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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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temperatures are 10 to 250 degrees warmer than this time yesterday with frederickburg up 25 from yesterday with their temperature at 55 degrees. we are at 48 in town with 40s and 50s in the shen ten do a valley as well. it will be a nice day k. look at the lunchtime temperature, 68. top that, larry miller. >> i don't think i can, howard. 4:30. doing well. quiet, no issues, especially traveling inbound on i-66, dulles toll road and greenway free and clear. traveling southbound on 270 from frederick to bethesda, good to go as well. bw parkway and 95 doing well. a live look shows you how it is shaping up. this is at nutley street. no issues into town. weather and traffic back
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shortly. back to you desk. breaking overnight, police spent the overnight hours at an apartment complex in cheverly, maryland. >> you can see the patrol cars. a forensic van is there. investigative teams were seen entering the building at 6527 landover road. both cheverly and prince george county police have not confirmed what happened. we will bring you more information when we get it. happening today, the man accused of trying to jump the white house fence yesterday is expected to court today. >> the chaos surrounding the arrest was captured by students from tennessee who kept the cell phones rolling as they ran away. the man never reached the fence but tried to climb on to it from the bike racks nearby. the white house was briefly placed on lockdown. >> where are we going, what is happening, what hissing on we were trying to get out of the way. so, yeah. it was crazy. >> law enforcement
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the man under arrest is jose fuentes from new york. he is charged with unlawful entry and will most likely have a first court appearance this afternoon. university of maryland police are asking for your help finding a missing student. 18-year-old sachen pende was last seen on campus friday he was wearing a gray hoodie with nude tika across the front. he has not been in contact with his family since he went missing which is extremely unusual behavior for him. anyone with information call the university's police department. a man is under arrest in a deadly stabbing that we first brought you yesterday morning. prince george county police arrested daniel leonard west of oxon hill. they say he admitted to killing his girlfriend. a second woman
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the attack on 75th in landover. west is being held without bond. they can't take the violence on their streets. community members in southeast d.c. held a meeting to decide what to do. the latest killing, ivy smith shot at a bus stop on alabama avenue in broad daylight sunday. neighbors admit finding a solution is not easy. >> we can talk all day and all night. what about us getting some action done. where are these guns coming from. who is selling it to these young men. >> police are investigating this weekend's shooting. no arrests have been made. plans are in place to honor nancy regular gafnlt mrs. reagan died sunday at age 94 from gen congested heart failure. first lady michel
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attend the funeral. the private funeral is friday in simi valley, california. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband. while the funeral is by invitation only, the public can pay respects tomorrow and thursday when she will lie in repose at the presidential library. you can sign a condolence book at the white house visitor's center at 15th and pennsylvania avenues. it will be on display through the end of the month. the center is open from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the evening. [no audio]. justice department to revamp. the department reviewed ferguson's justice system after the shooting of
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that review cited routine civil rights violations. he was convicted of killing his girlfriend then featured in a serial podcast. the story will be the subject of a book. it is due out september 6th. it is written by a family friend and staunch supporter of him. he is serving a life sentence for strangling hae man lee. start over. that is what reentry day is all about. there is a rally on the statehouse grounds. the goal is to rye height the barriers workers face getting a job having a criminal record. one of the biggest hospitals in our area is changing visitation policy because of an uptick in flu cases. visitors under the age of 16 are notice longer allowed at a hospital. some may be issued masks
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visitors with influenza like symptoms are allowed either. this visitation policy will return to normal after the level of flu infection decreases. more than 100 delegates are up for grades today. >> we will be in the 70s the next few days. look at first alert live doppler. a few sprinkles through d.c. we have stars ahead. they are pushing through. they will be out in a while. we will have great weather the next few days.
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weather and traffic on the nines. futurecast, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. skies have thinned out from d.c. west. by 9:00 mid- to upper-50s. lunchtime people will be eating outside or taking a long lunch walk. this afternoon low to mid-70s. it will be a buy see. seven-day forecast at 4:49. fast five doing well. off to a great start. beltway, 95, 66, 50 as well as 295. if you are heading out the door, travel safely. great commute. for our rail commuters, marc and vre, no issues. a live look shows the virginia side of town, 95 traveling northbound making your way to the springfield
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issues this morning. a live look south of edsel. the next time we will give you a live look at the beltway way. over to you. your money, investors are a little worried about wall street after ash yays markets -- asian markets started selling. the dow picked up 67 points to finish at 17,073. s&p was up about 2 points and nasdaq dropped almost 9. as expected, the justice department is appealing a court decision in favor of apple. a new york judge has ruled apple cannot be forced to provide government access to locked iphone date that. this deals with breaking into the case of a phone of a drug suspect but it poses limb -- similar legal questions to the san bernardino case where the fbi wants to hack into
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under the plan, epsilon will give the d.c. public service commission $20 million which can be used for customer discounts, helping low income customers or modernize the grid in addition to $25.6 million in customer discounts from an earlier proposal. epsilon and pepco are asking the d.c. public service commission to decide by april 7th. a priority for many families looking for a new vehicle, enough room for even in the family and stuff. now more vinny advance are being marked for their gas mileage. the 2017 chrysler pacifica got ratings, 28 on the highway. 18 in the city. overall that averages out to 22 miles per hour. it matches the honda odyssey and one mile less than the quest. what happens when an oscar winner takes on the lier rin
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song. >> it's cool. >> who is getting millions of
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>> i am waiting to see if bloomberg will run. >> he announced he is noted going to run today. >> i feel like, you know. >> the door is open. >> vacuum much. >> power vacuum. >> do you rank billionaires. >> a lot. >> do you really know billionaires. >> yeah. >> are they nice people. >> very nice seeming. >> we will need green, long green. >> we
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you mean money? >> it would be a funny campaign if they were there. >> i didn't realize how quickest. voters in michigan, mississippi, hawaii and idaho have primaries or caucuses. >> republicans are voting in all four. the democrats choose candidates in two states. don champion has more. >> >> reporter: campaigning in mississippi monday night, donald trump kept ted cruz in his crosshairs. >> lying ted cruz who is really a liar. >> reporter: trump leads cruise by 80 delegates. cruz claims he is the only candidate that can beat the billionaire. >> if you vote for anyone else, a vote for john kasich, a vote for marco rubio is a vote for donald trump. >> ohio governor john kasich says he is on home turf now and expects to do well. >> the things i want to say are solution oriented.
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>> marco rubio is using auto made out out the -- automated get out the vote calls. senator clinton leads bernie sanders by 600 delegates. she comb painted in detroit monday night. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> reporter: sanders said clinton was wrong during sunday's debate when she accused him of being against the auto industry bailout in 2008. >> of course i voted for defend the automobile industry. >> what i did not vote for was a middle class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: michigan election officials expect record turnout today. don champion, cbs news. >> michigan will be the big prize with 59
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delegates and 130 democratic delegates up for grabs. get the campaign 2016 developments by downloading our free app. the latest information is on your phone 24-7. be prepared, the scout motte too that proved to be a -- motto that proved to be a lifesaver. ar these men got stranded in an ea where they are worried about avalanches. they were out for a ride but didn't make it out before sunset. >> thick in the trees t too dark. had to stop for the night. >> they were prepared. searchers say the men had a survival kit with them to build a fire and put up a small emergency shelter. crews used cell phone pinging technology to help them locate the men yesterday morning. >> smart, very smart. severe weather including possible tornados hit parts of texas last night. the storms scattered large chunks of debris across the road in parker county. that caused cars to
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there. 7 homes are too badly damaged for the families that live there to return. no serious injuries in this. the president approved virginia's request for a disaster declaration following the blizzard. the storm dumped 2 feet of snow in our area. the governor said it was the most significant widespread storm the commonwealth has experienced. it will cover emergency work and repair facilities damaged in the storm. the first official day of spring, two weeks away maybe but that didn't stop people from enjoying yesterday's warm weather. >> around dupont circle people were in shorts and t-shirts. if you are familiar with the d.c. weather, you know anything is possible. >> last year we had snow in april, right, during march. hopefully this will be the end. >> the first official day on the calendar of spring is march 21st. circle that. this week we expect to
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time temperatures. >> the guy was hoping this is it. is this it? >> if winter is not dead it's on life support. it doesn't look like we will have much more winter. stay in the 70s the rest of the spring. no, i don't think so. but the next four or five days are looking toasty. average highs are 53, 54. we are talking 70s, potentially 80 thursday. tuesday day planner. a couple of sprinkles south and east. sunshine today. well into the 60s by lunchtime. low to mid-70s this afternoon. it will be nice out there. 60s this evening. tonight, you know, a lot of us will stay in the 50s for lows. a few 40s. [no audio]. i am thinking thursday we will break the record of 78 degrees. ar, this is quite a stretch we
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the coldest spot like frederick at 41. winchester and front royal in the mid-50s. pax river at 55. even oakland, you might be able to get a few ski runs before the season is over, 50 degrees. no winds to speak of at the moment with cloudy skies and 48 in town. the clouds come over and a few light sprinkles. the warmer air is moving in on the heels of this west southwesterly flow. this weather pattern will stick around for sp of the workweek -- for much of the workweek. 54 tonight. cool spot in the 40s. you will be able to open the furnace. 78. gorgeous on wednesday. record warmth thursday. may need air conditioners starting to get going. friday a stray around shower. 76. a few showers here an
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sunday -- earlier saturday night we spring forward. 47 hour weekend. larry miller. >> i'm ready. >> ready? >> always ready. especially with you at the helm, howard, i feel safe. if you are traveling on the inner loop of the beltway, 22 minute commute between new hampshire and bran research avenue. those of you northbound on 95, no issues for you on the virginia side this morning as you work up from dale boulevard up to the capitol beltway, 15- minute commute. eastbound on i-66 quiet on the corridor to lee highway. a 27 minute commute. southbound on i-270 from ridge roadworking down to 355 a 20- minute commute. a live look, no issues here at 95 at 216. mike? >> thank you, larry. we have a correction from our story earlier this half hour. a former montgomery court commissioner
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jail sentence. then the judge suspended it. israel mangrove pled guilty to charges of taking up skirt photo. he must write a letter of apology to the victim and attend sex therapy classes. a nashville jury took a day to make a decision. yesterday they gaffer run andrews most of the award she wanted in a peeping tom case. the jury handed down a $55 million award to be paid partly by a nashville hotel and partlily by the man -- partly by 9 man taking the video. she claimed the hotel was negligent in allowing the videotaper to know what room she was in and take the room next to hers. maria sharra prove virginia failed a drug
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she said doctors prescribed her meldonan a decade ago. but the world antidoping agency just added that drug to the banned substance list this year. the 28-year-old didn't check the updated list. the women's tennis association has not announced a penalty. trying to make things right is what one alexandria police officer did. >> cynthia hurley visited a boy whose piggy bank was stolen. she found a similar bank on e- bay and gave it to the boy. the officers took up a collection and 23eu8d the bank -- filled the bank with money. a mismatched chair then jk howling wrote her two books on it. she donated the chair to clarity in 2002
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phrases on the legs. some social media venom between a bona fide diva and a tv queen. >> kim kardashian kardashian tweeted out a nude selfie and with the bars it's a little risque for morning television. we can show you bette midler, if kim wants us to see a part of her we have never seen she will have to swallow a camera. colonoscopy video coming. kim sent tweets in response and put out another nude photo a few hours ago. he has narrated dozens of documentaries and voiced his own movies including shawshank redemption. >> morgan freeman is lending that booming voice to another project. this is justin bieber's song love yourself. >> for all the time you rain on my par and
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get in the club. you think i broke my heart. you think i'm crying on my own, i ain't. if you like the way you look that much, oh, baby, you should go and love yourself. >> "vanity fair" created the video r. it has more than a million views on you tube already. >> justin bieber never sounded so good. pictures gone viral capture a driver in the seat of a semi- truck. >> very unusual. >> firefighters and emergency workers recognize the courageous acts of one local boy. you don't want to miss it. >> what happened moments before this truck goes plummeting over a highway overpass.
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breaking overnight. we are following reports of a shooting in cheverly. we will bring you a live report coming up. >> off the tracks. more than a dozen people are hurt after a train derailment
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tourists on pennsylvania avenue witness a man trying to jump a fence outside the white house. the news starts right now. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. let's start with weather and traffic. >> he is back. larry miller is keeping an eye on the rails and roads. if you are driving a convertible. this is the day to put down the top. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> you will keep it down a couple of days. we had a couple of light sprinkles. it is mostly left the area from the eastern shore to cambridge and oxford. a couple of stranglers here. a couple leonardtown. temperatures -- this is where you need a jacket or sweatshirt early, mid-40s to low
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48 in d.c. great looking day. sunshine, climb through the 60s. highs, low to mid-70s. let's check in with larry miller and see if the commute is anything close to the weather. >> weather will be great. commute is awesome. i don't think you can complain about this tuesday. off to a great start. quiet on the beltway. 295 quiet in both directions. brandy wide, upper marlboro you are good to go. route 4, 5, 301 free of issues. this is i-270 from frederick working to bethesda, you are good to go. next time a live look at the beltway and a first look at how it's shaping up on metro. breaking in prince george county, police are at the scene of an apparent shooting


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