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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:44pm EST

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a police officer gunned down. her first day on the job in prince william county. a wife and mother found shot dead. an 11-year-old boy is now without a mom, his dad behind bars. >> i'm wondering where he is and if he will be safe. i just hope that i still get to see him and play with him. hello i'm debra alfarone. we're covering new developments in woodbridge, virginia tonight. a day after police said ronald hamilton shot his wife and three police officers injuring two, leaving rookie officer ashley guindon dead. stephanie gailhard joins us live from where a vigil was held tonight for guindon. what's going on there now? >> reporter: hundreds gathered for that vigil earlier tonight, debra. as you can see there are stuffed animals, flowers on
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cruiser tonight, remembering her life. that officer was killed in the line of duty on her first day on the job. a show of solidarity for officer ashley guindon. emotions are still raw and tonight's candlelight vigil held in her honor. >> it's about leaning on each other, loving and supporting each other. encourage you if you are able to come in closer, that i feel separation. i don't want to be separated right now. >> reporter: with heavy hearts, hundreds came together to reflect on the life of the woman who is being remembered and driven. >> she has a sense of purpose and commitment not just to herself. to take care of people. >> the rookie officer was doing her job on saturday night, responding to a domestic violence call in woodbridge when she was gunned down. two other
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injured. >> when one of them all bleed, we all bleed. it is more about wearing the same uniform and the same badge, saying that we are all family. >> we live in prince william county. we wanted to show our support for this officer ashley so that they would know that the community is behind them. >> reporter: with pouring of support, giving the department the strength to move on. >> you come back to work every day. you put the uniform back on. and you start to do your job to look out for each other, your brother and sisters in uniform, it's not easy, but it's what we do. and many of thoseofficers took it especially hard because they mentored her and watched her move up the ranks at the department. she started at the prince william county police department as an intern.
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stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> thank you so much, stephanie. as you mentioned two other prince william county police officers were also shot on saturday's incident. 31-year-old officer jesse hampton and 33-year-old david mccowen are both hospitalized in stable condition tonight in nova fairfax. both sustained serious injuries, however they are both expected to recover. we are learning more about the mom who made that initial 911 call and was found dead inside that woodbridge home last night. 29-year-old crystal hamilton. police say her husband 32-year- old ronald hamilton shot her to death. the two have an 11-year-old son now staying with crystal's mom according to friends. the united states marine corps wounded warrior confirmed that crystal worked there as a recovery coordinator assisting the wounded, illed, and injured marines during their recovery. ronald hamilton expected to be arraigned tomorrow. the 32-year-old
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sergeant being held without bond. he faces capital murder, first- degree murder, and other gun charges. prince william county police say he could face the death penalty. we'll have the very latest with all the latest developments on our free wusa9 app. at walt whitman a vigil to remember the 18-year-old who was killed in the car crash last night that also took the lives of the father michael and his mother. the sister remains hospitalized with serious injuries. and the three were killed in a car crash at the intersection of river and pile road in bethesda last night. tonight dozens of friends, teachers, family members came to remember the young life cut short. >> i will get through this. but we have lost somebody. i'm sad and i'm mad. we are here tonight to share the sorrow of having lost tommy and of course his parents.
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we are still waiting on helna who is in the hospital. in intensive care. >> over the past two years that i have had the pleasure of knowing tommy inside the debate chambers and outside that he is just so passionate and so funny and that no matter what he didn't care what people thought about him. that he is screaming topics in the middle of the debate all because he wanted to be that. he was really, just an incredible human being. and he was never afraid to be himself. he's one of the most unique incredible people i have ever met. you know, he always had a joke up his sleeves, the endless supplies of jokes. no matter what happens he always knew how to make you laugh. >> he always wondered where you would go with an internship lined up. that it is so awesome. that i cannot talk to anyone who isn't a citizen about it. that's a secret. >> and i am just really sad that he doesn't
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picture anymore. >> so heartfelt. the cause of that crash that claimed the lives of the three members of the family is still under investigation. well turning to the weather now, are we going to need the rain gear when we head back to school and work tomorrow morning? let's find out first alert chief meteorologist howard bernstein outside. >> the race to the white house, facing criticism tonight. after refusing the endorsement. meanwhile a new poll shows them meeting ahead of super tuesday. don champion has the latest. >> reporter: the republican front runner campaigned in alabama on sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on cnn's state of
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denounce that endorsement. >> and i'm just talking about them on the clan here. i don't believe that i have ever met him. and i don't know anything about him. >> the other republican candidates slammed trump for not condemning the support. >> there's no place for them. >> we don't have any place for the white supremacists. the candidates are hitting the key states of the south, while quoting the voters in tennessee, hillary clinton also attacked trump. >> after last night america will never stop being brave. i can't. >> reporter: a new poll shows the tracker poll is ahead of sanders in virginia
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>> we did really badly that we were decimated. 125 delegates are at stake there. >> reporter: the republican marco rubio campaigned in virginia today. rubio, the florida senator says that they don't think that he will win the gop nomination, but if it does happen that it will splinter us in a way that we may never be able to recover. he is trying to pull up the biggest scam in history. expected to make the campaign stop in virginia tomorrow. he also appeared on face the nation this morning. that he has not been treated well by
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but intends to abide by the loyalty. unless that party defaults. but as far as i'm concerned that they have defaulted. hoping for a big win in their home state of texas on tuesday. seen here at the campaign stop in georgia this weekend as they would warn their conservatives that the train could become unstoppable. if they roll to big victories on tuesday. a democratic one for the white house. hillary clinton says she is looking forward to debating any one of those republican candidates. and bernie sanders says she is keeping her focus firmly on super tuesday. that they told those supporters in oklahoma city that nothing would please them more than to defeat donald trump. of course staying informed with all the latest with the wusa9 app as you can also get the info on the local races with the voters guide. the
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through the night right now to repair that water main break. the 16-inch break happened on friday night causing a huge sink hole on hamilton street. they say that the break caused the sink hole and water has been flowing into it. tonight some of those customer haves had their water restored. they have sent shock waves through our communities. monday night at 11:00 a special report for parents and families as we recently sat down with three adult survivors and sex abuse. it's helpful for so many of us entrusted in their care. >> it's the coolest clan for the kids that it is just like murder that you're murdering the kids heart. it airs monday night at 11:00 as we also want you to join our facebook page on as we will
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expert on hand for those questions on monday night, so you can have a chance to join the conversations. well, the crane collapses. what went wrong? and trending tonight. the sweetest story about the little girl and her pet job that you will not
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maryland state police say that they found a man dead along route 5 in charles county as they first thought he was a victim of the crash. now they say that they may have been murdered. officers found that victim near the overturned motorcycle on route 5. your leonardtown road where that man was ejected from the bike. but the medical examiner said that trauma to the body indicates he was shot. the medical examiner's office in baltimore where they are going to perform an autopsy. in beaumont, texas a crane being used to install the highway sign suddenly collapses and comes crashing down. the crane landed on several cars injuring three people before coming to a rest on busy u.s. 69 for more than four
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hours last night. >> the lights went out first. followed by two huge crashes. that a lot of people are cutting through traffic in the parking lot and that it was hectic around here. >> it was kind of but you know hopefully they would never happen again. >> cause of the crane collapse is still under investigation. you've got to love the end of february and early march because we have a day like today with temperatures that are well up in the 60s. cumberland up to 70. >> 70. >> yes, yes. >> and friday, that it is still a slight chance that you can see the the light snow. >> what the heck is going on. this is what happens. by the late winter, early spring. >> i'm glad that we could hear you now. >> yes, yes, you can hear me now. we're happy to hear you here even when amazing news. today is great. it makes me
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your three degree. >> no, no, no, that was in cumberland. today's high of 63. as we did get above that. but we've got the 65. that is over the last 23. that we will gladly take that. my three-degree guarantee for tomorrow is 62. and i think that we'll have a few more clouds in the morning that it will not be as cold. but we will see as that could be a little low the way that things are looking. hey 50s now. they are way up. if this is above the average high, the average high is 61. so we will be near the mid-50s. and cumberland in the 40s here new at the bay. the water temperatures in the lower 40s there. and the capital dome looks nice out there for the michael and son weather camera. clear skies, one of the reasons why they are so mild tonight with the southwesterly s.
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that is keeping the air mixed with the mild weather around and ahead of the cold front, which will be arriving tomorrow morning that they could give us the early shower as it will be breezy tomorrow. from the southwest wind, more of the northwesterly wind that will bring us slightly cooler night and we will be starting off with higher points for tomorrow's high that it will be mild though, no doubt about that. and wednesday will be the yellow weather alert day. behind the system on wednesday, that it is going to get colder for thursday and friday. if everything comes together maybe just a little bit of snow on friday, a thing of flurries or snow showers, but still some uncertainty in that forecast here. let me show you what's happening here with this warm system going on with a lot of arctic air up in canada that it does not have a prayer of making it down towards us as you look at the pacific ocean. storm after storm that keeps coming into the west coast to push all the air up
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will stay up here. we've got what this is called the zonal flow. it will continue to push these storms west to east across the country with a little bit of snow in those colder spots if northern minnesota. then we've got the rain showers that have been building across indiana. ohio, and they are approaching eerie, pennsylvania at this hour. we will need to watch this front here as we head into tomorrow morning. out ahead of it, the air is mild. again we're in the 50s in most spots now with a few 40s. i'll giveout timetable on it. by 5:30, expect this rain to be approaching garrett county through pittsburgh, over towards buffalo and rochester, down towards oh almost the state line of virginia and west virginia. then we will watch it. look at how much that moisture gets rung out on the mountains with a few showers here and there in the valley. 8:00 to 8:30 that the front itself will be just crossing through us. that's why we could have a couple of showers, why also without too much activity that there is no we
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alert for tomorrow. by 10:30 the the best shower chance is pushing over towards the atlantic coast with the the mild air. even though that the winds will be more northwesterly those temperatures in the lower possibly mid-60s tomorrow. as we get into tuesday, we will be ahead of the next system. so it looks good on tuesday that it will be nice and mild and this one producing pretty good snow across parts of michigan and indiana and ontario and we'll be on the warm side of this. as we get into wednesday, we've got some rain potentially some mountain snow in the colder air. but notice that by wednesday midday it passes us. that's why on wednesday, well maybe the yellow weather alert day and then we will watch that chill move in for the second half of the week. again, we'll be watching that system for potentially on friday. right now that system will be in the pacifics. the amount of data we will collect will not be as widespread as once it will make landfall in the west with a lot more data for their computer model with be
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that's why i say it's still up in the air with temps in the 40s, not too cold. partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow a shower possible in the morning with breezy 40s and 50s. we will have highs in the afternoon from the mid-50s in our far northwestern suburbs down towards fredericksburg. thinking 62, 63 here in dc, breezy and mild with some of the gusts that could be over 25 miles per hour. 62 on tuesday that it will be nice and mild and showers likely wednesday with the possible weather alert day. still 60 as it will be colder later on in the day on wednesday. thursday in the 40s. friday i think will hold in the 30s. you'll need that sleet by then and then over the weekend we'll be turning temperatures around. >> i'm happy going to be wearing the sleeves. >> weather looks fine for that. and that will not be an excuse for you. >> all right sounds good. i hope you like this story, let me tell you 10 million view
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show because they cannot be wrong, trending tonight, possibly the cutest story that you will ever see. 5-year-old kylie brown received an award for being a super pet owner after this story surfaced online seeing the little girl from maine that got a pet duck last year. there's the duck. ever since the bond between the two has been unbreakable. that snowflake you're looking at, the snowflake that follows kylie everywhere. that she is snowflake's mom. she feeds him, they take naps together. when they got the little duckling there following her everywhere. they go sledding together, now kylie will teach other kids how to be responsible pet owners. her dad says that he could not be any prouder. adorable. well still ahead tonight a remarkable story of survival. an 87-year-old pilot crashes his plane and stuck hanging
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as we reported earlier, hundreds of friends and fellow officers attended a vigil for ashley guindon. the 28-year-old police officer was shot and killed on saturday after responding to the domestic dispute. it was the first day on the jo
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police say that the army sergeant shot and killed his wife crystal before also fatally shoot officer begin begin. now she faces two counts of murder, assault and weapons charges. two other police officers were wounded. they are expected to survive as hamilton will face a judge tomorrow. many asked if you could help the police department and the community during this difficult times. they expect to announce ways in which the public could help as we will pass that information along as soon as we get it. tonight militants attacked the outdoor market. killing at least 70 people and wounding dozens. a bomb ripped through the crowded market. minutes later the suicide bomber blew themselves up gathering to help at the site of the first bombing.
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pennsylvania and the elderly pilot hung upside down for hours. shortly after takeoff. just before the crash in cumberland township. >> the engine started to sputter and they lost control as they tried to do that u-turn to follow them around, but they lost control. and they pointed it to those trees. the whole incident, which lasted almost four hours. i think that by the end he was anxious to get out as we all were to get him in that situation that he was in. >> the opening of the trump international hotel will force a long-time street festival to move to a
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday. let us talk some hockey possible stanley cup previews. capitals of course the best team in the nhl visiting the defending champion blackhawks in chicago. and so yes the exam time for the capitals. would the caps pass or fail against the defending champs?
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coming up near moments on game on overtime. awe this time lebron james is in town nicknamed how the wizards faired leading jae cavaliers without mr. mes. we'll find out shortly as well. wizards trying to get things right for the post season. boy is it summer down in florida it's spring training time. and that means that the season is right around the corner. coming up, we'll check in with the nats down in the chilly year of florida. >> you don't get into coaching to win championships. you get in it to see them celebrate. that's the cool thing about it. you get a championship. you get a championship. you get a championship. hardware was handed out. we've got a recap on game on overtime next. that's an oprah thing right? >> yes. absolutely, oprah hands out things. you get a news story. you get a news story, and you get weather. >> not a bad couple of days coming up. tomorrow morning a couple showers.
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breezy and windy tomorrow, still mild 62. looking fine 62, then wednesday showers likely. then we will be cooler. we're watching friday for a possible storm right now with some flurries or snow showers, but still a little up in the air. >> i was caught on camera saying what? really? that doesn't make any sense. >> we'll get some of the bigger events there. not that i'm saying that this will be one, but we will see it nonetheless. >> you know you can get any
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updates on wusa9. >> game on overtime is next. good night everyone. when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. and the team with the hardware, the champions from chi-town. it's a new day for the nationals. they bring the whole new vibe. give yourself a high five because game on overtime starts


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