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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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a storm bringing snow, ice, and rain in the region creating problems for people trying to get around. good afternoon and thank you for joining us and i'm andrea roane. how much snow could we see qwex when is it over qwex the woman with the answers meteorologist allyson rae. >> water-clover is a complicated question. what is over qwex the snow, freezing rain, the entire thing out of your qwex it will take a while. this time tomorrow we will be winding down the storm itself. as far as no concerned still have another couple of inches in northern maryland through the district. half an inch through another possible before it pushes off to the north and east. noticed we are seeing a break in the action but not done yet. the messy stuff like the freezing rain, sleet and wintry mix working its way to the north. we want to show that not
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winter the mass that heading our way this afternoon and into the early evening and more rain headed our way tomorrow when temperatures warm, you can see the warmer air trying to work its way in. you see the pink color working its way southeast to northwest is where we will see freezing rain, sleet, and changeover to rain event chilly but not until late tonight. we will see ice out there as well. snow continues and we have near nine inches of snow for parts of southern maryland at these titles are important on futurecast to go through your evening commute if you have to be on the roads. not pretty out there and worse as we go through the day. back to you.
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caused a tractor-trailer full of cattle to crash on i-81 v i- 66 interchange in middletown virginia. the driver suffered made toast minor injuries but a herd of cattle ran off. they have since been recovered and state police say you may still experience travel delays because of the crash. thank goodness it's a holiday because it's not the safest morning to be on the roads. the tricky commute cause a few accidents across the area. mikea turner out tracking conditions and still out in the bad weather and georges us live from prince george's county. are you seeing any signs of improvement. >> reporter: not much improvement here. other than we can see the blacktop which wasn't the case when we ventured out this morning. i'm on coventry way and when we first arrived here there was 2 inches of snow on the ground and now we have 3 inches. i spoke with drivers who have been braving the conditions all morning and this is what they had to say. >> it's difficult. it's very difficult. >> reporter:
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word used to describe this morning drive from howard county to clinton in prince george's county. >> i was very scared. >> reporter: before the plows can hit the ground the snow- covered roads were treacherous.>> we have to be careful when we are driving. >> reporter: in new carrollton a car struck the gas line early monday morning shutting down the i-95 ramp to the eastbound side of maryland route 450 and drivers had to take a detour. >> if you take it slow and easy it will be fine. >> reporter: he says this is the only way he gets around when roads like this and this woman agrees although she thinks this amount of snow is nothing. >> i have no problems. i've driven before and i used to live in michigan so it's no problem. >> reporter: you are a pro. >> not a pro but i know how to drive. >> reporter: that's one brave driver who sayat
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how to drive in all of this but it still can be tricky. prince george's county public works department says 276 pieces of equipment on the road. they have treated many of the primary roads at least once and now they will work on residential neighborhoods. reporting live from clinton mikea turner wusa9. pedestrians bundled up against the cold weather and from the possibility of slipping and sliding in downtown washington. we caught up with people on the way to the train station this morning and most of the downtown area roads cleared but different story on the sidewalks. pedestrians made their way slowly and carefully to the metro hoping to keep from falling to the ground. utah some parents went to work
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weound the ones taking advantage of the few inches on the ground and having a great time. for live weather radar are 3 degree guarantee and extended forecast download the wusa9 news app and it's free. the body of supreme court antonin scalia home in northern virginia after his death at a texas ranch saturday. his family and friends mourn the loss of the 79-year-old justice and a battle brewing over his successor. is that the supreme court with the fallout. >> reporter: flag at half staff outside of snow we supreme court in memory of its longest- serving justice. meanwhile can't help but notice across the street the u.s. capitol, the center of the political debate. >> it's nasty. it's really nasty.>> reporter: she says despite up appearances the national mourning period is over before it started. antonin scalia hasn't even been laid to rest but his death
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possible successor are fueling a fight on the campaign trail. >> the president has the right and responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice. >> there was a long tradition and you don't do this in an election year. >> you can nominate someone but the senate will move forward until after the election >> it speaks to the unbelievable and unprecedented level of obstructionism. >> reporter: scalia was known as the strict conservative and the 79-year-old's death of natural causes leaves the supreme court evenly split with 4 liberals and 4 conservatives. >> it's more of the dysfunction we see in politics. it's really bad. >> reporter: at the supreme court delia goncalves wusa9. >> no funeral plans announced lex and president obama says he will nominate a successor in due time
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today for the family and friends of a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. the viewing for patrick daly will be held at mountain christian church this afternoon and on tuesday. he was gunned down last wednesday at a panera bread. the gunmen also killed another his funeral will be held wednesday. allyson rae continues to track the winter storm moving through the region and coming up where the storm is now and how it could impact your evening commute and markette sheppard from "great day washington" is here and what is the topic ? >>
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this week the wusa9 news team takes you in
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religious institutions to examine how faith affects our day-to-day lives in the washington, d.c. area. here's bruce johnson with a preview of safe in our town. >>, on someone praise god right now. >> if you are a person of faith we will take you to church. it's a nontraditional places of worship in the washington area. it's the idea we meet people where they are at. we will explore why charges and places of worship are thriving. >> our job is to be ready to meet people where they are. >> while others are dieting. >> i don't know why they stopped coming. >> research as fewer people judging religion these days but that's not to say all are less spiritual are looking for answers and ways to serve. >> they want to connect and go somewhere and have a relationship with people there. >> the time and place
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for is causing a lot of fear and hate out there. it's reached fever pitch after terrorist bombings and attacks on innocent civilians using religion as a cover. >> religion can be used in a good way and a wrong way.>> interface leaders meeting discussing on how to react and lead on a number of fronts including the role of women in places of worship being among the most segregated places on earth. join us for faith in our town tonight on wusa9 at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. >> the store at 5:00 shows a religion helped shape political campaigns. allison up next with the forecast. >> here on the weather front and doing my best to sweep a little bit but couldn't find a shovel. 9 inches of snow in king george
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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welcome back to the news at noon and markette sheppard from "great day washington" joins us in the studio with the weight loss expert from inova with her. >> have you tried diet after diet and still have trouble losing weight next experts from inova are here thelp call 202-895-5560 and we're talking with weight loss experts behind me. i'm joined by a bariatric surgeon. welcome. talk about bariatric surgery and what it is. >> bariatric surgery is an operation that we perform under minimally invasive conditions
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where we make small incisions to perform the operation and in fact that we tried to do in the operating room is create a small gastric pouch and that pouch is like a reservoir. it produces how much you can take in, the amount of food you can taken to reduce the amount of calories you consume and lose weight. the great thing about this operation as is done in little incisions called minimally invasive surgery. it's very safe and in the past 5 to 10 years the safety profile increased greatly in the weight loss is excellent. >> can you talk about how much safer this is than 10 years ago? >> 10 or 15 years ago these were done in an open incision that creates a lot of pain and you would be in the operating room longer. now it's done very safely with a small incision. little incision means less pain which means faster recovery and in the hospital overnight or a couple games and back to your normal life within 10 to 14
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>> what i love about inova was your bariatric surgeons have done more than 8000 of these surgeries which means you know your stuff and it safer for the patient. i want to join you later in the newscast and thank you for the information. again the number 895-5560. >> tonight is the big night and grammys almost here. look what you can expect to see at the star-studded event that has become grammy tradition. unique collaborations and stiff competition. severn musician mash ups will take stage with unique combinations so with the recent deaths of so many music legends this year's grammys promise to stir up emotions and tears from performers. lady gaga will perform attribute to david bowie plus late musicians will be honored like b.b. king and glenn frey. >> he was the
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blues and rock 'n roll. >> a big show and taylor swift has seven nominations at kendrick lamar has 11 and the show was a ring right here on wusa9 at 8:00. snuggle under the covers and watch it. this is a yellow alert day. here is wusa9's first alert weather.>> the graphic shows precipitation snow falling outside. >> we were expecting snow to come through and we knew it would be ugly for 48 hours. with the holiday stay off the roads but got more than we predicted. snowfall totals pretty high in maryland. nine and 10 inches in some areas. most people still on par with the 3-d to 5 inches of snow. 5 to 8 inches adding up those southern maryland and a little break in the action for now. done with the messiness of the storm
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waves. another round of this evening and rain to follow first thing tomorrow morning. 3 to 5 inches and we see the snow showers push through northern maryland and a few snow showers overnight and adding to it. southern maryland in the bull's- eye. latest on the doppler seeing it let up a little bit you can use the app to see the bands. moving southwest to northeast and at the same time the warm air causing the wintry mix moving from the southeast to the northwest. that's why we're seeing a change of precipitation further south and east. so the snow now through hagerstown and a burst of heavier snow the blue colors which we saw earlier today added snowfall totals up. hagerstown seeing snow now and a break in the action for parts of fredericksburg and city. this is headed through the north new richmond
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wintry mix occurring as the warm air makes it to the middle levels of the atmosphere. that causes sleet, wintry mix and even a layer of ice possible. not too many problems because rain quickly follows it but slippery if you are outside. it will be quite slippery for the evening hours. note temperatures above freezing until midnight most areas. we will deal with serdeteriorat conditions until that. 26 degrees now and winds come but will be increasing out of the south later on tomorrow. see how the temperatures continue to climb until midnight so we're dealing with potential of freezing rain before the switchover to rain. as bush snow showers push off will see another inch and the totals for northern maryland and here comes the wintry mix
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2:00 in southern maryland and continues for your drive home. the drive home tonight not pretty with slushy mess and very slippery conditions. i'm more concerned about icing in higher elevations where temperatures stay at freezing of not just below for the evening hours. this is 5:00 in fredericksburg and hagerstown for west virginia as well. snowfall totals might not be as great in the maryland panhandle but you might see more ice. we all turned to rain tonight before the midnight hours and as we go through tomorrow this is a different type of storm we will be dealing with. 6:00 in the morning try and spotty showers and temperatures will above freezing. we will see melting and then we have to deal with heavy rain by midmorning. this will carry on through
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region with temperatures into the 50s. we could see flooding concerns with melting snow and all that rain especially through southern maryland near rivers, streams, or creeks or near the tidal basin. 50 degrees tomorrow and we will track the snowfall totals throughout the day. tomorrow rain showers push out and buy wednesday 48 degrees and straight shower and flurries mixed in. look at next week. we can forget about the murky weather today and tomorrow and 60 degrees on saturday and sunday will be worth it.
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welcome back and we're talking weight loss options with inova health systems and i'm markette sheppard and enjoyed by nick graves and a bariatric surgeon and who is a prime candidates for your weight loss program? >> anyone who's looking to get healthy and lose weight. then >> and doctor who is a prime candidate for bariatric surgery? >> someone who needs to lose more than 50% of their excess body weight also from 80 to 100 pounds. >> work as a team so they can come to you to lose weight and then for you for surgery so how do you help people reclaim their lives? >> we give them the right tools for success. >> on short expands your lifespan. >> it does and when you improve your medi
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medical problems improve in many of these problems are cured or manage more easily. >> and obesity comes along with so many illnesses. can you customize the weight loss program. >> we work with everyone individually with a custom program. >> the number to call 202-895- 5560 and back to you andrea. >> on the news at 5:00 the dmv tracking the sloppy conditions and what would happen if our next president was determined by facebook likes? and she was pronounced dead twice after a four alarm fire but managed to survive and a dc woman thinks her heroic rescuers. that's tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00. and we will track the snow showers moving to the north and more snow to go. a few more hours before we
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