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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning. you will later on this week. the seven-day forecast is coming up. sky 9 is over the scene to give us a look. we have been telling you about the situation for the past hour. a lot of progress being made. the scene right now a lot calmer than what it was about a half hour ago. they will get the cleared shortly. traveling along the beltway you will not find problems. still doing well on the inner and outer loop. those traveling on the parkway here is a live look. again things are still fairly quiet. the volume and traffic will pick up shortly. the news starts right now. monday is here. "wake up washington." >> and the man accused of killing a rookie police officer and his wife will go before a prince william county judge this morning. we are live with the latest. >> breaking news overnight, a university of virginia student been held
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pleading for forgiveness. we will hear what he has to say. >> the oscar goes to? "wake up washington" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning. i'm andrea roane. welcome to "wake up washington." >> happy monday after a beautiful start this morning. right to a developing story we have been talking about sense the weekend. avirginia police officer shot and killed after her first week of the job. and two fellow officers shot. >> the officers responding to a domestic incident in prince william county. the alleged gunman killing his wife. and that man will go before a judge with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 32-year-old rona
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an army staff sergeant. this morning he is a murder suspect waking up behind bars. he will be escorted here to face a judge for his arraignment. ashley guindon was sworn in as a police officer on friday. saturday she responded to her first call, a domestic call and never returned. killed in the line of duty. 32-year-old ronald hamilton killed his wife, crystal, and then shot the responding officers. the 28-year-old officer was rushed to the hospital, but didn't make it. hamilton shortly afterwards turned himself in to police. he responded after that initial call. the couple's 11-year-old son was inside of the home. the time of the murders police are saying is safe in the care of relatives. coming up at 6:30 much more on the service and sacrifice. reporting live, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> you
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the officer and the case against ronald hamilton by downloading the wusa 9 app. it is free for apple and android devices. breaking news now. we are expected to learn the idea of a man killed in a possible homicide in charges county. police initially responded to reports of a traffic crash near the intersection of route five on sunday. they got there and found a motorcycle driver with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police know how a maryland man first made contact with a teen girl they are saying he kidnapped and killed. to roanoke times used david eisenhauer used the name tomb store. lovell had started communicating with him a new days before her
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from the polls opening on super tuesday after a new poll is showing donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in the key states ahead of the big vote. today donald trump and hillary clinton will be making appearances in virginia. and donald trump is facing criticism this morning after he refused the distance himself from a controversial endorsement. on sunday, donald trump appeared on cnn's state of the union and refused to denounces an endorsement from david duke and the ku klux klan. >> i don't know david duke. i'm pretty sure i never met him. >> republican candidates, marco rubio and kasich slammed trump. nikki burdine with breaking news in washington, d.c. three separate shootings throughout the city. at-- at 10:45 last night on
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shot. there is no suspect description at the time. the victim has nonlife- threatening injuries. in southeast, 12:30 this morning a man was shot on hartford street. she-- he has life-threatening injuries. there was a look out for a vehicle, a blue-green monte carlo. and before wen a man was shot, but expected to survive. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. out of the starting gate.
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finally picked up the oscar for best actor. and in a bit of a surpass spotlight won for best picture. in the next half hour, tommy will join us live with more on hollywood's big night and the after parties.
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the second half of the day is just as nice has yesterday. here is 9:00, so between showers come on through. and a lot of areas further south will not see this. this comes on pretty fast and gusty. brief showers by lunchtime, dry and looking at increasing sunshine. breezy through the afternoon. highs back to the 60s. larry over to you. >> thank you. in your fast five, we continue to rock and roll along the beltway with no issues this morning. good news for your sunday. traveling northbound on 95 starting at areas like fredericksburg and working northbound towards the springfield interchange and looking at moderate volume on i- 66 as well. moving along 50 and volume is starting to pickup on 295. metro riders, every is on schedule this morning.
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over to you. >> thank you. still to come. your time is 6:14. a commuter alert in prince george's county this morning 48 hours after a water main break and water continues to flow into the streets. mikea turner is live right now at 38th and hamilton streets. a massive sinkhole is causing traffic delays. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with a spokesperson who tells me that crews here, who by the way, came down from new jersey to carry out this procedure will be here all day long. they are working on temporary repairs. here is why, they do not have
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water right now at the apartment, it will be restored within the hour. and other residents in the go. the repairs will take a while. two days later and the work continues on a 16-inch water main break. wsse posted the video of crews digging near the pipe overnight. they are prepping the scene to tap the pipe. over the weekend a car could be seen rushing into a massive hole of water and connected to a tow truck. >> i was surprised. you know, tick like that. >> reporter: wsse is saying water fluid for 10 hours before crews could find a valve to shut the water off for prepares. some of the pipes are 90 years old, that could be the reason for the pipes that left residents with low water pressure over the weekend. >> good thing nobody was hurt. that section is always filled with cars. >> reporter: and we're live
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back on the scene here. again many of the pipes in the area almo here. so that could be part of the problem we're seeing a water main break happen here. now, as far as people who have to get through the area. the road will be closed throughout the rest of the day. people will need to factor in alternative routes. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> thank you. today, president barack obama will award the metal of honor to a navy seal. senior chief operator edward buyers with five bronze stars and two purple hearts and 11 deployments in afghanistan and iraq. in december 2012 he helped to rescue an american doctor who was held hostage.
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the anthem of the sea is heading back to its home pouter after another squall and a it is expected to arrive in new jersey on wednesday. >> change the name of the boat. >> the exorcist.
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>> maybe something. a pennsylvania pilot is right side up and has both feet on [ no audio ] >> i don't know if you could handle this. >> where can you take it the most of the places refusing you to come in using a selfie stick. >> if that falls off -- [
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laughter ] >> or somebody else? >> or something snatching it. you know, okay. now, to a trending video with over 10 million views. it might be the cutest story you will ever see. 5-year-old chyli brown received an award for being a super pet owner after this story. so she got a little pet duck from maine. so the bond between the two is unbreakable. the duck's name is snowflake and she is following her everywhere. >> train them young. >> it is so cute. >> follow her. >> yes. >> please. >> there it is. follow her to school one day. if you have something trending that you'd like to tell us about, share it with us.
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okay. weather and traffic on the 90 time now. beautiful start this morning. washington, d.c. you go outside in february excepting to brace yourself before you go to the car. gottennish-- not an issue this morning. not an issue. later on this week you will need a winter coat, but not long-lasting. we cannot be done with winter yet. the next couple of days not too bad. yesterday it was great. today a nice day. afew clouds will come in this morning and breezy from time-to- time and gusty this morning and a few brief showers this morning. 53 degrees out there. it is mild. look at satellite and radar. this disturbance comes on through.
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so few showers between now and lunchtime. by lunchtime we will be done and a lot more afternoon. and pretty breezy. look at your futurecast, the showers go away. so areas around washington, d.c. a better chance of seeing light showers come in. this afternoon back to sunshine. no problem. tomorrow afternoon a few degrees colder. tomorrow another perfect day. and a lot of sunshine into the 60s. tuesday night into wednesday morning, showers and a thunderstorm. and then is the cold air. so much so that by friday, we're talking about the possibility of snow flurries. uh-huh. 62 for today. 62 for tomorrow. 55 for wednesday. cold for friday. and look we're back up to the 50s by sunday. larry to you. >> thank you. 6:21 is your time right now. sky 9 is giving us a look at new hampshire avenue. all right.
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so things are now flowing freely. that earlier right lane has cleared. so just a few cop cars there. i would not worry about that. so headed out in that direction travel is fine. as you make your way into town. good news there.
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so our maryland camera. this is randolph road and georgia avenue. for the traffic out there it is directions. over to you. >> thanks, larry. we're kicking off the final week of our 20k in 20 day sweepstakes. today's word of the day is "library." be the 9th person to call.
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at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ good morning. happy monday, i'm meteorologist allyson rae. how about this, 50s morning. not bad at all. gusty today. and a quick disturbance comes on through. extra clouds and a brief shower for the morning hours. in the afternoon, breezy and a lot of sunshine. back to the 60s. amild day today and tomorrow. so more sunshine through the afternoon after the clouds and a beef shower come on in and then exit. the winds will stay breezy through tonight. over to you. >> thank you. and an issue on the northbound side of the b.w. parkway. this is between power mill road and 197 where we have reports of an accident. you need to watch out for that if you're traveling towards areas like baltimore. not much of the way of delays, but the could be an issue in
6:31 am
the next half hour. here is a live look how things are shaping up southbound on 295. this is the 11th street bridge. considerable volume into town. heavier than normally see. give yourself a few extra minutes. back to you. just about 6:31. good morning. just waking up. how long can the spring fling continue. sunday was beautiful and monday in that direction as well. allyson with the forecast coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us for "wake up washington." i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm meteorologist allyson rae. breaking news over a university of virginia student confessing to severe crimes in north korea. >> she was detained in january before boarding a flight to china over an unspecified incident at this hotel. he was presented to media by
6:32 am
north korean authorities this morning and said he removed a political sign from a staff- only section of the hotel. >> i understand the severity of my crime. i have no idea of the pen halt but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. >> she is crying and bleeding for forgiveness from north korea authorities. and we are following the developing story out of woodbridge. astaff sergeant is expected to be arraigned on murder charges. >> ronald hamilton allegedly
6:33 am
opened fire on officers responding to a domestic violence call on saturday killing guindon and his own wife. delia goncalves is live. >> we hope to learn more why this amy staff sergeant took sweetheart and a promising young officer. >> we wanted to show our support for this young officer, ashley. >> ashley guindon was a marine veteran. she joined the police force to continue her service to the community. her first call ended up being her last. killed, police say, when she was arriving to a domestic dispute at the home of 32-year- old hamilton who killed his wife. guindon was pronounced at the hospital. hamilton turned himself in. we can tell you the other offices who were hurt during that call are expected to recover.
6:34 am
they are in the hospital right now recovering from the injuries sustained. the suspect faces a long list of charges including first degree and capital murder. reporting live, de >> thank you. fairfax middle school student is facing criminal charges for using emojis. the 12-year-old is charged with threatening her school. the student admitted to posting the message on instagram. she did it after being bullied and her daughter is a good kid. we have a commuter alert in prince georges county. awater main break where the
6:35 am
water continues to flow and a stink hole has opened up. mikea isn't live -- mikea turner is live right now. an out-of-state team has been sent in the mix it. >> reporter: yeah. this was a terrible water break. it was really compounded -- for crews initially. the crews were called down from new jersey. they have been out here all night and morning and the work is still well underway. i want you to check out this video here. crews had a really hard time finding the valves to shut the water off. so water flowed for 10 hours. people in the area lost their service and others saw low water pressure. >> i didn't really want to say
6:36 am
frustrated, but concerned. >> good thing nobody was hurt. nobody-- that section is always full with cars. >> reporter: now, the last half hour we did learn that residents in the park condo community here are without water, but we are told
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it will be retired in the hour. everyone else is okay. and road closures are an issue for hamilton street. and wsse are seeing crews will be out here all day long. mikea turner, wusa 9. still to come --p
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welcome back. happy monday. hopefully you had a nice weekend. the weather was beautiful on sunday. today we have a few clouds and not everyone will see them. they are breaking apartment. so even further south on tuesday just a quick passing shower. and gusty as the passes on through. by 11:30 we are done with the system winds out of the west. breezy through the afternoon into 60s today and a lot of sunshine to end the day.
6:41 am
tomorrow not too bad but changes are coming up in a bit. larry? all right. allyson, thank you. 6:40 is your time right now. on the beltway morning. also, just a slight at this point because the traffic is light on the northbound side there. traveling inbound on 66 you can see the volume on the eastbound side.
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you need to account for that. atypical workday commute. weather and traffic are back on the 90s. over to you. >> thank you. larry. still to come. good morning. 5:54.
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hard to beat a sunrise like this. look at your screen. 53 degrees in washington, d.c. abeautiful start. and it will be an interesting day as we head through the day. allyson with the forecast coming up. we are on pothole patrol. trying to get them fixed for you. well, today is a special day for 10s of thousands of people born in the leap day -- leap day. including paul. >> he gets to celebrate his real birthday every four years. so his friends and family threw
6:46 am
him a surprise party at a tavern. >> shocked. >> the last five or 10 years we are counting down his 21st birthday. he is finally [ laughter ] >> he is legalism he was born february 29th, 1932. >> and the ball cap with 21 on it. charlie rose is in new york for "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. here is a look what we're working on. we are joined by last night's oscars and chris rock took on the academy diversity issues. but john dickerson talked about the presidential race. and i.r.s. and how it is worse than we
6:47 am
thought. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> all right. thank you. in average cost for a -- year's supply of prescription drugs has doubled. the sole reason for the hike, manufacturer price hikes. 24% of americans are having trouble paying for their medicines. italians are known for their expresso and soon they will be able to grab one at starbucks. the coe traveled to italy to make the announcement. and ben and jerry is going vegan. four new ice creams are coming up.
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they are made with almond milk instead of cream. i'm nikki burdine at the live desk. and breaking news out of iraq. the death toll in back-to-back bombs in baghdad is up to are still in the hospital. five are missing. the ripped through a crowded market followed by a suicide bombing. islamic state group has claimed responsibility. that's the latest. our snapshot of the day. this is an amazing picture of the milky way from mt. rainier. >> you can get a closer look at the picture. we retweeted it. it is a gorgeous shot. super pretty.
6:49 am
gorgeous shot. and a gorgeous day yesterday. i tweeted a picture of a petrified tree root. it was glorious yesterday. >> we will see clouds move on in for the mounting even a brief shower is not for everybody and then the blue skies for the afternoon. so a quick disturbance is coming on through. so breezy, but still springlike. into the 60s today and tomorrow. not for long, though. we will have another round of showers. cold front number two arrives on tuesday and wednesday. so showers arrive an the sup sets on tuesday. a rumble of thunder, this one is stronger. this one will drop our temperatures down enough that we could see snow showers on friday.
6:50 am
i know not what you want to hear. snow in march is not unheard of. here is the front, a weak system. it is closer to the area and starting to fall a part a and then back to sunshine. 10:00the showers have through delmarva. not everybody sees these. by 6:00 tonight clear skies. and tomorrow another beautiful day. sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. here is our weather maker for the middle of the week. tuesday night after the sun saturday the showers will come on through. and mountain snow showers. it is breezy. and then temperatures fall on wednesday. by thursday a chillier day into the 4s. and friday the coldest day of the week. that is when we will see snows come on through.
6:51 am
and flurry for the most part. our computer models are going every which way, but it is cold. a nice weekend in store. larry, over to you. expect delays -- on the bwi parkway. earlier accidents the von -- involving a bus should clear shortly. police are on the scene as well. back to the maps for our metro riders. everything is running on schedule for you. you might see slight delays on new hampshire avenue.
6:52 am
but slight. associated with volume at that point. traveling inbound on 50 working your way to northeast, a 12- minute commute this morning. things are still kind of slow on 95 on the virginia springfield interchange, now a 20 minute commute this morning. traveling inbound on i-66 making your way into 27th street northwest, a 21-minute commute. and traveling southbound on i- 270, no issues from fredrick. but it looks like we have volume on the inner loop and on parts of 295 as you make your way to the freeway. weather and traffic are back shortly. back to the desk. >> thank you. the long awaited streetcars debuted on saturday with fanfare. right now they are free.
6:53 am
we are everything that you need to know on our free wusa 9 app. we are tracking a traffic headache in prince george's county. mikea turner. >> good morning. the weekend. crews are trying to make repairs here. they just installed a new valve here. they are draining the water from around the main. this is a messy scene. this created a massive sinkhole and a vehicle dipping into the hole and was pulled by a tow truck. now, couple of people in the area are without water service. as far as repairs, that will take six to eight hours. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. across tinseltown, oscar after parties went off well
6:54 am
into the morning. >> we have a look at the action. tommy joins us from the fresh fm studios. >> it is great that leo pr thank goodness it is over. he finally wins best actor oscar for his role in the revenant. >> it all feels incredibly surreal. >> i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy. >> isn't brie larson. and she won for "room" last night. and all-stars went to the governor's ball and chris rock was acylated for pushing the line. and the rihanna line, hilarious.
6:55 am
elton john raised awareness and money for h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. and even auctioning off lady gaga's shoes from the super bowl. back to you. >> >> he was. >> he was. happening right now, a series of air-raids this morning. threatening the truce in syria. violations of this fragile cease-fire could jeopardize the new u.n. brokered peace talks. overnight people's top advisor admitted to scandal. he testified before sexual abuse survivors. this morning not one party
6:56 am
has won a majority to run the irish party. recent child porn scandal prince georges county schools. >> tonight at 11:00. a special report for parents and family. wusa 9 recently sat down three adult survivors of sex abuse. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you can commit on a kid. it is just like murder. you know, you're killing, murdering that kid's heart. >> our special report on surviving child sex abuse is tonight at 11:00. now let's get a check on the other top stories. talk it away, delia goncalves. >> we are live outside of the prince william county courthouse awaiting the arraignment of alleged cop killer ronald hamilton. he will face a judge on 1st
6:57 am
degree and capital murder charges a little bit later this morning. the 42-year-old army staff sergeant accused of killing his wife, 29-year-old crystal hamilton, and then allegedly during a domestic call on saturday afternoon. that police officer, 28-year- old ashley guindon was sworn in on friday. this was her fist call as an active police officer on saturday. she was killed in the line of duty on the very first call.
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back to you. >> thanks. cbs this morning is next. looking at campaign 2016. captions provided by: caption colorado, llc. 1-800-775-7838. ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. wee lcomto "cbs this morning." on its biggest night,is chr rock challenges the hollywood establishment. ctheomedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady.


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