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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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it and we put the seatbelt across her. i maintained this stance during the transport. >>reporter: from the volunteer fire station, they were dispatched to this mcdonald's 3 miles away and they arrived within three minutes and found the toddler blue from a possible seizure. >> she had a heart rate but was unresponsive. nothing i did would arouse her to get her to move at all. at that point, my driver started and we turned the engine around and went to the hospital come ourselves. >>reporter: the child aside today and the little girl's parents issued a statement thanking captain kelly and bloom. the chief put them on nonpunitive leave. >> if captain kelly had waited for medic, how much longer that have taken and would have caused harm to the patient? >> i don't know that we can say this with any certainty. >>reporter: a medic unit and ambulance were en route but kelly didn't want to risk the child's life by waiting for them and he was upset about being put on leave. >>
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it is in my blood. i'm a third-generation fireman. >>reporter: the chief took a few questions but did not answer any questions about the medic, would not tell captain kelly his location, keeping kelly from making an informed decision about whether to wait. >> the medic never responded and told him the location. is that not against policy? >>reporter: captain kelly said he's happy to be back on the job but he feels targeted and worries about the future of volunteer firefighters and stafford. he said it feels like the county is trying to push out the volunteer firefighters. live in stafford county, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the fire chief said the two firefighters were not disciplined or suspended, just put on leave. that accented put the volunteer fire station out of service, temporarily.
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subway system is in much worse shape than he thought. in his first public address about 90 days after taking over, the new gym told the press club about plans to boost the safety and reliability and put the financial house in order. he launched a new webpage where you can track what metro is doing to address demands from the transit administration and he ordered a visible presence from transit police and try to reduce the number of takedowns. >> where these things breaking down? >> lots of moisture and wear and tear and there's a drainage system not working. it's not just fixing that, it is coming at this together one at a time. >> bruce is talking about riders in the system for what needs to be fixed. summer skirt and other sync rv
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a guilty plea for a former run gum ray county court commissioner charged with taking a photo of an assistant state his attorney. all of the suspended probation, and he had to write a letter of apology to the victim and attend sex therapy classes. the victim said she was reading something off his computer monitor at his request when she saw a flash or shutter movement coming from a camera phone. >> the rgiii area in washington is officially over, to no one surprise. the redskins released the former first round. freeing him to sign with any other team. laid this morning, griffin posted a goodbye message to skins nation on instagram. he wrote, thank you for well- being and my family with open arms in 2012. you guys made a truly an honor to play for you and i couldn't imagine starting my career anywhere else. wusa9 spoke with skins fans about their emotions. >>reporter: this man was a
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>> he needs to go somewhere else. it was a good thing. >>reporter: the response from fans, releasing the second draft. , rgiii, it wasn't exactly a surprise to many. >> they aren't going to give him playtime. >>reporter: if the fit wasn't in dc, he has to move on. >>reporter: he was a great quarterback and took it from fans over the past few years after they said he went into what seemed like a slum. >> i don't think he played that well. his first year, when they played him within his schemes that he played in, he did all right. if he gets a new start somewhere else, it's possible he could do well. >> who will do okay. i won't say anything bad. he's good. >> i wish them the best. i feel like he handled it like
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a gentleman. >>reporter: that is how the remember rgiii both on and off the field. >> classic. >>reporter: i'm in arlington, virginian at the national headquarters, and at 7:00 you will hear from a family who says how their lives were changed thanks to rgiii. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> griffin didn't play after kirk cousins was starting quarterback. >> rgiii has been getting love on social media. we are joined with a look at what the burgundy and gold fans are saying. >> a lot of love. despite a roller coaster four years, rgiii leaves with his head held high and the kind of class you want from a team player. he never wavered and many of his fans hope he finds favor with another football team. let's check out some of the social media. sheila wrote, thank you for being part of our team. you had class, professionalism and dignity. best wishes to you and the family and the next team you will lead. god bless. >>
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back in the redskins. this fan is grateful for the fabless 2012 season. thanks for all you have done in the community and on the field. #held to the redskins. best of luck in your new city. they will be lucky to have a class act like you. sorry it did not work out for you here. you were the ultimate professional and sometimes that's what we need to learn before we take the next step. will always have memories of the magical season. >> just in said, thank you for all the memories come rgiii. you are a class act and we will miss you around here. we will cheer you on from afar, so long as it is not dallas. >>reporter: when you look at these thousands of redken staples -- red skin staples, he showed humility when he was be
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you have to think what a huge fall from grace. 2012, second. in the draft and pro bowler, rookie of the year in 2012 and now he has to start with the new team. >> someone in the league said this business will humble you and you never know what will happen. denver is looking for a quarterback. may be? cleveland? >> there's a lot of options, at this point. >> people want to see him succeed. thank you. >> just like that, boehm, spring is here. highs in the 60s today and it will get even better. >> i think you said it. winter is pretty much toast. we start with the average high of 50 for all three days and anytime you have temps 20 degrees above average, high or low, you get in record territory. 73 tomorrow is the forecast and 76 on wednesday. 79 on thursday and that would be a record high. the record highs 70 the national and dallas set
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the evening planner shows 60 at 6:00 and not that cold tonight. 56 at 8:00 and 55 at 10:00. some clouds will role in late tonight, but we stay dry. 6:00, temps around 60 with clouds to the west and by 10:00, some clouds move in. 52 in gaithersburg and 55 downtown and 51 in sterling. we will track the clouds overnight and into tomorrow and talk about how long we keep the 70s. nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband, former president ronald reagan friday during a private funeral. >> americans are mourning the passing of the former first lady who died of congestive heart failure at her california home on sunday. she was 94. chris martini -- chris martin is is live in simi valley at the ronald reagan library with more details of the final goodbye. >>reporter: we were told
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the plans have been in place for nancy reagan's funeral for decades. they're expecting thousands of people to come this week to say the final goodbye. flowers and cards pay tribute to nancy reagan outside the ronald reagan presidential library and museum. >> the first lady of the united states, nancy davis reagan! >>reporter: the former first lady will lie and repose two days before her funeral on friday and will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband of 52 years. dignitaries from across the country are expected to attend. >> we estimate 1000 people will be here for the ceremony and that is what we are planning for. it will be outdoors, rain or shine. >>reporter: nancy reagan was known as president reagan's fiercest protector and her first campaign was against drug abuse. >> just say no. >>reporter: following the president's ei
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controversially advocated for stem cell research. from the secretary of state general colin powell served in the reagan administration and recalls the president depending on his wife so much that he would find it difficult when nancy would take a trip. >> we know after about 24-48 hours that he would become fretful. he became distracted and on the third day we would have a little meeting. somebody call and say that she has to come home. >> he was lucky to have her. he would be the first to say that and she will be missed. >>reporter: the white house lowered flags to half staff in nancy reagan's memory. the public visitations will be held at the reagan library this wednesday and thursday and the funeral will be friday. it is private, but expected to be televised. >> a lot of people will be tuning in to see that. >> flags flew at half staff and
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greeted with this dacia condolence book based on display at noon for the former first lady. people from across the country paused and wrote messages. they shared their thoughts with us. >> her work with the program that she implemented was awesome and we still implement it in all of our schools. she has done a lot for the fight on the war on drugs. >> a great wife, and he was a tremendous president. i'm a city councilman and this picture hangs in my office. >> if you would like to sign the condolence book, it is available from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. every day for the end of the month. white house bid is center is at 15th and pennsylvania northwest. a look at something that held you up today. i-95 northbound, good news, it's back open after being sent out late this morning and early
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the backups stretch for miles, south of fredericksburg. and overhead sign was damaged after getting hit overnight. emergency crews had to spend a couple of hours making repairs on the southbound lane is shut down with the repairs on later to today. >> we are just getting started on wusa9 was at five. the churchmen used in a murder in southeast dc. what the pastor said, coming up at 5:30. keeping your home tidy, a look at housewares of today and tomorrow. bernie sanders and hillary clinton pick up where they left off after last night's debate. one person injured and ahh... yeah! ahh...
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the cvs badly damaged in the baltimore rides is open for business again. looters broke into the store and set it on fire. on april 27, it was the height of the ride and they have undergone major renovations. a looter who pled guilty to setting the pharmacy on fire is serving a four your prison sentence. constructors county police an attack on two women in landover at an apartment was no random act. one woman died and another was badly injured. scott broom is live where the violence unfolded with new information from investigators. phyllis and. >>reporter: the identity of the victim has been released. she is identified as 23-year-old . they're puui
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but won't reveal what they are. she had another woman were found stabbed at about 3:00 this morning inside an apartment in this building on 75th avenue in landover. >> so story. >> residents are stunned by the viciousness of the attack. >> it is in my neighborhood. the family is from el salvador and she was pronounced dead at the at the scene. another woman is expected to county police say there was one attacker who fled from the scene and that she and the other woman were not random victims. police said they have strong leads but they have not announced an arrest. please have been working this case since 3:00 this morning and thoroughly canvass the apartment complex. when i arrived a short time ago they were still working on leads inside the management office, working this case. live in landover, scott broom, wusa9. >> please have not commented on the potential motive for the attack.
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just in from the campaign trail, billionaire and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has decided against mounting a third-party bid for the white house. also, michigan is taking center stage in the race days before the big primary. hillary clinton hopes to gain the upper hand against bernie sanders in the home o america's automakers. >> when the chips were down in the vote was called i voted for the auto bailout and he voted against it because it also helped other groups like the banks. >> the problem is that it is untrue. on december 11, 2008 there was one vote. i did not support the automobile industry. donald trump and ted cruz are within 100 delegates of each other. much more from the gop candidates coming up at 6:00. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather.
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about the 3-degree guarantee. tell us just about anything and we would be okay with it. as long as the temperatures stay with sunshine. 74 tonight, you won't be upset. it will be some kind of warm, almost like may in some records that could fall on wednesday. let's start with the 3 degrees guarantee. the number was 63 and i read 67 coming in. we shall see. the numbers will be in by 11:00. a live look outside, or the weather cam, it is spectacular. 65 right now with wins at 13 and a flu clouds moving in overnight and into the early morning hours. it will stay dry with a few clouds and a cool start tomorrow. a warm finish tomorrow and bus stop temperatures are 42-56, kind of a wide range and 70s the rest of the week and now, af may stay dry through friday
5:19 pm
of five days of beautiful weather for those days in the 70s. 9:30, 10:00, am clouds roll in. temperatures are mild and generally in the 50s. 55 downtown and this is the after dinner walk. 53 in gaithersburg, 52 and bell city. by 6:00, a few clouds and in the 40s. that is as low as he will go. 46 in frederick, 47 in sterling and by 9:00, back in the 50s. either side of 70, and 70 and silver spring and 72 in stafford and up to the north and west, 68 in cumberland and 68 and warm for the mountains and the coast. by 6:00 p.m., we are hanging out in the low to mid-60s and by 10:00 or 11:00, fewer clouds and temperatures t
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may. clouds come in and low temps in the 40 and breezy and cool. tomorrow morning guys return and it will be warm by noon with 42 to start and everybody near 70 by lunch time. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm and beautiful with the temperatures 70 and 75 and the winds and check, southwest at 10 miles an hour. on the day planner, 40s to start. upper 40s downtown and clouds early with returning to partly to mostly sunny and 65 by 11:00. 69, almost 70 by 1:00 p.m. wednesday, gorgeous and 76 and thursday, near record warmth, 79 degrees. next seven days -- friday looks okay with clouds coming in light of the day. no showers for now. 76 with a string of four days in the 70s and 67
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shower or storm possible. same on sunday. not wash out days, little cooler with both days in the 60s and next monday, high temperatures in the low 60s. even low 60s is 10 degrees -- 10 degrees above average. we have an app that lets you play coopwood. workers at a big box retailer -- it's coming up in the consumer alert. peyton manning's emotional goodbye to put ball.
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quarterback peyton manning said goodbye to the nfl. word leaked of the week and that manning was set to retire one month after winning the super bowl 50 with the denver broncos, to the surprise of no one. struggling to keep his composure, he confirmed what we already know. >> i fought the good fight. i finished my football race and after 18 years,
5:25 pm
>> manning retires as one of the nfl's greatest players, the only five-time mvp and all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. in tonight's consumer alert, gas prices are slowly inching back up with prices at the pump jumping 25% in the last month. oil prices are rebounding as refining the -- as refineries to their seasonal maintenance. 1 gallon of gas is $1.81, just about the range in the dmv. expectancy the gas prices climb another $0.30 to $0.50 a gallon by memorial day. costco is boosting wages for entry-level workers for the first time in a decade. sours for new employees increased to at least $13 an hour, up from a little over $11. workers at the top of the pay scale will see a 2.5% raise this year. costco makes the move to compete in a tighter labor market.
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matchmaker, too. the dating up is testing a new feature that allows users to pass along profiles they think might be better for a friend and if they're interested in checking out the date recommendations, all they have to do is give it a swipe. >> that's going to be trouble. a tragic end for the survivor of the boston marathon bombing's and students stepping up to keep coal ash wastewater from getting dumped into a local creek. after the break, stolen
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new developments in yesterday's deadly shooting. >> police said they found the van used in the murder. stephanie galehart is live with the latest. >>reporter: police say the van is registered to this church, mount from and that the pastor said he didn't even know that it was stolen, at all. is that it actually belongs to the adult day care center here. right now, police are going through the van looking for evidence and trying to track down the suspects. they found the van near the crime scene last night. >> with a newborn baby, it's dangerous. >>reporter: kelly stewart is holding her baby closer while she waits for the bus going to children's medical center.
5:30 pm
>> it is ridiculous, what is going on and i'm nervous every day. i pray a lot. >> shattered glass is a scary reminder of what happened here yesterday. a double shooting in broad daylight that left one woman dead and a man injured. >> that is where i get scared. i can go work or go anyplace without getting shot for no apparent reason. it scared -- it's scary the world has to be that way. >>reporter: people who live in ward 8 said it's too many, recently. >> the police, there a constant presence. >> these children forced to grow up too fast like many others who live here. >> they understand. they see it every day. they see it. i just want the best for them and grow them up the best i can and keep them out of the streets. hopefully, the city will go for the better. >>reporter:
5:31 pm
is saving up to move out of here. >> for now, i watch where i go and what i do and who i'm around. just have to keep the eyes open. >> the residents say unless police act now, the crime wave will only get worse when summer hits and more people are out and about outside. live in largo, stephanie galehart, wusa9. >> we know police are going through surveillance video to try to track down those suspects. a finer fell well for the former prince county officer, ashley guindon, was laid to rest. thousands of police officers were on hand to pay their respects. two other police william -- prince william officers are recovering well. ashley guindon was buried next to her father who died in 04
5:32 pm
northern virginia to honor officer guindon. volunteers rolled up their sleeves at a nova fairfax hospital today and we caught up with officer lawson from the fairfax county police explained why giving blood is so important to him. >> it's important that everybody should give blood when they're eligible to do so. obviously, in light of the terrible tragedy that happened, particularly where the cause to support and come out. of this doesn't get you to give blood, i don't know what will. >>reporter: the blood drive continues until 6:30 this evening and there will be another blood drive in honor of officer guindon on wednesday and that will be held at the loudoun county sheriff's office from 9:00 until 3:00 p.m. she survived the boston marathon bombing for tonight, friends and family are mourning the loss of victoria mcgrath, who died in a car crash in duba
5:33 pm
picture following the bombings on april 15, 2013. she was a student at northwestern university, set to graduate this year. another student was killed in the crash, as well, getting ready to receive her diploma. breaking news out of nashville, tennessee. the jury in the erin andrews hotel peeping civil suit has just ruled in andrew's favor. the jury has awarded her $55 million. this was after she was recorded naked inside the nashville marriott hotel in 2009. andrews was seeking $75 million and she argued the man who recorded her through a people should not of been allowed to get a room next to hers. jury selection went under way two alleged accomplices in the murder of an employee at a prince george's county hotel. they are charged in the october 2013 killing at the clarion hotel in the oxon hill. prosecutors said the men robbed the hotel d
5:34 pm
employee was shot and killed. 35 college students camped out in the department of environmental quality headquarters, fighting dominions plan to dump coal ash into the james river and quantico creek. they are trying to convince the director to repeal the permit issued to dominion. we found this picture on twitter. protest organizers said 17 of the students were arrested and critics say the coal ash will be properly treated. dominion claims to have stringent requirements to protect the environments. more trouble from north korea. that company is threatening to launch new trail strikes -- nuclear strikes. the threat comes as the countries commence their annual joint military drills. knots a random act of kindness from an alexandria police officer. >> officer cynthia hurley
5:35 pm
a visit to a boy who had a piggy banks stolen during a robbery last month. she found a similar piggy bank on ebay and give it to the boy and not only that, they took up a collection and filmed -- and filled the bank with money. well done. trending now, the incredible picture of a man protecting a boy from a flying bad during a spring training game. >> what what happens when they tried to use windows 95. >> that threw him off a little bit. rescuers saved a dog trapped on a half frozen lake. >> that is incredible. let's talk about pollen. with the warm air, it is time. the main culprits are cypress and maple and elm and those spores are in the low range.
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an update on breaking news from the top of the hour. the lockdown at the white house. >> we are joined near the white house with more. >>reporter:
5:39 pm
have been told this started out at 4:45 when a person approached the fence line on the north end of the white house. this man managed to get over the bike racks but didn't come close to the actual fence surrounding the white house before he was arrested by secret service. as he might imagine, it set off a little bit of a panic outside the white house. we have video from people who were tourists outside the white house watching this pandemonium go down as people ran away from the scene. it turned out to not be antique -- and a kind of security threat. the person was taken to the ground well outside the white house fence. the white house was placed into a locked on, nevertheless, around 4:45 p.m.. they stayed in the lockdown for about 10 minutes. it was shortly thereafter lifted and we are trying to get more information about the person they're rested and from the folks whgh
5:40 pm
out here and when we get more, we will bring it to you, live. live at the white house, garrett hey, wusa9. >> where people won't get near the fence, there is a full- court press action there. let's get to what is trending tonight. one tweet, two pictures and a lucky little boy. >> sports photographer captured the image of a man saving a youngster from a flying baseball bat during the spring training game that happened over the weekend in florida. do you see that at the center of your screen? the arm blocking the bad and the bad hurtling toward that kids had. you can see the man's outstretched arm and other fans ducking for cover. this is a reason they put up an extended net. it went through the dugout to prevent incidents like this from happening. >> that would have not him out. >> it didn't look like he was paying attention for the last second. he has an ipad or something. >> this guy has a good reflex. >> he saved the day. the next story has people feeling their age. >>
5:41 pm
tried to figure out windows 95. >> . >> let's go online to a 10-year- old browser and open it. >> the internet won't work because there was no wi-fi on windows 95. you had to connect a phone line to your modem. >> what is a modem? >> it is scary to think that wi- fi is so vital. if you go somewhere and there isn't any wi-fi, that is the worst that can happen to you. >> did you see the monitor? >> the worst thing is you don't have wi-fi? clearly, 18's reaction. more than 1 million views since this youtube was posted yesterday. >> what is a modem? incredible video of deputies in utah scooping up a dog stranded on the ice. he was out there for days. watch this. her brother tried to rescue the dog dog, but every time he got close, sadie ran away. the i started to melt and time was running out.
5:42 pm
>> i was watching my brother and i started to tear up. i thought he would go through the ice or i would lose my dog. >> she was so happy to have sadie home that she checked on the dog every five minutes to make sure she was still there. >> just a little adventure. we are whelping -- we are welcoming springlike temperatures and the england royal family is enjoying winter. kensington palace released pictures of william and kate and the french alps. the children, tenure prince george and -- prince george and princess charlotte had a great time on their vacation abroad. >> they are cute. coming up, the terps are headed to the ncaa tournament and much of the credit will be given to the head coach. we will take a look where it all started from mark turgeon. a blender that allows you to check your measuring cups and
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of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. six people died after fire at a boarding house in atlanta. investigators said the flames
5:46 pm
roof and the whole house collapsed on it self. crews were called to the house at 5:00 this morning and officials are trying to figure out what started the blaze. pennsylvania superintendent of schools apologizes after a photo surfaced showing high school students dressed in ku klux klan customs. upper darby school said they were dressed in that as a skit to highlight the atrocity of a the kkk. and a friend of the people in the community and for that, the school officials that his deeply sorry. manufacturers and inventors are looking to improve on items in our home from gadgets to the kitchen appliances. the latest house was on display at a major trade show in chicago. anna warner takes us there. >>reporter: want a blender with an app that illuminates the need to met -- eliminates the need to measure ingredients? or, machine that pulls drinking water from the air? how about a way to make that espresso drink in
5:47 pm
if it something you want from your home or didn't know you needed, chances are it will appear here first at the international home and housewares show. 2200 vendors from 47 countries crowd the floor exhibiting the trends of today and tomorrow. the sales pitches are endless. >> this is a light up lollipop. >> this will keep your coffee harder for longer. >>reporter: they will hock their creations. >> you will see it in stores in 90 days. >>reporter: this is an apt to keep your clothes need. >> i lost it when i came downstairs and my husband is an engineer and i said fix this. >> the family's invention is already getting interest from major retailers. and so is the pancake making machine that
5:48 pm
any shape imaginable. >> this machine can make virtually everything you want, including our local. anna warner, cbs news in chicago. an increase in flulike activity forces changes to the visiting policy at the fairfax medical campus. beginning today, no visitors under the age of 16 are allowed on campus. some visitors may be issued masks and no visitors with influenza -like symptoms are allowed in. the visitation policy returns to normal after the level of flu infections goes down. this might be the week for food lovers to try something new. northern virginia restaurant week is kicking off today. 31 restaurants participate with sweet deals to get customers in the door is. check out our wusa app for details on all the restaurants taking part. always watching and tracking pot -- wusa9 first er
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pretty warm. i will say that i put this on instagram and twitter over the weekend and found some piles of snow around. there is one behind the station. a live look outside at the weather cam, 65 and winds are out of the south at 13. an amazing day. 29 this morning at dulles and they made it into the 60s. we made it into the 60s as well. headlines go like this -- a cool start to tomorrow and a warm finish. bus stop temperatures, 42-56. if you are out there early, you may need a light jacket. 70s the rest of the week and right now, it will stay dry through friday afternoon, may be through friday night, as well. on futurecast, by 10:00 we are in the 50s. a lot of clouds, but nothing falling from the sky. there are no rain clouds, just
5:50 pm
52 in rockville and 54 in silver spring. clouds roll in and upper 40s. the clouds will dissipate. 42 in manassas and 46 in fredericksburg and mild to the west. 47 in hagerstown and by 9:00, stafford is 55 or 56. by 1:00, lunch time, we are around 70 degrees. 72 in fredericksburg and 70 and la plata and close to 70 in places like frederick and gaithersburg. 65 in manassas and 66 downtown. a fantastic day tomorrow and will just get better. on the day planner, 40s to start. upper 40s downtown and 50s
5:51 pm
60s by 11:00 and 69, almost 70 by lunchtime. now, we are talking. gorgeous on wednesday. 76 -- although you could arco -- argue thursday is not too shabby. a record high is 78 and that is in jeopardy. the next seven days, clouds are rolling in on friday afternoon. we will keep it dry was showers on saturday and sunday and a wee bit cooler with the 60s and cooler, lower 60s. now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. this could be the year maryland men's basketball gets back to the final four. we hope so. mark turgeon is in his fifth season as the headman with high expectations. turgeon's interest came when he was at kansas, when he was a player under then coach larry brown who told him,
5:52 pm
you've got no shot at playing pro. maybe you should look to coaching. the young mark turgeon and kansas in the mid-80s, when he played for larry brown. turgeon is now 50 years old and brown is coaching at smu. they remain close to this day and brown an idea as to why turgeon has been successful at every stop he goes. >> the guys like him, little guys, people that have been told they can't do certain things have to develop an attitude that nothing will keep me from achieving my goals. i think he is a perfect example of that. mark ended up starting second semester, his freshman year and i remember the first game we played against missouri -- and they were great -- mark had an unbelievable game and all of a sudden,
5:53 pm
love with this little kid that had a huge heart. i don't think anything is changed. i spoke to him yesterday and he is the same guy. he cares about kids. is bright as can be. pretty neat when you coach kids like that and you see how successful they become. >> we know that this time of year is all about upsets. and, fantastic finishes. a head start in the missouri conference title game yesterday. evansville, northern iowa tied up. [cheers and applause] a shot looks like it's not going in and then it went down as northern iowa is going to the ncaa tournament with that shot. by the way, big sunday coming up with a special game on at 11:30 a.m. big ten title game. at 5:30, the men's selection show here on wusa9. a big weekend
5:54 pm
>> imagine begins. >> thanks. just ahead, metro's new general manager said the problems with dc's transit system are worse than he ever expected. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in a fiery debate and trump and cruise -- trump and ted cruz call marco rubio
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doctors perform the first of its kind transplant in the u.s. >> the transplanted a uterus into a woman unable to have children. >>reporter: when lyndsay was a teenager, doctor said she would not be able to have children. >> i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today, the beginning of the tourney. >>reporter: lindsay, who didn't give her last name, was born without a uterus. she is the first patient in the u.s. to receive a uterus transplant. >> it involves removing a healthy uterus from a deceased healthy woman of reproductive age. the uterus is cooled and transported and implanted in the recipient.
5:58 pm
>>reporter: the groundbreaking nine-hour surgery was performed last month at the cleveland clinic. >> the hospital screened more than 250 women to find 10 who qualified for the research study. >>reporter: women really crave the experience of carrying their own pregnancy and we know those women will get that experience through uterus transplantation. lindsay will have to wait one year before trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. doctor said after one or two pregnancies they will remove the uterus so she won't be on rejection drugs the rest of her life. she took a moment to thank the donors family. >> they provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay. >>reporter: lindsay and her husband are already parents to three adopted sons. cbs news, cleveland ohio. doctors hope the uterus transplant will allow lindsay to have a successful pregnancy. >> the baby would be delivered by c-section around 37 weeks, if she does.
5:59 pm
metal truck the transit system's new gm said it is worse than he realized when he took the job. a private funeral is planned for nancy reagan following the former first lady's death at her california home. fans of the burgundy and gold take to the social media to relax relax -- to react to the release of the quarterback rgiii. and erin andrews case, the jury ruled in favor of andrews and awarded her $55 million. the celebrity broadcaster had been seeking $75 million. she filed a lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during host all the -- during a hotel stay in nashville. the man who recorded the video is robert barrett and he was convicted of stalking andrews. both he an actress testified during the trial. i bruce johnson. i'm jan jeffcoat. how bad is metro? worse than the new boss expected and worse than what we thought about. he has a plan and here is
6:00 pm
>>reporter: he has a long, long to-do list but said metro has already started on a bunch of it. they need to fix it now. for riders and the new leader. safety is priority number one. especially after a woman died in a trapped smoke-filled railcar. >> ever since the incident last year, when the woman lost her life, i felt less comfortable riding the metro. >>reporter: the new gm launched a webpage to keep track of the system's response to the federal transit administration's safety demands. the rail operations center will be fully staffed and that is a yellow work in process. >> much worse than expected and maybe even we've been talking about. >>reporter: the new ceo said


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