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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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here is 295 toward the 11th street bridge. watch out for volume delays. slick roads are causing delays as well. weather and traffic back shortly. as for the news, it starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning, washington. >> a virginia man will admit to abducting and murdering two college students. we will go live to charlottesville as we a wait his court appearance. >> we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> this country belongs to all of us. >> donald trump and hillary clinton rack up big super tuesday victories. where the race goes from here. >> social media sounds off on chris christie's facial
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expressions during donald trump's speech. wake up washington starts right now. >> jesse matthew. >> we have been trying to find justice for morgan for 6 1/2 years. >> jesse matthew will plead guilty to killing two virginia cleaning students. >> >> the mother is speaking out ahead of today's sentencing. >> this morning matthew will plead guilty to abducting and murdering morgan harrington and hannah graham. nikki burdine is live with more. >> reporter: jesse matthews will enter a guilty plea. he was charged with murdering hannah graham and 20-year-old virginia tech student morgan harrington killed in 2009 when she was on a trip to charlottesville while graham was du
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years later. matthews will accept a plea deal that could keep him from facing the death penalty. he is serving one life term for sexually assaulting a fairfax county woman in 2005. this plea agreement will keep the community safe. i don't need to punish him. i don't hate i am. i want the community to be safe and the community is not safe with him in it. >> reporter: that was jill harrington. she is pleased with the deal. jessie matthew will be in court at 1:30. we will let you know what happens. nikki burdine, wusa 9. .and hillary clinton mo
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nomination. trump and clinton won seven states in play and now they set their sites on the general election. >> i will get along great with congress, okay. paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i will get along great with him. if i don't, he has to pay a big price. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. >> ted cruz had a good night as well with wins in texas, oklahoma and alaska. bernie sanders won vermont and three states and marco rubio one state, i believe minnesota. donald trump won in the commonwealth with 35% of the vote. where does it go from here? they face the next major contest march 15th. voters in florida, illinois, north carolina and ohio head to the follows vote for
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presidential nominees. we can expect clinton and trump to dial up the rhetoric. download the wusa app free for apple and android phones. we are tracking new developments in a child porn scandal out of prince george county. another lawsuit has been filed in the case of a school volunteer accused of sexually abusing and videotaping students at judge sylvania woods elementary school. mikea turner is live in glenarden with more on the latest developments. >> reporter: school employees at the school have been accused of overlooking claims that deonte carraway, a farmer teacher's aide acted inappropriately. the principal was the first accused of not taking action now a teacher is caught in the mix. >> a lawsuit filed on behalf of john doe number 3, one of the alleged victims in the case claims a 9-year-old reported something to his teachers that will make you cringe. court cu
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carraway pulled the fourth grader out of class to meet with the school principal. the student was taken to a dressing room in the school's auditorium where another child was waiting exposed with their pants down. he told the 4th grader to doed same thing and he said no over and over again. he went back to class, told the teacher what happened and carraway allegedly told the child to hump him. the teacher said, quote, i don't believe you, go sit down. >> during this investigation, 60 explicit videos were recovered in maryland. it's important that teachers are required to report any allegations, whether there is proof or not. in the next half hour, the school system's response to the lawsuit. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> also in prince george county, a store manager has been fired because he
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the manager of a cvs in beltsville was fired. joe mauer reese tried to stop him from stealing prescription drugs from the store. one of the crooks was armed where a crew driver. >> they went past me, ran to the door. i got to them at the doors and the main struggle happened. i disarmed the one guy from the drew driver and the other guy pinned against the door. >> the robbers got way but they dropped all the prescription drugs they were trying to steal. the american veteran has since applied for a job with the prince george county police department. time is running out to win your part of the 20 k in 20 days give away. >> cuba is about to get a whole lot of satisfaction. no longer exiled from the streets of havana, the rolling stones are getting ready to role in. allyson? >> time for weather wake-up
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call. a six out of 9 today. not bad. it's windy and cold this afternoon. i will let you know how cold it will feel because it will be colder than right now. details straight ahead. >> traffic picking up around town, especially on i-66 as you travel eastbound working your way from areas like manassas into fairfax and slow on 295 and 95 on the virginia side creeping upinto the greenville interchange. alternate routes and a look at traffic after the break.
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on the weather terrace, i get colder and colder. temperatures will drop, drop, drop. wind gusts 30 to 45 miles per hour wind gusts up in hagerstown. my hair is a mess. don't entry to deal with that this morning. take a look at your feels-like temperature throughout the rest of the day. it feels in the 30s already. it will remain in the 30s even though we will see a lot of sunshine mixed in with the winds. it will be brutal. tomorrow morning in the 20s and we are tracking the potential for snow. i will let you know what it means in a bit. >> the curls in your hair are giving us an accurate forecast. >> they are gone. >> you don't even have to worry about hair. >> because it's always fresh, baby. around the beltway, volume picking up. slow on parts of 95 and i-66 as well or as you work your way into town. watch out for that. volume on
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that is inside the beltway past cheverly. metro commuters no issues on trains or buses. everything is flowing freely there. weather and traffic returns shortly. back to the desk. a twitter call for help has these cats purchasing -- purring.
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good morning. 6:14. beautiful sunrise over the nation's capitol. be prepared for wind. you will feel it. 52 but it feels colder. allyson has the forecast. we have breaking news from overnight. just learned a man died after midnight hours after he was shot in southeast d.c. it looks like it happened on the 4200 block of sixth street southeast. that is all police said about the incident. we will stay on top of it. no word on any suspect. as soon as we have more information, we
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along. >> making news across america, the "new york times" reports the fbi made an error and locked the san bernardino's iphone. agents thought resetting the phone's online storage password would allow them to access it. in fact, it did the opposite, it locked the phone. the fbi is trying to force apple to develop software to get in the device. we have received the first video of astronaut scott kelly's return to earth. he ended a record setting 340 day stay in or bit with a fiery plunge back to earth. kelly and a russian cosmonaut were removed from the rocket about 11:30. nasa and mark kelly will plan more on friday. a tornado left a trail of damage soutt
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alabama. homes were damaged, trees and power lines were toppled. those injured were taken to local hospitals and are expected to recover. the man behind one of the first dial up internet services has died. james kims see is being remembered remember this morning -- simmsy -- kimsey is being remembered this morning. robin williams bridge will be remained for him. the rolling stones say they are planning to play a free concert in havana, cuba, later this month. that will make them the biggest act sips the 1959 revolution. they are set to play three days after the president visits there.
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a massive crowd in the country where the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. we start with a treat at mcdonald's. >> we have been discussing this behind the scenes. halfway into lent, mcdonald's is testing some of those sweets that people are giving up. they are testing the cadbury cream egg mcflurry. the product is, as the name suggests a combination of the classic mcdonald's dessert and easter candy. lots of people are talking about it. the problems so far is it's only in the u.k. and australia. >> as long as they have that mcflurry -- >> looks like egg yolk in ice cream. >> why are you hating. >> close your eyes. >> which one did di want. >> shamrock shake. >>
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shamrock shake i am good. >> always a lot of conversation going on in the weather traffic center. the a japan knees island, cats out number people 8-1. a twitter account associated with the island says a tweet saying its 16 residents were having trouble keeping the cats fed. after 17,000 retreats and another four days, tweets -- another tweet to stop sending food because they ran out of places to put the food. so, ask and you shall receive. who needs a pantsuit worn by hillary clinton. >> a brother and sister so admire the former secretary of state they opened two stores, hillary and hillary 2. they
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located on bill clinton boulevard. if you have a trending story, send it to us on twitter or facebook using the lash wake up washington. we would like to talk about it. >> you wonder if the pant suites are fashionable or a joke type of thing. >> or don't wear them and put them in a glass case -- >> they are ones she wore? >> completely missed that one. >> if you buy one, let us know. >> let's talk about how cold it will be today. it looks beautiful. 46 degrees. the rain is gone. sun is coming out. look at the winds out of the northwest. 23 miles per hour. that is the sustained, the constant wind speed gusting overup
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hour gusts earlier this morning through hagerstown. the high winds out of the northwest are ushering in cold air. temperatures will fall all day. all this cold air works in. it will be cold today, thursday and friday. then we will see things get better. futurecast, the rain pushing out. snow showers for the mountains. what about this threat for snow thursday into friday? it doesn't look to be a huge deal. we are talking a slushy wet snow, areas north and west. maybe a little more for some areas, less for most areas. that will be on grassy surfaces on your car. the ground will be warm. it doesn't have a good enough or long enough time to get cold enough to stick to the ground. bridges, overpasses, they can be slick. this is thursday at 8:00. a mix in the district. overnight hours more. on friday a mix again, rain
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areas off to the east. this is not a big event. more of a nuisance and reminder it's still winter. look at the temperatures climb. upper 60s by next week. larry, over to you. >> allyson, thank you. just got early reports of a possible accident southbound side of the b.w. parkway making your way to 175. the ramp is closed. marc train riders on schedule. inbound on 50 you will see the bulk of the volume into cheverly from crain highway to landover road an 11 minute commute. slow on 95 on the virginia side working up to the springfield
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here is a live look to show you how it's shaping up on the 14th street bridge northbound on i- 395, making your way into town, you will see volume but traffic along the bridge is flowing. no good -- good news there. back to the desk. you know that sound, there are three more chances to win your share of $20,000. the next three days we are giving away a thousand dollars to the 9th caller that answers the word of the day correctly. today's word of the day, embassy. be the 9th person to call and you could win $1,000 t. mike is in the control room. he has started picking up the phone. >> good morning, you are caller number 3. andrea they
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word. we are about to give away a thousand dollars after the break.
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we are about to give away one thousand dollars. mike, who is today's winner. >>
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lucky winner. she wins a thousand dollars. she works at a local hospital. she will use the money to pay bills. there is only two more days left for you to win p andrea. >> absolutely. it's not over yet. you have your chance to win. watch tomorrow and friday for the word of the day then be the 9th caller in the sweepstakes and you can win cold hard cash to do anything you would like to do with it. >> still to come, a small child falls out of the back of a minivan on a roadway.
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good morning. happy wednesday. the rain is on its way out. you can see the clouds departing. now the temperatures are going to fall. 46 degrees out there. we started off near 60 degrees with temperatures that will just stay on the colder side for the rest of the afternoon. winter is back for today, tomorrow and into friday. winds are going to be the main story today, out of the northwest into the 30s. winds will be gusting 45 miles per hour bringing in this
6:30 am
snow thursday into iday. not a huge deal. we go through the futurecast and you can see what i mean. the off-ramp from the southbound side of the b.w. parkway, 275 blocked because of an accident causing delays all the way to 100, maryland 1 a 0. watch out for that and expect those delays to impact the morning commute maybe 5 to 10 minutes at this point. around the beltway we continue to do well. this is the inner and outer loop. beltway north of the american legion bridge. volume is picking up. for our metro commuters, no issues for you. trains and buses on schedule. on the whole we are doing well. expect delays around town t. weather and traffic back shortly. as for the news, it starts
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>> welcome back to wake up washington. kids, grab your coats. you will need them. it will be cold and windy if you head outside to the playground today. thank you for waking up with us, i'm may have may have. >> i'm one one. >> new i'm may. the lawsuit claims that a teacher told a student after the student reported disturbing allegations quote, i don't believe you. go sit down. now, if this is true, that teacher violated a state mandate that requires all teachers to report any suspected in
6:32 am
a spokesperson declined to comment saying as a matter of policy it's recommended to not comment on situations where litigation may be contemplated. this is the third lawsuit the county school system has been hit with relating to the case where deonte carraway, a school volunteer, allegedly taped students engaging in sex acts. a teacher told a student they weren't telling the truth when a child was taken out of class and taken to a dressing room for inappropriate reasons. >> at least 60 explicit videos were discovered during the investigation last week. a grand gorp rei indicted carraway on 13 -- grand jury indicted carraway on 13 charges. a catholic school teacher in potomac will be sentenced. justin gordon was
6:33 am
teacher. he was found guilttive having an inappropriate relationship with two teenage girls. a prince college county father accused of murdering his two-year old daughter and the child's mother will be in court today. darren johnson admitted committing the february 2nd crime. prosecutors say he was angry about child support payments. johnson faces two counts of first and second-degree murder. we learned jesse matthew will plead guilty to abducting and murdering two college students. >> nikki burdine is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. jessie matthew will be here this afternoon where he will accept a guilty plea in the death of morgan harrington and hannah graham. this is a long and painful process for the families, one that they say -- they are thankful to see an end to but one that
6:34 am
celebrating because in the end their daughters are still gone. jessie matthew is facing a life sentence in a 2005 sexual assault in fairfax county. news of the plea deal came out monday that would likely keep jessie matthew from facing the death penalty. morgan harrington's mother told us she is content with the agreement. >> we have been trying to find justice for morgan for 6 1/2 years. that is a long time. this plea agreement will keep the community safe, which has always been my paramount motivation. >> jesse matthew will be in court at 1:30 this afternoon and we will be there and let you know what happens. nikki burdine, wusa 9. for the second night in a row protestors gathered to bring attention to the death of a winchester virginia, man. >> he died
6:35 am
pursued by winchester police. investigators say he shot himself and initial findings show officers did not fire their weapons. but his family says he would never take his own life. the winchester police department asked virginia state police to investigate and an autopsy is being conducted. fallen officer ashley guindon is being taken to massachusetts. she will be buried next to her father. funeral services were held tuesday. she was killed responding to a domestic disturbance. it was her second day on the police force. family, friends and complete strangers are remembering the woodbridge mother gunned down at her house. a vigil was held for crystal hamilton last night. many of her friends remembered her as an amazing person. police say her husband killed her after years of domestic abuse. still to come, prin
6:36 am
that is what will happen at a local military base. >> plus, what was he thinking. that's the social media buzz behind former candidate turned trump supporters chris christie. >> it's windy out here. your weather wake-up call time calling for a six out of 9 day. it's windy making it feel like winter. it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they cra oshedur economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fieamils face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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good morning. happy wednesday. we are dry. the rain is gone. now the winds have picked up and the temperatures are going to drop. it's cold out there. it dropped about 15 degrees
6:40 am
since midnight. wind gusts up to near 45 miles per hour up there through hagerstown. 33 miles per hour in washington. so, this is what it feels like out there into the 30s and 20s. through the afternoon it will feel in the 20s and 30s. a lot of sunshine. the winds do not let up until tonight. then we track snow. i will let you know how much and what we mean coming up. in our fast five we have volume on the beltway. it remains slow going on 95 as well as 66. to the springfield interchange, working past manassas to centerville. for those of you along 50, volume inside the beltway. this is 295. you can see what we are talking about here. this is 295 heading to the 11th street bridge. back to the maps, my
6:41 am
we do have an accident on suitland parkway. two cars involved in that. you could see residual delays associated with that accident. take it easy. the roads are slick. weather and traffic back shortly. we will send it back to the desk. local firefighters rush into a home and come out with a couple of four-legged victims. more coming up in an update from the live desk. >> temporary rules for people on pub crawls in d.c. could soon become permanent. >> tracking your teenager? yeah, there is an app for that. you may get mislead. how parents can turn the tables and stay ahead of their
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... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ good morning. welcome back to wake up washington. it's a ponytail kind of day, ladies. allyson says the wind will be whipping. if you use the water taxi or ferry to get across the water, you will be cold. let's check in with
6:45 am
night's late show. >> in regard to who won, i think we all lost. >> now he is repeating himself. >> everyone is dumb, i will make america great again. >> this guy is a choke artist. this guy is a liar. >> you have a combination of factors. [ indiscernible ] >> it was like ultimate fighting but without the satisfaction of seeing any of them get kicked in the face. >> trump brands everybody, himself and everybody. catch "the late show" with stephen colbert weeknights on cbs. >> it airs after 9 news at 11:00. check this out, this toddler falls out of the back of a moving van. the little guy gets up and starts running. he was brought to safety by
6:46 am
vehicle following him. look. then they stopped. the two-year old got out, crawled to the truck and fell out of the van. you saw that. there is the video showing him climbing on his feet and running after the van. >> somebody picked him up. he was fine. given back to grandpa. time to check in with our partners at cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell is in new york with this morning's preview. hi, nora. >> good morning, mike and andre i can't. ahead we have -- andrea ahead we have the super tuesday results. we will ask about how the races are shaping up after donald trump and hillary clinton have the big wins. and the best places to live in america. is phil collins ready to come out of retirement? the rare interview with the music superstar. the news is back so we will see you at 7:00. >>
6:47 am
nora. >> thanks so much. you guys have a good show. at the live desk a rescue operation carried out by the prince george county fire department. one person and two dogs had to be rescued from this burning home in ketterring. rescue crews tried to revive both dogs. you can see them surrounded by a team. they did manage to save one dog and the other did not make it unfortunately. no one else was injured in the fire. that's the latest from the live desk. >> thank you, knick. the pepco-epsilon merger is hanging in the balance. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is wrawling her support for the deal -- withdrawing her support for the deal. the mayor says the new terms proposed by the psc would not protect the residents from rate >>creases.
6:48 am
in the district could be made permanent today. the city's alcohol control board will meet to discuss the issues this afternoon. the rules include licensing pub crawls and providing food to those drinking. they were put into effect earlier this year and will run out in may if no action is taken. it's just a drill. first responders at quantico will take part in an active shooter scenario. it plays out between 8:00 a.m. and noon and begins with multiple 911 calls of a shooter on the base. first responders will be taking part in the drill. it is a drill. redskins will go one season without a quarterback controversy. they placed the nonexclusive franchise tag on kirk cousins. other teams can negotiate but they have to give washington two first round picks and the redskins could match the offer to keep cousins f.
6:49 am
contract is reached he will make nearly 20 million next year. >> making more than tom brady. >> a lot more, double. >> younger. he has more of a future. tom brady will be all right. we will be okay today. >> nod a bad day. i hate wind. >> you haven't lost all the corms. >> i am trying to do re -- lost all your curls. >> i am trying to do repair. 45 miles per hour gusts here from time to time. we saw bone in hagerstown, 45 miles per hour gust. in washington as high as 33 within the past hour winds out of the northwest, sustained wind of 20, 25 miles per hour. these winds out of the northwest are ushering in the cold air. 46 degrees. we started off at midnight about 60. temperatures have fallen off as expected. it feels only in the 30s. it will feel in the 20s and 30s for the rest of the day. it will feel in the 20s as it es
6:50 am
tonight. the winds will diminish late tonight through tomorrow. here is the cold air working in. it will feel cold today, tomorrow and friday before things improve. warm weather fans, hold on. rain showers left quickly as they came. snow showers for the mountains. sunny today, blustery and cold. for thursday, the clouds quickly return through lunchtime and thereafter. what about snow thursday into friday? it's not a lot. it will be isolated for areas west of 95. a west snow. the ground is not going to be too cold for too long. it will have a hard time sticking. an inch, maybe more for isolated areas. anything that does stick will be on grass or on cars. most of the roads should be fine. heading to friday, rain coming through and also snow. it will be rain mixed with snow
6:51 am
so, it won't accumulate too much. 45 tomorrow. 43 friday. then the temperatures increase. look at this. we are heading to the upper 60s by next week. not bad. larry, over to you. >> thanks. getting ready to hop on metro, the yellow line delays at this point because of earlier train issues. if you can, account for that by adding a few extra minutes. buses are on schedule. marc train on schedule. vre doing fine. inbound on 50 the bulk of the volume inside the beltway into cheverly from mlk highway to northeast at 16th street, a 14 minute commute. slow on 95. it has been for an hour or so from dumfries to 395 a 19 minute commute. eastbound on i-66 to 27th street a 41 minute commute. you see how
6:52 am
into fairfax. the vol yum picks up -- volume picks up again into rosslyn. be careful about that. southbound i-270, doing fine. just the typical workday grind thus far. old hunter road to the capitol beltway a 30-minute commute. the maryland camera, this is randolph and georgia avenue. no issues out there. quiet for the most part. off to a good start in that neck of the woods. university boulevard areas out in college park are seeing volume. as folks head back to school or work this morning. new hampshire avenue and how it's shaping up there, this is adelphi. a serious crash yesterday. things are doing better today. certainly so far so good. i want to give you a live look at i-270 and how it's shaping up at montrose. you can see the volume we are talking about. letter thankfully no accidents or i
6:53 am
line for metro paper fare cards. this sunday you will only be able to use a smartrip card to get through the fare gate. there will be vending machines to customers can transfer the paper balance to a smart card or go to a metro sales office to make the transition from paper to plastic. what in the world was new jersey governor chris christie thinking. >> many took to social media during donald trump's super tuesday news conference commenting on the facial expressions christie was making in the back grouped. here is a look at some of the social media posts. eric says: >> nicks says: >> and adam tweeted this picture with the caption papa can you hear me. >> very funny. a new beer out of the uk claims to be basicall
6:54 am
food. >> sign me up. tommy mcfly with more. pop a top, tommy. >> reporter: good morning, guys. forget the gross protein stakes, now a bruschi to get your protein. they claim it has as much protein as a sirloin steak and the company says a six-pack can get you a six-pack. i'm not a trainer. i'm not sure that's how it works out but who knows. protein beer could be making its way to america. >> i love the shots of people working out. >> you do a little lifting with your bottles there. >> can curls, let's do it. >> the end of the beer gut. thanks, tommy. we start with nikki burdine in charlottesville. nikki? >> reporter: we are here in chartt
6:55 am
will appear in court. we expect him to enter a guilty plea in the death of morgan harrington and the death of hannah graham. both women were killed allegedly by jessie matthews. we expect him to enter the guilty plea. morgan harrington's mother is pleased with the deal. we will be in the courtroom and let you know what happened. mikea? >> thank you. i am live in glenarden in prince george county. new developments in the child porn scandal out of the school here. a lawsuit recently filed on behalf of one of several possible victims claiming that a teacher here ignored a report by a student who said that deonte carraway, a former teacher's aide acted inappropriate with that child. in the state of maryland, teachers are required to report any suspected incidents of neglect
6:56 am
carraway faces several charges including 13 federal charges. mikea turner, wusa 9. the sun is out and the winds are picking up. we will be in the 40 ts for much of today. it will feel in the 30s or 20s in the colder spots. tomorrow a few snow showers late at night through the day on friday. not expecting much, even mixed in with rain. wet snow. we start to dry out for the weekend. maybe a few flurries coming through early saturday or early sunday morning. look ahead to monday and tuesday. we will be in the upper 60s by tuesday. this is what march is about trying to figure out as we get to spring. >> we have the delays on the yellow line, goes huntington. metro commuters watch out for that. volume delays on the inner loop of the beltway. i believe this is temple hills road so you can see what we are seeing in terms of
6:57 am
delays. other than that just a few accidents on the road. >> cheryl sandberg talks about the importance of small business. >> larry and i will be back in 25 minutes with more on your traffic and weather and everything you need to know on the app. i don't mean to steal your line. >> that's okay. >> have a good one, friends, see you later.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump dominates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his attention to hillary clinton hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. ar> instead of building w wallse e going to break down rr


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