisors and the po d
5:32 pm
>> reporter: members of neighborhood watch are now on high alert. at this point, police do not believe the shootings are connected. >> certainly is scary, though, stephanie. police say they don't have any leads right now, but they are investigating. well, right now, police in fairfax county are trying to figure out who robbed a woman in some sort of chemical attack. it happened about 10:30 yesterday morning, outside of the rent-a-center on little river turnpike. investigators say an employee was leaving. that's when a guy rolled up on her, sprayed her in face, possibly with pepper spray. the attacker along with another crook snatched the money and took off. so far, police only working with vague descriptions of the suspects. >> that's pretty crazy out there. now to the zika virus, where reports from several countries indicate the sexual transmission of the virus may be more common than we first thought. the world health organization also says ther
5:33 pm
birth defecteds caused by zika. right now, the disease is mostly spread through mosquito bites. sponsors are working quickly to distance themselves from tennis star maria sharapova. world'sworld's richest female athlete. sharapova admitted taking a little-known drug that promotes blood flow for iten years. she is now waiting to learn how long she will be banned from tennis. it was two years ago today that malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared. >> malaysia's parliament, holding a moment of silence to remember the 239 people lost in the presumed crash. relatives of the victims are still grieving and praying for answers. >> my hope is the plane can be found, she says. ari hed the search is going to stop. that cannot happen. >> i'm just imagining their last moments and what they're thinking
5:34 pm
>> a 3-foot-long piece of medal turned up off the coast of mozambique last week. investigators are working to confirm that it came from the boeing triple 7. australia is leading the search for the plane. if crews don't find anything by summer, authorities say they may give up looking. a man whose murder conviction became the subject of a widely popular radio podcast will have his story published in a book. adnan syed was sentenced to life for the death of his girlfriend in 2007. the case came to the attention of the host serial. it is coming out in september. a baltimore judge is reviewing whether said deserves a new trial. to florida now, where hulk hogan is suing the website gawker. hogan, whose real name is terry galeah. claims. hogan is seeking $100 million, alleging the video
5:35 pm
without his knowledge. gawker said publishing the video was legitimate, since hogan has openly talked about his sex life in public forums. a great shot made by an 8- year-old last night on the basketball court. >> something all of us wish we could do hear. 2 seconds left. the opposing team ahead by 2. oh! >> yes. made it. >> number 41 there. william herman of the steelers puts the ball in from half court. >> he's like, what? >> he doesn't even realize what he's just done there. now, that sent the game into overtime against team coleman. william plays point guard with the lead mount vernon sports club. >> i was really surprised i made it and i was really excited. >> he's just going to keep playing. the counselors call him the natural. so i think he's going to keep playing and hopefully play in high school. >> i think that makes his draft stock go up a little bit, right? w
5:36 pm
college and beyond. he's been playing since he was 4. even though his team didn't win in the overtime. he is shooting for the stars next year and in case you didn't notice. look at his jersey. >> he's got some skills. >> he does. trending now, it's kind of like yelp for people. >> why do we care about this. >> it's kind of discouraging. we'll rip into it a little more coming up. an app that lets you rate other people. >> come on. and cops were pretty sure they were dealing with a drunken driver, when they spotted this woman's hood ornament. and a twitter battle. >> i'm all twitter really. here's a look at the pollen count today. high for tree pollen. main culprits, maple, elm, cypress. those are the ones causing problems now. low for mold spores. you can get that on our web. we'll talk about the
5:37 pm
tomorrow and again on thursday.
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all right. let's get to what's trending. and this is stuff you picked. not us. it's touted as
5:40 pm
because gosh darn it, we want to know what you think about us. >> yes. this is as dumb as it sounds. it's a controversial app, available for iphone users to download. it's called peeple. it allows to you rate your neighbors, lovers, roommates and business partners. you can even give a business check. >> adam is a great friend. >> what's linked-in? isn't that exactly the same thing? >> no, it's a little different. >> reviews can only be published with the consent of those being reviewed. plus, real names are encouraged to require accountability. so somebody can go on and rate you and make something up and it stays there on the internet forever. >> why is that important? >> it's not. >> let's move on. a twitter battle between a couple of unlikely foes. bet middler is calling -- bette midler is calling out kim kardashian for the selfie nude pose.
5:41 pm
she said, if she wants us to see a pose she's never seen, she'll have to swallow the camera. >> and kim said, sorry i'm late to the party, i was busy cashing my $80 million. then this tweet. hey, bette midler, i know it's past your bedtime -- can we not read this anymore? >> but if she did make that money, maybe that would help with kanye's debt problems, right? >> we talked about that, too. >> 60 seconds too long. police posted this video on social media, as a warning not to drink and drive. here's the video. >> woman is driving down the street. with a 15-foot tree. stuck in the grill of her car. police say the air bags were deployed, presumably from hitting that tree because you know, nobody would normally drive around with a tree in the grill. it goes without saying, the woman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. or something else.
5:42 pm
of complete stupidity. bad news for acdc fans. they have postponed the rest of u.s. concert dates after doctors warned that the lead singer risks going deaf if he continue the tour. they will likely reschedule r latethis year with a guest singer. key to victory. apparently the proper hair cut. we'll explain what that's all about later in sports. plus, why this fitness company is stretching to new heights across the country.
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police are trying to figure out who did this on to one of their cruisers. vandals using red and green spray paint to deface that vehicle. while it was parked out in westmore land and mcclane last night. officials say they often leave cruisers to increase police visibility and get drivers to slow down. iconic american ballerina, julie kent, is the new artistic director of the washington ballet. after a 29-year career, with the american ballet theater. ke
5:46 pm
bring vibrance and inspiration to the washington dancers. >> we are just so excited to have the opportunity to share with them, everything that we have learned at our long careers at american valley theater. and we are -- our focus is on bringing excellent repertoire to this excellent company and sharing it with a broad audience in the washington community. >> now, kent grew up in bethesda. trained at the maryland youth ballet. a fitness company called class pass is rapidly expanding across the country. as a monthly subscriber, you get to take all of the classes you want at 75 studio -- studios and studios and gyms across the country and around the world. >> reporter: ashley diamond recently took a pop physique bar class. the new york city is part of mor class pass membership.
5:47 pm
members of class pass, which is a monthly subdescription at thousands of boutique fitness studios and gyms. >> you have access to over 200 classes all day long. so you can make working out fit into your schedule. it's the largest of its kind. they started the company in new york in 2013. it has exploded since then to expand internationally. and to these 29 metropolitan areas in the u.s. with more on the way. >> we'll be expanding with different models through the rest of this year and into next year. we'll be in every market in the u.s. >> if you cancel a class less than 12 hours before it starts, you're charged $15. if you don't show up, the fee goes up to $20. >> you can't visit any studio more than three times a month, which means it is not for every workout addict like rebecca. >> when i go to a studio, i'll
5:48 pm
around. >> but class pass provides plenty. mill cal has bicycled at peloton and surfed and bounced. >> i may be doing pilates one week. and want to get my cardio going a bit more next week. >> wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. >> so you can reserve the classes online or by using at an app. the monthly fee ranges from $79 to $125 depending on the city. you can cancel at any time, or put your memberships on hold. looks look a great option for you workout crazy people. >> if you want to get into it, any not? you notice everybody is out there in the shorts, running around. >> you don't really want to be indoors. no. you want to be outside. and tomorrow and thursday. ion. spectacular. gorgeous. let's start, first things
5:49 pm
it's gorgeous. remember, cherry blossoms are out there. winds out of the south at 7. humidity, 29%. pretty dry air mass. record highs are possible tomorrow and thursday. both days around 80. bus stop temperatures. 48 to 64. really pretty mild. back-door front comes in on friday. overnight into friday mornings. will drop us back into the 60s. you know things are pretty crazy, when it drops us back into the 60s. mainly morning showers on friday. but the front will kind of play cat and mouse all weekend. warmest so far. 80 on thursday. cooler on friday, with the back- door front. record high tomorrow is in jeopardy too. i think the record high on thursday is in the bag. that is 78. record high on friday is safe. that is also 78. by the way, if you're thinking about today, 85.
5:50 pm
61 at 10:00 tonight. 58 in manassas. and 59 in stafford. crazy warm. by morning, upper 40s, low 50s. and generally clear. look at 51 in fredericksburg. 51 in fairfax. and 52 in silver spring. by midmorning, temps are rebounding nicely. even romney is 59. and by lunchtime, we're talking mid- to upper 70s. 75 downtown. 77 in fredericksburg. some of these numbers are a little low. i think everybody will be in at least the upper 70s tomorrow. there's no reason why it wouldn't be as warm tomorrow. still, 71 downtown. 70 in bowie. by 10:00, 11:00. almost like june, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. day planner goes like this. 50s to start downtown. 75 mostly sunny by 1:00 p.m. thay
5:51 pm
80. gorgeous. mainly morning showers friday. but cooler back in the 60s. now, next seven days because this front plays cat and mouse with us. goes north of us, south of us. showers and storms, saturday, sunday, and monday. primarily saturday afternoon. back in the 60s. unsettled, yes. but not a washout. leftover showers tuesday. highs still in the middle 60s. that was the maryland women last year, getting word that they are a number 1 seed, as they would go back to the final four before falling short through connecticut. the terps just won their second straight big-10 title. and have the talent to get back to the final four again. maryland now prepares and waits for the selection show next week. where, according to head coach brenda frese, it's not necessarily about being a top seed. >> it's
5:52 pm
over seating. i mean, i don't really put anything into the seating. it's really, when i find that bracket, that's where i know, in terms of if it's a great bracket, or man, this is going to be a tough bracket to be able to get where we want to go. it's all been like that. we've gone to the final four as a 1 seed. final four as a 4 seed. to me, it's really -- finding out the news. i'm all about finding out what's the bracket, who are the teams in it. and i can digest it and we can go from there. we've got you covered here on wusa 9. 11:30 this sunday morning. game on. now, kristen berset is going to be following the terps. i'll be here in town. fortunately, we don't have to travel with virginia for the acc. big 10 final at 3. then selections show at 5:30 sunday. all right. sometimes in sports, it's not about your preparation, confidence, or your disien desire to win. sometimes, it's all
5:53 pm
hair style. iowa wrestler, sammy brooks just won the big weight 10 title. but something else upstairs after the victory. >> i think these fans just respond really well to a hair cut. so that's what i was working on, coming in here. making sure i had it fluffed and feathered, the right way. and i think the fans saw my hard work. i gain trust every time i -- my hair grows a little more and a little more. i trust in myself and my mullet. so it's a process. you know, you can't grow a great mullet in a day. can't win a big title in a day. >> he nailed it. >> that's right. what they say, business up front and party in the back. >> the most well thought out mullet man. in who says post game terviews are boring. >> so as a matter of fact about it. coming up at 6:00, with bruce and jan. voters in four states get their chance to shape the next twists and turns. and the republican and
5:54 pm
president obama -- michelle obama will attend nancy reagan's funeral friday. today, the current first lady spoke about the former first lady's legacy. coming up, concern that only half of the children in flint, michigan most
5:55 pm
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crews are busy, replacing the corroded water pipes in in
5:57 pm
over to dirty water. >> thousands of children need to be tested for lead in their blood. and early detection is critical. wiema jang reports from flint. >> reporter: nurses in flint, michigan hold clinic several times a week to test lead levels. they are hosting children who are most vulnerable. like 5-year-old holden. his grandmother has been nervous, too, for months. >> when this all came about, he was like 2 1/2 to 3. and i know that's a very vulnerable age for the brain. >> reporter: in february, the cdc set a goal for all of flint's 8,000 children, under the age of 6, to be tested for led exposure by april 1st. that deadline is quickly approaching but only have have been screened. >> i don't think that it's very realistic that we'll get it done. we still need for families to realize the importce
5:58 pm
>> nearly a thousand homes still have dangerous levels of led in the water. and 72 children so far have tested positive for high levels in their blood. the number of cases isioing. and so is the frustration. >> my baby can't even take a decent bath. i have to boil water, just to clean my babies up. >> once they test positive for led, nurses make -- lead, nurses have to make followup calls. high levels can cause developmental or behavioral issues. that's why health officials are urging parents to screen their kids. weijia jiang, cbs news, flint, michigan. >> michigan is creating a database to track flint residents for years. >> that's because lead can stay in the bodies for decades. right right now at 6:00. can ted cruz keep the momentum and close the gap even further with donald trump
5:59 pm
presidential primary? and american tourists left dead. and others injured. and three officers. bulletproof vest gets pierced. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> donald trump is now calling it a bad weekend. by the end of the night, we should have a better idea of whether trump remains the clear favorite to win the nomination or whether those attacks on the businessman are cutting into his delegate count. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: voting is under way in several states. and donald trump is leading big in the polls in mississippi and michigan. but he still urged his supporters to get out and vote. >> but let's assume we're tied. i don't want to say it. assume we're tied because you gotta go out. >> ohio governor john kasich has focused heavily to the neighbor on the north. >> if i spend any more time in michigan, i would have to start paying taxes.
6:00 pm
send a message and launch me into the state of ohio, where we will have a whole new day in american politics. thank you all very much. >> kasich is getting support from former gop presidential nominee, mitt romney, who recorded a phone message for the ohio governor in michigan, as well as senator marco rubio in florida, with one goal, stop donald trump. >> these ads are so vicious. and they're so phony. they're so false. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz said rubio and kasich can't win. >> ours is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and can beat donald trump. >> hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders in mississippi and michigan, the two states holding democratic primaries today. she met with voters at a bakery this morning before leaving for ohio tonight. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. both states vote a week from today,


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